TTG Chapter 75

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 75: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (18)

“Cough, cough, cough -”

Ji Hongcai coughed and tore his heart and lungs. He stretched out his hand to Yan Baitao, and his heart was blood red. The passengers were so surprised by Yin Baitao that they all stood up. Some people subconsciously retreated, but when Jiang Hongguang and others hurried to help Ji Hongcai without hesitation, he felt embarrassed and wanted to follow him.

“Everyone else stepped back, except Yin Baitao and Jiang Hongguang.”

But at this time, Wei Xun gave the panicked passengers a cold command, and did what he said. In a flash, there were only Wei Xun, Yin Baitao, Jiang Hongguang and Ji Hongcai left in the tent. At the moment, Jiang Hongguang coughed until he was convulsed, wheezing, panting, bulging eyes, staring at the nothingness in the air, and his lips were blue.

“Wei Hongcai, plateau hypoxia -”

Jiang Hongguang was rarely anxious, but before his voice fell, Ji Hongcai gasped for breath. Although his breath was still short, it was no longer as terrible as before. He was stunned when he saw Wei Xun’s ferret coming in from outside the tent with a guide brooch in his mouth.

The guard had long thought that Ji Hongcai might lack oxygen under an emergency!

Jiang Hongguang suddenly settled down and his impatience faded away. With the power of Brooch “plateau red”, everyone in the whole tent felt much more relaxed. But Ji Hongcai is not out of the crisis.

“It looks like a thorn stuck in your throat.”

Yin Baitao came over with the medicine box, gave Wei Xun and Jiang Hongguang masks, and covered his mouth and nose with a magic scarf. Then he began to carefully check Ji Hongcai’s situation.

Clinical psychology is different from other psychology. It is the integration of clinical medicine and applied psychology. Only those who learn this can be regarded as having a medical background. They are psychologists who can prescribe drugs for patients and diagnose their condition, while those who learn applied psychology are psychological counselors who can not prescribe drugs and diagnose whether the visitors really have depression.

In the brigade, Wei Xun and Yin Baitao have studied medicine systematically. Although it can’t be compared with a serious doctor, it’s barely enough. It’s just that Ji Hongcai’s situation is very bad now. It’s not like a simple stab at all.

 now I can’t speak, my body is hot, and my body convulses from time to time. His eyes are round and full of black blood, which is like suffering from some ophthalmic disease.

But staying up late or eye diseases lead to the burst of white blood filaments. Most of those blood filaments are blue and red, but it is rare that Ji Hongcai is so black at this time.

Wei Xun opened his eyelids and found that Ji Hongcai’s swollen eyelids were full of black blood. It was more serious if the upper eyelids were not the lower eyelids. There are black blood filaments in the nasal cavity and the dangerous triangle.

“What did you find when you explored the ruins?”

Wei Xun filled Ji Hongcai with half a bottle of universal antidote, which was seized from Ding Yi. When the antidote was poured down, Ji Hongcai’s high heat immediately retreated, but although the color of the paint black blood line in his eyes was light, it was not completely eliminated.

It seems that he was poisoned. The omnipotent antidote can only solve a temporary emergency. We must find and eradicate the root cause. Yan Baitao carefully tried to break Ji Hongcai’s mouth, but her teeth were so tight that she could not resist the power of an adult man.

Wei Xun didn’t see how he did it except his hands. In the blink of an eye, Ji Hongcai’s chin was removed by Wei Xun.

The stench spread rapidly from his mouth to the outside, which made Wei Xun shake his hands and almost put Ji Hongcai’s chin on again. Yan Baitao also turned pale, but the doctor’s quality made her stay close, shine with a flashlight and carefully check whether there were sundries in Ji Hongcai’s throat.

But Ji Hongcai had too much saliva with pus and blood in his mouth and throat and kept flowing out. The strong stench came from these red and yellow liquids. Yan Baitao removed the cotton ball, but he couldn’t wipe off the pus and blood saliva anyway. There were extremely small black hairs on the cotton balls with pus and blood.

It’s not clear at first glance, but it’s creepy to look at it carefully.

Jiang Hongguang’s hands trembled as he held his hands, but he tried to be calm: “the relic is in the west of the range you delineated. It is a cave relic inward after the collapse of mountains and rocks. It is five or six meters deep. There are those murals and pottery fragments that Hongcai said in the relic, and there is nothing else.”

“Find Qin Xinrong.”

Wei Xun said that Ji Hongcai, Qin Xinrong and Feile were in a team of three. They knew more about what happened in the cave than Ji Hongcai.

Qin Xinrong waited outside and didn’t go. Wei Xun didn’t let him into the tent. They asked and answered across the tent. Qin Xinrong was well organized and soon Wei Xun understood what happened at that time.

“At that time, Ji Hongcai and I took the lead. When Feile reached the back of the hall, the three of us didn’t explore separately. We almost found the cave together.”

Qin Xinrong said, “the hole is not deep. It goes to the bottom at once. There are only rock paintings and pottery fragments inside. There is nothing else. Ji Hongcai and I have reached 15% of the exploration progress, but Feile is only 5%

“Ji Hongcai wanted to finish it for feilezhi. He walked around the cave for a few times and knocked with an engineer’s shovel to see if there was a secret door. Let him find that the pile of stones at the end of the cave doesn’t look like the cave before. It looks like the earthquake collapsed, and there may be a road behind it. ”

Qin Xinrong said that Ji Hongcai knocked out several pieces of stone and said there might be a road behind. Then they were ready to come back and report to Wei Xun first. At this time, a hairy black insect crawled out of the pile of stone chips at the top of the rock cave, hung silk and fell on Ji Hongcai’s head. He was found and killed by a backhand engineer.

Qin Xinrong thought there might be insects in the cave. For the later exploration, he brought the insects back in a sealed bag.

“Ji Hongcai didn’t let the bug touch him, but it would be a little high and asthmatic. Could it be when he took a deep breath -”

Qin Xinrong also felt that Ji Hongcai suddenly became like this. He must have something to do with the bug. Could it be that the black hair on his body was highly toxic and Ji Hongcai accidentally sucked it into his windpipe when he took a deep breath?

But if it’s really sucked into the trachea, where can it be saved? With their poor medical conditions, who can operate on Ji Hongcai?

Yan Baitao was still not afraid of dirty smell to clean up Ji Hongcai’s pus and blood in his mouth. He was sweating and didn’t dare to wipe it. Jiang Hongguang was anxious and a little desperate. His mind was full of chaos. He subconsciously looked at Wei Xun and had a prayer in his eyes that he didn’t find.

“This is the evil ghost bug recorded in the Tibetan scriptures.”

Wei Xun said, “I just picked up the sealed bag and looked at the flattened black insect. Others thought he was observing the appearance of black insects, but Wei Xun was looking at it carefully with the title of “archaeological expert”.

Wei Xun had been thinking before that, the title said, “you can always get unexpected convenience in matters related to your own excavation of relics”. If you delineated the general scope and found the relics related to the temple first, would the relics finally discovered by Jiang Hongguang and Ji Hongcai in this area be included in the things related to Wei Xun’s excavation of relics “.

When he saw the black worm, he knew its name at a glance, and Wei Xun knew he was right. But perhaps this is indirectly related to him. Wei Xun can’t get all the information as quickly as watching Shuang · Xiu murals, but has to watch it for a while.

“Carry Ji Hongcai outside and light a fire.”

Wei Xun pointed out the name of the strange insect, and Jiang Hongguang seemed to see a little hope. He and Yin Baitao hurriedly pushed Ji Hongcai outside and sat down at the fire where he cooked at noon. Yin Baitao hurriedly added several pieces of solid fuel, and the fire lit up again, and then she added a few pieces of charcoal to the fire.

While Wei Xun took out the map of human skin Thangka and cut off a thin finger belly at the edge with a knife.

Then he thought for a moment. He went to the edge of the station, called the snow leopard, raised its front paw and looked carefully. Then he cut the tip of the snow leopard’s paw like cutting a cat’s paw. Wei Xun took into account that the snow leopard was a wild animal and had to hunt by himself. He only cut a little, less than a few in total. The snow leopard seemed to be aware of Wei Xun’s mood and was very quiet. His throat was snoring, as if to comfort him, as if to ask what had happened.


Wei Xun patted the snow leopard’s head and waited for him to return to the fire. However, after a while, Ji Hongcai was dying. Jiang Hongguang’s anxious eyes are red. He can’t help whispering Ji Hongcai’s name to keep him awake. When he sees Wei Xun coming back, he quickly gives way.

“You two hold him.”

Wei Xun called Fang Yuhang and asked him and Jiang Hongguang to kneel beside the fire with Ji Hongcai, leaning forward and facing the fire.  before the chin was closed, the pus mixed with blood dripped from the mouth directly dropped into the fire, making a crackling sound, accompanied by a stench like roast meat, which made people’s scalp numb.

When Ji Hongcai’s face turned red and the pus and blood from his mouth became less and less, Wei Xun instructed Yan Baitao to remove the burning solid fuel, leaving only the burnt charcoal. There is no open fire, but there is still a hot temperature.

“The evil spirits in the Scriptures stand on the six samsara and devour all sins, which is the first of all evils.”

Wei Xun wrapped the tip of the snow leopard’s paw in the human skin Thangka strip he cut. This human skin thangka is not normal square, but uses the skin behind Guxin to hoop a square in the middle. There are redundant parts on the edges of the painted Thangka, which is normal human skin. It has been soaked with a variety of secret medicines and will not rot for thousands of years. It is thin and can be rolled up and stuffed into the barrel bones of yaks.

At this time, Wei Xun divided the human skin into small sections, and each section was wrapped with a little broken snow leopard claw tip. Then he put a small “human skin bag” on a charcoal block to bake.

The person’s skin soaked by countless kinds of secret medicine emits a lot of smoke when it is hot. It is strange that the small smoke column does not disperse when it rises, but still rises straight. The debris of its claw tip is also curled by the heat, emitting a smell similar to protein burning, mixed in the smoke with strange medicine fragrance.

Jiang Hongguang, who came together recently, was smoked to tears. The medicine incense was too domineering to breathe normally. We don’t know what Wei Xun is going to do, but we can only listen to him at this moment. Only Wei Xun is the real backbone.

“Ji Hongcai doesn’t cough!”

Jiang Hongguang was dizzy after being smoked, but he still didn’t forget to pay attention to his brother. Ji Hongcai was supported by the fans, and his face was almost directly above the thin smoke column. Most of the thick smoke was sucked in by the fans. I don’t know when Ji Hongcai stopped coughing and pus and blood no longer flowed out of his mouth.

Jiang Hongguang felt that Ji Hongcai’s hand, which he was unable to hold, suddenly exerted force, as if he had consciousness again. began to struggle and avoided the cigarette column, but Jiang Hongguang immediately pressed Ji Hongcai’s head and presseddirectly above the cigarette column.

That bit of human skin wrapped around the snow leopard’s claw tip was soon burned, and the smoke column was no longer, but Wei Xun didn’t put down one immediately, but raised his hand and closed Ji Hongcai’s chin and asked Yin Baitao to feed water to him.

“Well, do you want to put some ash in the water?”

Yan Baitao was trembling and asked about the dried ashes of human skin. Ji Hongcai’s illness is too strange, and Wei Xun’s method is too strange, which makes her thinking tend to metaphysics.

“What are you doing with ash?”

Wei Xun looked at her strangely: “isn’t it dirty?”

Ah, Yan Baitao honestly shut up and feed Ji Hongcai water as Wei Xun said.

“Don’t swallow it, rinse your mouth and spit it out.”

Seeing that Ji Hongcai woke up, Wei Xun told him. Ji Hongcai nodded reluctantly. He dislocated his chin for too long and couldn’t close it. He rinsed his mouth and generally leaked out. Fang Yuhang took a spare pot in his hand and specially received water under Ji Hongcai to make him vomit in the pot. After seeing what he vomited, Fang Yuhang’s hand shook and his back was cold.

I saw a thick layer of gray floating on the dirty water mixed with red and yellow! They are tiny. At first glance, they think they are a layer of dust, like gray bran. When you look closely, you can find that they are more like the egg shell of some kind of insect.

How could Ji Hongcai have such a thing in his throat!

“Still itching…”

Ji Hongcai rinsed his mouth several times and spit out water.  I feel better and my voice is extremely hoarse. I can barely express myself. Wei Xun asked Jiang Hongguang and Fang Yuhang to rush Ji Hongcai’s noodles onto the fire. He changed a piece of hot carbon, put up a human skin wrapped in broken snow leopard claws, and continued to smoke Ji Hongcai’s throat.

The situation this time is obviously much better than the first time. Ji Hongcai has no red and yellow pus in his throat. There are very few insect eggs floating on the water when he gargles. When Wei Xun cut human skin with the last one and smoked it, Ji Hongcai’s throat was no longer itchy and painful, but one nostril could not breathe and was blocked.

Wei Xun asked Jiang Hongguang to shine a flashlight on Ji Hongcai’s nose and squint. Then he leaned back slightly and waved to Yin Baitao:

“You use tweezers to take things out of your nose.”

Wei Xun had a good senior fan’s kindness and said, “this is also a chance for you to experience.”

Yan Baitao’s eyes lit up, and she thanked Wei Xun from her heart. She knows how important it is to have a chance. This is her experience in the future! What’s more, if she does, Ji Hongcai and the small team will certainly remember her.

“I’ll do it.”

Yan Baitao was so solemn that a thank you was in his throat and couldn’t speak. At this moment, she really regarded Wei Xun as her senior student. She had to say that she was just climbing the relationship in a strange place. People who have never seen in reality have no friendship.

But Wei Xun is willing to give her this opportunity!

Wei Xun stepped aside so that Yin Baitao could do it. To tell the truth, the things in Ji Hongcai’s nose are really disgusting. People who have seen those clean ear videos on the Internet may have more insight. Even with the help of tools, ordinary people can’t move their hands.

But Yin Baitao was not ordinary. She was calm and steady. Jiang Hongguang was shining beside him. He was worried that Yin Baitao would miss, but now he was a little relieved to see her momentum.

Soon, Yin Baitao took an unknown object out of Ji Hongcai’s nose. It is like a small piece of black meat, the size of sesame seeds, wrapped in nasal mucus. The meat is full of black hair, which is particularly shocking.

Wei Xun asked Yin Baitao to throw the black meat into the fire and burn it up. Ji Hongcai’s crisis was finally relieved. However, after this experience, he was much weaker and his voice was completely hoarse, but Ji Hongcai’s first action was to struggle to get up, kneel in front of Wei Xun and knock him hard.

Jiang Hongguang and Fang Yuhang also stood with him and remembered Wei Xun’s kindness in their hearts. This is a life-saving grace.

Other passengers have been nervous, and now they are finally relaxed. In the past, they seldom worried about their teammates, and most of them worried about whether they would fall into such a situation after seeing the tragedy of their teammates. But this time we didn’t think about anything else. We were all worried about Ji Hongcai.

This toss until six o’clock, today has been cloudy, not sunny, the wind in the evening is colder. Everyone lit a fire, boiled hot water and surrounded the fire. They subconsciously wanted to sit closer to Weixun, as if there was a sense of security. In the past, even if they were afraid of the guide, they would subconsciously approach.

It’s strange that Wei Xun is just a new tourist. Without the special means of a tour guide, the tourists are more relieved. Everyone sat around the fire wrapped in blankets and baked Zanba on the fire. Everyone held hot water in their hands and listened carefully to Wei Xun’s speech.

“In the Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum, there is a Thangka which is the longest in the world and can be called the treasure of the town hall.”

Wei Xun said, “in one corner of Thangka, there is a picture of animals chasing and swallowing each other. It is a blue backed bird chasing a snake. The snake bites the wild boar, and the wild boar holds the bird’s tail. The periphery is gods, Buddhas and ghosts. It tells the original sins of life, greed, anger and infatuation.”

“In the legend of Bon religion, the evil ghost worm born of eggs is based on all crimes. It will swallow all sins and become the greatest evil, and then be finally swallowed by Dapeng golden winged bird.”

According to Bon legend, the world was originally a huge egg. Later, its eggshell turned into a sacred mountain, its protein turned into the sea, and its egg yolk turned into 18 medium-sized eggs, in which various animals, evil ghosts and insects representing all evil, and Mirs golden winged birds representing the highest holiness were born.

Wei Xun thought that maybe there was a kind of insect in the ancient Xiangxiong period. They could reproduce rapidly in animals or humans and kill people invisibly. Ancient people might think of it as an “evil ghost” and call it an “evil ghost insect”.

Pitangka, a noble monk, can suppress all evil. Perhaps it is a variety of secret drugs soaked in it that can inhibit evil ghosts and insects.

“I won the title of archaeologist and can see the information about the relics.”

Wei Xun revealed a little, which also explained the reason for the operation just now: “the mural in the cave you explored should record the history of how the evil ghost insects punished sinners, and then suppressed by the eminent monk pitanka.”

“It seems so.”

Qin Xinrong said, looking at Wei Xun’s eyes was a little complicated. It was like looking at the scene of ‘approaching science’: “it could be explained like this.”

Speaking of evil spirits, demons and insects, pitanka suppresses such things. Normal people will think in the direction of gods and ghosts! However, Wei Xun’s explanation was so justified that everyone thought it was quite reasonable!

This is just like the feeling of seeing [why scratches frequently appear on the baby girl’s arm, a big hairy hand stretched out under the crib late at night, and the police pulled it out to see that it was a smuggled golden monkey] in the legal column!

But now, people, this is a difficult journey without supernatural elements. It must be explained in this way.

There are no gods and ghosts, and most passengers are relieved. Today, they have gained a lot. The two teams who went out to explore have found the site. Everyone has a sense of propriety. After reaching the minimum goal of the task, they will automatically stop exploring deep.

When Jiang Hongguang came back early, he replaced the Yin Baitao people who had been stationed and asked them to explore.

Fei Lezhi and Xu Yang haven’t finished the basic tasks yet, but they are not in a hurry. The veteran passengers are discussing taking them down again tomorrow. Ji Hongcai completely frightened the fans.

If Ji Hongcai is the most powerful among them, it will be like this after sucking insects. If they want to continue to go down, something must happen.

The first scenic spot was so difficult that everyone in the brigade became salted fish for a time. I was grateful to Wei Xun. Fortunately, he drove Ding Yi away. Otherwise, if Ding Yi is still there, most of the people will die here.

I don’t know what the devil bug will look like after the difficulty limit is lifted?

The sealed bag containing the insect corpse came to Wei Xun’s hand. Wei Xun just imagined it, and then he stopped his head without expression.

No, I can’t think about it any more. What if it’s worse than maggot six.

Although Wei Xun was in a trance, he found that his little brother, except dinggou, seemed to be related to insects.

It is reasonable to say that now, you should also think about how to completely separate your identity as a tour guide from that of a passenger.

The guide is driven by the abyss demons, and the passengers are brought with plush animals such as mink cubs and snow leopards, which is very distinctive.

But Wei Xun refused.

This will make dinggou feel good. At least he is a mammal. Does this also mean that Wei Xun has to have something to do with insects? What kind of abyss devil insect flow? You can call a low-level tour guide flow. That is, even if the tour guide is different, he is also a tour guide. It is impossible to be brought into the journey by him. This is a difficult problem——

“Master, master, help me!”

When Wei Xun was thinking, he only heard the anxious bark of dinggou in his mind.

“Master, help me. I’m surrounded by a large group of strange insects. I can’t beat them!”

It really can’t hold out. Those strange insects are everywhere. Even rocks can’t stop them. Ding Yi tried his best to escape, but he didn’t think the insects ran fast, but somehow he fell into the siege of insects.

Only Wei Xun can summon it and save it from fire and water. At the critical moment of life and death, Ding Yi ignores any face and abandons all dignity to ask Wei Xun for help.

But he waited anxiously for a few seconds, but when Wei Xun sighed, he seemed a little disappointed.

“Ding Yi, you’re a dog. Can’t you even beat insects?”


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