TTG Chapter 84

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 84: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (27)

The legendary Wei molongren is located in the sacred mountain of Gangrenboqi. It is the center of the world and the origin of benzene. It is also the founder of Yongzhong benzene and the birth of dunbassin around Buddha.

It is in the shape of eight lotus petals. There are eight sets of Rotating Golden wheels in the sky, nine overlapping zigzag crystal mountains stand in the center, and four rivers flow from the four sides at the foot of the mountain. Countless gold, silver and jade covered the streets, and the trees were full of diamonds and agates. The golden lotus is floating in the sky. It is the saint of all the disciples and the ultimate hometown of the soul.

Wei Xun is only in the depths of the ruins of ZhangXiong. It is not clear whether the sacred mountain of Gangrenboqi really leads to such a legendary holy mountain. However, under the Saikang temple, the little Wei molongren built after the legend is indeed exquisite.

Wei xunru mistakenly entered the treasure guarded by the dragon, only that behind the crack is the large space of the stadium, paved with gold sand, surrounded by mysterious and colorful murals, and the four channels imitating the river are filled with silver.

Silver is darkened due to oxidation, but gold and various jewelry are still magnificent and bright, capturing your soul. If you light a lamp, the bright treasure light will definitely reflect the resplendence and brilliance of the whole space.

However, the most interesting thing is not the gold and sand gemstones that can be picked up on this mountain, but the magnificent crystal mountain in the middle. It is a whole piece of pure white crystal. The coarsest one can hold ten, and the highest one almost reaches the rock top.

All of you will be shocked and amazed by this incredible huge crystal mountain, because you look so holy and beautiful that you don’t look like anything in between.

“Devil skin, where are you?”

Only Wei Xun is full of ‘demons! Devil, He said softly, as if calling his dog away from home. But in fact, after entering here, the Guxin pitangka in Wei Xun’s skin stopped burning and returned to normal temperature.

Wei Xun walked all the way to the crystal mountain. Like the coal boss showing off his wealth, he took the gold inlaid and silver inlaid skull, the wet corpse with gold carved head, and the gold box containing black stone and jade fragments in turn. Unfortunately, nothing reacted. Only the string of nine eye heavenly beads given to him by Amara was slightly hot.

Put away other items, take the Tianzhu string, and Wei Xun walks close. When you get close, you can find that this pure white sky, crystal, is not a ‘Crystal Mountain’. It has been carved into the shape of a pagoda, one layer up, a total of nine layers. The tower is engraved with mysterious characters and runes.

At the top of the crystal tower, you can vaguely see a golden and miniature temple building.

“Master! Are you going to enter this tower? ”

Xiaocui finally couldn’t help it. He stared at one floor of the pure white crystal tower. His green eyes were full of obsession and greed. He whispered:

“Master, there are things in master that can let me conceive insect eggs. Some insect eggs can hatch inferior magic insects. There may even be lower magic insects. If there are more magic insects in the swarm, you can better control and command the swarm, and you will be more powerful.”

There should be thousands of eggs in the mother’s abdomen, and the male can fertilize these eggs. According to the original habits of evil spirits, there is no difference between fertilized eggs. The difference is whether the eggs are exposed to high radiation during hatching and whether they can swallow high radiation ores after hatching.

The hatching environment and the food at the larval stage determine whether the hatching ghost insect is a female insect, a male insect, a soldier insect or a worker insect.

But Xiaocui, who alienated into the mother of the devil bug, is different. He interacts and matches with different males, and the egg itself is graded, which is difficult to change by the influence of external forces. For example, when he crossed and matched with the three brothers of mantis, half of the eggs bred might be hatched with inferior magic insects and half were dead eggs. Because the level of the three brothers was too low, they were not good male insects.

To become stronger and have more high-level babies, Xiaocui should look for higher-level males. But around Wei Xun, Xiao Jin is the highest rank. Although he is a medium-level demon bug, which is more than enough for the current Xiaocui, the talents of both sides are different.

Xiao Jin is an obscene growth stream, and his talent is hiding and sucking blood. Xiaocui hopes that the development of the whole insect population will be closer to the three brothers of Mantis.

Aggressive, iron blooded, predatory, killing.

In the early stage of development, only with such a swarm can we seize more resources and improve the strength of him and the master as soon as possible!

Xiaocui is ambitious. The mother is born with more desire to reproduce and develop aggression than the male.

Some males are unreliable, and Xiaocui doesn’t aggrieve herself. He feels that something on the crystal tower has infinite attraction to him. It must have a lot of energy, and it is very suitable for him.

As long as you have enough energy, don’t waste some garbage males. He can give birth himself!

‘wait a minute’

Wei Xun has said that the entrance of the crystal white tower is closed. The tower body is not as smooth as a mirror, but has many spider web cracks. No matter at the bottom of the tower or looking up, the crack extends all the way up to the end of the field of vision.

Wei Xun took off the sleeve, bent his fingers and knocked on the crystal tower. His strength was not strong. He felt cold and moist. The aftershock is still not flat, and even the tower seems to be shaking slightly. Wei Xun leaned closer, held his breath and listened carefully.


An inaudible hum came from the crystal.

It’s not an illusion. Wei Xun definitely heard the buzz in the crystal.

“No wonder.”

Wei Xun got up and put on his sleeve.

When he saw the crystal white tower just now, the title of “archaeological expert” played a role. Wei Xun confirmed that this place was indeed in the period of ancient Xiangxiong. More than a dozen generations of Guxin priests in the Saikang Temple spent nearly a hundred years imitating the legendary Wei molongren to build it. All the most important sacrifices, such as the inheritance and selection of Guxin, the selection of King Xiang Xiong’s inheritance and so on, were completed here.

Wei Xun was particularly concerned about one point. It is said that the nine zigzag crystal mountains are the crystal pillars supporting the sky. Once Wei molongren is destroyed and the crystal mountain collapses, the sky will collapse.

The imitation little Wei molongren, the white crystal mountain, is also the “pillar of heaven” supporting the whole Xiangxiong kingdom. Once it is destroyed, the Xiangxiong kingdom will collapse.

This seems to be just a legend, but the “archaeologist” specifically refers to this point. Wei Xun also has a rich imagination and likes to think more about everything.

What disaster can completely destroy a kingdom?

Warfare? civil strife? The blood of the royal family is dead, and there is no inheritance?

War, civil strife and the assassination of the king are indeed the reasons why Gu Xiangxiong was swallowed and destroyed.

However, up to now, thousands of years later, it represents the traces of this rich and powerful ancient kingdom. The reason for the serious destruction of the ruins of ancient Xiangxiong is the many earthquakes here.

In a few decades or a hundred years, I’m afraid there will be no trace of the Elephant Kingdom here.

The numerous cracks on the white crystal mountain and the abnormal buzzing sound inside are some kind of “wave” and will it be related to the earthquake?

“What a pity.”

Wei Xun is not a qualitative scientist. He is not very interested in this. Unfortunately, he can’t let the fox cub eat this rare nine story zigzag Crystal Tower in sections.

After all, Wei Xun is not a devil. He knows that the fox cub can’t swallow the whole tower directly, which involves the blind area of the belly capacity of the fox cub. But if we can’t destroy the crystal tower now, many of Wei Xun’s plans to “take the Crystal Tower” have unfortunately died.

You can’t destroy the crystal tower. If you want to enter, you have to go through the regular section.

Wei Xun’s formal section, climbing from the outside of the crystal tower to the top, is skillfully using spider silk climbing ropes and magic insects. The entrance of the crystal tower is in the golden miniature temple at the top. This is the information Wei Xun detected with Xiaocui.

It is not easy to climb a crystal tower with smooth surface. The correct way to enter is to find the secret road leading to the lower part of the temple from the ruins of the upper Saikang temple, and then go all the way down to Xiao Wei molongren. But Wei Xun did the opposite.

The smooth crystal has nowhere to borrow. It’s carved, and the crystal fence and eaves and corners look very fragile, so it’s hard to step on. But the three Mantis brothers come in handy. They can fly, have a hard body and great strength. Together, they can support Wei Xun’s weight.

With the help of magic insects and spider silk climbing rope, Wei Xun soon reached the top of the crystal tower.

The crystal mountain is really huge. The top of the smallest area is the size of two round tables. But on the top of the mountain, the miniature Golden Temple is full of blue prayer flags. Blue is the most noble color in Yongzhong benzene. It represents the sky and the firmament. The pious benzene disciples think that it is closer to perfection.

However, except for the blue prayer flags, the temple is empty. There are no mural carvings or Buddha statues. It looks more like an altar. In the middle is a gold box inlaid with ivory jewelry, but there is nothing in the gold box.

“This is the square that magnified the crown of Peng golden winged bird horn in the past?”

Wei Xun guessed: “it may also be Guxin pitangka.”

Amara of poor Zongshan said that it was the disappearance of Guxin guapi Tangka that revived the repressed demon guapi.

With this guess, Wei Xun didn’t put the pitankara in the box. On the contrary, in order to make it easier for the devil to find him, Wei Xun simply received the pitanka into the belly of the little fox.

Later, from the side of the temple, he could only curl into the entrance of the crystal white tower.

The crystal spire is the first floor. The crystal here is almost transparent, the space is small, but it will not appear narrow. It is still covered with blue prayer flags. Wei Xun thought that according to Yong Zhongben’s belief, the higher the square is, the more noble it is, and the devil skin should be suppressed at the bottom of the crystal white tower.

You still have to go down layer by layer.

Wei Xun bowed his head, but found that there was a blue and black face under his feet.

He was staring at him from a strange angle.

“Ah, sorry.”

Wei Xun looked down at the blue and black face and politely discussed, “I stepped on your face. Could you please move your face away?”


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