TTG Chapter 71

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 71: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (14)

“What’s the matter, director Ding? Everyone is waiting for you.”

Wei Xun Wen smiled and approached step by step despite Ding Yi’s resistance:

“You also heard that the Tibetans said you were unclean, right? We have to find a way to get through.”

“Fuck off, are you looking for death?”

In this scene, Ding Yi used to force passengers to surrender. When dogs were so similar, but he never knew how angry the forced party was when the two sides would change their identity.

“Come and try again, and I’ll let you –”

Before the voice fell, Wei Xun suddenly took his hand and grabbed Ding Yi’s shoulder. Before Ding Yi could react, he was dragged forward by the force that he could not resist and “tore away” with the mountain rock behind him. Ding Yi was very angry and desperate to fight back, but the control of golden mosquitoes made him in a trance for a moment. At this moment, Wei Xun moved very fast, and his right hand poked into Ding Yi’s cloak and behind him.

He saw an imaginary fox head looming on Wei Xun’s hand. He opened his mouth and bit on the head lowering ghost face, but the scene was blocked by Ding Yi’s cloak.

Hearing a shrill scream, the head bower behind Ding Yi was caught out by the fox cub!

“Ah –!”

Ding Yi’s pain pierced his heart, tore his heart, cracked his lungs and screamed. This moment of pain almost made him faint, like the sharp pain of being pulled out of his spine by a living dog. The cold sweat fell like rain. In a trance, Ding Yi seemed to see a resentful face with blood and tears. It was a woman who was made into a ghost face by him.

The woman dared to resist him again and again. Hou Dingyi simply found a Thai headmaster in the tour guide forum, stripped off the woman’s skin, cut her neck and took out her head and spine while she was still angry.

The woman’s skin was sewn on Ding Yi’s back. The spine of the head was made into a flying head man by the Thai head lowering division. At that time, he was still wearing the head to do his best, but he didn’t feel much pain when he was skinned alive.

“I’m coming, director Ding.”

Ding, who was sweating hard, was still laughing when he heard Wei Xun.

“What are you going to do to me?”

At this time, he didn’t think the beauty smiled and moved, but thought he was as terrible as the devil! If he had been fighting against killing just now, but now as soon as Ding looked at the countdown to his sudden death, he dared not take any more rash action by means of Wei Xun’s pulling the ghost face out of his body.

Even now, his points keep rising, representing the influx of countless viewers into the live studio, but the rising points will be given priority by the hotel to repay the loan. The rest is a drop in the bucket for Ding Yi, which is not enough for him to increase the countdown to death.

No, he can’t die. He finally became a tour guide. The passenger’s life is rotten. How can he go all out with Wei Xun?

Yes, as long as you live, as long as you can survive, you will have the opportunity to retaliate in the future –  it’s stupid for passengers to work hard. This is his life!

“Wei Xun, Wei Xun, spare me.”

Ding Yixue’s face twitched after being stripped of the ghost’s skin. He didn’t fight back. He completely put down his arrogance and self-esteem and begged Wei Xun for mercy. He was more unscrupulous before, but now he is more afraid of death.

“I have no enemies with you. I’m not mean to you. As soon as you entered the brigade, I appreciated you and made you captain. ”

Ding said incoherently. He threw the guide flag, guide Mai and guide brooch on the ground to show his sincerity and low voice:

“Yue Chenghua, they are dead, but they do special tasks. They overestimate their strength. It has nothing to do with me. This is a journey to test the passengers. I’m a tour guide. I can’t list more passengers, otherwise I will be punished. I can’t blame me, no, I can’t… ”

Wei Xun didn’t even look at him or those things. Wei Xun stroked the ferret in his palm. He seemed to grow up. He lay lazily in Wei Xun’s palm and burped. When the body is still there, it can be regarded as a heavenly fox that will soon be cultivated. It doesn’t swallow people’s souls, but only eats those pure Yin Qi and resentments.

Now it’s like this, and I’m no longer picky. The blood and evil spirit on the face of the head bowed ghost was eaten clean by him. Then the mink burped and spit out the ghost. The soul is extremely incomplete, probably because it’s only her skin here. It can’t be turned, it can’t exceed, it can’t be collected, it can only dissipate.

The ghost, which was so unreal that it could hardly see the shadow, worshipped Wei Xun’s mink cub and then rushed into Ding Yili. The enemy’s head is in debt. Ding Yi, whose severe pain has not yet dissipated, feels his blood suddenly frozen. His teeth tremble with cold. His eyes are black and he almost faints.

What did Wei Xun do to him? He, he has left all the guide products behind. Damn Wei Xun, how can he be so good!

Ding Yi hated his teeth to pieces. Although he seemed to submit, he was always looking for opportunities. The tour guide products he just threw out are the bait – Wei Xun is a newcomer. When he sees these tour guide products, he may think he has won and relax his vigilance. In fact, both the guide flag and the guide Mai can only be used by Ding Yi. The only thing Wei Xun can touch is a guide brooch.

Who knows that Wei Xun is not on the set at all!

Ding Yi shivered. The rapidly falling death countdown made him feel bad. In particular, the cold seemed to freeze his soul and make him dull in thinking. No, he can’t delay any longer. He didn’t increase the excess points, count down the death, and even owed the hotel points. He can’t really die here!

“This is a blood tonic, this is a snake primer, this is an inner bladder that can relieve most snake venoms. I’ve given it to you, Wei Xun.”

Ding Yi took out a lot of miscellaneous things. He bit them. Finally, he felt out the gold box and held it in his hand to beat Wei Xun:

“This is the treasure I got from the Dragon God. It’s very powerful when it’s in the lake. You see, it’s definitely a good thing. I’ll give it to you – ah!!!”

The back of his hand was in severe pain. Ding felt conscious and waved his hand hard, and saw a gray shadow flash. The ferret that had just bitten Ding’s back returned to Wei Xun’s shoulder, and Wei Xun was catching the gold box that had not been hit. As soon as he held it, the box disappeared in his hand.

Store props!

Ding Yi’s eyes were straight and he didn’t understand anything. Why did Wei Xun leave the team and the guide’s Brooch came to Jiang Hongguang? Damn Wei Xun must have taken advantage of that time to become a branch scenic spot!

No wonder he is so strong. No wonder, no wonder Wei Xun suddenly wants to start with him. He must have heard from the group of veteran tourists. The tour guide won’t let the tourists who are branch attractions live, so he should start first!


Such a hand is very dark. Who is the guide?!

At present, there is nothing else to help. The contradiction between the branch scenic spots is that Wei Xun will never believe him.

“You can’t kill me, Wei Xun.”

Ding Yi changed his tone: “now everything is broadcast live and watched by people outside. At least tens of thousands of people are watching! If you kill me, they can all see! ”

After the threat, Ding Yi softened again: “brother, although you are a passenger and I am a guide, we are all forced to be selected into the hotel. We are all people. Wei Xun, you can’t kill! ”

Wei Xun allows Ding Yi to panic wildly – the more negative emotions, the more he will be controlled by Wei Xun. Xiaojin likes panic and despair in an abyss like this. Just like now, Xiao Jin quietly lies on Ding Yi’s back neck to suck blood. From the blood full of fear, Ding Yi’s information is completely unprotected and continuously transmitted to Wei Xun.

Many of his secrets, even those he didn’t know, were all learned by Wei Xun.

In fact, Wei Xun didn’t intend to kill Ding Yi. He just took complete control of him. After all, he will go to explore the Xiangxiong site in the next few days. No one will disturb him.

But who knows what Ding Yi’s brain supplemented under Xiao Jin’s negative catalysis. He poured out so much material and took out what he got from the belly of the dragon fish. Wei Xun won’t let him play the golden box. Seeing the destruction of Yue Chenghua’s four people, Ding knew that it was absolutely dangerous as soon as he was in such a miserable situation.

Even he was in the crisis when he first met Li Gui Pingping. In fact, even Wei Xun didn’t arrive. Why is Ding Yi also the first tour guide of level D? He really dared to go up recklessly.

“Are you human?”

Wei Xun paced to Ding Yi, who was so cold that he was stiff that he couldn’t move. He leaned down and whispered in his ear, laughing and chanting in a voice that only they could hear:

“I’m not a man anymore. Can I kill you?”

When Ding Yi’s pupil suddenly shrinks, his face shows despair and his whole body trembles. Wei Xun took the opportunity to completely invade Ding Yi’s will. Before the despair in his heart became fierce, Wei Xun’s voice became lower, like a whisper:

“Maybe you’ll be my dog.”

He has a deep meaning. A sentence contains two meanings. At the moment, only he can understand it. I saw that the ferocity that was about to appear in Ding Yi’s eyes dissipated. He was shocked as if he had been struck by thunder. I couldn’t believe it. The next moment he simply closed his eyes and didn’t let his emotions show. Wei Xun heard his heart sound, which was extremely anxious and very flustered:

“You, how do you know?”

* *

“Wei Xun doesn’t really want to kill Ding Yi, does he?”

At the moment, Ding Yi’s live broadcasting room is unprecedentedly prosperous, and the barrage is like a frying pan. If Ding Yi really comes out alive, he may not only achieve the achievement of thousands of people watching the live broadcasting, but also achieve the achievement of 10000 people in the live broadcasting room!

This heat can’t even be done by ordinary class C tour guides. It can even be comparable to class B tour guides! But I’m afraid every tour guide doesn’t want such a shameful achievement. After all, these visitors didn’t come because of Ding Yi, but all witnessed with their own eyes that the first newcomer in history killed the tour guide!

But also in the difficult journey, pure newcomer tourists, Ding and other first tour guides!

As soon as the post of [live broadcast of new passenger Wei Xun killing tour guide Ding Yi] appeared, it was pushed up hundreds of floors, and even many foreign tour guide tourists in the West came to cross the region to watch.

In fact, this shouldn’t have attracted so much attention. The big tour guides above are very busy. For other audiences, they can see the live broadcast of many class B and class a tour guides. Even if the gimmick “new tourists step on the tour guide” is just a difficult adventure, it’s not much to see. It’s not a supernatural stimulation.

However, when Wei Xun got the nine eyed elephant male heavenly beads from Amara and knew that the devil sealed in the human pitanka was about to wake up and was in urgent need of suppression by eminent monks and virtues, the new observers of each brigade immediately sent an urgent report to the upper Brigade – this can be the previous information related to a higher-level journey!

When it comes to Buddhas and demons, they are at least dangerous, or even extremely dangerous! You know, although everyone expected that a journey of 30 degrees north latitude would be in Tibet, so many tour guides and brigades in the West and east of the Himalayas failed to find any clues. However, the Xiangxiong Kingdom has been silent for thousands of years, but the legendary sealed evil devil woke up at this moment.

This is an obvious signal for those tourists and guides who are good at catching clues and keen intuition!

After looking for so many years, can you let go of the slightest bit. Even if it’s not 30 degrees north latitude, any information is extremely precious when it comes to the journey of ancient civilization, ancient country and ancient relics. For a time, the number of viewers in Ding Yi live studio increased sharply. Everyone looked at what clues Weixun would get next.

[even if Wei Xun takes a human skin Thangka and goes down to the Dragon God waterway of the Xiangxiong site, he will not find the Thangka sealed with the devil]

At that time, the audience saw Wei Xun’s awesome law, and pointed out without mercy. “After all, it’s just a difficult journey. It doesn’t involve any elements of the gods. The existence of demons, Buddha and other things is too advanced. The restrictions of the hostel are still very strong.”

[unless Wei Xun kills Ding Yi, it’s estimated that Wei Xun will get this pitangka of the ancient Xin people when this branch scenic spot arrives at the village]

The person who sent this barrage seemed to be a high-ranking big man. The barrage was automatically placed on the top and glittered.

But now it looks like a public execution scene.

At this time, the bullet screens on the full screen are crazy [Wei Xun is really going to kill Ding Yi!]

[is the boss still there? Let’s see what we say now

[it’s so exciting. Really, I didn’t go to dinner when my daughter-in-law asked me. It’s much better than the ball game!]

[whether Wei Xun will do it or not, I’m worried about him. A go up]

[you guys are too busy to watch the excitement. Kill the guide. What about the next journey]

[yes, I think Wei Xun just scares him. He doesn’t dare to kill people. It’s not a murderer. Who dares to change his mind so quickly]

[now Wei Xun has to kill him. He has completely offended Ding Yi. If Ding Yi survives, he will release the tiger and return to the mountain]

I care so much about him. I’m a pure fun man. Let me see that our passengers have been oppressed for so many years. It’s time for us to vent our anger. It’s good to watch!]


[what will happen after Wei Xun kills Ding Yi?]

“Well, don’t kill Ding Yi.”

When Wang pengpai watched the movie hall of the returning brigade, he got serious, sat up straight and focused on the live broadcast. Little turnip like chubby fingers danced on the mobile phone and replied to the news from the sunset brigade.

“Control Ding Yi, don’t kill him.”

Wang pengpai said, “otherwise the journey will be completely chaotic and fall into a period of disorder.”

As the big man said, unless Wei Xun kills Ding Yi, he may not get more clues even if he goes down the branch scenic spot, because those are super difficult.

In particular, passengers will be limited by the difficulty of the journey, which is also the protection of passengers. Just like Wei Xun got a wet corpse with a gold-plated silver skull and a carved gold head when facing the dragon fish. But if Ding Yi did it, the wet corpse would be able to rise, and the gold-plated silver skeleton would be cursed.

Because his task of creating new scenic spots is theoretically beyond the current journey level and can reach the danger level or even higher, he will be at risk of supernatural beings.

Like the black stone emerald skull full of radiation and virus strains, if Wei Xun got it, his condition would not be as bad as Ding Yi.

However, once the tour guide dies during the journey, the whole journey will fall into a state of chaos, that is, the limitation of difficulty will be completely released.

At that time, whether gods, Buddhas, ghosts or demons can appear on the journey, and passengers will fall into an unprecedented crisis. Such as the secret passage full of headless mummies found by fox cubs. During the difficult journey, those headless mummies were suppressed by the power of the hotel, just ordinary headless mummies.

Once the journey is disordered and there is no repression at all, those mummies can recover, there will be corpses under the mummies, and many mummies will form corpse holes. Everything is uncertain.

In the past, he was unwilling to be bullied by the tour guide and killed the tour guide in anger. But the brigades were basically destroyed, and no one could come out alive.

Because even when the journey was disorderly, the passengers didn’t move. They all stayed in the hotel to avoid the danger of disorder. They will also be killed by the tour guide sent by the next hotel.

Yes, the hotel will not let the brigade fall into disorder for too long. After all, tourists are the “wealth” of the hotel. The tour guide died in the brigade. No matter what the reason, the society decided that the tour guide was too weak to protect the brigade in the journey of this level.

Therefore, we will send more powerful tour guides, basically beyond the current level.

Even if the tourists survive the disorder period, they will be slaughtered by the new tour guide.

There are also unspoken rules for the tour guide, but all tour guides who join the “emergency” on the journey halfway understand that the tourists of this brigade have killed the tour guide.

Passengers who kill the guide cannot stay.

During the journey, it is rare that tourists will kill the tour guide. The tour guide has great power and all kinds of preferential treatment. Even a pig as a tour guide will not die. In addition, tourists have never experienced the journey without a tour guide, and they are always afraid of the unknown. People with a tour guide have to look forward to their future, but they are not chased by the tour guide alliance. In addition to the tourists who go home with the tour guide, it is very difficult to kill the tour guide.

Knowing that the tour guide will die in the middle, the journey will fall into disorder, especially those who will “clean up” the new tour guide. Except for the big tourists, no one knows.

Informed people silently blocked the news, and no one could find it in various ways, because it was too desperate for passengers.

“The butcher alliance will definitely send someone to target Wei Xun.”

Mao Xiaole also frowned. He quickly folded all kinds of paper people. Each paper person disappeared as soon as he folded it. Mao Xiaole was also contacting people from all parties, but the news was not optimistic.

“There are too many viewers in Dingyi live broadcasting room. It’s impossible to block the news.”

“Don’t worry too much.”

Wang pengpai comforted: “for the good, if the journey is disordered and there is no level limit, the captain can’t come out. “I’m protected by the team leader. Even if I go to a class a tour guide, I’m not afraid.”

“Idiot, how can it be disordered to that extent!”

His consolation was counterproductive. Mao Xiaole gave him a hard glance and closed his lips: “the captain was sealed on the body. If he could be disordered so that the captain could come out, he would get at least 30 degrees north latitude!”

“Even if it involves gods, Buddhas and demons, the journey can be disordered to dangerous level or super dangerous level at most.”

Mao Xiaole bit his nails and muttered anxiously, “it’s super dangerous. The tour guide who can be sent will be class B.”

He is not worried about disorder. With Mao Xiaole’s full confidence in Wei Xun, he reads the filter. He believes that Mr. Wei can make great achievements even in the dangerous or even super dangerous journey.

Mao Xiaole is worried about the replacement tour guide sent by the hotel! The butcher alliance and even the shepherd alliance will definitely react again. They can stick to the acceptable degree of the journey and insert high-grade tour guides, or even class B tour guides!

Class B is like a clear dividing line, which divides the tour guides below class B from class B. Because the second-class tour guide is low and golden, they have passed the team leader assessment and are the ‘team leader’ tour guide!

This is quite different from ordinary tour guides. Even if B 49, who became the control group of C 9 in Zui Meixiang West, is a really knowledgeable big tourist, big tour guides think B 49 is stupid, and they think B 49 has lost some luck, but few think that C 9 will be better than B 49 in terms of strength alone.

Even if C-9 has a promising future, he is not really better than a B-class guide until he passes the team leader assessment and obtains the “team leader certificate”, even if his alienation after his journey seems to be an abyss of great potential.

Because all tour guides who pass the team leader assessment have mastered ‘return to zero’ and have a complete form of alienation! Those tour guides who could not commit suicide and return to zero, could not sink into a low San state, devoured the enemy and completed their transformation, all died.

Thorough survival of the fittest, the only way to survive!

Bingjiu’s alienation form is still in its infancy, and even its wings don’t grow together. Even if the potential is great, there is no comparison between childhood and adulthood. Of course, once Bingjiu passes the team leader’s assessment, his strength can’t be compared with the same.

This is just a comparative game between tour guides. What’s more, at present, the most important one to deal with class B tour guides is a new one with three ranks, and the rank of other tourists is no higher than the intermediate one star!

Mao Xiaole became more anxious and dry. He rubbed the paper ball in his hand into a ball and threw it out.

The difficulty of the disordered journey is almost impossible to make the captain really wake up. If the guide sent is really a second-class guide from the butcher alliance or the shepherd alliance.

The whole brigade will be in great danger.

The key is that the passengers in Wei Xun’s team obviously don’t understand this. I’m afraid even Ding Yi doesn’t know it!

“Kill him, just control it, kill him.”

Mao Xiaole pinched his fingers and counted, but he couldn’t calm down anyway. Because no matter how he replaced Wei Xun, he also felt that he was in the way and annoying. Ding Yi, who was cruel, had better kill him.

After all, what means can you absolutely control a person? Except for the special situation of the tour guide, they can’t control someone completely from body and mind to soul.

When he arrived at the back, Mao Xiaole’s tangled eyebrows almost stood up and couldn’t help muttering:

“Kill him, kill him in the brigade. When I come out, I’ll kill him a thousand times, 10000 times.”

“Kill one.”


“Kill him, kill him, do it quickly, quickly, quickly -”

In a private residence somewhere in the virtual hall, the eight square meter residence is set dark and humid. Everywhere is dark and covered with dark filaments like cobwebs. Look carefully to find that these filaments are all hair!

Countless black hairs make up a huge ball that almost fills the whole station. Those hairs wriggle and entangle like life. Sometimes strands of hair gather together to form a hair puppet full of resentment, and sometimes disperse. In the humid and misty environment, each hair is as black and shiny as a hair conditioner, Flexible gloss.

Several strands of hair gather together. The thick hair is like human hands, feet and limbs. At the end of the hair strand, there is a bright screen. In the center of the hair mass, there are a series of iron ball sized, round and dark eyes.

This string of eyeballs are staring at the live screen. Countless hairs are waving wildly because of excitement. I don’t know where the voice is hoarse and terrible.

“Kill him, kill him — Wei Xun -”

The hair beat the screen hard and sent out a series of bullets that killed him. It was almost crazy.

I didn’t get the chance to come to him so soon!

Originally, with his strength, it would definitely take a lot of energy to sneak into the journey. However, in order to fulfill the puppet master’s orders and make up for the mistakes of the previous two times, B 49 had originally decided to sneak into the journey even if it cost a lot of money.

But even so, there is not much time left for him. If two tour guides can not appear at the same time in a journey, the journey will collapse and end ahead of schedule. Even if B 49 sneaks in, he will only strangle Wei Xun in less than a minute.

But things are different now! B 49 was so excited that every hair was trembling. If Wei Xun killed Ding Yi, he was bound to choose a guide to enter according to the rules of the hotel.

Look at the branch attractions he has found, involving the devil, God and Buddha. The disordered journey can reach the dangerous level or even super dangerous level. Coupled with his means, the tour guide selected will be him!

No, it’s not extreme. It’s 100%. It’s definitely him. Because he has given up everything, only success, not failure.

“Ho Ho, ha ha -”

Every hair is laughing. It’s hard to waste time. There’s no way to be unique. It seems that God also cares for him!

“Quick, kill Ding Yi, quick!”

B 49 can’t wait. Countless black hairs twist wildly. If krypton gold can let Wei Xun obey his orders, I’m afraid he will directly reward Wei Xun tens of thousands of points. But no, B 49 broke the strand of hair to be rewarded. This is Ding Yi’s live studio. Ding Yi will get the reward points in the live studio.

If Ding Yi gets points, strengthens himself and makes it difficult for Wei Xun to kill, it will be bad.

“Ding Yi, go to hell, go to hell.”

B 49 is devout. He curses Ding Yi maliciously just to make Wei Xun easy to kill and kill as soon as possible. He can be directly angry with Wei Xun. B 49 can’t wait. Every hair is full of excitement. He can’t even wait another minute!


Time passed minute by minute.

“Why don’t you kill me?!”

Bang! A strand of manic hair directly pierced the live broadcast screen and tore it to pieces. The hair in the whole private station danced wildly and made people lose San.

“Why don’t you do it yet! Can’t Ding Yi, die quickly! ”

* *

Ding shuddered violently and felt as if he had been cursed by someone. He was so weak that he couldn’t lift up any strength. After that, a sense of resistance dissipated away.

“Aren’t you really going to kill me?”

He then asked in his heart, implying, “can you not do it?”

“You have no choice.”

Wei Xun smiled and said, “I don’t believe your oath, and I don’t want anyone to affect the journey.”

“Do you like ‘ah Hao, I haven’t killed yet’, or do you like ‘you’re gone?’

Ding Yi looked at him suspiciously and clenched his teeth. He finally shut his eyes without saying a word and assumed the posture of being slaughtered by others. His situation is so bad that it’s hard to beat Wei Xun, and once Ding finds out that he doesn’t know what Wei Xun has done, he can’t resist him subconsciously.

I have no choice but to gamble again.

Wei Xun looked at the time and it was 15 minutes before 10:30.

This is also his first attempt. It should be in time.

Xiao Jin sucked half of the blood from Wei Xun’s left shoulder butterfly tattoo and turned it into pure energy. Then he fell back to Ding Yi and slowly injected this energy into Ding Yi.

This is the suggestion put forward by Xiao Jin when Wei Xun thought about how to completely control Ding Yi.

“The master is buzzing. Why don’t you take him as a slave?”


Wei Xun Rao was interested in learning more about it before he knew that the abyss demons not only devoured each other’s growing power, but also had the instinct of enslavement. It’s also a good way to advance by adhering to the strong and becoming a slave to the strong. Just like Xiao Jin took the initiative to find him and offered his loyalty.

“It’s just that he’s too weak to awaken his own form. He needs his master to help him.”

Ding Yi, who is weak enough to have no form, is a slave, and Xiao Jin, who is very capable, is a servant. This is a different position.

In other words, Ding Yi hasn’t changed the form of alienation. Wei Xun’s blood, especially the blood at the butterfly tattoo, will activate Ding Yi’s dissimilated form after Xiao Jin’s powerful energy is injected into Ding Yi’s body.

Ding Yi, who was intensified by Wei Xun, will always be loyal to him from now on, unless Ding Yi’s blood is strong enough to surpass Wei Xun. Otherwise, he will always be Wei Xun’s slave.

This is Wei Xun’s pun when he said “you are my dog”.

Xiao Jin said that the smell of Ding Yi was very similar to that of an inferior magic dog in the abyss. If Wei Xun was also alienated, he would certainly be able to smell the smell of Ding Yi.

So what Wei Xun said shocked Ding Yi!

You should know that the big tour guide Ding Yi took refuge in promised that if he could complete the task, he would help Ding Yi activate the alienation state! Ding Yi dreams of becoming a more powerful tour guide. But he can’t give himself a hard hand to return to zero. He is afraid that he is really dead and is not qualified to participate in the team leader assessment.

The big tour guide took the initiative to activate the alienation state for him, which is the way that Ding Yiyi can reach. The reason why he believed in the guide who only saw him as a puppet without revealing the code name was because he had a magic mirror in his hand, which reflected Ding Yi’s alienation.

It was an inferior magic dog with white bone flames on its limbs and eyes on its forehead and heart.

Is it Xin Weixun or a desperate fight?

Ding Yi is powerless to resist and can only give everything to Wei Xun.

At 10:20 a.m. on September 2, under the gaze of more than 40000 audience in Ding Zhiguang studio, the audience watched Wei Xun walk towards Ding Yi, who seemed unable to move and gave up resistance, and grabbed his hair.

Then Wei Xun cut his neck. Wei Xun was on his side, and the gushing blood fell on the gray yellow rock mountain, scarlet.



Countless bullet screens brushed the screen, and the tourists who watched Wei Xun kill the butcher and guide Ding Yi were excited.


“It’s over. Ding Yi was killed!”

The major brigades and passengers who pay attention to Wei Xun frowned one after another, and their expressions became worse and worse with the feedback of various information.

“What, can’t you go in?”

Mao Xiaole stood up in shock. When he received the reply from the little paper man, his mouth turned and his eyes were red. Just now, he was contacting the familiar tour guides with good relationship and good character, and promised them a lot of rewards, asking them to rush into the journey of exploring secrets in northern Tibet – before the butcher alliance!

But now the results came to disappoint him, and Wang pengpai also sighed. Not only they, but also other members of the brigade who are optimistic about Wei Xun, many also contacted their familiar tour guides, or human relations, or inducements to ask them for help.

Wei Xun is a new passenger with great potential. Now he can grasp the clues of the new journey and will not lose money if he invests in advance.

But not a successful one!

No matter how unwilling and anxious Mao Xiaole is, he can’t say it. He stared at the studio without blinking, as if he was afraid that Wei Xun would be taken away and die miserably as soon as he closed his eyes.

He murmured, stretched out his hand and stroked Wei Xun in the live camera, but thousands of miles away from the screen.

“Did they really let the butcher alliance take the lead?”

* *

“Let me rush, I’m going to rush, let me rush!”

The private residence of Fagui B 49 has completely changed. It is as messy as the passage of a strong wind, and the huge hair group is still going crazy.

“Why can’t I rush in? Who, who took the lead!”

From ecstasy to anger and despair, Fagui almost lost himself in chaos. Fortunately, San value recovery potion was hanging before, but at the moment, his mood is also extremely manic.

The moment Wei Xun killed Ding Yi, B 49 did everything he could, but something went wrong that he could definitely get! He couldn’t squeeze into the journey.

Someone must be ahead of him!

It must be the crazy fools of the butcher alliance!

B 49 was crazy enough. He called up a live screen, and then the whole serve was caged on the screen. Thousands of hair stuck to the live screen, and the string of eyes stared at the screen without blinking.

He hasn’t failed yet, he hasn’t had a chance. Even if he was robbed by the other party, he just had to kill Wei Xun before he killed him.

The huge hair mass wriggles and slowly weaves a voodoo doll, which is like a reduced version of a human figure. Only the face has no facial features.

As long as the new tour guide is killed, the hotel will choose a new tour guide. This is his chance.

“Butcher Alliance…”

The hoarse sound of venomous resentment gradually disappeared. When the poison doll gradually took shape, Ding yiruan’s falling body disappeared on the live screen, leaving only the dark green cloak in the pool of blood.

“Oh, no, I really shouldn’t.”

Wei Xun shook his body and cut people’s neck, which seemed to have caused a great shadow in his heart. His bright eyes were gray, and his heart would melt. The disappearance of Ding Yi’s body surprised him. But soon calm down.

I’m afraid he thinks the guide’s body has disappeared because of hotel rules and so on.

“It’s his cloak, too.”

Wei Xun said to himself and sighed. He went to the pool of blood, picked up the broad and thick dark green cloak and took it in his hand.

“Go to the meeting first.”

“Here you are!”

“Come on, come on, it’s time!”

At half past ten, Wei Xun arrived at the site of Xiangxiong. All the passengers who had already arrived stood by the roadside waiting for him. They were looking forward to it. After seeing Wei Xun’s arrival, they hurriedly surrounded Wei Xun to the site.

When I heard the prompt from the hotel [di, all the staff arrived at the ruins of Xiangxiong and asked the guide Ding Yi to read the precautions for the ruins], the high and excited mood dropped slightly.

“Guard, is Ding Yi dead?”

Ji Hongcai asked carelessly, asking the questions in the minds of the passengers. Jiang Hongguang’s eyes fell more directly on the big dark green cloth in Wei Xun’s hand, and his heart beat wildly.

That’s Ding Yi’s cloak. No mistake, the guide’s cloak!

Did Wei Xun really kill Ding Yi?!

In the face of this pair of expectant and nervous eyes, Wei Xun seemed to pick up his spirit under the encirclement of his teammates. He picked up the corners of his mouth and showed a reluctant smile. The people who saw it unconsciously tightened their hearts.

Yes, even Ding Yi, a vicious tour guide, must feel bad about killing for the first time.

Wei Xun took several deep breaths, as if he was doing psychological construction, and the hearts of the passengers were raised. He said slowly, “I cut Ding Yi’s neck.”

Passengers: “ah?!”

No one responded to Wei Xunyi’s report on such a large amount of information.

Wei Xun then said, “but Ding Yi didn’t die.”

Passengers: “Oh.”

Also, Ding Yi is such a strong tour guide after all. It’s hard to let him die just by cutting his neck.

Wei Xun continued, “then Ding Yi left this cloak and disappeared.”

Passengers: “ah?!”

It’s terrible. Ding Yi didn’t die. What if he hid in the dark and attacked them at any time.

No one can carry it!

Wei Xun said with a smile: “the hotel reminds me that once the tour guide Ding is seriously injured, the responsibility of leading the team on the journey will be handed over to the captain for the time being.”

Passengers: “!”

Wei Xun comforted: “don’t worry, as a captain, if Ding Yi appears within 500 meters around me, I will arrive in advance.”

Passengers: “Yeah!”

After several ups and downs, the passengers were relieved, and the passengers were very happy. Before, Ding looked badly hurt. His face was full of blood. He had to let Lin Qiming carry it on his back. Now the hotel specially reminds the guide that Ding Yi is seriously injured. This injury must be more serious than that at that time.

“Guard, let’s put up the tent first.”

Fang Yuhang said with a smile, “let’s explore the ruins of ZhangXiong in three days!”

All the tourists are full of energy. The missing of tour guide Ding once seriously injured makes them full of fighting spirit. I hope guide Ding won’t come back again – even if he comes back again, they will beat him away under the leadership of Captain Wei!

Wei Xun smiled and held his dark green cloak. The cloak is big and thick, and can wrap the whole adult – it’s more than enough to hide a palm sized puppy.

No wonder it’s an inferior magic dog. It’s so small.


Wei Xun said that he set the rules in a few words. His prestige in the brigade was unparalleled, and all the passengers took it seriously.

Wei Xun said that when searching for the site of ZhangXiong, he was in the middle of the site, and other tourists explored the site with him as a radius. Once the suspected underground remains are found, mark the location and report to him first

Ding Yi is not dead after all. He is still “hidden” in the distance. If the relic tunnel is very deep and 500 meters away from Wei Xun, it will be bad for passengers to be attacked by Ding Yi.

“The guard is right!”

The passengers are very aware of the crisis. Jiang Hongguang really admires Wei Xun’s character. For their safety, Wei Xun chose to stay in the middle of the ruins and gave up the opportunity to search for the ruins. What a good captain!

Many people are powerful.

Wei Xun helped to search for the ruins with his own snow leopard and mink cubs. Coupled with the reports from the passengers, it was a multi-faceted flower.

With this efficiency, he will soon be promoted to adventurer.

Wei Xun smiled happily, and the passengers laughed one by one. The whole brigade was full of joy.


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