TTG Chapter 64

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 64: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (7)

Wei Xun jumped away as quickly as a fox and pulled out his mountaineering knife on his side. He cut it with intuition. Suddenly, there was a fishy smell, dirty blood falling like rain, dirty bird hair flying in disorder, but the disorderly sound of wing fluttering was still on Wei Xun’s head.

He listened to the sound and identified the position, threw the corpse on the knife into the sky, and took the opportunity to look up where the sound of wing fluttering was most intense. He saw more than a dozen huge black vultures circling over his head. They were not frightened by the same kind of flesh and blood. Instead, they scrambled in mid air. For a moment, the flesh and blood birds flew across the bones. In the twinkling of an eye, the remnant corpses were eaten up by him, and they rushed crazy again.

The eagle has a huge body, sharp beak and claws like a hook, and only fine and short fur on its long neck. It is extremely ugly. When the largest Eagle spreads its wings, it looks like a flying black sheep. It is more cunning and intelligent. When his vultures besieged Wei Xun, he hid behind the eagles. When Wei Xun cut two vultures and the knife was occupied by the corpse, he was silent like a ghost and claws attacked Wei Xun’s back heart!


For a moment, Wei xunru felt a sense of turning back, but the giant eagle was close at hand. His knife was occupied again, and there was no time to fight back. At this critical juncture, Wei Xun suddenly roared like a beast. His fangs were thick, his eyes were as green and deep as fox eyes, and there seemed to be a circle of vortex in the depths of his eyes, which made the giant eagle hesitate for a moment.

It was at this moment that Wei Xun threw down his mountaineering knife and directly grabbed the eagle’s long neck. He twisted it fiercely and happily. Just listening to the sound of bone breaking, the giant eagle’s neck twisted and fell like a flesh colored water pipe. It was twitching and struggling, but Wei Xun fastened its long neck and tore it hard, which tore its neck!

The blood gushed out, and the giant vultures died completely. The rest of the vultures dispersed in a mass. In the twinkling of an eye, there were only messy black hairs and blood stains on the ground. Wei Xun threw down the body with the vultures. His eyes returned to normal in the moonlight, but there were wild animal sharp nails on the pale twin vultures. The tip of the nails was stained with blood, and the blood droplets slipped down the pale finger, looking ferocious and demonic.

For a moment, Wei Xun had the impulse to lick blood, and the blood smell seemed to him to be delicious. However, Wei Xun withered silently when he thought that there was little dirt on the vulture who ate rot and corpses. He picked up the mountaineering knife, shook off the corpse tied on the knife, cut open the stomach bag of the giant vulture, and saw that it was full of scarlet flesh crawling like nematodes.

It was in the evening that the vultures who were led by the herald of the eagle flute were buried in the sky.

Obviously, I didn’t hear the sound of the eagle flute. Why did these vultures suddenly appear and attack him suddenly?

All this is related to the strange “sacrifice” that Dang Jiayong is doing on the wrong side.

When Wei Xun looked at the lake, his battle with the eagle was only a few minutes, but it was enough for the black line from the center of the lake to reach the lake and beside Yue Chenghua. Most of its body surfaced from the lake, and the black line exposed on the water before was just its dorsal fin. What swam in the lake was a huge black-and-white fish!

It is not appropriate to say that it is a fish, because there are four pale meat scale shark claws under its belly, which are like lizards and are also rowing. If you only look at its underwater shadow, you really think it is like the legendary holy lake Dragon God. Yue Chenghua was a sacrifice to the “Dragon God.” he first “cleansed” his body with the soil around the holy lake, then washed his stomach with the water of the holy lake, and his stomach was filled with fish.

When most of the creature that did not know that the fish was a lizard surfaced, the black-and-white patterns on its body were also clear and obvious in the moonlight. At first glance, its skin was uneven and had its own lines like a mural. The black place looked like a strange devil, but the white one looked like a sitting Buddha.

Such strange and clear patterns on the fish should not be born. Wei Xun felt that it was more like someone carved them on the fish skin with a special segment. In fact, the skin of the giant fish should be as hard and thick as a giant lizard.

The flowing clouds in the night sky swept over, and the falling moonlight was bright and dark. Wei Xun noticed that when the moon was bright, the giant fish hid in the lake, and when the moon was dark again, it would appear.

The giant fish will only appear in “black Dang zhayong CuO”. Is it the key to the task?

However, there was no prompt sound for the completion of the branch line task, and Wei Xun stared at the giant fish for a long time and did not observe any hint of resentment. Pondering for a moment, he took his knife and went straight to the lake.

The battle on Wei Xun’s side did not attract the attention of the giant fish. It still lingered around Yue Chenghua. The water waves brought by his huge body pushed Yue Chenghua to the shore, but also flooded his face. Several times, he almost suffocated and fainted. Thick clouds completely obscured the moonlight, and the night became more and more thick as ink.

“Whoa – whoa –”

At this time, the cry like a baby’s cry suddenly sounded, which was more strange and scary in the night. Listening carefully, I found that it was the cry of this strange fish! This reminds Wei Xun of the giant salamander, a rare amphibian and tailed animal, but the image and body shape of this strange fish are too different from that of the giant salamander, and Tibet is not the living environment of the giant salamander.

The sound of crying was intermittent, gloomy and strange. The strange fish opened its mouth and began to swallow from Yue Chenghua’s fingers. It was so huge, but its mouth was unexpectedly small. He didn’t swallow Yue Chenghua’s whole prescription. Wei Xun took advantage of Shi’s mouth to look and found that the strange fish’s mouth was not small, but that both left and right sides seemed to be stuck by strange colloids and couldn’t be fully opened.

When swallowing Yue Chenghua, the strange colloid melted a little. It looked like the mouth of a strange fish became bigger and bigger. Originally, he only swallowed Yue Chenghua’s food, but now he has swallowed it into his arms. This terrible torture even destroys people’s nerves.

Yue Chenghua was incontinent. He was half dead. He seemed to be dying, but he couldn’t move anyway. Until he saw Wei Xun, at that moment, Yue Chenghua’s eyes burst into crazy light, like a dying man seeing the last straw. His tears flowed, but he was still controlled by the unknown quantity and couldn’t speak. He just tried to express his meaning with his eyes, but Wei Xun didn’t move. The light in his eyes went out and he was completely desperate.

But Wei Xun was interested in Yue Chenghua.

He wanted to know who controlled the sacrifice and how Yue Chenghua felt when he was controlled.

When the strange fish was about to swallow Yue Chenghua to his head, Wei Xun took out a strong light flashlight.

The strong light flashlight is really amazing forever. The strong light of “instant” can even blind the eyes of wild animals, including people. Before Wei Xun scared leopards, he turned on the weakest gear. This time he directly turned on the strongest light.

The strange fish, who was afraid of the moonlight, saw the light that day. He screamed bitterly when his face was covered with snow-white light. It was like a baby crying. He immediately wanted to hide back in the lake. However, in order to swallow the sacrifice, he was too close to the shore and couldn’t escape. He only heard the rumbling noise coming from the strange fish. Wei Xun felt bad and hurried to avoid it. The next moment, the strange fish began to vomit violently!

It’s more appropriate to spit than to spit. Yue Chenghua was directly sprayed out by it, and the colloid almost completely melted. He opened half his mouth and ejected a lot of smelly black water. The black ash was mixed with gray and white things, which were all corroded bones! Wei Xun firmly covered his nose, leaned back, held a mountaineering knife, picked a hook in the black water, and saw a gray skeleton falling off the black water.

It seems that the bones vomited by the strange fish include not only animal bones, but also human bones. I’m afraid someone has been feeding fish with living people!

It seems that the skull is still engraved with strange patterns like words, but the corroded spots are not clear. Wei Xun was about to take a closer look. At this time, the black water in the strange fish’s mouth was gradually flowing. Wei Xun continued to shake it with a strong light and flashlight, but he was surprised that the fish fled in a hurry, but there was still a rumbling sound like thunder in his stomach.

Wei Xun directly let the electric light shine on his mouth. No wonder there was a black head hidden in the fish’s open mouth!

The head was just looking up. When the electric light shone, I saw his face. I saw that the head was full of angry eyes, narrow eyes, and there was a sarcoma on the forehead, like a closed or open eye. Something like a gray red flesh film pasted half of his face. It was ugly and terrible, like bare tendons and flesh, and seemed to be still shaking and wriggling.

Wei Xun suddenly thought of the zombies in Western Hunan, but it’s reasonable that there should not be supernatural elements in this journey. I don’t know whether the thing in the fish’s belly is a well preserved wet corpse or an iron stone statue, but it’s stuck in the mouth of the strange fish. I know it’s because the glue on the mouth of the strange fish hasn’t faded and Wei Xun was scared to vomit before it was fully opened,  let the carcass in the fish’s belly get stuck here.

“No, I’ll give you a prescription.”

Wei Xun comforted him, but he took the knife off and opened the prescription directly to the left corner of the strange fish’s mouth. Only to hear the more mournful cry, the strange fish struggled desperately, which really made Wei Xun wet like the Dragon King, but after opening his mouth, the dark body slipped out again, revealing his head and half his shoulders like a pregnant woman, Then it doesn’t slip out.

Wei Xun looked carefully and found that there was a thick chain on the body, which strung it with the strange fish. If he wanted to get it out completely, he might have to not only open his mouth to the strange fish, but also gouge out a few pieces of fish face meat.

But before Wei Xun gave the strange fish “free thin face” with a knife, he saw that the strange fish suddenly shrunk back and rolled up a large amount of muddy water. It turned out that it had just struggled to twist the mud on the lake bank, and the water waves rolled in, giving the strange fish a chance to escape!

Before, the fish were trapped in the shoal. He did whatever he wanted. When the strange fish returned to the great lake, both sides had to fall off. But the black corpse is still in the mouth of the fish, the branch line task has not been completed, and Wei Xun is interested again. How can we miss the good opportunity.

Just when Wei Xun was excited, he began to take off his clothes and said to the fox cub, “there is no water fox!” When he was ready to jump into the lake, he saw the water waves floating not far away. A snow leopard swam across the lake with a fresh and tender antelope nu in its mouth. It was preparing to go ashore. The movement here attracted the attention of the snow leopard.

As soon as he looked back, he was looking at the prescription with Wei Xun.


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