TTG Chapter 63

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 63: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (6)

“Is there any risk?”

They were so anxious that they saw the tent shaking violently, and the side tent cloth protruded a big ball, as if it had been jacked up by something, and the whole tent almost fell down. Duoduo barked, but the sound was not like an ordinary dog barking, but accompanied by a sharp sob, shivering with his tail, and looked frightened.

No, it can’t be a poisonous snake. It may be a big beast. Feile almost stopped suddenly. He trembled and called “brother Wei” twice, but he didn’t get any response. His heart was even more flustered. What is the risk of the tent? How is Wei Xun now?

“You take Xu Yang back — it’s really not good for a while, so go to find brother Ji.”

“I’ll help brother Wei!

Feilezhi gritted his teeth, picked up a stone and walked to the tent step by step. At the moment, he was sober. When he shouted just now, feilezhi also expected the veteran passengers to have help, but feilezhi watched the tents that were close and with lights on. After hearing the cry, he turned off the lights directly, and there was darkness and silence.

Only at the guide’s tent, Lin Qiming, who was in messy clothes, showed half his body and asked him impatiently if he was shouting “risk” at night. Feile ignored it directly. He is not stupid. He knows Ding Yi’s disgusting thoughts about Wei Xun and never wants to ask the guide for help. He only felt the cold.

His heart is cold. He has never clearly realized that in this journey, there is no risk of helping each other, no risk of enthusiasm and kindness, and all people take care of themselves first. Wei Xun can’t give up, can’t give out. No one will take care of their new people. Feile is extremely deeply aware of this. They hold together and can only save themselves.

No one will help them. Without Wei Xun, their group would fall apart and be slaughtered.

After approaching, Fei Lezhi found that a corner of the originally set up tent had completely collapsed. The tent was so quiet that it was terrible. There was no fighting sound, nor the roaring and biting of wild animals. This may be good news. Feilezhi has a flashlight, but he doesn’t dare to turn it on. He’s afraid to disturb the beast in the tent and hurt Wei Xun again.

“Brother Wei?”

He stepped lightly, held his breath, whispered and walked around the tent carefully, trying to judge the location of Wei Xun and the beast. Just then, a vague murmur came from the tent – it’s brother Wei! Feile was surprised and happy for a while. Brother Wei was still alive! The sound came from the collapse of the tent. Fei Lezhi clenched the stone in his hand and approached carefully.

“Brother Wei, let me help you. Hold on!”

Wei xungang struggled out from under the snow leopard. All animals in the past have thick and soft fur to keep out the cold. Of course, the snow leopard is no exception. Wei Xun seemed to be wrapped in a big Plush blanket. It was so airtight that he almost suffocated. If a normal person is’ attacked ‘like this, he may be so frightened that he will stab the snow leopard with his back hand, but what Wei Xun thinks is——

This is a good chance to steal blood!

Although the snow leopard doesn’t seem to have much hostility to him all the time, it’s obviously ferocious and hard to approach. It’s not Wei Xun who can get in close contact now and miss this opportunity. But the idea is very good, but it is difficult to show it. In particular, the snow leopard has been making trouble with him, trying to hide Wei Xun under his stomach. The big tail is as flexible as life, directly encircling Wei Xun’s waist and pulling down.

Wei Xun felt funny while struggling, and even had an unimaginable idea that the snow leopard wouldn’t treat him as a leopard cub. Wild animals only share food with family members, and the action of snow leopard hiding him under his stomach after being frightened is more protective.

Or is the snow leopard close to him because of the title of wild soul? The fox fairy and the mink are all disguised by Wei Xun. In fact, he has not found a wild animal suitable for change. The wild mind can turn him into a wild animal, but it also needs Wei Xun to get in close contact with this creature and master its habits.

Logically, the potential role of the title of wild soul should be to make wild animals more willing to approach him and reduce hostility?

Snow leopard may be a good animal form, with strong combat effectiveness, cold resistance, agility and health. The important thing is that there happens to be a snow leopard on this journey.

Wei Xun thought and got out of trouble. When he broke free from the hairy belly of the snow leopard, the cry of Feile to worry sounded very close to the tent.

“I don’t know. Don’t come in!”

Wei Xun immediately ordered that he didn’t intend to let others find the snow leopard. The reason why the snow leopard was friendly to him may be because of the title of wild soul. Others may not have this luck. Look, now snow leopard is vigilant and staring at her face, very keenly locking her side where feilezhi is located.

It quietly lowered its body. The leopard’s lines were full of wild power. His thick tail was pulled at Wei Xun’s ankles and asked him to step back and hide.

Wei Xun directly took the opportunity to lift its tail and gave it a “needle” when the snow leopard was stiff. At the moment when the magic mosquito mouthpiece stabbed into the leopard’s tail, Wei Xun’s face was flushed, and his pale skin was a little red. He subconsciously opened his mouth to hiss and inhale the cold air, and the tip of his tongue poked out the lip flap slightly.

This blood really burns! Wei Xun felt that his whole body was going to burn. He just stabbed it and pulled it out. You know, the magic mosquito mouthpiece can suck up the corpse of the flying fox king. Wei Xun just took some Yang Qi and didn’t intend to really hurt the snow leopard. Then Wei Xun felt the snow leopard’s consciousness carefully——

Not people.

Pure wild animals have no complex thoughts like people, only pure consciousness, and they communicate with their peers with body language. Vampire guard Xun feels that he has established a subtle relationship with snow leopard. He can more clearly feel that snow leopard is not nervous, and his mood is even lazy and comfortable. It has the intention of killing feilezhi, but it is not against the enemy. It is more like considering whether to hunt for the “cubs”.

The word “cub” was added by Wei Xun. In fact, it makes sense to say that it is “family”, “objects to be raised”, “cubs who can’t survive independently”. The snow leopard just has a sense of being close to him.

The snow leopard’s tail moved and wanted to take it away from Wei Xun’s hand. Wei Xun loosened the leopard’s tail and then exerted influence on the snow leopard: “hide and leave here.”

The snow leopard looked at him sideways. He was ready to attack and stopped. His semicircular ears fanned and seemed confused. Wei Xun is also the second time to use the magic mosquito mouthparts, and not to suck up the essence of each other’s body, but to suck up the Yang Qi to establish a contact with him. He is not sure whether this is related to the extent of the leopard, and whether he can obey the snow leopard. If not, he has to think of other ways.

Feilezhi, they will come soon.

Fortunately, after Wei Xun repeated “hiding” and “leaving” in his brain several times, the snow leopard seemed to understand what he meant, but he still hesitated. His brain bag kept filling Wei Xun’s waist and tried to take him away together, but Wei Xun gently and firmly refused.

I don’t know if the snow leopard understood it as a “risk”, he looked at Wei Xun after he saw it, then he didn’t hesitate and left behind the tent. It was as silent as an assassin in a silver cloak. Wei Xun attracts Fei Lezhi’s attention on the other side of the tent.

“Lezhi, give me a hand.”

“Brother Wei, how are you? Are you hurt?”

Feilezhi hurriedly helped Wei Xun to the belt, but he didn’t throw the stone in his hand. He was still staring at Wei Xun’s back like a great enemy, for fear of throwing out a beast.

“No, it has been solved.”

Wei Xun stood up with feilezhi’s strength and put his hand on his waist. When he was knocked down by the snow leopard just now, his waist was cut down. Although it doesn’t hurt, according to Wei Xun’s rich injury experience, his waist should be blue and purple, and it may look more shocking because his skin is too white.

Just as an excuse.

“I slipped in my tent.”

Wei Xun said that he rushed to the snake with bright hands, which was half dead and pressed under his claws by the snow leopard.

“The tent is a poisonous snake.”

“It’s really a snake!”

Fei Lezhi was thrilled to see the long poisonous snake in Wei Xun’s hand: “brother Wei, don’t take it, cut off its head and bury it. I heard that the poisonous snake will bite even if it is turned around.”

“It’s definitely Ding Yi’s ghost.”

Yan Baitao saw Wei Xun show up and rush over with Xu Yang. They couldn’t recognize whether Wei Xun’s hand was a snake. After panic, they were very angry.

Yan Baitao gnashed his teeth and said that no one answered every tent just now. Only Lin Qiming from the guide tent said, “he’s waiting for us to find it, thinking, thinking -”

Just think of those dirty thoughts!

As a woman, Yin Baitao was more sympathetic and knew the disgusting feeling.

“Brother Wei, are you hurt?”

Yin Baitao studied medicine and knew how bad it was to be injured in the original. Even if Wei Xun was not afraid of severe poison and was bitten by a snake, fell and hurt, he had to deal with it as soon as possible. Her hands trembled angrily, but she still tried to keep calm:

“We have to set up the tent again. The medical kit is still there.”

Now it’s getting late, the cold wind is blowing, and my face is stiff. The night was even more unsafe. On their way to the airport, they passed the land where the passengers vomited. They saw large black birds falling to the ground and scrambling for food. People didn’t fly when they passed by. They just turned their heads and stared at them. It was really creepy.

Wei Xun said that it was the vultures that pecked people’s bodies on the celestial burial platform. They were attracted by the eagle flute and swallowed the “small fish” vomited by the passengers. Yin Baitao was disgusting and creepy. Although it was said that there were no supernatural elements in the mystery journey, the dangers brought by those folk legends were even more chilling.

Don’t you know what happens at night? They need tents and can’t sleep in the wild directly.

“I’ll set up a tent.”

Feilezhi wipes his face and stands up. A man grows up like a metamorphosis after a certain point. He looks calm and takes the initiative to take responsibility.

“I’ll help, too.”

Yan Baitao wiped his face. The tent was big and it was difficult for a single person to set it up. There was no difference between men and women at this time. Everyone tried their best to survive.

The women worked carefully and carefully. Yan Baitao was worried about the tent and the hidden poisonous snake. He asked feilezhi to put on the hat of the assault suit, protect his face with the magic scarf, pull the sleeve over his wrist to cover his hand, and tuck the trouser legs into the shoes. After they were fully armed, they took a tree branch and went to the tent to clean it up carefully.

Only the “injured” Wei Xun and the weak Xu Yang were left to rest. Seeing that Xu Yang was a little unstable in the cold wind, Wei Xun touched his forehead full of cold sweat, took Xu Yang to sit down beside a stone, took out a paper towel to wipe his sweat and stop catching a cold.

“Brother Wei, do you think the tour guide depends on the original reaction, so that the passengers are not afraid of the original reaction?”

Wei Xun heard Xu Yang murmur as he handed over the paper towel. His voice was hoarse, still weak, but unusually calm:

“Ding Yi can drive poisonous snakes and poison them. There is a head lowering ghost skin behind him, but it is the original reaction that makes passengers unable to leave him.”

Hearing Xu Yang’s question, Wei Xun asked, “what do you think?”

“In the afternoon, brother Wei, when you go around the lake, you should have something wrong.”

“I have a ferret attachment, but it’s not very heavy.”

When Wei Xun said this, he actually admitted that he was interested and wanted to hear whether Xu Yang could speculate.

Sure enough, Xu Yang nodded: “when I visited the village this afternoon, it was more efficient to walk separately. There were not many other dangers in wenbunan village, but the passengers were all around Ding Yi.”

“Moreover, if he can control everyone’s reaction, the means of poisonous snake attack is too unnecessary. Wouldn’t it be more impossible for us to guard against sudden reactions at night? People have to sleep. ”

Xu Yang was very rational, that is to say, he also showed calmness beyond his age when talking about his death: “veteran tourists are also vigilant and afraid of Ding Yi. Even so, looking at the arrangement of tents, it seems that the closer to the guide, the safer it is. This safety should not be brought by Ding Yi himself. I don’t think this is the title or skill of Ding Yi, but — ”

“Something on him.”

Wei Xun smiled and ran over Xu Yang’s shoulder: “your analysis is very reasonable.”

Xu Yang was uncomfortable to get closer to Wei Xun, but he didn’t break his hand. Today, if Wei Xun hadn’t saved him, he would be in danger. No matter how wise he is, he will lean on the more favorable side. Moreover, Xu Yang is not a white eyed wolf. He remembers Wei Xun’s saving grace. Without further hesitation, Xu Yang brought out his thoughts:

“I think something on Ding Yi’s body can prevent reaction. It has a range of functions, so passengers can’t leave Ding Yi too far. And the prevention of rebellion… Is really very suitable for our journey to northern Tibet. Other veteran tourists are the kind of strange performance, and Fang Yuhang said, “it’s not that we don’t remind new people, it’s really inseparable from the tour guide.”

Speaking of this, Xu Yang relaxed his tone and said firmly: “I suspect that the tour guide has something to prevent anti-counterfeiting, not just the adventure in northern Tibet. But in all journeys, different journeys, tour guides will have corresponding problem-solving items. ”

“That item was not prepared by Ding Yi, but obtained by Ding Yi’s journey to northern Tibet.”

Xu Yang is really smart. When he didn’t know that the guide had a guide brooch, he made such an accurate guess. Xu Yang is so clever, which is the joy of Wei Xun.

He is not a person who will be content to stay in the team. When he goes out alone for adventure, Feile always has to have a temporary decision-maker in front of them. Xu Yang is smart, but he is young and blind. Even if there is a guide dog, someone must protect him. Feile was strong, Sanguan had courage, and Yin Baitao knew medicine and was careful.

When the three of them were together, Wei Xun didn’t have to worry too much about the rear.

“Ding Yi won’t let go of brother Wei. We are the only group. A situation like tonight will certainly happen in the future.”

Xu Yang continued: “veteran tourists are afraid of tour guides and won’t stand out for us. Prevention is not only the protection of passengers, but also the means for Ding Yi to control the brigade. Now it’s OK to search the village and camp. When we go to the ruins of Xiangxiong tomorrow, everyone is bound to separate. At that time, Ding Yi can easily turn him back as long as he walks fast or deliberately makes someone lag behind. ”

“Watch out for competition and conflicts of interest within the team, and you will never be able to really become a rope.”

“Do you want to make a risk?”

Wei Xun’s voice is very low, like a whisper, but it contains the magic of guidance and seduction, which makes Xu Yang blurt out his inner thoughts directly:

“Destroy that item.”

At this moment, his tone was not like : “simply everyone , so whether Ding Yi was around him or not was the same.”

When you have to do your best to survive, you naturally have no time to have other thoughts. The environment in northern Tibet is bad, there are scenic spots and tasks, coupled with the original reaction, it can definitely make people tired. The travel bag prepared by the hotel for them has enough drugs to fight against the anti anti drug. Xu Yang has never heard of the name and function of some drugs. He suspects that it may be a prop of the hotel.

This is a benefit for only new talents, which is just enough for their personal use. In this way, even if they are young, they may not die. In this way, everyone is on the same track – now Ding Yi has watched them closely, and the veteran passengers are completely unreliable. In the long run, their human status will be weakened and will be slaughtered by future generations.

It’s better to stir up the situation directly when everyone is not too wary of them. When the situation is really chaotic, they can fish in troubled waters.

However, this move is really too poisonous and extreme. It is purely harmful to others and not to yourself, and it is also equivalent to weakening the strength of passengers. But Xu Yang remembered that Wei Xun’s tent was in distress without anyone’s help. He remembered that several people at the table offered a toast to Wei Xun under Ding Yi’s hint, trying to intoxicate Wei Xun. It was disgusting.

Eating fish at night almost killed him, which made Xu Yang realize the cruelty of the journey. Human life is as rotten as grass mustard, and he may die at any time.

In that case, it’s hard for me. Don’t be easy at all.

Xu Yang regretted when he said this. Wei Xun’s character certainly wouldn’t agree to this method. After all, Wei Xun is such a good and principled person. Xu Yang originally planned to make his own plans to pull feilezhi or Yin Baitao over, which is equivalent to making enough plans and having enough confidence to talk to Wei Xun again.

He didn’t know how to tell his inner thoughts. Xu Yang bowed his head and clenched a lot of traction ropes. He already had a hunch.

Sure enough.


Xu Yang’s heart has a warning. It doesn’t matter. He shrugged his shoulders and said skillfully, “OK, then don’t do it.”

Although he said so, it is obvious that if he has such an idea in the future, Xu Yang will not tell Wei Xun completely. He bowed his head and waited bored for Wei Xun’s instruction or reprimand. After all, it was a common thing. In the eyes of teachers and relatives, he was a strange bad child, a little madman, thinking about some bad ideas all day.

But Xu Yang was blind after all, and could not see Wei Xun’s eyes looking at him. He was more and more deep and interested. If he could see it, he would never be stupid and think that Wei Xun is a good man.

Xu Yang has a lot of ideas, and his mind is cruel enough. Wei Xun likes this. For this reason, he also has patience to give two casual instructions.

“This move is too cruel and stupid. It’s always stupid to weaken yourself and make enemies everywhere.”

Wei Xun said slowly and noticed Xu Yang’s unconvinced rise – in Xu Yang’s heart, Wei Xun blamed him for his cruel move, no team friendship and ignoring the overall situation.

But how can you say he’s stupid!

“Very stupid.”

Wei Xun showed no mercy: “let alone whether such items can be destroyed, if this one is exposed, everyone in the team will definitely join hands with you first.”

Madness is not terrible, but the anti society that dragged the whole brigade down is even more terrible. Xu Yang can destroy the props to prevent Anti Japanese attacks today. After that, he may be able to make travel bags thrown to passengers and drag his legs in battle. The unstable factors of the brigade must not be left. At that time, the passengers will definitely unite to deal with them.

The tour guide has a restriction that you can’t kill passengers yourself, but passengers don’t. As long as Xu Yang’s dog is killed, he will lose his eyes in this vast wasteland.

“As long as it’s hidden…”

Xu Yang argued cunningly, but he also knew that Wei Xun was right. He was only interested in revenge for the moment. He was quite happy. I didn’t think about the future. However, Xu Yang was still a little angry after being exposed by Wei Xun. After all, he didn’t know how to restrain his emotions. With a bit of tit for tat momentum, he asked:

“What do you say to do? Do you deal with it passively every day?”


Wei Xun chuckled, but Xu Yang kept silent. He instinctively felt that Wei Xun seemed different from Bai Xiang. This was a sharp intuition warning. He felt a trace of danger and trembling, but how could Wei Xun be dangerous?

Xu Yang felt that Wei Xun lowered his head and leaned close to his ear. Xu Yang restrained his instinct of shrinking and avoiding, stiffened his body, and felt Wei Xun’s breath haunting his ears. The low dumb voice was like the murmur of the devil in the Abyss:

“Since you want to take that prop, why don’t you go further?”

“For example – kill Ding Yi and control the brigade.”

“We become our own tour guides.”

“How is this possible?!”

Xu Yang could hardly control his voice and said incoherently, “are you crazy?!”

Xu Yang only wants those cold and experienced travelers to be punished. They hold together until Ding Yi can’t easily attack them – but they never want to kill Ding Yi!

“Well, Ding Yi is a tour guide sent by the hotel. How can we kill him? What about our journey?”

Xu Yang was anxious and angry. He almost pulled Wei Xun’s ear and roared in an angry voice. “He has to lead the way to the scenic spots behind, and the guide must be useful during the journey…”

“Okay, okay, you’re right.”

Wei Xun listened to him muttering and saying a lot quickly, and connived: “listen to you and kill him when the journey is over.”

“No, when I said,” how do you? ”

Xu Yang is rarely ignorant. His brain is in a mess. He chokes for a moment. Everyone came out of a peaceful society. How can you directly think of killing people? Is this reasonable??

No, no, no, Ding Yi put poisonous snakes into their tent. This is also murder. It’s reasonable for people to kill me.

But if you really kill Ding Yi, what about the next journey? Do they have to go by themselves? What if they get lost or have to have a guide to stimulate the scenic spots?

But if Ding Yi continues to make trouble and harm people, their exploration of the scenic spot will certainly not be smooth. Just kill Ding Yi. At least the tourists may be united. And if Wei Xun is a tour guide, he must be more reliable than Ding

No, no, No.

“Hey, the tent is ready. Come in and have a rest.”

Fei Lezhi shouted to them. The confused Xu Yang led the dog and was carried forward by Wei Xun on his shoulder. After taking two steps, he suddenly became excited, subconsciously grabbed Wei Xun’s clothes and asked:

“Are you kidding me?”


Wei Xun smiled and touched Xu Yang’s head at will. Xu Yang’s face smelled, but he didn’t hide.

Wei Xun’s contrast just now was too great. Now the more he described it lightly, Xu Yang felt that what he said at that time was true. He vaguely smelled the unbridled Madness Behind Wei Xun’s gentle and polite watch.

A law maniac who can’t be understood by normal people and really ignores all common rules.

“I’ll treat you as teasing me.”

Xu Yang muttered, holding Wei Xun’s hand harder, and ordinary people would avoid madmen. However, Xu Yang’s antisocial “Wei Xun” became more interested in Wei Xun than ever after his initial panic.

It’s like the vast sea of people finally found the excitement and stimulation of the same kind. The young madman met the powerful and mature madman, and the temperament inadvertently revealed by Wei Xun fascinated Xu Yang.

“Brother Wei, do you already have an idea? Are you going to do it? ”

It’s time for people to worship the strong. This young man either worships his father, or worships his hero. Xu Yang is very smart and despises those adults who regard him as a child until he meets Wei Xun.

Is the murderer a villain? Is the man who killed the powerful guide who tortured the tourists a villain?

Killing a tour guide and becoming the leader of the brigade is not more exciting than destroying only one prop and plunging the brigade into chaos.

What’s more, Wei Xun didn’t talk big – he stepped on Ding Yi’s feet on the first day.

Xu Yang seemed to open the door to the new world and completely convinced Wei Xun.

Brother Wei, this is the real big pattern.

Maybe killing the tour guide and controlling the brigade are not Wei Xun’s ultimate goal. He may have bigger goals. Xu Yang is eager to participate in Wei Xun’s plan, which will be very interesting!

“I’m going out tonight.”

Wei Xun said slowly, “can you keep the tent and let Fei Lezhi and Yin Baitao not run around?”

“I can!”

Is this the test brother Wei gave me!

Xu Yang was very excited and didn’t feel bored at all. Instead, he had a sense of honor to participate in Wei Xun’s big plan and give him a start. Feilezhi was light and healthy, Yin Baitao knew medicine carefully, and both of them were related to Wei Xun’s reality.

In contrast, Xu Yang was blind, weak and almost died at dinner.

However, Wei Xun only told him such a big thing, and he was entrusted with the key task of guarding the tent.

This made Xu Yang not excited. He secretly vowed to complete the task assigned by Wei Xun!

“I have two titles.”

Xu Yang is honest with Wei Xun and increases his value. Afraid of being noticed by the nearby Feile, Xu Yang directly showed his title in front of Wei Xun.

As a blind man, Xu Yang can still be selected to a hotel. In addition, he is a difficult journey to northern Tibet, which shows that he has something better than healthy people and can even make up for the defect of blindness.

When Wei Xun first entered the journey, he had only one [painless] initial blue title, but Xu Yang had two initial blue titles!

[blind perception (blue title): as a blind person, you have extraordinary perception. When you go down to 10 meters underground and up to 10 meters empty, you can’t get out of your perception range for a week. Of course, it’s not easy to feel these. You have to have a guide dog or a blind stick]

“Ding Yi can see my title. Today he has asked me to follow him and explore the underground passage of wenmu South Village.”

Xu Yang was quite proud and disdained to say, “I acted like a rational and cold-blooded little fool. He believed it. The map I gave Ding Yi was incomplete, and I didn’t mark several channels.”

“There is an underground passage to Nancun. There are animal bones in the passage. Ding Yi asked me to draw this passage carefully. He may go to spy on Nancun tonight.”

Wei Xun thought Xu Yang’s judgment of the second inning was reasonable. But for his first words, Wei Xun smiled without saying anything.

Xu Yang himself is an absolutely rational and cold-blooded egoist. He will always stand on the side that is beneficial to himself. But such people are also paranoid, suspicious, careful, and vindictive. Xu Yang will say this to Wei Xun today. I’m afraid it’s still at dinner.

He may think that Ding Yi, as a tour guide, must have known that there was something wrong with dinner, but he didn’t remind him. He almost died. It may be because Xu Yang could “see” the secret Road, and Ding Yi wanted to kill people.

So Xu Yang will come to Wei Xun’s side.

However, as long as it can be used for me and easy to use, Wei Xun doesn’t care whether he is cold-blooded, rational and selfish – anyway, Wei Xun is confident that standing on his side is definitely Xu Yang’s only and good choice.

“I doubt Ding Yi can only see one title of passenger.”

Xu Yang whispered quickly. When he came to the tent, he no longer showed the title. Obviously, it was only for Wei Xun.

This time is enough for Wei Xun to remember Xu Yang’s second title and understand that he is not confident in putting forward the proposal of “destroying props”. This title is really excellent, and Rao Shiwei Xun also praised it.

[please close your eyes after dark (dark blue title): you can choose civilians and werewolves from tourists or tour guides. When you say it’s dark, please close your eyes, the civilians will sleep deeply, and the werewolf will be able to act by itself, and no one can detect the werewolf’s action. Select three civilians and one werewolf at the same time, and the action time is five minutes. Indulging in games hurts your mind. According to the regulations on indulging in civil air defense, you can only play one game a day!]

This title is extremely useful. By contrast, its limitations are pitiful. As long as Xu Yang launches the title, sets Ding Yi and his running dog as civilians and Wei Xun as wolves, five minutes is enough for Wei Xun to search Ding Yi from top to bottom.

It’s better to be early than coincidental. Wei Xun secretly revealed this night that as long as Xu Yang sets him as a wolf, he will never be found. Five minutes is enough for him to stay away from the camp.

“I can set Yin Baitao and feilezhi as civilians so that they will sleep.”

Xu Yang suggested that today was the first night of their journey. He estimated that Yin Baitao and them had to toss and turn to sleep. If Wei Xun is only set as a werewolf, the effect will disappear in five minutes, and Yin Baitao may find out.

If Yin Baitao were set as civilians, they would fall asleep naturally, and they would not necessarily wake up when the effect ended. In other words, keeping enough sleep and energy is also good for exploring the remains of Zhang Xiong tomorrow.


Wei Xun shook his head, pondered for a moment and said, “at that time, you will set these three people as civilians.”

At the end of the day, everyone was physically and mentally tired, and it was really late. In the sorted tent, we forced ourselves to chat for a while and told each other about the title of the title. Xu Yang also took the opportunity to say that Ding might go to explore Nancun in the evening. Everyone scolded Tong Dingyi and worried about discussing future countermeasures, but they were too tired. They were all sleepy and fell asleep.

Wei Xun’s sleeping bag is at the entrance of the tent. He said he was guarding the door. In fact, he released the fox cub early and let it climb to the top of the tent to observe the situation. Their tent is enclosed in the tent. Fox cubs standing on the top of the tent can reduce other tents.

After releasing the fox cub, Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He went to a shallow sleep safely and rested. I don’t know how long later, when Wei Xun was half asleep and half awake, he felt that something Plush was rubbing his neck. He still closed his eyes, but he woke up. Through the eyes of the fox cub, Wei Xun saw movement in both tents near Ding Yi area, just as he expected.

Wei Xun opened his eyes and crept out of his sleeping bag. Duoduo, who stood beside Xu Yang, also woke up. The big golden dog was gentle and quiet, wagging its tail at Wei Xun. Wei Xun touched the dog’s head and looked at Xu Yang. He sat up and nodded at Wei Xun.

Follow the plan.

Xu Yang set Wei Xun as a werewolf and the three people he said as civilians. Wei Xun felt that an invisible energy wrapped him, just like putting on a thin invisibility cloak. He left the tent without attracting anyone’s attention.

The cold moonlight like silver gauze falls on the earth, and the sky is dotted with hundreds of millions of stars. It is a rare night sky in the city. However, under the moonlight and starlight, a black figure sneaked out of the tent. He was completely unaware when he passed Wei Xun. He quickly left the garrison area and staggered towards Dang Jiayong.

With the help of Yuehui, Wei Xun could see his face clearly. It was Yue Chenghua, from the two people’s family, who toasted with Ding 11 at dinner.

At dinner, a total of people attached to Ding Yixiang and Wei Xun toasted. When Wei Xun took Xu Yang out, the three families followed him, and the two families stayed in the tent.

The three families hold a group, and the two families please Ding Yi. Most or all of them ate the fish on the table, but only the three families spit out the fish with the music of the eagle flute. When Wei Xun took Xu Yang away, he still didn’t see the man come out. When he came, the descendant of the eagle flute had left.

Wei Xun doesn’t think that with Ding Yi’s character, he will kindly let this person out to listen to the flute, which may be worse to watch the excitement. And will the eagle Piper solve the problem for everyone? Not necessarily.

Sure enough, Wei Xun predicted that he was right. There were changes in the tents of the two families just now. It was supposed to be a man who left at night.

Wei Xun believes that this is related to the branch line task he received. If it is something offered to evil gods, the more “sacrifices” there are, the easier it is to have twists and turns. So Wei Xun asked Xu Yang to make three of them civilians and make them sleep.

But Yue Chenghua, who was loyal to Ding Yiguang and boasted himself, didn’t notice the difference of his partner. He crept along the road when Jiayong went wrong, and Wei Xun was not far or near behind him. Yue Chenghua only wore cashmere autumn pants and woolen clothes without shoes. On the original night, he soon became pale and blue, like a stale fish.

He walked all the way to the Bank of dangjiayongcuo lake, and then began to walk around the lake. He used the way of throwing himself into the ground and kowtowing his head. After a while, he was covered with mud. When he was full of mud, Wei Xun watched him tremble, stand up and walk step by step to the Bank of dangjiayongcuo lake.

Under the moonlight, Dang Jiayong CuO is dark, such as huge black jade. There are basically no waves, and there is only a black silhouette of the snow mountain in the distance. This place is remote. It is said that foxes and wild bears often haunt around the lake. Wenbunan village also has dogs. However, Wei Xun didn’t hear any sound of animal activities from the garrison to here. The silence was terrible.

Yue Chenghua knelt by the lake and buried his head in the lake water.

Is he going to kill himself?

Wei Xun took more than ten steps to the wrong side of dangjiayong, a distance from the lake. Now the effect of “werewolf” has disappeared. He didn’t get too close. When he approached Wei Xun, he found that Yue Chenghua was drinking the water of the lake.

Wei Xun’s eyesight behind the fox cub was excellent. He clearly saw that Yue Chenghua seemed to be a thirsty traveler trying to fill water. He drank tears and overflowed his nose. However, Yue Chenghua’s expression was extreme fear and despair, as if he was still conscious but could not control his actions.

When his stomach swelled like a drum, he began to vomit while drinking, and then drink and vomit again. After several repetitions, Yue Chenghua finally stopped drinking water. He was unable to lie on his back by the lake, half immersed in the water, half on the ground, his abdomen bulged in an obvious arc, his mouth and nose were still overflowing, and his whole body twitched.

His lying down posture is also very strange. His legs are crossed and bent, one hand is on his abdomen, the other finger is in the center of the lake, and his body is twisted in a different posture, which is not like the action that people can do.

Suddenly, it was dark between heaven and earth, and thick clouds covered the moonlight. When the lake was darker, the bottom could not be seen. Yue Chenghua trembled more and seemed to be afraid, but he still maintained this strange posture and couldn’t escape.

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes. His eyes had moved away from Yue Cheng’s incarnation and looked into the lake.

Yue Chenghua’s fingers dipped in the lake were touching the square. A black line split the calm water, rippled in circles, and quickly left Yue Chenghua’s Square.

At this time, Wei Xun suddenly raised a strong danger omen in his heart. The danger omen did not come from the lake or behind him. But from the sky above him!


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