TTG Chapter 8

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (8)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 8: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

Dip a drop of bile with a silver needle and put it into your mouth. The burning pain suddenly disappeared. Miao Fangfei couldn’t help but breathe out.


Then she immediately respectfully handed the bile to Bingjiu. Facing Bingjiu at such a close distance, Miao Fangfei’s sense of danger makes Miao Fangfei’s body subconsciously tense. She feels that Bingjiu’s examination eyes pass over her. Miao Fangfei buries her head lower, makes her posture more respectful, and feels uneasy.

I wonder if Bingjiu is satisfied with her.

Miao Fangfei is confused.

Don’t you like men? How can they suddenly change their taste?

Miao Fangfei knew that if Bingjiu hadn’t taken a fancy to her, it would be impossible to rescue her with the character of crazy Bingjiu, and gave her the precious detoxification bile.

Although Miao Fangfei has ordinary facial features, her eyes are big and bright, with the unique charm of Miao people. People who often travel and exercise are always in good shape. What’s more, as a veteran traveler, Miao Fangfei has a different kind of resolute and cold attitude, which can arouse men’s desire to conquer.

Not only Miao Fangfei, but even Shi Tao thinks so.

Shi Tao even thought that no wonder Lin Xi was so useless and could live to a middle-class three-star.

Crazy Bingjiu is really very powerful. He doesn’t even pay attention to the monsters in drunk Beauty Xiangxi. If he wants to save Miao Fangfei, he can’t even use it.

With such a powerful guide, even a pig can live well!

Although they have their own ideas, Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao dare not say, and even their eyes dare not show half a cent. Bingjiu is strong and crazy. It’s too elusive. No one dares to say that he can guess Bingjiu’s idea.

be good.

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao have lower heads.

Be obedient and easy to use, so that you can live longer under Bing Jiu.

Ah, this is really detoxifying.

Under the bronze mask, Wei Xun broke down his face and reluctantly drank a drop of bile, which almost turned into a tearful cat’s head.

It’s like the balsam pear he secretly threw away when he was a child. Once he formed a group to retaliate.

Vomit, vomit, it’s really bitter.

But the bile was immediate, and the blackened bite marks on the arm immediately returned to their original color.

When Bingjiu had detoxified and put away his bile, the three walked in the direction of Xiaolong Yizhuang. After this battle, the relationship between the three was more harmonious.

“Those monsters are corpse flying foxes. They like to move in groups. Their teeth and blood are highly toxic.”

Just as she was approaching Xiaolong Yizhuang, Miao Fangfei suddenly opened her mouth and felt that Bingjiu’s eyes fell on her. Miao Fangfei was uneasy and still hardened her head and said:

“The more people there are, the more flying foxes they attack. There are only two of us, so the corpse flying fox has only two ends. ”

Guide C 9 is not a person.

“So it is!”

Shi Tao suddenly realized that he was unskilled and flattered: “no wonder brother nine let them go first!”

Silly boy, it’s because you’re the only two left to deal with.

Wei Xun’s bitter people were gone and slapped Shi Tao’s head perfunctorily.

He is not sure whether he can deal with the monster. It would be bad if he was surrounded by other tourists and found that he was weak.

Only Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei are so simple. Miao Fangfei will die if he doesn’t save her. If Shi Tao has a different heart, he’s the only one to deal with.

Miao Fangfei

Wei Xun had noticed that she was absent-minded all the way. Miao Fangfei’s strength is the strongest in the brigade at present. If she had any ideas, she wouldn’t be as good as the little fool Shi Tao.

Wei Xun didn’t reduce his attention to her all the way, but he didn’t know how much pressure his eyes put on Miao Fangfei.

“You see?”

Wei Xun asked paradoxically. He knew too little about the guide passengers. He didn’t know whether the information about the flying fox atlas was only known by himself or all the passengers would know.

Miao Fangfei suddenly said that there must be something he wants to tell him before arriving at Xiaolong Yizhuang.

“Yes, I see.”

Miao Fangfei was much calmer despite everything. At the next moment, she resolutely displayed her title in front of Bingjiu.


Wei Xun was surprised. Because of this title, he had not seen it on the passenger list!

On the passenger list, Miao Fangfei has two achievement titles. One is the same blue title as the fat man [Xiangxi, repeat customer], the other is the green Title:

[caring reptile (green title): you are good at raising reptiles. Reptiles are always more docile and easier to be tamed by you]

But what Miao Fangfei shows to Wei Xun now is a dark blue title that is not on the passenger list!

[novice Gu Po (dark blue title): as a novice Gu Po, you can identify some poisons and refine a few poisonous Gu Po. It’s a pity that your current strength can’t suppress the poisonous insects in your body. You always have stomachache for a few days a month, not much, just 25 days!]

No wonder Miao Fangfei fell to the end of the team!

Shi Tao suddenly realized that Miao Fangfei didn’t avoid him when he showed the title. In the past, Shi Tao knew that Miao Fangfei’s title was related to Gu, but he didn’t know more details.

Especially abdominal pain, which is definitely her key! If an enemy knows this and deliberately attacks when Miao Fangfei has abdominal pain, he is likely to succeed.

Miao Fangfei fully revealed her title in front of Bing Jiu before meeting with the rest of the brigade, which is a separate loyalty!

Shi Tao can vaguely guess why Miao Fangfei will do this, but he is not optimistic.

It’s glory and luck to see you. You can only accept it.

In the journey, you have to do your best to live.

Bingjiu’s silence made Miao Fangfei more frightened, but——

Miao Fangfei grits her teeth. Bingjiu’s madness has not dispersed. Her eyes are so cruel that they seem to tear something hard, which makes Miao Fangfei dare not touch his eyebrows. But seeing that she was about to meet with others, Miao Fangfei finally made up her mind.

She, she is very conservative in sex and doesn’t want to be fooled by Bingjiu. However, she wants to repay Bingjiu’s life-saving kindness! So she can only try to show her abilities in other aspects, hoping that Bingjiu can see her in another way.

“When I saw the flying fox, I recognized some of its information.”

Miao Fangfei said modestly, only listening to the “hiss -” sound. A spotted snake with a thick thumb wrapped around Miao Fangfei’s wrist and was caressed by her.

“Banban is the poisonous beast I refined.”

Obviously, it was bitten by a corpse flying fox just now, but now the spotted snake is only a small circle, and it jumps up and down again. Obviously, it is not an ordinary snake.

This trip is drunk in Western Hunan. There are many poisonous insects in the mountains in Western Hunan. The title of Gu Po owned by Miao Fangfei is very useful.

Even so, Miao Fangfei was still very nervous in the face of Bingjiu.

She has severe abdominal pain 25 days a month. The novice Gu Po is not very good at close combat. Like Bingjiu, she can’t kill the corpse flying fox with a flagpole.

On this thought, she doesn’t seem to be so useful.

Miao Fangfei falls into anxiety and waits for Bingjiu’s reply with Shi Tao.

Wei Xun is thinking about the title of Miao Fangfei.

The title of novice Gu Po is not displayed on the passenger list. Is it because of the high level, or because only two titles can be displayed on the list?

If the latter, those passengers with two titles, Wei Xun, must pay more attention, because they may hide a hand like Miao Fangfei.

Wei Xun’s silence made Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei more anxious. Just then, a cold wind blew.

“Ha -”

Wei Xun suddenly took a deep breath, which made Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei nervous and subconsciously hold their breath.

What would he say?!

“Call -”

It was so close that I almost couldn’t hold back this sneeze.

Wei Xun exhaled. He didn’t know whether it was the physical injury or the side effect of the title of cold-blooded person. Wei Xun shivered and felt that he was a little feverish.

“Go to Yizhuang.”

No, he has to go to Yizhuang to bake first.

Go, ah, yes, it’s time to go. The first scenic spot hasn’t arrived yet.

Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei nodded blankly, and the inertia of obeying Bingjiu made them run. Soon, Xiaolong Yizhuang appeared in front of them.

“Back! They’re back! ”

The anxious passengers waiting outside Yizhuang looked over at the same time, but were stunned at the next moment.

“Three, three?”

Are they right? Why, how did they come back with three people?!

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao are still alive? This is not a dream??

Everyone fell into a state of ignorance. Until Lin Xi couldn’t wait to meet the third nine, they hesitated and walked towards the third nine.

I’m still vigilant while walking. This third person can’t be an illusion created by a monster!

But after the brigade assembled, the prompt sounded in their ears before they understood.

[di, all staff arrives at Xiaolong Yizhuang. Next, please ask tour guide Bingjiu to check-in.]

This is not an illusion, but a reality. Bingjiu really brought Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao back alive!

For a moment, countless eyes secretly looked at Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao. At the same time, someone stole a glimpse of Lin Xi’s face.

The brain circuits of the passengers coincide with the previous Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao!

Bingjiu must like Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao. Lin Xi is unlucky… It’s also wrong.

3、 Three can also be together.

Bingjiu’s kidney is so good

Director C, slag.

Even in this case, men can’t help but vaguely produce subtle envy.

Some people also noticed that in other aspects, Miao Fangfei was covered with blood, his collarbone and shoulder were full of terrible wounds with skin and flesh, while Bingjiu only suffered a little injury to his wrist! Even Shi Tao under his seat didn’t hurt much!

Bingjiu is really powerful!

When people were afraid or guessing, suddenly all the passengers felt a gloomy chill. The old and broken wooden door swayed and seemed to be blown open by the wind and rain.


The buildings in front of us are old and dilapidated, with earth rock walls, green tile roofs, slightly warped eaves and corners, and a string of raindrops. The three-storey rectangular building is like a coffin stacked together. The wooden plaque engraved with Xiaolong Yizhuang is incomplete.

A swollen, festering pale face quietly showed a corner behind the old wooden door.

The puffy skin and flesh squeezed his eyes into a seam as if he were laughing, but his right face seemed to have been bitten by some beast, revealing his thick white bones.

Shi Tao’s whole body was tight, and the passengers immediately took out their weapons to be ready. However, when the wooden door was slowly and fully opened, everyone’s scalp became numb and their pupils shrank suddenly.

The open space behind the gate of Xiaolong Yizhuang was densely covered with swollen and pale rotten corpses!

[Xiaolong Yizhuang, a designated five-star VIP hell hotel for the journey to Western Hunan, can upgrade the 180 degree balcony corpse view room for free, giving you the best corpse viewing experience!]


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