TTG Chapter 79

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 79: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (22)

The whole live account is dark and seems to be blocked. Wei Xun still explores alone. He likes to talk. The audience in the live account is like a pure black silent film. It would be nice if we just chatted on the barrage and guessed together.

But when the question arose, Wei Xun was a mute, and he would say, “dalamaba!”, In a moment of surprise, the sentence “alive!”, The whole audience was surprised, but they still saw the scene, and they knew when he would speak. He was really anxious to scratch his heart and liver.

This is torture!

[Wei Xun, turn on the flashlight. It’s humble. I want to do it, too]

[Grandpa, please use the flashlight, grandson, please!]

When the bullet screens began to bet that Wei Xun would go down the ruins and turn on the flashlight, there was no sign. Suddenly, Wei Xun turned on the strong light flashlight.

Immediately, the audience in the live broadcast user name seemed to see the sun.

[eyes! My eyes!!!]

[whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

The audience finally got together with the dragon fish who was photographed and crying at that time. The live broadcast account gathered a group of victims who were almost blinded by a strong flashlight. But before the victims got used to the light, Wei Xun turned off the strong light flashlight again.


Just now Wei Xun turned on his flashlight and shook the Buddha statue, which was shining in its eyes. He saw a small dark shadow rolling down his blinking eyes just now. It was the black insects that were frightened by the strong light.

It turned out that the Buddha lived for a blink of an eye before. It was purely the evil spirit that climbed on the eyes of the Buddha. Although both of them were black, the color was subtle. The eyes of Wei Xun were like the eyes of the black Buddha.

Wei Xun tutted with regret, but on second thought, is this Buddha guarding the evil ghost insect behind the stone?

overhead murals, bon killing sacrifice, the blood of the sacrifice soaked into those egg like balls. Should the fallen murals be the hatching of evil spirits from the eggs and devour the sacrifice?

Wei Xun suspected that Gu Xiangxiong’s Gu Xin might be the way to control the swarm of insects. Thousands of black insects won the defense. It’s a pity that they were only used to deal with sinners. If they were used to drive the war, it would be a terrible amount.

Beat the dingo to the shit.


Golden mosquitoes hummed and carefully expressed their “full” to Wei Xun. They are the best among the magic insects. Although they are still better than the king worm of the abyss, they specialize in the art industry. They steal demon blood!

Before, Wei Xun praised the snow leopard, fox cub and Xiao Jin. He thought it was the same as him. If Wei Xun praises the evil ghost insect, he should summon up the courage to prove it to himself. Although the evil ghost insect is strong, it is completely his opponent!

After that, in order to show himself, the golden mosquito pounced on him and turned the devil’s insect into a ball of gray. It was only a little bit of sand. Then it sucked dry.


Wei Xun:

“Call -”

Wei Xun held his breath and concentrated for a long time. He was relieved by the smell crisis. Fortunately, you didn’t inhale directly.

However, he expelled the golden mosquito on the spot.

It’s still within the range of Wei Xun’s acceptance to turn evil spirits into pure insects and then suck them. Then he was curious to use his heart: “do you want to suck this amount of food?”

Xiaojin is a kind of magic mosquito. It is weak. In fact, it follows Wei Xun. The absorbed amount will also be converted to Wei Xun. Just like just now, Wei Xun actually got a small amount of money, really only a small amount, because there are too few money.


Xiao Jin hesitated and showed his ideas to Wei Xun vaguely. According to the inheritance of their magic mosquitoes, except for stealing the blood of the great devil and directly drying the big ticket, they rarely suck blood one by one to enhance their reality.

Because it’s too slow.

Like this evil insect, it may have to suck tens of thousands of them. It’s really turned into a dose one by one. Suck it one by one. Although magic mosquitoes will be tired, the efficiency is too low.

So they are looking for a master.

The master kills the enemy, they suck the enemy’s blood, the master kills the enemy, they suck the master’s blood, and they become stronger when they lie down. How beautiful!

‘huh? It’s been so good. ”

Wei xunrao said in depth that Xiao Jin was acutely aware of the sense of crisis and immediately hummed and added. Although they can be sucked, the abyss species still like to keep them. It is precisely because the “God” and “ghost” senses that the enemy becomes obedient servants, just as Wei Xun uses it to control dinggou and Yue Chenghua.

However, controlling a single person is too overqualified. You know, in their abyss, the most important thing is all kinds of Zerg. Abyss giant worms, all kinds of magic bees and ants. They are usually the insect king. As long as Valentine magic mosquito controls the insect king, that nest of insects will serve its master.

So it’s still very useful!

Xiao Jin is buzzing like a golden Plush candy ball. He volunteered. Aggression, control, this is the nature of the devil! This evil ghost insect is also similar to the existence of the insect king. As long as Wei Xun wishes, it will assist Wei Xun to conquer the insect group!

“Conquer the swarm… Alas”

Wei Xun’s tone sounded a little melancholy: “forget it, you can try it first.”

The characteristics of magic mosquito Valentine really play the most role in the insect population. If it is used in mammals, even if Wei Xun controls the leader, it is difficult to fully control the animal population, but the insect population is the same.

[good guy, 6134

After the glare, Wei Xun didn’t respond for a long time, and the audience gradually slowed down.

[at that moment, I came to a black Buddha statue. Wei Xun is just taking photos of the Buddha statue.]

[I know what’s in this relic. This is the Buddha statue of dalamba!]

[dalamaba is to protect Bon from other sects. He has three sides. White face is a kind face, protecting the pious Bon believers. The red face is the silent phase, burning for the Tiger God. It controls the tiger protection religion. The black face is the most strange and mysterious. It is said that it is the insect of evil spirits recorded in the Tibetan scriptures

[evil ghost insects devour everything. It is said that there are no natural enemies beside them except Dapeng golden winged bird and god Buddha. If the legend is true, the stone of this relic is likely to be the place where Xiangxiong Kingdom sacrificed evil ghost insects in the past!]

[that is to say, the seals on the black Buddha and the stone are used to suppress evil spirits and insects?]

[Wei Xun, run quickly! The earthquake collapsed the stone box, the seal was broken, and the evil ghost worm had drilled out. Don’t touch the Buddha statue, or the evil spirits behind the stone will riot]

[I just pray Wei Xun to leave quickly. What’s a good thing?]

[wait, what’s he doing? What is Wei Xun doing?!]

[stop, why did he move the Buddha!!]

Be prepared to let Xiao Jin play freely. Wei Xun has to give him a cover and expose him. Wei Xun knows the scene from live broadcast account to dark middle age. In case, he thought of a bad move.

Wei Xun put on his sunglasses, then went crazy and began to turn off the strong light flashlight.


The audience of the live broadcast account was going crazy. Countless people withdrew from the live broadcast account, and the number of people in Ding Yi’s live broadcast account decreased sharply. However, it is also possible for people to ignore the crisis of being blinded and miss every move of Wei Xun.

Then they suffocated him and went to Wei Xun to pick up the Buddha statue in one hand and put it in the empty storage account (stuffed into the belly of the little fox).

[ yes, I was shocked. How big is his storage account?? A wet corpse, a skeleton and a gold box have been put. How can you hold a whole Buddha statue?]

[the key point is this. Well, is Wei Xun crazy? Without the suppression of the black Buddha, the swarm will come out!]

When Wei Xun put away the Buddha statue, the ambient temperature seemed to drop, and the cold came from behind the stone. Xiaojin has drilled through the broken crack of Shigu to find the worm king, but it takes time.

Wei Xun heard the dense rustle from behind the stone box, getting closer and closer, just like the cannibal beetle drilled out of the coffin of the Pharaoh in the film. Listening carefully, I felt that all around me were the surging sound of insects, like the tide formed by thousands of black insects.

The light of Wei Xun’s strong flashlight shone on the crack of the stone, and there were countless small dark shadows shining behind the crack, all of which were dense evil ghost insects. They came like a blanket of insects, like a large number of army ants swarming to Wei Xun at a fast speed. The only living person in the ruins was like an evil ghost rushing at the blood and meat sacrifice, roaring like the tide.

You have to adapt.

Wei Xun looked at Xu Xu, the light column of the strong light flashlight shook slightly, and his face was white without any blood color.

In the live broadcast account, the audience were worried that Wei Xun was scared silly. When the black worm tide was about to climb to his feet, Wei Xun took out a gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton.

The rustling insects immediately clattered like the tide retreated, and hid behind the stone in three seconds. Not even a sound.

[hoo, fortunately, I forgot this ]

The frightened audience gasped for breath.

[fortunately, Wei Xun didn’t give it to the descendant of Eagle flute at the beginning. It’s really useful! I even think it’s important to explore it, Wei Xun, Shi Yu!]

[wait, why did Wei Xun put away the skull?!]

You have to adapt.

Wei Xun thought that he put away the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull and waited quietly for five seconds. Sure enough, the rustling sound of insects sounded again behind the stone. After a long time, the black torrent gathered by evil insects came from the crack of the stone again. Only this time, their speed seemed, seemed, to be a little slower than before, as if the insects hesitated.

The insects hesitated to reach Wei Xun’s feet, and then Wei Xun took out a gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton.


The swarm of insects quickly retreated behind the stone, leaving a gray and curved corpse.

“You know, the insects are very clean. In addition to being a little eye-catching, they are also smelly and dirty, right? Right.”

Wei Xun said to himself, put away his skull and came again and again several times.

The swarm of insects came out. In the end, even if he received the skeleton, the swarm would come out again. As soon as the tortured live audience breathed a sigh of relief, they saw Wei Xun cut his finger and began to bleed.

The swarm attracted by the blood came out again, and the scale of the swarm was a big circle smaller than that at the beginning.

“Well, it’s stupid.”

When the insects, like the old man walking around, trembled and crawled very slowly, Wei Xun sighed and took out the skeleton again.

The swarm of insects and the audience in the live account are numb together. That kind of heart is very numb, as if it has broken through the world of mortals and transcended the world account.

When Wei Xun finally teased the insects and walked towards Shi, they didn’t react.

Wei Xun quickly walks to Shi guai, who hears Xiao Jin’s buzzing in his heart. The golden mosquito has found the mother of the evil ghost insect!

It’s just a little tricky to get through the situation. It needs Wei Xun’s help urgently!


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