TTG Chapter 60

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 60: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (3)

[is such a person reasonable?!]

Recently, such a “post” suddenly appeared in the passenger forum, which has been swiped at 30 degrees north latitude and West Hunan.

The picture of the post is a beautiful man. His eyes are red and he seems to smile. A man in a cloak steps under his feet. Even if the quality of the screenshot is not high, the X tension image is very eye-catching, and the post has attracted the attention of many tourists.

[to tell you the truth, it’s really beautiful. Which live studio shall I have a look at?]

[fuck, who’s the guide? Why didn’t I see you? Still showing his face, will it be the first time to take a group]

[ can a tourist guide play like this?!]

[in the Ganges. JPG, don’t underestimate the tourist guide. It’s biased towards hotels. Even the tourist guide can treat passengers as dogs. What a fuck]

[this is Li Wei, the human guide. Is our thriller hotel really going to be over? Shouldn’t the human guide be the friendliest? Why is it like this]

[what’s the use of being fucking good-looking, snake and scorpion, damn it!]

[don’t the passengers trampled by him feel a little ashamed? Copy the guy and do it with him! What is a tourist guide afraid of? Can he have some dignity

[when can passengers stand up!]

[what do you mean? You bully passengers by posting such posts on the passenger forum. Can someone manage the brigade? Don’t your tour guides have their own forum!]

[yes, I’m so bored. I’m really going to follow the facial features. I think the guide is young. If he dares to do such dirty things without a mask in the future, he must be taught by a big man]

[lick a fart, which little tour guide’s live studio, the brothers rushed at him, grandma’s, bullying passengers before Mao grew up!]

This post made a lot of noise and scolded the 100th floor, and the landlord showed up again.

[sleeping trough, man, don’t fire, don’t fire, it’s your own man! The one who is trampled below is the guide!]

[it’s a passenger stepping on him! I just went to search for a wave of tourists, pure tourists! My mother, it’s the first time I’ve seen a tourist who tramples on the guide as soon as we meet!]

As soon as the landlord said this, he was immediately scolded as stupid by his grumpy friends, and the tourists stepped on the guide? Who believes it? You can’t make up a lie like that! Until the landlord dumped the link of [Ding Yi’s exploration of northern Tibet live studio], many visitors scolded and looked along the link, and then the wind direction in the post was directly and completely reversed.

[there’s no sleeping slot. It’s really from the people. The fucking passengers are stepping on it. Has it rained red?!]

[in the mint. JPG, am I hallucinating?]

[put friendly clothes on the people!]

[his grandmother’s is really happy. My mother is amazing, really amazing!]

[I want to know the name of this passenger in one second!]

What kind of tour guide is Ding Yi? Is he weak? Is it shaking?]

[no, no, no, brother, Ding Yi is called little Bingjiu. I heard that he really recognized Bingjiu as the eldest brother. Do you think he can be weak]

[through the grapevine, Ding Yi was going to beat Class C, and his strength was very strong. This time he took a fancy to the passengers and taught others, but the boat capsized in the gutter]

[Yo Yo, isn’t this Ding Yi? I haven’t seen such a pull in a few days?]

[no, the journey hasn’t started yet. He is such a good guide and a good person. I guess he can’t live the journey]

[yes, I still can’t hold my breath. I don’t know the horror of the guide. He regrets it]

[how terrible is it? Is it terrible to be a dog when someone steps under his feet?]

[laughing to death, you like being a dog, but others don’t like it. Anyway, it’s just a difficult secret exploration journey. I’m sure he will survive!]

[is there a big brother watching the previous live broadcast? I’m scratching my heart and liver. This man is really strong. What title does he have?]

[wild mind seems to be able to become wild animals]

[he hasn’t changed. What animal is so fierce, the lion king?]

[the fight is so fierce that it can’t be my flat headed brother (honey badger)]

[I bet a wave of snow leopards! Captain an has a leopard king, isn’t he? The good guy is a snow leopard. He can tear the ghost king!]

[really, I didn’t like the little guy’s face at first, but he is a real tough guy. He speaks of righteousness and heads for his friends. I didn’t say anything. He asked me to recognize brother Bo first during the journey]

[does anyone know his name? I tattooed his name on my chest. Can I step on the guide?]

[Wei Xun, his name is Wei Xun, which is very fierce when he hears it!]

[I think this tourist is not simple. He certainly has more than this title. You see, Ding 1’s Guide flag falls on him. He can still move. He’s really a tough man. Is he really a tourist?]

In the room dedicated to watching live broadcast and vlog, the popcorn bucket in Wang pengpai’s hand crashed to the ground, and the popcorn in the snow jumped and stuck to Mao Xiaole’s cloth shoes.

Mao Xiaole, who would have been furious, ignored the popcorn on his shoes this time. He stared at the screen with his eyes almost off the frame.

“This, this, good guy.”

Wang pengpai seldom speaks haltingly. The viewing effect of this room is very good. It has surround stereo and is absolutely immersive. On the screen, the handsome passenger stepped on Ding Yi and said, “it’s really cool” “is it comfortable to kneel?”‘ You will be my dog, will you? ‘Sanlian, who listened to Wang pengpai stupidly, trembled subconsciously.

“No, now the little people are really no more.”

Wang pengpai repeatedly said, “the selection standard of the hotel is really getting more and more abnormal. Damn it, this is a little abnormal selected from which Phoenix Club.”

“Don’t you say that.”

Mao Xiaole returned to his God, stared at him with dissatisfaction, and the king roared and said seriously, “this is to treat him in his own way. Does the master Wei really want Ding Yi to be a dog? No, he’s not. He just wants Ding Yi to feel humiliated. ”


“No, you’re going to be a guard now?”

Wang pengpai was unimaginable: “do you really think he is a Sanshui? Didn’t you say that Sanshui sun and moon had a rough life, delicate mind, sensitive sense, unhealthy body, knowledgeable and like a professor? Why didn’t I see anything from this man? Come on! ”

“I underestimated the guardian.”

Mao Xiaole was solemn and deeply reflected on himself: “life is rough, so he is as strong as he is. Only when his mind is delicate can he draw a knife to help when he sees injustice. His body is not healthy and his watch is not strong. He is knowledgeable and proficient in close combat, so he can step on Ding Yi as soon as he meets him. ”

Mao Xiaole’s eyes were burning, and Cang’s face turned a little red: “I can’t be wrong. As soon as I saw his face, I knew that he was Sanshui’s master!”

“You just want to look good.”

Wang Pengpai tucked up the double chin fat chin: “no, is this really a man?” make complaints about four titles.

Wang pengpai pointed out: “Ding Yi’s wild mind, the blue title, is not afraid to drop his head, the ghost face, the title of resentment resistance, the title of highly toxic, highly toxic resistance, and when he was beaten.”

“It was obviously painful when he was beaten by the guide flag, but he could react so quickly. He should have the title of recovery, will or pain transfer. Good guy, can this be a person?”

“It may also be the effect of the wild mind. It depends on the animal he chose. He is not afraid of poison and has strong endurance. He feels that he may be a honey badger. Moreover, even if what happened to the initial four titles, didn’t the captain have three titles when he was a man? ”

“You really think he is.”

Mao Xiaole was stubborn, but only the captain could say “move”. Wang pengpai didn’t waste his words. He shook his head and thought: “no, this boy looks really good. Let’s see his next performance.”

“No, you should be prepared. If he is really excellent, we will not be the only team to rob people at that time. I think it’s coming to the end of the year celebration. Many brigades have plans to accept it. Even if our return brigade is the strongest, Wei Xun has his own way. If he really chooses another team, you can’t mess around. It’s not good to get revenge at that time. ”

“He will definitely come home. Our captain’s robbing people is the strongest!”

Mao Xiaole is full of confidence: “he can be a netizen with me for five years, and he is on a journey with the captain. He has the title of wild soul. His fate with our brigade is full!”

“But now there are more and more small tour guides who don’t understand the rules.”

Mao Xiaole looked at Ding Yi, who was struggling to get up from Wei Xun’s feet in the live broadcasting room, gave a sneer, and his eyes flashed a bloody light, slowly: “Xiao Bingjiu? It’s true. I can send him to the underworld. ”

“Let the guard be a dog? I don’t take a pee to see what virtue I have. My shoes are dirty when I am trampled by my teacher. Even if the health teacher really wants to keep a dog — ”

Mao Xiaole quickly drafted an expression pack of “little Taoist dog hook” while talking hard and watching the live broadcast. He said something like “master Wei likes this”, “he is worthy of being a master”, “Master Wang is really cute” and so on. With the laughter of unknown meaning, Wang pengpai subconsciously moved his ass and sat away.

When he looked at the screen again, he was seeing that Wei Xun pulled out his knife and left a scar on Ding Yi’s neck. Then he put the bloody blade close to his lips and dyed the pale lip flap with a dazzling scarlet.

“Darling, this is really crazy.”

Wang pengpai’s heart was fluffy. Although Mao Xiaole boasted that there was something in the sky and nothing in the earth, Wang pengpai still believed in his intuition. Wei Xun Jue is a dangerous and cruel character. Although he is only a person now, if he can survive, Jue will walk faster than others.

He is a kind of person who is naturally more adaptable to the journey. This kind of person is really rare. Rao is Wang pengpai. He has traveled so many times and rarely turns over the guide as soon as he comes. To tell the truth, not only are some passengers on the journey in northern Tibet stunned, but even Wang pengpai didn’t respond when he first saw it. Come on, calm down and look at the screen now.

Dig out some ‘step on it again, step on it, step on it!’‘ Ha ha, ha ha, the cow is a man! ” Wang pengpai’s psychology is not optimistic, but a little worried. High profile people will always attract attention. Ding is not a tour guide without reputation. It is said that several tour guide alliances have contacted him a while ago.

More people from the tour guide alliance have noticed C 250. After all, he is the “Star” who surpasses the first-class people in those years. Even if no one connects him with “tourists” for the time being, it is enough to attract attention.

Towards the end of the year, the celebrations began to get chaotic everywhere. It is said that the original title of the “Holy Son” of the purple “people in Europe was introduced and protected by the strongest” church brigade “in Europe. It can be called the strongest” people “in the whole western region of the year, but it was also secretly killed by the anti cross tour guide alliance and the blood church tour guide alliance several times.

The United States also hired a tour guide with the title of devil businessman, which ranked first in the list of western tour guides with 3000 points difference from the second place. It was introduced by the werewolf alliance, and then almost killed by the leader of the Exorcist brigade on the next journey. Now its life and death are still uncertain.

Wang pengpai has a keen sense of the coming of the “time” and the mountain rain is coming. The buildings are full of wind. Horror hotels around the world have selected a group of talented young people, such as the “human guide C 250” and the “human tourist Wei Xun” in their sub region.

After years of grudges, tour guides and tourists can be called sworn enemies. It is also a convention that they will kill talented people. The hotel is like raising insects. The people who survive are the strongest and most suitable for the journey.

However, tour guide C 250 is very likely to be a tour guide who opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. At least their return Tour team won’t let him do it. But passenger Wei Xun doesn’t have this talisman.

Wei Xun’s performance is really challenging. His talent will definitely attract people’s attention. Once he is alive, he will be invited by the brigade and trained with protective efforts. Some unscrupulous tour guide alliances and the forces behind Ding Yi may start Wei Xun’s journey and won’t let him live.

“Fortunately, the captain went in.”

Wang pengpai patted his belly and relieved: “otherwise Xiaowei might really help the little butcher.”

Even if captain an is in an abnormal state, Wang pengpai and Mao Xiaole have great confidence in their captain. As long as he sits in the town brigade, Ding Yi or some people behind him will not have a chance to do it.

Wang pengpai, who was relieved, continued to watch the live broadcast with great interest, not only watching the tourist Wei Xun, but also watching the journey itself. For a long time, the attention of tourists and tour guides to Tibet has been concentrated on Gangrenboqi and Qomolangma, but few people pay attention to the restricted area in Northern Tibet.

Wang pengpai had a hunch that this trip would be very beautiful.

* *

Ding Yi’s live broadcast has never been recommended by the sub region, or even the home page and channel. It is said that the big tour guide can turn the pots and bowls by live broadcasting alone. Dante’s live broadcasting room has only a few hundred visitors at most.

Not to mention class A and class B, there are 250 class C tour guides alone. Considering that the number of tour guides in the western district has doubled, and there are at least 100 live tours every day, how can he stand out as a small tour guide?

That is to say, after learning from C-9 and using the stunts of engaging in Phoenix and killing passengers to attract attention, Ding Yi barely gets a thousand people in the live studio every time, and a hundred viewers are equal to one point. A thousand viewers are just pathetic ten points.

However, at that moment, the prompt of rising points kept ringing in Ding Yi’s ear. In just five minutes, he even won 50 points! In other words, the number of people in his studio reached 5000 for the first time!

If Ding Yijue was ecstatic as usual, he would beat Lin Qiming to celebrate.

But now, Ding Yi is not happy.

He felt a deep shame, and the originator had just removed his foot from his back.

“We are tourists. The journey is full of expectations. We hope to get along well with you. Do you say” yes, Mr. guide? ”

The hateful, ungrateful and damned traveler smiled and opened his mouth slightly, revealing his slightly pointed canine teeth.

Damn it, these teeth are really beautiful. They are perfect for his sexuality – bah!

Ding Yi, you can only wash away the shame by killing him yourself!

Ding Yi gave a vicious warning to himself. What Wei Xun said, he snorted coldly in his heart, ignored it, and his eyes were sinister. Wait, he just underestimated the enemy. He had 10000 means to kill the little passenger on the journey.

For the time being, let him be aware that the more he relaxes his vigilance, the faster he will die!

Seeing Ding Yi’s gloomy face and not answering, Wei Xun smiled deeper in his eyes. The next moment, Ding Yi’s heart rang out like a demon!

“Mr. guide, your blood has been controlled by me”

Ding Yimeng raised his head and couldn’t believe looking at Wei Xun. He just felt that the bright red grid on his lips was dazzling!

No, no, no, just a passenger. How could he have the title of controlling his blood? Ding Yi refused to believe it.

However, Wei Xun’s voice was not transferred by Ding Yi’s will to resist, but still sounded in his heart.

“I’m a person who likes to solve problems by peaceful means. It’s also my first trip. I just hope to have a normal trip. As long as you leave the journey, control will no longer affect you, okay? ”

Damn peaceful means!

With distortion and inexplicable buzzing, it is even more frightening. Ding Yi feels that his San will drop since he is frightened. But Wei Xun’s words calmed Ding down for a moment and even disdained to laugh.

If Mingming can control him, what not to do? Still talking about cooperation?

Ha, a person is a person. Even if there is a strong initial title, you will never immediately realize that the journey is a place where individuals eat people. It is extremely cruel. Either you die or I die.

Wei Xun, who has just come from a civilized society, is afraid to kill people. He hasn’t killed people yet.

Naive, ridiculous, weak.

There is no law and no morality here. The strong is law and the strong is morality. Without the consciousness of killing and being killed, how can you survive in the brigade.

The title can only show talent. Whether you can survive or not depends on talent. He also killed many teams, many of whom had stronger strength than him, but all died under his hands. The tour guide is that he has great control over the journey. What is Wei Xun compared with them?

Ding Yi even felt that Wei Xun was ridiculous. When Wei Xun’s voice sounded in his heart, he was really flustered. He even used the props given by an adult to forcibly kill Wei Xun.

This trip is also a task. If it can be successfully completed, you may be able to join several powerful tour guide alliances. Every time you come to this Ding, you will have unlimited wild hopes. He was trampled by Wei Xun. It’s nothing. It’s just the beginning of the journey. If he is really frightened by a passenger, uses the props given by adults and kills Wei Xun, he is really useless and will be laughed at by everyone!

On the contrary, the strength of the traveler is his opportunity to show. For example, it is rare to see many talented tourists. If he can use his own means to completely tame Wei Xun, humiliate and play well, and then hand it over to some big tour guides, he will be appreciated and valued by more big people.

This is a difficult opportunity!

“Cooperation is OK, but I hope you can follow my orders next”

Ding Yi said with cunning heart, but he didn’t get Wei Xun’s reply. He kept watching Wei Xun’s expression – very good, Wei Xun should not be able to hear his voice.

Ding Yi didn’t listen to the so-called blood control. Maybe Wei Xun just threatened him with a special title.

God knows he was almost bluffed.

“I’m a tour guide. You should follow my command.”

On the surface, Ding Yi was gloomy and very reluctant to hiss: “I can make you captain.”


Wei Xun smiled and agreed. He was very polite and nodded at Ding: “have a nice trip next.”

Hiss, I’m worthy of a person who doesn’t know anything. It’s so easy to cheat that a captain fooled me.

Ding Xinli smiled and blossomed. What’s the use of a brigade captain? It’s not that he can be who he wants to be? Not only does Wei Xun have no real power, but also he will be tripped by the people and things in the team.

The vast majority of the team are young people, but they have to listen to their orders. Can they always be convinced after a twelve day journey of life and death? Can’t afford contradiction? Not only do people hold a group, but also people can hold a group. When people hold a group, they can completely overhead Wei Xun, the captain. At that time, they are all passengers. Can Wei Xun still hold their hands? Take coercive measures?

Besides, you are the captain. You should go to the front and face the danger. No? If you step back, you won’t be convinced. If you are ahead every time, you are in agreement with Ding Yi. There is a danger that the surface layer is not poor. Even the iron man will be tired. The captain of this journey is so good.

Wouldn’t it be easy for Wei Xun to pay again when he was tired or even injured?

“What are you doing, fool? Why don’t you come to see captain Wei? ”

Ding Yi was full of ambition in his heart. He smiled at Wei Xun and turned his head. The team members were impatient and scolded: “are you a stupid pig, waste? Still standing here is a waste of time! ”

He is not a big hearted person. These people watched his dilemma, but none of them came to help. Ding Yi had kept it in mind and looked at the passenger door like poison.

People suddenly felt that they were not stupid. Knowing that they were afraid of being hated by Ding Yi, they were awed and didn’t dare to delay. They said in unison:

“Good guard!”

Feilezhi and Yin Guotao were excited when they saw Wei Xun turn the offensive, not only subdued Ding Yi, but also became the captain. Feilezhi almost felt that he was not afraid of pain since he was born. He said, ‘Captain Wei’ was good at shouting, ‘Ge Gong’ was sincere and loud, but Yin Xiaotao was happy and worried.

Captain Wei Xuncheng, of course she is happy, but looking at the expressions of Ding Yi and other passengers, I’m afraid the captain is not a good thing.

Sure enough, at the next moment, Ding Yi said in a long voice, “dear passengers, we are now in wenbunan village. Please look at the side. Can you see a blue lake at the end of your field of vision? is the legendary snow mountain, the holy lake Dang zhayongcuo, and the seven dark peaks on the south side of the holy lake are dalgo snow mountain. ”

“As we all know, the scenic spot we are going to tomorrow is the ruins of the Xiangxiong Kingdom, and the Dargo snow mountain and danggyongcuo are the cradle of ancient Xiangxiong civilization. When traveling to Tibet, we must not make a mistake of circling the mountains and lakes. I believe that if we can make a mistake for a week, we will certainly bring good luck to our trip to ZhangXiong tomorrow. ”

Ding Yi smiled at Wei Xun with deep meaning: “Captain Wei, what do you think?”

“What director Ding said.”

Wei Xun smiled mildly, with a good temper and considerate appearance: “I’m also the first time to Tibet. I’m very interested in the legendary snow mountain and holy lake.”

“Just be interested.”

Ding Yi said perfunctorily that he was testing Wei Xun and knew that Wei Xun would not refuse – in terms of his character, since cooperation was reached, Wei Xun would give him a face, such as normal travel arrangements, and would not deliberately oppose him.

He just wants Wei Xun to go around the lake alone. First, he will separate him from other passengers. Not only this time, but also Ding Yi will do the same in the future.

Look, if Wei Xun acts alone every time, there will naturally be a hidden leader in the rest of the brigade. One of them is that Wei Xun can no longer easily control the brigade.

The second is the danger of the journey itself. Even the seemingly simple one around the lake, if Wei Xun is careless, I’m afraid he will fall into a bad dilemma.

Around the lake is not a tourist attraction. Ding Yigen was not worried about Wei Xun’s major discovery.

“I’ll trouble the captain of the guard.”

Ding Yi pretended to be a guest: “it’s getting dark. I’ll take others to set up a tent first.”

“Well, aren’t we going around the lake together?”

Feile subconsciously said, “Ding Yi is still on hostile alert. Subconsciously, he stood beside Wei Xun:” brother Wei, I’ll go with you. ”

“Lezhi, go and change your clothes first.”

Wei Xun comforted: “plateau colds are fatal. You and Yin Yutao will come back after I turn the lake.”

“Ah, ah sneeze! “Line.”

Feilezhi sneezed. There were so many things just now and his blood was boiling. Now come back to God. Wei Xunyi said that he really felt cold. Moreover, Feile didn’t believe that Ding Yi could be real. Some indifferent people were not good people in his eyes. When it comes to Yin Yutao and Xu Yang, one is a sister and the other is a blind child. Only he is a tall man. Feile is so protective that he no longer adheres to Wei Xun.

“I went.”

Wei Xun turned his head and said to the passengers. The corners of his lips were still smiling, but they were not as warm as they were. Instead, he was cold and more powerful. He briefly ordered:

“Wenbunan village is divided into South Village and North Village, separated by a gully in the middle, and both sides go. I’m going to the site of Xiangxiong tomorrow. I’ll collect more information today. What about the Ming Dynasty? ”

To these people, the focus is on cohesion. In emotion, strong orders will only be counterproductive. However, Wei Xun has been able to protect himself and has experienced many journeys. For the tourists who really know the terrible part of tour guide Ding, the more powerful and powerful Wei Xun is, he can suppress them – if he is gentle and polite, he will only make people feel that he is easy to bully and unreliable.

How can a really gentle and polite person be the hand of tour guide Ding Yi?

Sure enough, in Wei Xun’s commanding tone, the passengers did not show their unconvinced expressions. Although they did not respond, they were silent one by one, but they also listened to his words into their hearts, and some people’s eyes twinkled.

This person… Looks really different.

Maybe you can really live with him?

“I see. Long winded.”

Before knocking on the window of the iron tower, the strong man said impatiently, but he was the only one who answered: “the South Village and the North Village should be checked. We all know. You should hurry to turn the lake. Don’t turn it. It’s dark.”

“Ji Hongcai.”

Wei Xun nodded. When Ding called the roll, he remembered everyone’s names.

Wei Xun doesn’t care how these people stand in line. In his eyes, there is no difference between people and hand passengers, as long as they are knowledgeable and practical enough.

On the contrary, Ji Hongcai was stunned when he heard that his name came from Wei Xun. After Wei Xun turned and left, he scratched his head and muttered, “cultural man, hey, it’s really rare.”

“season, you say a few words.”

Fang Yuhang, a family member of Ji Hongcai’s family, said helplessly, “we mortals suffer from the fight between immortals.”

He lowered his voice: “look at the way director Ding looks at you, huh?”

“He’s a fool. He’s like a dog when he’s trampled by the head guard. That’s cool.”

Ji Hongcai hummed. Fortunately, he turned down his voice this time. He went his own way, mainly because he saved money. Ding Yi hated him with his friends.

“Let’s go and investigate the village.”

Jiang Hongguang warned, “don’t fall behind. It’s eye-catching.”

The hand passengers can live to the present, and have their own way of survival. It is the safest not to lose the head, not to take the lead and not to fall behind.

After keeping up with the army, Ji Hongcai was still absent-minded. He took a quick step and poked Fang Yuhang’s waist: “Hey, Fang Yuhang, how can I feel that he is not strong? You said that Ding Guisun asked the guard to turn the lake from the lake. Is he playing a trick? I don’t think he’s in a good mood.”


Fang Yuhang almost jumped up when he was poked. He glanced at Ji Hongcai and warned, “shut up and talk less.”

“Can you see it? Can others see it?”

“The guard is not an ordinary person. Together with the big army, I’m not sure he’s too troublesome,” said Jiang Hongguang

“Independent investigation may be in line with others.”

* *

Investigate Zhenghe Weixun’s mind alone! Just after controlling Ding Yi, he secretly let the golden mosquito suck Ding Yi’s blood. Later, the dagger cut his neck and wiped his lips with blood. Wei Xun played for Ding Yizai. In the future, even if Ding Yi was on guard, he was just on guard not to let his blood fall into Wei Xun’s hands again, and would not pay attention to the small golden mosquitoes.

The golden mosquito sucked Ding Yi’s blood, and some of his malicious thoughts were completely launched by Wei Xun. Valentine’s magic mosquito was easy to use. If Wei Xun uses the magic mosquito mouthpiece to suck blood himself, he can even completely see through Ding Yi’s psychology.

But Wei Xun is too dirty. The golden mosquito sucks enough blood. Walking on the path to Dang zhayong Cuo, Wei Xun even walked in the sky. When he had a chance, he could find a chance to suck the blood of a snow leopard – Ding called the roll, and all 15 passengers were in place, but he didn’t mention the snow leopard in the back seat of the SUV, as if it didn’t exist, which made Wei Xun more suspicious.

As long as you suck blood, it is completely clear whether it is a real wild animal or a human.

When he reached a row of colorful pagodas by the lake, Wei Xun withdrew his thoughts and slowed down his pace.

Danggyongcuo is the largest holy lake worshipped by Yongzhong Bon religion. It is related to the status of Dargo snow mountain, and the status of Gangrenboqi and Mapan yongcuo in the center of the world recognized by Buddhism. The lakeside is covered with yellowish sand and very sparse vegetation. You can see a lakeside path left by years of stepping on it. Looking around, the lake is calm without waves, and there is no edge. It is like a huge sapphire, reflecting the blue sky and clouds in northern Tibet.

This is the mark left by those who walk around the lake. Contrary to Buddhists walking around the mountain and lake clockwise, benzene believers walking around the mountain and lake counterclockwise. Many scenic spots on this trip involve Bon religion. I’m afraid Ding Yida’s idea is this – if Wei Xun doesn’t know this, circling the lake clockwise may cause trouble and danger.

The difficult journey means that there are no supernatural ghosts, but it also has its own difficulty and danger.

Wei Xun stood by the lake and looked back. From this point of view, he could not see other passengers and wenbunan village. The wind blew the faded prayer flags. It was very quiet, as if he and the snow mountain holy lake in front of him were the only one left in this vast world.

Along the path by the lake, Wei Xun slowly turned the lake, but it was – clockwise.

[why did he go around the lake clockwise? It’s over. Wei Xun is in danger!]

A large part of the audience in Ding Yi’s live broadcasting room are watching Wei Xun’s split screen, looking forward to the feat of the dead tour guide. After seeing this scene, some people popularized bon and Buddhism around the lake on the bullet screen, many viewers were worried.

[no, it should go counterclockwise! Ah, I’m so anxious. Why did Wei Xun suddenly pull over!]

[after all, I’m a tourist. Ding Yi was so mean that he didn’t remind Bon religion at all. Who knows to go around the lake counterclockwise]

[I said don’t be a crime guide, don’t be a crime guide, have a look. The crime guide is happy for a while, and Wei Xun will suffer right away]

[all right, don’t be a hindsight. Wei Xun is still naive. He’s not prepared for the tour guide. No, I think he’s so strong. He should be fine]

[lying trough, lying trough, be careful! Look behind Wei Xun!]

[my mother Wei Xun is in danger!]

Suddenly, there were more bullets, and they quickly brushed the brush. One by one, they were anxious to remind Wei Xun to run or turn back quickly, but Wei Xun couldn’t see the live broadcast and was still walking around the lake step by step at the speed of self.

The surrounding was quiet and terrible, and there was no sound of birds, animals, insects and fish. Only when Wei Xun stepped on the sand and gravel ground by the lake, there was a slight sound.




Suddenly, Wei Xun turned back and bumped into his bloody and malicious eyes.

His swarthy and rough face almost fitted Wei Xun perfectly, but there was no sound before. I don’t know when, this man was silent, step by step, closely following Wei Xun!

The cold light flickered and Wei Xun lowered his eyes. The cold light was a sharp Tibetan knife in Fang’s hand. There were shocking red and brown blood stains on it!

“What are you doing?”

Every word he said, his voice was hoarse and strange, and his eyes were staring at Wei Xun. It seemed that as long as he made a wrong answer, he would cut off Wei Xun’s head!

At the critical moment, Wei Xun smiled.

That’s good. That’s the danger he wants!

Drunk in Western Hunan, before arriving at Xiaolong Yizhuang, Wei Xun fought back the corpse turned flying fox on Wuluo mountain and saved Miao Fangfei, so he came to the task of opening up scenic spots.

Wei Xun: try it – before you go to the site of Xiangxiong, when you are at the wrong side, if you save the passengers in danger, will you also trigger the task.

Can passengers trigger the task of opening up scenic spots?

This is both a danger and an opportunity!

Leaving the brigade and acting alone, Zheng Fang lost Wei Xun. Wei Xun tried it alone. What he wanted was to save himself from danger!

Walking in adventure and excitement, this is the true meaning of his journey.

Wei Xun smiled and said something in Tibetan. The next moment, the Tibetan man holding a sharp knife and full of anger was stunned.

What Wei Xun said is——


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