TTG Chapter 69

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 69: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (12)

[di, you inspired the title task!]

At a glance, Wei Xunzhi could see that the rock paintings on the wall of the sunken secret room were double repair pictures, because he just saw the sunken secret room at the first sight, and the hint of the hotel sounded in his mind!

[task name: Treasure Hunter series]

[mission introduction:  as a newcomer, you have found three ancient relics in ten minutes, and you have found two relic treasures. It seems that you really have the talent and luck to become a treasure hunter!]

[task reward:

Archaeologist (green title) [obtained]

Adventurer (blue title) [not obtained]

Treasure Hunter (purple title) [not obtained]

[task progress: 20%]

[task tip: please explore more relics. Time has hidden countless wealth all over the world and found those treasures. This is what a treasure hunter should do!]

After this prompt, Wei Xun automatically put on the title of “archaeological expert”. When he looked at the rock painting, he seemed to automatically mark it in his vision. He knew that this rock painting was “the image of Bon double repair method (meaning angry King Ming and Princess Ming are angry with heaven in the void)”

“The conditions are a little harsh.”

Wei Xun suspended his journey to explore the ground, picked up several flat and thin slate blocks to cover the cracks slightly, and first studied his newly acquired task.

Look carefully, the title task of this treasure hunter series is very harsh! First of all, as a newcomer, the second is to “discover three ancient relics in ten minutes” and “find two relic treasures”. Only to this extent can we be called the talent and luck of becoming a treasure hunter!

Even Wei Xun feels that this is less likely than one in ten thousand. He also has the help of fox cubs and snow leopards to be regarded as “discovering three ancient relics in ten minutes”. Wei Xun thinks that unless it is a place where relics are extremely clustered, such as tombs, it is basically impossible to activate this series of Title tasks!

However, if you only get the title of “archaeological expert”, the conditions are not too difficult.

[archaeologist (green title): as an experienced archaeologist, you can always get unexpected convenience in matters related to your excavated relics.]

Even if he can only see the limitations of the cultural relics information he has unearthed, this title is very easy to use. Just like now, Wei Xun can see that it is “Guxin’s human pitanka” at a glance by looking at the map of the human pitanka, and he can understand one or two of the strange and primitive ZhangXiong characters on the map.

“The difficulty should be because it is a series of Title tasks.”

Wei Xun guessed that the task conditions of activating the title of archaeologist or adventurer alone would certainly not be so harsh. But Wei Xun directly inspired a task from archaeologists to treasure hunters, including the titles of green, blue and purple!

It can be said that as long as he excavates monuments and looks for treasures step by step, the progress of the task will always rise. Wei Xun will get the title of archaeological expert when the progress of the task is 20%, and he will get the title of adventurer when the progress of the task is 50%.

Similarly, it can be said that it will be very convenient to get the purple title of “treasure hunter” sooner or later. The most important thing is that Wei Xun knows a way to advance the title through this mission.

At present, Wei Xun has been awarded the title of the same series that can be advanced. One is the title of [western Hunan, repeat customer] owned by Miao Fangfei and Wang pengpai. This title will be advanced as long as you travel to a scenic spot. It can be said that if Wei Xun completes this journey, he can also get the green title of [northern Tibet, new arrival].

The other is Miao Fangfei’s title of [novice Gu Po] dark blue. As long as she uses more Gu Shu and participates in the journey of Miao in Western Hunan, this title can be finally ranked. It can be said that the titles of the same series have clear ways to rise to a higher level.

Wei Xun just thought of his initial title “painless”. When he was browsing the forum, he saw a post that roughly said, “Bingjiu is the only cold-blooded person in the world.”.

Although it is not clear how accurate the protocol is, no one in the post refutes this point. Just like when Lin Xi and Wang pengpai were on the bus at that time, they tacitly assumed that he was “C 9” because of “no pain”. It can be seen that this statement is indeed reasonable.

The title of “cold-blooded” is extremely sparse. Generally speaking, sparse protocol means extreme, either extremely powerful or extremely weak. It depends on their semantics.

This makes Wei Xun more curious about how painless can be upgraded to cold-blooded. After all, as like as two peas in a real state, he is basically equal to cold blood, and no fear of pain, nor will he be affected by negative emotions, just like the description of cold blood.

This time, he didn’t wear the title of “painless” and came into the journey. He mainly wanted to test two points. One of them has been confirmed that even if he does not wear this title, he will still not feel pain except touching the guide flag, just as this is Wei Xun’s own characteristic.

If he is more seriously ill, will the title be? If he earns enough points and buys gene repair, will the title disappear?

Wei Xun is really curious.

“Let me see how it feels to upgrade the title.”

Wei Xun said that when he received the title series of tasks of treasure hunter, he made a decision. Just taking advantage of this trip, he should at least upgrade the “archaeologist” to “adventurer”, and see what kind of tips and feelings he would get when the title was upgraded.

Moreover, this series of titles is really suitable for him. Wei Xun saw the remarks at the bottom of the title task:

[Note: you have participated in the opening of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude. When you get the title of treasure hunter, the title will be upgraded to orange title ‘exploration’!]

It takes no time!

“Xiaoxue, are you going hunting?”

He made a decision in his heart, but Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He looked at the time and roughly covered the underground secret room where the snow leopard stepped out.

It’s almost nine o’clock now. At most, other passengers will come in an hour and a half. Even if they go to explore the ruins, they don’t have time to finish. It’s too hurried.

Anyway, Wei Xun has been able to understand the contents of the human Pitang card and has written it down. It’s better to finish the task of branch scenic spots this time. The two sides work together. Maybe they can get some clues related to the relics.

The snow leopard didn’t leave, and Wei Xun didn’t say any more. Instead, he took it to the foot of the poor Zong mountain, straight to the halfway up the mountain, and gradually got a sparse figure.

The poor sect is the sacred mountain of Bon. The devout believers of Bon come to turn the mountain every day. It is clear that Wei Xun is not an ordinary person, jumping and walking in the mountains, with a snow leopard at his feet, but the protocol has not attracted anyone’s attention.

This is the first time that Wei Xun found ordinary people in the scenic spots of his journey. This feeling of walking among the world without being found is deeper than that of drunk beautiful Xiangxi, which is completely inaccessible and has no ordinary people.

Just like in wenbunan village, except for the village head who invited them to the banquet, other villagers basically ignored them. Only when you take the initiative to talk to them will you attract their attention. And if you talk about the words related to the journey, such as when jiayongcuo and the Xiangxiong site, they can’t hear them.

If this is the case for a difficult journey, I am afraid that the security level scenic spots around the city will bring a stronger sense of “inhumanity” to tourists and tour guides.

New tourists and new tour guides will clearly feel that although the journey is also on earth, they who have been selected into the hotel are actually very different from ordinary people. In this way, they can quickly recognize their current situation.

Snow leopard is very vigilant. It hid when other humans began to appear. I don’t know where it went. Wei Xun was not worried about it either. His eyes fell on two monks walking side by side.

The two monks, dressed up with water, walked to a dirty yak felt tent in the middle of the mountain. That was exactly what the eagle flute preacher said. Amara, the guardian of the sacred mountain, was in his position. With the convenience that normal people could not notice him, Wei Xun followed the two monks and eavesdropped on their words.

It turned out that the two were monks in Yuben Temple behind the mountain of poor Zong, and Amara, who lived in a yak felt tent, was the only female nun guarding poor Zong. She was 93 years old this year. She was the kind of person who was a gifted poet in Tibet. She could sing all kinds of high monks and virtues practiced by Bon religion in poor Zong, as well as the history of ancient Xiangxiong Kingdom and Bon religion.

Yuben temple is a Buddhist temple that believes in bon. Since she was old, Amara has always wanted to take her to live in the temple. People from the government have advised her several times, but Amara is very stubborn and has to stay on the poor mountain.

Since last year, the Amara seems to have been seriously ill, never left the tent, and never even went to the mountain.

The mountain road on this side of the poor Zong mountain is steep, and it is difficult for the medical team to come up. Amara is old and afraid to move around, but it is even worse. The Lama of Tibetan medicine in Yuben Temple took the initiative to see it, but he kept it a secret and refused to say more.

The two monks were young and curious. This was the first time that they came to deliver food to the legendary Amara and talked all the way. Wei Xun also listened all the way and pondered in secret. According to the two monks, Amara, who lives in the tent, doesn’t seem to be an ordinary disease – it’s more like he hit an evil spirit when turning the mountain and was possessed by the devil?

Before entering the tent, the monks stopped their mouths and didn’t feel dirty. They cleaned the tent carefully. They not only deliver food to Amara, but also do some cleaning work. Wei Xun followed them into the tent and looked on coldly. He saw that the tent was full of muddy air, accompanied by some rotten smell.

There is only a dim butter lamp in the tent, which reflects the disorderly accumulation of things in the tent, including all kinds of stones and sundries, even ragged and moldy cowhide and sheep skin, Wind Horse paper flag, which is not like a place where people live, but more like a garbage collection bin.

The only clean corner of the tent was covered with several blackened blankets, in which an extremely thin figure lay.

Her hair was white and messy, she wore an invisible felt hat, her eyes were covered with a gray mist, her thin face had changed shape, and her eyes were deeply sunken, just like a skeleton covered with human skin.

The two monks busily cleaned the tent, talked to her, and took out butter Zanba and milk tea for her. The old man was dull and indifferent, completely ignored them, and stared at the tent door as if there were people standing there.

The two monks were young and could not hold their breath. They looked back several times and didn’t see anyone else at the door of the tent. They couldn’t help muttering. For a time, they didn’t dare to speak again. They moved faster on their hands and breathed less.

Wei Xun picked his eyebrows with interest because it was he who Amara was looking at.

From the moment he entered the tent, the old man’s eyes locked on him. When Wei Xun observed the tent, the old man’s eyes followed wherever he went. This silent and focused gaze can actually give people pressure.

Especially from this thin old man with blind eyes.

But Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He waited until the two monks cleaned up and left, and then walked slowly to the old man. He picked up the milk tea from the monk’s bowl, handed it to the old man, smiled and said in Tibetan:

“Amara, would you like a drink?”

“It was Gan Dan Baiju who asked me to come to you.”

Gan Dan Baiju is the word of the eagle flute. Hearing Wei Xun say so, the old man’s eyes that haven’t fluctuated for a long time finally moved. She silently stretched out her hand from the blanket to pick up the bowl of milk tea. Wei Xun keenly noticed that there were only three fingers left in the old man’s hand, and the roots of his fingers and little fingers were blackened, as if they had been burned.

Her hand was shaking all the time. It didn’t look like she could hold the milk tea. Wei Xun simply handed the bowl to the old man’s mouth. Amara paused and slowly drank a few mouthfuls of milk tea with his hand. Then he didn’t turn his head and refused to drink.

“What does Gan Dan Baiju want you to do?”

Amara finally spoke. Her voice was very hoarse and hard to hear. She spoke fast, mixed with many dialects, but Wei Xun could understand it. With his Tibetan level, Wei Xun felt that the title of “archaeological expert” played a role.

“No matter what he asks you to do, Shenshan doesn’t welcome you. You have the sign of devil on you. Get out of here.”

When she said these words, she stared at Wei Xun’s left shoulder with a determined attitude. In fact, Amara’s original words were rude and mixed with various Bon words. Wei Xun didn’t care but was curious about Wei Xun’s tone of “the devil fuck off”.

It is said that the heavenly singers on the Tibetan Plateau, regardless of age or gender, usually sing the whole article of King Gesar when they wake up, and their eyes can see “extraordinary”.

When Amara said “devil’s mark”, did he see his gold-plated silver skull and wet corpse, or did the herald of the eagle flute leave any mark on him? Or she is looking at his left shoulder – Wei Xun’s left shoulder, which has the tattoo of Maria butterfly.

Can she perceive the existence of the hotel?

“I saw the Dragon God in the holy lake last night.”

Wei Xun said in a small chat: “I happened to pass by the lake when the Dragon God was led out of the lake. The Dragon God thought he had an agreement with me, so he gave me some baby. ”

Facing Amara, who was still indifferent and obviously didn’t believe what he said, Wei Xun took out the pitanka map and flashed in front of Amara:

“Here, this is the gift from the dragon fish.”


Amara’s eyes suddenly widened, and her eyes almost seemed to jump out of her deep eyes. She rushed over like crazy and stretched out her hand to grab the map in Wei Xun’s hand.

Without hanging the old man, Wei Xun directly gave her the human skin map, and his eyes fell on the blanket that the old man broke away because of his violent actions.

The old man’s two legs under the blanket were exposed. They were like two dark bones, thin and creepy! The old man’s feet are twisted and deformed. He can’t see his toes. His whole foot is like a flat crescent moon.

Her dark skin on her legs hung down like a cloth and hung around her hemp like ankles. These old people have holes in their skin, the edges are black, rotten and purulent, and the stench in the tent comes from the old man’s legs.

The old man didn’t care about Wei Xun. She grabbed the human skin Thangka and was shaking all over. Before, her action of grabbing the Thangka was rough and crazy. At the moment, her action of holding human skin is cherished. She couldn’t help whispering, and muddy tears came down her eyes.

She struggled to offer the human skin in front of the only butter lamp, straining her forehead to stretch green tendons, but her legs were still unable to put on the blanket. The old man was like a fish that couldn’t move without water, and looked pitiful in her madness.

It was Wei Xun who moved the butter lamp to the old man’s face and watched her carefully offer the venerable pitangka. She turned around hard, knelt and kowtowed to it devoutly, and muttered scriptures.

After reading the Sutra, Amara looked at Wei Xun again. His eyes were as deep as a skeleton, which made people feel uncomfortable.

“It’s alive.”

It’s so cold, Amara said.

“What came alive?”

Wei Xun asked. He was acutely aware that what Amara said next would be his next focus.

“Human skin.”

The old man grinned nervously, revealing the withered and toothless gums, and spit out chilling words in a trembling tone of panic and disgust:

“That human skin, it’s alive!”

“How can human skin survive.”

Wei Xun was not frightened. He still used his usual language: “people will die if they are skinned, and the skin is just an ordinary skin.”

“That’s not ordinary human skin!”

Amara fiercely retorted and said in a solemn tone: “it’s a great villain possessed by the devil, which can’t be completely suppressed by God and Buddha. It’s super human skin.”

Then, while Amara was reading and singing, Wei Xun listened attentively and found that she was singing one of the Tibetan epic King Gesar, which was “Xiangxiong pearl sect”.

It is said that the rich and powerful kingdom of ZhangXiong is rich in pearls. The merchants of ZhangXiong go to trade with other countries, but the villains rob the goods of the merchants of ZhangXiong.

King Zhang Xiong was so angry that he sent someone to rob Chao Tong’s property, which caused a war between the two countries. After a difficult battle, the powerful King Gesar broke through the Pearl City and killed the elephant king lunzhuzaba with a divine arrow. He obtained a large number of pearls and transported them back to the Ling state *.

King Gesar is the longest and magnificent epic in the world. It tells the story of King Gesar, the son of God, descending to earth to subdue demons and demons, fighting in all directions, and bringing peace and happiness to the people of Tibet. Compared with the just and brave King Gesar, it is insidious and cunning in the epic. King Gesar’s uncle Darong is very similar.

If King Gesar is a positive hero, it is a negative example in King Gesar. He is greedy, lecherous, treacherous, cunning and cowardly. Many wars in the epic are caused by him, just like the Xiangxiong pearl sect.

In fact, many epics are in contrast to the past history, just like Amara singing and telling now, but the story she sings and tells is subtly different from the content of King Gesar’s biography:

“The evil in Chaotong attracted the great devil chabalaren. The devil stirred up greed and stirred up war, which led to the destruction of life. The arrival of the great devil led dunpashin, who had been attributed to the high heaven, to surround the Buddha. The Buddha light was shrouded. The great king Xiangxiong and the noble Guxin were guided. The king Xiangxiong personally tattooed the shadow of the god Buddha on Guxin. ”

“Gu Xin tattooed with the god Buddha achieved great perfection. After his death, the next Gu Xin peeled off his skin and made a human skin Thangka with supreme power. King Zhang Xiong and Gu Xin subdued the great demon chabalaren with human skin Thangka. They stripped the super same skin possessed by the devil, stabbed the god Buddha into a Thangka, and suppressed it under Wei molongren. ”

But later, pitanka, who was also used to suppress demons, accidentally disappeared. The great demon revived and cursed the kingdom of ZhangXiong. From then on, ZhangXiong gradually declined and perished in the war.

Guxin is the most noble Bon wizard in the kingdom of ZhangXiong. He is the master of the king of ZhangXiong. The king must ask Guxin about any national affairs before taking action. On the map of human pitanka in Wei Xun’s hand, the most important temple building “Saikang” was specially built for Guxin to live in.

There are many legends related to human pitanka in the world, but in fact, there are few human pitanka in the world. At present, there are only two protocols in private museums in Wuhan and the Potala Palace, but they are basically not displayed for various reasons.

The pitanka, which contains powerful mana and can subdue demons, can only be made from the skin of eminent monks and virtues.

According to Amara’s instructions, those eminent monks and virtues who are qualified to be made into Thangka after the death will take secret medicine before they live, and when they are alive, they will have a special person draw the god Buddha on their back, which is equivalent to self-cultivation.

Every chanting and sacrificial ceremony is equivalent to blessing the Thangka behind it. After his death, his skin will be cherished and carefully made into an adult Pitang card and enshrined in the temple.

“This is the Gusin Thangka lost that year.”

Amara carefully held the pitanka in front of the butter lamp and returned it to Wei Xun. Her old face, shriveled like a skeleton, was filled with awe:

“This is dunpashin’s feeling around the Buddha that the great devil will return to the world,” said yicaituolong God to return the lost pitanka to the world. ”

“But the descendant of Eagle flute only said that it was a map with Dragon God waterway and could find the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn.”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow: “from this point of view, this human skin Thangka itself should be more important than the map.”

“Of course.”

Amara glared at him: “you are chosen by the Dragon God and followed by the snow mountain holy beast. I will tell you this.”

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes. If there was a description, the snow leopard didn’t have a tent. He could feel that the snow leopard was at a hidden mountain gap diagonally opposite the tent and kept an eye on the trend here.

But Wei Xun knew the location of the snow leopard only because he had a connection with the snow leopard. How did Amara perceive it? Did she really agree with the ‘heavenly eye’?

“Gandan Baiju doesn’t know this. He has always wanted to return to ZhangXiong. I have always refused him Luoshan. Who knows where he found the poison fold (evil) dunfold (devil), but he wanted to come to this Xiangxiong relic when chabalaren recovered.”

Amara didn’t know what Wei Xun was thinking. She looked worried and said, “we must not feed chabalaren with blood cannibals, otherwise it will break away from the bondage of human skin and stir up a great disaster in the world.”

She hammered her legs hard, and her shriveled lips trembled: “my legs were entangled by it, and I almost lost my life. But I’ve been reading about ganjul. It sucked my blood and became depressed, so it didn’t take my life. ”

“If, if my legs are OK.”

Amara’s words were not finished. She hammered her leg again and again, as if she couldn’t feel the pain at all. Obviously, Amara means that if her legs are still intact, she will personally take pitanka, Gusin’s man, to subdue the recovering devil.

“SA, please tell the wrong Lama of Xiaolin temple about the recovery of the devil and the reappearance of guxintangka“

Amara took a string of beads from her neck and solemnly handed them to Wei Xun: “it will bless you and bring you good luck.”

This is a string of bead chains. Each bead is as long as jujube core, as good as agate, dark brown and nearly black in color, but there are mysterious and mysterious round white patterns like eyes on the surface.

Strangely, there are nine eye circles on each bead, which are almost the same size and evenly spaced. It seems to be carefully made by craftsmen, not natural.

The title of archaeological expert is useful. Wei Xun knew at a glance that the beads on the bead chain were big and famous Tibetan heavenly beads.

It is said that the heavenly beads are the relics of eminent monks and great virtues, or handed down from votsang. The string given by Amara to Wei Xun is the oldest and purest nine eyed elephant male heavenly beads. It is the sacred object of Yongzhong Bon religion and the first of the Tibetan seven treasures.

This is a really good thing! Even the fox cubs are rarely lured out. They lie on Wei Xun’s shoulders. Their greedy slender body slides like noodles. Their little claws are eager to try to catch the heavenly beads. They can’t help being soft and coquettish with Wei Xun.

“Master, master, let me keep it. Will you keep it for me?”

The magic mosquito didn’t like the smell of the string of beads. It flew from Wei Xun’s charging hat to Wei Xun’s heel farthest from the Tianzhu.

Because Tianzhu is not a hotel task reward, Wei Xun has no title of identification. We can only roughly know from the feedback of fox cubs and magic mosquitoes that this string of Tianzhu really has strong energy, which can be comparable to or even surpass the paper man fed to fox cubs at that time.

The paper man also has the functions of attack and communication. This elephant male nine eye heavenly bead is a powerful and peaceful pure energy, pure protection and restraint of all evil worship.

Amara also saw the ferret on Wei Xun’s shoulder. The old man who looked very difficult to get along with was kind and fond of animals. She even waved to the ferret and led it to drink milk tea in the bowl. It’s just like she didn’t ask Wei Xun’s name all the time, but directly called him ‘sa’ (Tibetan Snow Leopard).

Looking at her age, her legs were disabled and she could only survive in the tent, but she was still energetic and looked resolute and solemn when she mentioned the removal of demons and exorcisms. It can be seen that people with firm faith are indeed very powerful in spirit.

“Don’t you have to tell Gan Dan Baiju?”

Wei Xun said, “we are going to the Xiangxiong site, Xiaolin temple and Qiangtang no man’s land. If there are no other accidents, Gan Dan Baiju must go with us.”

After all, the brief introduction of the whole journey is “follow the last descendant of Yingdi, go into the forbidden area of northern Tibet and explore those unknown secrets”. As long as Gan Dan Baiju does not die, he must follow the whole journey. Looking at Amara now, she must be unable to stop Gan Danbai from going up the mountain.

But Wei Xun got her nine eye heavenly beads and asked casually. If Amara is still determined not to go up the mountain, he may have some ways.

“Leave him alone.”

Amarah said indifferently, “this is also his life.”

After that, Amara began to recite scriptures again and stopped talking about other things. Wei Xun looked at the time. It was almost ten o’clock, so he said goodbye to Amara and left the tent.

According to the description of Amara, it is the devil chabalaren who is attached to the great villain Chaotong. In order to suppress the devil, the ancient elephant male portrayed the god Buddha on Chaotong’s skin, stripped his skin to make a human skin Thangka, and suppressed it with Guxin’s human skin Thangka.

Now the human skin that seals the devil has revived. It wants to break free from the shackles of God and Buddha and eat flesh and blood to increase its strength and get rid of human skin.

Amara said that pitangka, who sealed the devil, was suppressed under Wei molongren, but Wei Xun knew that Wei molongren was not so much a real place name as a legendary place.

It is said that the Buddha dunpashinrao was born in weimolongren, which is the original origin of Bon, the center of the universe and the ideal heaven. It is in the west of the earth in the shape of eight lotus petals. Eight golden wheels float in the sky. Nine overlapping zigzag crystal mountains overlook the earth, and four rivers flow in four directions at the foot of the mountain.

This was supposed to be a place of fantasy and legend, but on the map of pitangka in Wei Xun’s hand, nine characters were drawn just below the temple of Saikang. It shouldn’t be a coincidence.

“It should be that the ancient Xiangxiong people imitated Wei molongren and built a secret room in his highness Saikang to suppress human skin?”

Wei Xun said to himself, “Amara can be hurt by human skin, which basically means that this human skin is in the site of ZhangXiong, on the poor mountain. Dragon God waterway, Dragon God, human and animal, blood food… Tut. ”

“The herald of Eagle flute offered sacrifices to the Dragon God. Does he think the demon human skin is in the belly of the Dragon God?”

Wei Xun Shen, who controls Yue Chenghua, naturally knows that Ding Yi fed the dragon fish with dozens of sheep and four of them at the instruction of the descendant of Yingdi.

Is the correct way to sacrifice the dragon fish is to spit it out in addition to the strong light flashlight? It shouldn’t be. Is it really stupid for a dragon fish to be hungry and full?

Or did the eagle flute preacher actually want to ‘feed’ something in the belly of the dragon fish by sacrificing the head of the dragon fish?

“If the Dragon God was really fed by people in the past, it should be the highest status guxincai agreement.”

Wei Xun said, “that is to say, the Dragon God waterway is all over the underground of Xiangxiong ruins, among which there is a road from Saikang temple to dangjiayongcuo lake? It was from this waterway that the arowana swam into dangjiayongcuo lake? ”

Maybe it’s not the “Dragon God” in those days, but the fry of the same batch as the Dragon God. After all, thousands of years have passed since the ZhangXiong period. Wei Xun has never seen a protocol fish live so big.

“But for the eagle flute Messenger, his interest in the map is greater than his interest in the human pitanka itself – or according to Amara, he doesn’t know that the human skin drawing the map is actually the human skin of Gusin opposite to the devil pitanka?”

“It’s getting more and more interesting.”

Wei Xun sighed and smiled at the snow leopard who didn’t know when to quietly follow him. His eyes seemed to twinkle: “I really want to see. Are there really demons in the world?”

Maybe it’s really a protocol, like Valentine’s magic mosquito and the devil form after Wei Xun’s transformation. If the great demon chabalaren in Bon legend is true——

Wei Xun licked his lips, and the light in his eyes was bright and dark.

Magic mosquitoes say that their abyss races evolved and grew by swallowing each other. For example, when Wei Xun’s San value plummeted and lost his mind, he also wanted to eat Wu Laoliu.

When Wei Xun finally fully revealed his alienated form, the wings behind him were not fully developed, and the horns were not large.

Wei Xun stopped for ten days after his journey to Western Hunan. The journey to explore the secrets of northern Tibet is another twelve days. Soon after he finishes his journey, he will be assigned the journey as a tour guide.

C250, who is on the new star list, will definitely attract much attention, goodwill or malice. Before that, Wei Xun should enhance his strength as much as possible.

Although according to the normal difficulty of the journey, he should not be involved in finding pitanka, but should hand it over to the Kobayashi Lama, as Amara said.

But Wei Xun is excited.

“Is this chabalaren delicious?”

He muttered, “buzzing and eating, master eating!” And fox cub actively suggested that “it’s not easy to chew human skin after thousands of years, and drive the devil out to eat again”. Under the arch fire, Wei Xun has set the policy of all-round development in this journey to northern Tibet, the policy of exploring relics, and the ultimate goal of finding the devil pitangka and tasting chabalaren.

He walked briskly to the mountain crossing, leaned against the mountain wall with his arms in his arms, and was in a happy mood waiting for the brigade to arrive.

According to the speed, the brigade should also arrive – in fact, it should have been earlier.

What was the delay?

Sure enough, without knowing what Wei Xun said, he went down again, turned around the mountain bend and saw the brigade people blocked in the mountain road. What stopped them was a group of Tibetans. Jiang Hongguang’s people are negotiating with the Tibetans at the forefront. The time is approaching, and they are also very anxious. However, regardless of good or bad words, the Tibetans are firm and do not allow them to pass!

Ordinary people should not pay attention to the brigade, that is, being blocked by Tibetans should not happen, or that is, the difficulty set by the hotel itself.

No wonder it’s just a difficult journey. When tourists want to get drunk in Western Hunan, they encounter corpse flying fox and mandrill beast monsters on the mountain road, and now there are just a few Tibetans in the way.

Therefore, Wei Xun is more curious.

Jiang Hongguang is not a fool. Xu Yang is also smart. Feilezhi has the title of spending money like earth. No matter why Tibetans prevent them from going up the mountain, they should talk well and give money if they should. They shouldn’t be trapped anyway.


“Guard, we’re here!”

Wei Xun went down. Feile was so happy that she found him at the tip of her eyes and waved to him happily. His action attracted the tourists and Tibetans to look at Wei Xun. Rao Shijiang Hongguang was relieved when he came to Wei Xun. He didn’t realize that he subconsciously felt that Wei Xun was sure of the solution. As long as Wei Xun came, he would be able to solve the problem.

“What’s the matter?”

When Wei Xun approached, he noticed that the Tibetan people’s eyes fell on the snow leopard. The protocol man couldn’t believe it. He opened his eyes wide and murmured scriptures over his chest. This time, Feile didn’t grab the head, but gave up his words to Jiang Hongguang.

“Guard, we didn’t encounter any danger along the way, just now.”

Jiang Hongguang smiled bitterly and whispered. Wei Xun noticed that the guide Brooch pinned on his chest was gone. Wei Xun glanced at the brigade and knew it clearly in his heart.

“They say we are unclean people and don’t allow us to go up the holy mountain.”

Unclean man?

“Is this snow leopard your friend?”

When Wei Xun looked at the Tibetans, he saw the tall, big, black faced Tibetan talking to him in stiff Mandarin.

“Yes, yes. It’s my best friend. ”

Wei Xun replied in Tibetan. The Tibetans looked much better. He whispered with the people around him in Tibetan. After shaking his head and nodding for a while, he said seriously to Wei Xun:

“A friend recognized by the snow mountain holy beast, and also a friend of Zaxi Jiji. Your friends can also enter the holy mountain — ”

“But he can’t.”

Zaxi Ji pointed straight to the middle of the brigade and said in disgust: “unclean and evil people can’t enter the holy mountain!”

The passengers stepped aside one after another and saw that the direction of Tashi’s fingers was Lin Qiming, who was pale. But the unclean person he described was not him. Lin Qiming’s thin body was bent down, his face was sweating and panting. On his back was a man wearing a dark green cloak.

“Director Ding, have you finished? What about Yue Chenghua? ”

Wei Xun came forward with surprise and concern. Despite Lin Qiming’s hesitation and dark green cloak, Ding raised slightly, as if to stop his hand. He directly opened Ding Yi’s hood at a fast hand speed and looked in.

Then he was stunned, gentle, compassionate and worried, and covered Ding’s hood again. In a very low voice, but actually the whole brigade can hear:

“Ding Dao, where’s your face?”

“Why is your face gone?”


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