TTG Chapter 67

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 67: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (10)

“It’s not Wei Xundu’s fault.”

When Wei Xun left the team, there was a quarrel in Ding’s live studio. A barrage said that Wei Xun could not shoulder the responsibility of the captain and was not responsible. Some ridiculed that the veteran passengers could not see Wei Xun as the captain. Now it’s all right, and Wei Xun’s family could not see them. The two sides each held their own words and quarreled into a group, but the passengers in the brigade who were also paying attention to the live broadcast did not think so.

“It’s purely Wei Xun’s strength and they are no longer at the same level – it’s not good for both sides to stay at the same level.”

The new observer of the crimson brigade shook his head, turned off the barrage, and his eyes fell on Wei Xun again. The crimson brigade is the second most powerful Feihong brigade in Asia. The top and mature brigades have a clear division of labor, including analysis, history, Title Research, observation, etc. observers also have the subdivision of vlog observers and live broadcast observers.

The tour group will pay for a large number of vlogs. The former’s responsibility is to analyze and count the titles, personality and potential of each tour guide and passenger from the vlog, and summarize the data. The latter is further subdivided into new observers and ordinary observers. For example, the new observer of the crimson brigade now has the title of memory. The live broadcast of ten live rooms is hung on the front big screen at the same time, and the new observers in ten journeys are observed at the same time.

But now, he forked out other live studios and focused on the journey to northern Tibet. Occasionally, attention is paid to Xu Yang, Fei Lezhi and others, but most of the time, it is Jiao Weixun.

Because this Wei Xun is so talented and incredible – as early as the post “novice tourists trample on the guide” on the forum became hot, the new observer of the crimson brigade noticed him.

But until now, his evaluation of Wei Xun is getting higher and higher, but he still can’t figure out where his limit is.

“The title of wild soul played a very important role in this journey.”

He wrote this sentence, hesitated, crossed out the very big and changed it into a bigger one.

The wild spirit makes Wei Xun more adaptable to the journey and the harsh environment on the plateau. Many people pay attention to the powerful snow leopard and exclaim how lucky it is to have more snow leopards. However, the new observer of the crimson brigade feels that whether in the process of completing the task of regional scenic spots or in the process of Wei Xun and Ding Yu fighting with other brigade members, They are the home of Wei Xun’s show.

If it is replaced by another new one, with the help of snow leopard, his plans will all rely on snow leopard, but Wei Xun is not.

To tell you the truth, the observer of the crimson brigade saw the feeling of “big fellow travelers taking a fierce pet for an outing” when watching the live broadcast. Obviously, compared with “Snow Leopard”, this fierce beast should win more attention.

But in fact, anyone watching this live broadcast can’t take his eyes away from Wei Xun.

“Wei Xun’s strength is too strong to be suitable for lower level companions.”

The new observer paused and wrote, “it’s not suitable to bring a new one.”

After writing this sentence, he hesitated again. Wei Xun is really very independent. He doesn’t keep his hands on those who have evil intentions and is determined to be fierce. The brigade and the new team were all his drag, and he also chose to act alone.

But Wei Xun didn’t ignore the new one. When Xu Yang was in danger, he was the first to think of a solution. He saved Xu Yang and indirectly saved many veteran passengers. There was something strange in the tent, but he took the initiative to deal with it. He didn’t flinch or step back in case of trouble. Even by the Bank of the lake, he saved Yue Chenghua.

Just seeing that feilezhi and others are obedient to him and sincerely convinced, we can know that Wei Xun is not a unique traveler, but a man with great leader charm. It seems that it is naturally suitable for the brigade environment,

It’s not Wei Xun’s problem. It’s just that the passengers who cooperate with him are too weak and inappropriate.

If they are forced to follow Wei Xun’s footsteps, they will encounter greater danger, which is not good for anyone. Just like this time, Wei Xun gave the brooch to Jiang Hongguang and left. In fact, from a macro point of view, it can be said to be the best choice.

When Wei Xun left, the team to the site of Xiangxiong happened to have nine people, and the distribution of three, three and three was balanced again. In addition to Wei Xun, Jiang Hongguang’s small team is the strongest. He has also cooperated well with the passengers in the other three groups, so he can better cooperate and convince the public.

What’s more, the tour guide and team leader of this team have all left, and they can’t tolerate any more civil strife. The veteran passengers understand that there’s no point in any more chaos. It can be said that Wei Xun’s departure not only liberated himself, but also quickly cut the mess and directly settled the disputes in the team.

Moreover, the new observer saw that Wei Xun, who took the first step, was expected to deal with the dangers encountered by the mountain road in advance.

In this way, the way for the brigade to the site of Xiangxiong is safer.

What Wei Xun has to do is not to accept the brigade, nor to convince a certain brigade. His goal is always higher. It can be said that he can’t see the brigade.

Including Yue Chenghua, who has a ghost mind, and Ding Zhuo, who has an evil heart, he can’t see them all.

“Wei Xun is a highly qualified and excellent new tourist. He must solicit him as soon as possible, otherwise he will help the brigade to get there first.”

Usually, a new tourist will consider writing a recommendation letter only after he has spent the second or even the third scenic spot. But now he has not even arrived at the first scenic spot, and the letter of recommendation from the new observers of the crimson brigade has been sent to the first floor. He has a hunch that if the new observers of other large brigades are not blind, they will definitely send letters of recommendation to the second floor.

Wei Xun is not like a new passenger, but a mature and powerful passenger who has experienced many battles! Recruit him to take a dangerous or even extremely dangerous journey without too much training! Moreover, the observers of the new tour had a hunch that Wei Xun’s potential tour would be a rare and phenomenal new tour passenger, just like an Xuefeng, Yu Hehui and orange Qile, the captain of their Feihong brigade.

“Be careful, Wei Xun.”

After sending out the invitation letter, the new observer turned his attention to the live broadcast. He called out the tour guide and divided the frequency to see that Ding spent a lot of money to buy cattle and sheep from wenbunan village. He was going to kill and sacrifice animals by the lake. The new observer shook his head. Wei Xun had the head and body. Even if Ding really attracted the dragon fish again, it would be in vain.

What’s more, last night, Longyu was tortured by Wei Xun. He must be full of hatred for the cat, especially the strong flashlight that once shone on it. The flashlight is now in Yue Chenghua’s hands. Ding Qun sacrificed so much to lead Yu Long out and took Yue Chenghua with him, but he would suffer a great loss.

Obviously, Ding Gu can’t hold Wei Xun down, let alone control him and kill him. It’s almost said that Ding’s movements are all under Wei Xun’s control. Not only the passengers but also those in the tour guide alliance are paying attention. They won’t let such talented new tourists leave the journey so smoothly.

“It is suggested to welcome Wei Xun at the end of the journey in advance and beware of the guide alliance.”

The new observers of several large brigades expressed the same meaning in different words. However, their brigade has its own way of invading the journey. Welcoming Wei Xun at the end of the journey not only shows their attention, but also prevents the tour guide alliance from doing it – it’s none of their business whether several brigade teams will send people to wait at the end of the journey and crash miserably.

“Kill Wei Xun.”

At the same time, all major tour guide leagues are also paying attention to the live broadcast.

“Kill him and control him. Anyway, don’t let him come out completely.”

She was a woman with a purple cloak and a concave convex figure. She leaned lazily on the sofa. Beside her, there were beautiful women dressed in various professional clothes. Some peeled her grapes, some fed her fruit mouth to mouth, some beat her legs, and even lay on the carpet, taking her body as her footstool.

However, although these women have their own beauty, when they look carefully, they can see that their eyes are gray and have no light.

“Useless, useless things. If the butcher alliance wants to recruit him, let them.”

The girl fed some grapes, and then she was even more happy when she saw the picture in the live studio:

“That’s it, Ding Yu. That’s it. I’m really amused.”

* *

On the Bank of Lake gyeongco, Ding almost couldn’t restrain his excitement and looked forward to it. Skinned and beheaded cattle and sheep have been piled up by the lake. Sheng Zhengqing and others said early that he forced to feed fish. At the moment, as Yue Chenghua said, he couldn’t control himself. After kowtowing and wrapping his head in mud by the lake, he climbed by the lake to drink the lake water and wash his stomach. Now he is weak and paralyzed by the lake.

But Yue Chenghua, like because he had a “sacrifice” yesterday, even if he ate fish today, there were no more things that could not control his body. For the time being, he was allowed to stand beside him.

After all, these four models are still quite easy to use. They are the best choice for Ding to control the brigade. It would be a pity if they were all folded here.

The animals and animals are ready. Looking at the sky, they are still gloomy and terrible. Everything is ready, only due to the east wind. Under Ding’s expectation, a black line splits the water wave and emerges from the center of the lake to the shore.

After most of his body floated out of the lake, Ding found that the black line exposed in the water before was just his dorsal fin. What swam in the lake was a strange fish between black and white. Under his belly were four pale mackerel claws like lizards, which were also rowing. But what makes Ding Gu wonder is that the front half of the strange fish is full of terrible scars of rolled skin and meat. It seems that the scars are still fresh.

It’s hard to say that there are also terrible creatures fighting giant fish at the bottom of the lake? Is it the “Dragon God” in the legend of Eagle flute?

Ding was in a suspicious and uneasy mood. He was relieved for the time being after the giant fish climbed half to the shore and began to devour cattle, sheep and animals. He almost forcibly increased the price of the cattle and sheep herded in wenbunan village and bought more than 200 heads. When they were piled up, they were hills. But the giant fish’s appetite was like a bottomless pit, swallowing all the meat mountains.

This made Ding Gu think that the Dragon God in the legend of the eagle flute was satisfied with the sacrifice, and then took the initiative to give it. In fact, did he eat too many sacrifices and vomit? After all, the legend of the eagle flute says that “the greatest elephant king will return from the belly of the Dragon God in the underground world”, that is, the skeleton of the elephant king should be in the belly of the dragon fish. But how can a fish have any IQ? How can it take the initiative to give you something.

Many religious legends have been deified and exaggerated. Ding Gu scoffed at this, hoping to spit out the stupid fish as soon as possible. Ding was indifferent to the fact that it swallowed up the desperate Sheng Zhengqing and others. If he is not satisfied with the dragon fish in the end, he will not hesitate to leave Yue Chenghua behind.

Yue Chenghua, however, knows this. He hates Wei Xun very much, but now Wei Xun is no longer around him. He hates Ding Yu even more. Yue Chenghua, holding a strong flashlight, was not so resistant to Wei Xun’s orders, but had distorted happiness in his heart. Dan Ding really did it to him. He absolutely wanted to make him look good!

Fortunately, after eating the last pile of beef and mutton, the arowana opened its huge mouth and began to spit black water out like retching. Ding was so excited that he endured the strong fishy smell. He took the first few steps and looked forward to it.

But his expectations fell through! Because the arowana only vomited a few mouthfuls of black water and didn’t even see the shadow of the skeleton, it retreated into the lake and was ready to leave!

This is not a real dragon god. Are you here for free?!

“Where to go!”

Ding’s angry three Buddhas smoke from their seven tricks, and his face is twisted. The head bowed ghost behind him leaves blood and tears. Countless highly poisonous water snakes swim into the lake, but the strange fish is not afraid of resentment attack or snake bite. Ding’s eyes tingle when he looks at the strange black-and-white demon Buddha statue of the head bowed ghost.

That’s definitely a good thing!

Ding Gu was unwilling. He grabbed Yue Chenghua and rushed to the lake. Maybe the reason why the fish left was that the sacrifice was not enough. He had to leave it!

Otherwise, today’s scene will be completely a children’s play. He’s lost it!

“Ding Dao, let me help you!”

Yue Chenghua, caught by Ding, seemed unaware of his vicious mind. He rushed to the lake. At the same time, he turned on the strong light flashlight, and the bright white light directly shone on the strange fish.

“It only dares to appear in the dark, absolutely afraid of light!”


Ding Qi slapped Yue Chenghua out. Yes, he also thought that strange fish was afraid of light. Wouldn’t it run away quickly if there was strong light! Before Ding Gu could release his anger, he kicked Yue Chenghua into the lake. The bright flashlight is waterproof and is still very bright underwater. Ding Zhuo quickly picked up the flashlight and was about to turn it off, but just then, he suddenly hit the cold water vapor full of strong fishy smell in front of him.

The dragon fish that had retreated turned around and came back! At the moment, his mouth is wide open, right in front of Ding. The dragon fish is extremely large. Its body is slightly flat after dew, which is more like a lizard, but when its mouth opens, it is a huge mouth in the abyss. Yue Chenghua, who fell into the water, swallowed it directly, just like a root.

A large amount of black water gushed out of the giant mouth of the arowana. At the same time, the air flow surged in its abdominal cavity, giving birth to a cry like a baby.

“Whoa – whoa –”

The sound of the dragon fish was shrill and shrill. He heard Ding’s back full of goose bumps, but he was very excited. It was difficult for Yue Chenghua to get straight. The dragon fish was really afraid of the light. After the light, he was so frightened that he couldn’t tell the shore at the bottom of the lake, so he turned around again?

Ding Gua repeated his old technique, took a flashlight and shone on the dragon fish’s mouth. He only heard that the crying sound of the dragon fish became more and more sad, and more and more dirty black water gushed out of the giant fish’s mouth. In addition to the strong fishy smell, there was also an extremely unpleasant rotten smell that made him dizzy and dizzy.

Ding Guai was choking with smoke, but he held on, because at the end of the strong light, at the throat of the dragon fish, he saw a dark, round thing floating outward due to the fierce scouring of the black water.

Could that be the skeleton of King Xiang Xiong? No, it seems only a head?

Ding Gu tried to see if the round thing was connected behind him. He took a few steps closer, and the lake had gone over his thigh. He also saw that the dark and round thing was a black skull. However, it flickers emerald light faintly, as if it is inlaid with emerald. The emerald color is rich enough to reflect the black water in the fish’s mouth.

At this time, Ding was very close to the arowana. He almost reached out and touched its lip. As long as the skull floated closer, he reached out and took it out.


Just then, Ding suddenly sneezed and his face was itchy. He was too focused and didn’t care. Now he suddenly felt that the itch was unbearable. He couldn’t help raising his hand and touching it, but he found that his face swelled at some time, and his skin and flesh seemed to be full of thick pulp and itchy seeping.

Ding  his heart felt wrong. He subconsciously began to step back, but his hand couldn’t control his force. He rubbed it with a little force.

“Ah –!”

Ding Shuo took off his face!


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