TTG Chapter 76

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 76: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (19)

Ding Yi’s whole dog was stunned.

When Wei Xun said this, he was still a little ashamed. Dante had a thick skin and thought about it calmly.

What’s the matter? If he is a dog, can he beat the insects? Even if he is completely alienated and becomes a big dog, he may not be able to fight the insects!

Although insects have the strongest survival ability on earth, insects do not necessarily become extinct when people become extinct. Although he thought so, Dante dared not contradict Wei Xun, but only begged.

“I’m too weak, master. I’m useless. Master, help me, please help me.”


Wei Xun sighed melancholy. He stood in front of the fire in a blanket. Under the cover of the blanket, Wei Xun’s nails sharpened and cut his fingers. Blood drops on a small mass of dog hair shaved from Ding Yi in advance.

The alienated abyss system has this advantage. With the media, it is not limited by the human body. As long as Ding Yi is within 200 meters, Wei Xun can call it back.

“You go back first.”

Seeing that Wei Xun got up, Fei Lezhi, who was watching the night together, subconsciously stood up and was pressed down by Wei Xun.

“It’s good to have me at the vigil. I’m tired today. Go back and have a rest first.”


Feilezhi has a flexible mind. After turning around, he understands that Wei Xun is afraid to be alone. He didn’t ask, he smiled twice, obediently turned back to the station and got into the tent.

“Why did you come back so early?”

Yin Baitao was surprised that she was writing a diary to record what happened today, which was also a memo to remind herself all the time. And Xu Yang is combing Duoduo’s hair. As soon as Fei Lezhi returned to the tent, he attracted their attention.

“The guard loves me. I’m too tired today. Let me come back early to have a rest.”

Feilezhi said with a smile. Yan Baitao was angry and glanced at him. Xu Yang snorted coldly and revealed him without hesitation: “it’s something the guard doesn’t want you to know.”

Feilezhi is so strong and stupid that there is nothing worth loving.

Xu Yang tilted his mouth. Thinking that Wei Xun would feed him glucose in the afternoon, he unconsciously tilted the corners of his mouth.

Even if the guard wants to love him, it loves him most.

“Hey, do you have any dried meat? I’m so hungry.”

Feilezhi smiled and patted Xu Yang’s head. He didn’t care about children. He leaned forward to Yin Baitao and said politely, “sister Baitao, I didn’t eat much at night. I’m afraid I’ll wake you up in the middle of the night.”

“Who said no eating, no appetite?”

Yan Baitao smiled at him, put down his diary, took out the bag containing beef jerky and counted two pieces for feilezhi. Their main food was put in Yin Baitao, which was planned uniformly. There was still more than half of the journey, and food and water had to be saved and planned.

“Who will have an appetite at night.”

Feilezhi tore beef jerky in hot water and muttered. Indeed, Ji Hongcai made everyone feel no mood to eat. It’s good to see more experienced passengers, and the impact on new passengers is even greater. Yin Baitao didn’t have much appetite either. He just ate some roasted Zanba and drank a few mouthfuls of hot water.

“Fortunately, there is a guard, otherwise brother Ji will be in danger.”

Yan Baitao said, “brother Wei is really powerful. He is really different from us.”

They are all new people. Compared with Wei Xun, they are really terrible.

“Do you want to compete with Wei Xun? It’s not like you’re cutting corners. ”

Feilezhi was generous. The beef jerky was delicious and shook his head: “some people can’t compare with us ordinary people. They were born to be awesome! You haven’t seen the brother of the guard. Good guy, brother Wei is hanging and beating our second generation. His brother is playing with my father and his gang. ”

“Brother Wei has a brother?”

Xu Yang lost his voice and was a little difficult to accept. In his heart, Wei Xun had risen to a certain level. He just jumped out of the stone. He couldn’t imagine Wei Xun and his parents and relatives.

Wei Xun is so powerful, who can give birth to him.

“Of course, when you go out, go outside and search the snow dust of Wei. The general manager of Wei will come out in a minute.”

When feilezhi said this, his mood suddenly fell a little: “Alas, you say I have nothing to think about, what to find my life dream.”

“If it weren’t for the guard this time, the three of us would really be able to return to reality.”

Although he knows that this dangerous journey to northern Tibet is also in reality, Fei Lezhi’s reality refers to the peaceful and normal life of ordinary people. How cruel the journey is. Even if they are protected by brother Wei, they can see one or two.

If other tour guides are the same as Ding, or even worse, and other tourists are the same as Ji Hongcai at the beginning, unless they abandon their self-esteem and lick the tour guide, the newcomers basically have no way to live.

“We have to grow up as soon as possible.”

Yan Baitao said firmly, with a different look in his eyes: “don’t you think the brigade is really magical, those titles, those props and all kinds of potions.”

Thinking of the primary universal antidote Wei Xun gave Ji Hongcai, Yan Baitao boldly asked Wei Xun for the empty bottle of the medicine, which was hidden in the deepest part of his backpack. If she had doubts about the “cancer cure medicine” displayed by the hotel when she was selected for the journey, now Yin Baitao really saw the hope of curing her parents.

In reality, she was unable to breathe under all kinds of heavy burdens, but she gasped for free air during the journey. As long as she can get through the journey, she can buy some medicine for her parents. Although the medicine to cure cancer is very expensive and requires a lot of points, she can’t afford it now, as long as the hotel really has medicine and the medicine is really useful, Yin Baitao has a goal.


Xu Yang nodded calmly, which agreed with Yin Baitao. Relatives said his eyes broke accidentally when he was three years old, but Xu Yang didn’t remember such a small thing. He hasn’t seen light since he remembered it. But when the blind man knows this title, he can let him know how wonderful things are within ten meters of the sky and the earth, and the world unfolds before his eyes.

But in fact, Xu Yang still envies the title of Yin Baitao most.

“Sister Bai Tao, can you see what the guard is thinking?”


Xu Yang suddenly asked questions, which made Fei Lezhi look at Yin Baitao curiously. Her title is unreliable psychology. She can occasionally see what others think. In other words, this is mind reading. Even if you add a “occasionally” and “unreliable” premise, it sounds very awesome.

“I can’t hear it. I told you that my title must be within 50 meters, or can I occasionally see what others think only when others are particularly emotional.”

Yin Baitao said helplessly that she was worried about whether there would be teammates to exclude herself because of the title. But in fact, it’s really useless. Normal people have great joys and sorrows, and she can only hear what one person thinks at a time.

Just like when Wei Xun beat Ding Yi violently on the first day, Yan Baitao heard Ji Hongcai’s heart applauding loudly and shouted at Wei Xun’s cow – she actually wanted to hear what Ding Yi or Wei Xun thought at that time.

When Wei Xun treated Ji Hongcai and recovered his consciousness from Ji Hongcai, Yan Baitao was full of Ji Hongcai’s repeater like “pain, pain, whether I’m going to die, whether I’m going to die.” hearing that Yan Baitao was numb, she quickly took out Ji Hongcai’s nose to make him stop being forced.

Then what she heard became Ji Hongcai’s crazy screen swiping “thank you for saving my dog’s life.”.

Yin Baitao suspected that Ji Hongcai was a person with very intense emotions and easy to rise and fall. She basically heard Ji Hongcai forcing Lai in the team. The key is that Yan Baitao didn’t find a way to shield this title, so she was forced to listen to Ji Hongcai every day.

Now he should be asleep, like a mosquito buzzing around his ears was finally shot to death, Yan Baitao was very comfortable. She was really curious to hear Xu Yang ask.

“It’s not good. You can’t listen to what others think.”

Yin baitaoyi said the right words and then explained: “besides, Mr. Wei has always been very calm and brave, and his mood has never fluctuated greatly. I can’t hear what he’s thinking — ”

“Woo woo”

Yan Baitao was stiff and flustered. In the middle of the night, she, why did she seem to hear a faint cry?

It’s so weird and terrible!

When the cold wind blew behind him, Yan Baitao shivered and subconsciously pulled Fei Lezhi’s sleeve. Under feilezhi’s questioning eyes, she looked behind her tremblingly – fortunately, feilezhi didn’t close the tent curtain when she came in, and a little cold wind came in.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s all right. I’m just a little cold.”

Yan Baitao barely smiled and walked to the tent to close the curtain. But just then, the intermittent sobbing began to sound again, and it was clearer!

Shit, it’s not that people are crying, it’s that she hears what someone thinks!

Yan Baitao, who was still in shock, burst into foul language, and immediately burst into laughter and laughter. He was angry, funny, and a little teasing curiosity. The main reason is that the brigade is all male except her. She has never heard anyone sobbing when they are in a violent mood.

Is it Ji Hongcai? Have a nightmare? Or Jiang Hongguang? He was also frightened by Ji Hongcai’s strength today.

The curious Yan Baitao stopped and listened to the male voice’s sobs, and the voice was a little familiar. It was just that she should be at the limit distance of about 50 meters, so Yan Baitao heard faintly before, and it was clearer when he came to the tent door.

Then she heard:

“How can it be so smelly and dirty? I can’t breathe anymore, sobbing!”

Yan Baitao’s whole person was like being struck by thunder and stood stiff into a sculpture. This, this sound is——

“White peach, what’s the matter with you?”

Fei Lezhi saw that Yan Baitao seemed to have lost his soul just now. He just closed the door curtain, but he came back confused and looked like his soul was out of his body. Ji Hongcai was still miserable. Feile was so frightened that he jumped up and quickly touched Yin Baitao’s forehead. He saw that it was full of cold sweat. He said anxiously:

“What’s going on? Bai Tao, how are you feeling now?? Don’t hold on if you feel bad. Let’s go to the guard. The guard will be able to — ”


Yan Baitao suddenly came back, and even Xu Yang was frightened by the loud voice. She was resolute:

“Can’t find the guard!”


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