TTG Chapter 65

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 65: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (8)

Wei Xun was stunned when he saw the snow leopard. Then he threw the antelope in his mouth to the bank without hesitation, and then jumped twice to the side of Wei Xun.

When the situation was the most tense, Wei Xun took off his clothes with one hand, and the other hand held a knife deep into the strange fish’s mouth, but his skin was thick and hard, and his lips were as thick and tough as wild boar’s skin. The strange fish still retreated desperately as if he could not feel the pain.

Wei Xun’s body was crooked and staggered for a few steps, and the lake water had flooded his lower legs. Next, either give up the climbing knife or be completely brought into the lake by strange fish, but at this time, the snow leopard came!

In the chaos, Wei Xun only had time to convey his ideas of “help” and “cooperation” to the snow leopard, but in fact, before he passed on his consciousness, the snow leopard jumped directly onto the back of the giant fish.

It may think Wei Xun is going to hunt giant fish, but unfortunately his claw is stuck on his prey and can’t get out of trouble. The snow leopard’s claws pierced into the thick skin like nails. Wei Xun never saw the beast in the hunt as close as he did. However, the giant fish rolled and struggled, and the snow leopard never let go. The snow leopard’s sharp claws tore the thick skin, leaving bloody scars on the fish.

Obviously, there are great differences in body size, but the snow leopard’s throat is as dumb as thunder. Its tight and streamlined body shows the charm of the primitive wild nature of wild animals incisively and vividly. Wei Xun was right. He took the opportunity to draw a knife and open his mouth to the right side of the strange fish. In the sad cry of the strange fish, he saw that half of the black wet corpse had slipped out of the fish’s mouth, and the thick chain of the finger belly didn’t know that there was a young boy hidden in the fish’s belly, which had long been rusty and brittle.

Wei Xun was quick and quick. He cut the chains on both sides with two backhand knives. Only the chains rang and broke. The whole dark body was wrapped in mucus and gray red meat film and finally slipped out of the fish mouth. A lot of dirty and smelly black water blocked by it spewed out of the fish mouth like a blowout, accompanied by Xu Xun’s bones and sundries with dirt.

This time, the strange fish seemed to vomit clean. It was exhausted. It had no vitality to struggle in front of it and floated half dead by the water. The lizard like scales and claws were trapped in the mud because of the tossing and struggling. Even if Wei Xun shook it with a flashlight, there was no movement.

Wei Xun’s troubled muddy clothes were wet. Anyway, they were wet. He simply went down to the lake and carefully observed the lines on the giant fish. I went to see the scars that the snow leopard caught the giant fish. The giant fish has a strange appearance and no obvious scales. It looks like a catfish lizard, but has a thick and hard skin. The fish skin is dark black on the outside, white on the inside, and flesh on the inside.

The strange fish skin is divided into different colors, which corresponds to the convex black devil on the top and the concave white Buddha on the inside.

Wei Xun also found traces of chains running through the giant fish, and there were still rusted wrist thick chains on the scales and claws of its hind legs. In other words, this fish lizard, or fish dragon, was once raised by people. People engraved it with religious and mural like lines and fed it with live animals.

The fish is so big that he doesn’t know how old he is. Wei Xun can’t estimate the age of the fish. When he asks the fox cub to see it, he can only see that the meat of the fish must be old and firewood. It’s not delicious.

If the fox cub couldn’t store living creatures in its belly, Wei Xun wanted to give it the fish dragon. You should know that the Ichthyosaurus was raised in dangjiayongcuo. For example, the man-made traces of the Ichthyosaurus may be related to bon and even the ZhangXiong Dynasty, and may be used in the future.

Wei Xun wrote down all the patterns on the strange fish, then left the lake and went ashore to check what the strange fish vomited.

Seeing that he was not interested in the strange fish, the snow leopard loosened its claws, swam to the shore and shook the water on the fish hard. He wanted to get close to Wei Xun, but also disliked the pile of dirty bones and mud, so he went to the antelope thrown ashore by him, licked his claws and combed his hair, and issued a calling grunt to Wei Xun, like a deep and thick cat.

Maybe the snow leopard doesn’t understand. Why? Wei Xun doesn’t like eating antelopes. Instead, he is digging mud. Obviously, this shouldn’t be what the snow leopard likes to eat.

There are a lot of black mud like debris on the bank, and black water remains in the mud ditch. Wei Xun used the useless mountaineering knife as a wooden stick and simply picked up several piles of things spit out by the strange fish. A pile of bones, a pile of rusty rotten metal sheets, the skull with the horizontal pattern on its head and the dark body are of course a separate pile. After Wei Xun left, he felt that his brain had been emptied, and the whole person fell into a state of detachment.

“Leopard, come on.”

Wei Xun greeted the snow leopard, thought about it and said to it, “snore, snore.”

In fact, it is to convey a feeling of gratitude and happiness. Fortunately, snow leopard came to help him and delayed fighting with strange fish. Wei Xun is really in a good mood.

The snow leopard looked at the antelope and Wei Xun. He made sure that Wei Xun didn’t have the image of “coming” and hesitated for a while. He came by himself. It walked around like a big cat with divine quality, refused to step on the pile of dirt and mud, and occasionally shook its claws violently when it touched some black water.

Wei Xun is taking off his clothes. His stormsuit is actually rainproof and waterproof, because the clothes inside are not very wet, but they are stained with fishy smell. I can’t take off my pants and shoes.

In Wei Xun, he took off his stormsuit and only wore a gray cashmere sweater to outline his narrow and thin waist. His wet hair adhered to his neck and cheeks. It looked like a holy lake in the moonlight. It was strange in the water. The warm brain leaned on him. The snow leopard licked Wei Xun’s “fur” and rolled up the cashmere sweater, revealing a piece of pale skin.

Wei Xun indulgently rubbed the snow leopard’s ears. After being thrown away, he leaned down again… He hugged his head, rubbed his face close to his face in an animal way for a while, pulled his cashmere sweater to smell the snow leopard, and then used his consciousness to say “travel bag”, “my fur” and “something stained with my smell”.

Wei Xun planned to take a bath, but he had to change his clothes. It would be convenient if he could block the live broadcast. It’s a pity.  only expose his’ storage space ‘(little fox:?) This is a good opportunity.

He didn’t know if the snow leopard could understand, but he did run away soon. He didn’t come back in a few minutes with Wei Xun’s… Sleeping bag in his mouth. In fact, Wei Xun wanted him to take the bag, but it was really hard for the snow leopard to understand. What he took was the thing with the heaviest smell of Wei Xun. Sleeping bags are actually good. Wei Xun pretended to take it out of his sleeping bag and “took out” a charge jacket and new pants.

Then he took a hand and carried a string of turquoise and honey wax. Wei Xun put his hand on his clothes and sleeping bag and it disappeared.

“What a storage prop?”

Wei Xun said happily, took it out and put it in several times, then put his hand on his wrist and muttered to himself: “I didn’t expect such a magical prop, and the reward for the branch scenic spots is also great.”

Then he went to the lake to simply wash his clothes, and then changed into new clothes. At the beginning of the journey, avant-garde Xun prepared things for the journey, and envisaged in advance how to cover up things that are not easy to expose and may be used in the journey.

The fox fairy’s extraordinary vision and smell can be explained by being familiar with the ferret and the vision and smell of the ferret. The little fox can’t be exposed, but the storage space can be used. Wei Xun looked at several vlogs in the Tibetan area and prepared Thangka, Little Buddha statues and Turquoise hand strings in advance. Once he completed a task or visited a scenic spot, it can be said that they are storage props for reward.

In this way, even if he was sent out, it would be all right. Wei Xun also tampered with this thing. Whoever wants to rob it must be in bad luck.

Of course, Wei Xun has completed the task of “black when provoking Yong wrong”, but he has not been rewarded.

[Dang zheyong CuO in the night really hides an unknown secret. Who has quietly fed the dragon fish in the lake with sacrifices for decades, and where did the dragon fish come from? It is said that when the ZhangXiong royal family offered sacrifices to the lake every year, there was a dragon god in the lake. Is this dragon fish the Dragon God in the underground world in the legend of Bon, or the illusion of the great demon chabalaren?]

[if you find the herald of the eagle flute with the items you got from Dang jiaoyong Cuo, maybe he will be willing to solve your doubts and you will get the corresponding reward.]

The progress of the branch mission is still 10%, that is, after meeting the messenger of the eagle flute and giving him the things spit out by the dragon fish, can we get the next stage of mission, reward and a new clue?

After cleaning his body, Wei Xun put on clean clothes and walked ashore barefoot until he could no longer smell the fishy smell. Changing clothes may be warm in the sleeping bag, but it is impossible to put shoes in the sleeping bag. Wei Xun has always been cautious.

Wei Xun tasted something unusual. The dragon fish vomited something in several piles. The most precious one was the carved skull of the dragon fish and the dark wet corpse. However, the task didn’t say that he wanted to give it to the descendant of the eagle flute.

If he takes the rotten bones spit out by the dragon fish to make a job, it should also be possible, but may affect the progress of the next task?

After all, if it is normal, the person who completes this task may not get the body in the belly of the giant fish at all, and may only get the skull.

Wei Xun took his skull and rinsed it in the lake. Then he looked carefully. There was a very regular circular hole at the top of the head, which was the size of a table tennis ball. It was originally blocked by mud. He could not see it after washing it. Under the moonlight, the inside of the skull was bright with gold, like a layer of gold. On the gold, there seemed to be a tiny golden Buddha in the middle of the skull.

On the top of its skull, the word “black” is not written in black. It is more like oxidized silver. It is inlaid with very fine silver wire on the top of its skull, which is a exquisite process. The skull is gold-plated, the top of the skull is inlaid with silver, plus the Golden Buddha and , this skull is a rare art!

How did the owner of this skull get into the belly of the arowana when he was in a high position before his death?

It would be nice if the hotel could bring its own explanation function. Wei Xun is a little sorry. In this way, if you want to get more clues, you have to hand over the skull to Yingdi Chuan as well as the wet corpse.

When Wei Xun went to check the wet corpse, the pretended dead arowana saw that no one cared about it. It had quietly and slowly retreated back to the lake, and then dived directly into the lower reaches of the water and disappeared. Danggyongcuo is the deepest lake in Tibet. It is said that its lake bottom is connected with Mapan yongcuo, but the existence of arowana makes Wei Xun doubt that there may be other channels at the bottom of danggyongcuo lake, or it may be connected with Xiangxiong site.

Wei Xun let the dragon fish leave. When he looked at the big mouth of the dragon fish, he felt a very subtle sense of crisis and trembling. Wei Xun thought carefully and felt that this feeling was a little similar to that when he was drunk in Western Hunan and noticed the fierce ghost Pingping hidden in the puddle.

The arowana’s belly is still facing something, and I’m afraid it’s extremely dangerous. If it’s forced again, I’m afraid it will spit it out and fight with Wei Xun.

After thinking about it, Wei Xun released the arowana and left. It may still be used.

At first glance, the wet corpse may think it is a Buddha statue. After all, it is as dark as metal, but the mountaineering knife can make a sound when it is touched on it. The wet corpse looks tough and soft, like leather. Only the head is as hard as iron, and the sound of metal when it is knocked. Mountaineering knives are not used to cut bones and kill life. They have become fragile after repeated battles, and the knives are full of cracks.

When knocking on the wet corpse’s head, it broke from it. The sharp edge scratched the corpse’s head and shoveled down a layer of gray red meat film, but after cutting the dark dirt, it also burst into golden light!

Wei Xun immediately became interested, but he didn’t continue to shovel with the broken knife. Instead, he carefully scraped off the gray and red meat film of the corpse head, tapped the corpse head from the top of the head to the lower jaw with the back of the knife, and then he came to a conclusion.

This whole corpse head may not be integrated with the corpse. During Wei Xun’s examination, the black dirt on the corpse’s head fell horizontally, revealing golden lights. It may be a head carved of gold and sewn to the corpse.

Its facial features are lifelike, the pearl is a black gem, and its face is covered with a large gray red flesh film. Wei Xun didn’t shave off the flesh film in front of his face. First, at the thickest part of the flesh film on his forehead, there was a sarcoma the size of an apricot, with a □□□□ in the middle, which seemed to be closing. When Wei Xun scraped the meat film, he found that it was trembling, like life.

The second is that Yue Chenghua, who fainted and fell to the ground, coughed violently and woke up.

However, as soon as he coughed, the bored snow leopard who was ignored by Wei Xun strolled away. Yue Chenghua, who survived the disaster, gasped violently. When he finally reluctantly opened his mouth, he directly opened his mouth.

Yue Chenghua:!!

“Don’t eat that. It’s dirty.”

Wei Xun looked sideways at the snow leopard and saw that it looked back innocently. Then he turned to the snow leopard and was very disgusted. His back claws pedaled back and forth, burying excrement and pulling beside Yue Chenghua, who was scared to faint again.

Seeing that the snow leopard didn’t want to eat people, Wei Xun turned his head again. If the wet corpse really had no head and replaced it with a gold carved head, would his real head be the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull? Wei Xun gestured with his skull and said that they were quite similar in size.

Just looking at the gold plating of the skull and the stitching of the gold head on the broken head corpse, it can be considered that this person was noble before his death. However, if they were really one, it could be regarded as the separation of the corpse forever. In ancient times, even if they were beheaded, the skull and the corpse would be stitched together during burial to ensure the integrity of the corpse as much as possible. Those who will separate the corpses are usually the most heinous people.

Moreover, the chain pierced the shoulder blades on both sides of the body and fixed it with the arowana, which is more like a means to treat sinners.

Who is he, anyway?

[it should be a person with high Bon status, like Prince Zhang Xiong]

Curtin has been having a heated discussion in the broadcasting room, and the audience has increased sharply. Wei Xun chose a really good time. He was catching up with Ding Yi and slipped out quietly. He was crossing the ground fissure and exploring the South Village at night. When Ding Yi heard the hint of rising points, he thought that the audience were attracted by his thrilling scene of exploring the South Village at night.

Unexpectedly, almost the whole live studio was discussing and praising Wei Xun, guessing the share of strange fish and black corpses and skeletons in the belly of fish. You can see the excitement and beauty. Who has nothing to do to see Ding Yi.

[it is said that Li mixiu, the last king of ZhangXiong, was assassinated when offering sacrifices to the holy lake of gyayongcuo. After his death, the kingdom of ZhangXiong was destroyed, but Li mixiu’s body was strangely missing. There was no clue or hidden in the king’s mausoleum. Do you think this body will be the last king of ZhangXiong?]

[I don’t think so. Look at the gold-plated Buddha inside the skull, inlaid with 59

[I don’t think so. If you’re really a noble person, how can you separate the corpse and install a gold carved head when your head is still there.]

[maybe they couldn’t find it at that time, or the body and head were in the hands of two people? Later, they were used to sacrifice the dragon fish, so they met in the belly of the fish?]

[sniff, make it clear that those with gold-plated Buddha in the skull are not necessarily eminent monks. Well, according to the idea of primitive religion, they are more likely to be demons and sinners]

[the primitive sects seem to think that the devil will live in the head of the wicked, so they will behead the heinous man and bury his head and body separately. This seems to be true]

[suppress with golden Buddha and silver, separate the corpses, hide in the belly of the dragon fish in the holy lake, absolutely. It may be a devil. Did the former descendant of the eagle flute say that the great demon chabalaren was sealed in the holy lake?]

[ go to Wei Xun and hand them over to the herald of Yingdi. It should be clear when you receive the branch line task of section II]

[Cao, it’s amazing. Wei Xun is really a cow. He just took over the branch line task. I thought it was a newcomer who died again. I didn’t expect it to be a big guy!]


[sniff, you’ve lost your sight. What’s really precious is the gilded and Silver Skull and the body! I’m sure if Wei Xun can bring them out and take them back to the hotel for identification, they must be at least special level horizontal props!]

[the grass is really excellent. Otherwise, don’t do the task at all. Just take it all back by yourself. I feel that even if the branch scenic spot is completed, the reward Wei Xun won is not as precious as the skull and body.]

[can you develop the light towards the point?]?? Renwei Xun: you can get a skull and a corpse in one task. Well, if you continue to do it, you may get better and better things!]

[one can’t be greedy to understand or not. In the end, everything will be gone.]

[ ah, I think Wei Xun will leave a skull and hand over the body. It’s easy to hide a skull. Where do you hide such a big body]


Not long after the barrage was launched, Wei Xun searched the pile of bones, cleaned several intact bones engraved with patterns, and picked out several chains. He finally stopped after he couldn’t find “baby” in the mud.

Then he pretended to put his head and body together with the pile of junk into the turquoise hand string “storage space”. In fact, he fed it to the little fox. In his heart, he kindly asked, “incense, feed you something delicious.”

The fox cub ate several bowls with tears.

I may not be human, but you are a real dog!

* *

Am I dead.

Yue Chenghua was in pain and his leg cramped again, but he was in a trance and couldn’t respond at all. His thoughts were wandering, as if they would completely dissipate in the next moment.

Was I swallowed alive by a monster?

The sense of suffocation repeatedly submerged by the cold lake water, the fear of being swallowed by strange fish from his fingers, clearly aware, but in any case, he can’t control his body. He can only clearly feel the fear of death, which makes Yue Chenghua deeply regret and negative emotions surge, drowning his whole person.

He hated Ji Hongcai’s people. They all ate fish meat. So they spit it out. When he hurried out, the descendant of the eagle flute refused to play again and left directly!

He hated the people who spread the eagle flute. He just played a song, but he turned and left, regardless of their life and death!

He even hated his companions. Obviously, he had fish in his belly. For what? He was the first to come to the lake and be tortured to death!

Yue Chenghua was afraid to hate Ding Yi, but he was about to die. Yue Chenghua’s heart seemed to be torn, and poisonous water gushed from the wound. It was full of endless resentment from Ding Yi, tour guides and even hotels. He could not wait for a divine thunder falling from the sky to split the hotel and the tour guide. He wanted to take all the people to hell and bury them with him!

I’m dying. How can you live!

He hated Wei Xun even more. If Wei Xun came back early and sent it early, it was fish. Wouldn’t they eat it again. He did it on purpose. He must have done it on purpose. Damn it, he’s just a newcomer. How can he live to be here? He should die first!


Just as Yue Chenghua was imagining maliciously, a burst of violent angina pectoris suddenly hit. His heart seemed to be gripped by people. The unbearable pain quickly spread to all his limbs and bones. Unexpectedly, he woke up with pain and couldn’t help roaring with pain… .

Wake up with pain?

He’s still alive?

He’s not dead???

“You’re awake.”

The familiar voice sounded not far away. Yue Chenghua couldn’t believe that he suddenly sat up, and the severe heartache came and went quickly. He subconsciously wanted to jump up, but he was weak. Sitting up consumed a lot of physical strength.

“Cough, cough, cough -”

Yue Chenghua coughed violently and vomited dirty black water. After the black water vomited out, his stomach was still convulsing, but he felt alive.

I survived!

Yue Chenghua saw Wei Xun not far away as soon as he saw him. He was Wei Xun. When he was almost swallowed by a giant fish, the man stood by and watched coldly, completely ignoring his plea. Yue Chenghua looked at Wei Xun in neat clothes and looked at his embarrassed self. Yue Chenghua hated him very much, especially when he was weak, But Wei Xun didn’t say anything about it, but cut something over there.

When the cold wind blew, Yue Chenghua shivered and was full of thoughts. Where was the strange fish? Why did Wei Xun leave here late at night? Yue Chenghua is not stupid. After two rounds, he wants to understand that Wei Xun doesn’t want to complete the branch scenic spots, does he?

Ha, he’s got the handle now!

I’m afraid the newcomer doesn’t know yet. This branch scenic spot must not be done. Although the tourists can get rich rewards during the journey to complete the branch line scenic spots, the tourists who deviate from the main line scenic spots will be punished by the tour guide! It’s like in the journey package, there are only two items, namely “carousel” and “roller coaster”. As a result, passengers secretly evade tickets and go to the haunted house.

If the tour guide does not lead the team well, the more rewards the tourists get in the branch scenic spots, the more serious the punishment the tour guide will be. If Ding Yi knew about it, he would never try his best to pay Weixun!

With this handle, Yue Chenghua became greedy and turned countless thoughts in his mind. He could use this to threaten, indirectly control Wei Xun, and even take away the reward for the task of branch scenic spots. If Wei Xun were replaced by Ji Hongcai, Yue Chenghua would not dare to move his heart. After all, the reckless man would kill people if he was provoked.

But how can Wei Xun kill people? A stupid and naive newcomer, if he were Yue Chenghua himself and found fish on the table, he would never say a word. This Wei Xun is equivalent to saving that individual’s life, but he didn’t get any benefit. It’s stupid.

Yue Chenghua doesn’t care about others. He is extremely selfish. In case of danger, he is the kind of person who will trip up his teammates and escape by himself. Sheng Zhengqing of his same family is also such a person. They have the same bad taste and are full of flattery. In order to survive and become stronger, all kinds of vicious means will make him.

He boasted that he had mastered Wei Xun. Yue Chenghua’s mind turned to frighten the man. But he sat for a long time and didn’t pay any attention to Wei Xun. Yue Chenghua’s face suddenly became gloomy.

“Why didn’t you save me just now? Did you want to hurt me?”

He wanted to take the lead in the attack, but he thought so. The exit was: “thank you for saving me.”


Yue Chenghua is confused. What’s the matter? He felt flustered and impatient and wanted to say, “did you do it?”

But the words were: “thank you, can I repay you?”

What the hell is going on!

“You’re welcome. Helping my teammates is what I should do.”

Wei Xun’s words were very sincere in the live camera, which made the audience who were originally convinced of his strength say that Wei Xun’s good character is really rare. However, many viewers are even very worried about him, because Yue Chenghua’s wind evaluation is really poor. He is completely unscrupulous and kills many passengers.

He must have had a bad heart when he gave Wei xunru a courtesy!

[be careful, Wei Xun, don’t be fooled by him!]

[kill him directly, grandma. This turtle must have told Wei Xun that he is working as a branch attraction. He must be like Ding Yi to snitch!]

[more than that, I think he might want to cheat Wei Xun first and then tell Ding Yi to take it all!]

[shit, if you want me to kill Yue Chenghua first, it’s not illegal to kill people on the fucking journey]

[Wei Xun’s talent and ability is that his heart is not hard enough. Alas, I hope he can grow after he survives]

No one knows what time it was. Yue Chenghua was so frightened that he was burning with anxiety. This is the feeling he felt before he did it. He was clearly conscious, but his body was completely out of control! Is it? Is it? Is it still under control?!

“How are you feeling?”

“Send it to me, hurry up, I’m not strong, damn it, what’s going on!”

“I’m fine.” Yue Chenghua said, “you can go back after a break.”

“No, don’t go back. I don’t want to go back. I’m still under control. What if I go to the water again!”

“That’s good.”

Wei Xun smiled and lit the knife in his hand: “I’ll divide this rock sheep to Xiaoxue.”

Light snow, light snow?

Yue Chenghua’s snow leopard is approaching behind Wei Xun’s snow leopard when he turns in panic. How can there be a snow leopard here! He stared in horror. His body trembled with fear. He wanted to avoid, but he couldn’t move at all. Move, move, did he just escape from the fish and be killed by the snow leopard again?!

However, the snow leopard approached Wei Xun first. Obviously, it took Wei Xun as prey, and it was behind Wei Xun. It seemed that Wei Xun had not approached the snow leopard! In his panic, Yue Chenghua had a bad thought in his heart. He killed Wei Xun and ate Wei Xun if he wanted. Don’t eat him! Snow leopard is usually not indiscriminate. It will leave when it catches enough prey.


Damn it, why is angina coming again? Is it far from Ding Yi? Yue Chenghua is suffering from rickets, shortness of breath, and his pupils are slightly enlarged due to severe pain – no, no!

He had angina twice. It seemed, it seemed, that he only got out when he thought of Wei Xun!

“Xiaoxue, here you are.”

Yue Chenghua was sweating in a cold sweat and looked up in panic. However, he saw that the snow leopard not only didn’t attack Wei Xun as he thought, but also was quite intimate. Beside him, he grabbed the leg of sheep handed to him by Wei Xun!

Wei Xun said Xiaoxue is this snow leopard?? When was he so close to a snow leopard? Why didn’t he send it to anyone!

“Roar -”

Yue Chenghua trembled with the snow leopard’s powerful low roar. He panicked. He was locked by the snow leopard’s fierce eyes. The tip of the huge and terrible beast was still stained with blood, threatening to show his tusks at him.

“Eat sheep.”

Yue Chenghua’s heart beat as fast as a drum. In extreme panic, he saw Wei Xun patting the belly of the snow leopard. He smiled and glanced at him, which made Yue Chenghua fall into an ice cave. A terrible thought welled up in his heart, which made him powerless and completely paralyzed.


The snow leopard roared like a warning, and then it grabbed the lamb leg that Wei Xun fed him, tore off a piece of fresh and tender mutton from it, but it didn’t eat it by itself, but stepped on Wei Xun’s leg with its big claw, came closer and tried to feed Wei Xun with mutton.

The snow leopard was so strong that Wei Xun could only push it with one hand to refuse and lean back to avoid.

“No, you eat, I don’t eat.”

Wei Xun even joked, “if I eat, I’ll have to go to jail.”

The sheep caught by the snow leopard has brown fur, short ears and looks like a sheep, but its horns are as thick as ox horns and do not hover. This is a rock sheep. It’s what Xu Yu caught in the wild snow leopard hunting video.

The rock mutton tastes delicious and has no smell of fishy smell. It is active on high mountains and cliffs all year round, and it is lean meat with less fat. The rock sheep caught by the snow leopard is very fresh, as if it had just died. When Wei Xun cut open the sheepskin, the mutton seemed to vibrate like life. It looked like good mutton.

However, the rock sheep is a national second-class key protected wild animal.

Snow leopard, OK. Humans eat, No.

Every minute I would like to mention a small steel bracelet and the residence assigned by the state.

Wei Xun refused with a firm attitude and refused to feed the snow leopard several times. The snow leopard, who was repeatedly rejected, understood what he meant, simply swallowed the mutton, and then turned around and brought a big fish with thick arms.

Just now, when Wei Xun was dealing with the rock sheep, the snow leopard turned to the lake and went down again. Knowing that it could swim, Wei Xun didn’t worry. Who knew it was catching fish again.

Isn’t a rock sheep enough for the snow leopard?

But when the snow leopard held the fish in his mouth, but didn’t eat it, but fed it again and handed it to him unremittingly, Wei Xun suddenly had a strange idea.

Could it be that the snow leopard thought he didn’t like snakes, so he caught the rock sheep, and mistook the scene of his struggle with strange fish for him hunting and thinking he liked fish?

Would a snow leopard think so? In the severe wild environment, who cares whether the cubs are picky about food or not?

But it is undeniable that Wei Xun was really moved. He didn’t give the snow leopard a name, but he called it Xiaoxue. Wei Xun had a bold idea of raising the snow leopard in his heart, but it was more important than eating rock sheep.

Moreover, the snow leopard is used to living in a plateau environment and has a free nature. How can he imprison the snow leopard near the mountain? What’s more, even if he really takes the snow leopard home, who will feed it when he gets on the journey? Do you still ask youziming to help feed?

Seeing that Wei Xun refused the fish he fed again, the snow leopard was agitated, dug the soil, turned around in front of him, growled from time to time, and finally lay in front of Wei Xun, with two thick big claws on his legs. The scarlet pupil looked at him quietly and attentively, as if silently asking him if he wanted to eat.

I don’t know if it’s because of the deep night, the scarlet rage in the snow leopard seems to be less than when I first saw it.

Snow leopard is really nice, but I can’t take it out.

Wei Xun was rarely melancholy. He stroked the snow leopard’s luxurious and beautiful fur and cut a leg of sheep for it. Wei Xun’s eyes on the snow leopard were as soft as the spring wind, and his eyes on Yue Chenghua were as cold and indifferent as the autumn wind.

It seemed that Yue Chenghua was already a dead man in his book.

When Yue Chenghua once thought ‘Wei Xun should die’, he was a dead man in Wei Xun’s heart.

There are always villains in the world. You didn’t save their lives. They will thank you and repay you. Villains don’t know how to be grateful. Instead, they will have resentment. Why didn’t you come to save me earlier? Did you do it on purpose? Your gracious face makes me sick! The more kind you are, the more they will bully you.

No, in terms of Wei Xun, this problem is simple.

Why be angry for such people?

I saved you and you want to kill me?

Then go to hell.

No, waste can be used. When Yue Chenghua was unconscious, Wei Xun let golden mosquito suck his blood. Yue Chenghua is weaker and easier to control than Ding Yi. At the same time, Wei Xun has been paying attention to the movement of Ding Yi.

As Xu Yang expected, Ding Yi went to Nancun through the secret road in the evening, and he did send a clue. The livestock loss incident that caused the dispute between South Village and North Village was not simply stealing cattle and sheep. Ding Yi sent several large-scale animal bone piles in the dark way. At the top of each animal bone pile was placed a sheep’s head stripped and dried.

It’s more like some kind of sacrifice.

Yue Chenghua may be able to “point the finger” at Ding Yi.

Wei Xun smiled, stroked the snow leopard’s plush head and looked down at Yue Chenghua. God made Yue Chenghua’s scalp numb. He desperately wanted to say, pray and threaten, but he couldn’t say anything as usual. He regretted, he regretted infinitely, and he finally realized that he was afraid that he had misjudged Wei Xun and misjudged his character.

But there is no such regret medicine in the world.

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Wei Xun and Shandao stuffed a bright flashlight contaminated with fishy sewage into Yue Chenghua: “what’s going on tonight is our secret. Don’t tell director Ding, okay?”

This night, Wei Xun and Ding Yi were satisfied. When Wei Xun went back, he found the descendant of the eagle flute, told him about tonight, and took out a bone with picture patterns.

“Did you see the Dragon God tonight?”

The herald of the eagle flute stared. His white hair was yellow and full of blood. He looked a little terrible.

“I’m just going to save my companion.”

Wei Xun shook his head blankly: “I don’t know why he will go to the lake. I followed him all the way and then said that he seemed to drown himself. I hurried to save him. At this time, the sound of water waves suddenly came from the lake. I was afraid of the monster in the lake, so I took a flashlight, and then hurried back with my companion on my back. ”

“He held the bone in his hand and engraved it. He gave it to me to thank me for saving my life.”

“It’s not a monster, it’s a great and majestic underground Dragon God, the Lord of gelekala, the master of the earth and death.”

The herald of Yingdi said a lot, and then stared at Wei Xun: “you can see the Dragon God. The Dragon God chose you – did you get anything else?”

“No horizontal direction.”

The honest Wei Xun shook his head and said, “I’m just a newcomer in our brigade. If you want to say the best, it’s our guide.”

The herald of the eagle flute nodded his head.


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