TTG Chapter 86

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 86: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (29)

Wei Xun’s words came out, and the devil whispered and paused in his ears.

“For example, who am I…”

The devil lured again, just like what happened just now. Wei Xun felt more chilly, penetrating his coat and drilling into his blood and bones, as if to freeze and empty his soul, so that people’s consciousness could obey the devil’s orders and answer its questions.

But in fact, most of the cold feeling was absorbed by the butterfly tattoo on his left chest. Wei Xun felt like he was smeared with peppermint oil. His heart was cool, but in addition, his reason was still, his thinking was clear, and he was not affected at all.

“For example, my name first.”

Wei Xun is also good at seduction: “it is the basic etiquette of communication.”

“For example, my name…”

“For example, mine first.”

“For example, I…”


They asked each other several times, and the devil was silent at last. Wei Xun asked several questions repeatedly. Seeing that he didn’t respond to the temperature, he shrugged his shoulders and then walked towards the temperature.

If the resentment can be observed again and again, I’m afraid I can observe the resentment of the ‘demon phantom’ for the first time. Unfortunately, the mysterious and unknown title mission is always only the first time.

But Wei Xun got a lot of information.

The devil’s virtual shadow, that is, for example, the nine fold zigzag crystal tower does suppress the devil’s human skin, but it is the devil’s noumenon, just a virtual shadow.

5992. Buddha’s demons are torn into big and small parts. The big is suppressed at the bottom of the lake, and the small virtual shadow is sealed on the human pitangka and suppressed in the crystal tower.

“It’s just an empty shadow, there’s A-level resentment.”

Wei Xun sighed in his heart that his level was comparable to that of Pingping. Pingping is only a hundred year old fierce ghost. She has class a grievances. She has been sealed with the ghost of the devil for more than 1600 years. The level of class a grievances left behind should be the same.

At least Pingping can be regarded as the guide of the whole journey. She can also join the scenic spot and control the whole qiobi village. Compared with “ghost of the devil”, she only came a few rounds of “your name” with “ghost of the devil”, and she didn’t even show her real body.

Wei Xun suspected that it was still suppressed. Although it was about to get out of trouble, it must be limited.

Wei Xun asked Xiaocui to evacuate the swarm, and then they could participate in it. Just look at the devil whispering just now, only Xiaocui and Xiaojin have a little reaction. Even the brothers of Mantis are are unaware of it. We know that the strength of the devil’s virtual shadow must be stronger than them.

If the swarm of insects is controlled by the devil’s virtual shadow, it will be compensated.

The heart is hot, and the butterfly tattoo is burning.

Yes, he knows that he is a devil. Of course, in the passenger title, Wei Xun is an alienated devil, and he is not aware of the butterfly tattoo.

The level of Butterfly Tattoos is likely to be higher than that of demons.

It gave Wei Xun a bold idea.

Although it is very dangerous, it is highly successful.

Wei Xun injected the butterfly tattoo blood from the needle tube into the thermos cup, and then he wet the corpse with the golden carving head to the sixth floor.

On the sixth floor, dozens of cyan and black mummies are visible. The crystal ground on the sixth floor is reddish brown, as if splashed by blood. On the sixth floor of the crystal tower are the soldiers of the ancient Elephant Kingdom.

The corpse was dressed like a soldier from Xiangxiong at that time. It was firm and resolute, and it was a kind of killing spirit. Although they are not qualified to stand like priests and can only kneel on one knee, they dare to look straight at only the number and momentum.

As if over a thousand years, some corpses and heroes are still there, still holding on to the nine storey Crystal Tower.

As soon as Wei Xun arrived at the floor, he felt that some mummies were looking at it. It was an illusion. Their necks are all broken. Like the priests in the upper class, they can turn 160 degrees like owls. They should have looked up at the sky, but they should have looked down at the ground when the devil recovers.

But the mummies were all looking at Wei Xun. Dozens of pairs of dark eyes were covered with detailed blood color. Wei Xun even saw some mummies trembling, as if they could stand up at any time.

“Foreign, you disturb my sleep”

The majestic voice, I know where it came from, sounded in Wei Xun’s ear for the second time.

“It’s the ground you can step on”

“Leave, before my loyal soldier wakes up,” is my best advice to you ”

“Otherwise, it will become your grave”

“Your soldier?”

Wei Xun subtly raised his eyebrows and looked around at the four degrees: “ are you a soldier of the ZhangXiong kingdom? Are you the king of ZhangXiong?”

 he carried the golden carved head wet corpse in his hand: “who’s in my hand?”

When the descendant of Yingdi sent Ding Kuo to offer sacrifices to the dragon fish, for example, it was clear that the dragon fish had the remains of “King Xiang Xiong” in its belly, which should refer to the wet corpse with a golden carving head. Although Wei Xun thought that the wet corpse separated from the corpse would be king Xiang Xiong’s, he would mind taking it as an example.

“You have my body!”

I’m really proud of my temperature. I borrowed the slope donkey, and my dignified tone became excited with a little nostalgia.

“In the past, I was betrayed by the princess and beheaded by an assassin. A wisp of my soul was placed on the crown of the golden winged bird horn of Dapeng. When I become conscious, my kingdom has been destroyed, and my body and head are together. I can’t be reincarnated and trapped in the world for thousands of years. ”

“I thought I would be trapped in the dragon for eternity, but the Dragon God told me, for example, that he would soon bring me to the crystal tower to help me get out of the sea of suffering and return to reincarnation.”

“So you are the envoy of the Dragon God. It’s my faux pas.”

When the temperature and voice fell, all the mummies on the sixth floor brushed their heads down, as if they were obedient to Wei Xun and made way for the road to the second floor. The strange cold feeling that haunted me disappeared, and the scarlet of the ground was visible, revealing the original Opal crystal ground.

“The envoy of the Dragon God, the crown of the golden winged bird horn of Dapeng is on the top floor of the nine storey Crystal Tower. I’m waiting for you in the palace –”

“What’s my name?”

Wei Xun interrupted his conversation with Yu Shu and asked with great interest, “as the Dragon God knows, I should have told you what my name is.”

“You are a noble Dragon God envoy, and Xiao Wang dares to call you by your name…”


Wei Xun said gently, “let’s socialism, talk about those things with empty heads and brains.”


Wei Xun also cares about the silence on the temperature.  carrying the wet corpse with golden carving head, he walked through the group of blue and black mummies and walked to the floor of. In the process, let the fox cub overdraw Yang Qi and expand belly capacity.

“That’s going to overdraw a lot of Yang Qi”

The fox cub hesitated and hesitated: “the master will have to fight when he comes. If he does, Yang will only be enough for days at most. If he replenishes it in time, he will be able to support the attachment.”


Wei Xun said decisively that when he got the command, the fox cub hesitated. When the fox cub reached the seventh floor, the fox cub had successfully expanded the belly capacity of a quarter of the fox cub. Wei Xun stuffed back the wet corpse of the golden carving head.


As if he realized that the wet corpse of the Golden Eagle head suddenly disappeared, Wei Xun hid it in an unknown place. He finally opened his mouth in silence. His tone was much more cautious than before. For example, what he said was a noise that Wei Xun understood.

“Blah, blah, blah, blah”

Wei Xun was completely flustered and talked nonsense slowly. When you look at the seventh floor of the crystal tower, you can see that there are all kinds of sacrificial animal bones, including ox head, sheep head, deer bone and wolf bone. In the middle of the pile is the huge Wolf Skull.

It has sharp teeth and is at least times larger than a normal Wolf Skull. The most eye-catching thing is that its eyes are inlaid with dark green gemstones. At first glance, it thought it was a soul fire.

[snow leopard, white wolf and white antelope are sacred animals guarding the snow mountain since ancient times. The white wolf king is the greatest mount of Guxin and has welcomed the arrival of Buddha. You found the head of the white wolf king, in which the spirit of the white wolf king remains]

Wei Xun heard a sound in his heart. He stopped going to explore the bones and walked to the bones. The hint that rang in my mind just now is not only the hint of treasure hunter Series Title task, but also the hint of that mysterious unknown Title task.

It’s a reminder of the title of ‘wild mind’!

Wei Xun found that there seemed to be a misunderstanding in his understanding of the title of “wild animals”. He always thought that being familiar with wild animals means more contact and more habits, including its hunting style and living habits.

This method is indeed useful, but there are also faster and more convenient methods. For example, in front of me is a skull with the spirit of the white wolf king.

Wei Xun picked up his head and more detailed tips appeared in his mind.

There are three ways to turn a wild soul into a wild animal.

The quickest way to find the remains of wild animals is to find them, such as’ wing bones with the remains of eagles’ and ‘horns with the remains of yaks’. If you find them, passengers can integrate their remains into their bodies, so as to obtain the form of this kind of wild animals.

Although the method is fast, it also has small shortcomings. It is difficult to find the remains of the dead soul. Second, if the dead soul is integrated into the body, the passengers will be more affected by the beast. In the early stage, the beast may even oppress the human nature and make movements such as mistakenly thinking that they can fly, jumping directly from a building, or mistakenly thinking that they are cattle and eating grass.

For example, for people with weak will, the influence may even exist and can not be eliminated forever.

In fact, for Wei Xun, it is too big a problem, mainly the first point. Once you integrate into the remains of wild animals, you may have the form of wild animals and can only become wild animals.

The second is Wei Xun’s current practice, imitation. The method of “species density” takes effect more slowly, and may even become a wild animal in a few years, because it is very difficult for people to understand the habits of wild animals by imitation alone. However, there are two ways. People with limited quantity, sufficient energy and outstanding talent can even have a variety of forms of wild animals, and they will be too affected by animal nature.

“Or the second”

Wei Xun thought about it in his mind.  I feel like I’ve vaguely touched the edge of becoming a snow leopard. Before I use the wolf king’s head, all my previous efforts will be wasted. It’s a pity.

What’s the principle of skull survival? Can wild animals also have residual souls? Is it similar to the fox cub’s state at this time?

Wei Xun wants to go back and have a good study.

“Hiss, it’s been more than a thousand years. Now Gu Xin has understood my language?”

Wei Xun walked over and took the wolf’s head away. It took five minutes. Just now, for example, the devil whispered with a string of “&%# * & ¥# -” murmurs. It sounded in his ears for the first time, but he pretended to be king Xiang Xiong. He deceived people, such as names. His tone was arrogant, hostile, and contemptuous.

“Did you come here to destroy my ghost? It’s a pity that you will become my blood food ”

Wei Xun said, “dorala, Laila, milala, falala”

“Hiss, nonsense”

The devil’s tone was even more contemptuous, joking and playing with the taste: “nowadays, Gu Xin’s strength is so great. I think you’re looking for your own way.”

“You can’t even understand the abyss language, do you understand?”

When Wei Xun interrupted it, he was surprised at first, and then he made it clear: “as early as a thousand years ago, we had unified the abyss language. You have been trapped in the abyss for too long, and you have fallen behind.”

“Young people are glib and can only make up lies,” the devil said with a suspicious sneer. “If you are a Guxin, how can you touch the sacred thing and be affected?”

“Holy things? Do you have an example? ”

Wei Xun held the pitanka of Guxin in his left hand and the nine eyed heavenly beads in his right hand. His tone was more compassionate: “dush page is old. Are you still afraid of it? The devil in our abyss is afraid of

“There is no abyss in the world. You have been –”

Wei Xun summoned Xiaocui’s body and held it in his hand: “evil ghost insect, come and control an old master. Look, “it’s the devil bug I assimilated with the devil’s power of the abyss”

“Falala says hello to you”

Xiaocui has all kinds of manners and feelings. She doesn’t tell her real name. Wei Xun, for example, has not called out the brothers Xiaocui and mantis, and he is a living example of control. You should know that the evil spirit insect has existed on the poor Zong mountain since the time of the ZhangXiong Kingdom and was driven by the priest Guxin.

The devil sealed in the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower may be known.

The devil’s shadow was silent for the first time, but it soon spoke again. Its tone was still suspicious, but there was less sharp hostility.

“Is there really an abyss where demons can live?”

“Is it the body of King Xiang Xiong?”

Wei Xun’s answer was not what he asked: “the corpse will be separated. The corpse will be suppressed with a golden carved head, and the head will be sealed with a golden Buddha and silver Sutra. He himself is a man of great evil. You are sealed on the villain’s pitanka… “Is that the villain’s body?”

“Why, you’ve been sealed for a long time, and you’ve been fused with human skin for a long time. You can’t get rid of human skin. You always want me to take a wet corpse with you, because only by finding the body of human skin can you wash away the grievances on it and get you out of trouble completely? ”

Wei Xun never stopped thinking. What he saw, for example, was the most likely answer he had just thought out. But Wei Xun did come out in a determined tone, as if he had already known the truth and was calm.

“Are all the demons of the abyss like you?”

He answered in a low voice, “what exactly is your intention?”

“Crown of ROC golden winged bird horn”

Wei Xun said, “listen, for example, the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn is left in the nine story zigzag Crystal Tower. I just want to look for it. You know, I’m an archaeologist

“Hehe, archaeologists? He is an archaeologist. He is the most interesting joke I have ever heard.

He said with a hoarse smile, “your words are both true and false. They are cunning and evil. Now I believe you are also a devil.”

“When the kingdom of Cheung Hsiung was destroyed, the oldest Gu Hsin took the remains of King Cheung and hid them in the Dragon God waterway, but they knew that I had awakened. I killed Gusin and devoured the elephant king. The crown of the golden winged bird horn of the ROC, and even the bone flute of the golden right wing of the ROC, are in my hand. ”

A virtual illusion was revealed in front of Wei Xun. It was at the bottom of the crystal tower. On the illusory and luxurious throne, a tall virtual shadow sat there. It wears a dazzling crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn on its head.

He has no facial features, his eyes are just empty, and his whole body is controlled. He feels terrible and strange, as if he were a man, just an empty bag.

Suddenly, the skin bag split from the middle, and there were human bloody bones in it! It was the real remains of King Zhang Xiong, the most noble blood of the royal family, but it was swallowed and imprisoned by the devil, and was born forever.

The devil provoked maliciously, “but do you dare to come and get it?”

“Wow, sexy!”

Wei Xun first surprised and affirmed the devil’s aesthetics. Then he sincerely smiled and said: “I feel very congenial with you. You are also more in line with our abyss devil talent introduction plan. “Well, you can give me the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn and the treasure of King Xiang Xiong. I can handle the abyss green card for you.”

“Abyss, green card”

Although the devil’s tone has tried his best to show calm and control of the situation, Wei Xun’s every step is beyond his control and doesn’t follow his rhythm at all. Especially when there are a lot of new words in “for example”, you can hear the confusion in the devil’s tone.

“Yes, with the abyss green card, you can immigrate to our dark abyss and become a free abyss demon.”

Wei Xun was full of nonsense, but he smiled and licked his lips.

I’m hungry.

Perhaps most of the Yang in his body is for controlling fox cubs, or he is getting closer and closer to the virtual shadow of the devil. Wei Xun only feels that he is cold and hungry now. He urgently needs some warm and delicious food to warm his stomach and soul.

During the dialogue, I visited the seventh floor, confirmed that there was nothing valuable except the wolf king’s skull, and continued to send it to the eighth floor.

The eighth floor of the crystal tower is very close to the deepest bottom. The crystal color of the layer turns blue and white, which is like the ancient on the ice peak of the snow mountain. When Wei Xun exhaled, he could almost see the faint white fog.

But the beautiful scenery in front of Wei Xun can make Wei Xun ignore the burning hunger for the time being.

On the black stone mural, the eighth floor of the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower is a special human figure. The reason why they are special, for example, is that they are the same as the Guxin priest and the ZhangXiong warrior. Some strange curved lines are also drawn in the individual figures of the Guxin priest and the ZhangXiong warrior.

Wei Xun knew what the lines meant at that time, but now he does.

That’s the internal organs of the human body.

The eighth floor of the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower is derived from the legend of the eagle flute, such as the crystal corpse with divine power of the middle and small Wei molongren.

The transparent crystal coffin is radiating and placed in the center of the eighth floor. In the middle of them is a small crystal mountain half human high and miniature. The crystal mountain has turned black. It is transparent and sacred before, but the corpse in the crystal coffin still retains its original form.

Wei Xun went to the crystal coffin and stopped. There are many transparent creatures in nature that can see their internal organs. Such as glass fish, glass tree frog, etc., but when the sense of transparency falls on the human body, it controls people with a kind of creepy and strange beauty.


Wei Xun turned on his flashlight. It’s a pity that such a beautiful scene can be recorded. In between, reflected by the light of the flashlight, the crystal is more beautiful, bright and moving. The silver light flows on the crystal corpse. If they are still alive, you can find that they are immersed in some light silver liquid like mercury.

Wei Xun noticed the water marks in the crystal coffin. The liquid may have filled the crystal coffin, but in the past millennium, it only had a thin layer. The body part outside the liquid body is also a little white, which is pure and translucent.

Even so, compared with those cyan and black mummies, the crystal corpses are magnificent and beautiful several times, and naturally have a sense of sanctity. Rao is Wei Xun’s kind of person who is not interested in corpses, so he has the idea of collecting them.

“Yes, yes -”


The fox cub said, “they are alive.”


On the contrary, Wei Xun was more happy. After asking about the fox cub, he realized that the life in the fox cub’s mouth was, for example, that some corpses were still alive after thousands of years. But for example, they are parasitized and controlled by some force, just like the mutant black haired human skin, which is a ‘living method’

“You are my maids, and you can catch your eyes”

Wei Xun stared at the crystal corpse for a long time. Just now, it seemed that the demon was thinking. Finally, he opened his mouth for the second time and said proudly:

“King Zhang Xiong and Guxin devoted the whole dynasty to building the crystal tower that sealed me, but they thought that in the past millennium, the saints, soldiers and priests who used to suppress me have all become my maidens, guards and playthings.”

“The crystal tower is indeed a rare thing. Now it is completely under my control. If you are willing to help me escape and be my guide to the abyss, I can hand them all over to you. ”

The devil used a casual tone like gossip and implied a threat: “what is sealed in the book is only my virtual shadow, and the power of my body is hundreds of times stronger. If you help me until I reach the abyss, I will certainly do you a wrong. ”

“Is it the devil’s agreement?”

Wei Xun smiled and turned off the flashlight.

“It’s the devil’s agreement”

The devil said, “my name is chabalaren.”

“My name is…”

Wei Xun wanted to be like “C 9”, but he found that he was stopped by some kind of power, and the devil’s agreement could be like a lie, otherwise he would find out.

“My name is… Top of the new star list of tour guides”

“What a strange name”

is another word that the devil knows. Chabalaren judges: “as long as you destroy the wet corpse and skeleton on the ninth floor of the crystal tower, I can unseal and fulfill the devil’s agreement.”

“But I haven’t seen an ancient demon yet”

Wei Xun looked at the crystal corpse crystal coffin on the top floor with regret and walked to the top floor: “can you satisfy my little curiosity?”

“Of course, the great chabalaren is the most tolerant devil”

“You can also enjoy the golden winged bird horn crown that belongs to you first.”

“You are indeed the most generous devil I have ever seen”

Wei Xun sighed and walked up the black stone ladder to the ninth floor of the jiuzhong zigzag Crystal Tower.

The ninth floor, the lowest floor. The demon human skin is sealed in the nine story Crystal Tower. Obviously, from the outside, the crystal of the layer should also be milky white, but the inside is full of reddish brown. Several shriveled and decapitated corpses piled up on the ground, and a large number of dried corpses almost settled in the ground.

The blood of old slaves was red on the ninth floor, and the dried corpses piled up in layers were very similar to the relic hidden path filled with dried corpses found by fox cubs.

Thousands of years have passed, and the bloody smell that was so strong that it should have disappeared, but Wei Xun still seemed to smell the evil blood. The heads of some mummies were cut off and the skin on their bodies was peeled off. They were pasted on the bottom of the crystal tower as the most important seal. The cold wind blows, making people cold all over.

If there is wind, it means that there is a secret road to the outside world.

“Come on, come to me”

The devil’s whisper became clearer and clearer when he arrived. He seemed to stand on Wei Xun’s body and whisper in his ear: “I have waited and want to show you my treasures.”


Wei Xun said perfunctorily that he felt that both the pitanka and the nine eye Tianzhu bracelets of the ancient Xin people were burning, but they were the same heat. The pitangka of the ancient Xin people is as hot as fire, but the nine eye heavenly pearl bracelet is a kind of continuous warmth.

This kind of warmth can even partially dispel the cold in Wei Xun’s body.

In contrast, the golden carved wet corpse and the gold-plated silver inlaid skeleton are more and more cold. It is clear that they are placed in the belly of the fox cub and have no direct contact with the outside world, but they still look strange.

In particular, from the ninth floor to the ninth floor, the golden carving head that was firmly sewn on the wet corpse actually rolled down, and it became a wet corpse with the head again, as if waiting for the return of its real head.

It seems that, as Wei Xun guessed, they have something to do with the sealed devil or, for example, the person where the devil is, Pitt. It should be the original body of the human skin. But Wei Xun thought, why do people think it is the remains of King Xiang Xiong? For example, will King Xiang Xiong be reborn from the belly of a dragon fish?

What exactly do you want to do as the guide of this journey?

It’s just that Wei Xun is actually thinking with his mind, because he’s really hungry. The canned red meat and compressed biscuits I ate before were like free food. Now I’m hungry.

Obviously, he is now a ‘tourist’, and a kind of hunger should be the impact of the alienation of tour guides, but it still appears in him.

Wei Xun felt that she had nothing to do with the butterfly tattoo. Do you want more energy and become stronger, or do Butterfly Tattoos need more energy and become stronger and more alienated?

When you can eat, you’ll know.

Wei Xun’s mouth tilted slightly and showed a happy smile. The entrance of the crystal tower to the ground floor has been closed. You have to use some human skin shovels thick on the ground. Wei Xun turned around again on the “floor” on the grounds that he didn’t take advantage of the tools and wanted to do it.

The cold wind is coming from the southeast.

“Actually, I’m curious.”

Wei Xun said curiously in a chatty tone: “didn’t you really find out that I was a devil?”

The devil’s mouth was hard: “chabalaren’s ability was, of course, discovered long ago.”

“So you want me to read your real name at first? You want to “make me a slave”

“Ho Ho, are we all like demons?”

“When on earth will you come?”

Chabalaren is impatient.

“Don’t worry, let’s talk about demons”

Wei Xun slowly unscrewed the thermos cup and drank the blood from his mouth.

“Are you really trapped underground and can’t leave?”

‘yes! But what do I want you to do? I can’t get rid of the human skin! ”

“How did you swallow the elephant king?”

“Oh, that’s just my strength.”

Wei Xun said slowly: “you took away the crown of ROC golden winged bird horn in the gold box in the temple at the top of the tower. You can already touch the crown, can’t you? ”

Wei Xun drank the blood from his mouth again, but the thermos cup was put away.

“You can actually move freely in the crystal tower and even leave the ruins, right?”

Even though he could leave the crystal tower, he was still suppressed. Wei Xun knew that the demons were all lies when he heard the first sentence.

At the beginning, when talking with Amara, who guarded the poor Zong mountain, she said, “human skin is alive”. Looking at her atrophied and blackened legs, Wei Xun expected that “demon human skin” would have been unsealed long ago. She can only move in the crystal tower and even get out of the ruins of the poor Zong mountain.

When Wei Xun arrived at the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower, or even earlier, the devil was already paying attention to and observing. In particular, when Wei Xun helped dinggou to return, he saw an illusion. The black haired man skin tried to confuse Wei Xun through the illusion, so as to steal the gutangka of Guxin in his arms.

However, the black haired human skin has no wisdom at all. Only the desire for flesh and blood instinct can fundamentally do the kind of thing of “stealing human skin Thangka”. In particular, Wei Xun went to the crystal tower to confirm that “black fur human skin” is a special parasite without wisdom. When he was surrounded by hundreds of black fur human skin, he didn’t see any illusion.

There are only two answers. The illusion is the ability of black fur human skin, but the ability of demons. Just as it showed Wei Xun the virtual shadow sitting on the throne and wearing the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn. I’m afraid Wei Xun has been influenced by the devil since he entered the crystal tower.

Including  completely  afraid of the mummies, and  going straight to  including  hearing the strange sound  he didn’t immediately escape, but instead talked to it (in fact, Wei Xun really wanted to talk), including almost every layer of crystal tower, there happened to be treasures that Wei Xun could use (made a lot of money), It can stimulate the greed in the people’s hearts to the greatest extent.

So much wealth means more danger!

“Yes, as long as I have the blood of a powerful sacrifice, I can get rid of my human skin.”

The devil said with a low smile that the surrounding scenes were disappearing. The mountain of dried corpses and blood stained human skin were all seen. Wei Xun was in a narrow tomb made of wood and stone. When did he go to the ninth floor and come to the bottom of the tower, sealed with the land of devil human skin!

In front of him was a gray and white pitangka painted with a number of colored gods and Buddhas. But it is twisting and wriggling, and the snake like resentment is drilling around in the human skin. During the wriggling of the human skin, you can vaguely see that the skin is wrapped with the crown of the golden winged bird horn of the ROC with bright light, and wrapped with bloody bones.

I don’t know when Wei Xun has fallen into his illusion. His chest is cold. Wei Xun looks down and finds that his sharp nails pierce his skin and chest. As long as he is late, I’m afraid he will gouge out his heart!

Shame is a grievance that can be judged as grade A, which is comparable to the power of the fierce ghost Pingping.

“You can wake up”

The devil said with a smile, it’s the kind of high and imminent person who is completely in control: ‘the abyss in your mouth, devil, although it’s made up, really aroused my interest. When I devour you, I will merge with the noumenon and recover. Maybe I will go there and have a look. Before – ‘

The gray human skin suddenly opened like a face worm and jumped at Wei Xun, avoiding in the narrow space.

“Thank you for your efforts to unseal me”

The devil hypocritical way: ‘now, you can go’ —

At this moment, most of Wei Xun’s body is wrapped in human skin, and his resentment as dark as a snake is even more malicious and greedy. He climbs up his neck and cheeks and climbs to his head to completely destroy his consciousness. The legacy of phantom control is still there, and Wei Xun can’t take out human pitanka and other objects. In the face of the oncoming black snake, you can only open your mouth——

“That’s very kind. You’re really very kind.”

Wei Xun bit the complaining black snake and mumbled vaguely, “now you should run away.”

“What are you doing?”

The devil’s voice suddenly changed, full of shock and anger. Dare you believe: ‘why?! Why are you eating me? ”

Wei Xunke wasted his time and chewed the dark magic snake – it was the energy of the demon’s virtual shadow.

It’s too easy to eat the cunning and cautious devil, especially the class a resentment, which was not killed in the heyday of the ZhangXiong Dynasty, and even the ghost of the devil that still existed for more than 1600 years.

In fact, when a mummy besieged dinggou during the earthquake, Wei Xun realized that the situation was right, and he deliberately revealed many flaws. For example, greedy for money and so on, but the devil was too cautious. They didn’t have the first communication until Wei Xun entered the jiuzhong zigzag Crystal Tower and reached the fifth floor.

At that time, Wei Xun had deliberately revealed his “all” means, such as pitangka, a Guxin man, a skeleton inlaid with gold and silver, a wet corpse with a gold carved head, a nine eyed heavenly pearl hand string, a brother of mantis, Xiaocui and so on. But the devil was willing to come out on his own initiative, just using his voice to test and coax.

Wei Xun knew that maybe his intuition was vaguely dangerous. The devil was too cautious. Once he saw him, he could run away at any time. No way, Wei Xun had to cooperate with it, removed the title of “strong resentment resistance”, and really fell into the illusion of the devil,

Wei Xun didn’t drink the blood in the thermos until he felt that the time was ripe. Sure enough, he had been “cheated” into the devil’s nest. As expected, the blood of the butterfly tattoo was higher than the devil’s level, leaving Wei Xun out of the control of the illusion.

This is crazy because everything is based on accurate speculation, but Wei Xun likes this kind of stimulation!

Now I finally ate the devil and was extremely satisfied.

“What should be, cunning, hateful –”

The devil yelled, and what made him most angry was that his energy was really swallowed up by a human! In fact, I have always been skeptical about the “abyss” and “devil” of human beings, because the devil doesn’t smell any devil from me, and I believe my judgment will be wrong!

But it’s actually wrong. It’s too late if it wants to escape like a gecko with its tail broken, but a ‘human’ has eaten a quarter of its energy like a hungry ghost reincarnation. It’s the power it has accumulated for thousands of years. The devil’s heart is dripping blood. It’s a great shame if it escapes like a hungry ghost!

Since they are all demons, use the density formula of demons to solve them. Is it swallowing? Then compare who was swallowed!

The dark resentment like a black snake was almost completely separated from the gray human skin, and all the fierce madness rushed to Wei Xun to find out a demon hidden in the human skin and swallow the demon body energy——

Wait, why did you get it!

The human in front of us is just like the real human, but if you are human, why are you munching on its magic body energy? If it’s a devil, why does the devil pounce on people’s faces and eat a little devil body energy!

What exactly is “monster”!?

“I’m a passenger.”

Wei Xun sighed lightly and ate all the magic body energy thrown on his face.

“Come and get the green card from the abyss in my stomach”


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