TTG Chapter 72

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 72: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (15)

[is guide Ding Yi not dead?]

The big passengers were concerned, but they soon recovered and found the problem. It is reasonable to say that if the tour guide dies during the journey and the journey falls into disorder, the live broadcast of the whole journey will be temporarily blocked until a new tour guide enters.

Once Dante’s neck was wiped, his live split screen was indeed blocked, but the split screen of passengers was still normal! After Wei Xun arrived at the ruins of ZhangXiong, his conversation with other passengers confirmed this.

“I’m afraid Ding Yi didn’t lose his body, but escaped with a secret technique.”

Calmed down, Mao Xiaole breathed a sigh of relief and said sadly, “he has long wanted to lean against the butcher alliance. It seems that the other party has given him something to protect his life.”

“Even I didn’t understand how Ding Yi ran away.”

Wang pengpai rubbed his chin and smacked his mouth: “but looking at the current situation of the live broadcast, Ding Yi estimates that he is really alive. Tut, and the props that can shield the live broadcast are rare objects.”

It’s not that I don’t know that Ding Yi has contact with the butcher alliance. I just want to catch big fish for a long time. When Ding Yi was killed just now, and other tour guides failed to break into the journey, they subconsciously because it was the butcher alliance. Because the butcher alliance associated with Ding Yi is most likely to accurately determine the instant of Ding Yi’s death, and the card allows people to squeeze in.

“Those who protect their lives, those who escape, those who block the live broadcast, the butcher alliance has made a big deal this time – they have a big plan.”

Luo Dingyi’s strength and information. He doesn’t have such powerful props. It is likely that the butcher alliance gave him them.

The butcher alliance will not really win over Ding Yi’s title of “little C 9”. Perhaps it is because it is interested in this journey to northern Tibet and wants to design it. As a result, I didn’t expect Wei Xun to come out of this journey.

Ding Yi almost didn’t do anything, and all the life-saving props came out.

“Anyway, it’s good that Ding Yi didn’t die!”

Mao Xiaole was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth: “even his cloak was dropped. He must have been seriously injured.”

“It’s not so good. He just lost his human appearance by the black stone emerald skeleton, and Wei Xun cut his throat.”

Wang pengpai was surprised and seemed to aftertaste: “I didn’t expect Wei Xun to be so decisive. Good guy, you see, he wiped Ding’s neck like killing a chicken. What does he do in reality?”

“The last time I saw a new passenger who killed so decisively, he was still a butcher who killed pigs in reality.”

“Mr. Wei writes novels in reality.”

Mao Xiaole rarely hesitated and brought readers’ unique vision of the author: “maybe the person who writes novels is a cow.”

“Ha ha.”

Wang pengpai sneered at this newspaper. If he can write a novel so well, he will let all the newcomers of the sunset brigade write a novel. There is no need for all-round training and assessment. Only new tourists who can sign a novel can join the group.

Mao Xiaole said, “I remember Ding Yi didn’t activate the state of alienation.”

Wang pengpai said strangely, “no, Ding and other tour guides can’t be activated. How did you think of this?”

Mao Xiaole frowned in disgust: “I’m thinking about how Ding Yi escaped. He should have seen the bottom of his points. The countdown to death is very low, and Wei Xun cut his throat – it’s possible for him to run away.”

Wang pengpai laughed and was overjoyed: “ha ha, grass, Mao Xiaole, you won’t remember the guide who changed the bat and ran away from you again. How many years ago!”

“Hum, I remember it all my life.”

Mao Xiaole said gloomily that he came to take revenge. I wanted to kill the guide on the west side when I was on a mission in. In order to kill the other side, Mao Xiaole left at ease. Who thought the other side didn’t die and didn’t fight back? He turned into a very small bat and stayed in his cloak. Finally, he escaped from death.

This is a disgrace to Mao Xiaole. No one dares to face the taboo on his premise. Since then, every time he kills the guide, Mao Xiaole has to burn his body and cloak with several sky fire symbols.

When Wei Xun took the green cloak away, Mao Xiaole’s eyelids jumped and he was suspicious. He always felt that there was something bad hidden in the cloak. After all, Wei Xun is a newcomer. I don’t know that the guide can alienate this matter. What if Ding Yi really hides in it? It’s impossible to prevent it.

If you want him to say that Mr. Wei is still too soft hearted!

“Don’t worry, a tour guide of Ding Yi’s level can’t be alienated unless a big tour guide doesn’t hesitate to activate him.”

Wang pengpai pondered what Mao Xiaole said and frowned deeply: “if this is true, what does the butcher alliance want to do?”

It’s also a life-saving prop to escape, and it’s also a shield for live broadcasting. If you still activate alienation——

Is it, is it for the captain?

They know about the captain’s journey?!

Wang pengpai was thrilled and couldn’t sit still: “I’ll stare at the butcher alliance. You can pick up the butcher to watch the live broadcast.”

“Since Wei Xun said that the hotel reminded the tour guide that Ding Yi was seriously injured, the responsibility of leading the team on the journey should be handed over to the captain for the time being. Ding Yi’s injury will certainly be better for a while and a half.”

Indeed, if the tour guide is seriously injured and cannot guide the brigade, the hotel will delegate power to the captain. It’s not just a guide brooch, but also more help. The tour guide cloak in Wei Xun’s hand, and what he called “being able to sense the tour guide” are all the conveniences given to the Tour team by the hotel.

It can be said that hotels are really considerate to tourists, but as long as there are tour guides, the mortality rate of tourists will never be low. The contradiction between tour guides and tourists is almost dead knot and cannot be alleviated.

However, there are many contradictions between tour guides and tour guides.

The shepherds’ Union, which is crowded with pig raising tour guides in Biya District, despises the butchers’ Union and thinks that the butchers’ tour guides are a group of lunatics who do not understand sustainable development, antisocial personality and can not even be considered human.

Cold blooded tour guides and other neutral tour guides despise the shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance and think they are not normal things. It’s just a hypocritical coat and a crazy disguise.

In the butcher Alliance… Indeed, a large number of people are crazy. They advocate alienation and despise all mankind. They simply don’t regard themselves and mankind as the same species and advocate alienation more. They almost always maintain a low death countdown and low San value during the journey to maintain the alienation of the body.

So they kill people so neatly and without any resistance. Butchers and tour guides not only kill tourists, but they go crazy. They even kill tour guides who are not alienated and maintain a high death countdown. The good name is “help you return to zero evolution”

Butcher alliance is definitely an exception in the world tour guide alliance, which is boycotted by most sub tour guides and tourists. There is even a saying that “the harmonious coexistence between tour guides and tourists depends on the flow of butchers.”

Once there is any terrible and appalling tragedy, it is usually all done by the butcher alliance.

However, the contradiction is that the butcher tour guide is really powerful, and the extreme self-protection means of the tour guides’ return to zero will make the San value drop wildly. It’s impossible to say that one day they will go crazy, but it can be said that all high-level tour guides are the reserve of the butcher tour guide.

Therefore, the attitude of the tour guide alliance towards the butcher alliance is actually very ambiguous. On the one hand, they despise, resist and suppress, and coldly watch the big tourists chase and kill the butcher tour guide. On the other hand, he will help when the butcher alliance is really in crisis.

After all, I’m not sure when I will become a butcher tour guide, just like the legendary ultimate title of tour guide [crazy devil creepy road].

As a high-ranking butcher tour guide in the West said:

The destination of the tour guide is madness.

Butcher alliance is the ultimate happy home of all tour guides.

But B  19 was unhappy. He was very unhappy.

When you go to the butcher alliance, you will definitely be praised by countless butcher tour guides for worshiping the “step” of “you are so beautiful and your hair is so smooth”. You are proud that you can still keep your mind and belong to the shepherd alliance.

Especially now, he hates the butcher alliance!

“Butcher alliance, butcher Alliance -”

A lot of hair rubbed and wriggled, making a harsh sound like metal friction, and was on the verge of madness. B19 calmed down and spent a lot of time. He tried his best to restrain himself, so that he didn’t carve Ding Yi’s face on the voodoo puppet woven by the puppet’s hair.

Why is Ding Yi still okay!

Why is Ding Yi not dead!!

Blame the damn butcher alliance!

When she left the puppet master before, she casually pointed out that Ding Yi was related to the butcher alliance. Otherwise, Party B will be forced into the journey in the early 19th morning.

It was precisely because of the butcher’s alliance that at the beginning, B Xiang 19 thought of a dangerous way to invade the journey at a high price. As a result, he finally had the hope that Ding Yi would be killed, and he had the opportunity to squeeze into the journey.

Ding Yi is not dead!


Every hair of B  19 is covered with Gan. At first, it’s ok if he doesn’t give hope, but it’s over and over again. It’s like a 160 degree roller coaster, torturing him, a tour guide who is already on the verge of madness. Now B  19’s resentment against the butcher alliance and Ding Yi has reached the peak!

I can’t help it. He can’t help it.

The wildly waving hair tore the hair puppet, and B  19 restrained himself with the last willpower. He can’t curse and kill Ding Yi. His strength can’t be the enemy of the butcher alliance. The puppet division doesn’t necessarily help him when preparing for the year-end celebration.

Moreover, in order to kill Wei Xun and provoke the butcher alliance, he is even more a waste in the eyes of the puppet master, or a waste that will cause trouble.

Wheezing – wheezing——

The air stream passed through the huge hair mass, sending out the echo of the shrill whistle. I’m afraid even B 19 doesn’t know when his reason will break.

I’m afraid it’s time for him to portray Ding Yi’s face on the voodoo puppet, curse and kill Ding Yi and break into the journey.

* *

The external undercurrent is surging, and the forces of all parties are testing each other.

During the journey to northern Tibet, the tourists were happy and set up tents in the camping camp next to the Xiangxiong site.

Yin Baitao caught fire and cooked a large pot of dehydrated vegetables and cooked beef bought from Tibetans in wenbunan village. There was another pot with water nearby. Fang Yuhang broke the compressed biscuits and put them into the pot.

Soon the steaming stewed beef with vegetables and the salty and fragrant compressed biscuit porridge were cooked. After more than six hours, they got up and walked for more than two hours without having a proper breakfast. The travelers on the mountain road were hungry. They sat around the fire, each holding a lunch box in his hand. In addition to being tired, everyone had a smile on his face and chatted while eating, as if this was their first formal meeting.

Eating is a more emotional thing, especially in the vast plateau, we sit together, which virtually brings us closer. Most people gasp while eating, their faces turn red, and there are several small oxygen cylinders nearby.

But apart from being out of breath, all passengers are trying to adapt to high anti. Even if Wei Xun took back the dark green cloak and wrapped the guide brooch, it was placed beyond the shrouded area.

“The ruins of Xiangxiong occupy half of the mountain. It’s too big. The brooch can only cover a small part.”

Jiang Hongguang suggested that everyone should adapt to Gao fan as soon as possible. At that time, Wei Xun will wear a brooch and sit in the center, and the two of them will explore the ruins in a group. Once they find who is in the wrong state, they will immediately send it to Wei Xun.

“Although we have to stay at the site for days, it doesn’t mean that we have to explore the site every day.”

Holding the hot compressed biscuit porridge, the veteran passengers opened their conversation. Qin Xinrong, from another family, spoke.

He was the one who wanted to tell Wei Xun that he was going to wenbunan village to borrow a motorcycle. Now he was completely convinced of Wei Xun’s strength. Thinking of what he had done before, he hurried to make up for it. He almost knew nothing. He taught Wei Xun and feilezhi their newcomers the hidden rules that many veteran passengers knew.

To be exact, it is the secret of the “salted fish” veteran travelers.

“The most important thing in the journey is not to complete the scenery, but to protect yourself through the task.”

Qin Xinrong took off half of his charge suit and pulled up his left sleeve. He saw that there were terrible scars on his arm. The newly grown meat was uneven and still sunken, as if it had been bitten by some beast.

“The tour guide will not care about the life and death of passengers… Maybe the new tour guide has a conscience, but it also depends on luck. You see, you are also new tourists. You met a tour guide like Ding Yi. ”

Qin Xinrong shivered coldly, put on his clothes and shrugged: “if you die on the journey, you are really dead. Even on a safe journey, there are many passengers. The points, props and titles are good, but I’m afraid I’ll earn my life and die. ”

“Of course, the guard certainly doesn’t have to worry about this.”

Qin Xinrong flattered Wei Xun, got a smile, jumped up in his heart and said more and more in detail. Feilezhi and Yin Baitao are listening very carefully, and they are not reconciled to Qin Xinrong’s different attitudes towards Wei Xun and them.

After all, Wei Xun is really strong!

None of them are arrogant people without self-knowledge. I’m sure I can’t have a journey like Wei Xun, and Wei Xun’s strength will rise to higher level quickly. It’s likely that they won’t be together on the next journey.

The knowledge and skills taught by Qin Xinrong are very important to feilezhi. Wei Xun is also very happy to listen. The side of his lunch box was soft. It was greedy mink who rubbed it and greedy for the beef in the box.

Wei Xun took a piece of cooked beef and fed it to the mink cub. He also took some shredded beef and threw it on the ground for the little black dog to eat.

This’ little black dog ‘was discovered by everyone after Xu Yang’s guide dog Duoduo barked in the crack of the stone. I don’t know how long this little thing has been stuck in the stone crack. It’s black and can’t take off. It looks like a skin disease. It’s ugly and strange.

And it’s thin and pitiful. It’s not much bigger than a palm. It’s bony. It’s dying when you look at it.

However, their passengers are hard to protect themselves. No one dares to leave Jingyu without permission and send the puppy to the Tibetan people at the foot of the mountain. I had to be cruel. I left a magic scarf for him to keep warm and put ham sausage biscuit crumbs.

However, the dog was not afraid of people. When the passengers saw him again, they found that the dog shivered and followed him to the camp where he was stationed. He couldn’t walk very steadily. He was scared by Wei Xun’s snow leopard and pretended to be dead.

Look at it. It’s really poor. No one drives the little black dog out again. Yin Baitao also fed it several shredded beef and boiled soft biscuits. But the pup didn’t eat anything. He only circled around Wei Xun, wagged his tail, and ate only the food Wei Xun fed.

“It’s nice to have a wild heart.”

Feilezhi envies that he also likes cats and dogs. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a pet on weekdays. He is angry with stray cats on the road. He has no experience of being contacted by the owner.

Look, Wei Xun now has a dog at his feet, a sable at his hand, and a snow leopard basking in the sun behind the stone mountain. This is a happy life that can only be lived by an immortal!

Wei Xun smiled but didn’t say a word. Seeing that the black dog cub swallowed the shredded beef stained with soil hard, he kicked it with the tip of his shoe. He thought it was too ugly and dirty and was out of the way.

When Wei Xun went to put the guide’s cloak and brooch in the distance, he asked Ding Gou to hide in a crack in the stone and transfer the array. Then he was found by Duoduo, a guide dog of Xuyang, and naturally followed him back to the camp.

After activating Ding Daodao’s alienation state, Wei Xun has more contact with him. But this association is different from that with Xiaojin and maggot.

If Xiao Jin and maggot are regarded as Wei Xun’s servants, they will feed Wei Xun when they become stronger, and they can become stronger with Wei Xun. They complement each other and will never betray Wei Xun’s “family ministers”. That dog can only be regarded as a slave.

Wei Xun can squeeze him and get energy from him, but the strengthening of Wei Xun will not bring him any benefit unless Wei Xun gives alms. This shows the cruelty of the devil of the abyss.

Wei Xun activates Ding Dao’s alienation and controls his whole life. If he wants to die, he will die and let life live. Everything about Ding Yi is open to Wei Xun and has no privacy at all.

Including the tasks he received from the butcher alliance. The butcher alliance gave him props that can block the live broadcast.

[Name: old TV]

[quality: special]

[function: make your live broadcast full of snowflakes like an old TV with poor signal!]

[Note: recycle the old refrigerator, old TV and old air conditioner at a low price – woo, when can the old refrigerator and old air conditioner stand up after the old TV stand up!]

“He asked me to block the live broadcast when it was appropriate, and then look for something.”

Ding Gou and Wei Xun had a conscious dialogue, and their tone was filled with fear and fear: “it was a crystalline body, which was said to be enshrined in Xiao Wei molongren in the depths of the Xiangxiong site.”

Xiao Wei molongren deep in the Xiangxiong site? Isn’t that the nine characters of his highness Saikang that Wei Xun saw in the picture of human skin. Pitanka, the demon suppressor, is there, too.

“Who asked you to come? Tell me everything.”

Wei Xun can’t resist, and dinggou can’t resist at all. I don’t know he didn’t regret it. Although he saved his life, his life was not in his own hands. He can’t even decide his death now.

But Wei Xun doesn’t trust Ding Yi.

His source of submission was fear and power, not loyalty. If the strong want to take away the small gold or maggot, they will die in the instant they are taken away. Because they are affiliated to Wei Xun.

If Dante is not, Wei Xun doesn’t know if it’s because he is a tour guide. However, Wei Xun vaguely said that if there is a stronger existence than him to take Ding Yi’s control, Ding Yi will be really taken away, and may even be accused to attack and kill Wei Xun.

Than the big tour guide from the butcher alliance who gave Ding an order.

Ding Yi, who was taken away, could not disobey each other, and would reveal Wei Xun’s secret.

Wei Xun never felt himself invincible. To some extent, he was extremely cautious.

So he won’t let Ding Yi live through this journey, but before he dies, he should drain the whole value and make good use of it.

Ding Yi doesn’t know, but he’s only Wei Xun’s dog now. He can only completely obey Wei Xun’s words, whether it’s blocking the live broadcast, “getting close to human beings” or “staying with you”. Ding has no choice. He’s too weak. Even if Wei Xun activates alienation, he looks like a real, bony dog. His limbs don’t have bone white magic fire.

But what makes Ding Yi unbearable is that he can’t disobey the characteristics of the magic dog. He wants to wag his tail at the sight of Wei Xun!

He’s a shiver. How can he be a dog!

Woof, woof!

“When the herald of the eagle flute comes and asks about the side you are looking for, you can go to the ruins.”

Qin Xinrong said: “we have a total of five scenic spots, including the Xiangxiong site, Xiaolin temple, selinco and Qiangtang nature reserve. However, from the itinerary introduction, only the former scenic spots are involved.”

Sitting next to Qin Xinrong, Xu Zishi wiped it clean with Zanba. Finally, he ate soup, and the lunch box was as clean as it had been washed. The plateau is short of water, so they have to save money. Just think about washing dishes. It’s basically impossible.

“That is to say, the important scenic tasks are in the first one, and the last Qiangtang nature reserve is likely to be the last one for the hotel to pick us up.”

Xu Zishi said that he is a simple and honest man with few words, but this kind of simple and honest is different from Yu he’an. His eyes have the essence of a businessman:

“Is the real relic of the capital dome silver city of ZhangXiong Kingdom on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake?

What are the secrets hidden in Kobayashi temple where Bon monks once practiced Esoteric Buddhism?

Does the original of Yongzhong Bon Scripture written with blood on the eagle’s beak really disappear into the ghost lake? ”

“This is a sentence in the journey introduction, which points us to generosity, that is, the goal of ‘exploring secrets’.”

Yin Baitao said tentatively, “that is to say, in the first scene of the Xiangxiong site, we are going to explore whether it is the dome silver city?”

“But the dome silver city site is on the top of arikal east mountain.”

Xu Yang shook his head and questioned: “although the ruins on the poor Zong mountain are also the ruins of the capital of the ZhangXiong Kingdom, it can not be the dome Silver City, but the capital of China’s ZhangXiong.”

“Oh, little brother knows a lot.”

Xu Zishi smiled and praised: “yes, you’re right, but – how can this prove?”

Feilezhi didn’t understand: “this, this is the poor Zong mountain. Shouldn’t the ruins capital above it be to provoke the poor Zong, and Ali’s side, hiss -”

“In other words, we need to explore the ruins and prove that this is” provoking the poor “, not the dome silver city.”

Xu yangcong responded quickly, which made the journey heavy. What the hotel wants to see is evidence and exploration. Even if Baidu Encyclopedia and various materials write “the ruins of the poor clan on the mountain are the capital of zhongxiangxiong. They have to find evidence of the evidence in the ruins.

For example, we all know that one plus one is two, but the hotel is to let passengers find evidence to prove that one plus one is the same.

After all, poor Zongshan has experienced many earthquakes, and the site of Xiangxiong has been seriously damaged. Normal people can’t find the site here, only their tourists from the thriller hotel can.

“It’s not just that.”

The tall and thin man who started to clean up the pots and bowls shook his head. His name was Chengfu. He really didn’t see much luck. Half of the man’s face is disfigured and looks seeping. The newly grown skin is grayish pink, like the skin film of crawling animals, which makes people uncomfortable.

However, Chengfu’s tone is gentle and clear, which is different from his appearance, like the school teacher explaining exercises:

“If we want to read and understand the brief introduction of the journey, the reading material given to us by the hotel is’ is the real relic of the dome Silver City, the capital of ZhangXiong Kingdom, on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake? ‘, The topic may revolve around these issues. ”

“First, is the capital of ZhangXiong kingdom a dome silver city?”

“Second, is the real relic of the dome Silver City on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake?”

“No, is this the real relic of the capital of the kingdom of ZhangXiong?”

“The first one is the original saying, ‘is the real relic of the silver city, the capital of the kingdom of ZhangXiong, on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake?’

Seeing that feilezhi felt dizzy, Chengfu smiled: “this is just a difficult journey. The first scene is very likely to have a large range. It’s good to confirm one at will, both positive and negative. The first one cannot be verified here, and the second one is likely. ”

In other words, the scope is very wide. It is not only that the tourists explore a mural and prove that it is the real site of the capital city of the Xiangxiong Kingdom, but also that they have found ancient classics. It is that it is to provoke the poor, not the dome silver city. It can also be considered to complete the task. Generally speaking, it is very relaxed.

“And every relic will not have only one object.”

Qin Xinrong added, laughing at the thief: “after you find a relic entrance, don’t go in first. Tell the guard and then explore together.”

The hotel judges a passenger to complete the exploration task by his contribution in the exploration. Fake  everyone entered a relic at the same time and found many objects such as bone, iron and murals. You can assign one person to hand in the task.

However, if a tourist explores the complete ruins, others will not count.

“It’s good to have a guard. It’s really exciting. If we want to let go of the black heart, the guide will certainly not let us complete the task so easily. Moreover, the brigade still has to intrigue and divide into different sects. It’s annoying.”

Ji Hongcai is straight and happy. Indeed, as soon as Guo Ding was still there, the brigade could not look harmonious and united in front of him. There are at least five factions in the team. It’s too late to guard against each other, let alone share relics.

Xu Zishi said: “if we are lucky, we found a relic and completed the basic task index first today. After that, there will be two free days. If anyone wants to continue exploring the ruins and get more reward points, they are free. ”

In other words, if you have the basic disk first, you can complete the task without the basic disk, and then anyone who wants to pursue more opportunities and get more points can walk freely. In this way, it’s easy for everyone to go together. Each has its own title and high safety factor. This is also the safest way.

Some people want to pursue more rewards and become stronger. Some people don’t have to force even if they succeed and pursue different.

In fact, the veteran passengers put forward this proposal for Wei Xun. For their safety, Wei Xun didn’t go to the ruins and took the seat in the center. They also thanked him for his kindness – if anyone in the brigade is the most powerful and interested in exploring many ruins, it is definitely Wei Xun.

The suspected relics discovered by the passengers this afternoon will be reported to Wei Xun by the city. The veteran passengers know it well. Most of them are given to Wei Xun and thank him for his efforts.

When the basic mission objectives of the passengers are completed, Wei Xun will not have to sit in the middle.

After they finished eating, they simply divided the work and temporarily disrupted the grouping. Each group was divided into two groups, both old and new. The two groups patrolled outside to make sure there were no dangers such as wild animals around. The other group was responsible for logistics, sorting out goods and coordinating information. Group rotation, take advantage of the arrival of the herald of the eagle flute and have a rest.

However, there is no need for Wei Xun to worry about all this. Captain Wei is a free position and can do whatever he wants.

Like now, Wei Xun went to the pass alone and waited for the arrival of the herald of Eagle flute. Dinggou was ordered by him to stay in the garrison, and Xiaojin also stayed there. Only snow leopard is with Wei Xun. It was cloudy and it didn’t clear up at noon. Without the sun, the Qiuge vulva on the plateau is cold, and the wind at the mountain pass is very strong, which can almost blow people away.

But Wei Xun enjoyed the strong wind. He stood on the high and steep rocks, his eyes slightly closed, and let the strong wind disturb his black hair. The wisp of white hair on his forehead spread out unconsciously, and a pinch of first snow fell on his temples.

People are extremely small under the bad nature, but it is this kind of small that is more touching when challenging nature, confronting nature and going deep into no man’s land.

The snow leopard lies beside Wei Xun and licks his hair lazily. The strong wind makes him squint his eyes. One person and one leopard look very similar at the moment. In this high sky, the vast sky, far away from the crowd, on the desolate and silent earth rock mountains, they enjoy loneliness and this silent, mutual company.

As if they were born here.

Until the figure of Yingdi appeared on the mountain road, Wei Xun opened his eyes and jumped off the rock. The snow leopard disappeared without a trace, and I don’t know where to hide.

“Gandan Baiju, I’ve seen Amara.”

Wei Xun came straight to the point: “she said she would not stop you from going up the mountain. She said that everyone has his own life.”

The descendant of the eagle flute seemed to laugh, but his face seemed stiff by the wind of the plateau. He was always flat and couldn’t see too many expressions. The lips are also carved, and the smile is more like an illusion.

“Thank you, Wei Xun.”

The eagle Piper shook his head, “but you shouldn’t deceive your honest friend.”

“That’s what Amara said.”

Wei Xun frowned and hid from himself the story of “human skin alive” and “devil possessed human pitanka”. Wei Xun was Frank – he didn’t let him ask this question when he was the descendant of Eagle flute. These are all clues he asked by his charm. Why tell the herald of the eagle flute?

Anyway, what Amara said to the descendant of the eagle flute was that “everyone has his own life”. Wei Xun was very calm: “Gan Dan Baiju, how did I lie to you?”

“No, I’m not talking about it.”

The eagle flute preached humanity, slightly accused and dissatisfied: “how can you deceive me and say that the most powerful is the tour guide Ding Yi!”

Wei Xun:?

“He is useless, cursed by the devil, unclean and disliked by the Dragon God. He is far worse than you. How can he be the most powerful.”

The herald of the eagle flute made a sound and looked gloomy: “is he still with your brigade? “This unclean man cannot go up to the holy mountain.”

“No, director Ding is missing.”

Listen to Wei Xun’s words, the face of the descendant of the eagle flute looks good.

“That’s good, Wei Xun. You’re the captain of the brigade now, aren’t you?”


“One thing, I need your brigade’s help.”

The eagle flute messenger looked solemn, and Wei Xun led him to Zhuluo. Just in time for the transfer, all passengers stayed in the parking lot.

“Friends from afar, welcome to the site of ZhangXiong. It used to be the square where the powerful kingdom of ZhangXiong stood, but after thousands of years, the magnificent King capital has become a ruins. Ordinary means can’t explore the secrets under the site.”

The descendant of Eagle flute solemnly took out the eagle flute, dragged it with flannelette and put it in the rough palm for passengers to watch:

“I have traveled most of Tibet in order to find the most authentic and primitive one. It is said that after the first generation of King Xiangxiong ascended the throne, the golden winged ROC bird felt the king’s power, folded its horn as the king’s crown, folded its left wing as the king’s scepter, and folded its right wing as the king’s bone flute. ”

“The king ruled the great kingdoms with a crown, the king fought with a scepter, and the king comforted the soul with a bone flute.”

The descendant of the eagle flute has a dark brown face and a red face. When he narrated this history, he was extremely excited and prolonged, just like reciting an epic.

“Later, the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn was lost in the Dragon God waterway. The scepter of Dapeng golden left wing was taken away by Tubo, and the bone flute of Dapeng golden right wing did not fall. I read many ancient books and roughly confirmed that it was in the ruins of the ancient Xiangxiong capital of the snow mountain holy lake. ”

The descendant of Eagle flute touched his chest and said sincerely, “my friends, I have been looking for bone flute in Gan Dan Baiju for more than 20 years. Now I hope to achieve my wish. I hope you can help me.”

“Sure, sure.”

Xu Zishi said with a smile. His simple and honest face was full of sincerity: “we will certainly help you. This is our goal to come to Xiangxiong ruins.”

The herald of Yingdi left with great satisfaction. Wei Xun saw that he had left Fang. He should go to Amara on the hillside. When he left, the “loyal” travelers immediately changed their faces.

“Don’t worry about the crown, the waterways, the scepter, Tubo, or the bone flute of the golden right wing of the ROC that doesn’t fall.”

Jiang Hongguang waved his hand and smiled: “we just need to prove that this is the site of the ancient Xiangxiong capital of the snow mountain and holy lake!”


The passengers cheered and Wei Xun smiled.

The crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn in the Dragon God waterway, the right winged bone flute of Dapeng in the ruins, the suppressed demon pitangka, and the crystal corpse of Xiao Wei Molong Renxia.

The ruins of ZhangXiong are really a good place.

He wants it all!


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