TTG Chapter 90

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 90: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (33)

When he got out of the tent, the cold wind on the plateau suddenly invigorated Wei Xun. He just felt that the dry, hot and dizzy were all scattered with the wind.

“You finally wake up!”

Some people have been paying attention to this side. As soon as Wei Xun came out of the tent, Fei Lezhi and his friends ran over excitedly: “it’s frightening. You haven’t moved in there. We thought –”

“I’m not tired, just tired.”

Wei Xun took it with him, but saw Fei Lezhi and others running about ten meters away from the tent and standing still. He didn’t move on. He couldn’t help wondering, “what’s the matter?”

“Ah, this, this.”

Feile smiled awkwardly and hesitated. He looked behind Wei Xun and saw that there was no large cat behind him. He was subconsciously relieved.

“Ha ha ha, your leopard is so fierce that it frightens us all.”

Ji Hongcai laughed and explained to Wei Xun. It turned out that when he came back, Wei Xun didn’t get up from the tent at dinner. Yin Baitao was a little worried. He wanted to go to the tent with feilezhi and Jiang Hongguang, but the fierce snow leopard chased him out directly.

“Hey, it really scared me. If the big fangs bite really hard, my arm will have to be torn off. ”

Feile was so embarrassed that she was still terrified when she remembered the scene at that time: “fortunately, brother Bao left a small hole under his mouth. It’s just to drive us out.”

“Yes, no one is ten meters away from your tent.”

Yin Baitao also smiled. Seeing that Wei Xun was normal, he thought of the scene at that time and only felt funny: “you haven’t woke up at noon today. Everyone is really worried about getting out of the snow leopard. He’s afraid of scaring the snow leopard and hurting you. He tried all kinds of ways.”

“Now it seems that the snow leopard is protecting the master. Hey, it’s really good for brother Wei. If only he took it out of the brigade.”

Feilezhi sighed and took a few steps towards Wei Xun. Suddenly, his scalp felt numb, as if he had been staring at something extremely dangerous. Feilezhi jumped after standing with a snap in the conditioned reflex and returned to ten meters on the spot. With a closer look, the snow leopard came out of the tent and stared at him with a pair of animal eyes.

Seeing that feilezhi retreated to a safe distance, the snow leopard shook its ears and walked gracefully to Wei Xun. The silver body was horizontal between Wei Xun and feilezhi. The snow leopard’s plush head is against his waist, and his long tail swings slightly impatiently, as if to urge him to return to the tent again.

“I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

Wei Xun just slapped the snow leopard’s head perfunctorily and avoided it. I’m still a little affected now. The role of the breeder adds a lack of Yang Qi and adds a lot of Yang Qi of the snow leopard. This triple superposition is really a bit deadly, so that I feel a little abnormal about the snow leopard at present.

In particular, Wei Xun clearly felt that the mood of the snow leopard was different from that before, either through blood contact or guessing while watching. Obviously, Wei Xun cut off his blood control over the snow leopard, but his various body languages were still easy to understand at a glance.

Shaking your ears is urgent, wagging your tail is restless, grunting in your throat is intimacy, rubbing is to leave a smell and swear sovereignty.

As for just now in the tent——

Wei Xun doubted very much whether the wild mind, together with the breeders, had a negative effect on the snow leopard. For example, let the snow leopard treat the snow leopard as a female leopard?

That’s why there is the search during the earthquake and the protection during sleep?

No, this title won’t come back. Let’s play. It’s really unkind. Isn’t it cheating wild animals.

Snow leopard must be wondering why Wei Xun pushed it away when the atmosphere in the tent was just right.

But from a positive point of view, Wei Xun really knows more about snow leopard, in all aspects. I feel the progress of my wild soul has increased a lot. If this continues, I should become a snow leopard before the end of the journey.

But Wei Xun’s last conscience was not to cheat leopard any more.

How can humans become stronger by deceiving the purity of wild animals!

If other wild animals cheat, they will cheat, but Xuefeng is different.

Wei Xun pushed away several times, and the snow leopard seemed to understand. Its tail slapped the ground angrily, and its throat was no longer purring, but silent, staring at Wei Xun.

The fierce eyes full of wildness are very deterrent, which makes people think that it is not a docile cat, but a powerful aggressive wild animal and the king of the snow field.

Feilezhi’s friends all raised their hearts. They were afraid that Wei Xun angered the snow leopard and was worried about the attack of Fei Lezhi, but Wei Xun waved his hand and didn’t let them surround. Secretly appreciate the snow leopard’s eyes.

Snow leopard is so beautiful.

In particular, its eyes seem to have faded a lot of blood. In the dim light of the evening, the snow leopard’s eyes are luxurious gray blue, like a cloudy sky. That kind of fierce eyes, like locking prey, really poked Wei Xun’s aesthetics.

As a result, only wild animals have such wild nature. The fierce animals kept in the zoo have long lost their ferocity.

It’s a pity. Wei Xun couldn’t help but want to hold the snow leopard, watch it show its teeth and play with its claws if he didn’t want to delay the snow peak’s leopard.

But Wei Xun restrained himself. He didn’t move. He looked at the snow leopard with calm eyes until the snow leopard turned and left. The silver figure soon disappeared into the dusk.

“Hey, brother Wei, the snow leopard ran away.”

Although he sweated for Wei Xun during the confrontation just now, seeing that the snow leopard really turned and ran away, feilezhi still hesitated to speak subconsciously. I see that snow leopard obviously wants to get close to Wei Xun, but Wei Xun has been refusing, so Snow Leopard ran away in anger?

“Do you have any food? I’m hungry.”

Wei Xun didn’t say much, but slightly pressed his stomach. He was really hungry. Sitting by the fire, guard Xun drank three bowls of soup, ate five palm sized compressed biscuits, and ate two canned meat, which frightened Yin Baitao.

“I got something this time.”

Wei Xun touched his stomach. In fact, he didn’t know why he was hungry. Up to now, he has only eaten half full. But there are still a few steps to go. Wei Xun restrained himself and drank hot water. With one hand, there are more than a dozen finger belly sized pure white crystals in his palm.

“Everyone comes and takes one with him, and the evil ghost insect won’t come any closer.”

This is the leftover material of the Crystal Tower eaten by the fox cub. It’s broken and doesn’t look like it. The insect prevention is mainly due to the smell of Wei Xun on it.

“How can we do that? Brother Wei, you brought it back from the fight. We didn’t do anything. We don’t take advantage of you!”

Feilezhi quickly waved his hand and Jiang Hongguang shook his head:

“Guard, we as passengers have a share. This time, how much force we have, how much things we take, greedy people always die the fastest.”

Even now, at least the passengers are rational enough.

“Take them all.”

Wei Xun also talked nonsense. He directly put the crystal stone into Jiang Hongguang’s hand and said, “I’m in danger of many supernatural beings under the ruins. The difficulty of this journey has changed. This crystal stone is on a nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. It can be regarded as a good weight. It’s safe for you to take it with you. ”

“Supernatural danger?!”

Fang Yuhang was shocked and lost his voice. In the twinkling of an eye, he figured out the key: “it’s definitely Ding Yi’s ghost!”

“Yes, I must have hidden in the dark. I went to the ruins for a walk.”

Jiang Hongguang also had a dignified face and explained to the feilezhi people who were puzzled that it was difficult to unseal the case.

“Thank you.”

This time, the people no longer refused. After sincerely thanking Wei Xun one by one, they received the crystal stone from Jiang Hongguang. Wei Xun will take out the things he gained from his adventure in the ruins and give them to everyone, which makes everyone very grateful to him. In particular, the crystal stone is also valuable for driving away evil spirits and insects and preventing the danger of supernatural beings.

Wei Xun’s more than a dozen crystal stones are actually just pieces of stone broken down by a crystal stone with a large head, which is eaten by the fox cub. However, the passengers treasure and put away one by one. Jiang Hongguang’s people no longer hide their privacy and tell all kinds of experiences of the passengers.

“Next, we’d better all be together and only take the main scenic spots.”

Jiang Hongguang said: “the main line scenic spot is the difficulty that the tour guide can’t change. As long as we keep walking only the main line scenic spot, it’s difficult for Ding Yi to do it secretly.”

“I didn’t kill the guard this time. I will be more careful next.”

Fang Yuhang sighed anxiously, “there is no guard against thieves every day. The guard must leave the team in the future. If Ding tries to cheat again and again.”

“The passengers tacitly understood that Wei Xun had left the team for several times, which must be to do tasks such as branch attractions. But if we see through, we are only worried about Wei Xun. ”

“I’m going to Kobayashi temple in the Ming Dynasty.”

Wei Xun didn’t care. He had already noticed that Ding Yi ran outside the poor Zong mountain. He didn’t think he would die in the earthquake or what. He looked like he was going to run away. However, Wei Xun is bad. After realizing Ding Yi’s escape, he deliberately hides the master slave relationship between the two people, making Ding Yi mistakenly think that the control is invalid.

If Wei Xun could not do this before, but after swallowing the ghost of the devil, he could do it easily, as if he would.

Wei Xun also wanted to see what tricks Ding Yi could use. He was especially mean to wait for Ding Yi to return to the brigade. As a result, he saw the shock and stupidity when he was still there.

When Wei Xun swallowed the demon’s virtual shadow, he got too much money, which was also leaked to Ding 11. . If Dante is a little clever, he will continue to block the live broadcast with props to hide this. Wei Xun estimated that with Ding Yi’s temperament, he could not help but come out when Xiaolin temple came——


Wei Xun frowned secretly and felt that Ding Yi was approaching here at a fast speed – at this speed, he should be here in more than half an hour.

How does this work? Is Ding Yi really anxious?

“Brother Wei, do you want another song!”

Feile Zhire, beside the fire, invited him to celebrate Wei Xun’s awakening and the first scenic spot for them to finish their tour. Ming Dynasty was about to leave the ruins of ZhangXiong. We moved more firewood and set up a fire. The flame was burning vigorously, and the orange fire light brightened the darkness and reflected on everyone’s face.

In a plateau far away from modernity and science and technology, people’s joy also belongs to the primitive. Feilezhi people have been singing and dancing around the fire for a while. When Wei Xun saw Jiang Hongguang, first, the atmosphere was active, making the whole brigade more united. Second, there is also a sense of venting that “I’m drunk now.”.

In the past, the fire was to defend against foreign enemies. The burning flame will give people a sense of warmth and security. Although Wei Xun’s visit to the ruins yielded a lot, it also worried the passengers that Ding Yi was still hidden in the dark and did not leave.

The Ming Dynasty is about to leave the familiar ruins of Chang Hsiung and go to the Kobayashi temple in Mo Hsiang. Rao Shizhen’s tourists can’t help worrying that their future is uncertain.

At the moment, the bonfire party is coming at the right time. The passengers are venting. Those who are hesitant and depressed and their lives are uncertain. In order to survive, they must risk their lives or lower their dignity and grovel to please others.

If they had been on a guided tour, they would never have had such a chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Now that Ding is gone, although he will come back again, everyone is taking this opportunity to vent their feelings.

They had a lively time. Wei Xun came and sang a song. He sang a hymn to the grassland. The tone was simple and desolate, which was very suitable for this journey. Although Tao Weixun of feilezhi can speak Tibetan, they didn’t expect that his singing was also so pleasant. They suddenly felt experience, especially Wei Xun’s free and easy, informal, unusually generous and relaxed attitude.

Do not worry about the future, nor do you always get nervous about the hidden dangers. It seems that as long as you keep up with the pace, you will have the spirit of fearing no difficulties. It really has infinite charm and makes people convinced.

“Hey, brother Wei, did you rub something on your hair?”

Feilezhi refers to Wei Xun’s forehead, where several strands of broken hair are slightly long. Wei Xun pulled a few hairs and saw that it was as white as snow and glowed warm yellow against the campfire.

“No, it’s my title.”

Wei Xun doesn’t care. A few more strands of hair turn white, which is in line with his intention to slowly expose his white hair. In this respect, the snow leopard is more convenient than the ferret. Seasonal hair changing can’t compare with always having snow-white fur.

“You sing.”

Wei Xun got up and left the campfire with a thermos cup. The sound of singing and laughing gradually disappeared. .

If Ding Yi really boldly recovers his human form, he can’t wait to come back and seize power. He has to clean up hard.

Wei Xun slowly changed his new gloves, took off his assault suit and threw it aside, wearing only a warm gray cashmere sweater. A slightly thin body hides a powerful force that needs to be vented.

The night on the plateau should have been extremely cold, but Wei Xun still felt hot. .

I haven’t felt this energetic feeling for several years since I was ill, but the hard won Yang Qi doesn’t let out again. Wei Xun uses another way to vent his energy.

For example, beat Xiaoding one. I’m afraid the scene will be too bloody, so I stay away from the crowd. I can’t enjoy myself later.

Wei Xun waited quietly in the cold wind. When the campfire lit up, it was about nine o’clock, and it was almost ten o’clock in more than half an hour. The cool moon has risen, and the bright moon shines like silver all over the mountains and earth. In the wilderness without lights, the light of the moon is enough to illuminate the road ahead.

Wei Xun stood down and saw a dark shadow running on the cliffs of the mountain road. His movements were vigorous and beautiful. When running, his limbs were elegantly stretched. The moonlight reflected on his silver fur, like a layer of frost and snow, and looked like an elf in the snow mountain.

Its figure is covered by mountains and rocks, and can no longer be seen from the perspective of Wei Xun. But Wei Xun was surprised and opened his eyes.

The animal shadow running in the moonlight is clearly a snow peak!

How can it coincide with Ding Yi’s feelings?!

Wei Xun conditioned reflex took a few steps forward, but he couldn’t find the trace of the snow leopard. Before, in order to prove whether he really understood the body language of the snow leopard, he cut off the blood connection with Xuefeng, but he really didn’t know where the snow leopard went after he left.

How did it meet with Ding Yi? Do you mean

Wei Xun’s face sank, and a sense of killing flashed in his heart. I felt that Ding Yi was approaching rapidly, getting closer and closer. However, during a few breaths, I only heard a faint running sound. The silver white beast came stepping on the moon. It jumped down the stone wall and walked slowly to Wei Xun.

Wei Xun quickly looked at the snow leopard. He was relieved to see that it was different from what he imagined. It was not controlled or kidnapped by Ding Yi.

The snow leopard is also a large number of Wei Xun. It seems that Wei Xun’s repeated rejection is still in his mind. The snow leopard’s actions are a little more tentative. The animal’s eyes stare at Wei Xun’s watch and slowly come towards him.

It’s like a slow release in the movie. Its muscles fluctuate like hills. Its silver white long hair looks like mercury under the moonlight. The silver light goes along the back to the tip of the plush long tail, which is particularly luxurious and elegant.

This scene is really beautiful. Even if the snow leopard holds its prey in its mouth, it just adds a look of arrogance and wildness, making it even more imposing.

Well, if its’ prey ‘is not a little black dog, it is really a rare beauty.

“Xuefeng, this…”

The words on Wei Xun’s face are unspeakable, and even he can’t understand them.

Why does a dingo bite a snow leopard in his mouth and pretend to be dying?

It turns out that Ding Yi’s “rapid approach” is not that he can’t wait to come back and seize power? But the snow leopard??

This should not, at least not, Ding Yibing is not a real dog! Even if you were injured while fleeing the earthquake, you don’t dare to catch the snow leopard. How useless is it?

“Snore –”

The snow leopard stopped three steps in front of Wei Xun, put down the little black dog in its mouth and pressed it with its big claws. Then he squatted down and gracefully circled his long tail. The snow leopard looked at Wei Xun’s bright eyes, which looked peaceful and calm. Only the semicircular velvet ears trembled, showing some impatience.

“Snore –”

I heard you right. Snow leopard is really calling you.

But Wei Xun didn’t understand what he did in the past. Are you going to eat, play, or

“For me?”

Wei Xun’s mind turned around. Suddenly, he thought that at the beginning, he was stunned by the stink of a dinggou covered with insect blood and hugged the snow leopard to calm his nerves. At that time, I remember that the snow leopard seemed to look several times in the direction of dinggou’s escape. Was it at that time that the snow leopard remembered the smell of dinggou?

Do you think it provoked Wei Xun and deliberately grabbed it to please him?

This, this is——

Wei Xun looked at dinggou with a smile, but there were countless doubts in his heart. Before, it was impossible to frighten dinggou, but now dinggou is also very frightened. After seeing Wei Xun, he directly closes his eyes and pretends to be dead under the snow leopard’s paw. In his heart, he is afraid and unwilling to fear and hate, and even has people who dare not believe and doubt.

Although Wei Xun shielded the contract, there was a great difference in status between him and dinggou, and dinggou was not aware of his existence and could not communicate with him. But Wei Xun clearly felt dinggou’s complex feeling.

Compared with it, he doesn’t know how he caught a snow leopard.

Wei Xun thought of those mummies activated by demon human skin, which had become the most common corpses under the snow leopard’s claws. What I thought before was that the snow leopard had a restraining effect on the legendary demons in Tibet.

But looking at Ding Gou’s appearance, can it be said that snow leopard’s restraint is aimed not only at Tibet, but at things of the abyss system?

When there was a snow leopard nearby, Xiao Jin Xiaocui didn’t seem to be very lively.

In this way, you really don’t look like an ordinary snow leopard, but Xuefeng itself is not ordinary. Although people don’t know the origin of daoxuefeng, Wei Xun clearly remembers that it appeared in the back seat of the new off-road vehicle when he woke up.

Is Xuefeng really related to a scenic spot on this trip?

Wei Xun was lost in thought. The snow leopard looked at him and stood still. His tail tip slapped the ground more and more anxious. It was Shi Shi who squatted there and wanted to attract Wei Xun with his prey. But seeing that the snow leopard didn’t move, it was inevitable that the snow leopard was impatient. He pressed and held dinggou’s claw, showing his sharpness and exerting more force.

Hearing Ding gouache crying for his father and mother, Wei Xun thought back from his meditation. He no longer thought about the hair in the tent, but just wanted to carefully check the body of Xuefeng to see if it was a special snow leopard. But when Wei Xun was about to walk towards it, he looked up and was stunned. Xuefeng was nervous and bit his tail.

On the Internet, I saw a short video of many cats, dogs and even foxes running after their tails. The snow leopard’s tail is long and flexible. They really hold their Plush tail, and they are used to it, like crossing the river and playing.

Snow leopard cubs like to bite the tail of the female leopard. It is said that this can relieve tension. Some snow leopards also keep this habit after years.

Wei Xun was stunned when he saw Xuefeng holding his tail for the first time. Suddenly, he loved to be critical. However, the snow leopard only noticed Wei Xun’s step. It immediately relaxed, walked briskly to Wei Xun’s side and rubbed around her body. The snore from her throat was low, which seemed to be complaining and blaming her for her lack of sleep.

Wei Xun grabs its tail, and the snow leopard has no resistance. He puts the plush thick tail into his hand and lets Wei Xun play at will.

“Hey, Xuefeng, come with me.”

Wei Xun’s snow leopard was so entangled that he almost forgot Ding Gou. It was really hard to turn down his face and refuse. Seeing that he deliberately “caught” Ding Gou for good cooperation, he suddenly felt that Xuefeng was really in love and pity. He hugged the snow leopard and rubbed its thick hair. Wei Xun really couldn’t bear to think that he would be separated from the snow leopard in a few days.

If the snow leopard really has something special, like the skull of the white wolf king, it should be “take it back to the hotel”.

Wei Xun thought about it. After having a good intimacy with the snow leopard, he got rid of its entanglement. He picked up the little black dog who was stunned and took it back to his tent.

Snow leopard followed him into the tent and didn’t care that Wei Xun brought dinggou back. He just pestered Wei Xun. His huge and flexible body tripped people if he wasn’t careful.

After Wei Xun sat down, he occupied Wei Xun’s thigh and put it on his pillow. His gray blue eyes were pure and focused, with only his reflection in his eyes. It provoked Wei Xun to comb his hair several times from beginning to end before he began to deal with dingou’s hair.

“Ding Yi, have you figured out how to die?”

Different from the warm voice and soft language to the snow leopard, Wei Xun directly played down Ding dog like thunder, even because the snow leopard was licking the palm of his hand with a slight smile at the end, but Dante dog was full of cold sweat and scared

Wei Xun… It’s true!

Dinggou didn’t escape without luck. He didn’t want to torture the people in the brigade and vent his anger when Wei Xun died. But now, seeing Wei Xun standing in front of him, even without injury, his thoughts suddenly disappeared and he was full of thoughts about how to live.

I still underestimated Wei Xun’s means.

Ding Yi was not willing to panic. Even he didn’t want to challenge the relic of the difficulty of unsealing, but Wei Xun came back from the underground relic of the difficulty of unsealing. He was still undamaged in the earthquake. His trip was definitely fruitful.

A new passenger, a new passenger – Ding Yi can’t think that he is a new passenger now. Wei Xun’s means of dissimilation alone are unheard of, by no means ordinary, and even compared with those big tour guides.

 the life of the dog now lies in Wei Xun’s hands. As long as Wei Xun has an idea, he has no resistance and will definitely die!

Ding Yi doesn’t want to die – he has lived in the hotel for a long time. In addition to being cruel and cruel, he is careful enough. For example, his previous escape is indeed justified.

“Master, master, I don’t want to escape, but I can’t help it. I really can’t help it.”

Ding Yi cried miserably. The little black dog twitched like a cramp, which scared the snow leopard. Wei Xun rubbed the snow leopard’s ears with a fierce look in his eyes. Ding immediately didn’t dare to cry again. He choked and explained it clearly in a few words.

“When my master asked me to escape from the earthquake ruins, I didn’t want to get in the way of my master, but I didn’t want to leave my master and run away alone. I thought of waiting at the entrance of the ruins.”

Ding Yi Dao said in a slightly panicked tone: “but I received a signal from the bee Taoist!”

‘taoist bee? \ ‘

Wei Xun said faintly, “the tour guide of the butcher alliance who communicated with you?”

‘yes, it is! Feng daoren is the top 50 tour guide in the second class. I’m just a small dish in front of him. I dare not disobey him… Uh huh. ”

Before Ding Yi continued to sell miserably, Wei Xun directly closed his mouth and tortured him with the potential of the master slave contract. Wei Xun just accepted Ding and didn’t specifically ask him about the guide of the butcher alliance behind him for a moment, because he was still weak in his control of his power and was wary of the other party’s prohibition on Ding. When he mentioned the key words, the other party would find out.

But now he has swallowed up the ghost of the devil, and dinggou is like a piece of plasticine rubbed arbitrarily in Wei Xun’s hand. As expected, Ding Yi did have a strange and hidden smell. Wei Xun did not remove it, but shielded it with a special method and interrogated Ding Yi again.

After torturing Ding for a while, Wei Xun carelessly held the snow leopard’s paw and pressed it on it. The snow leopard moved away with a shake of its claws. Cats generally don’t want something to press their claws. Wei Xun played with pancake when he was at home.

Wei Xun was interested. When he pressed the past, the snow leopard shrank again. He shrank for several rounds. Look, he was really naughty. The snow leopard finally pressed his paw on the back of Wei Xun’s hand and stared at him with blue gray eyes.

Wei Xun hooked the corner of his mouth, stopped teasing the snow leopard and solved the seal for Ding Yi.

In just over a minute, Ding Yi was completely paralyzed. The master slave contract between the demons in the abyss was cruel and overbearing. There were countless ways to torture the soul. Wei Xun was just the simplest coercion, which made Ding unable to afford any luck any more and gave all of them to Balu.

It’s said that the bee Taoist ranks fifty in class B and keeps several nests of bees with different characteristics. 605. But cultivating queen bees consumes all kinds of resources.

The competition in the major league is fierce, there are all kinds of factions, and the bee Taoist also has to please the people at the top. 60596. This journey is also a task given to Ding by the bee Taoist priest. It’s convenient for him to find the crystal corpse enshrined in Xiao Wei molongren deep in the ruins of Xiangxiong. The main purpose is to make Ding Yiliang appear.

But the relic is difficult to unseal. At that time of the great earthquake, Ding Yiyi had to run for his life. Where can he remember the crystal corpse. I’m not stupid enough to run away directly – at least I have to confirm that Wei Xun is dead, and I’m afraid that Ding Xinli still has a contract with Wei Xun. I’m afraid that Wei Xun will die if he dies.

andreceived a signal from the bee man.

“How did you communicate during your journey?”

“She gave me three bee pupae. After the pupae hatched, I received a message from her”

Ding Gou explained with trembling that they didn’t communicate with each other in the brigade, but the bee Taoist sent a message to Ding Yi through the Bee Chrysalis. The bee pupa must be extraordinary.

Needless to say, dinggou gave Wei Xun all the bee pupae. Now it’s completely dark, and there’s no light in the tent. Wei Xun’s legs were covered with a thick snow leopard blanket, and all his movements were very hidden.

See this is three red and black cocoons with big finger belly, showing a bloody and strange feeling. The first cocoon has been bitten, and in the cocoon shell is a bee with dark blood lines, which has lost its breath. It seems that it is very difficult to send a message to the journey. According to Ding Yi, the black bee broke out of its cocoon and died with only one word.

“What do you want to do?”

Wei Xun secretly threw the three cocoons under the sleeping bag. Xiaocui, who had been hiding in the tent, took them all away. There are no living things in the cub’s belly. It’s better for the mother to take away these cocoons.

“Let me control you with bee venom on the way to Xiaolin Temple”

Ding Gou was frightened and said, “tomorrow afternoon, the second bee will hatch.”

After this sentence, dingou was nervous and nervous. He was ready for Wei Xun to be shocked and scolded, or even cruel punishment. Dante was worried for a long time, but he found that Wei Xun, Wei Xun, was… Laughing?

“Someone is always polite.”

Wei Xun rubbed the snow leopard’s head and sighed, “why do you bring gifts when you come?”


He couldn’t understand what Wei Xun was talking about. Dinggou’s brain is confused, but for his own life, he reminds: “master, although they can’t get into the journey, those with strong strength have their own way to come by the return car of the hotel…”

It is difficult to invade a journey, but when all the scenic spots of the journey are over, the rules are weak when passengers want to return by bus. The tour guides have already understood all kinds of hotel rules. The bee Taoist will stay at the end of the journey!

“You don’t have to worry about it”

Wei Xun sighed that he had really had a good trip. Just got the title of demon bug dominator and wondered where to get more demon bugs to enhance his strength, a bee Taoist took the initiative to send bees. Magic bees  are also extremely powerful abyssal magic insects. They are highly toxic and aggressive. They swarm and are controlled by the queen bee.

In particular, magic bees can make honey and taste sweet, which is a great tonic for the abyss race. Speaking of magic honey, Xiao Jin was excited and buzzing. It turned out that there was a large nest of powerful magic bees with thousands of bees near the original territory of Valentine magic mosquitoes. They brew plenty of honey, which is especially suitable for raising magic insects.

After the emergence of Valentin mosquitoes, they have to absorb a large amount of blood essence, and magic honey is a great supplement to them. Xiao Jin’s appearance is not like a mosquito at all, but more like a bee, just to sneak into the magic honeycomb and steal honey.

Wei Xun is not arrogant. Although his strength is stronger than Ding Yi, it does not mean that he has the strength to deal with second-class tour guides.

But even in the face of a strong enemy? Are you nervous, worried, and in fear?

Wei Xun didn’t have these negative thoughts, but only felt happy –  he performed so well in this journey. At the moment of the first beat, Wei Xun was ready to receive the attention of all parties.

it should have attracted the attention of the public, acted recklessly, and never converged.

A bee Taoist of B 50, is he of high rank?

When I first entered the journey and was really a pure newcomer, I had already opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude through drunk Western Hunan as C 9, and won B 49 in the air.

To tell you the truth, a B-50 really didn’t poke Wei Xun’s excitement. On the contrary, magic bee aroused his interest more.

As a tour guide, her debut has attracted worldwide attention. Now Wei Xun’s debut as a passenger will never be too far apart.

All eyes.

There are more journeys waiting to be conquered and more restricted areas and dangerous areas waiting to be explored. There will be higher, more and more powerful people who pay attention to, watch and expect the performance of.


Wei Xun got into his sleeping bag, patted his side and let the snow leopard lie next to him with a long sigh of relief.

It’s perfect to go to sleep every night with the expectation of the second life!

At seven o’clock in the morning, after a simple meal, the passengers packed up, went down the poor Zong mountain and returned to Bunan village. We are going to supplement materials in NIMA County today, and then go to Kobayashi temple. It’s nearly a week’s drive in total.

We discussed whether to simply replenish materials in Bunan village. After that, we no longer stopped in NIMA county and went directly to Xiaolin temple. After all, the road is far away. Everyone will be separated when driving. If Ding Yi attacks on the way, it is impossible to prevent.

However, when they first arrived at Bunan village, they saw that the herald Yingdi came over with two lamas and stopped in front of Wei Xun.

Everyone stopped and frowned. The two Lamas were dressed in red and purple cassocks, but their elbows and forearms were all exposed, all muscles. They have square faces, dark skin and bright eyes. Even if they see Wei Xun and don’t look at others, they also feel the invisible pressure.

Standing in front of Wei Xun, the two lamas are really tall like two iron towers, shrouding Wei Xun in the shadow. They just stared at Wei Xun, but didn’t speak. Their faces became more dignified and tense, and their eyes became more frightening, staring at Wei Xun.

For a moment, the atmosphere became more and more tense, such as a tight bow string at the touch of a trigger. Ji Hongcai and his friends were on alert, surrounded behind Wei Xun and ready to start at any time. Even Xu Yang’s guide dog Duoduo showed his teeth.


The front Lama’s throat moved, his voice was as loud as thunder, but there was no movement after a word of you, and his face muscles twitched, making him even more fierce. So scared that feilezhi and others almost had to do it.

Wei Xun stopped them with his hand and calmly said, “are you?”

He looked at the herald of the eagle flute, but before the herald of the eagle flute spoke, the jammed Lama suddenly opened his mouth and almost shouted:

“Are you the demon removing messenger under the common protection of dunpashin, Buddha, Dragon God, Dharma protector of dalambahei (the controller of the evil ghost insect), Mirs, golden winged birds, priests of Gusin and holy beasts of the snow field?”


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