TTG Chapter 7

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (7)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 7: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

“Whine –!”

The monsters spread out their limbs, glided like flying mice in the forest and jumped at Wei Xun. They gave out a sad cry. Suddenly, a soft, familiar and strange female voice sounded in Wei Xun’s mind.

“Xiao Xun, come on, come to mom.”

In his memory, his mother’s voice was accompanied by Wei Xun’s few happy childhood fragments.

“Xiao Xun, don’t be afraid. Come to my mother.”

Mother seemed to open her hands and smile lovingly, waiting for Wei Xun to come to her arms.

But what she was waiting for was a guide flag!

The round headed flagpole pierced his chest, and the “mother” howled like being hurt by a sharp knife. Her face was full of unbelievable sadness and wept.

No matter how hard hearted people are, they may hesitate to show mercy when they see this scene, but Wei Xun smiles and tries hard.

“Don’t worry, Mom”

Wei Xun whispered, “I’m not afraid.”

The flagpole pierced the monster’s body. All of a sudden, the “mother’s” skin was stripped away, revealing scarlet flesh and blood. From a human being to a skinned baby like monster, this change can frighten people to crack their hearts. Wei Xun’s pupils shrank slightly, but it was not because of fear.

It’s excitement!


Another monster took the opportunity to pounce on Wei Xun, biting his sharp teeth on his right hand holding the flagpole, directly biting his wrist into a pair, and black blood flowed out – its teeth were poisonous!

But Wei Xun did not hurry to change the flagpole to his left hand. The flagpole cut through the rain curtain and hit the monster fiercely, regardless of the monster’s tusks and his flesh and blood! The monster wailed bitterly, and the deafening noise turned into a calm and severe male voice in Wei Xun’s ears.

“Xiao Xun, hurting yourself is a sign of the weak.”

It was his brother’s voice. When Wei Xun secretly tried to hurt himself and feel pain when he was a child, he was severely stopped. The older and more serious man who looked like Wei Xun stretched out his hand:

“Come on, give me the knife”

Wei Xun swung his “knife” and gave it a hard blow. Seeing that “brother” was also knocked off his skin and became a monster, Wei Xun laughed more happily:

“Brother, you see, I’m stronger.”

The guide flag on his left hand seems to be more powerful. The monster’s tough leather skin is like tender tofu to him. It can’t resist Wei Xun’s attack. Miao Fangfei next to him wanted to help, but now she’s stupid!

One shot after another, Wei Xun hit the monster without leaving his hand, splashing sticky blood mud. At this moment, he was laughing, laughing more and more happily, and only the monster was in his eyes!

“Ha -”

Monsters that can make people have auditory illusions, super powerful guide flags, bloody battles like the strong, and the game of journey is more exciting than Wei Xun imagined!

“Hum -”

The monster hit repeatedly by the flagpole was almost split in half. It was wailing and struggling to escape into the vast forest, but it was penetrated by the flagpole thrown by Wei Xun!


Wearing the flagpole of two monsters, he fell to the ground. The one behind him was still unable to struggle. The one in front was made by Wei Xun as a hammer. He was already rotten and became a pool of bloody meat mud.

When the fierce battle ended, Wei Xun was a little gasping. He recovered from his excitement and even had a little more to say.

However, when he calmed down, the strong stench, like rotten fish marinated in excrement for half a month, came to his face. Wei Xun trembled and sneezed. His face, which had been laughing all the time during the battle, showed a bit of panic.


The sneeze was not loud, but Shi Tao trembled with fear.

Wei Xun was quite satisfied with the stable “Mount” he carried in the battle just now. He patted Shi Tao on the shoulder and rubbed the smelly blood on his hand.

“Go and kill it.”

The monster on the flagpole is still struggling, not dead. The Silver Butterfly badge has returned to cold. These two monsters are all on the mountain road.

Wei Xun held his arms like an old hen. He didn’t want the blood on his hands to touch his body, let alone stay in this smelly battlefield.

Shi Tao was patted with a soft leg and almost fell to the ground. His brain was blank, and his ears echoed with crazy and excited laughter when Bingjiu slaughtered monsters.

Crazy, crazy Bingjiu, butcher Bingjiu——

He said mother, brother – did Bingjiu kill his family in reality?!

It’s terrible. It’s terrible.

What are monsters to be afraid of? Can they be terrible!

“Go and kill her…”

The demon voice echoed in his ears.

He, who does he want him to kill?

Miao Fangfei?

No, no, Bingjiu just saved Miao Fangfei?


But Bingjiu is such a madman!

Shi Tao was stiff and tight like a stone. Bingjiu patted him on the shoulder again – it was urging!

Miao Fangfei, run!

Shi Tao shouted silently in his heart. After the terrible battle just now, he was frightened by Bingjiu and knew that he could not resist Bingjiu at all.

Even if Bingjiu asks him to kill now, I’m afraid Shi Tao will obey him. He’s like a ghost for a tiger!

Run away, Miao Fangfei, run——

Unfortunately, Miao Fangfei couldn’t hear Shi Tao’s desperate roar, but rushed over. The woman’s shoulders and face were covered with blood. She stabbed the little monster in the water like crazy. The knives and knives were at the key. The person who looked hard felt cold at the bottom of her heart.

The knife didn’t pierce the monster’s body. Miao Fangfei picked up the guide flag that fell to the ground, held it in both hands and stabbed the monster’s head!

The little monster twitched and finally stopped moving. Miao Fangfei, who succeeded in mending the knife, fell to the ground, gasped, and reluctantly got up, holding the guide flag in both hands to Bingjiu.

“Thank you. Thank you for saving me.”

Miao Fangfei’s voice is hoarse, a little bent in pain, but her tone is very serious.

“My life is yours.”

Wei Xun noticed that Miao Fangfei’s palms were all scalded. Passengers can’t use the guide flag. If they use it forcibly, they will be punished.

The guide flag, which fell into the mud and was covered with the monster’s blood and brain, was so dirty that he couldn’t bear to look straight at it. Wei Xun despised it all over his face. Fortunately, he could take the guide flag back into his Brooch without holding it personally.

When the guide flag was taken back, Wei Xun heard a sound in his mind.

[you killed the corpse flying fox and obtained the corpse flying fox atlas. The collection progress of the atlas is 1 / 4]

[flying fox, scientific name red and white flying squirrel, also known as pine cat, is distributed in Myanmar, Thailand and Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China. It can glide in the forest during the day and at night]

[corpse flying fox, high-level five-star monster, variant of flying fox bitten by zombies, teeth, nails and blood contain fierce necrotic poison, which can be solved only by corpse flying fox bile]

[it is said that there are often dangers when driving corpses away at night in Western Hunan. The village heads of qiebi village in previous dynasties have mastered the secret of domesticating flying foxes. The spiritual flying foxes can act together with the corpse driving team and give early warning to the corpse driving people in advance. The domesticated flying fox is extremely loyal. When necessary, it will even sacrifice itself to buy time for its master]

[you have opened up a new scenic spot: Feihu mountain forest, 10% of the process]

[excellent tour guides always think of the hotel wholeheartedly, such as taking the initiative to open up new and profitable scenic spots! Come on, when more than half of the new scenic spots are opened, you will get incentive money. When the new scenic spots are opened successfully, you will get a reward from the hotel!]

[di, you kill the corpse turned flying fox and gain the resentment of the corpse turned flying fox]

A cold feeling full of resentment came and lingered around Wei Xun like substance. Wei Xun wondered for the decision of the hotel why Miao Fangfei killed the flying fox on him?

Is it because he hurt the most, or because Miao Fangfei killed the flying fox with the guide flag?

The corpse turns into a flying fox. Wei Xun looks at his right hand. The place bitten by the flying fox has begun to blacken and fester, but Wei Xun just feels a little itchy.

Miao Fangfei was trembling with pain, pale and blue, and looked like she was going to die soon. Although she was experienced, she quickly swallowed several self-made detoxification pills and covered herself with glutinous rice from her travel bag, but glutinous rice could pull out the corpse poison, but she could not completely remove the poison of corpse flying fox.

This special poison is usually the antidote itself.

Miao Fangfei studied poisons. When Bingjiu ordered her to dig out the monster’s gallbladder, Miao Fangfei’s heart was beating wildly. She knew it was the only medicine that could save her life!

When digging out the big black gallbladder, Miao Fangfei’s desire for survival almost controlled her body, making Miao Fangfei want to take a drop of bile immediately. But——

Pressing down the surging desire and pain, Miao Fangfei honestly handed the gallbladder to Bingjiu.

If it was in the past, under the threat of death, Miao Fangfei might attack him while Bingjiu was injured and seize the gallbladder.

But Bingjiu saved her.

Whatever the purpose, Miao Fangfei is still grateful. She owes Bingjiu a life. Even if Bingjiu doesn’t give her a drop of bile, she is allowed to die. Miao Fangfei doesn’t have any complaints.


Seeing Bingjiu’s right hand being bitten, dripping blood, half of his arm turned black due to poisoning, but he still looked calm and unmoved. Miao Fangfei couldn’t help but feel cold in her heart.

Even if she does, I’m afraid she can’t beat Bingjiu.

Let’s be honest.

Wei Xun looked at Miao Fangfei, whose eyes were covered with blood, and hated the gallbladder with smelly blood.

What’s this? Do you want him to take bile by hand?

“You take out the bile.”

Wei Xun “enslaves” Miao Fangfei without pressure. Anyway, his life is his. It’s time to do something small.

Why don’t you move?

Miao Fangfei, who was shocked and stunned, shivered after feeling Bingjiu’s gaze, and immediately lowered her head to deal with the gallbladder.

Even with extreme consternation, Miao Fangfei’s action of taking bile was still very neat and sophisticated. Soon, the black-green bile fell into a small bottle the size of her finger.

With the greatest willpower, Miao Fangfei gave the whole bottle of life-saving bile to Bingjiu.


Wei Xun looked at the bile in the vial. The dark green to luminous color, the stench and strong herbal flavor mixed together, emitting another smell like a rotten herring can, which was suffocating like the magic medicine Snape made for Potter.

No, no, can this really detoxify? The sign is on the donkey.

Wei Xun would never have touched such a thing if his right hand had not been rotten and was about to see bones!

“You taste a drop.”

Wei Xun muttered, trying to struggle to death. He thought the hotel was not a good thing. He didn’t want to take the opportunity to poison him.

Is this bile really drinkable??

He doesn’t believe it.

But unexpectedly, after hearing his words, Miao Fangfei suddenly raised her head and stared at him with unbelievable eyes. Her eyes seemed to be shining!


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