TTG Chapter 62

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 62: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (5)

“Oh? “Yes.”

Wei Xun was noncommittal: “don’t you say that snow leopard is a pure beast?”

“It’s really not a leopard spirit, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it to you.”

Fox cubs take it for granted: “we’re weird. We don’t suck each other.”

“Then you know it has sufficient blood Yang Qi?”

As the color of the mountain is getting late, Wei Xun turns back towards wenbunan village.

“I feel that our fox has a stronger perception. At least its Yang is much stronger than other men.”

The fox cub Baba Baba’s picky tone of picking cabbage ranked the Yang level of more than a dozen men in the team in the following order: “animal blood is more Yang than enough”

In the past, hunters who hunted hunted deer and other wild animals did drink deer blood, such as deer blood, tiger blood and so on. All kinds of animal blood are great tonics in legend. But snow leopard is a national first-class protected animal. Few people dare to drink its blood.

Wei Xun said, “are you going to steal blood?”

“I can’t drink. I can’t bear it now.”

The young fox was wronged and said, “you can rely on yourself. It’s good to trouble you.”. It can absorb pure Yang Qi at most, drink blood or do other things to extract Yang Qi. At present, it consumes too much. We can only encourage people to supplement Yang with Yang, and it can suck a little from people.

Wei Xun had thought before that the magic mosquito mouthpiece sucked blood from the snow leopard, sensed its psychology, and judged whether it was a real leopard, a disguised person, or any special identity. Now it coincides with young fox’s idea.

No, I won’t let the fox know.

On his way back, Yu Xun asked him to go all the way, but Wei Xun didn’t give him the right words. In the end, he said perfunctorily, “it’s unhealthy to produce blood. Think of other ways to get Yang Qi.”

“There are other ways… There are some, but there are… It’s even more unsanitary…”

The fox cub muttered, and his voice became louder and louder. After Wei Xun came to someone’s place, he completely stopped.

“Brother Wei, you’re back!”

At the entrance of wenbunan village, Wei Xun is waiting for Fei Lezhi. He has put on his blue stormsuit and changed into suitable pants and shoes. This should provide the hotel with some materials in his travel bag.

Wei Xunhui was so happy that he hurried forward. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at Wei Xun’s hat in horror. His fingers were trembling and kowtowed.

“Wei, brother Wei, you, in your hat -”

“My pet.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, took the chocolate ferret out and held it in his hand: “very good, I’ve been taking it with me all the time. I don’t know how I was selected into the journey.”

“The original one is so cute.”

Feilezhi tried to touch the mink, but the mink cub showed his teeth and left fiercely. He was not angry. He said happily, “has Xu Yang’s guide dog entered the wild? Say no, animals can adapt to the wild environment better than people.”

Then he was worried and lowered his voice: “brother, many tourists have always been with Ding Yi. Just now you went around the lake. Everyone went to wenbunan village to search. After finishing the North Village, Ben went over the gully and went to Ganan village, but Ding didn’t go. Other tourists didn’t go.”

“Are they so afraid of Ding Yi? I wanted to explore, but brother Ji advised me to be cautious and not to leave the team alone. ”

“You did the right thing.”

Fei Lezhi bowed his head in shame because of his retreat. Wei Xun comforted and patted him on the shoulder: “we are new passengers. When we first arrive, we should not be reckless. The most important thing is to protect ourselves.”

“After all, Ding Yi is a tour guide. He doesn’t go to the South Village. Ken has his own reason.”

“Well, I’m brother Wei’s. This afternoon we — ”

Feilezhi talks about his family. He has a good family, but his family education is strict. He doesn’t catch the temper of the second generation. People are warm and lively, and it’s easy to get together with strangers. But now he tried to integrate into the group, but the progress of intelligence inquiry was not smooth. The veteran tourists are very indifferent. Although they may be close to Wei Xun’s face and have no violence, they completely ignore Fei Lezhi.

Feilezhi was disappointed. Only Ji Hongcai and Fang Yuhang were willing to say more with him, but he kept silent as soon as he talked about the tour guide. He only said vaguely that it was best not to offend the tour guide.

Why are tourists so afraid of tour guides?

Feile didn’t understand. He told Wei Xun what he saw and heard this afternoon. Wei Xun knew that the veteran passengers were afraid of Ding Yi’s power and didn’t stand by him so quickly. Veteran travelers are very smart. Unless Wei Xun shows overwhelming strength, they are definitely more inclined to protect themselves.

As for Ding Yi who doesn’t go to Nancun, other tourists don’t go, but they are more likely to be afraid of the tour guide – they can’t stay away from the tour guide.

Just like when Wei Xun was drunk in Western Hunan, the additional function of the guide Brooch “believes in science” can protect the brigade to a certain extent and keep the passengers covered by the brooch away from the danger of supernatural beings.

“Lezhi, do you have altitude sickness so far?”

Wei Xun pointed out that feilezhi suddenly realized and scratched his head in doubt: “ ah, hey, yeah, why don’t I have altitude sickness,  don’t you feel suffocated?”

Then he took a few deep breaths, and there was really no feeling of thin oxygen. Fei Lezhi thought about it and didn’t understand: “sister Bai Tao and Xu Yang don’t seem to have altitude sickness, and other veteran passengers don’t.”

Wenbunan village is about 4600 meters above sea level. It suddenly moves from the plain to the plateau, just as their new couple suddenly moves from the plain to the high altitude. Even if everyone has different physique, at least they can feel the thin air.

  1. the additional function of the guide Brooch may be related to the “prevention of hyperreflexia”, and the brooch naturally has an impact range. If feilezhi had not been persuaded by Ji Hongcai and rushed to Nancun, I’m afraid he would be unprepared to fall into a terrible rebellion.

Ding Yishua’s “heart” is just like this. It is reasonable that Wei Xun not only has the problem of clockwise and counterclockwise when he goes to turn the lake, but also is suddenly affected by high anti. Except for the snow covered plateau, the survival area of the Fox family, the snow fox and the Tibetan fox are all the descendants of the fox, and Wei Xun can adapt to the environment where the Fox family can survive.

In addition to consuming too much yang qi, there is nothing wrong with Fox attachment.

“After all, it’s a supernatural thing. Our journey is a mission. Maybe it’s not a high reaction.”

It’s easy for newcomers to take it for granted. Even Wei Xun felt that at the beginning of his first journey, they were equivalent to doing a task in the space of different dimensions. After all, thriller global hotels are too mysterious and powerful. Any unexplained supernatural gods and monsters are normal during the journey.

Wei Xun realized that the journey was in reality and only in the limit of ordinary people’s exploration after returning to reality and discovering the same time, the great earthquake in Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province. Such as this trip to northern Tibet, bad weather, high altitude, fierce wild animals, etc., they are absolutely aware of the difficulties encountered in their journey.

“Are you hungry now?”


Feilezhi patted his belly and grunted. He was quite embarrassed: “brother Wei is hungry. He should be able to eat when he goes back.”

The campsite next to wenbunan village, where the brigade is stationed, has a good field of vision and can reach dangjiayongcuo. Tents have been set up, but tonight the meal brigade is eating in wenbunan village. For the villagers, they are the national scientific research team, and the reception is very warm.

“Oh, you feel hungry, you feel cold and dry.”

Wei Xun pointed to the end: “this journey is true for us.”

Do you feel cold, dry and hungry? Why don’t you just feel altitude sickness?

Why are veteran tourists so afraid, but they can’t leave the guide?

Feile is not stupid. Wei Xun feels the change of his breathing rate and knows what he wants to understand.

Wei Xun likes smart people. He can do it at a glance. He likes honest people and believes everything he says.

When they spoke, they came to a traditional Tibetan building, a house for guests in wenbunan village.

“Oh, is the guard back?”

The wooden table is full of people. Ding Yi embraces Wei Xun and Fei Lezhi. He pushes Lin Qiming away from his arms, stands up and sweeps away Wei Xun with malicious eyes.

“Did the guard find anything?”

Ding Yi was not satisfied with the fact that there were no injuries from Wei Xun. One afternoon, he went to see Wei Xun again. His heart was itchy. It was a rare beauty. No, his claws were so sharp. He estimated that he could take Wei Xun back to the tent tonight.

“There are strange places. There are no other tourists by the lake. I’m the only one.”

“Hey, this is our journey. Of course there are no other tourists.”

Ding said with a smile and raised his glass to Wei Xun: “the hard guard has blessed our brigade. This journey will be smooth and smooth. I’ll drink to the guard!”

“Director Ding, you’re welcome.”

In a harmonious atmosphere, Wei Xun picked up his glass in front of him, made a toast to Ding, and then drank it all at once.

The liquor was burning like a flame in his throat, and Wei Xun’s pale face suddenly became thin red. He was blurred and moistened, and became more and more confused under the dim light. Ding Yixiang tightened his lower abdomen and hid his malicious smile by drinking.

In his glass, highland barley wine, highland barley wine is not high, and sweet fragrance is not intoxicating. Even if the wine is not good enough, it is not easy to drink a glass of Baijiu. Ding smiles and appreciates the appearance of the drunk.

He did not give any medicine to what he had in the glass, Baijiu pure liquor. Ding Yi boasts that he is a very enjoyable tour guide. He is not in a hurry. He has more than a dozen trips, and some have taken Wei Xun’s Kung Fu. It’s boring to eat meat. Ding Yi is very excited to think of a little □ □ Wei Xun.

Several more veteran passengers stood up and offered a toast to Wei Xun under the sign of Ding Yi. Wei Xun really took the position of team leader seriously when he was drunk. He refused. In the blink of an eye, he drank five or six glasses of wine. The more drunk he was, the more obvious he was. He was so worried that he stood up and stopped drinking for Wei Xun.

Wei Xun stopped him, shook his head, smiled at Ding Yi and said:

“No more. Let’s eat.”

It seems that when he drank too much wine, his voice was soft and his bones were crisp. At the eleventh hour, Ding forgot his plan to intoxicate Wei Xun. He stared at him and said “good and good”. The beauty could not eat. He rubbed Lin Qiming in his arms more and more. Lin Qiming was painful and ashamed. He still had a stiff smile on his face and snuggled up to Ding Yi.

He’s in the bathroom. Lin Qiming knew from the beginning that Ding Yixiang was a newcomer. Although Wei Xun seems to have beaten Ding one by one, Lin Qiming knows that with Wei Xun’s character of a modest gentleman, he will never fight Ding Yi.

He should have been jealous, frightened and hostile to Wei Xun. Lin Qiming knows that Ding Yi imitates Bing Jiu in everything, just as he only loves the best in the team. If Ding Yi really gets Wei Xun, even if he leans against Lin Xi’s face, he will not be completely forgotten. He will definitely have a lot less care.

This is fatal on the journey.

But every time the dark thoughts arise, they all dissipate when they arrive at Wei Xun. Lin Qiming thinks that if he is a tour guide, he absolutely likes Wei Xun and wants to bring him into his arms.

Such a beautiful person should be carefully treasured and taken care of. I wish I could hold all the good things in front of him. Just now Wei Xun was smiling at him. When Ding was excited, Lin Qiming felt that Wei Xun was smiling at him. The smile is light, like moonlight, clear but not stabbed.

No contempt, no contempt, no contempt.

Just one-on-one, modest and friendly smile of normal people.

No, I just want to live. Why is life so difficult.

Lin Qiming’s eyes were slightly red, but he turned back and got into Ding Yi’s arms. He played the role of a fool and said, “director Ding, don’t leave the light guard. I’m jealous.”

Ding Yixiang was just a tour guide. He felt disgusted at the thought of Lin Qiming, the God of his guard.

“OK, OK, let’s enlighten.”

When he was drunk, Ding smiled and kissed the beauty in his arms. For a moment, he felt that Lin Qiming’s eyes were slightly red. He was a little drunk. What a good couple of beauties. It was such a good thing that he could let him play recklessly and be a tour guide during his journey. The degree of highland barley wine is not high, but Ding Yi feels that he is drunk. He makes no secret of making out with Lin Qiming and has the dream of e Huang nvying.

However, he didn’t notice that the atmosphere on the dinner table was quieter. Originally, Ding Yi took advantage of Wei Xun’s turn to the lake, caught and closed up. The good passengers shook up again.

Can you really live with such a guide?

Passengers seem to have strong patience and can tolerate all the exploitation and evil deeds of the tour guide. Just for the simplest appeal, live.

But Ding Yi, does he really deserve it?

Wei Xun ate butter Zanba one by one. He lazily supported his head with his eyelashes hanging slightly. His confused drunkenness made people dare not look directly at him, but he couldn’t help peeping. What happened to Ding Yi and Lin Qiming, Wei Xun seems to have arrived, or not.

Wei Xun likes smart people and honest people.

But he likes smart people best.

A wise man has less strength and wisdom than a wise man, and less prudence and sureness than an honest man. With only a little encouragement, he went in the direction Wei Xun wanted to go, thinking that he had made his own decision.

Good handling.

Tonight’s dinner is very rich. There is a whole roast sheep, several plates of dried meat, butter Zanba, highland barley wine and so on. The food is separated. Everyone eats the things in their own plates and bowls. Unlike ordinary dinner, everyone takes food from the same plate.

Although everyone has emergency food in his bag, after all, it’s a journey of “twelve days”, and it’s also a journey through Qiangtang no man’s land. Unlike drunk America, it’s only six days and five nights in Western Hunan. Compressed biscuits, energy bars and other foods are only eaten in deserted places.

The veteran passengers were very cautious. Wei Xun then got drunk and noticed that someone had stolen their own silver chopsticks. Someone sprinkled unknown powder into their bowl before they began to eat. Meal sharing is the safest and prudent way to prevent the whole brigade from being completely destroyed.

Wei Xun has several pieces of roast mutton on his plate, two pieces of butter Zanba, and a piece of black red meat with a palm size of more than half a palm, like smoked meat. Wei Xun picked up the meat and sniffed it. The smell behind the fox fairy was sharp, and Wei Xun vaguely smelled a salty smell. Chopsticks poke into the meat, the meat fiber is very short, a trace of. A dark red color.


The startling sound of chopsticks collision attracted many people’s attention. Wei Xun knocked on feilezhi’s wrist with his chopsticks, shaking his original hand holding vegetables.

“How does brother Wei feel? How are you? ”

Feilezhi felt that Wei Xun was drunk. He put down his dishes and chopsticks and wanted to help Wei Xun: “I’m almost finished eating. Don’t take brother Wei to have a rest first.”

“Don’t eat this meat.”

Wei Xun said that he looked around at everyone at the table. Obviously, he was still drunk, but his sharp eyes made everyone completely unable to ignore.

“This meat can’t be eaten.”

When everyone arrived at Wei Xun, the veteran passengers looked slightly changed, especially those who ate fast and wanted to leave the table early to have a rest. Their faces were even more difficult.

“Why can’t you eat it? There’s no poison in it?”

Some people questioned, but Wei Xun ignored him, and he whispered to Yin Baitao and asked them, “did you eat?”

“I haven’t eaten yet.”

Yan Baitao hesitated, the meat was black and red, and the beginning was dirty. She had just been selected for the journey and had no appetite, so she only ate some butter Zanba, not even roast mutton.

“I ate it.”

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on Xu Yang. The butter Zanba in the bowl and plate in front of him didn’t move, but the meat was almost finished. Compared with the half cooked and difficult to bite mutton, although the black and red meat looks like smoked meat, it is soft, rotten and easy to chew. He has eaten half of it. I didn’t eat the remaining half. I want to keep it for the dog.

“What happened to this meat?”

Even though his voice tried to calm down, the blind boy clung to the guide dog’s traction rope and turned white. He knew that he was actually very nervous.

“Follow me.”

Wei Xun stood up, held Xu Yang’s shoulder and took him to his face. Feilezhi and Yin Baitao subconsciously stood up and followed Wei Xun. The other old passengers looked at each other. The people who ate the same piece of meat couldn’t help but feel uneasy. They couldn’t help but follow him out and wonder what he was famous for.

“Hiss, it’s just a mystery.”

Some people disdained him. He was following Ding Yi to propose a toast to Wei Xun. Obviously, he wanted to stand in line with Ding Yi. 

“No, it’s just a newcomer. Director Ding praised him to be a team. He really takes himself as a vegetable?”

“The meal was very delicious. Director Ding didn’t say there was a problem with the meal. He said it in turn!”

“Hey, right, director Ding.”

The man looked at Ding Yi with a flattering smile. Ding Yi glanced at him like a smile, and suddenly smashed the wine glass at him, which was hitting the man’s forehead. The man didn’t dare to hide, and his forehead suddenly turned blue and swollen.

“What ugly thing are you? How dare you talk to my great beauty like that!”

Ding Yi raised his tongue, drank a little, sneered at the rest of the passengers at the table, and said indifferently: “is there a problem with the food on the table? You look like you’re dead – what does it have to do with me?”

He’s a tour guide for butchers!

This is not just imitating Bing Jiu. Ding Yi enjoys the pleasure of playing with other people’s lives, and the stimulation he brings is second only to abusing beauty. I’m afraid there are no dead people since the beginning of the journey, but it makes some passengers feel alive.

No one was killed during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. In addition, many tour guides were attracted by the posts, and fewer people were killed. Dante doesn’t care about this. Why can’t he get to his brigade? If he doesn’t, he’ll be a meat sheep with 300 points.

“I said the meat was OK.”

Ding Yi was very slow. He joked about the malicious light and raised his glass to the passengers: “try it. It tastes good.”

The faces of those people are white now. They regret it. Why are they so stupid that they luckily want to rely on Ding Yi! Even if Ding Yi was told by Wei Xun at the beginning, he didn’t need the loyalty of their passengers. I’m not sure it was the fun he played with the great beauty, but they made up for it.

Ding Yike is a tour guide for butchers!

The atmosphere was stagnant. No one dared to move his chopsticks. When Ding Yimin was more and more serious, Lin Qiming, sitting in his arms, clenched his teeth, picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth.

At this time, there was a sudden noise in my face!

Wei Xun took Xu Yang to a remote place. He ignored the people who followed him, only asked Yin Baitao to prepare paper and water and let Fei Lezhi dig a small pit on the ground.

“Pain, dizziness, nausea.”

Wei Xun asked Xu Yang carefully, and Xu Yang answered carefully. When he got to the side of the sun, he not only turned white, but also turned a little waxy yellow. The light in the house was so dim just now that I didn’t get out for a while.

As they asked and answered, other veteran passengers consciously didn’t come forward, but they came here a few meters away. They were more likely to eat the meat. They compared the questions asked by Wei Xun with their current state.


Wei Xun briefly pointed out: “press your fingers on the root of your tongue, stretch into your throat and touch your tonsils.”

“What the hell is that?”

Xu Yang handed the guide dog tether to Wei Xun and was taken to the pit to squat down. At the moment, he was no longer calm and flustered. He was like a frightened child, muttering: “my stomach hurts a little. Am I, am I dead?”

“Spit out the air conditioner.”

Wei Xun said that his words have a strange courage, which makes people can’t help but think of trust. Xu Yang buckled his throat according to Wei Xun’s fingers, and vomited out all the time, all in the pit dug by feilezhi.

“There’s blood!”

Yan Baitao said in horror. Xu Yang vomited uncontrollably. First he vomited all the undigested food, and then he began to vomit yellow water, mixed with scarlet blood, which was terrible. But when he had no choice but to vomit, Xu Yang was still retching. White foam flowed out of his mouth. He was trembling all over. He covered his stomach tightly and said in a trembling voice, “it hurts, it hurts.”

“Call 120 quickly!”

Yan Baitao was anxious, but he thought of “120”, which was in the journey. Xu Yang’s situation is getting worse and worse. The white foam at the corners of his mouth is stained with blood. Many guide dogs seem to feel that Xu Yang is not good. Wang Wang barks and wants to get together with Xu Yang.

In the chaos, Wei Xun was still calm. He asked Yin Baitao to feed him water, and he turned to the group of veteran passengers who followed him and ordered:

“Go and find the herald of the eagle flute.”

They hesitated, but Wei Xun was so fierce that he could not get any more drunk and gentle: “go quickly!”

“, people!”

“Make way, don’t squeeze here.”

There was a grumpy cry in the back. Ji Hongcai saw three people surrounded by the descendant of the eagle flute. Ji Hongcai squeezed Wei Xun and said in a rough voice: “you said the meat was wrong, so I’ll find the descendant of the eagle flute.”

“In such a journey, most of them help us. It must be right to find him if there are problems.”

This is Ji Hongcai revealing the hidden rules of the journey to the new people.

In a less difficult journey, the characters involved in this journey can usually help tourists in the scenic spots. Wei Xun thinks so. Those who can be selected by the hotel, such as Li Guiping, usually have a transaction relationship with the hotel. The hotel takes her as a guide to set up a journey, train passengers and open up scenic spots. Pingping sent out the souls of martyrs with the help of passengers.

As far as the tourist attraction is concerned, they are told that there is a problem when the tourist completes the scenic spot. In order to ensure that the tourist can complete the scenic spot, they should give appropriate help.

Sure enough, as soon as the herald of the eagle flute came to Xu Yang, Su pressed his face on his bulging abdomen and said something in Tibetan. Wei Xun answered in Tibetan.

Then he saw that the descendant of the eagle flute let go of Xu Yang, took out a roll of candle thick and thin leather from the Tibetan robe, opened the leather, and there was a musical instrument like jade, bone and clarinet.

Then the descendant of the eagle flute sang and danced next to Xu Yang. Wei Xun asked him to step back at the beginning. Ji Hongcai and others took the opportunity to come to him.

“Guard, what did you just say?”

Ji Hongcai handed him a cigarette: “Xu Yang’s meat is not tight. What’s the problem with the meat?”

Wei Xun picked up the cigarette and didn’t smoke: “Xu Yang eats less. What’s wrong?”

The veteran passengers nearby looked at the actions of the eagle flute messenger and the situation of Xu Yang, but their ears pricked up and listened carefully to Wei Xun’s words.

“That piece of meat is not poisonous and does not decay, but it is fish.”

Wei Xun nodded his nose: “I have the smell of ferrets, so I can smell them.”


Ji Hongcai didn’t respond, but Fang Yuhang next to him changed his face: “what’s the matter with fish on the table!”

Another person asked, “what happened to the fish?”

Wei Xun stopped talking, but he looked at the messenger of the eagle flute. After a strange dance, he finally played the eagle flute. The melodious and sharp sound of the flute sounded, simple and desolate. In the sound of the flute, Xu Yang, who was almost as angry as a hairspring, struggled again and covered his stomach to vomit violently.

Obviously, he had just vomited all the food. This time, only water should vomit. Who knows, Xu Yang vomited a lot of flesh and blood like things again. Yan Baitao took a breath of air-conditioning, and Feile, who was waiting anxiously nearby, was surprised to step back.

Some things in Xu Yang’s vomit are still wriggling, like living creatures. Peanuts are big, like skinned fine live fish.

The veteran passengers who also ate the meat turned pale. Under the sound of Eagle flute, they began to vomit, and the smell suddenly became extremely bad. Wei Xun covered his nose. Although Xu Yang was still a little weak, he steadfastly let Fei Lezhi pick up Xu Yang and Yin Baitao took the dog and left.

At this time, it was dark, the sunset was only the last ray of light, the temperature difference between day and night on the plateau was large, and the wind in the evening was bitter cold. They themselves were in a remote place and went on. After they could not hear the sound of Eagle flute and vomiting, they came to the gully dividing the South Village and the North Village. At first glance, the gully is very steep and deep, like a giant drawing a line on the earth with a knife to separate the north and South villages.

“South Village is right over there.”

Ji Hongcai followed Wei Xun behind them, not far or near, maintaining a safe distance that did not make people vigilant.

“The people in wenbunan village are all devout Bon believers. They say that there are secret roads leading to danggyongcuo, dalguo snow mountain and Xiangxiong ruins under the village houses.”

Ji Hongcai pointed to a cigarette, and the dark red Mars went out in the night.

Yan Baitao, who took care of Xu Yang, was surprised at first, and then happy. Feile was so excited that he waved his fist. Ji Hongcai and his colleagues have been exchanging information. In the afternoon, the old tourists who were still ambiguous with them unexpectedly told the information about the investigation.

It’s all because of brother Wei’s performance tonight!

“Secretly, you can’t go down.”

Compared with Yan Baitao and Fei Lezhi, Wei Xun was as calm as ever and said faintly, “you have investigated more than that.”

“Hey, hey, no trace can escape. I’m Ji Hongcai.”

Ji Hongcai proudly pointed to the fish and asked, “why can’t Tibetans eat fish?”

“No, Tibetans don’t eat fish, and Tibetans in pastoral areas basically don’t eat fish.”

Wei Xun said: “in pastoral areas, people go to water burial. They think that eating fish has become the reincarnation of their ancestors. Eating fish is equivalent to eating people. In addition, the Bon cult offered sacrifices to the sun and moon in the world and the Dragon God in the underground world – they think the fish is the embodiment of the Dragon God. ”

“Darling, it was like this.”

Ji Hongcai said: “recently, many cattle and sheep herded by people in the North Village have disappeared. It is said that the bones of lost livestock were found in the South Village. At this time, the North Village of the South Village was having a conflict over this matter.”

Wei Xun said, “most people in Tibetan areas are buried in water, and those buried in water are generally people with low status, such as orphans, widows, old people or beggars. It’s better to be buried in the belly of people than in the belly of fish. Being buried in people is not as good as being buried in the stomach, so they didn’t want to leave the stomach before. Later, they can be vomited out after the sound of Eagle flute. ”

The eagle flute can call the vultures on the burial platform. It is said that along with the sound of the eagle flute, the soul can return to the tomb with the vultures.

“Good guy, there’s no sound of Eagle flute. Don’t those, those things stay in people’s stomach all the time?”

Ji Hongcai said, “what about the people? Do they rob people’s bodies?”

Wei Xun smiled without saying anything. Ji Hongcai raised his eyebrows and stared. Fang Yuhang was afraid of his recklessness and hurriedly grabbed his sleeve to remind him. But Ji Hongcai threw away his mouth, opened his sleeve, and muttered, “I’m so angry that I don’t scatter eagles when I don’t see rabbits.”

“Lao Ji has a bad mouth and a good heart. I apologize for him.”

Fang Yuhang rounded up the game, and then he apologized: “no, we don’t remind the newcomers. We really can’t live without the guide. When you go to this plateau, no one has high objection, right? This is the guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide’s Guide

“Can you live by a guide? Ding Yi said, “son of a bitch, it’s better to rely on a dog than on him.”

Ji Hongcai scoffed and said, “the Ding Yishi you stepped on today is too cool and fierce. I’m really convinced by my old Ji. I’ll remind you. ”

“The highlight of this kind of secret journey is the word” secret exploration “. When Ming went to the Xiangxiong site, he carefully asked the descendant of the eagle flute what he was looking for. “Ruins, murals, or antique pottery bowls, only if you can have clues, this scenic spot is good. At most, how much is the completion degree.”

“You may not know something about your first trip.”

Fang Yuhang added: “these journeys are not false, but what really exists in reality is that ordinary people can’t find it, and people in our journey can explore it. For example, when you travel to the site of Xiangxiong, you may go to the dilapidated earth rock city built near the mountain. However, if we go inside to explore the secrets, we may encounter secret rooms, secret roads, even tomb traps and ancient corpse coffins at any time. These are extremely dangerous. ”

“Many things do not exist, only at the current level of mankind, they cannot be explored.”

Jiang Hongguang, who had not spoken much for a long time, said calmly, “on the way to the ruins of ZhangXiong, is it all right? Xin Dingyi and his running dog. Ding Yi has a ghost skin sewn by a headmaster on his back. He has the title of highly toxic. He can also control snakes. ”

There are many poisonous snakes in Tibetan areas, and they are more toxic, such as white headed viper, plateau Agkistrodon halys, Tibetan bamboo leaf green, etc. poisonous snakes are highly hidden and extremely difficult to prevent. Even if you sprinkle realgar powder and other snake repellent drugs around the tent, it will be difficult to prevent them when you go to the ruins of Xiangxiong in the Ming Dynasty, or even after you go deep into the ruins.

Few people dare to really offend Ding Yi. The terrible thing about the tour guide is not only in the combat effectiveness. If he can get the tickets of the scenic spot in advance, he can ambush poisonous snakes in the scenic spot in advance. It’s really impossible to prevent.

“Well, it’s time to go back.”

Jiang Hongguang drank lightly and finally said, “don’t act alone, don’t go out at night, keep calm when you find something strange, and don’t scream. If you really encounter a problem that is difficult to solve, say “yes” and we will find a way to solve it together. ”

At last, he was silent and hesitant, his voice was very low, and he didn’t have much confidence: “everyone, first brigade.”

Who doesn’t want to fight side by side with his teammates, stop suspicion and trust each other? Can there be Ding Yi? Today, they dare to hold a group, and Ming Ding Yi dares to kill people silently and miserably by treacherous means. Doubt, danger and distrust are all thorns deeply rooted in the brigade, so that they can only fight on their own.

Ding Yi is willing to fight with the newcomers. Up to now, there are 15 passengers, two or three people are in groups, two or more people are in favor of Ding Yi, and Lin Qiming is in favor of Ding Yi. Only four or more people in the newcomer group, and only Wei Xun’s head of horse, especially after today’s life and death crisis, they are in a closer group.

Killing one or two of the newcomers is the balance that Ding Yi likes.

“Thank you for telling us. This information is very helpful to us.”

Wei Xun thanked Li for his kindness: “no matter what sound you hear tonight, you won’t leave the tent.”

The meals of the passengers were prepared by the villagers. Who put the fish on their plate? They left wenbunan village in the Ming Dynasty and went to the site of Xiangxiong. If the villagers do it, I’m afraid they will do it again tonight.

Wei Xun estimated that this might be related to the branch mission he received. Today, the air is always clear and bright. When the waves are vast, if you want to see the black one, you can only see it at night.

Ten minutes after Ji Hongcai and his team left, Wei Xun and his team returned to the station. Tents have been set up for a long time. Each family is scattered, and the distance is not far. Wei Xun and the four of them are together. The tent is the largest. When it is put up, it can almost be tall, and it is located at the edge of the camp.

In fact, these tents are distributed according to their strength. Theoretically, the closer to the guide’s tent, the safer it is, and the more dangerous it is. Wei Xun, after all, is a member of the team. In fact, their tent should be in the middle of the team, but Fei Lezhi and Yin Baitao together think that the people in the team, especially the tour guide, are more dangerous than wild ones, and the location of their tent is more biased.

This is exactly what Wei Xun wants. The tent is really in the middle. It takes some effort to sneak unnoticed in the middle of the night.

After a hard work, everyone is tired physically and mentally. The psychological pressure of the new couple is even heavier, not to mention the heavy pressure of eating fish. But just as they walked towards the tent, Xu Yang suddenly whined and roared, refused to take another step forward, and even stubbornly grabbed the traction rope and pulled Xu Yang back.

“There’s something in the tent!”

Xu Yang was weak and alert. They quickly got on alert. They were full of thoughts. They camped and slept outdoors. It was true that wild animals broke into the adventurer’s tent, but they were near wenbunan village, and Jiang Hongguang just said that Ding Yi was controlling snakes——

In the tent, no, poisonous snake?!

But everyone must sleep in the tent at night. All the material backpacks are in the tent. They don’t have any weapons in their hands. There are sleeping bags and cushions in the tent. In case there is a poisonous snake hidden in any piece, they will never find it.

What can I do now!

“I’ll go to ”

At this time, Wei Xun said calmly, “step back.”

“I’m not afraid of poison. When I beat Ding Yi, he didn’t poison me, didn’t he?”

Although they were still worried and nervous, feilezhi stepped back more than ten steps to save the trouble that hindered Wei Xun. Wei Xun, they stepped back and came to the tent step by step.

In fact, when he was close to the tent, he knew what beast was hidden in the tent, thanks to the fox cub shouting in his heart: “Yang is coming, Yang is coming!”

When Feile arrived at Wei Xun’s tent from a distance, they were all worried and sweating nervously. As soon as Wei Xun entered the tent, his legs were surrounded by something flexible.

Like a fluffy cable, but extremely energetic, Wei Xun narrowed up and possessed a fox fairy, which made him vaguely clear things in the dark.

In the dark tent, there was a silver snow leopard!

The snow leopard is very missing. It doesn’t feel like breaking into someone else’s tent at all. Lying on Wei Xun’s sleeping bag, he pillowed his travel bag, wrapped his tail around Wei Xun’s legs and chewed in his mouth——

He was chewing a poisonous snake that attacked them.


Seeing that Wei Xun didn’t move, the snow leopard looked up arrogantly and dissatisfied, and breathed out a breath at him. Then he casually lifted his big claw – under its claw, there was a dying poisonous snake.

It seems that food lures the greedy leopard to its side.

Without expression, Wei Xun took out a strong flashlight and slapped it. Soon, the snow-white light column shone on the snow leopard.

It immediately startled the snow leopard.

Snow leopard really jumped up. Snow leopard is a very, very frightened animal. They were even scared to “fly up”. They saw that the snow leopard jumped up in panic with its four claws open and hit the whole tent violently. Then Wei Xun ate the consequences——

The bright flashlight in his hand was pulled away by the snow leopard’s tail, and then Wei Xun was scared to carry his ears. The trembling fried snow leopard hid under his belly protectively and forcibly.


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