TTG Chapter 9

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (9)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 9: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

It was getting late and the rain was getting heavier. The passengers were frightened by the full bodies in the yard of Xiaolong Yizhuang. The crowd was agitated for a moment, but soon quieted down.

They must follow the schedule. Even if they are afraid, they have to check in at Xiaolong Yizhuang before six o’clock.

What’s more, the first night of the journey is usually Christmas Eve. No matter how many bodies there are in the yard, it’s probably just scary.

The passengers looked at C 9 intentionally or unintentionally, looking for some sense of security. Unconsciously, the image of Bingjiu, who brought back Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei, changed a little in the hearts of the people.

In any case, his strength is beyond doubt.

But when they saw Bingjiu’s face, everyone felt a click in their heart.

Bingjiu turned blue!

All of a sudden, the veteran travelers made up their minds.

Is this the horror of drunk beauty in Western Hunan? Even the first night’s residence is full of crisis, which makes madman Bingjiu afraid!

They will stay here all night – how many people will survive then?

Xiaolong Yizhuang, danger!


Wei Xun’s face turned blue——


As soon as the gate of Xiaolong Yizhuang was opened, Wei Xun seemed to come to the South Pole in an instant, and a powerful air conditioner blew at him, which made Wei Xun’s scalp numb and almost tremble.

The weakness of the cold-blooded is really a bit deadly.

“Put it.”

Wei Xun ordered in a concise and comprehensive way. In fact, he has a nasal sound now. Fortunately, no one found it.

He caught a cold and had to dry his clothes quickly. He sincerely hoped that Bruce Lee’s villa would be warmer.

Otherwise, if he has a cold and a fever, the countdown to death is not enough for him.

After Shi Tao put Bingjiu down, he was still not used to it. Seeing the clothes soaked by the rain clinging to Bingjiu, it seemed that he was a little too thin.

When Bingjiu’s figure disappeared behind the corpses and gradually disappeared, an inexplicable sense of panic hit, and Shi Tao subconsciously wanted to catch up. But he just took a step, but his hair stood up and his blood was frozen!

The bodies in the yard are staring at him!

Dozens of pairs of dead, sunken dark eyes locked Shi Tao. Great malice and cold came, making Shi Tao sweat and unable to move.

Fortunately, someone noticed his difference.

Shi Tao was dragged back several steps by the people behind him, and the chill of being stared at finally disappeared.

“Brother Shi, be careful. We can’t go in without a room card! ”

“Thank you, thank you.”

Shi Tao was still a little distracted. He smiled reluctantly. He thanked the humanitarian who dragged him out and hesitated: “thank you, Wang…”

“Hey, fat man, how old am I? If you don’t mind, just call me brother Wang.”

Wang pengpai didn’t care about patting his fat belly. He smiled and kindly warned: “brother Shi is hurt? We have to treat the injury quickly. We can’t be distracted in this damn place! ”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Shi Tao also knew that he was in a wrong state. He was more grateful to the fat man in his eyes and explained, “I wasn’t hurt.”

Although the previous battle was bloody and fierce, the monsters were attacking C 9. Shi Tao was not hurt. He was just reliving the feeling of running like a madman again and again.

Since his arm was broken, he has always been a disabled person in the eyes of others.

“Let me help you. After all, it’s not convenient for you…”

“It’s all right, Tao. With my brother, I can support you.”

Everyone is kind, but it seems that his arm is broken and he is useless. In reality, he was retired by the sports team when he was just young and couldn’t find other jobs.

During the journey, he was still subjected to more consultation and grinding due to his disability. During the journey, he mostly ran away in embarrassment. He could barely live by relying on people’s physical strength and resilience.

But that fight was different.

Shi Tao’s eyes are complicated.

Not running away, but facing the enemy. Look, he can still carry Bingjiu without holding him back, although it only works a little. But it also makes Shi Tao feel

It’s no big deal to break your arm. You’re still useful.

He can be more useful.

Bingjiu gave him the chance.

“Director C, it seems to be different.

Listening to the murmur of fat Wang, Shi Tao nodded subconsciously.

Yes, no matter what others think of C □□ price, Shi Tao realizes C 9 again.

Crazy, powerful, mysterious, elusive.

Only such people can survive better in dangerous hotels.

Shi Tao also wants to be like Bing Jiu.

“Xiaolong Yizhuang was built in the Qing Dynasty. The specific time can’t be tested.”

Wei Xun, a migrant worker, couldn’t rest. When he came back from receiving his room card, he read the guide’s words without expression and led the passengers all the way through the courtyard full of corpses into the main house.

“When foreign enemies invaded in the late Qing Dynasty, general Luo Rongguang led his troops to defend Dagukou fort‘ When people were in Dagu, they lost blood on the ground and worshipped heaven. “In the face of 20000 enemy troops, none of the garrison soldiers retreated, and finally all the British died bravely.”

“Sima Laosi, the chief of Jiudong thirteen strongholds in Western Hunan, was brave and loyal. He led his disciples to take the initiative to go out of Hunan and send the martyrs home. When I passed Wuluo mountain, I settled in Xiaolong Yizhuang. ”

The main room was not big. There were more than ten thin wooden coffins in it. The moisture and body odor were filled. I didn’t know how long the coffin had been put, and there was a layer of dirt and mildew on it. It almost pasted the wooden memorial tablets in front of the coffin. I couldn’t see who was in the coffin.

I’m used to seeing dozens of dead bodies in the patio of the outer courtyard and just a dozen broken coffins in the main room. The passengers are not surprised.

Miao Fangfei carefully wrote down every word of Bingjiu in her heart. On the other side, she was still thinking about the rotten corpses in the outer yard, so that the corpses could stand in the patio exposed to the wind, sun, wind, frost, snow and rain. It’s not like a morgue, it’s more like

It’s more like being deliberately tortured.

Miao Fangfei’s heart sank and she arrived at the first scenic spot. The situation was so dangerous. I really don’t know if anyone can go out of drunk Xiangxi alive this time.

After the main house, it is the place for them to stay. The inn like building has a long history. It has three floors in total. The narrow wooden stairs have no handrails. They are high and steep. They creak when walking on them. They are always worried that it will break suddenly.

However, the temperature here has increased a lot, which is much better than the main house and small courtyard in front. At least it is not cold and can shelter from the wind and rain.

“Meet in the hall on the first floor at five o’clock tomorrow morning.”

When eight passengers, three two person families and two one person families, were assigned to the second and third floors of the inn, Wei Xun couldn’t help wondering at the depressed faces of the passengers.

What’s not enough?

It’s just that the house is damp, there are more insects and the sheets are moldy.

I wish I could live in the wild mountains. Do you still want any presidential suite?

Hey – don’t mention that there is really a ‘Presidential Suite’ in the inn. Wei Xun has seen it and he is very satisfied.

But that’s where he lives. It has nothing to do with the passengers.

[VIP experience voucher – you will enjoy the best accommodation and the best food in all the projects of our hotel!]

[time limit of experience coupon: 15 days]

The things that come out of the creepy gift bag seem a little useless – it’s time for life and death. Who wants to enjoy it? Why don’t you have something more practical!

But Wei Xun likes to enjoy it! Live well, eat well and play well. This is Wei Xun’s travel creed. Besides, in his physical condition, if he doesn’t have a good rest and drink, and sleeps all night wrapped in wet clothes, all the passengers will have to kneel down and beg him tomorrow——

Please don’t die.

“Tonight, please, please…”


Wei Xun, who was waiting to send the room card back to her room, suddenly found that Miao Fangfei didn’t leave after receiving the room card. She bowed her head and couldn’t speak like a gnat.

“Please… Come, room…”

After that, Miao Fangfei bowed to Wei Xunmeng, and then ran away, like a fierce ghost chasing after him.

Shi Tao, who was in the same room with him, smiled awkwardly at Bing Jiu. His voice was so low that he could hardly hear: “I, me too, waiting for you.”

After that, he hurried away, leaving only Wei Xun with question marks all over his head.

What are you doing in your room?

Look at your moldy sheets?


Wei Xun was amused by his mean humor and knew that Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao had something serious to do. Just thinking that it doesn’t matter to go back to the house and take a hot bath, Wei Xun felt his palm scratched.

In an instant, he had goose bumps on his back and almost jumped up. His face was very bad. When he glanced, Wei Xun found that Lin Xi was the one who caused the moth.

“I’m… Ready.”

Obviously, they are all people walking in the rain. Lin Xi looks much cleaner than others. He was shy and bowed his head. He looked like a pure white rabbit. He couldn’t see the madness like a mad dog before.

Lin Xi lowered her head and revealed her best looking back neck. Under Bingjiu’s “hot” eyes, his body trembled slightly, and his blush burned from his cheeks to his ears.

Finally, he whispered ‘wait for you’, and then ran away like a frightened deer, half way, looked back at Yan Weixun, looked at Yan Weixun’s feet like a hint, and smiled very well.

The sound of “waiting for you” is completely different from Shi Tao’s dry and hard “waiting for you”. It is very appealing. The presence of homosexuals and heterosexuals in the audience is a flash in the mind.

Ready for what?

Wei Xun despised the soft soled shoes soaked in water and covered with mud.

Not surprisingly, he had to wear these shoes for five days.

Wei Xun doesn’t think so.

Lin Xigang was just looking at his feet and pinched like a Riddler. What does this mean?

Can you say——

Wei Xun suddenly realized that he understood!

Lin Xi must have brought Bing Jiu’s laundry!

The more Wei Xun thought about it, the more reasonable he felt. He couldn’t even change his clothes during the six day and five night journey. The passengers carried big bags one by one, but there was nothing in C 9, and none of the passengers expressed doubt.

With the status of C 9, it’s not good to squeeze others to carry those unimportant items? Where he needs to take things by himself, even those who please him will take the initiative to ask – for example, Lin Xi.

As for others

Wei Xun is like a ghost now. He doesn’t have the time to think elsewhere. He has been seriously ill in bed for several years, which has made him Buddhist.

There is no worldly desire.

I hope the shoes are new and the shoe size is appropriate. It’s better if Bingjiu didn’t wear them.

Wei Xun made a heartfelt wish, and the action of issuing a room card was more perfunctory. After issuing the room card, he didn’t look back and left in a hurry. The passengers who stayed in the hall on the first floor tacitly looked at all men.

“Guide C, it’s really fierce.”

Lin Xi won.

Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei are still too young to understand a man’s heart.

At the thought of Bingjiu’s good energy in the extremely dangerous and exhausting journey, some people can’t help but sigh with envy and envy.

“Guide C, slag.”


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