TTG Chapter 78

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 78: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (21)

Perhaps it’s because the gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton and the golden carved wet corpse were obtained from the belly of a fish, which is not a relic, so it’s a pity that Wei Xun can’t get the information about their two items so far.

But look what’s in the belly?

It’s pitanka, a Guxin who suppressed the seal of demon skin.

I didn’t touch it, so I made a black stone emerald skeleton of ghost virtue!

Needless to guess, gold-plated and silver inlaid skull and gold carved wet corpse are definitely of great use. And after the difficulty is unsealed, the power may be greater.

Like pitanka of Guxin, who wanted to expel evil spirits and insects in difficult situations, Wei Xun cut off the human skin and smoked it. The company’s secret medicine for soaking human skin worked.

But if it is difficult to unseal, the pitanka of Guxin is the one who suppresses the seal of demon human skin. It is estimated that as soon as Wei Xun takes it out, the devil bugs will have to flee in all directions.

The wet corpse is too big and a little dirty. It’s inconvenient to use. Just taking the opportunity, Wei Xun tried the power of gold-plated and silver inlaid skull and black stone emerald skull fragments.

Wei Xun put away the pitanka and gold box of the ancient Xin people and let the ground seam be completely exposed. Therefore, he repeated his skill to attract evil ghosts and insects. When dozens, even hundreds, of demons crowded out madly, he took out a gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton. Sure enough, some demons crowded in the crack like the flow of people during the Spring Festival – but they were turning and climbing back.

After some of the evil spirits escaped from the scene, the remaining black insects were gray and stiff, curled and died completely, like incense ashes cut off gradually.

Wei Xun was quite satisfied. Although the fragments of the black stone emerald skeleton made the black bug die directly when they came out, it was harmful to people after all, and it was sealed by the gold box, which was troublesome to use.

It’s a way to expel insects. It’s amazing to use gold-plated and silver inlaid skeletons. Wan Guai was really in a critical situation. He threw the fragments of black stone jade out to kill.

Tonight, Wei Xun is going to explore the remains. He chose the remains of the strange Golden Buddha discovered by the snow leopard. Behind it is a huge underground cave. Even Xu Yang can’t detect the end of the underground cave. It is also the place where dinggou is besieged by insects.

The second stage branch line scenic spot activated by Wei Xun is the Dragon God waterway under the ruins of Xiangxiong. The legend is complicated. It connects Saikang temple, Xiangxiong palace, and even has a waterway leading to the branch of the company, which must be deep underground.

Wei Xun decided to go down first. It’s better to hit the sun than choose a day. He will start tonight.

[Wei Xun is going to explore the ruins? At night, he is not afraid of danger?]

[sniff, are you a spectator? Look at the operation of brother Wei down the road. Even if he is afraid of danger, it is danger, afraid of him!]

[although, the evil ghost bug is too terrible. Will there be more underground.]

Don’t others go down to help

[others go down to help, or add trouble? I think Xu Yang’s title is useful for exploring relics. Unfortunately, he is blind and is not as convenient as Wei Xun himself]

[I wonder where the hell the guy is hiding]

Are you really not dead? He had his throat cut by Wei Xun. Can’t he die

[Wei Xun said that Ding Gua was seriously injured and missing. The tour guide has a lot of back hands and is not so easy to be killed]

[do you think Ding Gu will just ambush in the underground ruins and make a sneak attack when Wei Xun goes down]

[very promising! Shit, I think there’s something wrong with the bug! You said that the same evil ghost, Ji Hongcai, killed him with an engineer’s shovel. Just Wei Xun took out all his skeletons. As a result, he didn’t die quickly and even moved!]

[it must be Ding Gua who made the moth in the ruins. The old boy didn’t have a good baby and wanted to harm our passengers!]

[do you think Wei Xun found the trace of Ding Gu and took the initiative to attack?]

[hiss, there’s really a way!]

[alas, Wei Xun really should go to the brigade. To tell you the truth, no one in the brigade helped him. I even think snow leopards are more useful than people

[look, there are tens of thousands of viewers in the live broadcasting room for Wei Xun. I’m sure that if he wants to live his journey, he will definitely receive an invitation from the Da brigade]

[I have to go out alive. Shit, I’ve been praying for Ding’s sudden death since the live broadcast. Go to hell and don’t think about harming the guard]

[what a devil!]

“The underground ruins can be affected by Ding. The difficulty seal has been unlocked.”

After Wang pengpai left the viewing Hall of the returning brigade to watch the trend of the butcher alliance, Mao Xiaole was left alone. But now there are people on the sofa.

He was squatting on the sofa, obviously indoors, but he was wearing sunglasses, a suit and big flower beach pants, and he was crazy with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Is he our teammate?”

And he played with a group of white soft clay like plasticine, which was rubbed and elongated by his flexible fingers. In the twinkling of an eye, he became a round little snow leopard, vivid. He breathed at the snow leopard. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. The little snow leopard pinched by mud seemed to move.

“I would call it ‘light snow’!”

The man was in high spirits. Jane and heavy put the little snow leopard in her hand on the table, and she swung her direction and made it face the live screen.

“Do you think ah Xun will like my gift?”


Mao Xiaole was unwilling to pull his face: “don’t you call him ah Xun, he is my teacher Wei!”

“It’s your teacher Wei. It’s my ah Xun. The captain is his Xiaoxue.”

Men don’t care. When they see the snow leopard on the screen in the live broadcasting room, they are immediately in high spirits and click to take pictures. They take pictures with bad intentions

“I really want the captain to see what he looks like when he turns into a snow leopard. Hiss, Mao Xiaole, help me find a way. How can the captain see some photos and I won’t be beaten to death by him?”

“You die first. The captain will not beat you to death the second time.”

Mao Xiaole said expressionless, “the teacher said that Mr. Wei would not come to our brigade. Don’t be too full.”

“What, what did you say?”

The man pretended to be shocked and pointed to the screen like a monkey: “do you dare to say it to Xiaoxue’s eyes? Look at Xiaoxue. If Wei Xun goes to another team, Xiaoxue will have to cry.”

“Whether he cries or not, he said, you should cry anyway.”

Mao Xiaole said darkly, slapping the next sign on the man’s forehead. Without any sign, the man began to shed tears. He couldn’t stop. It was like being wronged. His eyes were red, he curled up into a ball with his knees, whined and cried like a dead man at home.

In the dry howl, Mao Xiaole put on his headphones and immersed himself in watching Mr. Wei’s world. Wei XunTong arranged various matters for Jiang Hongguang and others, and comforted the snow leopard. Half an hour later, a finger came from the side and poked Mao Xiaole.

Mao Xiaole looked back and saw that the man took off his sunglasses, his face turned white as if he had been blistered, and his two eye circles were completely swollen. He was crying silently and sniffing from time to time.

“Enough crying?”

Mao Xiaole disliked that the talisman hanging from his forehead was confused by tears and sweat. Instead of doing it himself, he called a small paper man to uncover his talisman.

“Hoo, I’m really happy to cry.”

When Fu Jie came down, the man finally stopped crying. He took a towel and wiped his face hard. His voice was a little choked, but it was more pleasant. The dangerous smell of the cage on him faded a little.

“To be honest, I really envy them. Some people with wild spirits change their heads and beasts sleep. Everything is gone.”

“Did you come back from Shennongjia?”

Mao Xiaole pinched his fingers and frowned: “no, your journey should not end until days later?”

“Hey, it’s not that I heard that our team is going to” water “, brother. It’s your water teacher who talks about five years. My company has to finish the journey ahead of time and come back.”

The man’s hippy face said, took a bag of potato chips, tore it open and poured it into his mouth. Unexpectedly, there was no broken potato chips outside.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Mao Xiaole didn’t bother to pay attention to him. He was just a business reminder: “if your mood is wrong and you don’t release it, go on vacation for a few days. You have so much money. Don’t be like a miser.”

“Money is never too much. I don’t think I have much money.”

The man shrugged his shoulders and stretched out his hand to Mao Xiaole: “do you have a cry sign? I’ll take a few. I’m just watching and crying. When the captain comes back, he won’t find me mocking his snow leopard. Hey, I’m really a genius!”

“There is no credit for your money.”

Mao Xiaole said, but saw that men were rare. They didn’t bargain, didn’t cry for their parents to cheat, but directly took over the Da Da Fu. They couldn’t help but be suspicious and said, “Wang Yushu, you’re wrong.”

“Hey, sister orange gave me five individual rocket launchers on Credit before she went to the Caribbean and owed me tens of thousands of points. You know what I mean.”

Wang Yushu shook his head: “you ask her for it.”

Who thought Mao Xiaole’s face was more strange and incredible: “how dare you sell garbage to the team? How to sell? Wang Yushu, you are really not afraid of being killed by her, “don’t run!”

“What rubbish, what are you talking about, my money making baby! Sister orange bought five, but none of them can play their normal power. Even if it’s true, it’s her bad luck. Can you blame me? ”

Wang Yushu was unhappy and stressed: “didn’t you see that Bingjiu loves to use my rockets!”

“I dare say that Bingjiu shelled out a journey of ten degrees north latitude with my rocket!”

“Ha ha.”

Mao Xiaole was too lazy to tell him: “what’s the matter? Why did the journey over Shennongjia end ahead of schedule?”

“I’m not small. I killed my guide.”

Wang Yushu downplayed: “that turtle sun wants to harm me, how good is it? However, our company is better to start first. He dug out his liver. ”

He was a little emotional when he said it. His eyes were red. Without Mao Xiaole’s warning, he slapped a sign on himself. She burst into tears again. The scene was very strange. He was a big man crying miserably, wiping his tears and Howling:

“It’s terrible. The guide died miserably. Woo woo, he killed worse than me.”

Every time they come back from the trip, they are a little polluted by the spirit, similar to the San lost by the tour guide. In particular, the situation of gang members in the return brigade is more serious. You have to vent your emotions when you are young. You can use all kinds of venting methods

Some people like to cry happily, such as Wang Yushu. Some people like to kill people, butchers and tour guides, such as Mao Xiaole. Some people like to rob money. Middle and low-level tourists worship them and call them big guys. The top-level brigades call them crazy brigades.

“OK, I think you’re mentally unstable. I’m afraid you’ve been found by the tour guide alliance. Don’t go out until you recover. Come with me to see Mr. Wei. ”

Mao Xiaole sincerely advised, as if to his friend Amway’s own love beans: “you see, since I saw Mr. Wei, I don’t want to kill cubs.”

“Yes, xun’er is so beautiful. When will he become a snow leopard?”

Wang Yushu cried and Hei hei. The scene was very strange: “team an won’t touch it. Mr. Xun, please touch it, Cao. I’ll tell you straight. I want to hold the snow leopard!”

It’s rare that Mao Xiaole didn’t refute Wang Yushu’s violent words. His fingers were slightly bent. It seemed that he was also fantasizing about the soft and thick fur of the snow leopard. He said modestly: “I’m a lot of readers of Mr. Wei. This book is all ordered. He asked me to say that I’m a Taoist of Maoshan and will let me touch it. You don’t know. ”

“Who said that? I’m sure xun’er will like my gift!”

Wang Yushu pushed the mud on the table to pinch the little snow leopard, and proudly cried, “woo woo, I’ll open my eyes with my own hands. Even if sister orange and they bring gifts and specialties back, I’m definitely the only one.”

“We haven’t got together for a long time.”

Mao Xiaole seldom looks forward to it. The strength of his team is generally too strong. It is difficult for the whole team to take action, mostly in pairs or alone, except for the ten degree journey at north latitude and the special journey at the end of the celebration.

Many extremely dangerous journeys have to go abroad and travel to unfamiliar places. It often takes two months. We can’t meet each other in time. When the whole team gathered last time, it was the end of the trip.

Several members of their team have not been here, and they are always old people. Everyone pays close attention to the fact that Wang Yushu will join him in his laboratory to study and make those “replicas”. However, it is rare that Wang Yushu directly comes to the cinema to watch the live broadcast.

“The devil bug is not right. Sobbing, stupid Ding is going to attack secretly.”

Wang Yushu wept and analyzed: “I’m your mother’s immortal. Wei Xun will certainly not take the captain to get up. If Ding Gu stealthily attacked him at that time, it would be a bit tricky, wuwuwucao.”

“Don’t worry, I told Mr. Wei that it was the company’s responsibility.”

Mao Xiaole comforted him. His face was not flustered, but his hands were like a cramp. However, as usual, he could not calculate Wei Xun’s life at all. He said by feeling: “I don’t think what Wei Xun got should be the title of archaeological expert. It’s possible that Wei Xun is an adventurer. His title was originally suitable for exploration. When he was ambushed by various organs, he would have a sense of crisis in advance. ”

“A seriously injured person will not have much chance to succeed.”

“Do I care about Ding’s strength? I care about Wei Xun’s cleanliness QAQ”

Wang Yushu cried out of a box of paper towels, and his eye blisters were swollen like goldfish: “look at Wei Xun’s appearance, Ding’s effect would be better if he threw dung directly at him.”

“What do you say? Ding is a tour guide after all. He is shameless.”

Mao Xiaole didn’t have a good way, but his eyes fell on them. The ground was full of snack bags, potato chips, biscuit dregs and empty Coke bottles lying on the carpet, covered with a pile of paper towels.

Teacher Wei’s obsession with cleanliness

“If I say that Wei Xun’s obsession with cleanliness needs to be cured, otherwise he will suffer a heavy loss if he goes down the mud to rob the treasure in the Amazon in the future.”

Wang Yushu cried so much that he took off Fu and went to get potato chips, but he was whisked to the back of his hand by Mao Xiaole.

“I think our brigade has to clean up.”

Mao Xiaole said positively, “it’s like a pigsty. I can’t stay.”

Wang Yushu was stunned and looked blankly at the four directions: “don’t we all live in the pigsty? Why? Now you, ah, ah, say it well. Don’t hit people. Watch the live broadcast. Your teacher Wei has gone to the ground!”

That is, Wei Xun’s movement completely attracted Mao Xiaole’s attention. He changed his face in seconds, stopped his hand and focused on the live studio. When he saw Wei Xun carrying the necessary equipment at night, he went to the ruins of Xiangxiong.

The ruins of Xiangxiong at night are a little more strange and bleak than during the day. The dilapidated ruins are stained by the night, and the cold wind blows, desolate and desolate.

Jiang Hongguang was frightened to hear that Wei Xun was going to explore the ruins at night. If someone said it, they might think it was crazy. But Wei Xun said it

Actually, they also think Wei Xun is a little crazy. The secret rooms of those ruins are gloomy during the day, but it’s more frightening at night. Doesn’t Wei Xun have any fear?

“Don’t worry about it.”

Wei Xun thought they were worried that he would go and return, but it was hard to elaborate. “I’ll be back in the morning the day after tomorrow at the latest,” he said

It’s past zero now. It’s the second day of the Xiangxiong site. According to the itinerary, they will stay in Xiaolin temple for a total of days. It’s time to go to Xiaolin temple the day after tomorrow.

Listen to him, the passengers are a little suffocated.

“It’s not about you, it’s about you.”

Jiang Hongguang was helpless, but he also vaguely found out Wei Xun’s temperament. What he was going to do was not stopped. He also said that the strength of everyone in the team was too poor. I’m afraid it would be a drag if he followed the guard.

With everyone’s reluctant and worried eyes, Wei Xun walked towards the boundless night. One day, the fox was attached to the body. He didn’t use a flashlight. With a strong light, the flashlight was more like a “weapon”. When he was far away from the station, the snow-white figure quietly followed. It was the snow leopard.

“When I’m not in the camp, you go far away.”

Wei Xun said that he would take dinggou with him next time, but not snow leopard. There are too many dangers in underground ruins for wild animals. On the other side of the station, although everyone in the brigade said that he “raised” a snow leopard, who said whether there would be any accident.

“Good boy, wait for me to come back.”

When Wei Xun arrived at the ruins and was about to jump down, the snow leopard grabbed his clothes and purred, as if telling him the danger below. Wei Xun said good things and bad things, so he let the snow leopard guard the exit of the relic and didn’t follow.

“Put it away and I’ll come back.”

Wei Xun rarely promises. I’m afraid outsiders will be stunned. I want to know what Dao Weixun doesn’t like to be involved with people. First, he used to play crazy and impatient and was often talked about. Second, his parents and brother’s family disappeared. Wei Xun always felt that he had to disappear at any time. In addition, he was seriously ill and might be gone one day. It was just sad to be involved with others.

He stepped on the gravel crack twice, jumped into the underground cavity, subconsciously turned back, and saw a snow leopard looking down at the hole above his head.

Wei Xun was in good condition. He didn’t stop much. He continued to walk forward. The underground cave tilted downward and led to a semi collapsed chamber. When I looked down from above, I could see the strange double-sided Buddha statue with dark body and golden eyes. However, after Zhen came, Wei Xun found that there were some murals on the top of Zhen.

Although many were damaged by the earthquake, the intact parts were not visible. In the middle of it is a black Buddha with a face and two arms. He held his head in his hand, and he held a sword with nine crossed arms. Behind the black Buddha was a huge character with a circle of totem lines radiating outward like sunlight, and between each two lines there was a picture of the sacrifice of the ancient elephant male.

There are prepared sacrifices, mountains and lakes, killing sacrifices, and Gu Xin presided over the sacrifice. They are all vivid and superb painting skills. Unfortunately, the last few painted murals are mottled and fall off and can’t be seen clearly.



With the presence of “archaeological experts”, Wei Xun saw what was painted in the mural. Dharambha, also known as the tiger god blazing, has white, black and red. It appears in various mural statues in red. He holds a golden wheel and a sword crossed by nine. He is decorated with tiger skin. He is very powerful. He protects the Bon religion from other sects*

But the dalamaba on the mural above his head is black and looks like anger, which seems to be ready to fight and kill the enemy at any time. Wei Xun looked at the statue of Buddha. It was also “dalamaba”, that is to say, it should have been a temple dedicated to the original Buddha?

[task severity: 25%]

After observing the murals on the head and the Buddha statue, the degree of the title task of treasure hunter series has been increased by 5%! Wei Xun was in high spirits. When he came near, he saw that behind the Buddha statue was a closed stone door, on which there was no animal skin.

But now the skin is broken and the stone gate is broken by the earthquake. The corner is like a dog hole. The huge and deep cavity seen by Xu Yang and the place where dinggou was besieged by insects are behind the Shimen. Wei Xun listened attentively, as if he heard a rustling sound behind the stone gate.

Suddenly, Wei Xun felt a cold and malicious peep coming from his side.

He calmly turned his head and saw that the black Buddha had two sides, facing straight ahead and facing the side. At the moment, Wei Xun is facing the side of the black Buddha.

In the dark, the black Buddha’s eyes suddenly moved.


Time stagnation of air.


Wei Xun was very happy. Sure enough, it was useful for him to send dinggou down to rub in advance.


But it’s so interesting!

[what’s alive and what’s alive?]

[what the hell happened? Old Swan, I can’t see anything!]

[I’m so anxious. Why doesn’t Wei Xun turn on the flashlight? Can he see it!]

[even if Wei Xun sees us, he can’t see it. Sobbing, it’s so dark in the live studio. I’m so afraid. Pity the audience]

The audience in the live studio were waiting to scratch their liver. In the middle of the night, they just wanted to see Wei Xun’s relics before the live broadcast, but who said that there were Wei Xun’s people. He didn’t even turn on his flashlight at night!


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