TTG Chapter 66

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 66: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (9)

Yes, Wei Xun didn’t take out the wet corpse, not even the “bone”. He’s a grandstand, he just takes out his bones.

This is Wei Xun’s keen intuition about the task. After all, when he received the task, he just said that [the black shadow on the snow mountain and holy lake is the magic shadow of chabalaren and the terror illusion of dunbassin], and did not let him look for anything.

It is reasonable to say that Wei Xun only needs to tell the descendant of Yingdi that “there is a Buddha and devil engraved image on the body and a big fish with scales and claws” in dangjiayongcuo lake, and the task will be completed.

I’m afraid even if the eagle flute preacher did not expect him to get so many things from the dragon fish, and even Wei Xun felt that it might be a bad trick to shine a strong flashlight on the fish. After all, there was no flashlight in the past. This fish has lived for countless years. In the past, there must be a different way for people to get the things in its belly.

He was surprised to find the bone. After all, this bone is the most special one in the bone pile. It is wrapped with gold at both ends, and there are engraved words in the middle of the bone. It doesn’t look like a human bone, but it looks like a leg bone of a wild animal.

And this bone is very heavy. The ordinary bone is hollow and contains bone marrow. After being put for a long time, it will become lighter, but this bone is heavy enough to look like a solid. Wei Xun thought it might be “gold” or something else. Except for violent destruction, he has no means to open his bones and find out what is going on.

He handed the bone to the eagle flute messenger to complete the task. At the same time, he used him as a tool man.

“Didn’t you get anything else?”


The descendant of Yingdi was not willing to be questioned repeatedly, but was beaten back by Wei Xun in a very sincere tone. In the end, Wei Xun was even angry and simply took the bone from him. He was unhappy and asked:

“Are you questioning my honesty?! If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it. I think this bone is not an ordinary thing. It should be handed over to the state! ”

The eagle flute messenger’s eyelids jumped and managed to suppress Wei Xun’s anger. After a moment of silence, he finally said in a slow voice: “the Dragon God likes honest people. If you are selected by the Dragon God, you must be an honest good man and my friend.”

“I thought we were friends, Gan Dan Baiju.”

Wei Xun boasted and handed the bone to him. Zhuang Ruo inadvertently reminded him, “this bone is very heavy. It’s strange. I guess there’s something in it.”

“Yes, it contains important things.”

The eagle flute preached humanity. He took out the handle from his Tibetan robe. It was strange. His fingers were thick, the sweater needle was thick, the Iron Black Crochet, and he didn’t know how to do it. He picked a hook at the top of the bone with a crochet, and he quickly produced a small piece of gold. Then he turned the bone upside down and poured it on his hand. It turned out that there was some thick water in the bone!

The dark silver liquid fell into his hands and did not melt into one. Instead, it turned into ten little balls of liquid like mercury. The eagle flute messenger carefully collected the liquid. Then he put the crochet deep into the bone again, carefully and gently, and drew a light yellow “skin” from it.

Leather, or cloth, is as thin as a cicada’s wing. It can almost penetrate light. It is folded first, then rolled up, and then stuffed into the bone. After all unfolding, it is A4 paper in size. The surface is painted with complex and bright colors. The strange Buddha flowers are drawn on the back, but the lines are outlined with very thin black lines. It looks like a map.

“After the fall of the ZhangXiong Dynasty, the queen betrayed and the king died, the last dabenbo took the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn and hid it in the water channel for sacrificing the Dragon God, and then disappeared. It is said that he drew the map of the Dragon God waterway on the back of the human pitangka and hid it in the bones of the golden yak. ”

The descendant of the eagle flute slowly narrated this history in an epic tone: “the Dragon God has appeared. I have an unfinished mission. I want to stay here. My loyal friend Wei Xun, can you help me go to the site of Xiangxiong and give the map to Shoushen mountain Amara? ”

“Of course.”

Wei Xun took the pitanka map, put it away carefully, smiled and said, “I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.”

The wizard is called “Benbo”, and big Benbo is the first wizard. In the past, the kingdom of ZhangXiong was a country that believed in “religion”, and the position of Da Benbo in the dynasty was comparable to that of the combination of high priest and national teacher. He had both religious position and real power.

[the kingdom of ZhangXiong has been destroyed,  there are still countless mysteries hidden in the site of ZhangXiong. It is said that there were 18 kings in ancient Xiangxiong at the same time. Each king wore a crown with the horn of Dapeng bird, which was called the “Eighteen king of bird horn” in ancient times. Later, the king of Xiangxiong unified the crown and fused the crowns together to create the only crown with the horn of Dapeng golden winged bird. It is said that the crown was made of gold and inlaid with agate, amber, ivory and red chalcedony, Decorated with golden plumage of Mirs, it is the most luxurious and magnificent crown.]

[you have activated the branch attractions: the Dragon God waterway under the ruins of ZhangXiong, and the total process of the branch attractions is 30%]

Yingdi was given the task of protecting the poor god mountain, Amara, but he was not asked to find the Dragon God waterway or the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn. Wei Xun guessed that it was because he only “found” the golden bone inlaid “and” did not get the skull and wet corpse “.

If Wei Xun gives the skull and wet corpse to the descendant of Yingdi, he will certainly have more advanced tasks and give more clues.  this is not necessary.

The herald of Yingdi said, “the mission is not completed, he wants to stay here.” Wei Xun predicted that he is likely to look for a skull and a wet corpse for him. Ding Yi investigated that there were traces of primitive sacrificial rites in the underpass of Nancun village. After discovering this, if he wants to continue, he is expected to come to the herald of Yingdi in an attempt to get more clues.

The herald of Yingdi is likely to give him the task of looking for skulls and wet corpses. Ding Yi will go to the lake to get big fish again.

The time should be at night, which gives Wei Xun time to explore the ruins of Xiangxiong alone – perhaps it would be better if the time is Yin.

“My faithful friend, this is a secret between us, isn’t it?”

Wei Xun smiled and looked at the herald of the eagle flute, chatting friendly and said, “I saw the snow leopard on the Bank of dangjiayongcuo lake. This is an auspicious omen, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the snow leopard is an elf in the snow area. It is a mount for praising God when he comes to the world. It will bless you. The friendship between you and me is eternal like a sacred mountain and free from dirt like the water of a holy lake.”

The eagle flute preached devoutly. Wei Xun didn’t believe him, but Xiao Jin.

Let Xiao Jinding pass on the eagle flute. Everyone is very satisfied. However, the feedback of Ying Di, who was bitten, is different from that of Yue Chenghua and Ding Yifu.

According to the degree of control, Yue Chenghua is the heaviest and Yingdi is the lightest. Wei Xun can see the evil thoughts in Ding Yi’s heart, talk with him in his brain, and affect Ding Yi’s subconscious mind.  if Wei Xun wants to kill Ding Yi, the other party will fight back under the threat of death.

Yue Chenghua is different. It may be because his strength is weak, or because he has just received control and his consciousness is weaker. Wei Xun can almost completely control his words and deeds, even if Yue Chenghua has jumped into the lake and drowned.

The control of Yingdi is worse than that of Ding Yi. Wei Xun guessed that it was because he had a “contract” with the hotel first, just like Li Guiping. Therefore, after the golden mosquito sucked his blood, Wei Xun could only perceive the strongest “read” in the heart of the eagle flute preacher, and judge whether he had evil thoughts about him, whether he was lying, and could not control his behavior.

That’s enough.

Wei Xun quietly returns to the tent and smiles in his heart. The map has been handed over to Amara, and he has gone to explore – Wei Xun says it counts.

“You come back.”

When Wei Xun returned to the tent, Xu Yangjian immediately twisted his face. He was a little nervous. He said in an urgent voice: “your sleeping bag was taken away by the snow leopard!”

Wei Xun’s return did put him down a lot. Xu Yang calmly added: “he only took your sleeping bag and didn’t ask for other trouble. I didn’t wake Feile to them for fear that they might cause hostility from the snow leopard.”

“Did the snow leopard come to you – is it the role of the title?”


Wei Xun said that he wanted to tell Xu Yang about the snow leopard and the title of wild soul. He only said that the snow leopard was a wild snow leopard he met when he walked around the lake.

“The ability of ferrets is a little weak, and the snow leopard is really better.”

Xu Yang put down his mind and was very smart. He didn’t ask Wei Xun whether he would be a banker tonight. Compared with before, he was more calm. When Wei Xun talked about the ruins of Xiangxiong, when he wanted to leave the team alone, Xu Yang thought of him and said:

“Don’t worry about us, Feile to Yin Baitao will trust your decision. The question is whether Ding Yi and he are running dogs. I doubt that he will break us up and divide us into other small teams. He calls them “people to lead new people, and then let the other party do a few things – it is estimated that it will be me and Fei Lezhi.”

Xu Yang draws a tunnel map for Ding Yi. Ding Yi may kill people or take him with him until he has explored several scenic spots.

Feile is young and strong. Kill him. Wei Xun, there will be only Yin Baitao, a woman with poor physical strength, and Xu Yang, a blind child.

“Don’t worry.”

Wei Xun said with a slight smile, crooked over and put his index finger on his temple: “I’ve planned it.”

“He won’t have time to trouble us.”

* *

Ding Yi didn’t think that he was thinking about big people, because after the village visit tonight, he was ambitious and thought that he was doing great things – especially after he came back to find the descendant of Yingdi and showed him some sheep bones and a sheep’s coat.

The eagle flute looked at the sheep for a moment and asked him carefully about the shape, distance and quantity of the piles of bones. He began to be impatient. Then he said solemnly:

“This is the trace of the original” killing and sacrificial rites “. It seems that the legend is” killing “. Sure enough, there are primitive” disciples “who have been active in this area recently.”

The original school is the original school, and the specific time of its emergence is unknown. It worships nature like other primitive schools, and is full of blood and barbarism. Ren Mudong’s rock paintings record the “primitive benzene” and the “sacrificial picture of skinned sheep”. There are nine rows of sheep “stacked and arranged, and there are nearly 20 sheep in each row. Reality is more exaggerated than murals.

Every spring and autumn, the primitive people held ceremonies to sacrifice gods. They killed hundreds or even thousands of animals. Not only sheep, cattle, deer, horses and other animals were among them. In case of war, they sacrificed prisoners as human beings.

It was not until later that ancestor xinrao Miwo created the “Yongzhong benzene” on the basis of the original benzene, and kneaded Zanba and butter into various “colorful thread flower plates” to replace the original benzene. In the original benzene, it was necessary to kill and sacrifice animals. After that, the original benzene gradually withdrew from the stage of history, and the killing and sacrifice became less and less.

“Primitive benzene” was worshipped in wenbunan village as a sacrifice to the Dragon God in the holy lake. In ancient times, there was a legend in the Xiangxiong dynasty that the greatest Xiangxiong king would return from the belly of the Dragon God in the underground world and send his people who believed in the primitive world to eternal life. This year is the day recorded in the old book of Xiangxiong to offer sacrifices to the Dragon God and welcome the king back. ”

The herald of the eagle flute said seriously, “tour guide Ding Yi, would you like to be a Dragon God by the lake of gyeongco, get the remains of King Zhang Xiong from it and give it to me?”

“I will!”

Ding Yi said without hesitation. At the moment, he had run the journey behind his head, and his whole body trembled with excitement. At this time, his mind was full of the words “opening up new scenic spots”!

Damn it, two hundred and five, a new man, how can you parachute to the position of 250? Get so many points?

He must have opened up new scenic spots on his journey! Any newcomer who wants to be at the top of the new star list is mostly due to opening up new scenic spots and gaining a lot of points. However, the benefits of opening up new scenic spots in different places are different. Like Ding Yi, who knows his big brother Bingjiu and opens up new scenic spots in Western Hunan, he even opens up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude!


Are you a tour guide? This is being a tour guide!

Ding Yi was envious. He was called Xiao Bingjiu for such a long time, but he was pressed down by the new comer, Bing 250. Ding Yi felt a deep shame –  but he knew that those big tour guides and tour guide alliances would definitely pay more attention to this new person! Even if he completes his mission on this trip and wishes to join the grand tour guide alliance, what’s the difference?

You don’t have to be a pawn. You don’t have any status.

What if he can open up new scenic spots?

In reality, Ding Yi is just a poor snake catcher. Now most countries do not allow catching poisonous snakes. The circus is in a recession. Ding Yi’s means of luring snakes to play with snakes are not appreciated. He is poor and cynical.

After entering the tour and becoming a tour guide, he can enjoy the status and power he has never had in the past! Are those celebrities, presidents and idols in high status? If you enter his journey, you have to be a dog for him!

I’ve tortured those new people for so long. I’m tired of seeing them begging for mercy under their feet.

Ding Yi has a dream. He wants to get more and stand higher. There are classes inside the hotel, and the class inside the tour guide is even more strict than outside. The big tour guides and the big brigade stood in front of them, reminding Ding of his humble life in the past.

He seems to be bright now, but there are countless people who can kill him. It’s like watching the new star list in the virtual hall. When he is angry, the seemingly ordinary characters humiliate him with paper people! The gap in strength even made him dare not fight back, so he had to run away and lose his face.

Ding Yi has always hidden his ambition in the bottom of his heart. Those who did not dare to have the ambition in the past are ready to move under the stimulation of Bingjiu, bing225 and the Taoist priest.

He wants those strong people, those who despise him, to be his dog and be played with by him wantonly!

In the past, Ding Yi spared his life and never did anything dangerous to open up new scenic spots. This time, it is different. Tibet is a place where countless people predicted that he would travel 30 degrees north latitude.

If he can open up new scenic spots here, or even scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude, he doesn’t have to finish all of them. As long as he gets clues, he will definitely be robbed by major tour guide alliances!

When he tried to explore the South Village, the crazy score means that countless audiences poured into his live studio, which makes Ding Yifu want to travel together. Do they think that what he did is likely to open up new scenic spots?

He will make those who despise him regret it!

“Respect the descendants of Eagle flute. How should we sacrifice to the Dragon God and get the remains from it?”

Ding Yi asked respectfully.

The descendant of the eagle flute looked at him unfathomably: “the Dragon God likes sacrifices such as cattle, horses and sheep. It likes sacrifices most. It is clean and has sacrifices of gods and spirits in its belly.”

“As long as you give it enough sacrifices and get the care of the Dragon God, it will give you the remains of King Zhang Xiong.”

“Enough is more?”

Ding Yi continued to ask, “the herald of the eagle flute is impatient, and asked,” Ding Yi, aren’t you the most powerful and intelligent person in the brigade? If you can’t do it, I might as well do it myself. ”

“Yes, I am the most powerful and intelligent person. Don’t worry, I can certainly complete this task.”

Ding Yi, while madly scolding the descendant of the eagle flute for being stupid, ordered “bow down”, made a poison oath and made a guarantee. He praised the descendant of the eagle flute with good or bad words, stretched his eyebrows and eyes, and reminded him:

“The Dragon God will appear only when the color of jayong is black. Remember, you must not annoy the Dragon God. The Dragon God is the source of four hundred diseases in the world. If the Dragon God is angry, he will spread the plague to the world. You will definitely get sick and suffer. ”

“I hope you can give me the remains of King Zhang Xiong before this afternoon. The great God bless you.”

Bless you, fart, will you be here in the afternoon? In such a hurry to reincarnate?!

As soon as Ding Yi left the tent, he scolded angrily. Black  should make Yong wrong. He understood it as night, but where did he find sacrifices in the evening?! Even if you want to buy cattle and sheep from the villagers of wenbunan village, you have to wait until they wake up.

What’s more, he had to lead a team to the Xiangxiong site early in the morning. If he delayed the travel arrangement, the consequences would be terrible. Ding shuddered at the slightest thought.

No, I have to finish this task before I go to ZhangXiong! Or

Ding Yi hesitated and couldn’t make a decision. At this time, he had returned to his tent, but suddenly found that there was a man squatting in front of the tent. Suddenly, Ding Yi’s vigilance soared, and ten poisonous snakes arranged beside the tent climbed towards the man in an instant.

“Director Ding, don’t let the snake go! It’s me! I am Yue Chenghua! ”

The man heard the hissing of snakes around and was afraid to reveal his identity. Ding Yi looked at Yue Chenghua with a camping light hanging outside his tent. Listening to his sudden attack, Ding quickly lowered his voice and scolded:

“Shut up, it’s noisy at night!”

He doesn’t want to be found out about opening up new scenic spots. The tourists seem docile, but in fact they are not realistic. Ding Yi doesn’t want to be affected at all!

“It’s Yue Chenghua. You don’t sleep in the tent so late. Come to me to do it.”

Ding Yi’s hypocritical and gentle way, but he already had the intention to kill Yue Chenghua in his heart. Who knows, at the next moment, Yue Chenghua suddenly knelt down and burst into tears. His voice was frightened and trembled: “guide Ding, help me, you must help me.”

“I almost died tonight. I’m going to be eaten by big fish!”


Ding Yixin tightened his mind, turned his head back and forth, and strongly helped Yue Chenghua up: “go in and talk.”

Lin Qi doesn’t deserve to sleep in Dingyi tent. It’s just a thing to vent your desire and torture before night. No tour guide will let passengers close in unprepared. At this time, in the middle of the night, there were only him and Yue Chenghua in the tent.

“Yue Chenghua, you know, in this journey, whoever I let live can live, and whoever I let die must die.”

Ding Yi threatened fiercely. Yue Chenghua was so frightened that he said, “tell me everything that happened tonight.”

Yue Chenghua choked in panic and talked about what happened tonight in the tone of “desperate and desperate”. He never caught up with the descendant of the eagle flute to play the flute. The fish didn’t spit out. When he was sleepy, he couldn’t control his body. He went to Dang yongcuo Lake late at night.

Ding Yi was calm on the surface, even a little impatient. He had a rough sea in his heart. As the descendant of the White Eagle flute said, he was clean and had a spirit in his belly. Is the sacrifice a risk.

Is to eat fish, people, people and animals! Yue Chenghua was controlled by mysterious forces tonight and went to the lake. He is the best card!

“Maybe I finished all the fish. I’m the only one who goes to the lake tonight.”

Yue Chenghua said in despair that he couldn’t control himself, knocked himself, rolled the soil, drank the lake water and vomited repeatedly. Ding Yi had his own way to verify whether Yue Chenghua’s statement was true. Until now, he confirmed that Yue Chenghua’s statement was all true.

When Yue Chenghua said that a monster appeared in the lake and wanted to eat him, Ding stormed and kicked Yue Chenghua. He was surprised and angry. There was a sacrifice tonight. The Dragon God had appeared, but he didn’t catch up!

Damn it, if you miss this opportunity, how can he finish the task!

At this moment, Ding Yi let out his anger and killed his heart. When he was kicked, his internal organs churned and the corners of his mouth bled. Yue Chenghua climbed back to him like a dog and cried in a low voice: “guide Ding, you save me, only you can save me. I, I fainted at that time. When I woke up, I only knew that someone came to the lake, and the monster disappeared under the strong light. Then they carried me back, When I say that the sacrifice is not enough, I will continue to offer sacrifices to the Dragon God. I dare not say anything – director Ding, director Ding, I don’t want to die! ”

Listen to him, Ding Yi can rest assured. Yes, there must be someone behind the lake sacrifice – Ding Yi even suspects that the master behind this is the descendant of the eagle flute! Or why doesn’t he let everyone spit out the fish in their stomach? It’s just playing the eagle flute. Why should we refuse Yue Chenghua?

In particular, the descendant of the eagle flute said tonight that “the Dragon God likes sacrifices such as cattle, horses and sheep, and he likes them best.” he is clean and has offerings of gods and souls in his belly. “That’s why he didn’t think the offerings were enough and specifically mentioned him.

If, as Yue Chenghua said, he is the only one who goes to the lake at night because he eats enough fish, others don’t eat enough fish. In this way, at least you have a breakfast time. After you have breakfast and before the afternoon, the Dragon God will show up when you are wrong.

Now that there is a new scenic spot “Nian”, it is difficult for Ding Yi to do his homework before starting the journey. He knows that except at night, when he is gloomy, when he is angry, the lake will be black. He estimated that the herald of the eagle flute should have special skills, pre judgment, Qi, and skills, and it is likely to be Yin.

Even so, suspicious Ding Yi still made Yue Chenghua repeat the things he encountered tonight many times, which almost forced him to collapse. After controlling him with a grievance of “human skin” falling behind his back, Ding Yi went to the tent of the other three people. These three people all want to favor Ding Yi and please the passengers who are attached to Ding Yi, but they didn’t expect that he would be the first to kill him.

Then Ding Yi took the four of them to the lake and forced them to roll the mud, drink and spit the lake water according to Yue Chenghua. After tossing around, they saw that there was no “Dragon God” coming out, and then they gave up.

“Hum, it’s cheap for him.”

Ding Yi took the four people back to his tent and controlled them strictly. He thought of his trip. Although he had a solution, Ding Yi was uncomfortable with the decision to hand over power temporarily for Ding Yi, who was used to controlling the whole audience.

Even if the other party is thinking about Wei Xun, the great man, and offering sacrifices to the holy lake, Ding Yi has to support Wei Xun. After all, the other party seems to use some means on him. Although the newcomers should not think it is meaningful to open up new scenic spots in vain, if Wei Xun’s temperament finds that he wants to sacrifice Yue Chenghua and others, it is likely to stop and trip him.

Just now Sheng Guaqing and others were dragged to the lake. When they knew they were going to make sacrifices, they were afraid of crying for their father and mother. Some people tried their best to show their loyalty to Ding Yi, saying that they were “people”. They were useful and could be absolutely loyal to help Ding Yi. It was better to let useless new people make sacrifices. They dared to challenge the authority of the tour guide during their trip. It was damned.

This really suits Ding’s heart. He wants the new couple to die a few times. Who makes the fish in his stomach? Stupid, it’s the four of them.

I’m afraid Wei Xun wants everyone to live together, but he doesn’t think that to survive and push others to die is the only person who can survive in the cruel journey – no, these people are fools, otherwise even Wei Xun can tell it’s fish. How can they not recognize it?

Deserve to be a sacrifice.

After a sleepless night, Ding pondered over the sacrifice in his heart. As soon as the light outside was bright, he went out of the tent to see. It was very cold in the morning on the plateau. Especially when there was no sunshine and thick clouds, he was gloomy and seemed to drip water – it was really cloudy.

According to the itinerary plan, they should have breakfast in wenbunan village, then go to the ruins of ZhangXiong at 8:30, arrive before 10:30, and camp at the ruins of ZhangXiong tonight.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Ding Yi asked all the passengers to pack up and assemble, and then he preached in front of his tent:

“I’ll leave the team temporarily and take you to new scenic spots. The task will be handed over to the guard.”

He took off the guide’s brooch and motioned Wei Xun forward. With deep meaning, he glanced at the passengers:

“I’m sure the guard will succeed in bringing you all to your destination, right?”

Ding Yi was satisfied to see the fear in the eyes of the passengers and had doubts about Wei Xun. Tourists can’t leave a tour guide during the journey. This is the reason. There are two situations for a tour team with a tour guide and without a tour guide. Even if he is a butcher guide, these passengers have to rely on him.

What’s more, Wei Xun is just a newcomer. In this case, even if the passengers are for their own safety, they are likely to seize power with Wei Xun. With this in mind, Ding Yi thought it was a wonderful idea to let Wei Xun lead the team and leave for a while.

These thoughts are floating. Passengers should keep their skin tight and know that the journey can’t go on without him.

Wei Xun should see how ridiculous his ideas are. There can be no unity in this brigade. Wei Xun must be very sad. Ding Yi was particularly excited at the thought of his heartbroken and dejected expression. Suppress, torture the soul, and then accept and train the dog.

Unfortunately, he has a more important task this time.

“Yue Chenghua, where are they?”

Sure enough, after receiving the brooch, Wei Xun asked about the four people who were not present. Ding Yi said perfunctorily, “they have received a special task. I’ll take them with you at that time.”

Although Wei Xun seemed a little skeptical, he didn’t ask much. But other tourists were shocked. Ji Hongcai smacked his mouth and thought, grandma. It wasn’t their four friends who stole to be a branch scenic spot, but Ding Yi found them.

They didn’t spit out when they ate fish yesterday. Now these four people stay. They think it’s suspicious. However, all four of them are Ding Yi’s and licking the dog’s. maybe Ding Yi found the special task and asked them to stay and help?

Ding Yi certainly didn’t hold his breath. He was even more cruel to let Wei Xunyi lead the team. It was a complete contradiction.

Jiang Hongguang, with a cold face, thought thoroughly. If everyone is in the team, the most dangerous one is Ding Yi himself. Now that Ding Yi leaves the team, Ding Yi is the only one to follow his lead. The four of them are gone. The rest of them go to the site of ZhangXiong. Even for the sake of his personal safety, the contradiction will certainly change to Wei Xun.

Who can rest assured that a new person will lead the team? Ji Hongcai is convinced of Wei Xun and respects strong people. He may rest assured that he Jiang Hongguang, Fang Yuhang, and even other passengers will never rest assured that he will hand over his own life to the newcomers.

If Wei Xun is good at white weight, if he takes the team seriously and gives orders, the brigade may be in complete chaos——

“OK, let’s go.”

Give Wei Xun the brooch, and Ding Yi starts to rush people outside: “poor Zong is 15 kilometers away from wenbunan village, and there are mountain roads. It takes hours to walk. Don’t waste time here.”

The poor Zong mountain is located in the west of the Daguo mountains. The ruins of the Xiangxiong kingdom are located on the poor Zong mountain. It moves southward from wenbunan village along the Bank of danggyayongcuo. There is a rugged path leading to the lake on the mountain. The road is not wide, and there are many random stones scattered. Vehicles can’t enter. They climb the mountain by horses, mules or motorcycles.  you still have to walk to the rear section.

No one dared to disobey Ding Yi’s words. The party carried their mountaineering bags and went out. Tonight, they have to camp at the site of ZhangXiong. The tents and the steel frames supporting the tents have to be carried on their backs, and everyone has a heavy load.

“Guard, we went up the mountain to borrow a motorcycle from the villagers. Are they horses and mules?”

Before wenbunan village came out, someone began to make trouble.

“If you want to borrow it, go and borrow it yourself.”

Wei Xun looked at the brooch and said without reply:

“As long as you can borrow it.”

He was indifferent to his attitude, but the man was shameless – the passengers knew that the journey was a test of their experience, and they could not get help from the villages and towns they met along the way. They can drive a hotel to provide off-road vehicles. They can’t borrow vehicles from the villagers. They can’t borrow vehicles.

It’s a novice passenger. Why are you so keen and not suitable?

Especially after the man didn’t say anything, Fei Lezhi was very straightforward and said in a puzzled tone: “uncle, why don’t you continue to say? No, I can’t borrow it. We are all tourists. You’re not fooling our newcomers, are you? ”

The man was angry and stopped talking about borrowing vehicles. Jiang Hongguang didn’t say anything. In their eyes, the man was really stupid – at least Wei Xun could hold down Ding Yi by strength alone, which was one of the best among them. What’s more, there are four new couples. Although there are disabled and women, they have an advantage in the number of people. If they can be selected into the hotel, maybe the title is more amazing.

On the whole, it’s a good choice to let Wei Xun lead the team. It’s smarter to remind you when you encounter danger in the future than to find fault now.

The people on the other side stopped and stopped. The group walked to the Bank of dangjiayongcuo lake, and then stopped to replenish water a little.

Jiang Hongguang was eating dry food with water. At this time, Wei Xun called him over.

It is estimated that Wei Xun feels that being a team is a tiring job. Let’s make an alliance with them.

Jiang Hongguang expected this. In his opinion, this is obviously the best way and the best opportunity for the two teams to go further.

Sure enough, as soon as he passed, Wei Xun put the brooch in his hand: “look.”

Jiang Hongguang shook his hand and almost didn’t connect stably. This, this is a precious guide brooch. Why did Wei Xun give it to him directly?! Even if it’s friendly, you shouldn’t do it!

[guide Brooch (bronze grade, three-level, two stars): additional function “red view”]

[Hongjing  so that you and your team will not be affected by altitude sickness  of course, when the altitude is too high  Hongjing  can no longer help you]

It’s a guide Brooch!

Jiang Hongguang is like holding a piece of hot charcoal. He doesn’t want to take another second. He will hand it over to Wei Xun immediately. Who knows, Wei Xun smiled, took the badge from his hand, and then — don’t go to Jiang Hongguang’s chest.

“Happy to them, please brother Jiang.”

It’s not that he didn’t want to hide, but when Wei Xun approached, Jiang Hongguang seemed to be crushed by momentum, and he couldn’t escape at all! Although he knew that Wei Xun was very strong, Jiang Hongguang now knew that Wei Xun was much stronger than he expected.

It is worthy of being a newcomer who can convince Ding Yi from the beginning! Is he going to be a risk taker now? Is he going to completely accept their hands and take them against Ding?

“I said, although I understand everyone’s hard work, our speed is really a little slow.”

In a word, Wei Xun broke all the thoughts of Jiang Hongguang. He couldn’t believe his eyes were wide open. Other passengers almost looked the same as him. Only Fei Lezhi knew Wei Xun’s thoughts in advance and expected them. They watched the excitement and good plays nearby.

“I’m a newcomer. I haven’t seen such a big scene – I really want to see the magnificent ruins of Xiangxiong kingdom as soon as possible. Brother Jiang, everyone, you must understand me.”

Do you understand? Do you understand??!

“You, do you want to do it?”

Jiang Hongguang was confused, half a mile away, and the passengers were stupid. The person who tried to dig a hole for Wei Xun was unimaginable: “how much difference can we make when we all go up the mountain on foot? You don’t want to go to wenbunan village to rent cars and horses. You can’t borrow them! ”

“No, that’s a lot worse.”

Wei Xun smiled and then walked to the mountain wall on one side of the path. It’s almost forty-five degrees, rocky and rugged mountains. It’s very difficult to walk alone, not to mention walking on the mountains where no predecessors have opened up roads.

Without Wei Xun’s equipment, he easily stepped on the very narrow stone crevices and concave convex places on the mountain, and in the twinkling of an eye he was a few meters away from him. He didn’t look like a man, like a rock sheep snow leopard who lived very flexibly in the mountains. Then he let out a whistle, and a sound echoed from higher up the mountain. The beast poked out from the gap. It was a snow leopard!

“It’s more reasonable for you to follow the mountain road and I’ll follow the snow leopard.”

Wei Xun waved to them with a smile: “see you at the ruins on the mountain.”

When the passengers disliked Wei Xun as a newcomer, they didn’t know that Wei Xun regarded them as a burden.

Wei Xun never thought about that much.

These passengers couldn’t keep up with him at all – Wei Xun didn’t want to take them to play from beginning to end!


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