TTG Chapter 80

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 80: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (23)

Holding a gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton in his hand, Wei Xun bypassed the curving gray insect corpses everywhere and came to the stone gate.

The second half of the whole chamber of secrets was collapsed by the earthquake, including most of the stone gates, which were buried by stones. Even if there were mechanisms, I’m afraid they would only be rusted and rotten long ago. Because they were destroyed by the earthquake, they couldn’t open the stone gate. The cold wind with fishy smell came from the broken gap. The gap was only big with fists. Insects and dinggou could get in, but Wei Xun didn’t shrink his bones.

But Wei Xun had already made preparations. When he turned on and off the bright flashlight and repeatedly summoned the insects to attract the audience’s attention, Wei Xun quietly released the mink. At the moment, it has dug through the ruins and dug out a hole that Wei Xun can bend down to drill into.

As Xu Yang detected, behind the stone gate is a downward narrow ramp. Behind the stone gate, there are also gray and stiff insect corpses piled up like hills. They are really like stones because of their skeletons. They creak under their shoes. They are not dirty or smelly. Wei Xun is better accepted.

Golden mosquito is further ahead, and Wei Xun continues to move forward. The ramp is extremely steep and not high. Wei Xun has to bend half before walking inside. I’m afraid normal people will feel extremely cramped when they come in. Coupled with the thin air on the plateau and the dark road ahead, they can feel great psychological pressure.

Dinggou hasn’t been here. He mainly explores the Shuang · Xiu mural. He doesn’t know how he got into the devil and ran away all the way. He was in a panic. Most of the holes he drilled were stone crevices and dog holes, but he didn’t walk through the main corridor.

The rock walls on both sides are full of tiny cracks, even on the top of the head. I don’t know if it is natural or artificial. Wei Xun suspected that those evil spirits crawled in through these cracks, but now they have completely disappeared.

The last time he used gold-plated and silver inlaid skeletons, there were a small number of evil ghosts and insects behind the stone gate, but now they have completely disappeared.

The gray and white stone like insect corpses under the shoes are gradually rare, and there are some strange and terrible murals on the rock walls on both sides. Until now, these murals are still bright and dazzling. Most of them depict scenes of sacrificial ceremonies. Some depict eggs piled like hills. People and animals are pressed to cut open their chests, and their blood is soaked on the eggs, in which several evil ghosts and insects hatch.

Some depict Bon wizards with bone flutes and masks driving thousands of evil ghosts and insects into the enemy, and the enemy fled in panic. Some enemy troops fled into the city, but the city built of earth and stone can not resist the invasion of evil ghosts and insects. There was only a blank space in their path. Not only did the enemy become the flesh and blood food of evil ghosts and insects, but even the city pool disappeared.

There are painted snow-white peaks and holy lakes. The snow mountain and the holy lake were covered with evil spirits and insects. The surrounding animals and humans all knelt down and kowtowed to the evil spirits and insects. Only the elephant king wearing a mask of golden winged ROC horn and Gu Xin holding a bone flute stand on the insects on the top of the mountain.

Sure enough, Wei Xun guessed well. The ancient Xiangxiong kingdom should have mastered the method of driving evil spirits and insects, and would sacrifice with living people and animals. Wei Xun even suspected that the skeleton in his hand might be the “object” that once could restrict evil spirits and insects.

It’s just that thousands of years have passed, and the ZhangXiong Dynasty has long been destroyed. No one will feed these evil ghosts and insects again. It’s just that they haven’t become extinct. How can they live here in groups and in such a large number? Northern Tibet is desolate, and there are no other villages around except wenbunan village. Wild animals and plants can’t eat this huge swarm of insects.

“Isn’t their staple food flesh and blood?”

Wei Xun thought of the murals where the evil ghost insects were driven to fight and attack the city and land, and even the city and pool disappeared at the place where they went. He had a subtle idea in his heart.

These insects don’t mainly eat stones, do they?

Is this simple and easy to raise?

But if they really eat stones, it makes sense that they have lived in this mountain for thousands of years.

At the end of the ramp, Wei Xun stood in front of the last mural. On this mural, it is painted that evil spirits and insects enter the mountain, in which there is a huge cave with no bottom. The image of a woman is painted in the depths of the cave, but although her face is beautiful, solemn and dignified, it is a human face and insect body. There are several ghosts and insects around him, carrying many oval things.

“Is there really a worm mother!”

Wei Xun stared at the woman on the mural and looked at it several times.

“Although it is likely that the ancient Xiangxiong people exaggerated, but -”

Wei Xun is a little excited. When he was idle, he talked about his illness at home. When he was interested, he once pointed to the cake and read “details I change” more than a dozen times, but the cake didn’t respond except walking over and rubbing him.

Now he points to the black worm and says’ I change in detail ‘, there may be a worm mother?

Wei Xun couldn’t help but quicken his pace and walked forward while communicating with the golden mosquito.


A brittle sound of broken bones came from his feet.

Wei Xun looked down and saw that he had crushed the bones of an unknown animal. The bone is full of cracks. It is so fragile that it becomes bone powder when crushed. Such white bones are dense and covered the whole platform.

The cold wind roared and brought a stale, fishy and sweet smell. The vision of the corridor was wide. A small platform without fence extended out of the corridor. Wei Xun poked away the broken bones with his feet and found that there was gold and silver shining under the bones everywhere, which was as fine as sand.

The ancient Xiangxiong people used bison horns filled with sands to offer sacrifices to the people. At present, the sands are hidden under the bones and covered the whole platform. In addition to the sands, there are several precious gemstones, gold and bronzes, which are breathtaking treasures.

Wei Xun had a hunch that he crossed the dizzy gold jewelry, walked to the edge of the platform and looked down. Standing here, the platform is more like a cliff, because there is a huge in front of us. We can’t see to the end, nor can we see the huge underground hole at the edge.

Wei Xun turns on the strong light flashlight, the white light column tears the darkness, if any. The strong light flashlight is of excellent quality, strong focusing, and has an effective range of more than 500 meters, but it still can’t reach the opposite side. The bright light column gradually fades, and finally completely disappears in the dark.

In other words, the diameter of the giant hole is 500 meters up, and may even reach kilometers. Such a terrible underground cave can even be regarded as hollowing out a whole mountain, straight up and down, without any trace of human excavation. However, there are several honeycomb shaped holes on the square rock wall. The small one is only thick, but the large one can stand a yak.

Wei Xun now believes that evil ghosts and insects eat stones. Even this huge hole may have been eaten by their generations for thousands of years, because Wei Xun sees a stone beam extending from the side of the underground hole and crossing the underground hole about one minute, which looks like hanging in mid air.

Perhaps in the period of the transformation of the Xiangxiong Kingdom, the underground cave is only as big as the current one. The stone beam is the “bridge” across the underground cave, but now unless you have wings, you can cross this terrible cave.

Wei Xun is standing at the edge of the cliff, and the next step is the abyss. He stared at the bottomless hole in the ground, his pupils dilated slightly, as if in a trance.

Nietzsche wrote in the other side of good and evil that when you stare at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you. Looking at this bottomless underground cavity for a long time, a huge and terrible sense of oppression hit from the darkness, as if looking for a long time would make people feel trance, lured by the darkness and jump down involuntarily.

Just as Wei Xun stood still, it seemed as if he had lost his mind. In the deep cave in the rock wall above his head, the danger came quietly.

[you have observed the resentment of the evil ghost insect mother. Resentment level: Level B]

[task progress: 4%]

[you have observed the resentment of the evil ghost and insect. Resentment level: -]

[you have observed the resentment of the evil ghost and insect. Resentment level: -]

[you have observed the resentment of the evil ghost and insect. Resentment level: -]


[task progress: 14%]

Good guy, Wei Xun is stunned by these two prompt sounds!

You should know that evil ghost insects are insects with real prices. Unlike Li Gui Pingping and corpse flying fox, they have great grievances. It is reasonable to say that insects should not have seven emotions and six desires, let alone resentment. Just like Wei Xun used skeletons to play with insects in turn, there was no hint of resentment.

What did golden mosquitoes do and how did they all complain in detail??

Wei Xun was even more shocked by the increase in the progress of the task, which was too unreasonable!

You know what he got in drunk Western Hunan. Everything is an unknown Title task. It is very difficult to increase the progress of the task. Level a Li Gui Pingping’s resentment can only rise by 1%, level B Wu Laoliu’s resentment can only rise by 0.5%, while level C corpse flying fox commander is even worse, only 0.25%, chat is better than .

The devil bug has a lower complaint. After all, it is a bug. The complaint level is simply ‘-‘, that is, it is omitted, too low and does not count. It doesn’t even increase the task progress.

But just now there were thousands of tips to swipe the screen, which confused Wei Xun in detail. At the last look at the task progress, it went up by 10%!

Is it the qualitative change caused by the huge number of insects and quantitative change?

Wei Xun realized!

It turned out that he was thinking that this task must go on for a long time. Now it seems that he wants to quickly improve his ability and speed up the completion of the task. He can’t do it alone, even if it is stronger.

If you want to do it, you have to do it!

Wei Xun seemed to open the door of the new world, and the corners of his mouth were slightly bent. At the next moment, he suddenly raised his hand without warning. The bright light column of the strong flashlight was like an indestructible lightsaber, which directly shone a bright light on Wei Xun’s head, completely disrupting the Raiders.


[what’s that?!]

[what kind of monster is this!]

In the live studio, the audience who were passionate about the underground cave and the disappeared ghost insects were startled. They saw that at the rock wall above Wei Xun’s head, a pale and twisted human body clinged to it like a gecko and hid in the place illuminated by the strong light. It tried in vain to block in front of him with its forearm and made a hoarse and terrible roar.

However, it has strong adaptability, but it will no longer be affected by the strong light in a few seconds. It roars and pours at Wei Xun like a beast hunting. He wore a strange bronze mask on his face and outlined his facial features with vermilion paint. The mask reflected by the strong light was particularly strange and terrible. If a fierce ghost came and captured people’s hearts and souls, in a moment, the monster rushed in front of Wei Xun.


[Wei Xun is dangerous!!!]

Wei Xun is standing on the edge of the cliff. There is no place to avoid on both sides. As long as he steps back, he will fall into a bottomless underground hole. The monster has jumped in front of Wei Xun. In an instant, he fell into a dilemma.

At this moment, Wei Xun put away the strong light flashlight, and the live broadcasting room became dark. In the dark, the audience could not see that Wei Xun’s eyes twinkled in the dark. Unexpectedly, he jumped up without dodging and collided with the monster in mid air, like two biting and fighting beasts.

“Call -”

In the dark, their entangled bodies rolled over the bones on the ground. Wei Xun turned over, his eyes were fierce and his throat roared like a deterrent. He listened carefully and was very similar to the snow leopard. Wei Xun’s action of jumping on the monster just now was vigorous and powerful, showing a wild sharpness and charm, such as a big cat in hunting. At this moment, the battle between them was really like a fight between wild animals.

“Roar -”

The monster under Wei Xun was stunned. It struggled to turn over, but its hostility and aggression weakened, showing a little at a loss. Wei Xun observed closely and found that it was not a pale corpse, but a beast with hair and pale skin. It was just because the skin was naked that it was easy to be mistaken.

It looks like a tiger and a wolf, but it is bony and almost deformed. Its strength is not big. Even Wei Xun can’t break free from his grip, and his struggle seems to be a little powerful. Taking advantage of the monster’s exhaustion, Wei Xun wanted to uncover the mask on his face, but the beast screamed bitterly. The bronze mask seemed to be peeled off by “sticking” on his face.

Wei Xun didn’t pull hard, but grabbed the mottled iron chain on the beast’s neck. As early as it was frozen by a strong flashlight, Wei Xun realized that the bronze mask on his face and the chain between his neck were full of man-made traces. This was not a beast living in a cave, but domesticated and fed by some people!

“Beep -”

Just when Wei Xun was in a stalemate with the beast, a sharp whistle came from his head. The originally disengaged beast began to struggle like crazy. He bit Wei Xun’s neck several times. He dragged the iron chain through the ground. His neck was strangled by the iron chain, bleeding marks, and recklessly attacked Wei Xun.

In the electric light and flint room where the whistle sounded, Wei Xun was already ready. He immediately looked at the rock wall above his head and saw a bent figure in the rock layer above the entrance corridor. At the moment, it was dark under his skin. He seemed to have never thought that someone would be able to see the darkness without completely hiding his body shape. He was wearing a strange robe covered with bird feathers and a gold mask, just like the Bon wizard in the period of the transformation of the Elephant Kingdom in the mural.

It seemed that he was aware of Wei Xun’s gaze. He quietly disappeared into the rock crack, and even left the beast without hesitation.

“Mink, go.”

Wei Xun said coldly, his lips were slightly hooked, like a smile, but it made people cold. The young fox was connected with him. Long before Wei Xun spoke, he flew up, climbed up the rock wall in twos and threes, and chased the strange man away.

Wei Xun stood up and ignored the hairless beast. If he looked right at the cliff, there came a familiar, numbing rustle.

It was a swarm of evil spirits and insects. Wei Xun had a keen sense of smell and smelled the blood of if there was if. The man not only used the whistle to control the strange beast, but also attracted the insects with blood. It was to kill him completely here!

“Why would anyone want to harm me?”

Wei Xun sighed, with a very melancholy tone: “everyone knows I’m a good man.”

The creeping sound of insects rustling between the words was very close. The front, the limp on the ground, and the panting hairy beast suddenly turned over and ran away like a natural enemy.

Maybe it’s because of their old nest. The rustle of the insects becomes more and more dense and extremely aggressive. The evil ghosts and insects gathered together are like the most powerful army, and even beasts hundreds of times larger than them will flee in a hurry. Wei Xun was still standing still, listening to the rustle of the insects.

Closer, closer. Ten meters, five meters, three meters——

The rustle of insects suddenly stopped. Wei Xun looked at the rock wall beside him and saw that the dense black insects completely covered the rock wall like a plush carpet. In the lead were several large circles covered with evil ghosts and insects like Obsidian bright crustaceans. They erect their upper bodies like caterpillars in nature, as if they were hesitating and looking at Wei Xun.

But he refused to move forward.


A man came down from the sky, but it was the man who drove the beast and attracted insects with blood just now. I’m afraid he couldn’t think about it. He couldn’t understand why he came. He jumped directly from a high place like crazy. The heavenly fox does not have to use force. It can confuse all sentient beings only by magic.

“Ah –!”

The man fell straight on the rock wall, screamed in pain, and his leg seemed to be broken. The sharp pain woke him up, and then he saw the evil ghosts and insects around him. Without saying a word, he was stunned directly.


Wei Xun stepped on the rock wall and walked to the man. Strangely, when he came closer, the evil spirits that had climbed on the man’s body retreated like a tide, and always kept a distance of more than three meters from Wei Xun. Wei Xun is sure it’s not the influence of the skull. After all, he hasn’t taken it out since he came here. Most of the insects that he teased repeatedly before have been killed.

Thinking of the soaring resentment, Wei Xun was convinced that it should be the influence of golden mosquitoes. But he made a full play. Even if no audience could see what happened in the dark, Wei Xun still took out the gold-plated and silver inlaid skeleton and pretended that the insects were scared away by it.

Collapsed on the rock wall, the man was in a mess. Wei Xun put his hand on his nose and pressed the side of his neck.

“Out of breath.”


The fox cub was wronged and explained that it didn’t do it. The man was frightened by the black insects. If you want to blame the insects, you have to blame the insects.

“A man’s life is a man’s life, but it depends on the value of his life.”

Wei Xun carelessly lifted the man’s mask and found that his mouth and nose were bleeding, his eyes were wide open in horror, and his face was distorted. He was frightened. Even if his face was distorted by fear, Wei Xun recognized his identity.


This is the Tibetan who stopped the brigade on the mountain road at the beginning. Wei Xun has a good memory and can hardly forget it.

Why did the Tibetan want to kill him because he entered the cave?

This is a ban area of Bon religion, or the living creatures who enter here are all sacrifices of evil ghosts and insects?

“Now that we have a living mouth, we must squeeze out all the information. Now that he’s gone, you didn’t waste your time. ”

Wei Xun taught me. The fox cub was wronged and dared not act like a spoiled child. He made a look of repentance, and the old man answered.

“Search him and see if you can find anything.”

Wei Xun got up and said, “it’s the man’s blood, soil and black hair of the evil ghost, insects. There’s a faint smell of fishy smell. It’s so scared that he can’t help himself. Wei Xun took off the gloves he had touched the man, threw them into the pit, and took out the brand-new combat gloves he had prepared earlier.

Drawing on the experience of drunken Xiangxi, he prepared 100 pairs of the same gloves to bring in the little fox.

No, I have to find a way to overcome cleanliness.

When Wei Xun put his gloves on his hands, he suddenly remembered that he was calm the next second.

No, I change what I do. I should let the insects learn to be hygienic.

Look how clean the golden mosquito is. Since he talked to Wei Xun, it sucks blood in a gentle way. It pays attention to turning each other into energy before sucking.

Even maggots are clean and fat, but Wei Xun doesn’t like it.


The golden mosquito’s resentment is buzzing in Wei Xun’s heart. Just now the crisis came too fast. Wei Xun never had time to pay attention to it and let it buzz for a long time.

‘are you down there?’

Wei Xun closed his eyes to receive the message from the golden mosquito. It is 100 meters down the underground cave. If it is positioned according to the stone beam hanging on the giant cave, it is located below the middle of the stone beam.

That’s the mother’s nest.

“It’s shallower than I thought.”

Wei Xun said that he thought the female nest would be in the deepest part of the cave, at least more than 1000 meters.

But I didn’t expect that the nest was almost very close to the hole.

Xiao Jin was in a hurry. He buzzed a lot, and Wei Xun’s ears were covered. It’s very strange now. It’s because Wei Xun controls the mother insect and can control the insect group. It’s not absolute, because it’s trapped in the mother insect’s nest and can’t leave.

In the future, you’d better let the golden mosquito go to a higher level.

Wei Xun thought to himself that he could not express it clearly.

According to Xiao Jin’s description, it was trapped in a small box and couldn’t leave. You should know that its specificity lies in the quiet breathing, blood absorption and control. Its own strength is not strong. It is not the kind of warlike Zerg like magic ants. Even its constitution in the magic insect is weak. Even if it is closed in a glass cover, it may not escape.

“Have you finished searching?”

Wei Xun is tidying up a brown rope. It looks like an ordinary climbing rope. Its “Super Sticky spider silk climbing rope” is bought by Wei Xun at the expense of 3000 points

He just squatted on the edge of the cliff and saw the cave wall. The cave wall gnawed by insects for thousands of years is as smooth as polished, without any bulges and stone cracks as the foothold. Even the snow leopard can’t stop on such a smooth vertical rock surface.

Fortunately, Wei Xun prepared a pile of strange props before departure.

[Name: Super Viscous spider silk climbing rope (30M)]

[quality: special]

[function: it has super elasticity and viscosity, and will never be afraid of breaking or falling off the climbing rope when climbing mountains.]

[Note: although it can’t turn you into spider man, it’s possible to climb the Dubai Tower like Tommy!]

Mission spy lea Tango used a pair of gecko gloves to climb the Dubai Tower with his bare hands. Now, Lea Weixun also bought a pair of the most advanced gecko gloves from Stanford through special channels, but he threw them aside after a few attempts.

Now, with his body, he can never really fly over the eaves and walls. Even if Wei Xun has the physique of special forces, the gecko gloves will not be as natural and unrestrained as in the film.

Climbing with a climbing rope, a climbing stick and a little armed, how can you run and jump between the snow mountains like a snow leopard?

Wearing gecko gloves and climbing down the cliff like a gecko, how can you jump down directly in the face of the abyss!

Since entering the tourism industry, Wei Xun has pursued more extreme stimulation. Of course, there are also “gecko suits” in the travel package. The quality is definitely better than that in the current package, and it is much cheaper than the spider silk climbing rope with 100 points per meter.

But Wei Xun chose the climbing rope, and he did not intend to use it as a climbing rope.

“All right!”

The fox cub is panting. As a ferret, it’s really hard to search the big body. It also regretted it. If the man didn’t have it, it could easily control him to search himself and do it himself.

Wei Xun picked a stone with a suitable weight and patiently wound it with a spider silk climbing rope. It looked like a large golf ball. Then he swung the mountaineering rope tied to the stone like a cowboy waving a lasso, and was quite satisfied with the weight.

Then he took back the rope and went to the mink. I saw a few things on the rock wall, most of which are items that Tibetans will carry with them, but only two things are special. One is a metal whistle carved with an ancient tiger head, which is used by Tibetans to control the strange beast.

The other is the size of a brooch, made of gold, a statue of a bird’s head and human body.

“Dapeng golden winged bird?”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow. The Dapeng golden winged bird is also called jiakalura. Except that the Kalura on the other side of the Indian Shanqi ruins is a normal bird shape, most of the Dapeng golden winged birds have a bird head, beak, wings, claws, body and limbs, but they are the same as human beings. The appearance is almost the same as that of this little gold statue.

How can Tibetans carry such things with them? Do you want Dapeng golden winged birds to protect them from evil ghosts and insects?

But he was scared too fast, and Wei Xun also checked whether there were no signs of poisoning like Ji Hongcai on him.

In other words, those Tibetans are likely to be related to the ancient Xiangxiong Kingdom, and they will learn some ancient secrets, such as driving wild animals, avoiding ghosts and insects, etc.

What role do they play in this journey and what can they bring?

Right here, Wei Xun heard the prompt of the brigade.

[drop! You found the golden winged ROC bird’s coat of arms and officially entered the main line of the journey! You earn 500 points]

Wei Xun was stunned. The word “main line of the journey” sounded familiar. I remember when he was drunk in Western Hunan, he collected three Pingping items, and the “main line of the journey” also prompted him to step into the main line of the journey. However, later, he may have personally entered the Crying Marriage Project, and the travel is not easy to calculate, so the so-called main line of the journey has no follow-up.

Isn’t it only a guide who can get into the main line of the journey? Can passengers?

To say that the attitude of the tour guide towards passengers is much better than that of the tour guide. Wei Xun didn’t have to ask, but the tour guide told him all the information related to the main line of the journey.

There is only one main line in a journey, which can only be opened by guides or passengers. The opening condition is to open up new scenic spots or branch scenic spots to a certain extent.

The main line of the journey is only related to the core guiding characters of the journey, and the opening conditions are also. For example, the brief introduction of Zui meixiangxi’s journey is “let’s go into the life of Pingping, a corpse chaser”. Wei Xun is doing the task of opening up new scenic spots, killing all kinds of corpse flying foxes and getting all kinds of Pingping’s items, so he has successfully stepped into the main line of the journey.

The strange Tibetans Wei Xun met and the Dapeng golden winged bird emblem found on him must also have a lot to do with the descendant of the eagle flute. That’s why he came into the main line of the journey.

The conditions for completing the main line of the journey are very harsh. Only by discovering all the secrets of the whole journey, you can be successful if you are alone. When I was drunk in Western Hunan, although all scenic spot projects were completed perfectly, the secret of qiebai village was not completely solved.

For example, there are many mysteries about why Mr. Ma was strangely attacked by the black stiff, and where the techniques of raising stiff and moving soul carving obtained by the village came from. In the super dangerous journey, it is almost impossible to solve all the mysteries alone.

Even on a difficult journey, it’s almost impossible to complete the main line of the journey, because it doesn’t have places such as “black dangzheyongcuo” and “the secret of the Dragon River” like branch attractions.

It will only prompt you when you get the details of key items and show the progress. In addition, there is no reminder. The journey is irreversible. According to the journey, scenic spots move forward one by one. In case of mistakes, they can’t step back and make up for them.

It is only possible to complete the main line of the journey if you have extremely careful reasoning ability, don’t miss any clues, have an absolute voice in the whole brigade, and have strong enough “power” and extraordinary luck.

This difficulty is even comparable to opening up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. In the history of the whole journey, there are no more than ten tour guides and tourists who have completed the main line of the journey. Except for the people who have been killed, they are not the strongest people at the top.

Because the rewards for completing the main line journey are extremely rich!

You can raise the level of any title and get a super level. It can be improved with your strength. It is the most suitable equipment or weapon for you.

It is said that an Xuefeng is famous in his hand. The return knife of Xiang Fang who fought with him is the reward he obtained after completing the main journey.

“There are always good things”

Wei Xun was so excited that he received all the badges and other things of Dapeng golden winged bird into the fox cub’s stomach. Then he went to the cliff of the underground cave.

In front of me was a huge dark cave with no bottom. The dark wind came from the cave, making people cold all over. Even those who are not afraid of heights must have great courage to stand here alone.

But Wei Xun was thinking that the wind proved that the bottom of the huge cave was not closed, and there was probably a nearby passage.

After solving the problem of golden mosquito, he plans to go down to the bottom of the cave.

People have an endless desire to explore the sky above their heads and the huge deep-sea cave under their feet. Wei Xun was thinking how happy it would be if he jumped down from the hole.

“I’m just short of a handy weapon – some are guides and some are tourists. There should be two forms of handy weapons, isn’t it too much?”

Wei Xun thought of good things in his heart. He had turned his back, half of his feet left the cliff, and slowly tilted back. He wanted to jump into the cave in such a way that he lay on his back.

“No, it’s not exciting enough.”

Halfway down, Wei Xun straightened up and stood up. He thought that he might have few opportunities to jump a giant hole in his life, which must be a valuable experience in the future. Therefore, Wei Xun was particularly solemn, looked for multiple angles, and finally decided to jump down towards the abyss.

At this moment, Wei Xun wanted to record his heroic appearance in detail. Unfortunately, no professional photographer could capture his figure jumping down, and he couldn’t leave a film so that Wei Xun could repeat his taste – and so on!

He came up with a wonderful idea!

Wei Xun took out an ordinary flashlight. It was not bright, and the direct light could only shine at a distance of about 50 meters. Not to mention that Wei Xun just found an angle and laid it flat on the cliff ground. At best, this light can shine on Wei Xun’s trouser legs. The audience in the live studio can’t even see Wei Xun’s face.

Wei Xun was even more excited at the thought of doing such a thing under the eyes of thousands of viewers and having the live broadcast of Lvxiang record everything.

In particular, he can’t expose the spider silk climbing rope. After all, he is a new passenger. It’s reasonable to say that the flashlight can’t illuminate the live studio. When he jumps down, the live studio will be dark soon, but it’s possible to be exposed.

But Wei Xun was more excited. His eyes seemed to be shining, he couldn’t stop smiling, and his breathing was a little short.

But the audience in the studio were puzzled.

[why don’t you take a strong flashlight? What can this little gadget take

[I seem to have heard the roar of the beast just now! How about Wei Xun? Are you hurt? I’m in a hurry! I’m in a hurry!]

[it’s time to go. There’s no way to investigate such things in front. Even the man-machine is difficult to take off on the plateau, let alone Wei Xun with the man-machine]

[what a pity, there must be something good under this huge hole. If Wei Xun doesn’t go on, he may not be able to complete the main line of the journey]

[no, you new fans really have a brain? Think of the main line of the journey?]

[Wei Xun, he’s just a newcomer! Laugh at me, the main line of the journey. Finish the whole journey first!]

[no, I don’t. those who can get to the main line of the journey are usually ‘newcomers’ with a large brigade team. They have sufficient preparation and prop support, okay. Even if I’m a fan of Wei Xun, I admit that Wei Xun is really powerful, and I never thought he could complete the main line of the journey]

[sniff, I’ll put it here. If he can finish the main line of the journey here, I’ll call him Grandpa directly. I’m afraid those brigade members have to treat Wei Xun as Grandpa!]

[just as a matter of fact, Wei Xun can’t finish the main line of the journey just by seeing this huge underground cave appear. Who would jump? That is, ‘lizard man’ can climb this huge hole which is smooth without any gap]

[tut Tut, the more you say it, the more outrageous it is. Lizard man is an S-class big guy guide in the West! Compared with him, Wei Xun is also worthy? I think you’re talking about Wei Xun’s crime in detail. People have to know a little. Why does he stay here? It’s impossible to jump down. It’s better to explore other relics quickly -]



The live studio was suddenly brushed by explosive question marks and exclamation marks. There was no bullet screen next to it. It was like a group of people whose brains were blank because of shock. People who first entered the studio were confused. The bullet screen asking what happened was pressed down by the exclamation mark in a second.

Until a krypton colored barrage topped the studio.

He jumped down


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