TTG Chapter 89

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 89: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (32)

“Ha, ha ha, you see what I said. Mr. Wei has a good relationship with our brigade.”

On the way back to the viewing Hall of the brigade, Mao Xiaole was silent for a long time, coughed twice and smiled like easing the atmosphere.

“That’s not the fate.”

Wang pengpai had a crash. He was supposed to monitor the trend of the butcher alliance. As a result, he saw the uproar in the forum [Wei Xun said he liked Xuefeng], and immediately called back to have a video chat with Mao Xiaole.

Wang pengpai: “you said he gave snow leopard a Xiao Wang, Xiao Mao, Xiao Wang, Xiao wolf and so on. I also think it’s fate – no, it can’t be explained anyway. It’s ridiculous!”

“Xiao Le, do you think it’s a pure coincidence? What a coincidence! I feel cold behind my back! ”

“Yes, to tell you the truth, I’m also cold behind my back.”

Wang Yushu, who was paralyzed on the sofa, raised his hand powerlessly: “come and give me a cup of hot water to slow me down.”

Wang Yushu, who has always loved money, was willing to spend his points to buy hot water from the hotel instead of boiling water himself, which is enough to see how shocked he was.

On the other side of the call, Wang pengpai didn’t slow down. He was’ fucking ‘for a long time, and then hesitated: “Xiao Le, didn’t you tell you about Mr. Shui’s brigade?”

“What do you think? Do you think I’m a fool!”

Mao Xiaole suddenly got up and shouted angrily over the phone: “for five years, I thought Miss Wei couldn’t get in, and I didn’t talk about things in the brigade!”

“No, I’m not saying you’ll leak, ah, captain. After all, it really doesn’t mean anything.” Seeing that he was angry, Wang pengpai’s tone immediately softened: “I think it’s really outrageous. It’s also a coincidence. It makes my scalp numb.”

“What’s the matter with the coincidence? The coincidence shows that Miss Wei and our captain also have fate!”

Mao Xiaole spoke loudly. It was clear that he was frightened just now, but now Wei Xun reacted quickly: “didn’t you listen to Mr. Wei? Give the snow leopard a name. It’s really easy to think of the snow peak at the beginning of the word snow.”

“I think Xiao Le has a reason.”

Wang Yushu drank hot water like tasting red wine and smiled on the table. The little snow leopard he pinched out before played: “this is fate.”

“He named the snow leopard Xuefeng. It’s no problem. The problem is that the snow leopard is called Xuefeng!”

Wang pengpai thought it was incredible: “ you see, there are so many discussions in the live studio on the forum. If you don’t know who you are, you think the snow leopard is the captain. Hey, it’s the captain. Where’s the reason? ”

“What’s changed? You see, the audience always said fate. This is the fate between the captain and Mr. Wei. Let him look at the Tiangang brigade of Feihong brigade. Mr. Wei and our captain are locked!”

Mao Xiaole swore: “I haven’t sent any news. It’s not so serious. You’re too careful. If I take a dog out and call it Ding Yi, will others think it is Ding Yi? ”

“If you don’t say so, after all, many people know that the captain ‘raised’ a snow leopard. Now Wei Xun calls the snow leopard ‘Xuefeng’, it’s inevitable that some people think more -”

Wang pengpai had a toothache: “if you have any free time and have nothing to do, the guide has an idea and you want to get rid of the snow leopard, but you beat an Xuefeng out. It’s hard to end!”

If an Xuefeng unsealed before the end of the journey, it is estimated that the whole journey will have to end early. And to wake up in advance, his state

Wang pengpai shivered and looked bitter: “I’m afraid someone will die if they have nothing to do. Invade the journey and straighten out the captain. If he wakes up early, northern Tibet will definitely attract the attention of all organizations at home and abroad. Isn’t it troublesome to go to Shambala cave again? ”

A 3 tour guide and dream chaser found Mao Xiaole before. He wanted to cooperate to explore the ten degree journey of northern latitude in Tibet. An Xuefeng’s entry into this journey in northern Tibet is equivalent to taking a free ride. The end of this journey, Qiangtang no man’s land in northern Tibet, is the beginning of his trip.

“If there is any trouble, those in the way will be killed.”

Mao Xiaole didn’t care. Then he hummed coldly: “I’m afraid that some people will jump off the wall and have to attack Mr. Wei.”

In recent years, there have been voices that do not call him “the return brigade”, which is quite reasonable. No matter how strong the brigade is, it will gradually perish without fresh blood.

Indeed, he has confiscated newcomers in his return brigade for several years. He doesn’t even come up from his subordinate sunset brigade. There are seven people in the brigade this year, last year, the year before last, and the year before last.

It makes many tourists and tour guides think that his brigade will never accept new people again. So those people will be more and more restless.

I didn’t see him speak on the forum home page under the code of Maoshan Shishi, saying that he would invite Wei Xun to join the return brigade. Secretly, many people were confused.

“If anyone dares to die, it’s tempting.”

Wang Yushu said slowly, his eyes flashing blood: “if you don’t cut off your hands, his claws are always put in the wrong place.”

Those people feel that if the return brigade becomes a place where they can’t get out, it won’t be a loss as long as they assassinate someone when they enter the journey, or even exchange their lives for their lives.

The journey is dangerous. I’m not sure when it will be long or short. Moreover, he often acts separately and together. Although he usually hides his identity every time he enters the team, the title of fame can’t be hidden. Even if this is a famous player in the return team, others have learned a lot over the years.

“In recent years, many people have come to me to buy furniture.”

After drinking this cup of hot water, Wang Yushu smiled: “I think he wants to kill me first. I’m afraid that after killing me, I can’t buy such cheap and affordable appliances, so I’ll buy more and save them. ”

There was something crazy in his tone, but he laughed and heard it startling: “if he wants to kill me, I might as well kill myself first, scare him, and play him like a clown, but also -”

“Let’s vent with another cry sign.”

Mao Xiaole saw that what Wang Yushu said was wrong and put out several crying symbols: “I think you haven’t cried enough.”

“You don’t need Xiaole’s cry sign. If you eat my hair and blood, you’ll make sure the tree cries bitterly!”

As he was talking, the gate of the viewing hall was kicked open. A pot as big as a washbasin blocked the upper body of the comer. In the overflow of spicy fragrance, Lu Shu orange wore a mask and covered his mouth and nose. The snow-white wolf’s ears were very sophisticated.

Deer Book orange strides forward, and the small tea table in front of the sofa automatically becomes a big round table for dry meals.

“You guys!”

Lushu orange put a large pot of steaming Mao xuewang on the round table, took a few steps back, and then took off her mask. In two seconds, her eyes were red, and she sneezed for seven or eight earth shaking times. After that, her eyes were full of tears.


The spicy and fresh fragrance filled the whole viewing hall like a bomb. Mao Xiaole sneezed four times. He covered his face with his robe sleeve and muttered in a stuffy voice: “Why are you the devil’s spicy Mao xuewang again? Obviously, you have a keen sense of smell and can’t stand stimulation.”

“Didn’t the captain ban alcohol in our team? I just rely on it.”

Lushu orange filled a bowl full of belly, duck blood, cow shutter and handed it to Wang Yushu. Wang Yushu took a bite of it, and the spicy tears splashed away, and his face turned red, like drinking.

Mao Xiaole handed him another cup of hot water. He drank hot water with the devil’s spicy hair and blood. Wang Yushu immediately ignored it and went crazy.

“What did you talk about just now? Why did you talk crazy about the tree again?”

Lu Shucheng and Mao Xiaole also added a piece of belly to eat. They couldn’t say anything. Sobbing pointed to the live screen for her.

“It’s the water. What’s the matter? Let me see — ”

At a glance, Lu Shucheng saw the bullet screen at the top [Wei Xun said he liked Xuefeng], and immediately burst into laughter, laughing like a wolf:

“Who’s so bad? It’s killing me to send out this single. I said it’s easy to be the captain. Let’s mention it. He doesn’t know by relying on people and water. Does he like the snow peak? It’s the Daguo snow peak. It’s the Himalayan snow peak — ”

“What he likes is snow leopard and snow peak.”

The only person on the scene who was not at the brigade station and couldn’t eat Mao xuewang was surging and youyou.

Lu Shucheng didn’t react and was overjoyed: “snow leopard snow peak? Who named snow leopard snow peak? It’s not, it’s not. Wait, snow leopard snow peak?! ”

“Yes, it’s the snow leopard captain, so Wei Xun named Xuefeng.”

Mao Xiaole ordered a bowl of hot water. The duck’s blood had to be watered over and eaten with red oil.

“Si ha, you’ll never think of what happened later.”

Wang Yushu was originally hot with tears on his face. Listening to Mao Xiaole’s sour tone, he immediately became energetic: “Wei Xun confessed to our captain!”

“What nonsense!”

Mao Xiaole knocked his chopsticks and raised his eyebrows: “Mr. Wei, this is to thank his snow leopard for looking for him in the earthquake.”

“Now he’s sleeping in his tent. How do you explain that?”

Wang Yushu is cunning: “who will sleep with a beast? I must like it.”

Mao Xiaole smiled angrily: “no, your love for cats and dogs is the same as your confession?”

“Xun’er doesn’t like being outside.”

Wang Yushu’s bad heart likes to tease Mao Xiaole: “maybe he likes Xuefeng.”

“Mr. Wei doesn’t like people. He’s talking nonsense!”

“Then he said, ‘I like Xuefeng. Is that nonsense?”

“You –”

“No, wait, don’t make a noise, let me touch it!”

The whole wolf was stunned. She directly grabbed the chopsticks in the hands of Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu, forced him to calm down and turn over the live broadcast playback by herself – she turned into darkness and didn’t waste time. She tried to clarify the conversation between Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu.


Mao Xiaole thought there was something wrong with the Lushu orange tone, but it was true: “yes.”

“Then water named the snow leopard and was calling him Xuefeng?”

“Yes!” Wang pengpai is refreshing.

“Next, Shui said he liked Xuefeng and slept in a tent with it.”

Mao Xiaole interrupted: “Miss Wei is moved, just pure moved.”

It’s clearly what happened. Why is the summary of deer Book orange wrong!

Mao Xiaole was puzzled: “ it’s like your dog didn’t run away during the earthquake and asked you to run together instead.”

“Don’t interrupt.”

Lu Shu and orange were majestic. She saw that she had made two rounds in the house, and the gray wolf tail shook left and right. From time to time, she looked at Wei Xun’s live split screen. In the tent, the man was patiently combing the snow leopard resting on his leg.

Wang Yushu wanted to continue cooking quickly and explained, “Hey, I’m just kidding.”

Wang pengpai on the other side of the video also said: “Wei Xun really has a chance with our brigade. When the journey is over, I think we can pick him up together -”

“So it is!”

Before he finished, Lu Shucheng suddenly turned around with bright eyes, clenched his fist and struck the palm: “I know why the captain has been single for so many years.”


The topic became too fast. Wang Yushu, Mao Xiaole and Wang pengpai all looked at a loss and didn’t keep up with the rhythm of Lushu orange.

“The captain has no object because he has been a man!”

Lu Shucheng seriously pointed to the live screen: “as long as the captain doesn’t change back, he will become a snow leopard. He has found his wife.”

Then she sighed: “the fate between water and our team is here.”

“No, what do you think?”

Mao Xiaole immediately asked for a theory: “it’s all said that it’s a coincidence. Mr. Wei also wants to name the snow leopard snow mountain and snow field. I don’t know how to choose the snow peak…”

Lu Shucheng asked, “yes, how did he choose Xuefeng?”

“No, let’s stop worrying about this and eat maoxuewang.”

Wang Yushu: “I was just playing with Xiaole. Captain, he is now a snow leopard without human emotion. Wei Xun also thinks he is a snow leopard. Now one person and one leopard are like this, just because the snow leopard ran down to find him during the earthquake and was moved. You know what I think. ”

“Yes, why did the snow leopard go down to find him during the earthquake?”

“If it were you, you and me in the ruins, would the captain come down?”

“Well, it will.”

Wang pengpai has a headache opposite the video: “if I’m going to die, the captain will come, but if I can’t cope with this small relic, the captain must give me special training on the devil when I go back, then I might as well die -”

Deer Book Orange: “if the snow leopard is in the state, what about the captain of the beast?”

“Ah, this, that can be. In the eyes of the captain, I’m a pork chop.”

Lu shuorange was sure: “but the snow leopard is in good condition. The captain of the beast will risk the earthquake to save the water.”

“This, this…”

Wang pengpai was speechless.

“Don’t say that.”

Seeing that he lost his combat effectiveness, Mao Xiaole bravely stood up: “ water also has the title of wild soul. It must be that the captain mistook him for the same kind, so…”

“Will the snow leopard risk to save its kind?” Deer Book orange youyou asked.

Mao Xiaole immediately stopped.

“The captain went to Weixun’s tent the first night and caught him two snakes. Then he caught rock sheep for him and fish for him to eat, didn’t he? ”

While cooking, although Lu shuorange watched the live broadcast on the black screen all the time, she didn’t watch it again, but she quickly completed the playback of the live broadcast on the first day and the next day. Of course, note that snow leopard has been following Wei Xun in all kinds of attempts to post.

Coupled with what Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu said, Lushu orange immediately made up a complete story.

Snow leopard is in love, but he doesn’t know that he is actually a human.

When the abnormal workaholic captain wakes up, he will forget the beautiful love of the leopard and continue to be irritable and die alone.

It’s terrible, it’s terrible!

“The captain is an iron straight man. He can’t be regarded as a snow leopard. He doesn’t like men.”

Wang pengpai was helpless: “and since five years ago, he has been emotional… Hey, I know you want to prove that he has recovered through ‘Captain talk and love’, but after five years, he is sure that he has not become a snow leopard, and he has not healed himself. This time, there is nothing special.”

“I think this time the water will bring changes.”

Lu Shucheng said: “he is the only passenger who has a chance with our team in the past five years. When he joins in, the team will change from seven to eight. Everything will change. I have a hunch.”

“Who said he would come.”

Wang Yushu smiled, but his expression was a little cold and cold: “if the brigade came new people, it would have been a long time ago. It’s not that you don’t want to recruit new people, but there’s no way. ”

“Wei xunnan must be that special person.”

“He will be that special person”

Mao Xiaole was equally firm. He calmly repeated, “wait and see, Mr. Wei, he will definitely join the brigade.”


Wang Yushu smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“Everyone came back in advance one by one. They must hope that someone will join the brigade again and that there will be new members.” Seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, Wang pengpai said, “I also think it has changed this time. After all, I didn’t even say anything frustrating. I always have to think about where I am, right?”

“I’m just saying, don’t put all your hopes on someone.”

Wang Yushu said it casually, then he shut up, changed the chopsticks bowl from the hotel and continued to eat spicy Mao xuewang.

“I know that brother Shu is afraid that everyone will be disappointed again as last time.”

Lushu orange, the blue-green wolf eyes are warm and firm: “but I would like to believe again that there is no way for people.”

“Yes, there is no way out.”

Mao Xiaole obstinately looks at the live broadcast split screen. One person and one leopard sleep in the tent, quiet and beautiful. He grabbed a piece of duck blood, but forgot to rinse off the spicy oil. Then it was so hot that he shed tears. Mao Xiaole sniffed and whispered, “who knows?”

They all said that they couldn’t. Even though he posted as a Maoshan tourist, most of the other tour guides did not believe it.

But maybe it’s OK this time.

Who knows.

* *

Who knows that if you smoke too much blood, it will not affect your health?

Wei Xun, who was holding a snow leopard in the tent, was depressed. He originally wanted to sleep and replenish his energy – he just wanted to sleep.

But after the snow leopard came in, Wei Xun couldn’t sleep at all.

He first treated the wound on the shoulder blade for the snow leopard. When he moved, the snow leopard kept holding his chest with his head, as if he were playing coquetry. Then it’s an unbearable burden of happiness for such a big cat to jump into his arms. When Wei Xun dealt with the snow leopard’s wound, he found that it was lying on its side and sleeping on his leg.

It is reasonable to say that wild animals are also very vigilant when they sleep. They will wake up when the wind blows and the grass moves a little. But the snow leopard seems very tired. It sleeps quietly on Wei Xun’s legs. Ren Wei Xun combs his hair with his hands without lifting his eyelids.

This made Wei Xun fall into a dilemma of hesitation.

The snow leopard is so close that it’s the time to suck blood silently. It’s a pity not to do it quickly. But just after the earthquake relic escape, the snow leopard trusted him very much. He fell asleep on his leg unprepared, but Wei Xun was only thinking about how to steal Yang from him.

Leopard’s love is a mistake!

Hey, who made me such a bad guy.

Wei Xun sighed faintly. He decided to be a person – at least wait until the snow leopard wakes up.

The snow leopard was so close that he couldn’t sleep. Wei Xun simply cleaned up his income from his trip to the ruins.

The main thing is that he swallowed the demon shadow. Although Wei Xun is a passenger at present, he can’t directly see how his different form has changed, it can be seen from the change of Jin Xiaocui and Mantis brothers that a demon is definitely a great remedy for him.

Xiao Jin’s original golden body has more black lines, and a retractable pitch black spike at the tail, which makes him look more like a bee. Xiaocui is pregnant with more than a dozen eggs. Once these eggs hatch, they are at least inferior magic insects, and even low-level magic insects.

The brother of mantis is is low in rank and big in shape. Its original dark shell has become colorful and dazzling. The original sickle like arm has shrunk a little, no longer looks like a weapon, but more like some kind of pseudo decoration.

Obviously, its specialty is changing.

The devil bug is like this. The higher the devil bug is, after being supplemented by the amount of devil bug, it will enter the devil bug according to its own characteristics. The lower the level, the more the demons will be affected, and even lose their original characteristics.

The same is true of demons, so there is a risk of swallowing demons. If you swallow the strong with the weak, you can turn yourself against pollution and become a slave to the great devil unconsciously. It was also accompanied by various dangers. For example, Wei Xun was too addicted to eating demons, and the result was poor. Then he was buried under the ruins,

This kind of information hotel that is related to the abyss has no hint, and it depends on Wei Xun’s own thinking. Although it’s dangerous to devour demons… You have to eat when you should eat.

Wei Xun’s reflection is only “how to eat demons”, not “don’t eat demons in the future!”

In terms of the main line of the journey, he got the Dapeng golden winged bird crest and the crown of Dapeng golden winged bird horn. At present, he is a poor item. Wei Xun is sure that there is nothing missing from the ruins of Xiangxiong. Next, let’s take a look at two scenes.

In terms of branch line scenery, the progress of scenery has been pushed to 80%. The items to be handed over when going to Xiaolin temple are “demon human skin after cleaning” and “demon body” in Wei Xun’s hands.

The great harvest of this relic exploration is the nine double zigzag Crystal Tower. Wei Xun won nine black ore slabs recording history; A tall, legendary iron tree; The small half of the golden box attracts black fur human skin and turns it into rust red liquid of insect food; A strain of bacteria producing black hair human skin and the skull of white wolf king causing wild psychological reaction.

The fox cub is definitely worthy of praise! Wei Xun ordered him to go back during the earthquake. The fox cub directly loaded back two large pure crystal stones on the table and several slightly smaller crystal blocks, which filled his stomach and couldn’t hold anything else.

In addition, the harvest of the title also makes Wei Xun full .

The task completion degree of the treasure hunter series title has directly increased to 45%, as long as there is another 5%, the green Title archaeologist  has been upgraded to the blue Title adventurer.

However, when Wei Xun went down to the fifth floor of the crystal tower, the task completion did not increase. Wei Xun guessed that it was the same relic, and there was an upper limit on the increased task completion.

The completion degree of the remaining tasks should be obtained from other relics besides the ruins of ZhangXiong.

Then, it is the dark blue title of the devil bug dominator, and the supporting exclusive title, with the ‘devil bug ball’. Now Xiaojin, the mantis brother and Xiaocui all rest in the devil bug ball. Although the number of evil spirits in this earthquake has increased by nearly half, as long as more evil insects are added later.

As for the fifth floor of the crystal tower, what’s the use of the fungus pile that Xiaocui will never forget except to urge the black haired people’s skin. Wei Xun asked Xiaocui and learned that there was a strong amount of bacteria in the fungus pile, and there was a possibility that it would make Xiaocui change – so that he didn’t have to mate with the male insects, and she gave birth to a group of magic insects by herself.

After listening to this, Wei Xun felt that what he said was quite like parthenogenesis. It means that eggs can hatch normally without fertilization. In nature, many butterflies, moths and other insects are parthenogenesis.

It would be much more convenient to move back if you were to move in this direction. However, the mother worm needs to cocoon again every time, and the time is uncertain. It can last for a few hours or more than ten days. During this trip, Wei Xun had to use insects in many places, and Xiaocui’s business was more secure when she went back.

In addition to these two titles, what surprised Wei Xun was that all the titles were unknown.

[task name: Master]

[task introduction: phased Title Task]

[task reward: unknown title]

[task progress: 15%]

[task tip: observe more and more complaints]

yes! However, the reason why the task progress has reached 15% is that the original title of the task is unknown, but now there is a task name and task introduction! Although still ambiguous, it can be said to be a breakthrough!

However, the name of this task is really different from Wei Xun’s guess. He originally speculated that it was either the title of observation or the title of resentment and ghosts.

But now the name of the mission is the word “master”, which is really hard to understand, but it makes Wei Xun look forward to it.

Phased tasks

When the progress of treasure hunter series tasks reached 20%, Wei Xun won the title of archaeological expert. Will this phased task be the same?

If so, there will be another 5% progress. Let’s see where the title task is.

Wei Xun feels very hopeful. After all, there are two scenes of Xiaolin temple and selinco. Only the original devil in selinco lake is a big meal. Maybe he can’t fight now and can’t eat each other, but he doesn’t break the law at a glance.

Wei Xun was thinking and felt his hand sink. It was the snow leopard’s claws. Wei Xun held the snow leopard’s paw. He felt that its paw pad was particularly thick, and its hair was very soft and thick. It felt very comfortable. Wei Xun held the snow leopard’s paw and felt that its paw pad was extremely thick. There were silver white hairs in the fingers and claws. The hairs were also very soft and thick. It felt very comfortable.

Although Xuefeng likes to be clean, it is in the wild environment after all. Wei Xun was bored at leisure. He took a disinfectant wet towel to wipe the snow leopard’s claws and pressed the tip of its claws out to play. Snow leopard’s claws, like cats, are retractable. The curved claw hook is extremely sharp. It can easily tear open the body of the prey. At the moment, it is quietly collected and let Wei Xun play with it.

Many men have gun worship and are born to like this thing representing strength and danger. Like those who raise falcons, tigers and brown bears in foreign countries, they are undoubtedly not obsessed with these fierce and powerful beasts. Wei Xun was also fascinated. He couldn’t help itching when he saw the snow leopard covering his head with his long Plush tail.

The snow leopard’s tail is almost as long as its body. It is fluffy. It not only keeps balance when running and jumping on the cliff, but also covers its legs and head with its tail when sleeping. It is like a warm blanket. Wei Xun grabbed the long tail of the snow leopard and made a circle around his hand. It was like wearing a pair of natural silver Plush gloves.

However, even with such harassment, the snow leopard didn’t even move its eyelids. It was like sleeping dead and breathing smoothly. After wiping the snow leopard’s paw, Wei Xun combed it again. After the snow leopard was clean and fluffy and beautiful, he stopped with a sense of success. Finally, he was sleepy. Wei Xun yawned, closed his eyes and took a nap.

This sleep lasted until the next evening.

“Cake, cake, don’t make trouble.”

When Wei Xun was stunned, he felt a plush heat source close to him. It seemed to smell that something rustled licked his fingers and itched. Wei Xun thought it was the Maine cat cake at home. He would be hungry when he got up early. That’s how he told Wei Xun to get up.

But this time, Wei Xun’s eyelids were particularly heavy, and his recognition was like glue. He wanted to wake up, but he couldn’t open his eyes. He fell asleep and fell into the dark again.

“Master, master -”

“Master -”

Until the fox cub’s anxious call woke Wei Xun from his faintness.

“Master, wake up and mend the sun!”

Wei Xun’s eyelids are warm and his hot breath spits on his face. The distance is too close. Wei Xun knows how to avoid, but his body is pressed by heavy objects and can’t move.

“How long have I slept?”

Wei Xun finally woke up and opened his eyes. He saw the light coming in through the tent at dusk. In the dim yellow light, Wei Xun saw the snow leopard pressing on him. The beast’s eyes stared at his face. His breathing was a little short. It seemed to be confirming whether he was “alive”.

“Day and night!”

No wonder snow leopard is in such a hurry.

Wei Xun felt heavy and weak. The fox cub whispered in his ear about the harm of lack of Yang Qi, which is either that the sheep will not lift up, or that he will not wake up. Wei Xun slept all day and night. In addition to his fatigue, he was also affected by lack of Yang Qi and no energy.

Of course, some people have strong resilience, and their Yang Qi recovers after a night’s rest. However, some people’s physical weakness, like Wei Xun, slept all day and night, but the negative situation became more serious.

“Yes, I’m fine”

The fox cubs here are dedicated to science popularization, while Wei Xun over there refuses the worried licking and sniffing of the snow leopard. The tongue pricks on the snow leopard’s tongue are many and dense, and licks the meat foam on the bone. Wei Xun’s naked and exposed skin turned red. Obviously, the snow leopard made extraordinary efforts to wake up Wei Xun who was in a coma.

Wei Xun comfortingly hugged the snow leopard’s upper body, stroked its back with one hand, plunged his fingers into its thick silver hair, and held the snow leopard’s claws with the other hand. Under the shelter of his body, Wei Xun quickly sucked Yang Qi with a magic mosquito mouthpiece.

“Hiss -”

Wei Xun directly took a breath of air-conditioning.

What’s going on? This blood, no, why is this Yang Qi hotter than when I first inhaled it?

Soon Wei Xun found that it was not the snow leopard’s Yang that was heavier, but his own reaction was wrong. He couldn’t control his body. Wei Xun buried his face in the thick hair on the chest of the snow leopard and exhaled deeply. His whole body was hot. The Yang Qi fell into the ice water like a drop of magma, and the burning water would boil.

Wei Xun’s body trembled slightly. The snow leopard was big enough to almost block him, so that the audience in the live broadcasting room could not perceive the difference. However, Wei Xun felt that he was out of control at the moment. He only wanted to breathe Yang Qi, but when Wei Xun returned and forced himself to take back the magic mosquito mouthpiece, he had inhaled Yang Qi for five seconds.

Snow leopard won’t suck it up!

Wei Xun, who felt his brain was burning, couldn’t think more. He seemed to have been soaking in a hot spring for a long time, and the whole person couldn’t afford it. This feeling is different from sleeping due to lack of Yang. It is a feeling of fatigue, sleepiness and too weak. But now Wei Xun feels that he is extremely excited and itching in the bone seam. Only by touching the snow leopard, this itching sensation is slightly dormant.

Wei Xun was pale, his cheeks flushed, his mouth was slightly open, and his breath was hot. When the snow leopard sniffed again, Wei Xun didn’t avoid it, but welcomed it. He sniffed the breath next to the snow leopard’s cheek like an animal.

Wei Xun’s reaction excited the snow leopard, and its momentum obviously changed. Slightly irritable, he grabbed the collar of the assault jacket and tore it, showing a bit of ferocity. Wei Xun didn’t avoid it. He even turned his head in cooperation, shining the pale skin on the back of his neck in front of the snow leopard.

“What’s going on? I’m not right.”

Although his body was as weak as a high fever and his hands and feet were soft, Wei Xun’s knowledge was particularly sober. He obviously felt the change of his body – but Wei Xun was sure that he had no special abnormal addiction to snow leopard.

Fox cubs are also stupid, squeaking and whining. Again, it’s definitely not affected by it – it’s a fox cub. It hasn’t developed yet. Sucking Yang is like drinking nutrition express. There will be no other reaction after it!

That’s strange. It’s not his problem, nor is it a fox cub. The difficulty is that there are too many Yang Qi? However, if the body’s reaction is caused by excessive Yang Qi, it should be Wei Xun’s own business. Now he obviously has a special sense of closeness to the snow leopard, which is not controlled by reason.

Wei Xun flew through his mind, and suddenly a flash of light flashed. He thought of the ball of magic insects.

[you are a natural breeder, and your swarm will have a strong desire for reproduction · hope]

“Reproduction, reproduction and reproduction”

Wei Xun rarely gnashes his teeth. “Xiao Cui, come out!”

One day, only the emerald light seen by Wei Xun appeared, and the palm sized emerald green sandfly is Xiaocui’s original body. But it just came out, and the snow leopard pulled its tail to the side of the backpack.

Xiaocui knew that she was silent. She was as quiet as a chicken and hid in the shadow of her backpack. Sure enough, is the reproducer of the pit father. Xiaocui is missing from the magic insect ball, and Wei Xun quickly calms down.

Although the body was hot because of too much yang, the control gradually returned to Wei Xun’s hands, and reason overwhelmed Ben. At the moment, the weight of the snow leopard was on him, and the cold tip of his nose touched the back of his neck from time to time. The cold sensation stimulated Wei Xun’s hot skin, made him shiver and completely restore his reason.

When the snow leopard tried to bite Wei Xun’s back neck, Wei Xun, who had recovered, resolutely pushed the snow leopard away.

The feeling of hot blood punch spread, and the tent still seemed to be filled with hot breath. Wei Xun was afraid that he would be affected again.

When the snow leopard snored again, he pressed its forehead, resolutely pushed it away again, and then walked out of the tent.


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