TTG Chapter 74

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 74: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (17)

“No, the man whose neck is broken must be dead.”

Wei Xun comforted Xu Yang: “if there are living people in the earth, it’s worth being afraid. What’s the fear of the dead? No.”

“Will he bite you?”

Xu Yang:??

“, ah.”

Xu Yang was misled by Wei Xun’s crooked reasoning. He was not so scared. After doing enough psychological construction, he took the initiative to pick up the blind stick again. Wei Xun returned to the place where the body was found and explored it carefully for another week.

“At least at a depth of ten meters, I can only perceive their upper body at most, to this position.”

Xu Yang gestures at his waist: “the rest can’t be seen.”

The title of blind perception, the maximum perception depth is ten meters, and down is darkness. Xu Yang was frightened just now. Look carefully. However, now it seems that the waist half down into the dark, as if only the upper body of the body is more terrible.

“The corpses should be built in the soil, about this range.”

While walking, Xu Yang drew a circle on the ground with a blind stick, just like the circle drawn by the Tang Monk before the monkey king’s fortune, and roughly drew a circle with a diameter of five meters.

“It’s dark down there. Maybe it’s still dark.”

Xu Yang walked into the circle of the painting, nodded with a blind stick and said, “here is one, here is one, here is another.”

If people who don’t know the truth see this scene, they must feel strange.

“I can’t find it here. It’s blocked by something like a pyramid.”

Xu Yang circled a range at the center of the circle, about two meters long and wide.

“Triangular, like a tower, can’t see the material.”

He can perceive things underground, but if they are packed in boxes, he can’t perceive them.

“Cemetery? Altar? ”

Xu Yang guessed that, after all, the mummies around the pyramid, standing in the soil, with their necks broken and their faces completely facing the earth, were too strange and terrible. They really looked like a religious ceremony.

“Come on, explore here.”

Wei Xun was anxious to guess. He took Xu Yang to the secret room of the remains of Shuang · Xiu murals and the strange Buddha statues, so that Xu Yang could perceive them with a blind staff. The remains of the mural are actually a secret mural inclined downward. The end direction of the dark mural that Xu Yang can perceive is the strange place where the corpse stands. It is more inclined to the direction of the right peak of the poor sect.

There is a huge underground cave behind the secret room of the strange Buddha statue. Xu Yang Wuyu detected the end of the underground cave.

That is to say, the mural secret mural may be connected to the place like the altar of the cemetery, and the strange Buddha and the underground cave are another relic.

“I can’t probe any further. The perceived distance is still too close.”

Xu Yang was a little embarrassed. He thought he must be very useful in exploring the ruins, but he thought that most of the dark rooms near the surface had been collapsed by earthquakes in the past. Many relics were deeper. He didn’t fully perceive the danger of the organs below.

Moreover, according to Wei Xun’s appearance, he should have known the ruins here for a long time. Thinking of this, Xu Yang and Wei Xun admired and felt that he was frightened by the corpse just now. He was so like a child and not brave.

Brother Wei won’t think it’s useful for him.

“Have you finished your task?”

Wei Xun is very happy. It’s enough for him to know some underground ruins. It’s enough to explore the unknown by himself.

“. It should be personal contact. The hotel won’t let people exploit this loophole. ”

If he can only find the ruins by knocking on the blind staff on the ground, it’s really against the sky. The hotel will not allow this thing that you can easily get through the scenic spot by only one title.

Xu Yang was nervous and secretly made up his mind to practice courage. He looked around carefully with a straight face. Even the face of each corpse was hard headed and looked carefully, which really made him find some problems.

“These corpses have sarcomatous bulges on their foreheads.”

Xu Yang was not sure: “it’s too small. I thought it was stones in the soil, but when I looked carefully at the place in the center of their brows, it seemed that they were all shrivelled and bulging? Every corpse is dead. ”

Xu Yang said in the middle of his eyebrows, “here it is. The biggest soybean is big, and the smallest one is like acne.”


Wei Xun pondered and thought of the golden head wet corpse. There was a sarcoma on the gray red flesh membrane on his head at the thickest part of the forehead flesh membrane, but his apricot was bigger than the drum on the forehead of these mummies mentioned by Xu Yang.

Are they related to the year of the year?

“No hurry.”

Wei Xun saw that Xu Yang was out of breath. He seemed to be holding on, so he simply forced him to go to the area where he was stationed to have a rest. Then Wei Xun returned to the site himself.

He had just combed the information Xu Yang said in his mind and drew an underground secret path map at the bottom of his heart.

Everything was ready, and Wei Xun began to call dinggou in his heart.

From just now on, Ding Yi, who has been hiding far away from him, has a bad feeling in his heart! Sure enough, listen to Wei Xun’s order the next moment:

“Go down and have a look first.”

Nan Wei Xun, are you going to kill him!

Ding Yi was desperate and angry in his heart. He was cold all over and scolded Wei Xun 1800 times.

What a vicious man, what a cruel heart. This Wei Xun is obviously trying to make him use his life to explore the way!


Ding Yi sneered. He had already predicted and had already responded to the strategy. Wei Xun or the tour guide knew too little.

“I will certainly try my best to complete the master’s task, Wang Wang.”

Ding Gou pretends to be worried and thinks about Wei Xun: “but I’m still a tour guide in the brigade. The difficulty of tourists from hotels to tour guides is different. If I enter the ruins as a tour guide, the difficulty level of the ruins is not just the difficulty level, and even there may be supernatural enemies! ”

Want him to die in an adventure? The door is open!

Ding Yi laughed in his heart, and the dog’s face was as cunning as a man.

What it says is wrong. Only the guide, the passengers act together, or the passengers act alone. What they face is the normal difficulty. When the tour guide acts alone, the difficulty level of the ruins is no longer limited by the journey, but the tour guide is a hotel employee. Most of the monsters in the ruins will not attack the tour guide as long as they do not take the task of opening up new scenic spots.

But passengers are different.

Ha ha, it depends on how you choose!

If Wei Xun tries to enjoy his success by letting Ding go on an adventure and clear the danger before going on his own, he will be very wrong.

If he goes alone, he will activate the real difficulty of the ruins. It must be that Wei Xun and his passengers can’t afford it at present. For them, the ruins are even abandoned.

Even if Wei Xun takes him to the ruins, Ding Yi will certainly be in the range of the live camera. Since the screening live broadcast, Ding Yi has been “white”. Wei Xun doesn’t want him to be exposed. Of course, Ding Yi doesn’t want to expose his magic dog form.

In this way, if Ding Yi goes down the ruins together, he can’t appear in front of Wei Xun, otherwise he will bring a little black dog down the ruins, and the audience will never doubt it. However, if Ding Yi walks too far ahead and is not around the passengers, it can be regarded as the guide acting alone, which will also activate the difficulty.

But if Wei Xun doesn’t want to take risks, he must not let him visit the ruins, otherwise he will never pay for the loss. As long as he has a little brain, he will figure it out——

‘that’s nice. ‘

Wei Xun happily told him: “go through the two ruins below and remember that there are more rubs everywhere. Don’t leave anything behind.”

Ding Yi:???

Is Wei Xun crazy?!

Or is he crazy? Wei Xun’s words are human. Why can’t he listen?

Ding Yi was shocked and barked blankly. He couldn’t even speak. Wei Xun looked at his stupidity and felt that it was probably the sequelae of losing San. Ding Yixu became a half fool, so he said it again.

“I want you to activate the difficulty of underground relics,” white? ”

Wei Xun Lengsu was not polite at all: “if it’s not difficult for me to go down later, you’ll get the most severe punishment.”


Dinggou was so excited that he had a sense of crisis. He obeyed instinctively and let him slip into the crack in the ground. He ran down for a long time before he regained consciousness. Why do you think it’s mysterious.

Nan Wei Xun would rather give up these two ruins and kill him?

It’s not that Ding Yi belittles himself. In fact, Wei Xun has completely controlled his life. Even if Ding is unwilling to do it again, as long as Wei Xun has an idea, he can bang to death. What’s the use of this trouble and waste two relics.

Or does Wei Xun want to kill someone? Other people don’t know that this relic has lifted the difficulty limit. If Wei Xun wants to harm others, he can be unaware as long as he deceives Fang Fang——

Ding Yijue found out the truth. He was wrong. It must be so.

Wei Xun is really as vicious and cunning as he thought. He has a good eye on him.

Somehow, Ding Yi had a distorted dissatisfaction in his heart. Who in this brigade can be better than tading Yi, so that Wei Xun wants to frame him? He even wastes relics to make traps, and bothers tading to explore the way?

He was seriously calculated by this one!


A dark wind came from the depths of the dark ground, and there was still a fishy smell in the wind. Dinggou shrunk his neck, and the fear of crisis made him dare not think of anything else. It called a few poisonous snakes to explore the way and trembled forward.

Half a day later, at 4:30 p.m., the passengers returned to the camp and each reaped.

“In this area, we found a cave relic with many murals.”

Ji Hongcai sipped his precious water and gasped: “I can’t understand. In addition to the murals, I also need some pottery fragments when walking into the cave. This mural probably records the history of the ZhangXiong Kingdom, because our three basic tasks have been completed. ”

The task of exploration is not like that of folk custom. It is specific to drive the corpse and cry to marry. Most of the passengers find out what’s wrong, and then the travel society provides an exploration progress bar. Veteran salted fish tourists have summed up their experience. As long as the exploration progress reaches 30%, even if they have completed the scenic spot task at the minimum, they can receive a reward.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

I wonder if he choked. Ji Hongcai coughed and blushed like a rash:

“The hole was not deep. I took an engineer to shovel it. It was very fragile. After a few times, I shoveled off a pile of stone chips. It’s a strange insect in the stone. Be careful. I was almost bitten by it. Lao Qin also collected his body. ”

Ji Hongcai couldn’t even drink a few mouthfuls of water to stop his cough. He muttered that his throat was itching to death. He covered his mouth and coughed stiffly. He refused to waste any more water. Qin Xinrong took out a palm sized sealed bag and handed it to Wei Xun.

Inside the bag was the flattened corpse of the insect. Wei Xun saw that the insect was really strange. It’s a bit like a caterpillar named yangjiaozi. It’s covered with black hair, but it’s rubbed off a large piece of hair on its back by Ji Hongcai.

The exposed pattern is abnormal, like a bloody face.

[ghost insect]

Wei Xun saw the insect’s name at a glance. He didn’t feel it. Ji Hongcai and his team have explored places that Ding Yiyu has been to, which means that it is difficult to unseal. But heritage exploration itself poses countless dangers.

“Ji Hongcai, have you ever touched this bug?”

With Wei Xun’s eyes, the passengers couldn’t help looking at Ji Hongcai, who coughed stiffly. They saw Yan Baitao taking his kettle to him. Ji Hongcai was red and speechless, so he stretched out his hand to pick up the kettle.

But Yan Baitao’s suddenly trembled and almost dropped the kettle to the ground. She looked frightened and stared at Ji Hongcai. She lost her voice: “Ji Hongcai, you cough and bleed!”


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