TTG Chapter 87

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 87: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (30)

Before eating the first one, Wei Xun wondered whether he had got it or not. After all, years of cleanliness is not so easy to ignore. Even if he said that what he ate was only the amount of devil’s bed, which had nothing to do with the Millennium human skin, Wei Xun was a little confused.

This feeling of hunger as opposed to reason is really hard.

First, when the devil came into his mouth, Wei Xun left everything behind.

Is there really such delicious food in the world!

In fact, it’s hard to describe the devil’s feeling and taste. It’s a very satisfying food for Wei Xun.  many times people suddenly like certain foods, and most of them unconsciously supplement certain elements lacking in their body. And these foods will bring people a very good sense of satisfaction. At this time, Wei Xun felt this way.

Every time the devil went down, he felt that something he lacked was being supplemented and strengthened. The warm and cold power gathered, all poured into the butterfly tattoo, turned around and then returned to Wei Xun’s own body.

Wei Xun feels stronger and stronger as he eats. This feeling of abundant beds can’t be brought to him by any normal food. At this moment, he felt his heart beating strongly and clearly. He felt the three brothers Xiaojin, Xiaocui and mantis, and even the four maggots thousands of miles away. All his demon servants were getting stronger at the same time because of his strength.

Especially after he ate a certain amount of food, Wei Xun was no longer a too limited action of “eating”. He had no teachers. The demons ate each other, not “eating”. From the source, it was pollution and assimilation, just as he was attached to dinggou and almost polluted it into an irrational demon shadow monster.

I really like eating demons!

Wei Xun sighed in his heart that he realized that the speed of “swallowing” the devil after pollution was faster, and the more he swallowed, the more he could gain the control of the other party, leaving the devil nowhere to escape!

The demon ghost is still struggling desperately. At this time, it is too late to escape. 60308.

The natural seal restraint made the devil spend a lot of money to break free. It attacked Wei Xun like crazy, and the gray human skin twisted Wei Xun’s neck like a snake. He suffocated until his face was blue and white, but he still ate all the time. Rao is that the devil felt the panic of crazy death.

‘loose, release me! Otherwise, I will set off a disaster and bury you in the bottom! ”

“My physical strength is thousands of times stronger than me. If you continue today, I will chase you to the ends of the earth!”

“The earthquake has started again. If you don’t run away, you can’t escape even if you eat me!”

Is this man a madman who has been hungry for days and nights!

The demon human skin collapsed. His rage triggered the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. The big zigzag began to vibrate violently again. The narrow lower Tomb of zigzag collapsed in half. There was a terrible crack under zigzag, and Wei Xun almost fell into the crack.

He just won’t loosen it, no matter what the value is!

Is he a dog?!

Wei Xunfei didn’t run away. He even took out the wet corpse of the golden carving. As soon as the wet corpse came out, it occupied a small space. After it appeared, the gray human skin suddenly struggled frantically and wanted to stick it on the back of the wet corpse. It was so crazy that even the demon black snake shaped demon body hidden in the human skin was forced to stretch out.

Then all the newly exposed demons were chewed off by Wei Xun!

“Waste, fool!”

The devil curses people’s skin madly. It has been sealed in this human skin for too long. As Wei Xun said, although the devil’s knowledge is far better than the resentment of human skin, they actually complement each other. If there is no devil, human skin can’t hold resentment at all. Now the devil has been around for thousands of years, and the value of human skin has been catalyzed to a terrible step.

Its obsession is to find its own body!

This is the reason why the devil has been unsealed, but he still wanders around the poor Zong mountain and can’t understand and communicate with himself. The devil is preparing to solve the obsession of human skin, and then completely unseal and break away. Who once capsized in the gutter here!

Wrong step, wrong step

Wei Xun has been swallowing him, but he can’t swallow it back. The devil has fallen into a complete dilemma. When Wei Xun took out the golden carving, wet corpse and completely attracted people’s attention, he even had great difficulty in escaping.

No, that’s it. He won’t run away in disgrace. He must teach this bold man a lesson!

“Even if you devour my shadow, my soul will avenge me!”

The devil laughed bitterly: “I curse you, curse that you will never leave this nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower, curse that you will be gouged out, skinned and tortured to death. I will take off your spirit cover and make a bowl. I will drink all your blood. I will bite and eat your flesh one by one, so that you can watch yourself alive.”

Wei Xun bit a large piece of demon again. He crouched and squatted up, stabilized his body, ordered Xiaocui to summon the insects to gnaw open the passage to the ninth floor. He didn’t go out, but ate up the last devil. The gray human skin rolled and twitched like a python suddenly stopped moving. It fell down like a cramped snake. The rolled human skin opened and the things wrapped in it fell down.

Wei Xun didn’t care about these. The violent and restless strong beds filled Wei Xun’s whole body. He closed his eyes and grew angry. He said he was out of control just now.

He is now a passenger. The enhancement of the power of the abyss is more fed back to Xiao Jin and Xiao Cui, but he can’t bring much gain to Wei Xun for the time being, because he can’t become alienated. The consequence of completely indulging in eating demons is to be trapped by collapsed rock walls.

The unprecedented sense of satiety and sense of crisis pulled each other. Wei Xun opened his eyes in the fox cub’s anxious call, but he saw that the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn wrapped in the gray human skin had fallen into the crack and could not be picked up.

Another violent shock has come!

Wei Xun immediately made a decisive choice. He took the gray human skin and carbonized wet corpse into the fox cub’s belly and jumped up to the ninth floor along the newly excavated channel of the swarm. At the moment when Wei Xun left the lower grave, the rapidly expanding crack of the fox swallowed everything like a blood Basin. The passage he came out of collapsed in an instant and was buried in rubble.

The situation on the ninth floor is extremely bad. A large number of mummies are like surging waves under the severe earthquake. There is a virtual space between those thin limbs and the body. Stepping on it is like stepping on a swamp, and people will suddenly fall into a trap. In this case, Wei Xun can’t go across most of the ninth floor. It seems that a cold wind is blowing. There may be a southeast passage to the outside world. Just keep going up!

The whole jiuzhong Crystal Tower was shaking violently, and no one with better balance could stand firm. Almost Wei Xun had just reached the eighth floor, and the black stone steps at his feet were completely cracked and damaged. He had seen more and more cobweb cracks on the crystal and the broken and collapsed tower body.

If the nine crystal is destroyed, he will be buried under the ruins. Even if there is a fox fairy attached, I’m afraid the value is difficult to support. The underground river road outside was completely blocked by falling stones as early as the last earthquake. To leave, Wei Xun must pass through the jiuzhong zigzag crystal tower to the Saikang temple and the channel to the outside world.

Countless broken crystals fell like hail. Wei Xun saw the falling and broken crystal stone smashing through the crystal coffin on the eighth floor, and the liquid in the coffin flowed out like mercury, with the crystal corpse inside. The crystal corpse climbed up like a beast and attacked Wei Xun at a fast speed.

One of the other two was unluckily smashed, and his crimson internal organs flowed for a long time and couldn’t move. Wei Xun, who was smashed half of his body, climbed away. The last resentment and curse of the demon virtual shadow triggered a big shock, and also activated all kinds of ancient corpses in the crystal tower that had long been controlled by him. At this moment, they are all Wei Xun’s enemies. They are crazy to trap him in the Crystal Tower!

Before the crystal corpse was besieged, Wei Xun had reached the ladder leading to the upper floor. The worst happened. He saw several strong black and blue figures crowded there. They were struggling to climb down on the top. It turned out that it was the corpse of the elephant male soldier on the sixth floor! They crossed the seventh floor, where they completely blocked the stairs.

If there is plenty of time, Wei Xun has countless ways to deal with them. Now the crystal tower collapses more and more seriously every second, and these dozens of mummies and Guxin’s mummies are up. The above situation must be not optimistic.

There was no time to delay. The crystal corpse had rushed forward. Wei Xun swung his travel bag and flew it out. However, his fragile body was cracked and broken, and his limbs and internal organs fell off. However, his skull stubbornly bit the cloth of the mountaineering bag, which looked extraordinarily penetrating. The other crystal corpse of Wei Xun was hit by a falling crystal stone on the table and became blood mud on the spot.

We must leave the crystal tower as soon as possible. Wei Xun gives up and continues to climb the tower. He is ready to break through the crystal wall and break out of the tower first, and then get out of trouble after the open side is subjected to the wave of vibration.

At this time, Wei Xun vaguely heard the cry of the snow leopard from the lower layer.

“Ouch – ouch –”

It’s not an illusion. It’s really the cry of the snow leopard. It came from the ninth floor! Wei Xun didn’t know how to find the snow leopard. He immediately responded that there was a passage to the outside on the ninth floor!

Seeing that several blue and black mummies had crowded through the stairs and staggered at the epicenter of the earthquake, Wei Xun immediately decided to jump down from the hole and crack on the surface of the crystal stone, and then fell back to the ninth floor. At his feet was the surging sea of mummies. Wei Xun threw a spider silk climbing rope at the critical moment.

The spider silk stuck tightly to the top of the cave that was about to be broken. Wei Xun’s body fell, but he barely supported it. Under his feet were the overlapping limbs without mummies. The cry of the snow leopard became clear in an instant. When Wei Xun looked at the side of the corpse mountain, he saw the vigorous figure with a silver white color in the southeast!

The sound of cracking came from the top of Wei Xun’s body. As soon as Wei Xun fell, his fragile crystal wall would not be able to support his weight. Without much time, Wei Xun swung to the southeast with his climbing rope.

The extremely elastic spider silk climbing rope helped him cross more than half of the ninth floor. Wei Xun saw the figure of the snow leopard. Its front paw had stepped on the corpse and looked anxiously at him. The dried corpse trampled under its claws was no longer moving, just like a real corpse.

Wei Xun didn’t have time to see more. The crystal wall supporting all his weight finally broke at the epicenter of the earthquake. Wei Xun was falling, and he was still a distance from the southeast end. Countless skinned mummies stretched out their hands and grabbed Wei Xun’s feet and legs.


In the roar, Wei Xun saw the snow leopard jump into the sea of corpses and run towards him on the corpse!


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