TTG Chapter 6

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (6)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 6: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

“Ah –!”

Bleak screams rang through the mountains and forests, and the endless despair and fear made people feel like they were splashed with cold water.

“Help, help me!”

The woman’s painful scream made several passengers hesitate to slow down, but other passengers ran faster! They have only fear and numbness on their faces. They want to run as fast as possible.

As long as they run past others, they can survive!

“Idiot, stop what! Run! ”

Lin Xi scolded angrily. Shi Tao was covered in cold sweat and found that he had stopped subconsciously.

The woman crying for help is Miao Fangfei from the same ‘family’ as him!

Shi Tao has cooperated with her on several previous trips. Miao Fangfei is lonely but nice. What’s more, Miao Fangfei is a senior one-star passenger and the strongest on the team!

With her strength and title, how could she fall to the end of the team!

“Fool, what are you still stunned about? Do you want to die!”

No, he doesn’t want to die. He’s still carrying C-9!

Pushed by Lin Xi, Shi Tao was inspired and took another step, but the step was very heavy!

“Help me! I give you my life, I give you my life -! ”

Miao Fangfei’s voice became more and more painful. Shi Tao’s heart trembled. He wanted to cover his ears, but he ran more and more slowly. He couldn’t be completely cold and decisive, but he didn’t have the courage to turn back.

It’s weakness, instinct, fear.

Fear of monsters and Miao Fangfei’s imminent death, but Shi Tao is more afraid that Bingjiu is dissatisfied with his performance just now and leaves him behind!

The tour guides are not normal people, and Bingjiu is crazy. Those who disobey Bingjiu die, sometimes even because of a little thing.

No one can guess what a madman thinks!

“Go back.”

Back, back?

Shi Tao ran a few steps with inertia and suddenly stopped. I can’t believe it!

But the guide on his back is really talking——

“Go back.”

When the passengers who ran to the front found something wrong, they looked back in panic and collapsed. They found that Shi Tao, carrying Bingjiu on his back, turned around and walked back!

Bingjiu is “Crazy” again. Shi Tao absolutely dare not disobey Bingjiu.

What about them! Miao Fangfei is the strongest passenger in the brigade. Even she can’t deal with monsters. They can’t win!

But the passengers are afraid of monsters, but they are even more afraid to leave Bingjiu. Several people clenched their teeth and recklessly continued to run in the direction of Xiaolong Yizhuang without looking back. Some people hesitated and finally chose to turn around.

But they didn’t go back a few steps, they met Lin Xi who was angry and strode over.

“Stop! What are you doing? Don’t die!”

Lin Xi almost broke her voice and stuck her hair on her face: “brother nine, let you roll, all roll! Don’t stay here and get in the way! ”

“Lin Xi is right. Brother nine let’s go up first. He will come later.”

Wang pengpai smiled, wiped the rain on his fat face, and held a broken map in his hand, calming the panic of those people:

“It’s not far from Xiaolong Yizhuang. Brother nine blocks the most terrible. We can deal with the remaining minions.”

“Yes, but…”

Someone hesitated and looked in the direction of Bing Jiu.

“But what! Stupid thing didn’t you see me coming! Brother nine won’t let me die! ”

Lin Xi was hysterical and scolded them head to head, but she scolded them out of expectation. Without hesitation, they hurried to Xiaolong Yizhuang. On the way, they met several people who ran first. They were dealing with some mandrill-like monsters.

They are all old hands. The meeting and the passengers quickly solved the enemy. Later, they encountered several attacks on the road. They were all in danger and finally reached their destination

It’s safe for the time being. They can’t enter without the guide. The passengers just stayed outside Xiaolong Yizhuang and found a place to shelter from the rain. They were distracted and digested their fears.

After a while, someone scolded like a vent.

“Shi Tao’s evil pen… He almost killed him.”

“Now, let’s see how Bingjiu tortured him to death.”

They know that Bingjiu ordered Shi Tao to go back, certainly not to save Miao Fangfei.

Most likely, it is to punish Shi Tao who doesn’t obey orders and stops himself.

It is said that Bingjiu often does this. In his brigade, he is the only king. Anyone who dares to have his own ideas will come to no good end.

“Hiss… When you are in danger, no one wants to save you.”

I don’t know who sneered.

“It’s kind of you to go back and save people now?”

The man choked back in anger and said coldly, “they are all flies in a nest. What flower moth!”

The scene was suddenly silent, leaving only the sound of dripping rain.

Yes, they are afraid of death. They are all afraid of death.

The more trips they go through, the more afraid they are of death.

“How could I be chosen to come to drunk Xiangxi…”

Someone collapsed and sobbed: “we all have to die, we all have to die in the end…”

“Maybe Bingjiu is going to save people -”

Some people seem to want to comfort, but as soon as they speak, they suddenly stop.

Is it possible to save people?


They know what kind of tour guide Bingjiu is.

It’s better to despair than hope.

“Why, why me…”

The sad atmosphere enveloped everyone. It was the sad sadness of the dead rabbit and the hopeless waiting

Only Lin Xi and the fat man still looked at the mountain road, as if waiting for someone to appear. Lin Xi’s eyes were also stunned, without any emotion, like waiting just to wait, but there was something thoughtful in the fat man’s eyes.

B9… It seems to be a little different.

* *

Without other passengers, the mountain suddenly became deserted. Carrying Bingjiu on his back, Shi Tao walked step by step to Miao Fangfei, who kept screaming.

His brain is blank, and the tendons of his legs and thighs are spinning, but the experience of athletes in the past has enabled him to move normally when his nerves are highly strained.

“You want to save Miao Fangfei, don’t you?”

Bing Jiu’s careless words echoed in his ears. Fear came, and Shi Tao almost shook his head. But he heard Miao Fangfei’s scream and desperate sob.


Shi Tao was crazy when he heard his mouth.

I’m afraid it’s going to be planted this time.

The bottom of Shi Tao’s heart was cold. He knew that Bingjiu was a tyrant. He hated that passengers had their own ideas.

He regretted what he said, but he didn’t regret it very much. He really doesn’t want to see his teammates die.

Even on a cruel journey.


Bingjiu’s voice was still cold and faint, like rain dripping on the branches and leaves. Shi Tao thought his voice was a little good.

“For a while, carry me.”

When Wei Xun ordered, he saw Shi Tao stunned. He was afraid that he didn’t hear clearly. Wei Xun repeated, “it’s stable.”

What flashed in his heart. Shi Tao couldn’t describe his mood at this moment. He hurriedly wrapped the climbing rope around Bingjiu several times and fixed it tightly. Then he remembered that he had not answered, and hurriedly said:


Wei Xun ignored Shi Tao. He stared at the red monster biting on Miao Fangfei’s shoulder, shook the guide flag, and the red cloth full of rain fell down. In Wei Xun’s hand, it was like a red tassel gun.


Shi Tao suddenly ran, fast as a gust of wind. Two or three minutes have passed since Miao Fangfei was in danger. She is not dead yet. A fierce, small-arm-spotted snake is climbing on Miao Fangfei’s shoulder and is fighting with a skinned baby-like monster.

Under the cover of the spotted snake, Miao Fangfei tried her best to kill the monster, but the knife in her hand only made a dull noise, like cutting on hard leather. The monster’s sharp teeth can easily tear the spotted snake!

Noting that her teammates abandoned her, Miao Fangfei was full of despair and was still struggling to resist.

She doesn’t want to die!

“Hiss -”

With a weak hiss, the spotted snake fell down like a broken water pipe and stopped moving. Without obstacles, the monster directly bit Miao Fangfei’s throat! Miao Fangfei didn’t give up. She opened her mouth fiercely. Her canine teeth were as sharp as snake teeth and glowed with poisonous blue light. She wanted to bite each other with monsters and struggle to death!


The warm and smelly blood confused Miao Fangfei’s face. She didn’t know what had happened for a while. Until a roar penetrated her soul like thunder.

“Miao Fangfei, come back!”

The guide flag was scarlet, which was the blood of the monster. When the flagpole swept, Wei Xun picked Miao Fangfei, who was stunned in place, so that she avoided the red shadow from the fierce fire in the forest!

“Whine –!”

The shrill and shrill roar of the beast is like the cry of a baby, full of resentment and hatred! The monster was not dead. Even though Wei Xun almost smashed its skull, it was still alive and kicking. At this time, Shi Tao took a clever step forward and blocked Miao Fangfei behind him. In this way, Wei Xun didn’t have to take care of her anymore, but only focused on the battle in front of him!

His right arm was numb with excessive force. Wei Xun waved his hand, and the flag pole in the palm was hot.

The guide flag is getting hot. It’s getting hotter and hotter since Miao Fangfei left the team!

[experienced tour guides can lead their own passengers back to the team under any circumstances!]

Sure enough, the guide flag showed great power to the skinning monster that “prevented” Miao Fangfei from returning!

“Whine –!”

“Whine –!”

The blood shadow hovered in the shade of the trees, and the strange cry sounded like a call. Then, behind it, another monster appeared!

The seriously injured Miao Fangfei gritted her teeth, turned over, and climbed up, holding a sharp blade in her hand. Her eyes were as fierce as a female wolf, and she winked at Shi Tao secretly. Shi Tao lowered his body and was tense all over. He was ready to take Bingjiu to escape at any time.

Miao Fangfei has been rescued. They can run away now. No one can imagine the power of the two monsters!

Wait until Xiaolong Yizhuang is safe!



Wei Xun never thought of running away! He wants to try, try the power of the guide flag, and try his strength after inheriting the C-9 panel!

The characteristics of the tour guide make Wei Xun destined to walk in the front of the team and face all kinds of dangers first. Since we have to face the battle sooner or later, now is the best chance!

Before reaching the first scenic spot, the monster encountered should be relatively weak. With Shi Tao, Wei Xun can try the power of the guide flag, and retreat can order Shi Tao to take him away.

Wei Xun is seriously playing this exciting game and playing the role of tour guide.

More importantly, the nature of pursuing stimulation and danger has never disappeared. Wei Xun likes to take the initiative and take risks. He will never become ordinary!

Two monsters jumped at Wei Xun from left to right. The terrible cry can frighten people’s liver and gall. Shi Tao was so frightened that his brain was blank, but his body faithfully obeyed Wei Xun’s order and rushed up with him!

Crazy, crazy!

Standing up, Wei Xun showed an excited, almost crazy smile. He raised his hand, crossed the flagpole, and took the initiative to stab the monster!

go to hell!


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