TTG Chapter 81

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 81: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (24)

People all over the country and even all over the world were shocked and jumped late at night. Someone woke up his sleeping wife and was driven to sleep on the sofa. Someone made the neighbors angry and banged on the door.

I’m afraid the well-informed audience would not be so shocked if people from the brigade or well-equipped passengers jumped into this huge hole like a bottomless abyss.

But Wei Xun is really a newcomer on his first journey!

And no one saw him wearing any protective measures. He didn’t even have a safety rope.

The bullet screen in the live broadcast room is going to call the audience of Grandpa Wei Xun. No one thought Wei Xun would do this!

The virtual hotel hall, the hotel stations and even the tour guide alliance are not shocked by the people who pay attention to the journey. Is Wei Xun crazy? Controlled? What the hell is going on? How could he suddenly jump into the underground hole?

Everyone was eager to know what happened behind, but the light of the flashlight on the cliff was too weak. Wei Xun fell for a second or two, and the whole screen was completely dark. He could see nothing except the whistling wind.

“Lying trough!”

At the cinema of the returning brigade, Mao Xiaole, who was watching the live broadcast in high spirits, jumped to the screen directly, almost put his eyes on the screen, and was anxious to find Wei Xun’s figure in the dark.

“Hey, you’re blocking me!”

When Wang Yushu saw Wei Xun jump down just now, he was so surprised that he flattened his hand and the coke can. The brown liquid fell on his trousers and fainted with a suspicious trace, but he didn’t pay any attention here. Seeing that Mao Xiaole had no public morality to block the screen, Wang Yushu was too anxious and didn’t have time to argue with him. For fear of making a mistake about the wonderful picture, he directly took his mobile phone to call the live broadcast and watch it again.

“Division Wei… Landed…”

Mao Xiaole’s voice trembled, his throat was extremely dry, and his heart was about to jump out of his throat. Until now, his brain was rumbling. He posted it as far away from the live broadcast screen as possible, and there was a good sound receiving system in the brigade station. Mao Xiaole heard a very slight “click”, like something knocked on the cliff.

“Master Wei brought claws…”

Even so, Mao Xiaole was incoherent: “he, he’s just a newcomer. He’s not in good health. How dare he jump down without any protective measures!”

“I have inspiration, I have inspiration again.”

Wang Yushu listened attentively. The click cycle repeated several times, with a strange and fanatical excitement on his face. He wrote with his fingers, leaving semi-solid light marks in the air.

“I will call it spider man suit! Master Wei, I have realized that what safety facilities do you want? It’s important to find stimulation directly! ”

Before, he always wanted to design a set of props for downhill cave exploration, but because he wanted to defend against all kinds of possible and sudden dangers. Such as falling rocks, bats, underground creatures and so on, the descent speed can not reach the extreme, so he is satisfied with nothing.

But now Wang Yushu has found new inspiration in Wei Xun.

Look, a newcomer dares to jump directly without any defense facilities with only one claw. Those passengers are still picky about what protection facilities they require. Are they not weaned children?

Yes, it’s not his problem.

If you want any protective measures, fierce men and women should jump directly!

“Master Wei, my superman!”

“Master Wei scared me to death. I have a bad heart and can’t stand such torture.”

Mao Xiaole’s heart was full of tears. He had found that master Wei seemed, as if he had been together for five years, and gradually outlined a different image. But on him, it was unusually dark, as if he was born like this.

“That’s good. I thought our brigade was finally going to be a normal person. I was worried that it would be difficult to get along with.”

Wang Yushu smiled contented with his evil nature, and his eyes were slightly red: “it’s good. Everyone is crazy. That’s great.”

“Master Wei is not crazy!”

Mao Xiaole retorted, but his tone was a little weak: “he’s just an extreme sports lover, which is very normal!”

Wang Yushu said to himself, “someone has to pick him up at the end of the journey. I’m determined. I’m going to pick him up and just talk to him about the unprotected rapid descent.”

Mao Xiaole immediately got angry: “fart, I’ll go if I want to go. I’ve reported it to the captain – if you rob me, I’ll tell the captain to call him Xiaoxue!”

“Yes, the captain is on the journey, too.”

Wang Yushu woke up from a dream and showed a toothache. Unfortunately, he was a little unwilling to say, “forget it, captain. I’d better not go for the sake of my life.”

“Isn’t it because you sold 100 rockets to the captain last time, and all of them were misfired?”

Mao Xiaole immediately laughed. But Wang Yushu didn’t answer the question. Instead, he was rarely serious and pondered, and suddenly lowered his voice: “Xiao Le, do you look at him like a passenger of class X?”

“Class X passengers…”

Mao Xiaole was silent. He knew what Wang Yushu meant. Class X passengers are the reserve of tour guides. When they first entered the journey, they saw that they were also normal passengers, except for the death countdown.

Normal passengers enter the journey and see the scenes of realizing their dreams and expectations. Class X passengers see their own death omen. Some people unsealed their identity on the first trip and became a tour guide reserve, while others unsealed by chance after several trips as tourists.

However, even if the unsealing time is different, the result is the same. Class X passengers finally get rid of their identity as passengers, fall into the abyss and become tour guides.

Because of the pressure of death countdown when entering, such passengers either behave more greedy for life and fear of death, or behave more courageously and crazy – of course, no one can fully confirm whether they are class X passengers unless they are personally released to become tour guides. This is a secret that no one can find. The rules of the hotel.

There are no fewer serious travelers, those who are greedy for life and afraid of death, and those who are crazy and rash.

It’s normal for Wei Xun to be so special, far more than ordinary new passengers, to lead some people to think deeply.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

Mao Xiaole walked slowly and his tone was difficult. It seemed that it was very difficult for him to say these words.

“The health teacher is not in good health.”

Yes, since Mao Xiaole knew Sanshui Riyue, he knew he was in poor health. I asked for leave every day. I was hospitalized with a bad heart that day, a bad lung that day, and then a bad stomach. I was like a critically ill patient.

At that time, some readers doubted whether this was an excuse for pigeons. However, Mao Xiaole believed that at that time he could still calculate the situation of Sanshui sun and moon. He knew that he was in poor health and was plagued with all kinds of diseases all his life.

Usually, people who are seriously ill will be class X tourists if they enter the hotel. But Sanshui sun and moon are different. Mao Xiaole was seriously ill and incurable five years ago, but Sanshui sun and moon lasted five years. In these five years, he even often wrote Xiao Xiao. Mao Xiaole’s communication did not show any decadence and despair, but was full of hope for the unknown vast world.

A real explorer, a natural traveler.

Mao Xiaole overturned his first thought. He thought that the firmness of the will of the sun and the moon in Sanshui had overcome his pain. Such people are selected into hotels. According to the consistent standards of hotels, it is impossible not to be tourists.

“For the hotel, his becoming a tourist is more in line with its evaluation criteria than becoming a tour guide.”

Mao Xiaole took a deep breath, with a sarcastic tone: “the will of the host of the hotel is the high rule.”

As long as the hotel agrees, most seriously ill people will become tour guides, but some can become tourists. A healthy body will be his hope.

“Don’t be so heavy, I mean it’s good if he’s a class X passenger.”

Wang Yushu shrugged: “we haven’t had a tour guide for several years. We have to ask for an outside tour guide every time. It’s really troublesome. At the celebration at the end of this year, the dream chaser was invited by the Feihong brigade. I don’t want to see the fool of the puppet master. ”

“It would be great if the guardian could be a tour guide. We can take our little tour guide to celebrate at the end of last year.”

“You think it’s beautiful.”

Mao Xiaole looked at him angrily and said, “why don’t you be both a father and a mother when you are also a guard, a tourist and a tour guide?”

“It’s not impossible for me to recognize Wei Xun as my parents.”

Wang Yushu, a shameless and skinless filial son, said with a smile: “Wei Xun’s skill has completely covered the butcher alliance. Now they are wondering whether Wei Xun will be a class X passenger.”

People will subconsciously favor themselves. Seeing Wei Xun’s performance, I’m afraid most of the passengers are thinking that they deserve to be strong newcomers, so they are so strong. The tour guide may be suspicious.

How can a normal new passenger beat Ding Yi silly at the beginning?

But if he is a class X tourist and a tour guide reserve, it may be OK. After all, in the hearts of most tour guides, they refuse a new passenger to press Ding Yi on the ground. It’s a disgrace to all tour guides.

If Wei Xun is also a reserve tour guide, it would be better to accept them.

“In this way, the assassination of the tour guide alliance will be much less. I’ll wait until Wei Xun finishes this journey. ”

Mao Xiaole also slightly settled down and said to himself, “master Wei played so well on his journey in northern Tibet. If he was really a class X passenger, I’m afraid this journey would be enough for him to unseal his identity as a tour guide.”


Wang Yushu said, “just look at whether he will get the tour guide’s cloak when he enters the hall for the first time at the end of the journey.”

His tone was filled with fear and excitement: “it must be very lively at the end of this journey.”

As Wang Yushu predicted, seeing Wei Xun’s near fatal crazy performance, the tour teams who paid attention to him hesitated, and the tour guide alliance hesitated. No, the two are very different.

“I’m not willing, I’m not willing!!”

At this time, the residence of Fagui B 49 was completely dilapidated. Even the walls were pulled out by the hard hair bundles like steel cables, and there were terrible cracks. The giant faqiu went crazy for a while. He was almost out of control when he knew that Ding Yi was not dead and had no intention to invade the journey. Now after receiving the puppet master’s order to “suspend the mission and not assassinate Wei Xun”, there is no place to vent. Ghost B 49 is even more crazy.

“Why, why!”

Irrational, dense and wildly waving hair is strange and terrible, and the murmur of resentment and unwilling from the middle of the hair group.

“Why, why -”

Why do excellent younger tour guides get together at this time!

In the past, there was a journey of 30 degrees north latitude by Bingjiu, and then bing250 directly ranked first among the new stars of tour guides. Now, Wei Xun, who subdues Ding Yi face to face and has obvious talent, may also be a class X special passenger and a reserve of tour guides.

While he was forty-nine years old, he was drunk in the west of Hunan and couldn’t find Bing Jiu. He couldn’t find Bing 250. Even now, the puppet master specially reminded him to “suspend the task”, which was obviously an unusual interest in Wei Xun.

What a shame it makes him!

Is he really a second-class guide?? His goal in life should not be to climb hard, become a useful confidant of the puppet master, constantly challenge his predecessors, and then successfully squeeze into class B elite tour guides to reach the peak of his life!

This is clearly his ambition just made when he was young, and he is ready to strive to achieve his life goal in three years.

Why hasn’t he been there for a year? He’s reduced to comparing with Class C tour guides or even new tour guides?

This life has always been “before”. Why does he live more and more and go back?


And the anxiety and resentment hidden in the bottom of my heart.

As a tour guide of class B, he is not qualified to participate in the year-end celebration. The year-end celebration is an annual “prosperity” and an important activity of the hotel. In particular, this year’s journey to 30 degrees north latitude is far more enthusiastic than the year-end celebration.

Only the hotel and the top 200 excellent people can get the invitation letter for the year-end celebration. The eastern and western districts, tour guides and tourists, plus those new tourists and new tour guides who have just entered the new star list, are divided up. For example, their eastern district tour guides, they have to wait for 30 in class B before they can get the invitation letter.

However, class A and class s tour guides and several strong passengers in the East and west areas can take extra people.

Like B 49, she worked so hard for the puppet master in the hope that she could bring herself in, and she hinted that before.

However, he has messed up the puppet master’s task several times in a row. If Wei Xun can’t win it again, what means can he use to make up for the loss and regain the puppet master’s trust!

And what task is simpler than taking Wei Xun as a new passenger. B 49 doesn’t want to work hard anymore. He just wants to live a life where he can complete the task simply by killing novice passengers.

“Not class X passengers, not class X passengers…”

After taking off the hair of the handlebar, B 49’s mind finally managed to stabilize. His alienation is related to his service volume. The complete service just now shows that his condition is extremely bad. Aware of this, B 49 controlled the loss of hair. He took off half of his hair before he got out of danger. At this time, he kept talking, like a monk chanting scriptures.

“Not class X passengers, not class X passengers…”

* *

The noise outside has nothing to do with Wei Xun. When he jumped into the abyss without any protective measures, Wei Xun felt boundless pleasure and freedom. He was falling rapidly, and there was only a whistling wind in his ears. Thick darkness swept over his face, covering up all the light to drown him. Wei Xun didn’t feel suffocated.

In his eyes, there was only pure happiness, satisfaction, no fear, all negative emotions, and jumping brought him only excitement, excitement and even peace. This seems to be another different space, a dark paradise belonging to Wei Xun without any disturbance or noise.

At this moment, he didn’t have to hide his differences and madness. The devil in his heart was laughing wantonly. It was an incomparable madman, happy, roaring and shouting.

i must confess that i feel like a monster

I must confess that I’m like a monster*

It is a monster hidden in the crowd and covered with a layer of human skin. It is incompatible with peaceful and quiet life.

Wei Xun doesn’t laugh like a madman. He just smiles quietly. His eyes were red, his eyes seemed to have endless madness, and the devil in his heart shouted for destruction and death.

However, when it was estimated that Xiao Jin was close and it was time to stop, Wei Xun calmly and rationally swung out the spider silk climbing rope. It was stuck to the rock wall with extraordinary elasticity and adhesion. It was stretched several times by Wei Xun’s falling force and bounced back to the rock wall, just like the rope tied to people during bungee jumping. He then took Wei Xun’s strength to beat the rock wall.

This speed is very fast. There is no sponge cushion on the rock wall. I’m afraid it will become a pool of meat mud when photographed by normal people. However, Wei Xun skillfully let go and relieved his strength when he was close to the rock wall. His posture was not like a trained special forces soldier, but more like a wild animal.

On the Internet, there are videos of snow leopards jumping and rolling down 70 meters of cliffs to capture their prey. This kind of cat naturally knows how to survive on cliffs. Although Wei Xun is not a wild animal now, he has a fox fairy attached to him. With the power of spider silk climbing rope, he fell into a cave safely.

“Call -”

The landing guard Xun didn’t stop immediately. He squatted on the ground and thought about it for more than ten seconds, which slowed down with excitement.

Wei Xun was fascinated and intoxicated by this sense of control that he was crazy, out of control, and looked on coldly, and everything was under his control. It can bring him endless excitement.

Wei Xun felt thoughtful and touched his heart. The devil like whisper just now was not that he had committed the second disease, but that there was a sound of nonsense in his mind.

This feeling often rings in Wei Xun’s ear when he is drunk in Western Hunan. But now he is clearly a passenger and has no alienation. Why do you hear this sound?

Wei Xun zipped and pulled his collar, but found that the butterfly tattoo didn’t continue to climb up, but shifted. The incomplete Butterfly Tattoo originally on his left shoulder is now translated to his left chest, close to his heart.

In reality, Wei Xun found that this strange butterfly tattoo has been moving slowly, like a living creature. He called his private doctor and went to the hospital to check his body. He didn’t find anything except that his physical condition was much better than that some time ago.

The doctor couldn’t even see the butterfly on him.

This is a butterfly tattoo that ordinary people can’t see. Tour guides and tourists should not have seen it. Wei Xun took it off so many times when he was in Bingjiu. He always exposed the butterfly tattoo, but there was no discussion on the forum. Perhaps it was because it involved the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. The vlog drunk in Western Hunan didn’t appear in the video library and didn’t buy it, Wei Xun doesn’t know whether his butterfly tattoo has been revealed in the video.

Unfortunately, Wei Xun’s rank is low now. He only knows two clues: [Maria butterfly, full name Maria abyss flash butterfly, symbol of thriller global hotel] and [ it’s a mysterious and beautiful thing. Everyone is looking for it. Everyone is proud of owning Maria], and there is no other information.

Wei Xun is not a tangled person. At present, he can’t get other information. The butterfly tattoo is not painful and itchy. He just let it climb.

But now it has climbed to the position in front of the left chest. Although the blue, purple and black butterfly wings are lined with pale skin, it is this position that makes Wei Xun feel a little subtle.


At present, the only thing he can come into contact with frequently is the word “abyss”, which is still because the golden mosquito has been buzzing with the buzzing of the golden mosquito.

Will there really be an “abyss” on the earth? Are there really such things as golden mosquitoes, abyss worms, magic mosquitoes, magic bees and even demon kings?

“Go get the spider silk climbing rope back”

Wei Xun’s heart ordered mink cub that the climbing rope was still stuck to the mountain wall. It was really easy to use. Wei Xun lost the prop with more than 3000 points before he could use it.

“Do you know any relatives of magic spiders?”

Then Wei Xun talked to Xiao Jin: “if you have any, you can introduce them to me.”

Since he can drive the insects, his specialty can’t be wrong. Wei Xun plans to use insect repellent as his guide, which can be distinguished from the identity of passengers. It’s just an investigation into the abyss. I can’t get more information about Maria butterflies.


The buzzing sound of golden mosquito is powerless. It has been nearly half an hour since it began to ask for help. Wei Xun only cares about his own happiness, completely ignores his poor and humble little mosquito servant and waits for his rescue in fear.


Wei Xun was a little embarrassed. After the mink took back the climbing rope, Wei Xun no longer hesitated and went to the depths of the cave.

How tall is this cave? It’s just enough for one person to pass through. Except for many cracks and holes, the cave wall and ground are clean and free of any dirt. Stone is a kind of special pure black, as if it had been splashed with ink.

The appearance of qiongzong mountain is normal earthy yellow rocks, including these relics, and the rock walls are also of normal color. Only the stones in this giant underground cave are black.

Is it affected by the devil bug?

Wei Xun went on. In fact, he had realized that this passage was probably dug by the ancient Xiangxiong people. After all, the golden mosquito has controlled the insect mother. According to its description, the insect mother is Wei Xun’s palm. Compared with its size, such a hole is completely inconsistent with the ethnic nature of the Zerg to build a nest.

The ZhangXiong people may have mastered the insects that drive the swarm. They are like beekeepers. The insect mother is trapped here, so they let the evil ghost insects live and multiply from generation to generation.

But do insects really live 1600 years? Or did the worm mother actually change her classics countless times?

The closer he got to the location of golden mosquito, the more vigilant Wei Xun was. He never put down his guard. So when he realized that his temple was tingling like a needle, Wei Xun stopped and stopped.

There was still no light in the corridor. The audience in the live broadcast room didn’t notice any changes around, but Wei Xun could see that the black stone on the cave wall had become more delicate and moist like jade. Careful observation can be found that the stone wall is no longer pure black, but mixed with some dark green, really like a gem.

According to the title of archaeologist, we can see the specific information of these stones. This is the land of dinggoumo, and it is difficult to unseal. Wei Xun has the title of strong resentment resistance and highly toxic resistance.

It’s not resentment, supernatural, or some kind of poison.

Wei Xun took a few steps forward. He was a little dizzy and sick. His nose was hot. Wei Xun had nosebleed.

It’s acute radiation injury.

The rocks around the cave, or the ore, contain extremely strong radiation. When people are exposed to strong radiation, they will soon feel dizzy, nausea, and even vomiting. The fact that Wei Xun has nosebleeds is that his constitution is too weak. Even if there is a fox fairy attached to his body, it does not cure the original disease of his body.

The sense of crisis is not particularly strong. The current radiation intensity is not fatal to Wei Xun. The color of the surrounding stone walls reminds Wei Xun of the black stone emerald skeleton in the belly of the dragon fish, which is described by Ding Yifu. It is probably carved from strong radiation materials, and the color of black stone and jade is much more colorful and beautiful than the current stone wall.

Maybe this is the same kind of black stone skull, but it is inferior and has lower radiation. Perhaps this invisible radiation that could kill people was a terrible ghost in the eyes of the ancients.

Wei Xun thought for a moment and took out the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull, but it didn’t work this time.

The only person who can fight against demons is pitanka, the man of Gusin

Can human skin protect against radiation? What about the human pitanka after special treatment?

Wei Xun made a very crazy move – he wiped off his nose blood, then firmly protected his face with a mask, goggles and magic scarf, put on a charging cap, put on his collar, and zipped up to the top of his nose.

Then he fixed his pithanka on his head like a Dubai man’s scarf, and the four sides fell naturally.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. In this way, Wei Xun’s dizziness and nausea are really reduced a lot. He quickened his pace and asked the fox cub to swallow all the fallen and unstable radioactive minerals. Is it useful?

Moving on, Wei Xun saw many “eggs” in addition to the triangular gravel. These eggs are placed in the gravel, like white pearls. Perhaps these stones were not dropped by the earthquake, but were deliberately bitten by evil spirits and hatched with eggs.

The fox cub ate all the gravel, but did not swallow the eggs. It was not because it could not hold living creatures in its abdomen. It told Wei Xun that all these eggs were dead and there was no life on their faces.

Wearing gloves, Wei Xun picked up an egg and observed it. He found that its appearance was also hard, and the round ball was shining with pearls. It was really easy to recognize mistakes with the naked eye. And this egg is indeed dead. There is a tiny inaudible hole at the top of it.

The essence of eggs is dried up.

Wei Xun:

He seemed to understand what the golden mosquito had done, which led to the resentment of the whole family of evil spirits.

“Buzzing, buzzing -”

As if he was aware of his presence, the golden mosquito was excited, and the hum became cheerful. I wonder if it is because they absorbed the essence of these eggs and were exposed to radiation.

Although they look like caterpillars, their habits are closer to bees. These triangular rubble are like the king’s platform for cultivating new queen bees in the peak group. They are the place where evil spirits cultivate new queen bees. The closer to the king worm area, the more radiation in the special ore, and the more hatched eggs can grow into females. In other places, the eggs hatched can only hatch ordinary ghost insects.

The golden mosquito is a thief. After finding the king insect of the ghost insect family, it did not immediately control it. Instead, it found all the king platforms, destroyed all the eggs qualified to hatch as a mother, and then controlled the only mother.

In this way, only after Wei Xunyi receives the mother insect, the whole community of evil ghost insects will be completely under his control.

“Well done”

Wei Xun praised: “but the radiation on the surface is too strong. I can’t go.”

The deposit mosquito area is a place with strong radiation. It’s comparable to the black stone emerald skull. It’s ok if Wei Xun can alienate, but he’s a normal person now. I’m afraid he’ll have to change like Ding if he goes.

The golden mosquito struggled to understand what ‘radiation’ meant, and then it was silly.

The reason why the golden mosquito didn’t leave was that when it sucked blood from its mother halfway, the mother somehow found its existence. Angry, it directly clamped down the golden mosquito and couldn’t beat the giant mother with its weak body. However, because it had the effect of sucking a little blood, the mother didn’t kill it and “imprisoned” it.

The golden mosquito thinks of Wei xunlao. It drops blood to take the mother insect so that it can be rescued.

Golden mosquito was found sucking blood?

Wei Xun is more interested in the mother worm.

And even if he couldn’t go in, he did something to ‘take’ the mother worm.

Wei Xun took out a sealed small secret silver needle from the fox cub. It can perfectly seal all kinds of poisonous blood, magic blood and other special blood. Wei Xun had drawn several tubes of blood in advance and took them with him. He had to take them now if he wanted to use them.

This tube of blood is the blood at the butterfly tattoo. Wei Xun only pushed the needle, and a drop appeared on the tip of the needle, and he felt the commotion of the surrounding evil spirits and insects.

The evil spirits and insects are not far away. The mother insect king platform should have been a heavily guarded place. All gathered here are strong males and soldiers. Under the temptation of this drop of blood, the evil ghost insects were ready to move. Behind them, three black insects, strong and strong, climbed in front of Wei Xun.

Their body size is three times larger than that of ordinary ghost insects. Compared with the ghost insects previously attracted by Tibetan blood in the underground cave, the leading soldiers covered with pieces of obsidian Prajna bright crustaceans, these three males are more special.

Their front bodies are completely different from Caterpillars. They have a triangular head and two serrated forelimbs like blades. They are covered with a shiny black shell. It looks like a mantis. Only the back half of the body is covered with black bristles, like a caterpillar.

This kind of evil spirit insect is the male insect, which can be hatched from a slight radiation stone pile, and is specially bred by the mother insect.

Maybe it’s the same kind of evil ghost insects that have been exposed to strong radiation for a long time, but they have changed into such stable and different forms. Maybe they will become two different insect species for a longer time.

Different from those evil spirits who are ignorant and have only simple fear, Wei Xun can feel that these three insects are rough but more delicate than other evil spirits.


They are extremely eager for that drop of blood, but even if they are eager for it again, they dare not grab it, and they will only “wait” at a loss

“Here you are.”

Wei Xun let this drop of blood drop. In fact, he thought he could use ordinary blood. After all, a drop of ordinary blood can make maggots three maggots four ‘evolve’ and produce their own consciousness. They are also a part of Ukrainian VI, which can be regarded as the abyss system, but even if the evil insect in front of us is exposed to radiation and special, it is only an insect.

However, the number of these insects is really too large, and they may be an important tool for the next one to explore the remains of elephant males. Wei Xun wants to know whether the blood at the butterfly tattoo is also useful for normal insects, so he is enough.

The three males rushed to the blood like crazy competition, and the three insects divided up the drop of blood. It’s not divided equally. The strong one occupies half of the total, and the remaining two share about a quarter. Wei Xun has no interference, which is also a “natural choice”.

After sucking the blood, they immediately began to cocoon in situ. The cocoon shell is oval, opaque and dull, just like an ordinary stone egg. There is no long cocoon breaking period. No, one minute later, the cocoon shell will move.

It has a crack at the top, a pair of shiny black knife arms tear the hard stone like egg shell, as easy as cutting butter with a hot knife. A big male crawled out of the cocoon.

Compared with the appearance that has not changed much after the four maggots suck blood, the appearance of today’s males can be called metamorphosis. It is almost as long as a man’s palm, with two thick and sharp knife arms in front of him like a mantis. Its waist is very thin, its abdomen is light, and its tail tip is slightly upturned. The back is covered with translucent membrane wings.

The whole insect is very clean and beautiful black. It is carved like black jade. When it doesn’t move, it is like an exquisite jade carving. Only the eyes on both sides of the triangular head are green, like two emeralds.

The other two males also broke out one after another. They were not as dark as the first male. One of them had a Pearl White abdomen and hind legs, and the other was almost pearl white. Only the back and membrane wings were black, like wearing a tuxedo.

The more black you have, the stronger your strength is.

Wei Xun’s mind moved. The three jade carved males obeyed and flew to his hand. They gently took back the knife arm and let Wei Xun watch from left to right, showing a sense of closeness. They are no longer evil spirits, but degenerated into inferior demons. From now on, he will no longer obey the orders of Wang Chong, but Wei Xun.

Their clothes are thinner than Xiao Jin’s, almost only instinctive clothes. Wei Xun only read the information of “change” from them.

Your own blood can really make them change, and even control them. For example, like ghost insects, they have a variation, which is to become more hairy and almost become a plush thorn ball, which is highly toxic.

But perhaps it was Wei Xun’s resistance to the black hair on the insects. Instead of choosing this alienation, they faded the black hair on their bodies, abandoned the toxicity, and had a harder appearance and sharper knife arm.

Their arms can even cut cracks in black stone, which is harder and sharper than military knives.

“Mantis one, two, three.”

No matter what kind of insects they were, Wei Xun named them after their appearance: “go and bring the mother to me.”

Males can mate with females, that is, they have high resistance to strong radiation as females. These orders were directly issued by Wei Xun with consciousness. He didn’t have a mouth. The absolutely dark environment was like a good shield. The audience didn’t know what happened to him.

Soon, the three brothers of Mantis carried the mother back to the house.

At first glance, Wei Xun thought they were carrying an imperial green jade.

If the changed male insect is like a craft polished with black jade. The mother worm is like a natural, magnificent, transparent and flawless jade.

It is green all over the body. Its head is relatively light and transparent. It is a very clean light green. The more it goes to the abdomen, the stronger the green is. It is really green and beautiful. Even its blood is green, like drops of jade beads.

Yes, half of the abdomen of the mother worm was torn, leaving only the last breath. It was very rough for the three brothers of Mantis to take it out of the worm. The place where the mother worm is located is a gourd shaped pit formed naturally, and the surface is full of highly radioactive ore.

Living in underground caves for thousands of years, the evil ghost insect evolved early to match the living environment. There is only one female insect in the whole population. Once the female insect dies, the eggs on the king stage will hatch. After being fed by the workers to adulthood, a new generation of female insects will fight in front of the king insect area. Only the winner can go to the pit and completely achieve sexual and maturity under strong radiation.

But the pit is small, and the entrance is only the baby’s fist. Immature females can still enter normally, but when they are fully mature, the abdomen of the female makes them no longer leave the pit. They can only stay on the surface of the female, and are fed, mated, laid and eggs by workers until they die.

The three brothers of mantis, who fully complied with Wei Xun’s orders, directly and rudely tore half of its abdomen in order to bring the mother out.

This information was learned only after Wei Xun fed the blood to the mother worm.

After all, the mother worm will die soon!

Different from the expectations of the three brothers of the mantis, the mother insect is the key to controlling hundreds of millions of evil spirits. Wei Xun directly fed him five drops of blood and almost ran out of stock.

After drinking the blood, the insect mother quickly formed a green cocoon with a fist. It looks like an emerald jade ball, with halo flowing on the surface and extremely beautiful. Xiao Jin, who was rescued, was buzzing around the ball, and Wei Xun felt a trace of fear from his thoughts.

Wei Xun is also looking forward to what his five drops of blood will be like.

Unlike the three praying mantis brothers, Wei Xun waited for half an hour this time before the “jade ball” broke through the top.

[di, congratulations on getting the blue title!]

At the same time, the prompt sound of the hotel is in Wei Xun’s mind!


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