TTG Chapter 82

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 82: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (25)

Click, click.

The broken sound of the egg shell rings on the emerald green round cocoon formed by the mother insect. Unlike the male insect tearing the cocoon shell directly with violence, there are porcelain cracks on the beautiful round cocoon like emerald jade ball, showing fragile and soul stirring beauty.

The swarm of insects began to agitate. Wei Xun felt that there were hundreds of millions of evil ghost insects. They were in the depths of the underground cave, among the ruins of Xiangxiong, on the snow mountain and beside the holy lake. All the swarm of insects rushed here like a rapid march.

They come vast and mighty, but they are silent. They crawl in the cracks and darkness. The sleeping people don’t know the insect tide like a raging torrent under their feet.

The males and soldiers who were really near the insect nest and around the mother insect retreated like sea waves. Originally, they were three meters away from Wei Xun, but now all the insects retreated ten meters away. It was the invisible terror released by the mother insect’s cocoon breaking that made the insects retreat and surrender.

“Dada, dada”

This is the sound of Mantis No. 1 membrane wing colliding with its hind limbs. They are nervous and afraid. They are no longer controlled by the mother after transformation. At the moment, their fear is the natural controller and the mother of all insects.

They were afraid to fly to Wei Xun, and subconsciously they leaned closer to their master.

Different, Wei Xun felt the fear of the three brothers of the mantis and the fear of the golden mosquito. This is not a simple guard against strong enemies. If Wei Xun takes in another Zerg, even if it is stronger than Jin, they will not react so violently.

This is the existence of the worm mother itself, which naturally suppresses the demon worm.

As expected, taking the worm mother and taking the male are completely different things. Obviously, as long as a drop of blood can make the three brothers of Mantis transform and catalyze the maggot big maggot II, but Wei Xun’s worm mother fed with five drops of blood is breaking the cocoon and getting stuck. The cracks on the jade ball like cocoon no longer increase, and the cocoon ball that originally began to shake slightly is still different.

Wei Xun felt the mother’s anxiety and prayed that it needed more and more energy to support its transformation and cocoon breaking.

If Wei Xun can’t support it——

The evil ghost insects will frenziedly devour all living creatures around because of the mother insect riots to find enough food for the mother insect. Even Wei Xun couldn’t stop the riot, because it was the nature of the Zerg to guard the mother insect.

The cunning and greedy mother insect, after alienation, is far more intelligent than the three brothers of mantis and gold. Although its attitude is humble prayer, its behind intention is to threaten Wei Xun. Obviously, Wei Xun’s blood is the opportunity for alienation, but after getting higher wisdom, its first reaction is to ask him to provide enough blood for its alienation.

Otherwise, once the pest disaster spreads, there will be no peace around the whole Xiangxiong ruins and even the grassland in northern Tibet.

“Squeak -”

The mink cub was acutely aware of the wrong, demonstrated angrily and showed his teeth. It was not affected by the threat of the insect mother, but it was also vaguely aware of the huge and terrible swarm of insects, which could be easily crushed. However, when the number of creatures reaches a certain level, they will become extremely terrible.

Suddenly, Wei Xun smiled.

He picked up the jade like cocoon from the ground and played with it in his hand, like turning an iron ball.

Suddenly, he clenched his hand violently. This was the power of the fox cub’s attachment blessing. The cocoon made an overburdened click, and the cracks on the cocoon were as dense as a cobweb. But this is not a normal cocoon breaking process. The emerald liquid drips out of the crack. This is the mother’s blood.

The sound of the mother insect’s pain and fear of begging for mercy was in Wei Xun’s heart, but the swarm was ready to move because of the mother insect’s pain. The swarm that had withdrawn from 15 meters began to approach, and the rustle came from four directions, making people’s scalp numb. The three brothers of Mantis are on alert, raise their sword arms and block Wei Xun.

The mink cub clung to Wei Xun’s shoulder. It looked like an ordinary ferret, because the residual soul of the fox cub had been fully integrated into Wei Xun, and it was ready to fight side by side with Wei Xun!

No matter how determined people are, they will waver in this situation. They will compromise first, let the mother worm break its cocoon smoothly, and then try to completely accept it.

But Wei Xun is not such a person.

If you fight with him, he will only be harder than you. Who can fight to the end? It’s definitely Wei Xun.

No one can be as crazy as him!

Wei Xun still smiled faintly. The next moment he took out a skeleton inlaid with gold and silver.

The ancient Xiangxiong people must use the secret medicine or special materials to cook the skull, or the particularity of the skull itself, which makes the evil spirits instinctively fear and avoid it. Even the insect mother’s attitude was obviously soft when she took out the skeleton in Wei Xun’s mind. The begging for mercy in Wei Xun’s mind became weak and was no longer the implicit tough attitude.

But Wei Xun didn’t care about this. He made a gesture. There was a rather regular round hole on the top of the skull, the big hole of table tennis. Wei Xun held the skull in one hand, and the round cocoon of insect mother with big fist was resting on the skull.

The round hole is like a bottom support, steady. The round cocoon is supported on the top, like a skull rack showing the jade of the round ball. It has an artistic sense of evil code, such as skeleton lamp and skeleton pen holder sold online.

Not only did Wei Xun look at him twice, but he still felt that there were some shortcomings.


His mind moved, shielding the mother’s increasingly weak pain and appeal, he was happy to take off the human skin Thangka used to block radiation from his head, put it on the head of the mother’s round cocoon with light hands and feet, and then close the four corners to tightly wrap the mother’s round cocoon and the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull.

Mother worm: wuwuwu

The insect mother’s pleading pain is extremely weak and almost nil. It seems to completely put down all ambition and cunning, and humbly beg for mercy. But in fact, the swarm is still approaching at a slow but noticeable speed.

Ten meters, five meters, three meters, one meter.

Up to now, Wei Xun’s vision is full of evil spirits, and the dense swarm of insects gives people a spiritual impact. Obviously, the swarm of insects in the past has died and become gray and curly due to the death of the skeleton, but there are still countless swarms of insects coming forward and approaching Wei Xun like crazy.

The dead insect corpses can gradually pile up into mountains, blocking Wei Xun’s front, back, left and right.

He was completely immersed in the sea of insects.

This fear of being surrounded by endless swarms of insects and the panic caused by the madness of swarms of insects almost become a spiritual shock when watching more and more dead insects——

Unfortunately, Wei Xun doesn’t have any.

He was very calm. As long as the swarm was still approaching, he ignored the mother’s begging for mercy, just like an eagle. Who is the Lord and who is the slave will decide the outcome in this endless confrontation.

The endless swarm of insects went on and on, and the sound of the mother insect in Wei Xun’s mind became weaker and weaker, while Wei Xun stood still in the sea of thousands of insects, just like a lighthouse sculpture.

It’s like standing still at this moment.

“Woo, woo, woo”

The gentle and painful cry rang in Wei Xun’s heart.

This is the insect mother’s cry of fear and despair, her fear of Wei Xun and her despair of death.

Swallow five drops of blood, it has understood the difference between ‘me’ and ‘them’, and learned the fear of death.

Even if the insects get out of control and kill Wei Xun on the northern Tibetan Grassland after it dies, what’s the use?

I’m dead.

Can’t die, can’t die.

The mother worm finally gave in.

“Who is the Lord and who is the slave?”

Wei Xun’s cold voice was like a yellow bell and a big LV, which struck the mother worm’s heart.

“Do you know what it is?”

“Falala is the master’s eternal slave”

The insect Mother offers loyalty with a weak voice, which is unreserved and absolute submission. At this moment, the swarm of insects like the sea tide retreated rapidly. When they retreated five meters away, they curled up and worshipped Wei Xun.

To tame the mother of a nation is to tame a whole nation.

[di, the dark blue Title Task [my first female insect] has been completed!]

[Task Evaluation: perfect!]

[task reward payment -]

[you have obtained the identity dark blue Title: Demon bug dominator]

[you get the title matching item: broken magic insect ball (0 / 5)]

[demon bug controller (dark blue title): as a demon bug controller, you always have special domestication skills for demon bugs, and tamed demon bugs can make you stronger. However, the devil bug is a greedy war and has been invading all his life. You must always lead them to open up Xinjiang and expand territory, otherwise the impatience and madness of the swarm will bite back on you!]

[Name: broken magic bug ball (0 / 5)]

[quality: exclusive title]

[function 1: you can keep fully collected demons in the ball of demons. In the ball of demons, they will not be hungry or tired]

[Note: even the 100 meter abyss worm can be stuffed into the magic worm ball! Produced by the hotel, it must be a high-quality product!]

[function 2: when you share the title of magic bug and the ball of broken magic bug, you will be able to obtain some abilities of magic bug in the ball, and this ability will also be fed back to the swarm you control]

[at present, your demon bug:

Mother worm:

1 female falala

Medium level demon bug:

Valentine magic mosquito: 1

Human skin maggots: 4

Inferior devil bug:

Blade Mantis: 3


Large swarm (10000 upwards): 1]

[please redouble your efforts to become a more powerful insect dominator!]

[please select the carrier of the magic insect ball!]

A series of hints rang in Wei Xun’s mind, and his mouth flashed up without concealing his smile.

So this is his first complete, dark blue title!

The title task of treasure hunter series has not been completed. The wild mind is just an ordinary blue title.

The “demon bug dominator” is said to be the title of his first identity class, and can bring him strong gain and combat effectiveness, and its restrictions are nothing to Wei Xun.

As long as the mother of the same race is there, the swarm will never be restless. This is the place to accept the mother.

The magic bug ball is not an entity. The hotel can attach the “magic bug ball” to any ball object. Even if Wei Xun chooses basketball, the ball is not optional.

“Can I choose the earth?”

Wei Xun mused.

[please select the carrier of the magic insect ball!]

“Well, no, even if you don’t, you’re really angry”

Wei Xun threw away the skeleton and mother worm cocoon wrapped in human skin.

“Wait a minute”

He turned his attention to the insect mother. It seemed that the shadow left before was too big. When he looked at the insect mother, she trembled and trembled, completely different from before.

“You should be glad…”

Wei Xun sighed softly, “I’m sorry, but the people are humane:” before, anyone who threatened me must not die. As for you… ”

If it weren’t for this task, he would definitely give the mother more unforgettable lessons.

The mother insect was terrified, and Wei Xun’s “Wuwuwuwu” cry rang out in his mind. Wei Xun did not say that he would punish the insect mother as he did. Unknown fear is always the most important punishment, especially the insect mother already knows how to cherish her life and what fear is.

“When you hatch, you will eat the cocoon shell, right?”

The insect mother responded immediately. It’s like this. The mother insects have never had the opportunity of secondary cocooning and alienation, but they will also swallow a large amount of high radiation ore after becoming a mother to enhance their reproductive ability. The alienated mother insect doesn’t have to bother to devour the ore.

Before it breaks the cocoon, the cocoon shell is like an ordinary jade, which does not show any radiation. But after it breaks the cocoon, the cocoon shell will be the best and the most radiant ore!

The mother insect tries to convey her emotions to Wei Xun.

When it successfully breaks the cocoon and chews the cocoon shell, it will certainly breed a larger and stronger swarm of insects for its owner!

“Break the cocoon first and let me see”

Wei Xun didn’t care about it. This time, he was no longer stingy. He poured a total of 14 drops of blood from the two tubes of Butterfly Tattoos he had prepared before on the jade cocoon. He felt the mother’s joy, gratitude, surprise and happiness. Those blood quickly penetrated through the crack of the cocoon shell, and the color of the whole cocoon shell was also changing.

It changes from emerald green to deeper dark green, and the cracks in the upper part turn into ink, such as a miniature Jasper watermelon. Wei Xun’s blood not only gave the mother insect perfect alienation, but also helped it to a higher level. I saw several emerald green lights reflected outward from the crack, but this light is not ordinary light, but the external embodiment of spiritual fluctuation that only Wei Xun can see.

Countless spiritual green lights penetrate the cracks in the cocoon shell and outline the figure of . At first, there are four tender green membrane wings, such as the first leaf born in early spring. The tip of the wing is a little tender yellow. The more the green color goes, the stronger the wing root is, and finally it becomes an elegant dark green.

With emerald curly hair and light green skin, the tentacles of hair worms are like pearl antlers, and the upper part is also decorated with emerald. The dark green pupils focused on Wei Xun, with a smile in their eyes, fresh and beautiful.

The spirit of the insect mother is as dreamy as the fairy in the legendary forest. No one can resist this innate temptation and beauty!

“Master, Ferrara asks you what to do”


Wei Xun was stunned. He felt that the insect mother was a little similar to the queen in the mural.

No, it’s not human.

He responded that it was just the mental state of the insect mother. It can be displayed in front of others and completely hidden. Only those who can change from mental state to physical state can be regarded as the mother of magic insects.

Because of Wei Xun’s subconscious’ hidden ’emotions, the mother’s mental state can only be seen by him.

“Falala is the level of the mother of the devil bug”

Golden mosquito, Xiang Weixun.

The level of the mother worm is different from that of other demons. They only use their own level. The highest dorala, the queen, the second-class Lyra, the second-class Milara, the next farara, and the incomplete mother without spirit.

But as a falala, it’s not that she’s not strong. The number of evil ghost insects is very afraid! Even the Queen’s men may not be able to kill a few big swarms.

The mother is now the lowest falala, just because all her swarm are ordinary insects.

As long as Wei Xun asks the three brothers of Mantis to continue to mate with her, or find higher-level magic insects to update the mother insects, even if they all become inferior magic insects, I’m afraid the mother insects can directly jump to another step and become milala or even higher Laila!

Jin explained to Wei Xun that the mother insect’s mental state was soft. Looking at it, her eyes were full of tenderness. She was so frightened that Jin hummed and shivered and hid behind Wei Xun like an orange sugar ball.

It’s the highest ranking demon bug under Wei Xun, and it’s an adult demon bug. It’s not normal for the mother bug to stare at it!

The mother insect smiled gently in the direction of Jin, and then she lifted the leaf like skirt and saluted Wei Xun gracefully.

“Falala, please give me your name”

The name of the devil bug will only be given by the master.

“Your name is Chui.”

Wei Xun followed him and said, “Cui, you want to eat the cocoon shell, right?”

“Yes, master”

It’s rare that you can talk to Wei Xun normally. As the mother of a family, the mother worm is so wise and special. In fact, female insects are extremely difficult to encounter and rare, and it is impossible to catch them.

However, the evil ghost insect has been exposed to radiation for a long time, and it itself has produced changes. The mother of the evil ghost insect devours high radiation minerals all year round and absorbs nearly 20 drops of blood from Wei Xun. Unexpectedly, she gave birth to the mother of falala!

Perhaps even more because of this, after completely obeying Wei xunchen, Xiang Cui became more loyal and didn’t hide it.

Most of Wei Xun’s 19 drops of blood were absorbed by her, but some were also absorbed by the cocoon shell. They were also quenched and transformed. After she swallows the cocoon, her body strength will be strengthened, especially the most important reproductive ability of the mother. From now on, its eggs will hatch into magic insects with a half chance.

“I have to eat anyway”

Wei Xun suggested to her: “don’t bite it, swallow it all, is it all right?”

: ???

Say to a beautiful woman who only slaps her in the face and has no time to love elves, “swallow the whole cocoon shell with a big fist?”??

This is a lunatic like you!

“Can you do it, huh?”

“… yes”

cui bows to her master’s forces. She scatters her spirit and becomes the original form. It’s an emerald worm with arms and arms. Its upper body is as thin as a sandfly, covered with light green membrane wings as wide and light as a gauze skirt. And her abdomen is not as big as that of an ordinary insect mother because she doesn’t have a lot of eggs in her abdomen at the moment.

Its mouth alone can’t swallow the whole cocoon shell completely, but she directly and decisively tore open her own abdominal cavity and stuffed the cocoon ball into it. Her wound healed so quickly that she could hardly see any scars after the cocoon shell was swallowed into the abdominal cavity.

Wei Xun also said to the hotel before the cocoon shell completely entered the abdomen:

“I want to choose it as the carrier of the magic insect ball”

This prop, the ball of the devil insect, made Wei Xun pick up the Gu eggs given to him by Miao Fangfei, which was also obtained after obtaining the title of dark blue identity. Gu egg can give Miao Fangfei to Wei Xun, and it can also play a role in his hand. Wei Xun suspects that if the ball of magic insect falls into someone else’s hand, it may also be used.

More likely, passengers or tour guides will grab such props and use them to control the owner of the props.

This is not alarmist. Dinggou let Wei Xun know the darkness of many tour guides. For example, some tour guides will take the initiative to hand in their own “exclusive props” to ensure safety when they join a big tour guide alliance or are loyal to a big tour guide. Tour guides and even tourists with similar titles will collect such things.

After all, titles are not exclusive, and others can get such titles.

Just like other tour guides or tourists with the title of “devil bug dominator”, they also have the “broken devil bug ball”. If they can win the props in others’ hands and integrate with themselves, they can gradually “repair” the devil bug ball and make it stronger.

The hotel is raising poisonous insects. The end result is that among the titles of the same kind, only one is the strongest, and the rest will become the target of plundering and trampling.

Therefore, if Wei Xun wants to use his identity as a tour guide to expose the title of the devil bug dominator, he must hide his devil bug ball in advance.

It’s a very nice place in the green house!

Wei Xun’s heart was full of bad water, and he was a little strange.

The ball of the devil bug can support the devil bug he takes, and now the ball of the devil bug is in the belly of the mother bug and integrated with the mother bug. After the dolls, if the mother insect is also ‘collected’ into the magic insect ball, will the insect ball still be there?

The three brothers Wei Xun, Jin and Mantis received the ball of magic insects very smoothly. The ball of magic insects [when you hold the title of magic insects and the ball of broken magic insects with you, you will be able to obtain some abilities of magic insects in the ball, and this ability will also be fed back to the swarm you control].

So after putting the four of them into the magic bug ball, there are two new lines of tips under the bug ball:

[you are a natural occult, and your swarm of insects will be silent and will not attract the attention of any creature]

[you are a natural fighter, and your swarm will have a sharp weapon like a blade]

Wei Xun found this very interesting. The attributes added by the magic bug ball are not random, but selected and will not contradict each other. For example, Jin’s characteristics are hiding and sucking blood. The attack method is inconsistent with the blade mantis, so the increased ability of the magic insect ball is “hiding”.

The characteristics of the blade Mantis are hard armor and knife arm, but now most of them are ordinary evil ghost insects. Obviously, the caterpillar group can not change collectively, so it has become a “sword like weapon”

Wei Xun summoned an ordinary ghost worm and found that its dense black hair was soft and lodging in action, but when it came to attack, the black hair would become sharp and rigid, such as a fine needle of cow hair. They are also poisonous by themselves. After stabbing into people or animals, the enemy will never suffer.

The occult and combatant can not only be reflected in the swarm, but also increase.

In fact, most people like him are different. When they get the title, they can’t support a huge swarm of insects. The blessing of the magic insect ball is only equivalent to the increase of the body.

Wei Xun took off his gloves. His sharp nails were no longer like animal claws, but turned black. Even the front half of his hands, wrists and arms turned black. At the knuckles, nail roots and wrists, there are emerald green nail pieces. Wei Xun’s mobile hand, with flexible fingers and cold light, has become a weapon, just like the modified manipulator in those science fiction movies.

However, when Wei Xun chose to hide his hand, his hand looked the same as the normal one. Of course, it was just “looks”.


The most important thing is, can the magic insect ball in the green belly be collected into the green, and what kind of shape will it become?

‘receipt ‘

“Cui disappeared out of thin air”, which was beyond Wei Xun’s expectation. He thought it wouldn’t be so smooth. Either Chui couldn’t get the magic bug ball, or the magic bug ball would show up, but it disappeared!

Wei xunruo thought and caressed his own heart. He felt that the butterfly tattoo was inching. This was the first time he sensed the existence of the “tattoo”. After all, it was not painful and itchy. There was no movement.

As long as his mind moved, Cui appeared in Wei Xun’s hand again. If you move your mind again, you can get it back into the tattoo.

Is it blood?

Whether it’s the cocoon shell of the magic insect ball or the mother insect in the ball, the three brothers of Jin and Mantis are alienated by absorbing the blood at his butterfly tattoo, which Wei Xun accepted.

Or the title?

You know, before winning this title, neither “Jin” nor “four maggots” had any feeling about Butterfly Tattoos. They were only interested in blood.

Demon bug dominator, demon, abyss, bug, bug.

Maria abyss flash butterfly, can it be a kind of demon insect in the abyss?

Wei Xun’s eyes flashed, and winning this title may be very helpful for him to explore Maria’s secret.

After receiving “green”, the magic bug ball adds other functions:

[you are a natural breeder, and your swarm will have a strong desire to reproduce]

Wei Xun is worthy of being a mother insect. This one is of no use to him, but it is very conducive to the expansion of the insect population.

“Move on”

Wei Xun put away the ball of the devil bug, only summoned the “green” and issued two orders.

“I want the insects to search the ruins in the whole poor Zong mountain”

“I went down to the deepest part of this cave”

“Your order is the direction of your goal”

Cui Rou replied that in an instant, all the evil spirits and insects in the mountain acted. They penetrated everywhere from all kinds of small holes that ordinary people can’t get through to the ruins in the whole mountain.

Soon, Ding Gou, who was pressed by Wei Xun in the distance, panicked and asked him for help, saying that he was surrounded by insects again!

But Wei Xun didn’t pay attention to it this time. He found that he couldn’t fully perceive the swarm, so he could only control it through the insect control. After all, he is the “demon insect dominator”, and now the evil ghost insect group is still an ordinary insect. Although he instinctively fears Wei Xun, he will only obey Xiang Cui’s orders.

“The deepest part of this underground cave is the underground waterway.”

‘Oh? Soon. ”

No, I received the feedback from the insect swarm in a few minutes.

“Yes, the whole cave was dug by the clan insects. Our family likes dryness rather than dampness. When we dig the water channel, we stop digging and begin to spread around. ”


Wei Xun was obviously praising her, but somehow she made her heart cold and more respectful.

“Let’s go, clean up here and go underground”

The so-called clean-up, of course, is the high radiation ores in the king worm area, and the bronze and gold offerings offered by the ancient Xiangxiong people to offer sacrifices to evil spirits and insects, which are still finished for thousands of years.

After all, these back to the hotel can also exchange points. Wei Xun also wants to buy a few more square meters of temporary residences.

The insects moved quietly and gave Wei Xun a passage to the underground. After the hidden properties, they even chew stones and crawl without any sound. Occasionally, the caves formed naturally are explored, including those of fluorescent bacteria or insects, and the insects are all destroyed and destroyed.

Perfect guarantee that Weixun’s road ahead is dark and silent.

This is driving the audience in the studio crazy!

One is “black”, one is “black”, one is “silent”, and one is “silent”.

Before, I could vaguely hear the cry of minks and the rustle of broken stones and crawling insects.

But now I can’t hear anything!

The audience in the live studio can no longer hear Ren’s voice and see Ren’s painting even if his face is pasted in front of the camera. Passengers with special titles or passengers with high-tech means tried to analyze the paintings from the black screen, but they soon failed.

[I really can’t analyze anything. Damn it, I just want to see what’s happening now!]

[anxious to kill me  anxious to kill me  how is Wei Xun? Where did he fall

[no, it’s just dark light. It’s not a special shielding title. Can’t you see all kinds of means?]

[no, I really can’t. anyway, I don’t work hard. It’s up to the big guys]

Even the big guys can’t see it! The live broadcast screen is like a bad one. Except for darkness, it is darkness. You can’t see any pictures.

“Does Mr. Wei get the new title?”

Mao Xiangle couldn’t understand it. Even Wang Yushu couldn’t analyze the painting behind the darkness. No other tourist guide in the hotel could understand the live broadcast better than him.

In other words, Wei Xun’s live broadcast is dark and can’t be spied by any means. It’s the hotel’s rule!

In this case, in addition to wearing the shielding title, there is also the shielding title of the hotel live broadcast meeting.

In fact, this kind of shielding means is not strict, just like Ding Mawei’s title of “new people” at the beginning. Although the audience in the live studio can’t hear the specific title, they can see it by looking at Ding Yi’s “type”.

“Show the title” is usually used by the experienced passengers, especially those who hide the title and don’t find it. Just as Miao Fangfei defected to C 9 and took the initiative to show the title of [novice witch], the audience can’t see the title shown by the passengers. They can’t use any means to analyze and analyze the live broadcast pictures. They can only analyze a mess of random codes.

However, from Miao Fangfei’s means of using insects and her spots of insects and animals, the observers of major brigades and regiments can know her title of “Gu female”.

So as long as the live broadcast is on all the time, everyone’s title will not be an eternal secret.

Unless he’s in the dark.

For example, Wei Xun is now in this situation.

Mao qule asked, “since he entered the ruins, he has been unable to analyze the live broadcast?”


Wang Yushu affirmed that although everyone thought that Wei Xun’s strong light flashlight was deadly and that he was numb by playing with evil insects repeatedly, Wang Yushu guessed that Wei Xun could go underground without a flashlight when he found that Wei Xun could see things in the dark.

After all, the strong light of the flashlight is a stimulus to the creatures in the dark. Turn on the flashlight and you are the bright target. You are very vulnerable to attack.

From then on, Wang Yushu began to analyze the live broadcast, but he found that the hotel rules blocked it.

“Wei Xun said that he got the title of archaeologist, didn’t he?”

Wang Yushu thought: “now I think he should get a series of Title tasks when he is a doctor.”

“The type of exploration, which increases the progress of the task by exploring relics, can only be explained in this way.”

“So as long as Wei Xun is exploring the ruins, the audience can’t peep at the screen by other means.”

Mao Xiaole has a toothache. Indeed, only this can explain why the audience tried their best to get more information from the dark live studio.

The hotel is like this. Although it does not matter whether the passengers will expose the title information during the journey, such as “type” or the expression form of special titles, it will prevent the audience from exploring the appearance by various means.

This can also be regarded as promoting tourist guides to actively participate in the journey and actively communicate and cooperate with others.

Do you know a person’s exact title? 5960.

Just watching live?

There’s no door.

“The whole hotel guard against it, really.”

Mao Xiaole feels like he can’t laugh or cry. It’s clear that at the moment, the audience is just scratching their heart and liver. If they know what Wei Xun is doing, they can’t have any way to explore the title.

As a result, the hotel directly opened the gate.

“It’s also very important.”

Mao Xiaole joked and said with a bad smile, “it also saves the bad heart of the tour guide.”

If Wei Xun really gets the title of exploration by exploring relics, as long as he has been exploring and the title and task completion has been rising, outsiders will not be able to get more from the dark live studio.

[Treasure Hunter series title, task progress: 30%]

In one and a half years, Wei Xun reached the bottom of the abyss cave with the help of the insect swarm excavation through train. In fact, near the end of the corridor, he had heard the gurgling water. The evil spirits are afraid of the water, but they are still one after another under the command of Xiang Cui. They dig a road to the underground waterway for Wei Xun.

“I don’t know what the altitude is now.”

Wei Xun said that the place where the Xiangxiong site is located is more than 4600 meters above sea level, and the altitude of dangya yongcuo is not low. Wei Xun’s current position is estimated to be down from the lake according to the height.

The damp water vapor came. In front of Wei Xun, there was a flat land with obvious artificial traces. Further on, there was an underground river with rapid water flow. It may have flowed under the plateau for thousands of years, from the Xiangxiong Kingdom, and even the longer time, to the present. In its heyday, the ZhangXiong Kingdom used evil spirits to dig through the poor Zong mountain and built the famous Dragon God waterway around the underground river.

The Dragon God waterway, in fact, is just a section of the intricate River connected to dangjiayongcuo. It is located at the bottom of the Saikang temple. It can be a place where Bon wizards fed and sacrificed dragon fish in the past.

Wei Xun walked along the waterway. I don’t know how long he walked. There were many traces of stone chains on the rock wall, and the black chains hung straight into the dark river. Metal will be wet and rusty, but this special Blackstone chain has been around for thousands of years and still exists.

“Maybe it’s the place where prisoners are kept, ah, where Bon wizards prepare sacrifices for dragonfish.”

Those qualified for dragon fish must wash the pure meat and body inside and outside with the water of the holy lake, just like Yue Chenghua and others who drink a lot of lake water and clean their intestines and stomach. This underground river leads to danggyongcuo. Its water should also be the water of the pure holy lake. It can not only detain and torture prisoners, but also wash “sacrifices”. It is called “killing two birds with one stone”.

As Wei Xun judged, when the black stone chain appeared, more carvings and stone sculptures appeared at the rock wall, and the water flow became larger and larger. Wei Xun found that the downward stone steps were artificially chiseled. There are many gold lampstands nailed to the rock wall beside the stone steps. They are all made into slaves, kneeling to the ground and carrying lamps on their backs.

Just looking at these golden lamps, you can guess how rich and powerful the former ZhangXiong Dynasty was. In addition to the gold lamp, there are more statues carved from black stone. These sculptures are green in black, similar to the minerals with strong radiation. They are not only symbols of gods and demons, but also natural guards. No one can pass through this corridor full of high radiation, which has been guarding the secret of Saikang Temple of the ZhangXiong Dynasty for thousands of years.

However, Wei Xun, who took in Xiaocui, was no longer affected by this radiation. Xiaocui, with a refined look, was sitting on his shoulder and looked around gracefully. With her current wisdom, she can see that the female statues of those people are offering sacrifices to her.

The Dragon God waterway deep in the mountain is dedicated not only to the Dragon God, but also to the master of the evil ghost insect.

However, Cui is not very satisfied with these stone sculptures. Her aesthetics is divided into two poles. The aesthetics of normal female insects is the most beautiful. However, she and Wei Xun, the Zerg are naturally strong admirers and tend to be more aesthetic towards the master, so Cui Jing’s expression is human.

In her eyes, these statues are so ugly that they are afraid of insects and people. They are like monsters.


Cui Yan watched Wei Xun’s several statues of human beings take away (the high radiation ore is completely used as a secret weapon!), The heart is tangled.

Does the host actually like this?

The water was getting bigger and bigger. When Wei Xun went down to the bottom of the stone steps, his eyes suddenly opened up. There was an underground lake in front of me! The water from the underground river flows into the underground lake, and on the other side of the lake, there is a man-made stone platform extending into the lake.

On the left and right of platform 1 are two tall black stone statues. From the characteristics, it can be clearly seen that the dragon god statue is on the left and the insect mother statue is on the right. On the other side of the underground lake they guard together, another architectural relic can be seen vaguely.

Below the Saikang temple, the Dragon God and the insect mother guard together. According to the description on the map of human skin Thangka, it can be Wei molongren, who suppresses the demon human skin!

[Treasure Hunter series title, task progress: 35%]

[you found the Dragon God waterway under the ruins of Xiangxiong!]

The tips of the hotel rang in Wei Xun’s mind. This is a hint of the new progress of the branch scenic spots! Wei Xun is looking at the description of the new branch scenic spots, but in the eyes of Xiang Cui, Wei Xun is distracted and looks at the huge black stone statue of half man and half insect. He seems to be completely immersed in it and take all his attention for its beauty.

Does, does the master really like this better?

“Does the host prefer human women, or…”

Chui Cui boldly asks questions. Although she has been suppressed by Wei Xun all the way, the insect mother’s natural ambition and desire for control make her still follow Chui and never forget to discuss Wei Xun. She is more frustrated and brave, hoping to obtain higher rights from him.

Who doesn’t like the beautiful fairy!

“I don’t like women.”

Wei Xun doesn’t care. He has long felt the mother’s restless ambition. He always suppresses her with words, doesn’t give her any hope, and shows his attitude.

This time he was still paying attention to the newly developed branch line scenic spots. He was much more lazy and said perfunctorily with him:

“I like men.”


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