TTG Chapter 70

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 70: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (13)

“Say… Ho…”

Ding Yi was confused and felt that the place where he came into contact with the outside world was burning like fire. Even though he basically covered his whole body with a cloak, he was still tortured by the pain and burning deep into the bone marrow.

The heat in the body is in sharp contrast to the cold on the back. The ghost’s face is ready to move. It seems to be aware of the weakness of the master. Two bottles of panacea can’t completely cure Ding Yi’s injury. It makes the surface wound heal, but the rotten and missing flesh and blood and the lost skin can’t grow well.

If he wants to be completely cured, Ding has to buy a few more bottles of energy supplement drugs, but he has no points! Damn Hotel, Qiang Xiang bought Dang Jiayong the medicine for removing radiation and disinfection, so that Ding Yi spent all his savings of more than 10000 points and owed the hotel money.

Now the most important thing is not the injury on the body, but the head lowering ghost face that gradually loses control. When it was by the lake, it was affected by the black stone emerald skeleton, and some changes occurred. Now Ding Yi can’t suppress it!

However, as far as I’m concerned, the physical pain is no better than the psychological blow. That damn, damn Eagle piper. He worked hard to get the jade and black stone fragments, but he didn’t take them out. The herald of the eagle flute drove him out of the tent! At that time, he made no secret of his disgust, which made Ding Yi feel great shame and anger, such as falling into an ice cave.

Before he went to Beijing, he was still trying to open up new scenic spots and even get clues about scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude. Now his mind has completely extinguished. The raging anger and madness almost ignited Ding. He urgently wanted to kill something to vent his anger, which suddenly reduced to more than ten days of death countdown, which made him crazy.

When Ding Yi caught up with the brigade, he could hardly control it. He asked someone to bury him with his anger – but he couldn’t.

He also squeezed out the final points from the tourists. Ding Yi failed to complete the task from the eagle flute messenger and won the points and rewards of the hotel. He decided to start from the tourists. This is the first shopping spot at the Xiangxiong site.

Never let these damn passengers find out what he’s like!

Ding Yi used to punish Jiang Hongguang, who dared to hold his guide brooch, but the constant movement of the head lowering ghost face behind him made the countdown to his death drop rapidly. Ding Yi gnashed his teeth and said that he could gently uncover it. He ordered Lin Qiming to carry it on his back, and then immerse himself in subduing the head lowering ghost face on his back. The external perception became dull.

The team stopped. For what reason, Ding Yi didn’t care. Until he felt someone close to him and Lin Qiming, and the fool was stunned in place and didn’t retreat immediately, Ding Yi cursed maliciously in his heart and stretched out his hand to stop him. He had poison in his hand, which made the man taste the punishment of offending the guide!

But maybe he was still immersed in the face of the ghost who suppressed his head and hesitated, or his mother’s action was fast. Before Ding Yi could fan his face, he was lifted up his hood in public!

Ah -!!!

The newly grown skin on his face is like a thin layer of film. The sharp pain of contacting with the bad outside world makes Ding Yi twitch all over. He wants to scream. He stifles it. There is a sound of pain in his throat. At the same time, Ding Yi’s five senses seem to become particularly sharp – he seems to hear the sound of passengers taking a cold breath.

His embarrassed image was seen by the passengers!

Great shame and anger surged into Ding Yi’s heart. Ding Yi was extremely angry and became angry. He didn’t care about his ambitions. He wanted to vent hard – he was the heir of the eagle flute and the whole brigade died.

Everyone has to die!

“You go up first.”

Wei Xun said that he took Ding Yi’s cloak and took him off Lin Qiming’s back. Now Ding Yiqing’s clothes are like bones. Although Yue Chenghua died early, Xiao Jin Weixun can’t specifically perceive what happened to Ding Yi.

However, seeing that Yue Chenghua took a strong flashlight to irradiate the strange fish before he died, and the revenge strange fish came back and opened his mouth to Ding Yi, Wei Xun thought of the extreme sense of danger he felt in the mouth of the strange fish last night.

Is it something in the belly of the strange fish that makes Ding Yi look like this?

“Ah, ah, this.”

Lin Qiming trembled with fear and wanted to take Ding Yi from Wei Xun’s hand. He hesitated and hesitated. His hand reached half, and his fingers were still trembling.

Just now, he glanced at Ding Yi and saw his face. At that moment, shock and fear almost drowned him! After the panic, what came from the bottom of his heart was killing.

Ding Yi will never let anyone who sees his embarrassing image survive!

Lin Qiming knows how good Ding Yi is and remembers his revenge. He is like a hyena. Anyone who offends Ding Yi will be brutally tortured to death. Yue Chenghua, they are dead, and all the people in their brigade have to die. Even Lin Qiming is no exception.

All will be killed by Ding Yi!

Lin Qiming’s mind is in a mess. Listening to Wei Xun’s words, he looks over and sees Wei Xun smiling at him. Did Wei Xun deliberately open Ding Yi’s hood so that everyone could see his face?

In this way, Wei Xun tied someone to his chariot. For his own small life, no one will talk to Ding again. Seeing that all four of Yue Chenghua didn’t come back, Lin Qiming guessed that they were all dead.

Those who surrender to Ding Yi die the fastest.

Lin Qiming felt a surge of cold at the bottom of his heart. It was the cold that he had been forced to face the cruel reality because of the disappearance of the shelter on his head all the time. But in the cold, he had a twisted pleasure. Who wants to throw away his dignity and be forced to be a dog for others? It’s not a natural masochism!

“Let’s go up first.”

No one expected that Lin Qiming, the most loyal Ding Yi, first said this sentence. He even turned his head and smiled at the other passengers: “time is running out. It’s troublesome for us to stay here. Why don’t you go up first? The guard will always find a way.

“Indeed, there are twenty minutes left.”

Jiang Hongguang immediately reacted and was awed. When Wei Xun opened Ding Yi’s hood, his mind moved and connected the doubts all the way. Why did Ding Yi ask Wei Xun who left the team? Why didn’t Ding Yi punish Jiang Hongguang? Did Ding Yi take a brooch? Why did Ding ask Lin Qiming to recite them for a while, and where did Yue Chenghua go?

Jiang Hongguang knew when he saw Ding Yi’s bloody face covered with a gray red meat film. Lin Qiming thought of it. Some of them thought of it. Whether Wei Xun intended it or not, they couldn’t stand next to tour guide Ding Yi.


Jiang Hongguang said, he bowed his head to Wei Xun, then turned around and took the lead in continuing to the mountain, without even asking more questions about the guide’s brooch. With the leader, other veteran passengers who are still shocked and still in panic also subconsciously left with Jiang Hongguang and Lin Qiming. When he looked at Wei Xun in front of him, he somehow didn’t dare to look directly at him, but he couldn’t help looking down like Jiang Hongguang.

“Brother Wei, we are waiting for you at the Xiangxiong site!”

Feile was so happy that he waved to him. “You, not ‘you’, didn’t make mistakes. Even Lin Qiming didn’t hear it.

Without the protection of the brooch, it was not long before they felt stuffy, their breathing was not smooth, their heart beat faster, and their legs seemed to become particularly heavy. This is altitude sickness. Some people understand that no one is talking, but they are secretly adjusting their own state.

What does Wei Xun do? What does he do? I’m afraid I have to ask the whereabouts of Yue Chenghua.

The passengers were still deeply impressed by Wei Xun’s departure. They finally vaguely understood that Wei Xun was not a gentle, polite and disciplined newcomer. Yes, they didn’t expect that the real newcomer would dare to step on the guide as soon as he came up?

He dares to step on the guide, he dares to leave the team, then Wei Xun… Does he dare to kill the guide?

A smart man like Wei Xun should know that Yue Chenghua has died, and he died because of Ding Yi. I know that this brigade is actually a disorderly place where the weak eat the strong.

What will Wei Xun do?

He opened Ding Yi’s hood, isn’t it some kind of hint?

They all looked at Ding Yi’s bloody face, and then Ding Yi would surely take revenge.

At this moment, the experienced passengers were looking forward to seeing him again. If, if there is really no guide on the next road… No one cares more, some people are trying to adapt to altitude sickness.

“Give it to me.”

Seeing Xu Yang gasping for breath step by step, the old passenger next to him somehow didn’t mind his own business. He took his backpack on his own initiative. Then he didn’t do anything. He took two backpacks and took a few big steps to the front.

Subtle changes have taken place in the whole brigade at this moment. The new passengers may be completely happy, while the old passengers are more mixed, and countless emotions are accumulated in their hearts.

From entering the hotel to now, they have not experienced a journey without a guide. This feeling is like a newborn baby, but it doesn’t know the way, and strange fear and anxiety rush into my heart.

But in his panic, he felt an unspeakable pleasure, as if the heavy pressure on his head suddenly disappeared and disappeared, and they could finally see the high and vast blue sky again. Although this plateau makes people breathe less and travel more difficult, perhaps this is the price of freedom.

“His grandmother’s, can be regarded as a breath.”

Jiang Hongguang hears Ji Hongcai talking to himself rudely. He doesn’t care. He stares at the blue sky and doesn’t find that he is smiling at some time.

They don’t know what will happen without a guide. They may not be able to complete the journey in the end. But what about this? Jiang Hongguang suddenly realized that the tourists would not die if they could not complete the scenic spot.

The final score will be low and the points will be less, but it seems that the hotel does not have any experience. If the journey cannot be completed, the passengers will die.

It has always been the tour guide who forces the tourists to travel. After the tourists have passed the scenic spots, the tour guide can be paid to complete the “Hotel task”. Although not all passengers can think of this. Jiang Hongguang feels that from joining the hotel to now, he has clearly pursued “living” and he has never felt so “free”.

Perhaps without the guide, the journey would be more difficult than being exploited and oppressed by the pig flow guide, and more difficult than struggling to survive under the butcher flow guide. At this moment, he looked at his companions, as if they were really great travelers who worked together to conquer the no man’s restricted area, explore mysterious relics and work together.

Wei Xun forced them to uncover this blue sky.

Obviously, he is a new passenger. He is bolder and more thorough than them.

Jiang Hongguang sighed in his heart.

“I hope director Ding won’t come back.”

I don’t know who put his heart out? Jiang Hongguang looked at it in surprise and found that the person who said it was Fang Yuhang. It was clear that he had always been cautious. Jiang Hongguang looked at him. Their eyes met. Somehow, they all laughed.

“I don’t know when the guard will be back.”

The brigade arrived at the site of Xiangxiong and stood on the high mountain. They looked forward to Wei Xun’s return.

As for Ding Dao, who was deliberately left behind by them, he is now falling into great panic and shame.

“Don’t come here!”

Ding Yi was clinging to the rocks behind him and wanted to be integrated with the mountain. Wei Xun roared, and there was a trace of fear in his severe tone.

“Stop! I command you not to come! “


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