TTG Chapter 77

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 77: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (20)

This is the voice of the guard!

How could this be the voice of Captain Wei!

Yan Baitao was numb. Under the worried inquiry of feilezhi and Xu Yang, she slipped into her sleeping bag and muttered, “I must be too tired today.”

“What the hell happened?”

Feile was so worried that he wanted to reach out to pull Yan Baitao out, but he was embarrassed to touch the child’s sleeping bag. He was like a crab who shouldn’t go anywhere:

“Why can’t we find the guard, Bai Tao? Say, if there’s a situation, we really can’t carry it!”

“I heard someone crying just now.”

Shua, Yan Baitao pulled off his sleeping bag, exposed his head, and said expressionless, “I was shocked because there was a ghost. After listening carefully, I found that I heard someone’s voice.”

“How nice it is to go to the guard.”

“Ah, ah, this, it’s this  harm,  I said earlier.”

Fei Lezhi scratched his head, a little embarrassed and coughed: “then what,  go to sleep. I’m a little tired today.”


Yan baitaomu nodded and the whole man shrank into his sleeping bag.

“So it’s this, this…”

Feilezhi’s beef jerky, which has not been eaten, is stuffed into his mouth and chewed with hot water. He feels a little sleepy, too.

But what Yan Baitao had just said turned around in his mind, and he looked at Xu Yang.


Although Xu Yang is blind, his perception is sharp. As soon as Fei Lezhi saw it, he turned his head indifferently and his tone was not good: “ I think my heart is crying?”

“How can it be? How can it be?”

Feilezhi giggled and perfunctory. In fact, what he thought at the beginning was Xu Yang. After all, in his heart, the child must have the worst psychological endurance. He may be homesick and cry in his heart. But on second thought, what ordinary child is Xu Yang? It’s impossible for him to cry secretly in his heart.

“I think it’s Ji Hongcai.”

Feilezhi is a little gossip. It’s really boring at night on the plateau. The mobile phone signal is very poor. He can only play some small games with. Although he had a bottom line and didn’t ask Yan Baitao who was crying, he was really curious.

Guess it’s not against the law!

“After all, this just happened today. People are fragile in the middle of the night. It’s understandable that they have something in mind.”

Fei Lezhi said with great interest, “of course, it may be Jiang Hongguang, Fang Yuhang. Their relationship is really good. At that time, when elder brother Ji passed out, I saw Jiang Hongguang. His eyes were red and I was afraid he was crying. ”

“Hum, fragile.”

Xu Yang said proudly, “as for crying. What can be terrible with a guard? They are all experienced travelers. After so much experience, they should always be stronger. ”

The real veteran traveler in his heart should be Wei Xun’s. Calm, intelligent, bold and unscrupulous, this is the real and powerful passenger!

How can you secretly cry in your heart? It’s too fragile!

But comparing them to the guards is a bit of a bully.

Xu Yang thought in his old age: who can be as strong as the guard.

“Yes, I’m really convinced of brother Wei. Really, it’s very safe and reliable! ”

People became Wei Xun’s boasting group when they spoke. They praised Wei Xun on the left for his strength and on the right for his calm and reason, and praised ‘Wei Xun, my superman!’, Yan Baitao’s head was buried lower and lower, and the whole man hid in his sleeping bag without even revealing his hair.

Tonight, the voice heard tonight, must be kept secret!

Yan Baitao was also in tears, and she felt that she was almost finished. What if she doesn’t hold her face and the guard is so smart that she finds out.

Yan Baitao wanted to dig out a Barbie Dream Castle directly for him, and then lay in it peacefully. Blame her, blame her, why are you curious!

Listening to other people’s voices is really going to be punished!

If you are too soft hearted, you will be punished.

Wei Xun’s eyes were red. He closed his eyes and tried to escape from reality.

He’s so stupid, really, he shouldn’t have gone to trim the dog.

It really stinks. Woo woo, he can’t breathe!

When Wei Xun was dripping blood on the dog’s hair just now, he suddenly realized that it was bad. This season, Hongcai only inhaled a little bit of the devil’s insect’s hair, which made it purulent, bleeding and smelly.

What did the dinggou besieged by magic insects become??

Wei xunluo hurried away from the fire after Feile arrived. He just called dinggou under the cover of a blanket, and dinggou will also appear here.

As a result, before Wei Xun left too far, the snow leopard paced over from the shadow and rubbed against his side. Wei Xun can feel the happy mood of the snow leopard, and the tail tip of the plush tail bends upward.

Snow leopard seldom appears in other people’s  s  and  prefers to be alone with Wei Xun. The move of Wei Xun’s Fei Lezhi to drive away just now made snow leopard mistake that Wei Xun wanted to be with him.

The snow leopard was very happy. He even looked down and rubbed Wei Xun’s waist. That round ear is fluffy and soft. It’s really cute.

Wei Xun couldn’t bear the temptation. He didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity. He touched the snow leopard’s ear and rubbed it again.

But it was this delay that kept him away from the fire and the blanket.

With a loud bang, dinggou stinks!

The thunderbolt blew in Wei Xun’s mind. It was very windy on the plateau at night. There was a mountain behind their station, but the wind was not small. The place where Wei Xun was located was downwind, and the cold wind wrapped the stench and directly pasted it on Wei Xun’s face.

At this moment, Wei Xun’s mind was numb, and even crazy enough to want to throw a nuclear bomb at dinggou! But he remembered not to expose dingo.

When the snow leopard instantly sensed that there were more things near the fire and instinctively warned to put on an attack posture, Wei Xun choked and hugged the snow leopard. He was committed to embedding the snow leopard in its thick fur.

Wei Xun suddenly appeared on Wei Xun, and the snow leopard was stunned. He slapped his tail on Wei Xun, trying to get him down and hide behind. He was in danger.

But Wei Xun never let go, trying to make the smell on the snow leopard replace the smell that soon penetrated into his mind. Then, in a very severe and terrible tone, he ordered dinggou to leave immediately, immediately!

Why are you so fierce.

Dinggou was still worried about how to make Wei Xun understand that he is not a waste, but there are too many magic insects, which is too terrible. In order to get in touch with Wei Xun, he was called away. He was so cruel that he rushed directly into the pile of insects, fought with demons and killed dozens of demons. The muddy insects were full of blood and mucus.

Although dinggou was almost fainted by the smell, he was proud. Xia Weixun didn’t say anything. The blood and mucus of these insects are all military merit badges. They are brave enough to fight thousands of evil insects and attack on their own initiative. The enemy is too strong. This is not his problem.

Being so fierce by Wei Xun, dinggou is still a little unhappy, but to be honest, he can’t stand the smell. Dinggou immediately obeyed the order, slipped away, and walked carefully around the outside of the camp. The shadow of the provincial people was captured by a live broadcast of a passenger.

When Dante’s dog left, the smell remained. Wei Xun had never suffered such injustice in his life. He buried the snow leopard deeper in its thick and soft fur. He couldn’t help hypnotizing himself. The snow leopard actually smells good. It’s that kind of clean animal smell. It has the unique awe inspiring feeling of Plateau snow mountain soil. It smells very comfortable.

The snow leopard held by Wei Xun is a little overwhelmed. I don’t know what happened to Wei Xun. He wanted to smell Wei Xun’s face, but Wei Xun refused to get up. The snow leopard’s tail swings restlessly, and its round ears don’t tremble. i couldn’t help showing my teeth at the blanket and deeply remembered the smell – it was the arrival of that thing that caused Wei Xun’s difference today!

The snow leopard had great strength. He dragged Wei Xun around, dug the ground in the direction of the blanket, and whispered to Wei Xun, as if comforting.

Ding Yi must die.

Wei Xun never had such a firm mind. In fact, he had calmed down for a long time, but this rare opportunity to get close contact with the snow leopard made him feel a little ‘wild heart’.

In fact, this title is a little vague. I don’t want Wei Xun’s series of Title tasks. There is a task progress. He can clearly estimate how many ruins he has to explore before he can get the blue title of “adventurer”.

However, there is no such thing as ye Yu’s mind. Wei Xun can only rely on his feelings. For example, when he was alone, he basically took the snow leopard with him. One person and one leopard were inseparable, but after all, the time from entering the journey to now was too short. Wei Xun always felt that he didn’t get along closely with the snow leopard.

However, when he went down the ruins, he could not take the snow leopard with him. It was too dangerous. So Wei Xun held the snow leopard tightly, just to grasp the subtle feeling and increase his familiarity with the snow leopard as soon as possible.

Snow leopard did all kinds of actions, but Wei Xun just didn’t let go. Finally, she dragged Wei Xun to the ground, but like a thick snow leopard blanket, she completely blocked the cold wind at night. He licked Wei Xun’s hair from time to time. He was as patient as licking the hair of the frightened cub. He yawned and half closed his eyes. He was about to fall asleep.

Wei Xun lay down for a while and finally got up after confirming that ye’s spiritual progress had not improved again. When he came up, the snow leopard was also vigilant and stood up, following Wei Xun’s side.

Wei Xun didn’t go far. He stopped at a ground fissure. The crack is not big and is covered by soil and vegetation. You can’t see the soil without shoveling it. But who can know that under the crack is the relic secret road.

Just now dinggou asked Wei Xun for help in the secret way. The devil insects chasing him were like a black torrent. He couldn’t tell the number at all. He only knew that there were everywhere in the secret way.

That’s not good. Wei Xun has to explore the ruins. He has to have the means to deal with the insects.

With the help of the snow leopard, he dug up the earth on the surface, cleaned up a slight crack, and covered the human pitanka around the crack, leaving only a narrow crack.

He drove away from the snow leopard and reached a safe distance. Then Wei Xun put on his mask and put a magic scarf around his face. The golden mosquito hid under his clothes. When he finished, Wei Xun cut his fingers and let the blood drip. After a while, a black worm was attracted by the blood and climbed out of the gap.

The insect has a big belly, like a blackened caterpillar, but it gives people a creepy feeling. Obviously, under the catalysis of dinggou, there is only a subtle difference between Xiang and Ji Hongcai. If Ji Hongcai encounters this, I’m afraid he can’t last until night.

Insects do not stink when they are not crushed. If Wei Xun wants to kill insects, he must be bloodless.

When the black bug completely climbed out, Wei Xun turned his hand over and put the gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton next to the black bug.

The black bug went crazy and immediately tried to drill into the crack.


Wei Xun noticed that the half shell near the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull had turned gray like petrification and was slow to move. He allowed the black worm to climb desperately into the crack in the stone.

When he was about to climb to the, Wei Xun saw a gold box containing fragments of black stone and emerald skull in his hand. Soon, Wei Xun’s golden box opened a crack and was facing the black bug.

At a glance, the black bug is completely dead.


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