TTG Chapter 91

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 91: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (34)

The Lama roared loudly. The real man’s ears were buzzing, and the aftersound lingered on the original.

The passengers were stunned by a string of twisted names in his mouth, but the two lamas looked like enemies. Everyone was still on guard, hostility was reduced, and they hesitated to look at Wei Xun.

“If you say that the demon removing messenger is Wei Xun.”

Wei Xun thought deeply and looked at the descendant of the eagle flute. Then he raised his eyebrow and said casually, “I’m Wei Xun.”

He didn’t admit it positively. The two lamas looked at each other and looked more solemn. The leader folded his hands as his chest, bowed and said respectfully, “Messenger, wrong Lama, let’s pick you up here.”

The cuocha Lama is an important task of the Lin Temple. Wei Xun remembers that Amara asked him to hand over pitanka, a Guxin, to the wrong Lama and told him about the resurrection of “demon man Pi”.

But now that the devil’s skin has been “removed” by himself, it may be a little embarrassing if someone else is mentioned, but Wei Xun is very calm. Since he knew that the two lamas came from the Linlin temple, he simply asked them to talk more.

Although the two lamas are like iron tower King Kong and look fierce, in fact, one is honest and honest, and the other is talkative, they are extremely respectful to Wei Xun. From the mouth of the Lama, Wei Xun found little information.

“ Lin Temple has been closed for a hundred years. First, the wrong Lama sensed that the devil was about to recover and brought disaster to the world. We should get rid of the devil’s power before it’s gone. The second is the theft of the Sutra cave. ”

The herald of Yingdi took two lamas to prepare things for the trip. Wei Xun returned to the brigade and told others:

“Guanlin temple is the place where it is said that tunbashin passed away around the Buddha. There are bon classics of Guanlin in the Sutra cave, which is heavily guarded. The whole temple attached great importance to the theft of the Sutra cave, but there was no clue for several days. ”

“The second scenic spot is the Sutra cave we are going to explore.”

Jiang Hongguang is an old visitor to the way of salted fish in the Ming Dynasty. In a moment, he went through the thriller of “demon recovery” and the suspense of “scripture cave theft”. He came to the essence of this scenic spot——

The journey of exploration must be that they help find the stolen scriptures and explore the scripture cave. This task is over.

As for catching the Sutra cave, stealing and solving the demon recovery, that’s another price [ yes]

“But they call you an evil messenger. I’m afraid…”

Jiang Hongguang is worried about looking at Wei Xun. According to his experience, among these two things, seizing the Sutra cave and stealing should be the task of the branch scenic spot, and the so-called devil recovery only needs to go through the stage. The real devil recovery is at least the difficulty of raising the risk level, which should be connected by other brigades.

But the Lama had to call Wei Xun an evil removing Messenger, which made Jiang Hongguang worried.

“Brother Wei, why did he call you this — a string of titles?”

Feilezhi didn’t figure out the key to it, and there was nothing Wei Xun could do in his eyes. If the devil revived and the Sutra cave was stolen, he was all in front of him. Then, because he was more curious about the Lama’s name for Wei Xun.

“It’s some items I have and some tasks I completed before.”

Wei Xun casually took out the statue of Dharma protector dalambahei, which he got in front of the stone gate. Other titles don’t matter. This black Dharma protector can remind others of the swarm of evil spirits.

Fortunately, he is a thief. He can take out any item corresponding to any title.

Most of the names of gods and Demons read by the Lama are related to his experience. The Dragon God must have said that Dharma protector of dalamabahi should be related to the dalamabahi Buddha statue, crown or coat of arms of Dapeng golden winged bird he got. The Guxin priest is the pitanka of Guxin who Wei Xun began to get. Of course, the holy beast of the snow field refers to the snow peak.

As for dunpashin’s walking around the Buddha, Wei Xun felt that Xu had passed the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower and removed the virtual shadow of the devil.

Wei Xun believed that the wrong Lama could figure out what he had. The two lamas looked respectful. However, Wei Xun felt that he had completed too many extra tasks, and the brigade gave him the corresponding “reward”

If he only completed the basic tasks like Jiang Hongguang and others, he would naturally have those “titles”, and the Lama of Lin Temple would have moved to pick them up.

The more he completes, the more “titles” he has, the more respect he will show to the Lin Temple Lama. Moreover, Wei Xun feels that with these titles, perhaps it is related to how far he can participate in the various tasks he will take over.

The two lamas gave him the ending of “demon removing messenger”. That is to say, he should be able to participate in exploring the scripture cave, finding out the thief who stole the Scriptures, or unsealing the demons behind.

The second attraction will be more difficult than the first.

Wei Xun had a hunch that the devil’s shadow didn’t give him too much sense of danger. First, it thought it had bewitched Wei Xun and killed many people in the past. Second, it is just a virtual shadow of the great devil, which is much different from the shadow. It has been suppressed in the nine double zigzag Crystal Tower for thousands of years, and its own magic is being consumed by the stop wear and tear of the shadow.

Third, it didn’t expect Wei Xun to eat. After thousands of years of experience, the demon human skin can obviously resist various purification attacks, such as nine eye Tianzhu, Guxin pitangka, etc.

If Wei Xun fights normally, he must spend a lot of energy, but this time he can’t defend himself only by eating.

However, there will be more challenges in the second scenic spot, and there will be cocoon hatching and highly toxic bee “sneak attack”, which really makes Wei Xun look forward to.

The Bon lamas are very respected in wenbunan village. They soon prepared enough water and fuel for four days. A total of four off-road vehicles, 11 people and two lamas, Yingdi descendants, are divided into Jiang Hongguang, Yin Yutao and Lin Qiming, Qin Xinrong, Wei Xun and Fang Yuhang, Ji Hongcai and Fei Lezhi, Xuyang three people a car.

The two Lamas were in Jiang Hongguang’s car and Ji Hongcai’s car, and the herald of Yingdi was in Qin Xinrong’s car.

In fact, both the two lamas and the descendant of Yingdi actively expressed their intention to drive with Wei Xun, but Wei Xun politely refused.

Because he wants to install the “Snow Mountain holy beast” on the car.

Wei Xunke had the heart to let the snow leopard follow the car on a road of more than 600 kilometers. Moreover, he was worried about whether the snow leopard was a “limited scenic spot” or put it under his nose.

At 8:30 in the morning, four special off-road vehicles drove out of wenbunan village and onto Road 205.

Jiang Hongguang’s car leads the way. Wei Xun’s car and Ji Hongcai’s car are in the middle of the road. Qin Xinrong’s car is broken. This position will change every few minutes.

“Tao, can you drive?”

There were no people on the road. The car started running. The scenery outside the rear window seemed to be thrown back. They had nearly a whole day’s drive today. They took turns to drive and have a rest before they could get to the forest temple at night.

Jiang Hongguang and Lin Qiming were in the car, and Lin Qiming was the driver first. Wait until then. Mingming Lin Qiming was strong, but the heavy consumption didn’t make him change his face. When the off-road vehicle was on the road, Jiang Hongguang, sitting in the co pilot, chatted with Yin Tiantao.

“I got my driver’s license, but I didn’t get on the road much,” Yin said kindly

“You still have to learn how to drive a car. You have to drive a little.”

Jiang Hongguang pointed out that, especially in places like Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang, where each scenic spot is far apart, it is common to drive for a day to get to the next scenic spot. For example, the scenic spots on their trip to northern Tibet are dense, but there are few roads to run from the ruins of ZhangXiong to the Wulin temple, from the Wulin temple to selinco.

“The off-road provided by the brigade will consume fuel, and the tyre will almost burst unless accidentally.”

“What happened?”

Yin Xiangtao asked curiously, and looked at the Lama in the co pilot’s seat. He didn’t seem to hear Jiang Hongguang’s unusual words, “cars consume fuel.” he was still quietly chanting scriptures and practicing.

“Such as meeting wolves in no man’s land.”

Lin Qiming said hoarsely that since Ding Yi left, his sense of presence in the brigade has become very low. His previous publicity wantonly ended. Most of the time, I even noticed his existence after I finished. Even the previous group exploring the ruins of ZhangXiong forgot him at the beginning, and then I quickly added it.

At that time, Yin Xiangtao apologized to him, but Lin Qiming said indifferently that this was the effect of his title.

Obviously, he knew how to protect himself very well. He followed Ding for a while before. No one paid attention whether he was forced to please or voluntarily, but he did stand on the opposite side of others. Although the shackles disappeared after Ding Yi disappeared, Lin Qiming was in an awkward position. It is a wise choice to reduce your sense of existence and be a marginal person in the brigade.

Chujiang Hongguang and others paid attention to Lin Qiming. Now on the way to the second scenic spot, I can say a few words occasionally.

“Yes, if this is a test for passengers, everyone who is comparable to a bulletproof car can instantly become an iron pimple with a flat tire and air leakage.

Jiang Hongguang sighed. “Yin Yutao talked about his experiences of marching ants in the desert and being chased by wolves in the Gobi.

On the other car is feilezhi driving, and Ji Hongcai is under the command of the co pilot.

“Lezhi, do you know what I’m for? Let you start first?”

“What elder brother Ji arranged must be reasonable.”

Feilezhi smiled and listened to Ji Hongcai happily: “Hey, your mouth is sweet. I have to give you more instructions.”

Ji Hongcai is straightforward, simple and likes to listen to good words. When feilezhi was at home, he used to coax the younger generation. In addition, Xu Yang and Lama, who spoke, got along well.

“I think you drive very steadily. You should have run a lot.”

“Yes, I used to like self driving.”

Feilezhi is poor in money and has been to many places at will. When he starts driving, he doesn’t have much money. This time Ji Hongcai directly asks him to drive. Feilezhi starts directly without second words.

But Ji Hongcai laughed at his words: “we’re driving. We have to say it’s a desperate tour.”

“Have you ever driven when you were chased by wolves and your car had a flat tire?”

Feilezhi was surprised and said bitterly, “brother Ji, I haven’t even seen the wild wolves.”

After a pause, he asked anxiously, “will there really be wolves chasing cars?”

“Of course, I think I was at the border of Inner Mongolia…”

Ji Hongcai boasted about his thrilling experience in Inner Mongolia at that time. He said that the black wolf king was as big as a Tibetan mastiff. At that time, Jiang Hongguang was regarded as a new Nen passenger. He escaped from death with less injury and made a deep friendship on that journey.

“But because the first scenic spot is easy to relax your vigilance.”

Ji Hongcai opened the window and lit a cigarette. The gray smoke line floated out of the window with the wind. His thoughts seemed to float away, and his face was a little disappointed:

“Wolves, wild yaks chasing cars, wild donkeys, snow leopards, these dangers we may meet. It’s like going to the rainforest and deep mountains. There are fewer poisonous snakes and beasts. It’s so easy to save a life. ”

Feile is so serious that he knows Ji Hongcai is instructing him. Indeed, although there is the evil of eating fish and meat in the first scenic spot and the danger of earthquake, in fact, generally speaking, the difficulty of this journey is much lower than Fei Lezhi thought. He felt that he relaxed his vigilance.

Fortunately, Ji Hongcai found out in time and pointed out .

“Even if the journey at the safety level is dangerous, let alone our difficult level.”

Ji Hongcai’s Feile got through at one o’clock. He was more tangled on it and continued: “I let you drive first because I usually say that the first half of the road is safe. I’ll be worried from this afternoon. Danger may come at any time. You have no experience. I’ll learn as much as I can when I drive. ”


Feilezhi solemnly responded, but he was young and had a good attitude. He was a serious man. He became active again in a short time. Curious, he lowered his voice: “Hey, brother Ji, you tell me so much, can you…”

He winked in the rearview mirror, but he meant the Lama sitting in the back seat with Xu Yang. Everything about the trip should be confidential, right? But Ji Hongcai just said so many things like “an journey”, “difficult level” and “wolves”. Obviously, it should be heard by the Lama.

“It’s all right. When we say this during the journey, they will automatically become logically normal. It will expose the existence of the journey.”

Ji Hongcai smiled and said, “the strength of the brigade is much stronger than you think. I’m sure you can ask.”

“How can I ask? Brother Ji, you’re kidding me.”

Feile said with a bitter face. He was naturally afraid of serious people. What’s more, he was a Lama who was hard to get along with from now on. Did he really ask the master, “master, do you know the travel policy?”, Who knows if his words will turn into a “big” in the Lama’s ears. To be on the safe side, you’d better ask.

“Master, it’s really wrong. Did the Lama ask you to connect brother Wei?”

“Well, Xu Yang, you –”

Feilezhi didn’t expect Xu Yang to open his mouth. He immediately worried that Xu Yang would make the Lama angry and hurriedly wanted to make up for it.

But I didn’t expect that the Lama seemed serious. The Lama who was close to me had a bad temper. He didn’t get angry when he heard Xu Yangru’s direct question. Instead, he said seriously: “yes, it’s wrong. The Lama had a dream from the Buddha the day before yesterday, saying that the devil woke up and would stir up chaos in the world, but the Buddha was merciful. He would be reduced to a sea of suffering on earth, and there would be an evil removing messenger…”

The Lama can speak Mandarin, but  is very standard, and when he comes to the names of those gods and Buddhas, he can read  in Mandarin and becomes Tibetan. He mumbles a lot and goes around  and his head is dizzy when he hears the jade music.

But in general, he can understand that these lamas may regard him as the messenger of the Buddha school. In fact, the rainbow fart is not so bad.

“It’s dangerous to kill demons. We’re just ordinary people.”

I didn’t expect that the Lama has thick eyebrows and big eyes. He can blow rainbow farts so well, but the threshold for listening to rainbow farts is too high, and he has to have certain cultural literacy. However, he doesn’t understand it at all.

The Lama praised Weixun and feilezhi. He felt proud of him, but he was worried about him after he was happy. The name of devil removing messenger is just pleasant. What if these lamas really let brother Wei remove demons.

“The demon removing messenger is blessed by tunbashin around the Buddha. Any demon who sees him will run away like the Buddha himself.”

Well, the big hat makes Feile even more worried about Wei Xun.

“It’s dangerous, but it’s a chance for the guard.”

Ji Hongcai saw that Fei Lezhi was sitting and standing. He was very comfortable and said, “besides, it’s almost impossible to meet demons. Even if the fool Ding unsealed the difficulty, the scenic spots of the line will be affected too much. I should just ask the guards to help them do things and drive away evil spirits. I should be fine. ”

“The original is like this!”

Fei Lezhi breathed a sigh of relief and immediately felt at ease. They knew that Wei Xun had eaten too much of the ghost of the devil long ago. When they heard the Lama talk about Wei Xun, they just smiled proudly, and there was no more shadow of heart.

“Two fools.”

Xu Yang face of the back seat has no heart to make complaints about it, but he feels that the reason for this is not so simple as Lezhi’s saying. Just when the Lama called Wei Xun, a series of codes in front of him could guess how many dangers he encountered and how many tasks he completed this time.

Xu Yang holds the tether tightly. How does he want to take risks with brother Wei and go through life and death? But Xu Yang knew that it was definitely a drag for him to follow. He was just blind. His age, his physical strength and so on would drag brother Wei back.

He wants to be useful and helpful to brother Wei. He wants to drag him back. He hates it.

It seemed that he was anxious. Duoduo, who lay docile beside his legs, raised his head and licked the back of Xu Yang’s hand. After a meal, Xu Yang broke away from the self complaining “Xu” and patted Duoduo’s head.

He regretted being elected to the brigade… Duoduo had been with him for several years, but it was not until he entered the brigade and had “blind perception” that Xu Yang finally looked like Duoduo this time. The traveler said to him that it was an opportunity. He was also a novice passenger for the first time. He had a long way to go, so he should be too anxious.

Although he said so… Xu Yang tooted his mouth a little childish and complained.

When brother Wei was exploring the ruins, he just saw people. He was easy to return. When he had time to get along, he was occupied by the snow leopard. He wanted to find brother Wei Du. For example, when he got on the bus this time, Xu Yang wanted to join Wei Xun with joy, but he politely refused, saying that snow leopard would scare a lot.

How could this scare Duoduo? It’s clearly a snow leopard. Allow Duoduo to approach! Xu Yang even felt the snow leopard’s contempt, glanced a lot, and then rubbed around Wei Xun like sticky corn sugar. He had to get in the car first and smell it everywhere before calling Wei Xun to get in the car. Fang Yuhang in the same car had to look at the snow leopard’s face.

How can there be such a domineering snow leopard!

Xu Yangqi gritted his teeth and said, “this is a snow leopard. He really thought it was a fox spirit, so he pestered his brother Wei!

“After the afternoon break, we’ll leave the road and take care of wild animals.”

On Wei Xun’s car, Fang Yuhang’s car skills are wrong, keeping a far, close distance from the car in front. This time, they intend to go to NIMA county again, but directly to Shilin temple. With the guidance of the Lama, they can naturally take a shortcut.

Although the road is safe, it’s too far around. If they follow the original route, they may have to stay up late or sleep in the wilderness. They can’t get to the forest temple the next day. It’s too dangerous. “If you are closer to the dirt road, the brigade is specially designed for off-road vehicles with good performance and high horsepower. You can drive through the dirt road which is difficult to walk in potholes.

However, dirt roads are more dangerous than dirt roads. This place is remote. You can see wild yaks and other wild animals from a distance when running along dirt roads. If you take dirt roads, you will go deep into the territory of wild animals, and it is easy for fierce animals to chase cars.

When discussing the journey at that time, the Lama said that they were guarded by the holy beasts of the snow field, and those beasts would attack the convoy. Everyone is skeptical about  but  wants to reach the second scenic spot as soon as possible. After  discuss .

Fang Yuhang was silent again after saying these words. “It’s him.” he wanted to talk to Wei Xun more while he was here. “He said that it’s good to have a good relationship with him if he has a deep friendship.

But every time he talked with Wei Xun, Fang Yuhang could feel a cold look staring at him, which was very dangerous.

At the beginning, he thought it was Ding Yi observing in the dark, catching up with the team and sweating in a cold sweat. However, Fang Yuhang soon found that the dangerous gaze was quite regular. As long as he talked with Wei Xun, the dangerous gaze would fall on him.

He was surprised and tried several times. He found the real murderer through the rearview mirror.

The case was solved and scared him to death. The murderer snow leopard was determined.

Wei Xun was sitting by the window in the back seat, and the snow leopard almost occupied the whole back seat, with his head resting on Wei Xun’s legs. Even if it had no place to put its Plush tail, it could only be rolled over and put on the body, and the tail tip was held by Wei Xun.

He wanted to hold it. Fang Yuhang was surprised when the snow leopard put his tail into Wei Xun’s hand for the first time. Although he knew that Wei Xun’s snow leopard had a good relationship, he didn’t expect that they would get along in private.

The snow leopard beside Wei Xun is not fierce at all, just like a lazy and beautiful cat. But if you are really deceived by its appearance, you are very wrong – at least Fang Yuhang will be deceived by the appearance of the snow leopard.

It’s not different from his ferocious eyes, a rock sheep.

So in addition to necessary, Fang Yuhang kept a low profile and was determined to be a perfect driver. At present, he is worried. After a brief rest in the afternoon, Wei Xun should have changed his car. At that time, he dares to stay with the snow leopard.

Forget it, but let him drive.

I didn’t use up my energy when I was around the first scenic spot, thanks to Wei Xun. He made a trip and asked Wei Xun to have a good rest, which he deserved. Just thinking that Wei Xun went to the next scenic spot this time, Fang Yuhang felt that Wei Xun was closer and more real because he only brought snow leopard and black dog.

People who like animals are always too bad.

Wei Xun grabbed a hair of the snow leopard badly. He took advantage of his free time in the morning to touch the snow leopard from beginning to end. He was stunned that he didn’t find it. Compared with other snow leopards, there is no area except bigger.

Is there a difference between the outside and the inside?

It should be, however, just an ordinary snow leopard, its Yang will be enough to make the fox cubs salivate.

With this one in mind, Wei Xun has pulled out a handful of snow leopard’s hair and used it for experiments. Yes, he really has restraint against the abyss system. He covered his cold legs with blankets and allowed the snow leopard to rest on his legs, just to cover up his movements. Wei Xun pretended to close his eyes and recuperate. He had already experimented with snow leopard hair and gold.

I wish the snow leopard to stay together, especially the three brothers of Mantis. Wei Xun commanded the weak Mantis to swallow a snow leopard’s hair, but saw that its color retreated from the colorful to the black pearl. At the same time, its momentum was weaker.

It’s just a snow leopard’s hair. It washed away its secondary changes!

If you feed it another leopard hair, will it return to the ordinary devil worm?

Wei Xun wants to try it, but there are too few magic insects now. It’s a pity to let it go back.

He took the mantis 3 back into the ball of the devil bug, and took out two red and black cocoons with his backhand. It was the bee pupa he got from Ding Yi. The Bee Chrysalis contains the wrong energy, and the cocoon is the same. Wei Xun, the bee that died after sending a message, let her eat it.

He gave Wei Xun a feedback on how to eat the food. It’s probably that the bee’s strength is around the level of the devil, but it seems to be hard to urge him. He eats the empty food without so much energy. Meat and dry firewood should die because of overdraft energy.

It has a hook poison needle at its tail. Rao Shiyu dares to eat here. The poison of magic bee  the poison on the black hair of the evil ghost insect  is heaven and earth, even if it is dead  .

The black and red cocoon is strange. Cui chews it and feels it tastes right. It’s like a cocoon made by a normal bee, but it’s artificial and hard to swallow.

Wei Xun was greatly inspired by the artificial bee cocoon, closing the magic bee, overdrawing the power, upgrading and sending messages. The bee Taoist has been immersed in the bee for many years. If he had a chance, Wei Xun would like to exchange the usage of demons with him.

Of course, I use the identity of passenger Wei Xun. As soon as Ding Yi said ‘control Wei Xun with insect poison’, he knew that the other party was good.

But now, the two bee cocoons of dinggou are in Wei Xun’s hands, which gives Wei Xun a lot of freedom.

Wei Xun chuckled. Through Chui Cui, he could feel the swarm of evil spirits shuttling underground and following the team.

If the other party is polite, he should send bees far away to communicate with him. He should express something.

“Let’s relax!”

At noon, the team stopped in a wilderness. There were no wild animals around. They stayed on the SUV all morning. Let’s move our muscles and bones. But there was no life to cook. Everyone casually ate some compressed biscuits and other food with the hot water in the thermos cup. When eating, they forgot to be vigilant. Some people took turns to watch the wind and be vigilant.

“Where is the herald of the eagle flute?”

Wei Xunzheng and two lamas discussed the theft of the Sutra cave and various legends about the chabalaren devil. He took out the coat of arms of Dapeng golden winged bird and gave it to the two lamas, but found that they didn’t know it.

The Tibetans who can drive wild animals and lure evil spirits with blood in the ruins of Xiangxiong should be a group closely related to the Bon religion and the ancient king of Xiangxiong. The lamas of the two Bon religions should know what they are.

Is it the Bon Lama hiding it, or is there something else?

Those Tibetans, the descendant of the eagle flute, took off their relationship, and the descendant of the eagle flute behaved strangely today. He clearly paid attention to the ancient Xiangxiong Dynasty and Yongzhong Bon religion, but today he clearly heard that the Lama called Wei Xun, but there was no special performance. When he got on the bus, he didn’t show the desire to take the same train with Wei Xun.

Including after getting off the bus and having a rest, he didn’t stay with everyone, but knew when to walk away by himself.

“I seem to have seen him go that way just now.”

Feilezhi pointed in a direction, just over the road. Wei Xun thought deeply. While talking to the two lamas, he took them to the road. Sure enough, on the side of the road, Wei Xun saw the figure of the descendant of the eagle flute.

His eyes suddenly sharpened.

At that moment, Wei Xun seemed to have a double shadow in front of him. He seemed to be covered with dense and wriggling black hair behind the descendant of the eagle flute. But the dark hair must have disappeared again, as if everything had just been an illusion.

The two lamas nearby have no reaction. Is it really an illusion?

“Gan Dan’s residence, we are talking about the Dragon God offering sacrifices by the lake of jiaoyongcuo.”

If Wei xunpan had nothing to do, he took two lamas and walked over: “I remember you know a lot about the sacrifice of the Dragon God.”

The two lamas behind him looked at each other and said, “who can understand the Dragon God better than the Dragon God messenger Wei Xun?”. But since he said so, there must be a way.

The two of them looked at Gan Dan’s residence seriously, and the leader said, “this month, a large number of yaks and sheep were missing on the Bank of selinco lake. Cuocha Lama suspected that it was a sign of the recovery of the devil.”

If there is a pile of animal bones on the Bank of the lake, it is likely that it is not the killing sacrifice of the primitive Bon religion, but a kind of evil method of sacrificing demons.

“Dragon, Dragon God? Ah, yes, Dragon God. ”

The eagle flute preacher was a little slow in reaction, but he was fairly smooth after he communicated with the two lamas. Wei Xun looked on coldly.

That’s right. Does the eagle flute preacher really have a bug? That’s right.

“Hey, it’s time to go!”

Fei Lezhi in the back is calling. They are very tight today. They will continue on the road immediately after a short rest. Wei Xun has made a decision. In the afternoon, there will be the incubation of magic bees, so he can create new branches. If there’s something wrong with the eagle flute, it’s a dangerous time bomb.

Must be resolved before departure.

“Eh, is that a

After hearing the call of feilezhi, the two lamas, the herald of Eagle flute, planned to turn back, but at this time, Wei Xun pointed to the road and made a sound in surprise.

I saw many black caterpillar like insects on the road in front of them. There were a large number on both sides of the road. It was scary.

“How can there be caterpillars this season?”

Indeed, it is already September, and the breeding of insects should be in this season.

“Maybe this is a vision caused by the recovery of the devil.”

The big square faced Lama solemnly explained to Wei Xun that when a great demon like chabalaren recovers, there must be various anomalies, such as the death of cattle and sheep, the transformation of the holy lake into a blood lake, the madness of the herd, and so on.

It is recorded in the Scripture that the insects are out of season. After all, Dharma Dharma Dharma Dharma Dharma Bhai, the protector of Bon, controls the insects. Maybe he is reminding the devout Bon believers.

The caterpillar crawls slowly and is on the road. If there are vehicles passing by, I’m afraid they will be crushed to pieces. The two lamas didn’t say much, but they moved to the roadside, picked up caterpillars with their hands and held them to the wasteland on the roadside.

Although he looks like an angry King Kong, he has a compassionate heart. Let the Dharma protector sect warn their insect population that they will suffer from crushing.

Even though the black caterpillar is similar to the legendary insect of evil spirits, the two lamas still did not hesitate – after all, the messenger of Dharma Dharma protector (Wei Xun) is nearby. Even if the caterpillar is really an insect of evil spirits, it will certainly hurt them!

Sure enough, these caterpillars seemed terrible, but in fact they were very docile. They were pinched between their fingers and didn’t hurt anyone. It’s just that there are too many black insects on the road. If only two lamas pick them up, do you know when to get there.

“Gan Dan, let’s help.”

Wei Xun said, paying attention to the watch of the herald of the eagle flute. Although his mind was always firm and numb, there seemed to be a hesitation in the depths of his eyes.

Seeing the situation, Wei Xun said again: “with me, we are more efficient together.”


When he said “come with me”, Gan Dan’s eyes flashed and responded directly. They went to the two lamas and began to pick up caterpillars. At first, the action of the eagle flute was still hesitant and perfunctory. Even though the two lamas Wei Xun picked up insects with their hands, he was still cautious. Instead of directly touching the caterpillars, he brushed them away with his sleeve swing.

While picking up insects, the eagle flute’s eyes fell on Wei Xun, and the fundus of his eyes seemed to flash a strange light. It seems to be the same as in the past.

When there were fewer caterpillars on the road, the two Lamas were closer. Wei Xun got up and put a handful of black caterpillars in his hand on the wasteland, just so that the actions of the descendant of the eagle flute were exposed to the eyes of the two lamas.

“Gan Dan, you should be rude to God insects.”

A Lama said seriously that since there are evil spirits under the black Dharma protector, we should treat them more respectfully. Like they all hold the caterpillars in their wings, as carefully as holding peanuts with chopsticks, and then gently put the caterpillars in the palm of their hands for fear of hurting them.

How can you brush it with your sleeve like the herald of the eagle flute!

Ben  the descendant of Yingdi is still in Weixun, but he didn’t expect to be suddenly noticed by the two lamas. The eyes of the two lamas fell on him. Since they practiced in the Lin Temple, their eyesight was natural and vulgar, which attracted their extra attention, but it was easy to control the man living in Gan Dan’s house.

“I’ve been bothering too much lately.”

The eagle flute preacher explained, understated and alleviated the Lama’s doubts. Then he paused, repressed his disgust, and picked up the black caterpillar crawling on the road with his hand. He hated insects all his life. He had to crush them to death when he saw them. How could he pick them up with his hands?

To, to

“Wei Xun, let’s go together.”

The herald of Yingdi picked up half a handful of black caterpillars. He was picking up a handful of black caterpillars from Wei Xun and was going to put them in the wasteland. He got up and wanted to go next to him.


Wei Xun turned around and smiled at him. Suddenly, the smile stiffened on his face.

What’s up? Did he find it?

The eagle flute spreads people’s hearts. His quality is excellent. He moved his voice and color and continued to approach Wei Xun.

The next moment, Wei Xun exclaimed:

“The herald of the eagle flute, why are you bleeding from your seven orifices?!”

Seven orifices bleeding? I?

The eagle flute sent a terrible message to people. He only felt a sharp pain surging through his heart. He blacked out in front of his eyes and fainted immediately.


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