TTG Chapter 73

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 73: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (16)

After returning to the station, the passengers were still warmly discussing the situation. Attracted by this atmosphere, Feile Zhi and Yin Baitao looked at each other with a smile in their eyes.

Originally, they still felt it difficult to listen to the crown scepter, Dragon God waterway and lost bone flute, but Jiang Hongguang said that although they were suspected of deliberately simplifying and comforting them, they had to say that they both relaxed a lot.

Veteran travelers have prepared the exploration equipment that may be used in advance, but their financial experience is the same year, and their prepared items are the same year. There are always deficiencies. For novice passengers, the materials provided by the hotel system are more basic, but the victory lies in the overall.

We gathered together to find out the missing and fill in the vacancy. After the arrival of the herald Eagle flute, the passengers have divided into groups in advance to prepare the things. Just a backpack can go.

However, ZhangXiong site is one of those sites with many remaining buildings on the ground. It has been seriously damaged by many earthquakes in history. Tourists who come to qiongzong mountain to visit ZhangXiong site for the first time may be disappointed because there are two bare earth stone mountains in the past. There are some earthy yellow walls on the mountains, and the others can be found again.

This adds a lot of difficulties to the exploration. Tourists can’t know whether there is a secret path to the Xiangxiong site under the earthy yellow mountains and stones, and which leads to the site. They can only explore the mountain by luck. Blind exploration will definitely waste a lot of time and may not get anything.

It is said that king Xiangxiong built his temple near the mountain, and there may be secret chambers and secret passages under the earth and rock from the top of the mountain to the middle of the mountain. The Dragon God waterway mentioned by the descendant of Eagle flute shows that the underground secret passages of Xiangxiong relics are complex, and there may even be waterways leading to dangzhayongcuo.

In this way, even if the title of Xu Yang [blind perception] can detect the scene ten meters underground, the underground secret rooms on the surface and near the surface may have been collapsed and inaccessible.

Although Ji Hongcai brought engineers to shovel, they can always dig a tunnel now. I’ve been a professional for years. What can I do if I bury people in the ground when I don’t dig a hole.

This shows the importance of the map. Wei Xun took the map of human pitanka, took the passengers to the top of the poor Zong mountain and looked down. I can only see that there is a piece of earth yellow everywhere. This year’s book is an archaeology professional. You may think it’s like whatever you look at, and there’s no difference at all.

However, Wei Xun took the map with him. The three relics discovered by the snow leopard and mink cub correspond to various complex symbols on the human skin map, which roughly delineated the possible scope of Saikang temple.

“Drive from here.”

Wei Xun’s handy circle basically covers more than half of the mountain on the right. The area up the mountainside is closer to the tunnel full of headless mummies exposed by mink cubs.

That place may be prepared for the sacrifice of killing the king. The last king of Xiangxiong was assassinated and killed while sacrificing the lake. They were at war with Tubo at that time. Before sacrificing the lake, the Bon master Gu Xin affirmed that the sacrifices prepared in advance for the sacrifice of killing were likely to be the enemy soldiers captured on the battlefield and offered sacrifices to people.

King Xiangxiong regards Bon as his religion and high as his respect. He advocates that the higher he is, the easier he can achieve great perfection. Guxin’s status is higher than that of the king. The Saikang temple is the highest place in the king’s palace. Originally, a higher watchtower should be built for Guxin’s repair. The place slightly lower than the Saikang temple may be the former Xiangxiong palace.

But now, thousands of years later, the poor Zong mountain still stands, but the ground buildings have been basically seen for years.

Seeing that Wei Xun took out the map, the veteran passengers were only amazed. It’s too much to have such a captain. When Wei Xun delineated the general area, the passengers had a number of passengers. Now, in addition to Wei Xun, the brigade has a total of nine people and is divided into three groups.

Jiang Hongguang and Ji Hongcai lead the formation respectively, taking the right mountain top as the middle one, and around the range drawn by Wei Xun, the formation probes eastward and westward respectively. Yin Baitao and Yuhang are temporary aircraft positions. They stay at the station and look at everyone’s equipment. Once the signal is sent from the East and West, they will inform all staff immediately. Xu Yang followed Wei Xun as his exclusive underground surveyor.

“If Ding is still there, this shopping point should sell walkie talkies.”

Jianghongguang Road, the signal on the mountain is “year”, and the mobile phone signal is only “year”. They split their heads, and once they got in touch with each other, especially when they fell into the ground, broke their legs and fainted, it was called tiantiannian Ying and dinian Ling.

“We don’t have professional exploration equipment. We must be small when exploring relics.”

Ji Hongcai is distributing whistles to ensure that there are at least two in each team: “like this Xiangxiong relic, after more wind and rain, the seemingly solid earth wall may have been loose for a long time. Pay attention to how long it collapsed in a few years. When you go, stay away from those earth walls and stone bricks. Take a climbing stick. If you see a crack on the ground, explore it first. Don’t step on it directly. ”

“The three men fasten the climbing rope and keep a certain distance. If someone falls, they must be stable. Whistle in danger. ”

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the wind was so strong this year. The passengers checked their equipment for the last time and went as planned. After their figure disappeared between the Yellow Mountains and rocks, Wei Xun took Xu Yang down.

The mountain road has been walking for many years. Altitude sickness is also a severe test for Duoduo. Xu Yang, who loves his dog and trusts Wei Xun, put Duoduo to rest at the station. He tried the climbing sticks of passengers one by one, chose the one with the most suitable length as the blind stick, and walked steadily.

In front of them, there is a small black dog with drooping head to lead the way. It is really small. It can be seen when it sinks into the earth pit and stone crack. But Wei Xun could know the location of dinggou with his consciousness and seldom looked at it.

In fact, Ding’s [old TV] props, such as Bingjiu’s original [yellow], were screened by Bingjiu. He appeared in the live split screen of other passengers. He also brought his own mosaic, which can shield other split screens.

Even if all the passengers are in the same picture, for the sake of the audience, they can’t block the whole picture. Marcel also stubbornly pastes all over Bingjiu’s body. His nearest people, no sound or image, are all mosaic.

[old TV] it’s only a year old. It just blocks Ding’s live split screen and turns it into snowflakes. However, if there is Ding’s field of vision for other passengers, his body will be exposed on the split screen. Just like the audience can see Wei Xun’s little black dog stumbling in front of him through his live split screen.

However, under the present circumstances, the latter is more useful. If Ding’s shielding props also shield themselves, the audience will know how to return when they see a small mosaic around Wei Xun.

“Brother Wei, it’s more than 500 meters.”

Xu Yang suddenly said that when there were only two of them, he was used to calling brother Wei. In this way, it seemed that their relationship was closer.

“No, the hint of Ding’s serious injury is still there. He recovered so quickly in 2004.”

Wei Xun said, and then he saw Xu Yang’s mouth hook quickly and put it flat again. Smart children directly understand that this year’s plan is estimated to be back.

If Ding Zhuo returns and Xu Yang xinweixun is 500 meters away from others, it is most likely that everyone has always been aware of him.

In fact, when Wei Xun said that the unit was searching, Xu Yang guessed that Ding Zhuo might be dead. Even if he wasn’t dead, it was only when Wei Xun said that he was close to 500 meters that he sensed Ding Zhuo’s position. Wei Xun had the means to sense Ding Zhuo’s position all the time.

But when he thought of it, he said. He just smiled happily secretly. He was secretly happy. He looked like Wei Xun was closer because of this little secret.

Then Xu Yang felt Wei Xun’s hand fall on his head and patted him gently.


Wei Xun praised that it was really economical to take a child like Xu Yang, especially after completely convinced him. When walking down the mountain for years, Xu Yang walked very slowly even if he relied on a mountaineering stick, and the speed slowed down avoidably.

Wei Xun thought for a moment and simply asked Xu Yang to stop and stand beside him. In the live broadcast room, the audience thought that when they saw the picture of Wei Xun carrying Xu Yang’s warm friend, they saw Wei Xun holding Xu Yang up and holding him under his arm. Then he saw Wei Xun running up with Xu Yang and jumping directly from the mountain!

Xu Yang:??


The wind roared past his ears. Wei Xun was like a strong head, and the sky was like a beast growing on a high mountain. Every time he jumped down, he was seven or eight meters high. With Xu Yang, he had no trouble. He jumped three times and two times to the underground ruins where he found Shuang · Xiu murals.

“Too fast.”

Wei Xun still remembered the feeling of reckless leap from the mountain just now. The excitement brought by the rapid fall and jump made him jump faster, the corners of his lips lifted up, and his breathing was slightly rapid because of excitement.

Unfortunately – too fast.

He jumped to the ground only a few times, and there were not many meters in total.

If, if, Wei Xun can’t wait. If one day he could climb Mount Everest and jump from the highest mountain, how happy it would be!


Wei Xun put Xu Yang down with a smile. He liked the child very much. When Tong got up, he couldn’t help but want to share his favorite things with him for years.


Xu Yang, who was put down, fell to the ground as soft as noodles.

Dad, mom, am I in heaven?

Confused, Xu Yang seems to see Tianyu’s parents waving to him. Duoduo also barks at him next to his parents, shaking his tail into a virtual shadow.

Xu Yang happily reached out to them and wanted to catch his parents’ hands. But just then, a Wei Xun rushed out from the side, grabbed his waist and took him from heaven to the 18th floor of hell!


Xu Yang suddenly woke up and felt his mouth wet. He licked it, sweet.

“Well, I’m sorry.”

Wei Xun fed Xu Yang half a bottle of glucose and secretly added some drugs for concentrating and enriching blood to his face. It’s rare that it’s a little strange. It is also rare to meet a child with high IQ like Xu Yang, which makes Wei Xun think of his childhood.

But everyone is like him. He is afraid of death and likes to try all kinds of stimulation.

I think at the beginning, wandering Zi Ming also advised him to find a partner and fall in love. Maybe it was better, but Wei Xun used his body for years, which could delay others.

He really found someone who could go crazy with himself.

When I see people, I ask, ‘do you like extreme sports?’? Wing mounted flying gear, low altitude parachuting? How many times have you climbed Mount Everest? ”

Wei Xun sometimes feels wronged. He wants to find someone who is as good as himself and has a common topic. It’s always too much!

“No, no, I don’t.”

Xu Yang felt as if he were floating in the sky. He felt that the earth was soft. He wanted to vomit and hold on to the terrible feeling of weightlessness. He was willing to make Wei Xun feel timid. In fact, his small face was pale with fear.

“I don’t know. Brother Wei, where’s my blind stick?”

It’s more interesting for Wei Xun to see people frighten children like this. He took out the sleeping mink from his pocket and stuffed it into Xu Yanghuai’s pocket. Tianhu cub is a kind of thing. Holding it makes people feel strong warmth. It’s pleasant. Naturally, it shows compassion and protection for it. It’s really a great distraction.

But Xu Yang, who was just trembling and leaning on his blind stick and wanted to stand up, hugged the mink, but he was as stupid as a fool. He directly fell and sat on the ground. The sleepless mink fell to the ground, and his small body gradually changed to snow-white rolled around the loess.


Wei Xun looked at Xu Yang’s state and thought it was wonderful. Xu Yang’s face turned paler. He was trembling all over, flustered, and tried his best to step back. He was scared. His teeth hit him and clucked. The dirt on his face was sticky with sweat. He was very dirty.

Year, year is the mink problem. Wei Xun directly picked up Xu Yang, grabbed the blind staff in his hand, and filled him with the remaining small half bottle of glucose.

Xu Yang dragged Wei Xun’s clothes to death. He was stunned. He stepped back more than ten steps before finally stopping. He was still in shock and gasped violently.

“What do you see?”

When Xu Yang calmed down, Wei Xun asked in a low voice:

“What’s underground.”

[blind perception (blue title): as a blind person, you have extraordinary perception. You can’t get out of your perception range from ten meters underground to ten meters high. Of course, it’s easy to perceive these for years. You have to have a guide dog or a blind stick]

This is Xu Yang’s title. He was afraid of this when he got the blind staff. There must be something under the ground!

Wei Xun looked at the location where they had just been. They were in the middle of the secret room with strange Buddha statues found by the snow leopard and the secret passage with Shuang Xiu murals found by Wei Xun.

“Yes, there are corpses,  in,  more than  more than  more than  corpses in .”

Xu Yang’s voice trembled, his small face was white, and he was rarely incoherent.

“There are many, especially many. They are standing, standing and buried in the earth. They form a circle. I can’t count how many.”

“Their necks seem to be broken, their faces look completely up, and all the bodies are – they’re looking at the people on the ground!”


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