TTG Chapter 61

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 61: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (4)

What Wei Xun said is——

“I wonder if the devil in the snow mountain holy lake is still there?”

The reason why danggyongcuo is the holy lake most worshipped by the disciples is precisely because of its legend. It is said that in ancient times, danggyongcuo was a ferocious devil lake, and the bottom of the lake was the hiding place of the great devil chabalaren.

Dunba xinrao, the first king of ZhangXiong, the founder of Yongzhong benzene, is the Buddha on Gaozhu. He was born to weimolongren as king, and his mission is to spread benzene. The great devil chabalaren is his old enemy in his life, just like the relationship between Sakyamuni and divadara, The battle with the great demon chabalaren strengthened dunbasinrao’s determination.

At the end of the day, tunbashinrao subdued the devil in the lake with a Vajra pestle and suppressed it at the bottom of danggyongcuo lake. The devil lake has changed from a data lake to a holy lake. This is the legend that has been handed down in Yongzhong.

Wei Xun had already made preparations. Their journey was no doubt not around the ruins of benzene and Xiangxiong, just like doing tasks in the game. The eagle wing bone that the descendant of the eagle flute is looking for is the Xiangxiong kingdom with the golden winged ROC as the totem. It was once the benzene  believed by the ZhangXiong people, which is absolutely inseparable.

If you want to explore the task, you should start from this aspect, such as composition reading and problem solving in the test paper. You can score by answering ‘key words’. When Wei Xun walked around the lake clockwise, the crisis must be the believers of benzene. He also mentioned the sealed devil in the snow mountain holy lake. The devout benzene believers will talk about the allusions of dunbashin’s encircling and subduing the devil, and the crisis will ease from the data.

According to the following reaction, Wei Xun can answer from different angles. This level of journey, passengers will not have a fatal crisis. As long as it is properly solved, there will even be unexpected gains.

When he said these words, Wei Xun always paid attention to the look of the Tibetan man. When he found that the Tibetan man was stunned first and then dropped his eyes, Wei Xun knew he was right.

“The devil chabalaren is where he should be, just as the holy mountain and holy lake will never change.”

Evil spirits and evil thoughts are hidden, as if they had never been revealed. The man’s expression was numb. His black and red face was a unique color of the plateau. He could not see the joys and sorrows clearly. He was the “most famous descendant of the eagle Flute” who had stood next to the brigade

The herald of the eagle flute is a disciple of benzene, or is closely related to benzene.


Wei Xun struck first and asked, “but it is said that the devil chabalaren was only sealed at the bottom of the lake and did not die. When dark clouds cover the lake, the water of the blue lake will turn dark black. That black is the shadow of chabalaren, and the strong wind and waves are roaring. ”

“Oh, zhimoye Salud.”

The eagle flute preacher said indifferently. He read “eight characters”.

The Tibetan Buddha  has six words  and the Yongzhong benzene  has eight words  and the symbol of 卍 (Yongzhong) is just opposite to the Buddha  Wanzi lattice (swastika). The Tibetan Buddha  turns the lake clockwise and Yongzhong benzene  turns the lake counterclockwise, which is also fundamentally different in belief.

“Whether chabalaren is still there will be known when the lake gets dark.”

When he finished this sentence, a sound in Wei Xun’s mind was the prompt of the hotel!

[why does the surface of the Lake become black? Is it the great devil chabalaren who is still imprisoned and sealed at the bottom of the lake? It is said that in order to defeat the devil, dunba xinrao Buddha transformed himself into a terrible God, but the more ferocious and cruel he is, the more powerful chabalaren is. Is the black shadow on the snow mountain holy lake the shadow of chabalaren or the horror illusion of dunba xinrao?]

[you can activate the branch line scenic spot: when the black one is wrong, the branch line scenic spot returns 10%]

[active travelers have endless spirit and curiosity. They always want to see the scenic spots outside the journey, but they don’t know how many dangerous setbacks they will encounter. Although this is not worth advocating, the hotel always supports tourists, and will appropriately indulge this little curiosity and give a little help, but please be careful – don’t be found by the guide, otherwise it may cause bad consequences]

[di, you’ve got the attention of the herald of Eagle flute]

“Branch attractions?”

Wei Xun didn’t expect that a fresh thing came out and talked to himself with great interest. Different from opening up scenic spots, the task of this branch scenic spot is obviously not supported or opposed by the hotel, and the situation is not good if it is found by the tour guide.

In other words, opening up branch scenic spots is contrary to the interests of tour guides. Moreover, the hotel does not advocate this behavior. Perhaps even if a branch scenic spot is opened, the hotel will not have too many rewards.

In other words, the reward of branch attractions should be itself. Data this kind of hidden stimulation task, which is to hide from everyone and act alone, is exactly what Wei Xun pursues!

“The great devil chabalaren, the terrible illusion of dunbassin – they must be strong.”

Wei Xun licked the tip of his teeth with great interest and didn’t say a word.

It should be stronger than Li Gui Pingping.

Wei Xun did not forget his title task. He was inspired in Xiaolong Yizhuang. No matter the task name, introduction and reward are unknown. Even now, the return degree of the task has not reached 10%

The more dangerous the other party is, the higher the task return degree increases.

It can be said that even if Wei Xun didn’t stimulate the branch line task and had this conversation with the herald of Eagle flute, he would certainly go to see the black dangjiayongcuo lake.

Maybe if you see something, the task return will soar. Such a difficult task, the title must be strong.

Wei Xun was a little excited in advance.

After saying that, the herald of Eagle flute turned away and turned counterclockwise to the lake. Wei Xun didn’t go back immediately. He also turned his head, followed the eagle flute slowly, and turned the lake counterclockwise.


The clear sky is as blue as the sea, like a huge and complete sapphire. The lake water is clear, as if it can clean people’s mind. It is the deepest lake in Tibet. The sunset light shines through the clouds. There is a columnar light over the lake, which is sacred and magnificent, sparkling. The breeze blows across the lake and wrinkles the reflection of the rolling snow mountains.

This is a beautiful scenery that can bring peace of mind, but Wei Xun focuses on the not thick clouds in the sky and the blue sky. It’s September now. The rainy season in Tibet is over. It will start to snow in some areas in October. According to the data, September is the clearest and most humid month in Tibet.

“I don’t feel like it’s going to rain”

The young fox said, he climbed out of the pocket of Wei Xun’s stormsuit, grabbed the fold of Wei Xun’s sleeve, and squatted on his shoulder to breathe comfortably.

If it is a young fox in the previous residual soul state, it is attached to Wei Xun, so it can no longer be transformed. But now the young fox has a body. Even if it is attached to Wei Xun, it can come out to bask in the sun. It’s just that young foxes don’t like to come out in front of others.

After all, it’s chocolate now. Only the ferret with a pinch of white hair on its forehead. The fox cub is depressed and feels extremely ugly. It feels that the ferret is strange. Its body is so long that it makes the fox cub lie on Wei Xun’s shoulder and roll on his shoulder. The data is wrapped around his neck. It’s not good.

The fox cub can only be wronged. He returns to Wei Xun’s stormsuit. In his velvet hat, he is a warm and bulging ball.

Without Yin and clear air, how can you see black when it is wrong?

They will go to the site of ZhangXiong in the Ming Dynasty, which means that the time left for Wei Xun may only be today. But Wei Xun was not worried.

If you can’t wait, wait for the evening.

He’s going to be a night detective tonight.

Thinking of the excitement in the evening, Wei Xun narrowed his eyes happily and made a decision in his heart. He was still in the mood to chat with the fox cub.

“How’s it going?”

“Feel good!”

The fox cub has a super large voice channel and extremely full of energy. It has always looked like beating chicken blood since it attached to Wei Xun.


Wei Xun smiled and said casually, “you’ve seen Ding Yi, the tour guide this time. What do you think of him?”

“Yang deficiency, kidney failure, ugly, empty man!”

The fox cub despised it and said proudly, “who can not like the beautiful fox? Even ugly people have the right to like the fox, especially the super cute and great fox cub -”

“So he came and stared at me?”

“Woo woo woo?”

The young fox pretended to be a fool and tried to hide it with a dog’s bark. It failed. It was very flattering and said, “the master himself is super beautiful, and the influence of my attachment is only a little, a little.”

Fox possession can not only change Wei Xun’s hair color and pupil color, enhance his physique, but also make him more attractive——

More attractive.

Young foxes once proudly said that when people look at adult foxes, they will see their favorite appearance, and every place is the most perfect. Even if it is only a young fox, it also has such a “Fu”. Feilezhi and others have rapid trust. When he first got off the bus, Ji Hongcai, who had never met him, reminded him that even Wei Xun’s negotiation with the descendant of Yingdi is easier and simpler than he expected.

These  are inevitably influenced by the possession of young foxes.

The bewitching brought by Fox possession lures all sentient beings. The cunning and weak young fox can naturally arouse others’ desire for protection, unconsciously trust and let people put down their hostility.

What do you think? It’s great!

The young fox grew stronger and louder: “don’t you think I’m very cute!”

Wei Xun smiled and said slowly, “how much yang have you sucked from me?”

“A little, a little”

The young fox’s voice suddenly subsided, humming like a mosquito: “just a little.”

Fox fairy spirits and monsters all have Yin constitution, so in the story, whether male or female fox spirits, they deceive scholar Yang Qi. The young fox attached to Wei Xun, of course, also consumed his Yang Qi.

“This is different from what was agreed at the beginning.”

Wei Xun’s tone was calm. What he had discussed with the young fox was that as long as he changed the most basic hair color and pupil color and enhanced his physical quality, the fox cub would consume less mana and absorb less Yang Qi, so he could survive the journey.

But now there is the role of the bewitching stream. The fox cubs consume more yang qi and can’t make ends meet. Wei Xun’s Yang Qi may not be able to make the journey.

“Well, I can’t blame it all.”

Mingming Wei Xun’s tone was calm. As usual, the fox cub’s instinct was fear. When he was afraid, he was wronged. He argued weakly: “this is my instinct to protect myself and the master. The master was in a dangerous environment from the beginning. I can’t control so much malice.”

“And when you fight with that Ding, it consumes too much energy. Didn’t you say you’d like to play a pig and eat a tiger? Why did you suddenly fight?”

“Well, I feel it.”

Wei Xun was calm. Who let him take the lead at that time? He couldn’t argue with the fox cub anymore. He vaguely said, “do you have a solution?”

Fox cub is cunning and smart. He must have thought of a way long ago. If he has a goal, he will wait for him to ask.

Sure enough, as soon as Wei Xun asked, the fox cub immediately couldn’t hold his breath. He said quickly: “we can find other people to borrow some Yang Qi!”

“That leopard is very good. The blood must burn!”


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