TTG Chapter 68

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 68: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (11)

“Ah –!”

Ding Yi’s eyes were scarlet, and the pain and panic made him scream bitterly. He was surrounded by a great sense of death crisis. Ding Yi kept trying to retreat, but he was unwilling. He threw out the flying claw by feeling, but it was not enough. He only heard a bang. The flying claw clasped the eye socket of the black stone skeleton inlaid with emerald, loosened the “Emerald”, but failed to take it out of the giant fish’s mouth.

When the flying claw was closed and retracted, there was only “Emerald” and black stone with “eye socket” in the claw hook, but Ding Yi dared not take it with his hand, and hurriedly put it into the sealed pure gold box – this was originally prepared for the falling face of his back. With this simple action, the nails on his fingers fell off like pieces of paper, and the skin of his fingers cracked like flesh sores covered with scarlet pus.

I can’t wait any longer. The death crisis extinguished my greed. Ding immediately retreated away from the lake. At this time, he was in extremely bad condition. It was clear that he was walking on the shore, but his body shook like stepping on mud. His feet were heavy, light, strong and unbearable itching and pain were intertwined. Ding seemed to have a high fever and his whole body was surprisingly hot, But I only felt cold and shivered all the time.

Regardless of his heartache points, he quickly bought a bottle of universal therapeutic medicine from the hotel, drank half a bottle, installed a nozzle, and sprayed himself all over the body. 5000 points a bottle of expensive liquid medicine, he sprayed two bottles, and the crazy itching sensation subsided slightly.


When Ding Yi scolded angrily, he thought angrily of the Dragon God that Yingdi said before was the source of 400 diseases in the world. If the Dragon God is angry, he will sow the seeds of plague on earth. Ding Yi didn’t take this sentence to heart before. After all, this is a difficult journey without supernatural elements. The more than 400 diseases mentioned by the descendant of Eagle flute may only refer to the dragon fish with a certain virus strain.

What’s more, what the eagle flute preacher said is fart! Mingming said that he could get the remains of King Xiang Xiong by giving him enough sacrifices. As soon as he saw with his own eyes that the dragon fish had vomited after eating the sacrifice, he didn’t vomit anything. Isn’t this a joke!

If he didn’t shine with a strong flashlight, he wouldn’t even see the black stone skeleton, wouldn’t it be a waste of water with a bamboo basket?! I’m not willing to get up when I think about it. Anyway, he was hurt. If he had been cruel enough to take out the whole skeleton, it would be better than having to take out a few pieces of stone on it.

But when you look at dangjiayongcuo, the arowana returns to the lake and there is no trace. There is only dirty blood on the lake. Ding Yi staggered to go back, but stopped when he took one step. His face kept changing. With his angry and unwilling face, he turned back and went back to the shore.

“I don’t know if Ding Yi has any points to deal with this mess.”

Mao Xiaole drank iced coke and ate with Dingyi’s bloody face. He even ate a few chicken legs. Tut tut broke his hand index: “at least there must be another bottle of bactericidal and anti-virus detergent and a bottle of radiation medicine. He just used two bottles of omnipotent medicine. Don’t empty him.”

“You don’t have to worry about him exploiting Sanshui, OK, can Sanshui be the one he will exploit?”

Wang pengpai also held the whole bucket, but his aesthetics was normal. Looking at Ding Yi’s whole body festering and purulent, he looked like a human skin skeleton. His appetite decreased greatly. He muttered, “shameful waste playing with the bucket, and I don’t know to take a cloak to cover myself”. One by one, he ate French fries.

The travel of hotels is in the real world. Because most of them are exploring the restricted area, they will encounter many factors that can affect the local environment. In fact, the journey of the supernatural is good. Killing the ghost king will not damage the ecological environment, but like northern Tibet, without the supernatural factors, the black stone emerald man in the belly of the dragon fish is definitely a big bomb with high radiation and various terrorist virus strains.

Wenbunan village is next to the lake of jiayongcuo. If it is not handled properly, it is likely to bring cruel plague, which can not be completely based on the conscience of tour guides or tourists. Fortunately, the hotel has hidden rules, which can make Ding Yi not be noticed by the residents of wenbunan village when he is engaged in killing and sacrificial ceremonies by the lake, and can also force him to sweep his tail before leaving.

Even if Ding Xintong drops blood, he must complete the cleaning. If the points are not enough, he can find a hotel loan.

Anyway, this is not what the audience watching the live broadcast outside are doing. Now the most noisy in Ding Yi’s live broadcast room is not only scolding Ding Yicai dog, ugly, but also arguing.

Why did Ding Yiming honestly make a sacrifice? He just shook it with a strong flashlight, and the arowana directly spit out a black stone emerald skeleton . Last night, Wei Xun Mingming went too far. He grabbed a sacrifice from the dragon fish’s mouth, shook it with a flashlight, and even combined with the snow leopard to leave several scars on the dragon fish. As a result, the dragon fish didn’t punish him?

So it seems that Ding Yi really has some grievances.

[can the attitude towards beauty be the same as that towards ugly people? Even if the dragon fish is a beast, he knows that Wei Xun is beautiful]

[maybe this is talent. Ding yitoad wants to eat swan meat. It’s a great pleasure for this fool to end up]

Here, Mao Xiaole opened the creepy app with his mobile phone and hid his identity. At first, he blew up without reason and was very happy. Many people are biased by him, but they also have reason.

[I think there are several reasons]

[first, previous questions. Judging from the remains of the bone pile in the South Village, it is possible that some people have been secretly offering sacrifices to the dragon fish during this period, and the dragon fish are used to being fed by humans, so they are not wary of humans, so they are slapped by Wei Xun’s pocket, stunned and waiting to be fed]

[Second, the title of Wei Xun’s wild soul has strengthened the dragon fish’s patience with him. Even if the dragon fish was once kept and the elephant king was destroyed, it has definitely been a long-term wild animal in the lake, which can be regarded as the category of wild animals]

[Third, even if the snow leopard Wei Xun brought with him, the snow leopard has always been a snow elf, a holy beast in the snow mountain and a mount in the battle of the holy mountain in the Tibetan area. It is also a legendary species of Tibetan God, and there may be a relative relationship between snow leopard and arowana.]

[looking back at yesterday’s war, we can see that Wei Xun only opened his mouth to the arowana except shaking it with a flashlight – and the arowana’s mouth itself was stuck by some kind of glue. With the swallowing of the sacrifice, he always opened it. From this point of view, Wei Xun can’t hurt the arowana too much. Most of its wounds are left by the snow leopard]

[and Ding Yi, it’s true that it’s bad luck. As soon as the dragonfly is hostile and hateful to human beings, he is on guard. He sends poisonous snakes and ghosts to bite the dragonfly, which is actually worse than Wei Xun’s “opening his mouth” to the dragonfly. When Wei Xun, the most important thing is that the dragonfly spits out the wet corpse and skeleton to Wei Xun, and the enraged Dragonfly spits out again, There won’t be anything good since]

[PS this is the analysis of the boss. I’m just a hardworking Porter]

“Cut, I’m wandering. I don’t stare at the Inca Sun Gate.”

Mao Xiaole tilted his lips and saw the barrage of bullets boasting that he was “worthy of being a big man”, “I understand the big man”, “what the big man said is reasonable!”, Don’t put down your phone.

Wang pengpai said happily, “isn’t the captain in there? Baige is cold and hot. He must be worried about the captain.”

“What’s the situation? The captain had a good time with my teacher Wei.”

Mao Xiaole was a little sour: “the two wild souls pasted it together. I think Mr. Wei wants to bring the snow leopard into the house.”

“Indeed, do you think it’s really miraculous for two wild souls to be together?”

Wang pengpai rubbed his chin and felt strange: “I feel that the captain is in a better state. What do you think? If this is true, the big one doesn’t have to drill hard into the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It can slow down a little. ”

“It’s hard to say. Before, even astrologers said that only finding enough Maria butterfly fragments can alleviate the captain’s strange disease?”

Mao Xiaole was skeptical: “didn’t you see that the captain couldn’t sleep before entering Tibet, and the killing couldn’t be alleviated. Only one fifth of the brigade is not enough. The more, the better. ”


Wang pengpai sighed: “if northern Tibet were not just a difficult journey, not a super dangerous one, I think Wei Xun would have to make a full 30 degrees north latitude just by looking at these waves of operations.”

“Regardless of the modern subdivisions of Tibet, if we talk about the ZhangXiong Dynasty, the whole ZhangXiong king did span 30 degrees north latitude, or the ZhangXiong Dynasty was at 30 degrees north latitude.”

Mao Xiaole was not sleepy when he mentioned that Sanshui might do something big. He said excitedly, “maybe it’s really possible?”

Although the journey to northern Tibet cannot directly open up a new journey of 30 degrees north latitude, it is very possible to find important clues! In order to explore the journey of 30 degrees north latitude again, their return brigade enters Tibet at least six or seven times a year. No matter who talks about all kinds of historical materials and legends in Tibet, they can be said to be precious.

Most of the historical materials in Tibet date back to the seventh century, because in the seventh century, Songzan gambu sent 16 intelligent young people to study Sanskrit in Tianzhu, and the most 15 people died in different places. Only one person successfully returned and returned to Tubo to create Tibetan in combination with Sanskrit.

Since then, Tibetans have had the written language of “Zi”, and history can be recorded. But history is always the history of winners. In fact, as early as the 7th century, there was a vast and powerful Dynasty on the Tibetan Plateau, that is, the ZhangXiong Dynasty. It also had its own characters, like Xiongwen, and respected Bon as the religion. From Western Tibet, northern India, and then Pakistan, These prescriptions are the original prescriptions of ancient ZhangXiong.

However, in the eighth century A.D., Tubo destroyed the ZhangXiong Dynasty. According to Dunhuang documents, saimaga, Songzan Ganbu’s sister, married Li mixiu, the most famous King of ZhangXiong, as the princess. She cooperated with Songzan Ganbu, and the most famous King was assassinated while sacrificing the lake. Tubo conquered ZhangXiong, Tibetan Buddhism also replaced Yongzhong Bon religion, and the history of the Xiangxiong Dynasty disappeared under the rolling wheel of history.

According to historical records, at the peak of the ancient Xiangxiong Dynasty, it was divided into upper, middle and lower districts, each with 10000 households and a total population of one million. The upper district was the district west of Gangdise mountain, including Persia, Ladakh and Baladi, and the vault silver city was the king capital. The central district is the district to the east of Gangdise mountain, including the eastern part of Ali and the western part of Naqu, with dangyaqiongzong as the capital *.

It is also the site of the ZhangXiong Dynasty explored by Wei Xun on their trip.

However, a huge group of tombs has been found at the site beyond the dome silver city. Nearly 1800 tombs constitute a group of tombs with an area of more than 100000 square meters. A large number of pottery, stone tools, iron and bone ware, and even a bronze double god statue have been unearthed. However, only dilapidated watchtowers and wall sites with earth rock structure were found at the Xiangxiong site on the poor Zong mountain.

Those underground roads, the capital of the King City, and the early ones were all eroded and collapsed by the wind. You can’t see the magnificent scene of the old days.

Generally speaking, this kind of ordinary people can’t excavate more ruins, but they are more likely to have extraordinary and non self power, which should be the focus of the brigade and tour guides.

However, most of the high-risk trips in Tibet are concentrated in gonrinpoche and Qomolangma. There are few trips related to northern Tibet, not to mention that most are still below the risk level. Because Tibet is vast, scenic spots are far away, there are many snow mountains and lakes, and most of them are “secret” trips. Passengers should be on the bus most of the time. The dangerous point is the harsh environment and wild animals on the plateau.

Most of the secret exploration can only be regarded as a difficult journey. For example, this journey to northern Tibet, which specifically involves the Xiangxiong site and Xiaolin temple, is actually very rare. Ding Yi can pick up the tour, which is his fortune. It seems that Yunyi is almost as drunk as Bingjiu in Western Hunan. No wonder many tour guides have attracted him.

Unless special measures are taken, passengers in large brigades cannot enter a low-level journey. Like the people in the return trip team, if the whole team acts together, they may only enter the special journey of the year-end celebration, a very few extremely dangerous journeys, and the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

Therefore, most large brigades are divided into different operations, so that they can go to most extremely dangerous journeys.

Like Wang pengpai, who sneaked into the super dangerous level of Zui Mei Xiangxi, the calculation has crossed the boundary. The Maoshan clan seal talisman he carried is simply folding murder books, one layer after another, and Sheng Sheng has pressed his strength to a higher level. An Xuefeng’s journey into the difficult level has become a snow leopard without any human knowledge. In fact, it is very dangerous.

Therefore, brigades and groups have been set up under the brigade team to actively recruit talented new people, just in order to extend the tentacles of exploration to the middle and low-level journey. You should know that clues may also be obtained during the middle and low-level journey. For example, the dreamer obtained the video tape related to the site of Shambala cave, which was obtained by a passenger who had received his favor during the dangerous journey.

However, the only way to gain this clue from the middle and low-level journey is to complete the branch scenic spots. However, this kind of thing is too difficult for the middle and low-level tourists, which is why Wei Xun is concerned by the new observers of several major tour groups.

new people! Extraordinary talent! The first time I entered the scenic spot, I completed the first part of the branch scenic spot, and took the gold-plated silver skeleton and the golden carving wet corpse! And Wei Xun is not the kind of person who depends on his teammates. He can act alone!

This is a super scarce talent resource. Wei Xun is a pure newcomer. Although with his current strength, it is only a matter of time before he rises to the top. But he can at least go through several difficult and dangerous journeys before climbing. If he can complete several branch attractions every time, wouldn’t it be a cornucopia!

As a matter of fact, the big brigade pays attention to new tourists, and the tour guide alliance also pays attention to new tour guides, which is the same as the big brigade. But in fact, the new tour guide can’t help the wall more than the new tourists.

The tour guides choose people who are dying. It is reasonable to say that when they enter the journey, they should try their best to open up new scenic spots and earn points to continue the countdown to death. But the death of tourists can bring points to the tour guide.

Do you want to continue your life by working hard, or do you want strangers to die to continue your life?

The vast majority of those who had good intentions, could not bear to oppress passengers, and took risks from exploration and adventure died.

On the contrary, it is comfortable, and the tour guides who oppress tourists survive more. The hotel has set up a high position and superior environment for the tour guide. Unlike the tourists oppressed by the tour guide and the double-layer journey, the tour guides are less willing to take risks.

After all, opening up new scenic spots is dangerous. Those new tour guides don’t have strong titles, few props and few points. If you want to improve your strength, you have to reduce the death countdown and go all out. But they entered the hotel to improve the countdown to death.

Now in order to get points, we have to take the initiative to self mutilate, reduce the countdown to death and take risks. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?

People are selfish when dealing with death. If he is really afraid of death and fails to pass the test of survival desire, he will not become a tour guide reserve at all.

However, those who have a strong desire for survival will sooner or later be forced to die or degenerate and collude with the dark in this abnormal environment.

Ding Yi is a rare and ambitious low-level tour guide, so he can attract the attention of the tour guide alliance. It can be said that if he can really open up new scenic spots this time, there will definitely be many big tour guide alliances to extend a friendly hand to him.

In fact, even though Wei Xun played with him from the beginning to the end, Ding Yi’s desperate act of grabbing the black stone emerald skeleton with a claw in such a critical situation was recognized by some big tour guides.

As soon as Ding is cruel enough, he is cruel to passengers and himself. A tour guide who is cruel enough will have a future, and a person who is greedy and ambitious enough will be easy to control.

If Ding Yi hadn’t been lucky enough to hold the golden box and make such a stupid move before he went to the successor of the eagle flute, I’m afraid there would be more tour guides who “appreciate” Ding Yi.

“Honey, are you really stupid?”

The beautiful woman in the purple cloak lifted the chin of the maid next to her, and her flowers and branches trembled with joy:

“How dare he hold the gold box to the eagle flute bearer? Seeing Ding Yi’s face, the herald of Eagle flute didn’t even let him say. He drove him away immediately. I think Ding Yi has been on the assassination list of the herald of Eagle flute. ”

Scratched the maid’s chin like a cat. The woman leaned on the sofa, stretched her body in perfect proportion, supported her with her hands, full lips bent, and charmed people:

“Or is it that Ding Yi’s move is actually on the big floor? I want to bring him back to be a comedian. I usually keep fun and just make a half with you.”

“Forty nine, are you right?”

The beautiful woman whispered softly, and in her palace like magnificent room, in addition to many maids serving closely, there were many dolls in different postures and dressed in different formats in the distance. These dolls sit or stand, and their appearance is exquisite and lifelike. They were posed in groups.

The three figures on the left, dressed in Western medieval skirts, sit around a small white table with tea cups in their hands, as if they were tasting afternoon tea. On the right side are puppets dressed by several crew members and captains. They carry all kinds of things as if they were going to sea. There are so many dolls that they almost fill the room. You can’t see them at a glance.

It’s different from the waitresses around, but their eyes are gray. Those dolls have no movement, just like sculpture, but their eyes are alive. Sometimes they are full of dead silence and numbness.

“You’re right. I can only amuse you.”

All the dolls make a sound at the same time. The male voice tries to be respectful, but it can’t hide the pain. The body is alienated into a monster, and it is forced to be divided into hundreds. As a wig of a doll, it is not only a physical torture for the hair ghost B 49, but also a humiliation of self-esteem and humbleness in the dust.

But he screwed up two things in a row. No wonder he was punished.

“In fact, I’m curious. Forty nine, how did you disguise so well? I found out now that you’re a waste who can’t help up the wall?”

The woman was deeply puzzled and said, “in the shepherd alliance, you are also cultivated by me. But you can see that you can’t compare yourself with C 9, and you can’t find C 250. Is it because my puppet master really lost his eyes? Do you really only give me a doll as a wig? ”

In contrast, B 49, who was particularly embarrassed and almost lost his life in Zui Mei Xiangxi, became a complete disgrace.

Wigs dare not say “yes”, and every hair is afraid of “yes”, as if this beautiful woman is the most terrible devil.

“It’s almost the end of the year celebration. It’s time to see the black widow. It’s said that the devil businessman, the first newcomer on the new star tour guide list in the Western District, defected to her. It’s estimated that she has to stand in the black widow at the end of the year celebration – she can stand a devil businessman. I want to stand a C250 with her back, isn’t it too much? ”

The puppet master Yan Yan said, “the playful people refused to participate in the year-end ceremony for several years, and the dreamers are not sociable. As a first-class tour guide in the Eastern District, I have to find some face. I can’t lose my share, right?”

The puppet master played with his fingernails and said, “if you’re really a waste, I can only let you kill Wei Xun. The strongest newcomer, huh? I heard that many brigades wanted to introduce him. I fell in love with his doll. It’s really beautiful and tight. Even if it’s installed on my doll, it’s not abrupt. ”

“Alas -”

The puppet teacher sighed and said, “I’m good enough for you. At first, I wanted to be a tour guide who could make the return list. Unfortunately, you lost to Bingjiu. Come on, I want to stand on the new star list of C250, but you can’t find it. Now I just want Wei Xun to be my new puppet – B 49. Can you do it? ”

“Guarantee to complete the task!”

B 49 was resolute, and every hair on the top of the puppets’ hair was full of firmness.

“That’s good.”

As soon as the puppet master’s white and slender fingers were hooked, the wigs on the top of the puppets flew up and gathered together, becoming a huge monster with thousands of hair tangled, wriggling and making a harsh friction sound. It made people lose San at a glance. She smashed a bottle of San value recovery medicine, and the creeping hair monster finally recovered its human shape.

“I want you to catch up with those brigades, sneak into the journey and bring me Wei Xun’s people.”

The puppet master smiled and applauded: “if it’s impossible to do this, you can just give Ding Yi a wig. When the year-end ceremony is over, you two will become a comedian together and make fun of the big girl. Even if it’s your only value.”

Hearing her say this, B 49 shivered and his waxy yellow face turned pale. He didn’t dare to say more. He threw a fist at the puppet master and disappeared in a hurry. The moment before leaving the virtual hall, B 49 looked at the live broadcast screen and saw that Wei Xun, who had left the team, found a intact secret road leading to the ancient Xiangxiong palace in the ruins of ZhangXiong.

* *

When time went back, Ding Yi was still staring at Yue Chenghua and others eating fish for breakfast, when Wei Xun left the team. He was as flexible as a rock sheep. He climbed the steep mountains with the snow leopard, and soon disappeared from the view of other passengers.

The king of Xiangxiong was built according to the poor Zong mountain, which is in the DAGO mountains. The mountain road to the ruins goes around the mountain. Because there are a large number of rubble piles blocking it, it can be regarded as a long way around. You have to walk more than 15 kilometers first to get to the poor Zong mountain, and then five kilometers up the mountain to get to the main position of the Xiangxiong site.

The mountain road is rugged, and the passengers have a heavy load. It takes at least two hours to walk 20 kilometers by foot. There is no time to rest. This is the speed when the Red Army seized the Dadu River (10 kilometers per hour). The passengers have their own titles, and the people selected by the hotel are all strong. As long as there is no collusion and help each other, They started early, but they could finish it.

But Wei Xun didn’t have this problem. He and the snow leopard took a short path together. The snow leopard opened the path and chose relatively safe roads. No beast dared to approach. Wei Xun has a fox fairy attached to his body. When climbing, he always pays attention to the movements of the snow leopard and keeps it in mind.

It’s really good to turn into a snow leopard. Wei Xun also cherishes this rare opportunity to get along with the wild snow leopard in the wild. If I can’t hold it this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to go to the zoo to see the snow leopard again.

The mountains in the Tibetan area are savage. Although the traces of commercialization have become more and more serious in recent years, there are still few traces of modern humans in the mountains in northern Tibet. In particular, the path taken by the snow leopard with Wei Xun can hardly be said to be a “road”, because the body is a cliff of hundreds of meters. Looking down, it is really dizzy. There are not many plants and trees on the mountains. Looking around, it is desolate.

In fact, the Tibetan area is not as beautiful as everyone imagined. It is a paradise on earth, especially in the desolate north of Tibet. The steep brown mountains are piled up like earth and stone, which is even more strange and desolate under the gloomy sky. It seems that this is a corner abandoned by the world. Everyone has disappeared, leaving him Wei Xun and the snow leopard alone.

But in fact, on this steep and tortuous rock wall, Wei Xun found several caves with artificial traces! These caves are like beehives on the rock wall. They are completely integrated with the surrounding environment. Wei Xun went into several caves and found that the cave is not big, deep or high. It is basically impossible for an adult man to sit down, lie down or stand up.

In some deep caves, there are many characters and patterns engraved on the rock walls, which are fuzzy and difficult to recognize, except for the maroon characters.

This should be the “practice cave” of Bon monks. Bon has its own mysterious and unpredictable way of practice. They advocate integrating into self-discipline. They want to achieve perfection in self-discipline. The more they practice in the highest, most difficult and most mysterious way, the more they can achieve great achievements.

Wei Xun also found that the higher the square, the richer the text and patterns left in the cave. Even when he was about to reach the top of the mountain, he found several rock paintings in several extremely steep caves.

Different from match human rock paintings, these rock paintings are very detailed. They depict a man wearing a feather crown and a group of shutters. Standing in front of a lot of cattle and sheep bones, this man seems to be holding some ceremony. On the bones, there are red and brown lines crossing two vertical and four horizontal, such as abstract □□□, drawing the god Buddha sun and moon at the top of the ‘heaven ladder’.

“This should be a bon wizard offering sacrifices to the sun and moon gods.”

Wei Xun said to himself that there was not much space in the cave, so he had to squat down and carry it, not to mention the snow leopard who was looking forward. When he saw that he had entered a cave, he also had to lean in.

But a snow leopard of this size, even if stacked with Wei Xun, can’t squeeze in. Just as Wei Xun entered the cave before, when he found that the size of the cave was not suitable for them, the snow leopard would silently urge him to top Wei Xun’s shoulder.

“Wait a minute, I’ll see.”

Wei Xun said perfunctorily, perhaps because he has been with the snow leopard for a long time, or because of the title of wild soul, he can more and more understand the “life style” of the snow leopard – it feels that Wei Xun is looking for a suitable nest.

The nests of wild snow leopards are usually in rock caves or crevices. They are fixed residences. They usually live here for several years. Therefore, nesting site selection is very important for snow leopard.

Leopard leopard, based on the experience of an old-fashioned wild snow leopard, thinks that Wei Xun’s nest is not good. Moreover, he can’t choose every time. It shows that Wei Xun has no nesting experience at all. It’s just blind nesting. Therefore, the snow leopard took great pains to attract Wei Xun. He wanted to take him to those on the sunny slope, stay away from the crowd, and be safe. It is suitable for the good nest of the snow leopard.

The key point is to live two snow leopards.

Wei Xun is much more patient with wild animals than people. Who can refuse clean, beautiful and powerful cats. Wei Xun likes to keep big cats. The Maine cat in the cat is also a bully among the cats. Xiaoxue is perfect to poke his hobby.

“Let’s go.”

Quite spoiled, he pinched the snow leopard’s ear. Wei Xun came out of the cave and followed it to the top of the mountain. Walking on the top of the mountain is cheerful. In the distance, there are continuous dark brown mountains. Two towering peaks stand surrounded by mountains. They are not connected with the surrounding mountains, and their color is closer to bare stones. They look like standing out from the crowd.

This is the qiongzong mountain. The ruins of the Xiangxiong Dynasty are on this mountain. When Wei Xun overlooks the ruins, he can see that there are huge and continuous debris walls on the East and west sides of the qiongzong mountain. Then he can see the earth colored buildings.

Since he went up the mountain, it’s only 7:45, and there’s still a lot of free time before 10:30. At this time, Ding Yi is still in pain to buy cattle and sheep from the villagers of wenbunan village. The benefits of leaving the team are reflected.

The herald of the eagle flute said that Amara was living in a tent on the hillside of the poor family, but Wei Xun didn’t hurry to find her. He unfolded the picture of pitangka, a man as thin as a cicada’s wing, corresponding to the site of ZhangXiong. Although the legend of Eagle flute said that it was the picture of the Dragon God waterway under the former king’s palace of ZhangXiong, in fact, a lot of information about the king of ZhangXiong was also drawn on the picture.

It’s just that the drawing is really abnormal, and it’s not as clearly marked as the modern drawing. Wei Xun only recognized the important building of the temple marked by the special symbol, mainly because nine characters were painted under the symbol of the temple, as well as many strange symbols, such as skeletons, strange eyes, lying human shapes, egg like balls and so on.

However, it is almost impossible to match the points on the human skin map with the ruins in front of us one by one. After all, the ruins in front of us have experienced thousands of years of wind and rain. When jiayongcuo is in the earthquake prone zone, qiongzong has also experienced several earthquakes, which is almost fatal to the ruins.

“Gee, if only Xu Yang were here.”

Walking through the Xiangxiong site, looking at the broken ruins of the same color as the soil, Wei Xun sighed. Suddenly, he said he didn’t care and lifted the forelimb of the snow leopard next to him.

Snow Leopard:??

“I don’t think you’re heavy enough.”

Wei Xun failed to pick up the snow leopard. After all, judging from the size of light snow surpassing other snow leopards, it is at least more than 80 kilograms.

But that’s not enough.

“If only I could drive a truck in.”

Wei Xun sincerely regretted that he didn’t realize how crazy he was about what he said.

“If there is a secret passage under the, just press it.”

Many relics were found in this way, just like when a temple in Jiarong district was rebuilt, the truck transporting stone and wood was too heavy, and it collapsed, showing a very deep and huge hole. The monks found that there were ancient temple relics under it! In the 1990s, the largest Buddha statue in Afghanistan was blown up. As a result, the surrounding Buddha statues were blown up at the same time, and many Buddhist scriptures and relics hidden under the Buddha statues were blown out.

When Wei Xun came here, he couldn’t drive a truck in and didn’t carry a bomb with him. It’s unrealistic just because he and the snow leopard walked over the ruins of Xiangxiong. It’s just because of their weight to step on them to find a hidden path.

But Wei Xun had his own way. He carefully avoided the snow leopard, turned his back, took out the fox cub (mink cub) and the gold-plated and silver inlaid bones, and said kindly, “come on, smell it, find it.”

We can’t just let the donkey pull the mill and don’t feed the donkey. Wei Xun added: “if you find a bone, I’ll reward you.”

He took a painful breath and stressed, “that’s from the belly of a fish. It’s a bone inlaid with gold.”

Fox Cub:??

What else can I do? Since I know my master, I have to be a dog for him with tears in my eyes. The mink jumped out of Wei Xun’s hand as soon as he earned his body, ran fast, and disappeared into the ruins in the twinkling of an eye. Only Wei Xun was left to wander around the ruins with the snow leopard, and Wei Xun didn’t put all his hope on the mink. He was very confident. He looked at the picture of human skin and walked towards the place where the temple was supposed to be.

However, it is very difficult to walk in this relic. There are collapsed and cracked earth walls and rubble at the site. Many earth rocks have become brittle and crumbling due to wind and rain. The snow leopard was extremely vigilant when he came to the strange Fang. He took the initiative to walk in front of Wei Xun and guard around. He chose a strong road for him.

But Wei Xun said that it was because he looked at those who were unstable and stepped on those with cracks. The snow leopard who failed to lead the way several times went up, but he also said that he couldn’t persuade him to go anyway. He insisted on exploring the way ahead. Wei Xun paid attention to the surrounding scenes while paying attention to the snow leopard, saving it from stepping into the pit with one claw.

It’s probably because they come from thriller hotels all over the world. The journey itself is “exploring secrets”. Compared with those archaeologists who work hard and look for clues in various documents and books, it’s easier for tourists to find all kinds of relics.

However, half an hour later, when good news came from the fox cub, it seemed that he had found a hidden path, Wei Xun was walking through a low earth rock wall. He noted the outward cracks at the root of the wall, so he walked there, almost sinking step by step.

However, this subsidence was different from the previous one. The earth and rock burst at his feet, but there was a lot of space under him. Wei Xun almost fell down. Fortunately, he stabilized his balance. Before he could see it, Wei Xun, the snow leopard who was walking in front of him, hurriedly stepped on the ruins in distress, but he didn’t think that he collapsed under his claws with a jump, and jumped up with a cry.

“This is three blossoms!”

Wei Xun comforted the snow leopard first and said happily with him. What the fox cub found was a hidden path hidden under the earth and rock on the mountain wall, which was higher than the ruins of Xiangxiong. With the fox cub’s sight, Wei Xun saw that the hidden path seemed to be filled with dried corpses like withered trees. All the mummies had their heads cut off, and the gray brown dry limbs looked terrible. The walls of the underpass are painted with bright colors, and large tracts of murals with great impact are painted.

He looked at the crack where the snow leopard collapsed, but he saw that the lower hole was only a small part. The hole tilted towards the wall and disappeared into the back of the earth rock wall. I’m afraid it was originally the lower secret room of a room in Wangcheng, but it was revealed in this way. Looking down from the top, the cave is dark, with only three golden eyes!

The shape of the Buddha statue is different from that of the Buddhist cut-off, which shows a gloomy and strange feeling, and it seems to have a dark and huge space behind it, so it can’t see what it is.

“You’re great.”

Wei Xun did not mean to praise. He fed the snow leopard several pieces of yak jerky prepared before departure as a reward. With him, he happily took the snow leopard to the place where he had stepped down.

In this place, Wei Xun expected that the temple where Da Benbo is located in the picture should not be far away. The surrounding earth rock interwoven and stacked walls are more like the old walls of the temple, and there are artificially cut stones on it, which seems to be sheltered.

Look, the snow leopard and the fox cub are looking for a place to eat. In fact, they don’t look like temple ruins. Wei Xun had a hunch in his heart that he waited for those stale clothes to be completely dispersed before he approached them and looked forward to it.

Wei Xun saw a large number of colorful murals. The murals were neither religious sacrifices nor mountain and lake worship. But men and women without clothes and shoes, and even god Buddha dragon fish and strange beasts.

This is actually a pair of murals describing the double repair of many people!


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