TTG Chapter 83

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 83: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (26)

Wei Xun: “I like men.”

Xiaocui was stunned. The sentence “Lord” automatically changed to “I like males” in her ear

But, but she can’t be a male in her life.

How can we win more love from our customers?

Xiaocui is lost in thought. Without a voice, Wei Xun doesn’t care. Most of her attention is on the branch scenery. In the past, the triggering of the two branch scenes was related to the eagle flute user, but now the eagle flute user is not here, and the branch scene is still updated.

[my place of dowry is the vault silver castle

All customers mean a wide area

From the outside, there are steep cliffs

From the inside, it’s gold and precious stones

Show me]

This is the sentence left by Songzan Ganbu’s sister who married the last Xiangxiong king for the princess.

[it is said that after Tubo annexed King Xiang Xiong, I searched all over the dome Silver City, but I couldn’t find the treasure house of the legendary King Xiang Xiong. It is said that there is a nine storey zigzag tower carved from the world’s largest natural crystal stone in the cave]

[the first floor is full of agate, the second floor is full of pearl, the third floor is full of ivory, and the fourth floor is full of gold  red chalcedony  the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn is placed on the top of the tower and guarded by the most devout believers of Bon religion. It has powerful energy and can bless King Zhang Xiong

[you have activated the branch view: Nine story Crystal Tower, and the total process of the branch view is 40%]

“Can you bless King Zhang Xiong for a thousand years?”

Wei Xun “tut” said, “but king Xiang Xiong’s book has long been destroyed.”

Is it the protection of the crystal tower, or is it disturbed by its factors? After all, the nine story zigzag tower made Wei Xun think of Xiao Wei molongren marked by nine zigzag characters on the map of Guxin users and under the Saikang temple.

If the nine storey zigzag Crystal Tower is really in Xiaowei molongren, its purpose is probably not to protect King Xiang Xiong, but to suppress evil.

After all, the devil possessed customer PI was also suppressed in Xiao Wei molongren.

“I thought the next scene would be Xiao Wei molongren.”

After all, the Dragon God waterway has been explored. It is already underground of Saikang temple. The buildings on the other side of the lake are likely to be Xiao Wei molongren.

“I didn’t expect it to be a crystal tower.”

Wei Xun knows it well. Up to now, half of the tourists have never mentioned the devil possessed customer skin. It was all in front of Wei molongren. As a result, the scenery of the branch line was “even if you see the Crystal Tower”, which obviously saved Wei Xun from having to come into contact with more mysterious and dangerous objects.

For passengers, it’s great to be here. After all, the difficulty of the journey is here.

But Wei Xun is not happy!

Here we are. Can you leave without seeing what the devil looks like?

You can’t specify.

“I’m hungry.”

Wei Xun said slowly. Unexpectedly, he just sat down on the stone steps, took out a box of canned braised beef from his backpack, and several compressed biscuits, a bottle of water and an orange. He looked like he wanted to have a picnic on the spot.

In front of it is the underground lake, which is the legendary little Wei molongren with several treasures, but he refused to go on. But at this time, Wei Xun turned on a small flashlight to illuminate the pile of food in front of him. As the saying goes, it’s just that there’s no light here. Black lacquer doesn’t taste good.

The audience was stunned in the live broadcast of this exercise.

[no, are you a male customer? I can’t help it?]

[do you usually bring so much food? Did Wei Xun just say simple exploration before? Is this a simple exploration? Good guy, you can celebrate the new year in the ruins!]

[treasure: come and play!]

[uncle: No, the rice is more delicious than you]

[treasure tears!]

[damn, it’s three or four in the morning. I think the live broadcast is hungry…]

[I also…]

[it’s always dark. What kind of flashlight do you turn on now? Can’t you afford to play!]

[Wei Xun likes men]


In the live broadcast  the bullet screen suddenly floated a sentence [Wei Xun likes men]. The bullet screens that were normally discussed were subtly silent.

After leaving the insect nest, Wei Xun said to himself from time to time on the road. First, he was “positioning himself”. After all, when he bought vlog to watch the reflection summary at the end of the journey, even if Wei Xun personally walked through the journey, in the face of several hours of silence and the darkness of the sound, he could not confirm “what am I doing in this dark time”.

From time to time, he said: “the mural is beautiful”, “the nine storey Crystal Tower”, “the customer skin” and so on. It’s like a positioning. Wei Xun can easily recall whether he was in the “corridor” or at the “gate of Wei molongren” at that time.

Of course, Wei Xun doesn’t deny that he has such a bad heart. He wants to amuse the audience when he is free. 59.

When it comes to Title related, the tour will prevent external viewers from exploring with different sections of the tour. In addition, Wei Xun himself was in an absolutely dark environment, and the audience outside could not see what was happening inside with their naked eyes, so Wei Xun became more and more afraid.

However, at that time, the travel reminder was mainly that Wei Xun’s current title was full.

[you have been equipped with the green title ‘passenger’; Dark blue title ‘demon bug dominator’; Blue title ‘wild soul’; Green title ‘archaeological expert’; Green title ‘highly toxic resistance’, title column is full!]

Only five titles can be worn at most. Wei Xun removed the title of “strong resentment resistance” and installed the “demon bug dominator”. However, I have found the advantages of being a part-time tourist guide. These five Title columns can be equipped with “silver level” tour guides. Normal new tourists can only be equipped with two titles at most.

Five is not enough.

Thinking of the next journey, Wei Xun replaced “highly toxic resistance” with “strong resentment resistance”. There are insects and mother insects. Highly toxic is not the biggest threat to Wei Xun, and the danger of resentment is even more impossible to prevent.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart. On the surface, it was too much to eat in the ruins at three or four in the morning. In fact, Wei Xun secretly sent fox cubs to explore the other side of the lake. Before a box of canned beef was finished, the fox cub had almost finished exploring. As expected, Wei Xun found that the buildings on the other side of the lake were all broken walls, and the gravel blocked the road to the deeper part.

It found a side hall. The walls were full of murals, and the most prominent was a nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. This mural is half carved and half painted. The tower is inlaid with rare treasures such as night pearl, agate, ivory and pure gold decoration. It is invaluable.

But this discovery makes Wei Xun more depressed.

Well, the nine storey Crystal Tower in this branch view is not a real tower, but probably a mural. The difficulty has not been unsealed. Wei molongren is not a place you can explore.

It’s really useful to bring dinggou down.

Wei Xun ordered the fox cub to return. He opened a box of canned braised meat and secretly summoned dinggou.

It’s still difficult to unseal in order to explore more deeply. Wei Xun is also curious about how this difficulty will be unsealed? Will there be another earthquake to open the rubble and shake out a road to the ruins of Wei molongren? Or will there be a few corpse riots and force an entrance?

Wei Xun is really looking forward to it.

“Lord, do you like Xiaocui?”

Wei Xun is eating canned braised meat one by one. Suddenly, he listens to Xiao Cui Qi AI. But her voice has changed. It turned out to be pure Lori, but now it has changed to neutral.

Wei Xun turned off the flashlight and looked back.

See the forest elf little Laurie sitting on her shoulder. Her green long curly hair has changed into short hair, and her wing tips have changed from light green to colder blue-green. The flower bud like puffy skirt has changed into a short sleeved shirt and pumpkin shorts. She tilted her head and showed a sweet smile to Wei Xun. Her elf like sharp ears trembled slightly, which was very cute.

Isn’t it the appearance of mental state!

Xiaocui realized that although she could not change herself, the appearance of her spirit could not be changed with this energy. The main customer said she liked male customers, so she came to become a male customer and gave it to the main customer.

Only when the LORD loves her, trusts her and gives her more energy, can she conceive more eggs, expand the swarm and expand her reality as soon as possible. In particular, Xiaocui vaguely sensed that there was something she longed for and very important to her across the underground lake.

Get, be sure to get. Xiaocui’s instinct is to clamor and urge, so she is more eager to please the Lord’s customers than to sell them, hoping that the Lord’s customers can give them to her after they get something.

Who doesn’t like the beautiful elf Zhengtai!

In particular, Xiaocui played a careful game and turned out a face that was somewhat similar to Wei Xun, but younger and more lovely. It’s an elvish trumpet Xun Xun.

Cubs, especially those with similar faces and “blood relationship”, can always be loved by customers. This is the sex of all races!

However, Wei Xun only glanced at Xiaocui casually, and then hinted at the black stone statue on the other side of the lake, and said:

“No, I prefer customers.”


Green haired little Zhengtai’s gloomy expression at the moment is the same as eating dinggou raw.

The expression of the audience outside the live broadcast is also very subtle, and it is a kind of expressive expression. Even the barrage was silent for a moment. Because Wei Xun ate in the middle of the night and was hungry, the audience was so surprised that they directly turned over the noodle bowl.

“Hey, I’m back!”

On the way back to the viewing Hall of the brigade, a customer suddenly pushed the door and entered. She wore a tall ponytail, with deep facial features and green eyes. She looked very good, but her head was a pair of snow-white wolf ears.

“Unexpectedly, I came back early!”

The girl’s voice was as hoarse as a cigarette voice. When she grinned, her canine teeth were sharp and cold. The lower thigh of the shorts is normal, but from the knee down, it is like the legendary wolf. It is a snow-white and hairy animal limb and claw.

“It’s said that Xiaole, a Sanshui teacher, is coming to our brigade. It’s great!”

The wolf girl strode in. Suddenly, the tip of her nose ran up to Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu like a wolf. She took away the fried chicken bucket and Orleans roast wings in the wolves like lightning and flint. The amount of birds was so large that the wolf claws scratched the reinforced sofa. Then she landed on another low user sofa, holding a fried chicken bucket. The gray wolf’s tail swayed restlessly, her eyes were provocative, and her throat purred.

However, Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu are still sitting on the sofa with their souls out of their bodies, staring at the live screen, like two withered old trees whose vitality is cut off, not half of them live.

“How did you two get back?”

The wolf customer girl was dissatisfied and muttered. She boldly poured the fried chicken into her mouth. She didn’t even have to chew the bones. Her cheeks bulged like hamsters: “don’t cry and lose your face. How do you feel like a dead captain.”

“Sister orange, stop talking nonsense.”

Mao Xiaole said angrily that he turned his eyes from the live broadcast screen to the wolf user girl. Without turning his eyes, he stared at her wolf legs and claws. The deer Book orange felt strange, and the wolf ears stood up vigilantly, suspecting:

“What’s the matter? You Sanshui are finally coming. Why are you unhappy?”

“Or are you afraid you won’t come? “It’s really a great new customer, and its passengers will certainly attract them – but don’t worry, we still have the core competition!”

Lushu orange said briskly. She turned her eyes to the live broadcast screen and saw Wei Xun eating cans on the live broadcast. Her green eyes lit up:

“I’ve eaten this brand of canned food. It tastes good, but it’s not as delicious as my own brine. Hiss, think about the taste. It’s really amazing. Having a picnic in the ruins is worthy of being a teacher Sanshui who has known you for five years. This temperament is just like us! ”

The tip of scarlet tongue licked Sen Bai’s teeth. Lu Shu orange narrowed his eyes, covered his stomach and sighed: “Howard, a fool, has lost everyone’s supplies to the Atlantic Ocean. I’m hungry. I’m eating ice. My cold hair is white. Catching a few fish is not enough to fill my stomach… Hell, I’m hungry again. Is there any fresh beef in the fridge? ”

“Forget it, I’ll buy it. Buy more of these good things. When Sanshui comes, I’ll show you a big table and make sure you come to our team happily. If you catch the male customers, you have to catch their stomach! ”

As soon as the deer Book orange took a pat, he jumped down directly from the sofa and was about to go out.

Mao Xiaole hesitated: “sister orange, what, please…”

“What are you doing?”

Lushu orange turned his head warily and didn’t have a good way: “I’ll cook the beef and eat it again. I won’t eat raw meat again!”

Although she said so, when talking about raw meat, she couldn’t help but suck her saliva, which made her feel more like a beast: “Hoo… At most, only eat one, really one.”

“I, you said…”

Mao Xiaole was still hesitating. Hearing Lu Shucheng’s impatient words, he grabbed his ears and said something. Before he could say anything, he saw Wang Yushu hit Mao Xiaole with his elbow and said with a smile:

“Xiao Le, don’t you want to go to Qiangtang in northern Tibet to pick up Sanshui when the journey is over. After all, you know, there must be quite a lot of young butchers who want to do it at that time, and their customers of the brigade team should also send customers. ”

“But I just annoyed the captain. The captain didn’t dare to go there alone. It happened that you came back early and wanted to ask you to go together. Xiao Le, it’s not shameless. I’m sorry to say. ”

“So it’s this time.”

The so-called “waving” of Lushu orange promised with a smile and was in high spirits: “OK, I also want to see Sanshui. According to Xiao Le, it should be a smart, sick and beautiful customer. We haven’t seen normal customers since our brigade is good. We have to take a look first! ”

“No problem. When I get back from buying meat, I’m in a hurry. We’ll watch the live broadcast later!”

Lu Shucheng’s mind was full of dry food. He didn’t notice that Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu smoked from the corners of their eyes when she talked about “sick and beautiful customers” and “normal customers”.

“I didn’t annoy the captain.”

When she left, Mao Xiaole said discontentedly, “it’s you who provoked the captain. The captain is very satisfied with my recent performance.”

“Why, don’t you want to ask sister orange to pick up Wei Xun with you?”

Wang Yushu rubbed his chin and smiled meaningfully: “Wei Xun likes customers. Sister orange stands in front of me. I’m sure she likes it. What else can you compare with the fox spirit of Feihong brigade and the green snake of gang brigade? Do you believe it will be these customers who will wait for Wei Xun? ”

“Miss Wei, this is nonsense. Can you take it seriously? Really, it must be a fool. ”

Mao Xiaole said hard: “and what is the friendship between me and my teacher that can be compared with Fox, fox, dog, snake and snake? Our pure feelings should not be added to this! ”

“Well, well, you’re right.”

Wang Yushu pondered and said to himself, “actually, I think the captain is better. When you talk about it, the captain simply doesn’t become a big customer. How about Snow Leopard carrying Wei Xun to our team? ”


Mao Xiaole gave a sneer and said, “Wang Yushu, you are really hopeless. When the captain comes back, he will beat you to the pig’s head.” he was really worried about this.

“Is Miss Wei talking to the mink?”

Of course, Mao Xiaole can see that Wei Xun’s two words are abrupt. They are not pure self-talk, but more like a dialogue with “customers”. The other party has no voice, probably because it “can’t” speak, which is the spiritual communication of Wei Xun.

Wei Xun has a so-called “mink essence” around him, which is the most suitable.

But how can we talk about this topic when we talk about it normally!

“It must be Lao Shizi’s mink that broke Mr. Wei, mink…”

Mao Xiaole is gnashing his teeth. In his heart, the level of disaster of mink essence is no worse than that of fox essence. This kind of monster likes to suck Yang Qi most. He must have talked about some strange topic with Mr. Wei!

“I’d better be a snow leopard.”

Mao Xiaole has a sonorous voice: “snow leopard is better than marten.”

It is not only strong in reality, but also conservative in terms of species. The male snow leopard in nature is a creature that is very difficult to find a spouse. Since the captain of the team has changed into a snow leopard, there is no need for species in recent years.

Snow leopard is the strongest!

“Woo woo woo woo, want a snow leopard”

Fox cubs here are also flirting with Wei Xun. Five or six hours from the ruins to now, the lights outside should be on. Wei Xun always kept the fox fairy attached to the body and consumed more Yang Qi.

Wei Xun only sucked this leopard’s blood in the first year, so he didn’t have any Yang energy input! This makes the fox cubs who plan ahead start to worry in advance.

“Can’t it still last two years?”

Wei Xun fed the last piece of braised meat to the fox cub, and then put all the garbage in his backpack.

“You can go back in about a year or two.”

Wei Xun estimated the time. They will stay at the ruins of ZhangXiong for three days. Now it’s six or seven in the morning. You can only stay in the ruins for two more years at most, so it seems that Yang Qi and water are sufficient.

Dinggou has been called. Be careful to explore along the road the fox cub has traveled to unlock the difficulty. The rest is waiting. Close your eyes, Wei Xun is guarded by Xiaocui and fox cubs. When you hurry up, you rest and fall into a shallow sleep.

Until a thunderous sound woke Wei Xun from his sleep.

Wei Xun suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were bright and bright, and he was not half tired. 5955. The whole ruins are shaking. The earth at your feet, the rock walls next to you, and the dark river have a turbid wave, which is more surging and beating on the bank.

The insects are restless and restless. Even if the alienated insect mother is in control and faces the terrible threat of nature, the insects still feel instinctive fear and panic. Even the three brothers of mantis and Xiao Jin, who are still in the ball of magic insects, are terrified.



Early in the morning, Duoduo began to bark and shout, waking up all customers. Soon the earth began to shake, and all the customers of the brigade on the poor mountain gathered in the relatively open camp around, waiting anxiously and looking forward to it. Yan Baitao’s eyes lit up when she saw the shadow of customers hurrying from the ruins of ZhangXiong, but she became anxious when she saw the number of customers:

“Why are there only two of you? Where’s Mr. Wei?! ”

“The guard is still under the ruins!”

Feiyue couldn’t stop looking behind him and was burning with anxiety.

“I can’t go now. Many ruins have collapsed. Damn it, it’s an earthquake!

Ji Hongcai spit out gravel and earth foam. He was covered with earth. He was in a panic and was still in shock. After Wei Xun left the ruins alone, all the members of the brigade spontaneously divided into teams to ensure that there were two members guarding the ruins of ZhangXiong at any time and were ready to support Wei Xun at any time.

The result was an earthquake!

Now Wei Xun is still exploring the ruins underground. How could the earthquake come so inch!

“Don’t panic, the shock is not very strong, and it shouldn’t have too much impact.”

Jiang Hongguang calmed the anxieties of the customers with his calm words: “the brigade didn’t give a hint, and the guard certainly didn’t. When the vibration is over, I, Hongcai and Qin Xinrong will go to the ruins again to look for the guard. ”

At present, the guide brooch and other items are temporarily kept by Jiang Hongguang. If the leader of the brigade dies, the brigade will certainly elect a new leader in the case of a temporary guide.

This is also the only consolation for the brigade members. The brigade did not respond, that is to say, Wei Xun’s life is not in danger at present.

“I’ll go with you.”

Xu Yang said without hesitation, “I can explore the scenery ten meters underground… Maybe I can find brother Wei.”

“Xu Yang, aftershocks are also very dangerous.”

Jiang Hongguang said rationally, “we are not as strong as the guard. We can protect you in danger.”

Even so, Xu Yang insisted. Jiang Hongguang looks pale. He is also afraid, but he is willing to take risks for Wei Xun. Jiang Hongguang couldn’t help sighing. His eyes fell on Duoduo led by Xu Yang. Suddenly, he said to Fei Lezhi and Ji Hongcai:

“What about the snow leopard? Have you seen the snow leopard following the guard?”

“No, it disappeared before the earthquake.”

Ji Hongcai shook his head: “I thought it was out hunting. Who knows…”

The perception of wild animals is sharper than that of “customers”. The snow leopard living on the plateau all year round must have sensed the arrival of the earthquake earlier, just like a lot of barking to wake everyone up.

“It should be hiding. The survival of snow leopard on this plateau is better than that of customers.”

“Well, you’re right.”

Jiang Hongguang, I was wondering if the snow leopard would go to Wei Xun when he sensed that danger was coming? If you can follow it, can you find Wei Xun’s trace?

 I denied this idea. It’s impossible. The snow leopard is just a wild animal. Not to mention that he will not be as loyal as a dog, Wei Xun is not his main customer. Just say that no wild animals will disobey their survival instinct and put themselves in danger under the earthquake.

Wei Xun must not have it.

The earth shaking still did not stop, and all the passengers subconsciously looked in the direction of the ruins of ZhangXiong, their eyes were worried.

Wei Xun, please don’t give out!

“Lord, save me, Lord, save me!”

Ding Gou’s trembling sound of extreme fear rang out in Wei Xun’s mind. At this moment, Wei Xun has left the dangerous narrow stone steps with falling gravel to the broader underground lake.

Behind you can hear the sound of heavy objects falling into the water. It is the black stone chain that has been hanging on the rock wall for thousands of years! The vibration finally made them fall off and fall into the turbulent underground river. The cold feeling came from behind. It was like a terrible thing waking up. When Wei Xun looked back, it seemed that countless scarlet eyes were hidden in the dark, malicious.


There seemed to be a dull sound from the deep earth ahead, and a more violent vibration hit. It shook and shook, as if the whole underground ruins were about to collapse and destroy at the epicenter of the earthquake. The roar was deafening. The rock wall cracked, the boulders fell, and the stone steps leading to the underground river were buried and blocked.

Although it blocked the gaze of her scarlet eyes, it also blocked the passage. It was impossible to return the same way.

But Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He quickly avoided the falling gravel like a storm and walked all the way to the lake. The originally clear lake water became turbid and looked like a black lake. Wei Xun walked around the underground lake. When he met the collapsed Road, he threw a spider silk climbing rope over the gap and soon reached the other side of the lake.

The sad cry of dinggou is coming from the side of the lake. It is the side hall with nine double zigzag Crystal Tower on the “zigzag” mural explored by the fox cub. But the entrance of the side hall was blocked by stones under the earthquake. However, the blocked road leading to the ruins further ahead has opened a gap.

Is this simple mode off and difficult mode on?

It is the brigade that can control the earthquake and change the difficulty of the journey. Or is dinggou, as a tourist guide, having some kind of energy wave on his body, causing a resonance after entering the ruins, resulting in an earthquake?

Wei Xun thought to himself, but he was not vague. He let the fox cub control his body for the time being. His consciousness sank and he controlled dinggou’s body. It is extremely dangerous to hand over physical control to the client. Ding Yi is unwilling to do so, but the crisis at this time makes him think more and can only trust Wei Xun.

If it screamed for mercy in the face of insects before, it meant hiding its strength and biding its time. But this time, Ding Yi really fell into the most dangerous situation. As soon as Wei Xun took control of Ding Yi’s body, he felt that the killing intention came from three directions. However, he was black and blue, behind which was the riprap rock wall. He could retreat. He was about to splash blood on the spot!

But the next moment, the limbs of the thin magic dog suddenly lit a black flame. Unlike the bone white flame of a normal inferior magic dog, the black flame is like a mixture of miscellaneous hair on its body. It is completely unconscious unless you look closely. However, after the black fire is lit, it escapes from the encirclement at an incredible speed, several times faster than before.

Good fun.

Wei Xun sighed. The body of the magic dog made him aftertaste the joy of alienation. The identity of the “passenger” was hidden, manic, bloodthirsty, and reckless. At this moment, the amount of money he was afraid of wasting was released, making his nerves tremble with pleasure.

All kinds of mural sculptures in the side hall were destroyed by the earthquake. Expensive jewelry survived for thousands of years, but was destroyed in the earthquake. Several night pearls rolled to the ground, and the faint light reflected the shadow of the magic dog.

The thin and weak Devil Dog with a big palm is a tall and terrible dark shadow like a devil behind him. The terrible smell in the dark shadow makes the magic dog sob and tremble. It can’t bear the arrival of high-level demons, even if the other party is its master. The mysterious and powerful amount of food represents distorted food pollution. In less than two minutes, the magic dog will fester and die. It is a kind of awareness and only knows the magic shadow of fighting and destruction.

But in fact, the battle ended in two minutes. Three mummies surrounded dinggou. Their bodies were as hard as iron, but they couldn’t resist the black fire that corroded everything. Their fingers and claws are sharp, but they can’t tear up the shadow. They are covered with black hair like evil spirits and insects. They will be infected with corpse poison when touched. Dante’s dog’s extremely fast speed makes them close to them.

Wei Xun possessed dinggou. Killing them didn’t waste much effort. I feel stronger, especially after alienation, even stronger than when I was drunk in Western Hunan. I know more about the amount of tyranny and cruelty.

Is this the benefit of conquering the swarm?

No wonder Xiao Jin said that aggression and control are the nature of the devil, because conquest can bring the devil more powerful quantity and stronger control.

After killing three mummies, Wei Xun’s consciousness was as weak as mud, so he was about to pull away from the pollution to the lost dinggou, and ordered him to leave here and return to the ground.

Next, the situation was tense, and Wei Xun had no time to take care of it.

With the return of consciousness, Wei Xun opened his eyes and was unprepared. He was blinded by the bright golden light.

OK, what a bright Baoguang!

It is said that Dapeng golden winged bird has an iron sharp beak and claws, a glittering pearl on its forehead, and a diamond corner. Its bird horn is diamond, and the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn is naturally a crown inlaid with diamonds, ivory, red chalcedony, crystal pearls, which is more expensive and glittering.

Now the crown is in front of Wei Xun. It seems that the earthquake cracked the rock wall and revealed a dignified Buddha statue. The Buddha statue is surrounded by gold and silver leaves, pearls and crystals. Several treasures are close in front of us, and the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn is located on the Buddha statue.

I’m afraid any customer who sees so many precious treasures will be addicted, arouse greed and desperate to take them as his own.

Wei Xun showed a subtle smile.

59. Without greed, we can easily find that everything in front of us is actually an illusion.

The Guxin customer skin thangka is hot, cold and heavy. It is close to Wei Xun’s back, like a resurrected customer skin. You should completely wrap it. Wei Xun felt a cold and creepy touch. From the waist of the car, he continued to move forward to the inner pocket with Guxin customer pitanka.

The originator of the terracotta figures thought that Wei Xun was still immersed in the illusion, but he didn’t know that he had never been affected by the illusion, and his previous absence was just controlling dinggou to fight.

Cognitive deviation makes the situation turn around in an instant.

“You’re here at last.”

Wei Xun sighed lightly, and a strange smile twinkled in his pupils. He seemed to stretch out to get the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn in the illusion, but he was floating gently, holding down the cold skin on his chest.

For a moment, the skin of the skin has become a black insect like claw decorated with emerald armor. The sharp nails pierce the skin cover and deeply pierce the thick and tough skin bag of the other party.

Tear and pull——

Like tearing off the whole skin, the tearing sound was particularly clear. Wei Xun took off a gray skin from his back! The back of Wei Xun’s stormsuit, even the cashmere sweater and the inner clothes were all damaged. Therefore, the scarlet dripped, as if he had torn off the skin on his back.

Peeling off the skin alive should have been painful to the heart. The user can stand such a move, but Wei Xun’s eyelashes fall and there is only regret in his eyes.

“What a pity…”

The skin bag is struggling and wriggling in the skin as if it were alive. The black hair on the skin, which is not like the user, adsorbs the fingertips and arms of the skin as if it were alive. Once it sticks, it is very difficult to disengage. However, Wei Xun did not change his face and tore it off several times. As soon as he had a sharp nail, he tore the skin to pieces. Finally, Wei Xun took out Gu Xin’s customer pitangka and covered it.

The still wriggling broken skin with tenacious life suddenly becomes as black as carbon and as broken as powder, and then half of this movement. Wei Xun’s eyes closed slightly. In fact, he could have taken out the Guxin customer pitanka to restrain the gray customer’s skin, but he didn’t tear it up. Wei Xun couldn’t express the tyrannical war spirit surging in his heart.

“Unfortunately -”

Wei Xun Yisong’s skin crumbs fell like dust, the glittering Buddha statue in front of him, the crown illusion of Dapeng golden winged bird horn disappeared, and the bloody wound on his back disappeared. Only the charge suit was damaged.

Everything is just an illusion. From a scientific point of view, it may be that the deep radiation environment of the relics gave birth to some strange parasitic organisms. They live together in groups and look like gray skin, emitting hallucinating gas. Black hairs are the tentacles of parasitic organisms. Their way of hunting is to lure prey, wrap it, and swallow its flesh and blood with tentacles.

Wei Xun can easily make up many “normal” reasons, so it’s a pity.

It’s not the devil’s skin. The real supernatural is still hidden in Xiao Wei Molong Ren.


“It seems that I can only find you inside.”

After Weixun strikes the broken ruins, it is a crack that can be passed by one person due to the earthquake. .

If there are senior tourists outside the venue and senior tour guides can see Wei Xun’s state at the moment, they must be able to find something different about him. But unfortunately, they can only hear the sound, and they can’t see more from the dark live screen.

Whether Xiaocui or fox cub is silent at the moment, they dare not disturb Wei Xun at the moment.

It’s because you are attached to dinggou and release the suppression of demons from the bottom of your heart, or the influence of the title of demon bug dominator, or it’s difficult to unseal. You won’t see the death of the “new customer” passenger, which gives you convenience.

Or, the attraction of the same devil.

It made Wei Xun more excited, but the more excited he was, the calmer he was, and there was even a smile on his mouth.

I’m hungry.

Wei Xun doesn’t care about the task progress of the growing “treasure hunting” Series titles. walked into the crack with a smile and hid in silence with curiosity, longing and greedy sigh.

“Are you… Delicious?”

[you found the little Wei molongren of his highness Saikang!]


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