TTG Chapter 85

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 85: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (28)

The young black man’s face did not move, still looked up at a strange angle, and the whole face plate was at Wei Xun’s feet. Wei Xun looked at his facial features. Except that his skin was blue and black, he was no different from ordinary people. His eyes were dry and his two eye sockets were like deep black holes.

When you look carefully, you can see that there is a layer of transparent crystal stone between you and Wei Xun’s shoes, but at first glance, you think this face is close to Wei Xun’s sole.

The other party didn’t respond. It’s like a normal mummy. Wei Xun thought for a moment and looked up from the angle of green and black face. What he saw was the top of the crystal mountain, which was covered by layers of blue prayer flags. This floor is not high. Wei Xun has to squat while standing inside. He tore down the pile of prayer flags and saw that behind the prayer flags, there was a round crystal stone with a large desktop on the top.

It should not be a part of the crystal mountain, because the crystals at the top are pure and transparent. This round crystal stone is light blue, clear and beautiful. There are natural lines of “blue” on it, which looks like blue sky and clouds.

This face is looking at the ‘sky’. Deep underground, this round crystal like a blue sky. It turns out that the high-rise of the crystal tower does not have nothing, but worships the high blue sky yearned for by the Bon believers.

Wei Xun thought of Xu Yang’s underground ruins similar to tombs. The mummies built in the soil were also in a strange posture of looking up at the sky. Now it seems that this may be a form of religious sacrifice in the ancient elephant male period. Their faces are not looking at the people on the earth, but yearning for the sky and higher places.

But the people buried there are definitely not as high as the green and black face under Wei Xun’s feet. However, those who could really see the “blue sky and clouds” in the depths of the earth through the transparent crystal plate were definitely important figures of Bon religion at that time.

No, it’s not a funeral, it’s a guard.

Wei Xun noticed that there was a circle of black slate around the blue sky round crystal stone, which was the radiated black ore. It looks like a larger black circle surrounded by blue sky crystals.

Does the black surrounding the blue sky represent the night or the black devil?

Wei Xun guessed that it was the latter, because this circle of black ore crystal plates was actually made of nine black ore plates with exquisite skills, and each black stone plate was engraved with patterns.

Wei Xun squints at it. There are nine pictures from beginning to end. They are “the devil comes and devours mankind”, “the devil causes war” and “the Buddha subdues the devil”.

The fourth picture is “the priest of Guxin was given a dream by the Buddha,” the king Xiangxiong poured out his strength together, and the dynasty built little Wei molongren in his highness Saikang, “the fifth and sixth pictures are” the Buddha defeated the devil, “and” the Buddha tore the devil into two parts, suppressed it in the lake, and sealed the small virtual shadow on the human skin. ”

In the seventh picture, there is a nine storey zigzag tower. The image of the nine storey crystal zigzag tower seen by Fox cub on the murals in the side hall, but the interior of the tower is painted.

In the picture, the upper layer of the crystal tower is the character script, the second layer is the priest Guxin wearing a sacrificial robe and a feather crown, the third layer is a half man and a half dragon, with seven snakes behind his head, holding the Dragon God with a Black Skull representing 400 diseases, and the fourth layer is the God daramba who controls the evil ghost worm, one holding a golden wheel and nine crossed swords.

There are also Bon priests under Guxin, elephant male soldiers with weapons, kneeling slaves and so on.  however, except for slaves, everyone was in a strange posture of raising their faces and looking at their heads.

Wei Xun guessed that the nine storey zigzag Crystal Tower itself was to suppress evil spirits, and the end is not a symbol of the richness of ZhangXiong kingdom. The so-called first layer is filled with agate, the second layer is filled with pearls, and the third layer is filled with ivory. In fact, it is the guardian of the metaphor tower. Ivory is compared to a powerful elephant warrior, and gold and red chalcedony are compared to a noble Benbo priest.

I’m afraid history has passed on and become “the treasure house of King Xiang Xiong” and “a precious Crystal Tower”

Instead, he said, “the crown of the golden winged bird horn of the ROC is placed on the top of the tower”. In fact, Wei Xun thought of the empty gold box in the golden miniature temple on the top of the tower.

The nine storey zigzag tower on the screen ranges from high to low, from noble to humble. Below is a slave who has no human rights and kneels down like an animal. Their bodies were separated, their blood filled the bottom layer, and their skin was peeled off to seal the passage to the underground.

Below the bottom layer, there is another layer, where the demon human skin is sealed. On the picture, it is the virtual shadow of green faced tusks.

If the first seven pictures record history, the picture on the eighth black stone plate is different.

At first glance, the eighth picture is almost the same as the seventh picture. They all paint a nine story zigzag Crystal Tower, but the objects inside have changed strangely. The black shadow runs through the whole crystal tower. All the gods, soldiers and priests of the tower have changed from looking up at the sky to looking down at the ground.

And their figure became blurred, as if it had been eroded by a black shadow. Outside the crystal tower, the sacred mountain collapsed and the lake surged, a scene of the end of the world.

“This is about the changes in the crystal tower and the disasters outside after the demons are unsealed?”

Wei Xun looked at the back of the black slate with great interest, but there was no grain on it. It was empty.

Is this empty? Is everything destroyed after the devil recovers? Or does it have any special meaning?

Wei Xun raised his hand and touched the Dark Slate, as if he was meditating on the painting. He explored whether there were dark lines engraved on the painting by touching it. But in fact, he was about to stop talking to the fox Cub: “can you eat this black slate?”

The fox cub whined numbly and always felt that he had been used in some strange place by Wei Xun.

“Yes, you can eat, but you also need yang to expand your capacity!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t lose your Yang.”

Wei Xun comforted and touched each black stone board in turn and asked the fox cubs to swallow them. In fact, he also wanted to bring the crystal disk of “blue sky and cloud”, but the belly capacity of the fox cub is not so large.

“We have to find a way to get more Yang”

Wei Xun put this item on the agenda. It’s a little difficult to catch a leopard. He considered to see if there were any channels when he went back to the hotel.

“Report to the master that the swarm has infiltrated to the fifth floor”

Xiaocui reported in real time that he saw Wei Xun’s move to collect the black slate. His eyes turned. He didn’t know what he was thinking: “the clan insects can’t go down. More than half of the advance insects have been killed and injured.”


After entering the crystal tower, Wei Xun ordered Xiaocui to explore the whole crystal tower with insects and find out all the secret doors. As soon as he heard something that could kill the insects, Wei Xun thought of the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull in his hand. Could it be something similar?

“What is it?”

“It’s a stone half the height of its owner”

Xiaocui swallowed her saliva as she spoke. Her eyes were as green as a wolf. “She has great energy, master.” she is really important to me. ”

That kind of thing will kill the insects, because the energy contained in it is too strong, but it is a great tonic for the mother.

“Let the insects bypass the fifth floor. If they can’t, don’t go down for the time being.”

Wei Xun: “let’s go down and have a look”

There are too many good things in this crystal tower. He must take the fox cubs to eat layer by layer. He can’t waste it.

Ordinary archaeologists here can’t see that the crystal tower is full of cracks. Maybe it will be completely destroyed by a big earthquake sometime. Wei Xun had to “rescue” some good things as soon as possible.

Confirm that there is nothing else worth noting on this floor, and Wei Xun goes down to the second floor.

The “color ladder” symbol painted with simple horizontal and vertical lines can be seen on the rock walls in many parts of Tibet. This is the “Heaven ladder” painted by local people. In fact, the origin of “color ladder” can be traced back to the first generation of Tubo king. It is said that he came to the world from heaven through the heaven ladder. And his dead soul will return to heaven along the ladder.

However, benzene believers do not draw this kind of heaven ladder. They believe that they can get closer to the blue sky through their own strength and natural objects, so as to achieve great perfection. Only the sinner’s soul will fall into the depths of the earth with the black □□ and go through negotiation.

The downward passage of the tower is hidden, which is to build a downward ladder with black stone strips of wood. The implication is actually not good, because the black ladder can fall down to the ground and can’t climb back to the world through the ladder.

But Wei Xun didn’t care about this. He went down quickly and landed on his toes gently. Wei Xun reached the second floor.


The second floor is slightly higher and wider than the first floor. Wei Xun can stand up. The second floor is the tall bluish black male ancient corpse looking up. He was dressed strangely, similar to the Bon Guxin on the mural. The neck is broken from the skin, and only a layer of tough skin is connected, so the skin can make this anti-human, face up action.

Wei Xun made a circle around the corpse. Now the corpse stood still and his head had not fallen off. Behind him, there was a green and black object like a tree. The touch of the corpse was not like wood, but a bit like cool metal.

However, there are ‘branches’ extending in all directions, and it looks like a strange sapling. The’ saplings’ have grown together and cannot be separated.

“It is said that there are big iron trees on the nine crystal mountains of Wei molongren. Every 999 years, the big iron trees will bear jewels. Each jewel is a golden winged ROC bird.”

Wei Xun competed with each other in a subtle tone: “is this… Little iron tree alive?”

The iron tree grows on the crystal mountain. I think it’s outrageous. This is not a category that science can explain. Wei Xun doubted that the “iron tree” grew naturally from the crystal mountain, or did the Bon wizard cast iron into the shape of an iron tree and insert it here according to the legend when he made little Wei molongren?


Wei Xun: “this little iron tree, can you –”

“Yes, I can eat”

Fox cub abandons himself: “it’s not alive”

Not alive.

Wei Xun became less interested. He also thought that if the legend was true and the iron tree was alive, he might find a way to bring it back to the hotel at that time, and maybe he could plant Dapeng bird. It would be more dignified to travel with Dapeng bird at that time.

But since it is a real metal “iron tree”, it should be imitated by the ancient Xiangxiong people. But even so, those who are qualified to stand on the “iron tree” and can look up to the “blue sky” in the depths of the earth should be Bon Guxin.

And it’s an extremely noble Guxin.

“Are you still there?”

Wei Xun lowered his voice with curiosity, like whispering about the corpse.

“Let me see.”

Could this corpse be the special one in the Bon historical legend, the Buddha came to dream?

Wei Xun didn’t want to lift the clothes of the ancient corpse himself, so he asked Mantis No. 1 and No. 2 to fly up with the clothes of the ancient corpse. Gu Xin’s sacrificial robes were layer after layer, and the lifted clothes were hung on the branches of the iron tree. After several layers of lifting, the naked back of the ancient corpse was finally exposed. Wei Xun was preparing to compete with him with a pitangka from Guxin in his hand.

But he took a look and immediately stepped back.

“Excuse me.”

The back of the ancient corpse was covered with black hair like a bristle!

It’s more than the black fur human skin torn by Wei Xun on the other side of the underground lake. These black hairs grow behind the ancient corpse and deeply pierce the skin and flesh of the ancient corpse, giving people a kind of disgusting and creepy hair. Under the cover of dense black hair, Wei Xun couldn’t see whether there was no skin behind him or whether he was the “master” of the Guxin pitangka in his hand.


Mantis No. 1 and No. 2 listened to Wei Xun’s order and hurriedly put down their lifted robes to the corpse. But during the movement, a “branch” was brought down and fell on the crystal board.

The clang was particularly harsh and loud in the silent Crystal Tower, and the sound could almost reach the depths of the tower. Wei Xun saw the rust colored liquid flowing out of the fracture of the branch, which was like bleeding.

This iron tree is clearly not a living creature, how can it bleed?

Wei Xun took out the gold box and didn’t let the liquid fall to the ground. However, he didn’t have any closed containers in his hand. The gold box was still used by Ding Yi to hold the fragments of black stone and emerald skull. Now Wei Xun is not afraid of radiation, and opening the gold box has no impact on him, so he used it to solve his emergency.

The ‘blood’ trickled into the gold box, and Wei Xun’s sharp eyes showed that the long black hair on the back of the green and black ancient corpse had fallen off near the iron tree.

Is it affected by this’ blood ‘?

No, No.

Wei Xun noticed that the black hair at the fracture of the ‘branch’ became longer, as if he wanted to touch the liquid. The place where the black hair fell off was near the gold box.

Are these black hairs afraid of the fragments of black stone emerald skull?

Wei Xun took the gold box up and down, left and right, depilated the ancient corpse’s back with a freezing point, and confirmed his conjecture.  however, the back of the ancient corpse was also dark after depilation. It seemed that it had been burned by a fire. I really can’t see whether it has lost its skin.

The juice in the iron tree also dried up. The rust colored liquid accumulated a thin layer at the bottom of the gold box. The fragments of the black stone emerald skeleton were soaked in the liquid, and there was no change.

Wei Xun was shaken by the efficacy of this strange juice. Do you want to eat the whole ancient corpse of iron tree? He examined the question and leaned over to pick up the iron black “branch” that fell to the ground. Suddenly, Wei Xun narrowed his eyes.

He saw something clinging to the bottom of the crystal slab on the ground.

The crystal stone slab on the second layer is not as transparent as the first layer, but semi transparent, with a bit of milky color. You can see it vaguely but not really. But Wei Xun did see that there was a dark shadow close to the crystal slab.

Wei Xun took a step forward and saw that the virtual shadow also moved with him and was always at his feet.

This thing is alive.

Moreover, after Wei Xun stood at one place, the color of the dark shadow under his feet became thicker and thicker, like a drop of ink and——

He gradually approached Wei Xun through the obstacles of the crystal wall.

No, not just under your feet.

Wei Xun looked around. Now, in addition to his head, the crystal stone walls around him were hidden with gradually approaching dark shadows. These shadows were thick and light, as if they were far and near, but they were gradually approaching Wei Xun, like an airtight black prison, surrounded him.

If a normal person falls into this situation, I’m afraid he will be scared stiff and unable to move. The brave can still move. It’s probably a wise choice to turn around and run away.

Wei Xun stepped forward, but he didn’t want to escape up to the first floor through □□. He went to the Blackstone ladder leading to the next floor. There is no crystal stone barrier. If something really hits from below, it should be fast here.

Sure enough, Wei Xun saw a pile of wriggling human skin covered with black hair at the black stone ladder. The dense human skin blocked the way to the next floor. The black hairs on it wriggled and entangled like living creatures, extending in the direction of Wei Xun.

The “human skin” that attacked Wei Xun by the underground lake is one, but at this moment, I’m afraid there are hundreds of them, including the surrounding crystal stones. After a while, Wei Xun’s crystal tablets were black and spread like thick ink. On the ground near the soles of his feet, black hair had grown out of the crystal tablets like grass after the spring rain to wrap around his shoes.

Seeing this, Wei Xun’s face was full of excitement and disgust.

“Wow, I’m surrounded by human skin!”

It’s hard to imagine how the audience felt when they suddenly heard this sentence. They were talking on the bullet screen. Some people were worried about Wei Xun and some were discussing the nine story zigzag Crystal Tower. But few people think Wei Xun can really find the real tower.

After all, it’s just a difficult journey. It’s impossible to have such a situation.

Some people think the earthquake just now is unusual. They are worried that Ding Yi may be playing tricks and Wei Xun will not be buried in the ruins.

However, listening to Wei Xun’s words from time to time, the tone was quite normal, and the audience were relieved for the time being. I wonder if the earthquake will release some toxic psychedelic gas from the ground.

Otherwise, how could Wei Xun say ‘ah, bad intentions. I stepped on your face. Could you please move your face? ” “Can I eat this black slate?” Such words!

Even when he heard the former, he was thrilled and wondered if Ding Yi had made a trick to unseal. Wei Xun really met a dangerous audience. When he heard him ask “can you eat the black slate”, he was a little relieved.

This is not true. It should be Wei Xun’s illusion of insanity!

But this is extremely dangerous!

The vast majority of people in the studio were worried about Wei Xun. When they first heard him say “I’m surrounded by human skin”, the audience was immediately frightened. They felt that they were crazy and their backs were cold and numb, but after they returned, someone hit ha ha on the bullet screen.

[ha ha, Wei Xun is confused. How can there be a living human skin on a difficult journey]

[it’s true. It’s really frightening. Sobbing, I really believe it]

[don’t worry, there shouldn’t be supernatural things on this journey]

[but those insects before are real!]

[evil ghost  insect is a normal insect. Can it be equivalent to human skin? Of course not]

[alas, I’m so worried about Wei Xun. He won’t really be hysterical. There are underground ruins and earthquakes. If I’m really hysterical, I don’t dare to think about it]

[no, none of you think what Wei Xun said is true? I think there’s something wrong with the earthquake just now! It may be that Ding Yi played tricks and sneaked into the underground ruins. If it was difficult to unseal, he would secretly kill Wei Xun!]

[joke, a tour guide just wants to kill new tourists. Does it take so much trouble?]

[you look at my brother Wei’s face and call him a new passenger?]

[ah, to be honest, if Ding Yi wants to kill Wei Xun, he may, indeed, be able to play Yin tricks like this]

[no, it’s been more than two hours since the earthquake. If it’s really difficult to unseal, can Wei Xun survive these two hours?]

[it’s difficult to unseal a difficult journey. At least it’s dangerous. Really, they can’t survive without talking about new passengers]

[but Wei Xun has so many good things in his hand, have you forgotten! Speaking of reason, if it is really difficult to unseal, Wei Xun should be stronger]

[alas, I really find it difficult to unseal. If it hadn’t been unsealed, would Wei Xun be so fascinated? When I heard him say “surrounded by human skin”, I thought he was excited, not afraid]

[what a ghost!]

The originally dark live picture suddenly burst into dazzling light. It was Wei Xun who turned on the strong light flashlight! Whether it is difficult to unseal, or the audience who feel that Wei Xun inhales toxic gas, when his eyes are illuminated and shed tears of reason, he sees those scary human skins surrounded by black hair from all directions!


At this point, people who eat early have begun to eat lunch. Many viewers watch the live broadcast while eating. They boast that Wei Xun’s live broadcast is black. They just watch everyone chat. There will be no danger of sudden bloody ghosts.

But now they regret it.

[what’s this??? My mother!]

[it’s really human skin. Human skin with black hair is definitely a supernatural element, definitely!]

[fuck me, I’m right. Ding Yi is really playing tricks. I’m afraid the earthquake is difficult to unseal!]

[what should I do? My mother, didn’t Wei Xun lie just now? What he said is true!]

[this is really a small Wei molongren built in imitation of the legend of Bon. My God, the Feihong brigade has been looking for it in Tibet for three years, but it didn’t find the real Wei molongren. I saw the small one here!]

[such a big crystal tower, natural crystal! It is said that the iron tree, the mummified corpse of priest Guxin, is this something I can see without paying]

[the key is how to deal with these black fur human skins. Wei Xun is surrounded. Is it still time to escape now?]

[damn Ding Yi!]

At this moment, whether the barrage or the tourists watching the live broadcast, the tour guides were scolding Ding Yi. The tourists have long complained about the tour guide. As soon as he can’t beat Wei Xun, he will play this shameless trick. It’s really crazy! The tour guides are also scolding Ding Yi. They think that seeing Wei Xun’s madness, it may be class X Special passengers who are observing. As a result, Ding Yi did it.

At this moment, it is rare for tour guides and tourists to maintain unity.

Ding Yi is a disgrace to the tour guide industry!

[no, don’t turn off the flashlight, don’t turn it off!]

The flashlight was soon turned off, despite the retention of so many spectators on the barrage. The live studio fell into the dark for the first time. You can hear the friction and wriggling sound that makes people’s scalp numb. You can’t see those approaching human skin in the dark live studio, but the darkness makes the human brain fill up with more scary things.

It’s also clear that when encountering strong light, the black haired people seem to be afraid of light and retreat. This should have been a good chance to escape, but Wei Xun turned off the flashlight again!

Is he really out of his mind?

The live broadcast room flies by like a screen, but if you brush too much, it is——

[Wei Xun is in danger!]

Wei Xun is not dangerous. He turns on his flashlight to record the spectacular scene surrounded by human skin in this vlog.

“Is this the black shadow painted on the black stone board?”

Wei Xun avoided the crazy black hair and saw that the people gathered together after drilling out of the crystal slab and became “human skin” one by one. He thought of the eighth slate painting, the black virtual shadow penetrating the nine storey Crystal Tower, a sign of the recovery of the devil.

Why didn’t the front fans show up, but now they come out?

If Wei Xun has any eyes, he looks into the gold box in his hand. There is a thin layer of rust colored liquid.

“Have you seen them?”


Xiaocui shook her head and said, “my family doesn’t have these things where they live.”

There’s no place for the devil to live… Wei Xun thought of the black hair behind the ancient corpse and fell off one after another when he met the fragments of black stone emerald skull.


Wei Xun did an experiment.

He put the gold box on the ground and retreated. Sure enough, he saw the change of the target of these black fur people’s skin and jumped at the gold box.

The rust colored liquid has an extraordinary attraction for you.

However, the black haired man’s skin, which first rushed to the gold box, shrank and shriveled. The black hair fell off the ground and stopped moving in the twinkling of an eye.

Radiation ore will cause great damage to the children and even death.

No wonder the evil ghost insects have existed in the underground ruins for thousands of years, but Xiaocui’s inheritance memory has no impression of this kind of black fur human skin. Because they are afraid of radiation mines, they will not appear near them at all.

The attraction of rust colored liquid to black fur human skin is greater than their fear of radiation. So they went to the gold box one after another to die. Wei Xun felt like he had put an automatic mouse sticking board.

It was this large area of black hair that fell off. It was disgusting. After the black hair human skin was cleaned up, Wei Xun took the gold box and put it in the center of the box to let it continue to work. Now there are too many black fur human skins piled up and shrunk. When the new human skins have to step on the “bones” of the predecessors and come into contact with the rusty red water, Wei Xun sprinkles a handful of high radiation minerals collected along the road.

Black fur human skin, sudden.

“See if you can eat it.”

Wei Xun told Xiaocui that he took a drop of rust red liquid in one hand and a piece of black haired man’s skin with a high radiation ore in the other hand.

See the rapid expansion and enlargement of the black hair, the thicker the black hair is, just like a fast thick cashmere carpet. The craziness extends all around, and even devours other black haired people’s skin they touch.

However, when it was extended to a certain extent, it did not wait for Wei Xun to lose the radiation mine. The black fur human skin shrank by itself and became a small carbon ball in the twinkling of an eye. Add the skin of other black hairy people who swallowed before expansion.

The black fur human skin, which sucked the rust red liquid and then atrophied, had a different smell from other black fur human skin that was withered by radiation minerals.

There is a smell of evil on it – it smells a little sweet to Wei Xun, Xiao Jin, Xiao Cui and magic bug.

There is a diluted taste of the abyss devil.

“Try it first”

Wei Xun felt that the head of the feudal big family shared the rice with Mantis No. 1. He saw that Mantis No. 1 ate the small carbon ball like a crazy grab, and then the black jade like outer shell seemed to be more shiny.

It’s a good thing.

“Do you know the stone on the fifth floor of the Crystal Tower?”

Xiaocui must nod. He was greedy just now, but with a bigger goal, he can still be stable and not go to grab the small carbon ball.

“Is that so?”

Wei Xun felt that the black haired human skin was like a special fungus, and the half human “stone” on the fifth floor of the crystal tower was actually a mushroom stone, which was the source of the people. Demon human skin recovery may produce something that catalyzes the formation of black hair human skin.

In the picture, the whole crystal tower is occupied by black virtual shadow, which is the great recovery of black hair human skin. The juice in this special “iron tree” can gather all black hair human skin together and let them “kill each other” and eventually destroy themselves.

I’m afraid it was the last line of defense prepared by the Bon wizards in the past to prevent the proliferation of black haired people’s skin.

The Bon wizard thought of a line of defense, but Wei Xun thought of a food production line..

“Eat all this iron tree”

Seeing that the number of black hair human skin precipitated from the crystal is getting less and less, Wei Xun decisively ordered the fox cub. When he cried that his belly capacity was not enough, Wei Xun knew the road well and took out the mountaineering bag prepared before his journey. In addition to those necessities, other items should be discarded to minimize the pressure on fox cubs.

After all, there’s a half man high fungus stone to take below.

When the black haired human skin was killed by the radiation ore, the second floor of the whole crystal tower was finished and changed. The iron tree is gone. The standing corpse, which was originally supported by an iron tree, was held down by Wei Xun. Behind it was a mountaineering bag. His head was tilted upward, and the spoon behind his head was just resting on the mountaineering bag.

The scene looked really strange, but Wei Xun was in high spirits and waved his hand.

“, go and take our mushroom stone demon man home!”

In addition to the fox cubs who support explosion and rolling, other loyal subordinates of Wei Xun firmly unite around him and actively respond to Wei Xun’s call. He went down to the third floor for the Dragon God and the fourth floor for the daramba God.

Although Wei Xun had some ideas about the gold Carved Dragon God, the black jade carved dalamaba God, and the still well preserved ivory, gold and other offerings, the fox cubs really didn’t eat more.

We still have to get more Yang Qi to expand the belly capacity of the fox cub.

When Wei Xun went down to the fifth floor, the situation became different. At this level, the crystal has turned into an opaque pure milky color, like an ice snow field. However, in this crystal tower, there are more than a dozen cyan black ancient corpses with their backs against the crystal wall.

No matter how they did it, their backs were partially integrated into the crystal. Their costumes are similar to those of the Guxin priests in the second layer, but simpler. They should be the Guxin priests in other periods. Perhaps every Guxin priest will come here when his time is coming and integrate himself with the crystal tower with a special ceremony.

Their purpose is to seal and guard the half man high evil “stone” on this floor.

It’s not appropriate to say it’s a stone. It looks like a dark brown ‘wooden pile’, with a thick layer of black fluff like a sweater.

Wei Xun noticed that the black fluff under the stake had penetrated into the crystal layer, and the Guxin priests standing around did not look up at the sky. Their heads hung down, as if they were looking deeper into the crystal tower.

As depicted on the black ore slab, the demon human skin revives. All the statues of the tower, soldiers and priests have changed from the posture of looking up at the sky to looking down at the ground. Their figures became blurred, shrouded in a black shadow.

Surrounded by more than ten ancient corpses, every move seemed to be under their gaze. The scene was really gloomy and strange. But how can the people who do well in food be guilty? Wei Xun calmly let the fox cub eat the stake under their eyes.

In order to make room for the wooden stake, Wei Xun even took out the big wet corpse with golden carving head.

“They hid my body on the sacred mountain –”

A faint sigh suddenly rang in Wei Xun’s ear.

“They threw my head into the holy lake”

The sound seemed to come from deeper underground, and it seemed to ring directly in Wei Xun’s ear. The vibration began again. It was another aftershock, but Wei Xun saw that the Milky crystal under his feet was cloudy and gradually changed into a deeper color.

It’s chilly and cold. No matter how many layers of clothes you wear, you can’t stop it. It’s like going deep into the bone seam and freezing the blood.

“They peel off my skin and suppress it at the bottom of the Crystal Tower”

The sound was still long and sounded in Wei Xun’s brain. Can not distinguish between men and women, can not distinguish between old and young, as if it is some kind of resonance, or a higher level, can not peep into the existence.

The hotel prompts that the drip sound is connected into a string, including the title of treasure hunter series, the task completion degree is increased, and the main line of the journey is increased. However, Wei Xun’s attention fell on two tips.

[you have observed the resentment of the devil’s virtual shadow. Resentment level: level a]

They hid my body on the holy mountain

They threw my head into the holy lake

They skinned me

At the bottom of the Crystal Tower

They said I started the war

They say I brought endless disasters and destroyed the country]

[they fear me, seal me, and want to kill me]

[thousands of years later, they have become dust, only I am still alive]

[you have activated the branch attraction: the revived devil human skin, with 60% of the total journey of the branch attraction]

[warning! Warning! You are in danger far beyond your rank!]

[the hotel suggests running away immediately, or you will die!]

The prompt sound of the hotel was more and more urgent, but the whisper like whisper was not suppressed by the hotel, but became more and more clear. Wei Xun’s heart beat uncontrollably and he gasped slightly. His pupils widened slightly and the whole person stood in place like a demon.

But the sound became tighter and clearer——

It was like someone was sticking to his ear, drilling into his heart and whispering.

“This is my Millennium epic. You are the first witness in thousands of years.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Say my name and I will give you a reward”

The devil’s name is taboo and has infinite magic. In the past, someone once read the devil’s name and turned into a faithful and crazy devout believer of the devil. I’m just trying to coax you. I haven’t finished getting out of trouble yet.

“Say, who am I?”

If Wei Xun recites his name, he will completely get out of trouble, and Wei Xun will become his slave!


Wei Xun hesitated. Demons are like experienced hunters, seducing and seducing.

“Say my name and I’ll give you a reward”


“Say, who am I?”

Under the patient temptation of the devil, Wei Xun finally opened his mouth smoothly

But what he said was beyond the devil’s expectation!

“Do you know my name?”

Wei Xun asked in a kind tone:

“Why don’t you tell me my name first.”


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