TTG Chapter 88

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 88: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (31)

The earth shook violently, and the broken crystal stone on his head fell like a shower. After Wei Xun fell, he was not afraid of danger. He immediately cut off the dry hands of the corpses with sharp claws to get out of trouble.

There were so many of them that Wei Xun could not cut them all like grass. He kicked away the mummies in front of him and stepped on their overlapping bodies. He wanted to find a chance to throw out a spider silk climbing rope and swing away.

At this moment, a ferocious black and blue corpse fell from his head and landed in front of Wei Xun. It was originally the mummified corpse of the tall elephant male soldiers on the sixth floor. Compared with the mummified corpses of the decapitated and skinned slaves at the foot, its limbs were as hard as iron and taller than Wei Xun. Its iron tongs like hands were going to pinch Wei Xun’s neck!

Wei Xun reacted very quickly. In an instant, he avoided the attack of the corpse in an indisputable posture and kicked it back with a reverse foot. More mummies swarmed in, and Wei Xun did not retreat but entered.

He threw a spider silk climbing rope around the head of the soldier’s corpse, stepped on the corpse and jumped up. When he fell, he was stepping on its shoulder. Wei Xun actually took the green and black corpse as a stepping stone!

The fox cubs are fully integrated with him. At the moment, Wei Xun moves very lightly. The mummy he stepped on his shoulder is slow to reach out to catch him. Every time they move, avant-garde Xun jumps onto the shoulder of another mummy.

The height of the ninth floor of the crystal tower is only more than one person. When Wei Xun stood on the shoulder of the corpse, he almost had the crystal stone at the bottom of the eighth floor on his head. At this height, he can clearly see a snow-white and vigorous beast stepping on countless corpses, running by himself in the earthquake of falling rubble.

“Light snow!”


Because of the difference between hyoid bone and other feline animals, snow leopard does not roar like a tiger or a lion. Its cry is softer and sounds like a cat’s whine. It even makes people feel that it is inconsistent with the shape of snow leopard.

Wei Xun’s aesthetics is different from that of ordinary people. If the snow leopard runs and jumps on the snow mountain, he won’t feel so special. However, with the frightening corpses and the earthquake shaking the earth as the background, the posture of the snow leopard makes Wei Xun’s heart beat faster and his heart shake. He just thinks it’s very majestic and handsome, There is no more powerful animal in the world than the snow leopard.

This scene is the most beautiful, but it’s intoxicating. It’s definitely worth taking photos and collecting forever.

Wei Xun does whatever he wants, even if he is in danger. He turns on the strong light flashlight, dazzling the white light and tearing the darkness. In order not to disturb the snow leopard, Wei Xun shines on the opposite side, his back side.

Coincidentally, under the flashlight, Wei Xun felt something moving on his head, as if he were avoiding the light. He looked sideways and saw that the hair was actually the mummy of a priest of Guxin. When he was surrounded by headless mummies and black mummies, he quietly ambushed in front of him!

It seems that he found himself being sent out. The Guxin priest jumped into the air and threw himself at Wei Xun’s back heart. Wei Xun used his old skills to avoid flexibly. He tore his head with sharp fingers and claws to separate his body. At the next moment, a silver white figure cut through the darkness like lightning and fiercely threw away the dead priest who attacked Wei Xun out of thin air.

“Light snow!”

Wei Xun was afraid of the snow leopard’s injury, so he threw down the strong light flashlight and immediately took action. Between light and darkness, Wei Xun threw a spider silk climbing rope around the priest’s corpse and directly pulled it over. The flashlight fell into the tumbling corpse sea, the light was swallowed, and the surroundings returned to darkness again. Darkness did not affect Wei Xun’s vision, He said that the head of the corpse was bitten off by a snow leopard.

The problem is that this kind of mummified corpse can move normally even if its head falls off. However, the mummified corpse of Guxin priest has no movement like rotten dead wood. Its tough and hard body is entangled by spider silk climbing rope. Between its legs fall off and fall down, and it is immediately submerged by the surging headless mummified corpses.

Without much thought, Wei Xun hurried to see the snow leopard for fear that it would also be submerged by the corpses. However, I saw the snow leopard standing on the corpse like Lingbo, and the corpse it stepped on stopped moving. Although it was still shaking and changing its position because of the earthquake, it was not the kind of active “reaching out” to catch and attack the snow leopard.

Is this for? Is it because the devil’s curse is only aimed at him Wei Xun, or is the snow leopard, the head of the “Snow Mountain holy beast” on the White Wolf and white antelope, really useful for suppressing these revived mummies?

“Ouch –”

The snow leopard stepped on the corpse and ran to Wei Xun. He grabbed his wrist, but his sharp teeth that could tear the skin and flesh of his prey stopped. His thick tail patted his calf anxiously. When he saw that Wei Xun stood up, higher than Wei Xun, he wanted to take him away with his back neck.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Xun hid his doubts in his heart and followed the snow leopard to the southeast. The mummies along the road really didn’t move. They were stacked closely, like an unstable plank road. In two or three seconds, snow leopard and Wei Xun passed through this “plank road” to the crystal wall in the southeast. The laminated human skin close to the crystal wall was completely torn and collapsed, but behind it was a crack that could allow one person to pass.

The snow leopard pressed Wei Xun’s waist and urged him to advance. Wei Xun didn’t waste time. Most of the cracks were high and wide, and there was no collapse in the earthquake. They were inclined. Wei Xun and the snow leopard successively got into the crack. He secretly controlled the insects to explore the way. After running for more than ten minutes, both sides were much wider, allowing Wei Xun to walk side by side with the snow leopard.

Here, this crack can be called a corridor, with obvious artificial traces. The ninth floor of the crystal tower is a hidden path outside the tower. If the earthquake didn’t make people’s skin fall off and the cracks expand, this hidden path can be said to be hidden.

This reminded Wei Xun that most of the craftsmen who built the imperial mausoleum in the history books would be killed in order to ensure the secrecy, not expose the entrance of the underground palace and prevent future generations from stealing the mausoleum. It is said that a wise craftsman will dig a passage for himself in advance to avoid being locked up for burial.

Did the craftsmen who built little Wei molongren leave this secret passage without permission?

History cannot be tested. This secret path is convenient for Wei Xun. The earth is still shaking and the road behind him is collapsing, which can almost catch up with the speed of people running. The road ahead is also constantly collapsing, and the insects in front are hard to come by, so Wei Xun has a way.

More than half of the insects under his command were killed and injured in the earthquake. He got a lot from the Crystal Tower this time, which can make Xiaocui recover as soon as possible and continue to expand the insects.

“Xiaoxue, I’ll give you a bed name again.”

Dark Wei Xun touched the shoulder blade of the snow leopard and touched the blood of one hand. Xiaoxue is stronger than the snow leopard nearby. When walking and running, her shoulder blades are like undulating hills.

The crack was narrow just now. Even thin Cheng Weixun had to half side to get through. It’s hard to imagine how Xiaoxue got in and how he chased him all the way from above to find here.

The thick hair on his shoulder blades was rubbed off, and the blood kept seeping out. When he was touched by Wei Xun, he just avoided it a little, and used his head to top Wei Xun’s side waist to urge him to move forward quickly.

Wei Xun took out the golden mosquito mouthpiece and lit it on the shoulder blades on both sides of the snow leopard. He didn’t feel pain and didn’t react much to this kind of thing. This time, it’s rare that I don’t want the snow leopard to hurt. In addition to sucking blood, the golden mosquito mouth device also has the effect of preventing people from feeling pain like mosquitoes sucking blood.

Although it won’t hurt, the injury on the shoulder blade of the snow leopard can only be cleaned and bandaged outside.

The name of snow leopard’s new bed is a whim of Wei Xun. For him, snow leopard is different from his subordinates like Xiao Jin and Xiao Cui. He and Xiao Jin and Xiao Cui are masters and servants. Let them be used for themselves and provide energy at the same time. Just like this time when Wei Xun swallowed the devil and became stronger, Xiao Jin and Xiao Cui got a lot of benefits.

Wei Xun and the snow leopard are not masters and servants. Even if he becomes stronger, the snow leopard does not get any benefit. On the contrary, Wei Xun has to draw blood from it to supplement Yang Qi. Under this premise, snow leopard can still find him all the way from the secret road and save him regardless of the earthquake. Wei Xun is moved and has some bad numbers.

He doesn’t like to owe everyone. Even if the other party is a beast, he thinks he should repay the snow leopard. The casual name of Xiaoxue is not appropriate enough.

“What’s your name?”

In the dark corridor, Wei Xun chattered and breathed slightly. He changed from running to walking: “snow field? Avalanche? Snow sea? Snow mountain? Snow peak? ”

“Do you like your name?”

The snow leopard just listened silently and watched carefully. Suddenly, it roared at the back of the corridor, and then the dark and shiny animal pupil quickly turned to Wei Xun. The next moment, the snow leopard crossed over to block the way ahead, and the thick claws pulled on Wei Xun.

“It’s all right. This is a mink.”

Wei Xun didn’t expect that the snow leopard’s perception would be so sharp. He just sent the remnant soul of the fox cub to the crystal mountain, thinking about the white crystal stones. After this great earthquake, the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower, the Dragon God waterway, and even the huge underground hole swallowed by the evil ghost insect for thousands of years will collapse and destroy. He is unlikely to return here again and can make more money.

Moreover, if that strange iron tree can only grow on crystal stone, what can I do? Yes, I have to dig some ‘earth’.

Without the fox fairy’s attachment, Wei xunzhen’s physical strength was revealed, and he changed from running to walking, still panting.

Just now, the remnant soul of the fox cub came back, but he couldn’t stand the temptation of Yang Qi. He took another look at the snow leopard. Unexpectedly, he was sent by it. The snow leopard pounced on Wei Xun and arched in disorder, vigilantly searching for the strange feeling just now like a policeman. Wei Xun simply took the mink out of his pocket and swayed in front of the snow leopard.

“Squeak ~”

The mink cub is very friendly to his master’s food and clothing parents.


Snow leopard sneezed impolitely and didn’t receive it. He opened his mouth at the mink. While the leopard looked at the mink approaching, he glanced at Wei Xun’s face. He was so careless, reckless, a little bad hearted, but he knew the sense of propriety that Wei Xun couldn’t help smiling.

“This is not food.”

He soothed and touched the baretooth mink’s head and put it back in his pocket. Sure enough, when he turned his head, he saw that the snow leopard walked to the front like a free leopard. His tail was curled and the tip of his tail was tilted up, which seemed to be more pleasant. Sure enough, it just scared the mink.

“Or I’ll call you Xuefeng.”

Wei Xun said happily that he was also a little bad hearted. Therefore, when snow leopard was named, he thought of an Xuefeng, the captain of the return brigade who signed a contract with him.

In these two journeys, although the passengers’ qualifications are not poor, none of them can keep up with his pace. It’s still too difficult in the end. Wei Xun wants to see what the top passengers look like.

The devil bug dominator is just the title of dark blue, and how powerful is the higher purple, the orange of the legend, and the title of “Twilight return” awarded to this strongest passenger.

An Xuefeng, the strongest passenger to pass on the train, how powerful can it be?

Wei Xun wants to appreciate his power.

“Xuefeng, ha.”

Wei Xun himself was happy first, smiled and pulled the tip of the snow leopard’s Tail: “I like snow peak best, right?”

Caught by the tail, the snow leopard walking in front deviated his ears, and the plush thick tail rubbed against Wei Xun’s wrist. The aftershocks were still going on, and the rubble and earth fell from time to time. It was clearly a dangerous escape, but Wei Xun was not nervous at all.

Even after walking for an hour in this corridor, when the front swarm of insects reached the exit, he was still full of steps.

We will return to the live camera soon. Wei Xun put away all the things that can’t see the light. He also took the three brothers of mantis and Xiao Jin back into the ball of magic insects. Only Xiao Cui still sat on his shoulder and commanded the insects.

Seeing that Wei Xun slowed down, the snow leopard who had been walking in front immediately turned back and worried about sniffing around him. It seemed that he wanted to explore whether Wei Xun was injured. Wei Xun grabbed the snow leopard’s big head and suddenly thought of something.

“Xuefeng, look at this bed.”

Taking advantage of the black, Wei Xun took out the wolf king’s skull from the crystal tower and put it in front of the snow leopard with a little expectation according to the bed where the wolf king’s ghost was kept.

Since the skull town still has a remnant soul in the crystal tower for thousands of years, which can cause the hint of the title of wild soul, it is designated to be some magical items in the bed itself.

Wei Xun himself didn’t intend to use it to turn into a snow wolf, but put it in front of the snow leopard for him to see. Wei Xun didn’t forget that the snow leopard stepped on the mummies to make them stop moving and turn back to ordinary mummies. He thought that the snow mountain holy beast ‘Snow Leopard, white wolf and white antelope’ was really special.

 when he put the head of the white wolf king in front of the snow leopard, he also wanted to see if it could resonate and alienate.

As long as it is not a real wild animal, he will certainly find a way to bring the snow leopard back!

“How can it be changed?”

Unfortunately, the snow leopard couldn’t hear Wei Xun’s expectant tone. He glanced at the wolf king’s skull. He looked at it with disdain. When he saw Wei Xun still holding the skull to him, the snow leopard slapped his paw on the wolf’s skull impolitely. When he saw that Wei Xun still didn’t let go, the snow leopard purred.

Wei Xun can roughly understand its digits. The big ones are. Don’t play around when it’s time to run for your life.

It took the wolf king’s skull as a plaything from where Wei Xun took it.

Wild snow leopard cubs are really lively, timid and playful. One insect can play for half a day. Bones are their favorite toys. Cats love to play, and some snow leopards still retain this characteristic when they grow up.

“Hey, really don’t you feel it?”

Wei Xun also felt that he was whimsical. He put away the wolf king’s head and continued to move forward with the snow leopard, but it was still the bed that dragged his legs, so he slowed down. Seeing that Wei Xun has been unwilling to go fast, snow leopard has tried various ways.

It is the instinct of wild animals to escape from danger as soon as possible. The snow leopard never escaped by itself. He seemed very anxious and persistent. He patted Wei Xun with his tail and his head, grabbed Wei Xun’s clothes and pulled him away. He even wanted him to sit on his back. Wei Xun just didn’t listen.

In the end, the snow leopard was angry. It threatened to bite, and even bit Wei Xun’s hand like punishment to scare him. Seeing that Wei Xun was unmoved, the snow leopard roared angrily, and his tail crackled on Wei Xun’s leg like a whip, as if asking him why he didn’t run away with him quickly.

Of course, Wei Xun advised the snow leopard to run first. He went out first. The snow leopard was very persistent. After urging, he approached again, sniffed little by little, and was very focused. It seemed that he wanted to confirm that Wei Xun walked slowly, whether he was injured or not, and whether he had not been hurt before. His huge body was stuck beside Wei Xun’s legs like a stumbling block.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m really fine.”

Wei Xun smiled helplessly, covered his nose and stepped back. The snow leopard was too close, and there was a wound on his body. This time without the urging of the fox cub, Wei Xun could feel the attraction of leopard blood to him. The fox cub was attached to him in the whole process. Whether it was fighting or expanding his belly capacity, it consumed a lot of Yang Qi.

If you lack it in your body, you will take the initiative to desire it. Thanks to Wei Xun’s strong self-control, you can resist being rubbed around by a snow leopard without knowing it. Suddenly, the tip of his ear moved and looked to the left. The snow leopard only reacted one second slower than him. It stood in front of Wei Xun, kept alert and lowered its body, with sharp eyes, and locked on the grayish brown stone wall.

I saw many cracks on the stone wall. The cracks trembled slightly, which seemed to be affected by the earthquake. Soon, the cracks became more and more severe. Obviously, it was not just the earthquake, as if something was digging a channel behind. Finally, under the gaze of one person and one leopard, cobweb like dense gaps were broken around the crack, and then the whole bed was broken into a fist sized hole.

A pile of demon insects flowed out like the stuffing of pierced black sesame dumplings. They diligently gnawed around the gap and made it bigger. Until the gap was two beds and the head was big, these demon insects didn’t go into the hole.

A little bright light was slowly pushed out by them. It was a very luxurious and shining crown.

The crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn dropped from the crack was successfully found by the insects.

Wei Xun said to Xiaocui, “hard work.”

“I’m willing to share my worries with my master”

Xiaocui smiled gracefully. The little green haired elf was too playful. He stroked his chest with his hand and saluted Wei Xun. Then the green color dissipated and the mother insect returned to the magic insect ball. Without the command of the mother insect, the evil ghost insects suddenly scattered into a mess and were at a loss. But Wei Xun’s power made the insects fear and retreat. They clattered back to the ground, and the scene was suddenly clear.

The title of demon bug dominator Wei Xun is intended to hide and serve as a means for the tour guide. The devil bug can devour rocks and soil and shuttle underground, which is very convenient for him.

[drop! You have obtained the crown of golden winged ROC bird horn. You have two items related to the remnant of ZhangXiong kingdom. The collection progress is 2 / 5]

Wei Xun picked up the crown of the golden winged bird horn of Dapeng, and the hint of the hotel sounded in his mind. This time, it clearly pointed out the customs items of the “remnant of the kingdom of ZhangXiong”.

The scope of this bed is very uncertain. Wei Xun got pitanka of Guxin, gold-plated and silver inlaid skull and pitanka of demon, and even the nine eyed heavenly pearl bracelet of Amara. They are not among them.

Only the Dapeng golden winged bird emblem and the crown he found from the Tibetans are included in the collection progress. In this way, the scepter with Dapeng golden left wing taken away by Tubo and the Dapeng golden right winged bone flute lost in the relic are probably also included in the collection scope.

Wei Xun’s swarm of insects searched the ruins of qiongzong mountain, but they didn’t find the bone flute. Wei Xun suspected that the crown and bone flute of the devil were in his hand. Yes, it was the bone flute, which was probably in his body.

Its noumenon was suppressed in the lake. Although it is said that the Buddha suppressed the chabalaren noumenon in danggyongcuo lake, Wei Xun thought that its noumenon was not suppressed here.

First, when he went to the wrong place, there was no special hint about the secret Title task of the bed. Second, the ghost of the devil, although he could only stay in the poor Zong mountain because of the obsession of human skin, the Dragon God waterway under the wrong place was connected with the underground of the poor Zong mountain. If the devil was really suppressed there, the two would have been unsealed and integrated long ago.

The third scenic spot on the journey to northern Tibet is selinco, which is called the devil’s lake. The introduction to the journey says, “did the original Yongzhong Bon Scripture written with eagle’s beak stained with blood really disappear into the ghost lake?”, If the devil is in selinco lake, it is also possible that the Yongzhong Bon Scripture written by the Buddha was originally used to suppress it.

Wei Xun just engraved “walking slowly” to wait for the insects to search the ruins of qiongzong mountain. After he got the crown, he immediately accelerated his pace and ran with the snow leopard. Turn this corner and the exit is right in front of you. The snow leopard rushed out first, followed by Wei Xun. The long lost sunlight made him narrow his eyes, which was the pleasure of seeing the sun again.

[the skin of the demon man who brought subjugation and war thousands of years ago has been purified, but the shadow of selenco is getting deeper and deeper. The bleak and pathetic sound of Eagle flute sounded day and night on the Bank of selinco lake, which led many yaks and sheep to die in the lake. Herdsmen around are looking for lost cattle and sheep, but they are gone forever, missing by selinco Lake]

[is it the eagle flute that inspires the dead, or is the devil playing the eagle flute? It is said that tunbashin, the place where the Buddha died, has the longest history and preserves the most complete Bon classics. Xiaolin temple, which is the holy land of the hearts of the Bon believers, finally opened the gate of the temple after a hundred years of closure, and the dusty secret of northern Tibet will finally be revealed in the sun]

[biography, maybe not just biography]

[you activate the branch attractions: the dusty Xiaolin temple, 80% of the total process of the branch attractions]

[please hand over the purified demon human skin and demon residual body to Xiaolin Temple]

The purified devil human skin and body are the loose devil human skin Thangka and the black golden carved head wet corpse after Wei Xun ate the devil. They are useless. It’s also good to use waste to hand in scenic spot tasks.

It’s the pile of good things Wei Xun got from the crystal tower, as well as the gold-plated and silver inlaid skull. The hotel didn’t have any tips next to it. This is the good thing that tourists can get when completing the branch line scenic spots.

Of course, good things can only be obtained with great efforts.

After a while, his eyes adapted to the light outside. Wei Xunfa said that they were in an inconspicuous cave halfway up the mountain. There were cliffs all around, and Dang Yong CuO’s blue lake was at the foot. It would be difficult for ordinary people to leave here without the ability of snow leopard rock sheep to climb the cliff like walking on the ground.

Wei Xun and the snow leopard found a safe and open place by stepping on the almost invisible rock cracks and mountain stone bulges. They didn’t return to the station until the aftershock stopped.

“It’s the guard! The guard is back! ”

“Brother Wei!”

“How are you, senior?”

Wei Xun’s return caused a burst of cheers from the team members. The earthquake collapsed the rock wall behind the garrison area, and a nearby tent was buried under the rubble. Fortunately, everyone was outside during the earthquake. There were no casualties and the loss was not heavy.

The tents were moved to more open wasteland. Although there was no rock wall to keep out the wind, it was safer here to guard against possible aftershocks.

Wei Xun was surrounded by Feile and Jiang Hongguang to the temporary camp. Everyone boiled the stewed beef bought from wenbunan village. Two packets of instant noodles were broken into small pieces and put into the pot. With seasoning, the rich aroma came out in a short time.

This pot of stewed beef noodles was specially cooked for Wei Xun. Wei Xun only filled a small bowl with a few pieces of beef. Feile asked them to share the rest.

Even if Wei Xun didn’t take a few bites of his bowl, he rarely greeted the snow leopard and wanted it to come to him. Seeing that snow leopards don’t like places with many people, Wei Xun simply walked over, rinsed the beef in the bowl with clean water and fed it to snow leopards. One person and one beast seemed more intimate.

After a simple meal, Wei Xun even said hello and set up another tent at the edge of the camp. Feilezhi and their idle people went to help. After the tent was set up, Wei Xun said to have a rest, and then went into the tent. The snow leopard stayed outside the tent and stared at Feile to them like a threat. It didn’t get into the tent until these people retreated to a safe distance.

“Hey, why did the snow leopard go in?”

Ji Hongcai, who was forced away by the snow leopard with his eyes, couldn’t wipe his noodles. He looked at the tent with hot beef noodles and muttered, “it’s a beast in the end. Don’t hurt the guard.”

“Well, I’m sure the guard has a number in mind.”

Jiang Hongguang drank a bowl of soup. He hadn’t eaten a meal all night. After Wei Xun came back, his heart that he had been carrying was finally relieved, and he immediately felt hungry in his stomach. Most of the other passengers sat around the fire.

The pot of stewed beef noodles was poured into a larger camping pot, added water and freeze-dried vegetables, and became a pot of vegetable beef noodle soup. With the hot noodle soup, everyone gathered together to bake compressed biscuits and the rest of Zanba. They all tasted like a man Han banquet.

“The snow leopard can’t be a Jing. It’s really looking for the guard.”

Qin Xinrong soaked the compressed biscuits in the soup in his bowl, looked at the tent while eating, and said with a strange smile: “I still look for them in the earthquake. I really recognize the guard.”

“I want to keep a snow leopard!”

“Those who raise snow leopards against the law will sit through animals at the bottom of the prison.”

Fang Yuhang pushed his glasses and joked: “fortunately, we have completed the task of scenic spots this time, otherwise it is dangerous to explore the ruins according to the posture of the earthquake.”

After Wei Xun left the ruins alone, Jiang Hongguang simply called Xu Yang, Yin Baitao and others who had not completed the task at night. The veterans took them to the ruins found in the morning and completed the task.

Wei Xun didn’t know how long it would take him to come back. Ding Yi didn’t die and hid in the dark. Jiang Hongguang knew the way to survive and should be cautious. After everyone stepped on the pass line to complete the task, they returned to the camp. Except for those who went to the ruins in shifts and waited for Wei Xun’s return, others clung together in the camp and didn’t run around.

“I don’t know if brother Wei has found a trace in the ground.”

Xu Yang muttered that the others were also gods. Everyone is from the past and knows that although they are a team, everyone has their own secrets.

Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.

“When you go out, you can go to the vlog this time.”

Yu Chengfu said mildly that in the past, he used to be a teacher. He took more care of a teenager like Xu Yang who was about the same age as a student. Therefore, he filled a bowl of soup: “Ding Yi is a Ding and other tour guide. His vlog is free and can see it for free.”

“Can brother Wei take the snow leopard back?”

Yin Baitao was so strange. She liked big cats very much, and it was the first time she saw a wild snow leopard at close range. Yan Baitao was full of affection for the clean, thick and soft snow leopard, especially when he stood with the guard, Yan Baitao felt Wei Xun’s closeness to the snow leopard.

“If it’s not an ordinary animal.”

Jiang Hongguang pondered: “there will be some special creatures that ordinary people can’t perceive during the journey. The more dangerous the journey is, the more such special creatures are. When I went to Changbai Mountain in the northeast, I saw an old white weasel at that time, and almost didn’t come back alive.”

“Old monster, old monster, when you live old, you become a monster.”

Ji Hongcai said carelessly, “although we were lucky not to die in Changbai Mountain, we all suffered a lot of injuries, otherwise we wouldn’t wait for distribution. If you really want to survive and live like a bed during the journey, you must climb up all the time. ”

“If this is a dangerous journey, the captain’s bed is not allowed to be the snow leopard essence. According to their affinity, it is not impossible for the guard to sign a contract with it and take it back.”

“This is just a difficult journey. It may be an ordinary wild snow leopard.”

“Pure animals cannot be brought into the hotel.”

Fang Yuhang drank the last soup in the bowl and poured a bowl of hot water: “the guard can’t take the snow leopard back. It’s equivalent to raising the snow leopard in the  I’m afraid the police came to the door as soon as they took it back.”

“Well, I think brother Wei really likes the snow leopard and named it.”

Fei Lezhi regretted and said, “I heard him shout a few words just now. Xuefeng, right? It’s very nice to hear. It’s a pity if we can’t take it back. Hey, I remember our final destination is Qiangtang nature reserve. Will the guard send the snow leopard there and see it later? ”

Yin Baitao shook his head: “the reserve is so big that it’s hard for the guard to see Xuefeng again.”

“Cough, cough, cough -”

“Brother Ji, what’s the matter with you?”

Yan Baitao was tidying up his dishes while chatting, but Ji Hongcai coughed violently without warning. When she thought about the poison before Ji Hongcai, she was so worried that she went to see it anxiously.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. He just choked.”

Jiang Hongguang took Ji Hongcai’s bowl. Yan Baitao looked at Ji Hongcai suspiciously and saw that Ji Hongcai’s face was coughing red, but his watch was very strange. He seemed to want to laugh and hold back, and his facial features were a little distorted.

No, not just Ji Hongcai. Jiang Hongguang’s watch is also very delicate. Fang Yuhang began to wipe his glasses. Qin Xinrong and they are all watches that want to laugh but dare not. It’s like a joke floating in the sky that only veteran passengers can hear, but their newcomers can’t hear.

Yan Baitao thought carefully and couldn’t understand. Feilezhi couldn’t touch his head. He simply asked curiously, “what’s the matter, man? Why are you laughing?”

“It’s not a laugh, it’s just a laugh. Hey, why are you so named?”

Ji Hongcai finally passed his breath, but his face was still the strange watch with a smile. He winked at Jiang Hongguang and Fang Yuhang.

“Isn’t this a coincidence? It’s a coincidence.”

Qin Xinrong is also laughing. Seeing that Feile was so confused about their father-in-law and two monks, the kind-hearted newcomer popularized science and said, “he named Snow Leopard after another person.”

“Snow peak?”

Feilezhi wondered, “is that person your friend? It feels like you all know him.”

“Friends? Hey, that’s a big man! We are all small shrimps in front of him! ”

Ji Hongcai was interested. He was mysterious and said in a low voice, “he is the most powerful man in this hotel.”

[I’m laughing to death. Ha ha ha, Wei Xun even named this bed for his snow leopard!]

[shocked, Wei Xun did this to snow leopard!]

In the live studio, the audience were all excited about what happened to Wei Xun’s adventure. After half a day of black screen live broadcasting, the audience had already become senior brain menders. With only Wei Xun’s occasional words, they could make up the sound of the thrill he was facing, which was like a temporary scene.

Originally, the most praised bullet screen in the live broadcast room was the most vivid one compiled by the bed. It said that [Wei Xun and the Elephant Kingdom on the tip of his tongue]. When Wei Xun entered the ruins, he followed up the cafeteria, carrying the bed bowl to put all the black slate and black hairy human skin in it. In particular, this man wrote that the black hairy human skin was like a crisp belly in a spicy pot, and the dried body was like beef jerky, The description is full of color, smell and taste, which is just like food evaluation.

In, the bullet screen of [Wei Xun’s favorite snow peak] replaced him and became the top bullet screen of praise.

[ha ha, ha ha, it’s so fucking amazing. I heard Wei Xun named ‘avalanche’, ‘Snow sea’, ‘Snow Mountain’ and so on, but I chose Xuefeng in the end!]

[what a coincidence! Ha ha ha, didn’t the mountain Taoist say that he would invite Wei Xun to join the brigade]

[it’s amazing. The returning brigade hasn’t hired a new one for several years. As a result, Wei Xun named Xuefeng after the snow leopard came to Nana]

[I think they are really lucky. Are the leaders of the return brigade watching the live broadcast? Are they happy? Ha ha ha]

The audience were not happy. Even people were happy to post on the forum, which became a hot post on hundreds of floors in a few minutes. Everyone thought it was a very lucky coincidence.

In a sea of joy, only Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu suffocated them.

This snow leopard is really their captain!


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