TTG Chapter 92

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 92: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (35)

[what happened? Why did I bleed in my seven orifices without looking at the herald of the eagle flute?]

[I didn’t understand it either. It seems that my mother scared me for a moment. From the perspective of Wei Xun, a bloody face suddenly lifted up]

[he was only tricked? Poisoned?]

The scene of poisoning of the eagle flute set off a heated discussion in the barrage of the live broadcast room. The audience worried:

[Wei Xun’s team is also unlucky. If they don’t talk about meeting a guide like Ding Yi, there’s something wrong with the guide]

[no, you see, his face is blue and his seven orifices are bleeding. This, this symptom is very similar to Ji Hongcai’s first insect poison]

[what’s the difference? Don’t feel the same poison just because one of the seven orifices is bleeding]

[just . At that time, Ji Hongcai coughed violently, convulsed all over, and the high fever did not subside. When the poison reached the depths, he bled in his seven orifices. It is estimated that the poison in the legend of Eagle flute is more powerful than that in Hongcai in early season]

[is there any bug problem? I think they look like ghost insects. They make people’s scalp numb]

[it’s impossible. Two lamas and Wei Xun picked up insects with their hands. Why aren’t they poisoned?]

[I can’t see the problem of insects, the problem of Eagle flute preacher himself. I think he’s very wrong today!]

The herald of the eagle flute is very subtle. Only the audience with extremely keen mind can detect it, but the big tour guides and tourists who know the reason have another idea.

“I think there’s something wrong with him.”

On the way home, Mao Xiaole stared at the screen: “before, the descendant of Eagle flute paid close attention to everything related to the Dragon God and Dapeng golden winged bird. There is no reason why he was still indifferent when the Lama called Mr. Wei as” I. ”


Mao Xiaole snorted coldly and said with a sneer, “it’s a big cost and a big plot to help the journey guide.”

“Ding Yi can’t do this. The tour guide behind Ding Yi is more likely. Or other tour guides who want to help, I didn’t expect that they can’t help… ”

“Unfortunately, Ding Yi hasn’t finished yet. Even if they try their best to control the journey and want to hide the brigade rules, it will take a lot of work and the effect will never be satisfactory.”

“Look, the herald of the eagle flute has attracted the attention of others so quickly. If he is poisoned, he will be half useless even if he is controlled again. Want to do something to Miss Wei? Oh, fool. ”

Mao Xiaole expressed his views freely, but no one answered. He was immediately unhappy: “did you hear it?”

“Ah, listen, listen.”

The deer Book orange sat cross legged on the ground. The gray wolf tail swept around the ground like a broom. The wolf’s eyes were bright. Suddenly he shouted, “look, look, the captain really went hunting in Sanshui!”

“Ha ha, even if the captain changes, the snow leopard will have a hard time here.”

Wang Yushu laughed: “every time he catches, he protects animals. No wonder Wei Xun refuses him again and again.”

“Really, I think it’s urgent. I can’t help but want to rush up to help.”

The deer Book orange moves its fingers, and the nails on the slender fingers are as sharp as animal claws.

“I think the captain took great pains. Wei Xun didn’t think about the snow leopard after it was finished.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile that men all know, and said to himself, “just now in the tent, hey, maybe the time line is too dark, or I really want to cut a high-definition picture of the leopard face rejected by the captain.”

“The captain has worked hard!”

Deer Book orange proved for the leopard captain: “it will even catch the little black dog back to please Sanshui!”

“Hahaha, I also took a screenshot of this section!” Wang Yushu beamed and said, “Captain leopard, it’s the first time you’ve worked so hard, but you have to keep it as a souvenir.”

“You, boys.”

They were talking happily, but they didn’t expect a sinister and gnashing voice behind them. Then he brushed the dust and knocked on their shoulders.

Zheng Xiang’s face is dark and looks like Mao Xiaole who wants to choose people to eat!

“It’s the next day. Can we discuss something normal!”

“After listening, Xiao Le, you’re right. I think the descendant of the eagle flute must be plotting against Sanshui.”

Lu shuorange rubbed her shoulder. She could have avoided it, but seeing that Mao Xiaole’s face was as black as a black one, she was so excited that she was forced to take it.

Wang Yushu nearby didn’t have such a strong sense of crisis. He hid from the dust and smiled in a long voice:

“Isn’t this a chance for our captain leopard hero to save the United States? Unfortunately, he didn’t get out of his claw. The villain fell down on his own. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, Xiao Le, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

He laughed endlessly, but he didn’t care about his will, and he couldn’t stop laughing!

Deer Book orange took a dark look and saw that Wang Yushu was pasted with a smile on her forehead. She was surprised. Fortunately, she was honest.

“Laugh, laugh again, laugh if you want.”

Mao Xiaole hummed and made Wang Yushu laugh for five minutes. Then he received the sign and collapsed on the sofa to breathe.

“Just you.”

Wang Yushu said that he was too familiar with Mao Xiaole’s breath. After all, when he was in a unstable state of mind, I relied on Mao Xiaole’s cry sign to stick it to him. After this, I won’t be prepared. It’s different if someone else comes.

“Don’t laugh at Miss Wei.”

Mao Xiaole said seriously, “he is in danger!”

“Well, Xiao Le, we’re not laughing at Mr. Wei.”

Deer Book orange said briskly, “we are, yes, happy for the fate of teacher Wei and captain!”


Wang Yushu wanted to laugh again after he came back, and the corner of his mouth jerked: “we won’t laugh unless he can’t help thinking of happy things.”

The main thing is to see captain leopard work so hard. The more frustrated he is, the more brave he is. Can’t they encourage him with laughter!

However, when the captain came back and watched the trip vlog, it was estimated that the angry captain would teach them a lesson and no one could run away.

Since it’s like this, it’s even more important to advance, I’m laughing!

“All right, let’s get down to business.”

Looking at Mao Xiaole’s stiff face, he rubbed his fingers and twisted out more than a dozen talismans. Lushu orange quietly moved back, grabbed Wang Yushu, who was going to make a painting on the edge of the cliff, and said in a positive color:

“Looking at the appearance of the eagle flute preacher, he is likely to be controlled.”

“The live broadcast of the hotel can’t show everything, but I think his hair is longer.”

Wang Yushu smiled and took Mao Xiaole away from him. As a result, he was knocked on the back of his hand by the dust and leaned back on the sofa. The tired, lazy and half closed eyelids lifted up, revealing a touch of essence.

“Hair ghost B 49.”

“Hair ghost B 49.”

Wang Yushu and Lu shuorange said at the same time, and Lu shuorange rolled his hair: “the descendant of the eagle flute had half long hair, which had been tied up before. It was scattered and hard to find.”

“His eyes are not right, his impression is black, his reaction is slow, and his control is not over yet.”

Mao Xiaole snorted: “you have some abilities. I’m afraid you let a hair invade the journey and attach it to the descendant of the eagle flute.”

You can’t have two guides on the same journey, but you can bring in some humble and hidden things, such as people, humanity, mice, and mice. For example, the bee cocoon of the bee Taoist and the ghost hair of B 49.

He is good at choosing the target. The passengers are the most important thing in the hotel and always live supervision. This supervision is not only to monitor the misconduct of tour guides, but also to monitor various means.

However, the herald of the eagle flute, the guide, explained the important points in this journey, but he was not followed by the live broadcast. He would not be monitored by the hotel until he was in the sight of the passengers.

Two days ago, the herald of the eagle flute didn’t get out. I’m afraid this is a chance.

“The person who did it so quickly had the vision of the eagle flute transmitting people. I think he must keep an eye on the brigade all the time.”

Wang Yushu sneered.

“Taoist bee is a little butcher. He is good at using poison.”

Mao Xiaole also sneered: “I’m afraid I’m worried too. We’re watching their dog bite the dog.”

b 49 comes from the shepherd alliance. The potential behind it is different from that behind Ding Yi. It is said that the competition is also good. He made a big list in front of the puppet master and wanted to fight for a chance to go to the year-end celebration. I’m afraid the bee Taoist ranking B and 50 is also like this.

He accepted Ding Yi before, which must have helped him a lot. For example, if a poisonous bee wants to directly attack B 49, I’m afraid it can’t bring him too much damage. But B 49 has only one hair attached to the descendant of the eagle flute. As long as the descendant of the eagle flute is put down, it will naturally spoil the good thing of B 49.

Wang Yushu sighed: “they are not afraid of it.”

“No one is more afraid than the guide.”

The deer Book orange smiled and said with cold eyes: “no one is more greedy than them.”

“It’s a good thing if you want the ghost to fight with the bee Taoist in the air. They are also enemies. When I meet you, I have to completely suppress my love before playing other tricks.”

“No, anything from the abyss system has to be stopped by our captain.”

Mao Xiaole sneered: “they want to send a ghost system, a variant system, but I’m not sure about the miraculous effect.”

“I’m counting. I made a wrong idea.”

* *

“Taoist bee, Taoist bee, what should be done must be done to him!”

In the residence of ghost B 49, there was a messy room that had been tossed by the manic hair group. On the sofa that had returned to normal, there was a thin man with a sallow complexion and Southeast Asian appearance.

His extremely long black hair curled up. At first glance, he thought he had a black hat on his head. In his hand, there was a puppet villain made of hair, with a strange smell.

In particular, the villain was dripping blood from the outside. He was convulsing and twisting like crazy, earning ten dollars. He almost earned the black hair held by the hair loss ghost’s hand, which was stabbed deep in his chest.

But at the critical moment, the hair ghost B 49 tore off one of his hair and twisted it into his hair with a special magic technique. The puppet villain no longer struggled in the twinkling of an eye. It only looks limp and weak. It’s because the host Eagle flute preacher himself describes highly toxic and extremely weak.

“You must love him, you must love him.”

The ghost B was talking like a demon, and his eyes flashed with evil spirit. He has competed with B 50 for ranking in the past year, and they have long had a deep blood feud. However, they are all concerned about the alienation of the abyss system. Behind them, they have their own potential. No one can do anything. This time he lost in Xiangxi, but it was fifty times cheaper.

This made b 49 unwilling. While looking for C 9 and C 250 for the puppet division, he paid close attention to the movement of B 50.

When he tried to cultivate another queen bee, sit firmly in the position of B 49, and accepted Ding Yi and ordered him to find the crystal corpse that the queen bee loved, B 49 stared at Ding Yi and was ready to assassinate him.

As for Ding Yi’s sending a talented passenger Wei Xun during his journey, it’s an unexpected joy.

Later, B 49 failed to complete the task and was desperate to recommend Ding Yi to the puppet master. Sure enough, she became interested in Wei Xun and gave him a chance to breathe. But in fact, his heart became more and more distorted, especially when he thought that Ding Yi was dead and B 49 was extremely expensive. When he tried to get in but failed, he was full of hatred for the bee Taoist.

If you can get ahead of him, you will realize that Ding Yi is dead as soon as possible. Only the person behind Ding Yi, the bee Taoist of the butcher alliance!

Hateful and annoying. Even if he knows that Ding Yi is alive, B 49 doesn’t want to wait and die like this and wait for the opportunity. If Ding Yi is on the journey, he must take the initiative to attack if he can’t wait for Taoist bee anyway!

B 49 has nine core ghost hair. Each ghost hair is extremely precious and makes him cherish it. If it is consumed, it takes a lot of effort to make it grow again. This time, at all costs, he directly consumed a ghost hair as a guide to invade the journey and control the descendant of the eagle flute!

Controlling the eagle flute messenger is only his means. The real purpose of B 49 is to control the eagle flute Messenger, get close to Wei Xun, and then quietly implant his ghost hair into Wei Xun’s heart.

B 49 and Puppet Master, I know that her so-called “suspension of action” actually means that she doesn’t directly kill Wei Xun. If you can control him secretly with ghost hair, the puppet master will be more satisfied.

As long as we can control Wei Xun, as long as we can control him

Damn it! He failed to start his career. The herald of the eagle flute was poisoned! It’s still live! In order not to attract the attention of the hotel, he had to have another ghost hair in order to continue to control the messenger of the eagle flute.

Who in the end is doing evil in the dark!

“I’m sorry, I must have missed him.”

At the beginning, the herald of Eagle flute scolded the habit of fifty birds of B. he doubted what was wrong with the herald of Eagle flute, and asked the two lamas to do it to him. Or the insects on the ground… It’s not right. The two lamas and Wei Xun touch the insects. It’s nothing. Why is he poisoned?

It’s not accidental. It’s about who sent him. It’s against him!

Use insect poison.

The only way to get rid of this mistake is to make the best of them.

But if you really want him, based on B 49’s understanding of the bee Taoist, he’s too anxious to do it right away… So it’s like this!

“Are you going to fight Wei Xun at this time?”

B 49 sneered. He wanted to know!

It must be that Taoist Feng also wants to control Wei Xun at this time. They want to go together. As a result, the existence of his B 49 happened unexpectedly. However, we had to remove his B 49 first before we could discuss Wei Xun again.

“I won’t let you succeed. You’ll never, never succeed.”

B 49 stared coldly at the live broadcast screen, with a ferocious and crazy expression: “you have a shielding prop, I think you have to hide your dirty means“

“Ha ha ha, B 50, B 50, you have been seen through by me.”

“Forgive you for using all kinds of means. As long as my hair puppet protects Wei Xun, you will fail!”

* *

“Hiss, it’s useless.”

In another private station, a man sneered at the tragic situation of the eagle flute’s seven orifices bleeding and falling down.

As long as you are willing to spend money, each private residence is different. For example, Wei Xun’s residence currently has the most basic payment, which is a normal house. B 49’s residence is full of Yin, dark and humid, which is most suitable for maintaining ghost hair.

At first glance, this residence looks like a garden. There are all kinds of flowers on the ground, walls and even on the roof. After that, it is in full bloom, crowded and crowded, which is inconsistent with the laws of nature. It is a beautiful scenery.

In this flower cluster, there are several vertical branches with various beehives hanging on them. The beehive is as big as a human head, and the beehive is as small as a fist. Bees of different shapes fly among the flowers and are busy collecting honey. Each has no impact, and it is a prosperous scene.

“You fell down before I could do it?”

The people sitting in the flowers are sallow, thin and rickety. They look very ill suited in their slightly broad Taoist robes. But just looking at his mean appearance, at first glance, he looks similar to B 49. However, the two men with similar appearance have the same paranoia and jealousy.

At first, when they were still in class C, they had disputes because of their similar body shape. Over the years, the contradictions and hatred between them have become deeper and deeper. It’s absolutely impossible to recognize this person who is attached to the eagle flute just by the difference of hair.

In addition to some top tour guides and tourists, there is a contradiction between B 50 and B 49. I understand your enemy best. They are in this incompatible relationship.

“Oh, I’m only forty-nine. Ha ha, hair ghost, hair ghost, you deserve to be trampled on by me.”

The bee Taoist said with a hoarse smile. Suddenly, a piece of flowers in the northeast corner of the garden quickly changed from blooming to wilting, and it was about to wither. Taoist bee did not move his eyes. With a stroke of his finger, the land with the flowers on it rolled up like turf. There were a lot of human bones buried in the exposed soil!

However, some people’s bones have turned brown and black. When the wind blows from nowhere, they all turn into bone powder.

As soon as the ring on the bee Taoist’s thin finger flashed, a fresh body appeared again. Then he took out a blood red gem the size of a pomegranate. The blood color on the gem was terrible. The surface was like thick plasma. Some small insects rolled and squirmed in the plasma. It was a strange small honeycomb.

I saw the bee Taoist throw the bloody honeycomb onto the body. Within a few seconds, a fresh body was eaten by the bee, leaving only a lot of bones. Taoist bee’s finger again, the land returns and covers the bone. The nourishment of human bones, the withered flowers on the land bloom again, and the bees fly around to collect honey, which is a beautiful scene.

“If the blood bee wants to raise a queen bee, it needs a better body.”

The bee Taoist took back the hive, looked at it, frowned and talked to himself. He was very dissatisfied. He gave Ding Yi the cocoon of three blood bees. The corpses deep in the ruins of northern Tibet are as rich as the ancient city of Loulan. But as soon as fanding can get several mummies, he can raise some queen bees for him.

When he raises a queen bee, he will definitely be able to completely stabilize the ranking of B 49, and may even take a few steps further.

Taoist bee is not like a big guide like B 49, a puppet master. Although he was behind the butcher alliance, there were a group of madmen in the butcher alliance itself. A class B 50 tour guide was killed, and no one would avenge him.

B 50 pursues his own strength and ambition for the year-end celebration. When he heard that a great man above needed pure magic royal jelly, he thought about cultivating a queen bee. First, it can enhance its own reality. Second, after raising royal jelly, it can offer a big man to find a way out and kill two birds with one stone.

As for the “C 9” and “C 250”, although the “B 50” also want to take advantage of them, good luck can definitely exchange huge resources for them. But he was more down-to-earth, didn’t visit the forum and paid little attention to the live broadcast. When Ding Yi led the group, B 50 was killing people, looking for fresh corpses, raising flowers and bees.

I didn’t know that when he was keeping bees, the bee Taoist almost jumped up in situ.

He was seeing Wei Xun turn on his bright flashlight and shine a picture of corpses everywhere!

OK, I’m dead! The crystal corpse, the corpse of the Millennium elephant warrior, the mummified corpse of the Guxin priest with powerful energy, and the whole high-end corpse buffet, which is simply his dream beekeeping paradise!

Ding Yi, how capable!

 so I  good corpses, why don’t you worry about raising bleeding queen bees? Even more powerful queen bees are possible!

The bee Taoist, who has always been indifferent, laughed excitedly, but he was full of ambition. When he looked at a man walking and jumping between the mummies… Who was this?

This is not a day!

The live screen of the tour guide is usually in the middle, and the bee Taoist is used to thinking that there is Ding Yi in the live screen in the middle, but when you look carefully, you think it’s wrong.

Ding Yi doesn’t look so good!

He felt wrong and went to watch the live replay again. After watching it, he drank five kilograms of honey angrily, and then pressed down his anger, which was almost alienated.

This is not Ding Yi, but a passenger!

Ding Yi was trampled on by this man on the first day!

No wonder his live broadcast screen was not in the middle. Before he arrived at the first scenic spot, he was hurt by this person and almost killed?

In his various tour guide items, in this person passenger, this person passenger became the leader of the competent brigade, so his live screen moved to the center, and Ding Yi’s live screen fell to the corner?

Ding Yi, really yours!

Taoist bee is so angry that he wants to break up Ding Yiyi, who has lost his face, and feed him directly to the bee!

But after his anger, Taoist bee calmed down. Seeing Ding Yi like this, it was impossible for him to collect all kinds of mummies. However, passengers are not ordinary.

After a brief thought, the bee Taoist immediately summoned Ding Yi and severely ordered him to atone for his meritorious deeds and cooperate with bee venom to control Wei Xun.

Instead of putting treasure on Ding Yi, Taoist bee felt that this man might get a more mummified body on Dayun road.

Moreover, he has good qualifications. If he is a special passenger of class X, he will definitely be more promising than Ding Yi in the future. Whether you cultivate yourself or offer yourself, it’s excellent. Ask him to only be a passenger, and his watch in the journey is enough to be on the passenger star list. Being able to control him is absolutely beneficial and harmless to the bee Taoist.

This is a great opportunity! Approaching the end of the year celebration, he must seize every opportunity.

“Oh, B 49, just stay quietly under my feet and lick the mud.”

The bee Taoist sneered, put away his blood honeycomb, his throat surging, and spit out a capsule sized black and red cocoon. The cocoon as like as two peas and the Dinghu, almost identical to the cocoon of a pet dog, is not like the bee’s cocoon in the hand. It looks like a black tattoo on the red background. The cocoon of his hand is black and red.

Taoist bee’s cheek shook and showed a look of flesh pain.

This is the daughter and mother bee that he spent a lot of energy to cultivate. The daughter bee in Ding Yi’s hand can receive his message as long as the bee Taoist uses a little means to stimulate the mother’s cocoon.

The daughter bee is easy to cultivate and rare to be a mother. The bee Taoist ran out of resources and cultivated these three. If only communication stimulates the mother cocoon, the mother will not be hurt. However, what he was trying to do was to transform the daughter bee that can only communicate into a parasitic bee with special bee venom that can drill into the human body and control it.

Only by changing the mother insect can it act on the child insect synchronously, and the transformed mother insect can never go further

However, since we know that B 49 is also on the journey, in order to prevent the destruction of the bee, the bee Taoist must use some means. With a cold face and no hesitation, he tore the cocoon open with special bamboo tweezers to reveal the sleeping bees and insects inside. Then he took amber honey and poured it into the bee cocoon to transform the female bee a little.

Seeing that the shape of the female bee was transformed little by little, the bee Taoist showed a few lines of satisfied and gloomy smiles. It’s worth it for him to spend a bee mother to control Wei Xun and win the second 49.

“Next, it depends on me!”

* *

“Guard, herald Eagle flute, is he okay?”

On the SUV, Fang Yuhang was silent for a long time and finally asked again. During the noon break, the herald of the eagle flute suddenly bled and fainted. They were really shocked.

Fortunately, two lamas who are proficient in Tibetan medicine nearby filled Tibetan medicine in time. Depending on the situation, he stabilized slightly, but he was still as angry as a gossamer and unconscious.

Ji Hongcai saw black caterpillars crawling on the road with sharp eyes. He asked the preacher of the eagle flute whether he was poisoned by the evil ghost insect, but both lamas said no seriously. He asked others, but he stopped talking.

When Wei Xun asked, they finally spoke. It is said that the herald of the eagle flute has ignored the punishment of the divine insect under the seat of daramba. He seems to be poisoned. In fact, his life is not in danger. As long as he sincerely regrets and gets the forgiveness of God insects, or waits until Xiaolin temple and asks the wrong Lama to recite a volume of Sutra, he will naturally recover.

Naturally, the passengers will not believe this divine reason, but they can vaguely hear a wolf howl or two in the wilderness. Later, the eagle flute is used to drive people away poison. Maybe their whole brigade will be in danger.

As the Lama said, the situation of the eagle flute preacher is really just like that. He is unconscious and his face is blue. There is no big problem except for him. The matter has come. The people can’t but get on the bus and drive to Xiaolin temple at a faster speed.

When Wei Xun offered to take care of them, the herald of Yingdi was placed in their car. Even the two lamas who originally planned to chant the Sutra and hope him to atone as soon as possible didn’t say anything. I should feel that Wei Xun, the messenger of Dharma protector dalambahei, is next to him. The herald of Eagle flute will recover faster.

Although the snow leopard was dissatisfied with Wei Xun’s occupation of the back seat, yelled at the messenger of the eagle flute and hated it with his claws like burying excrement, he jumped to the trunk and grabbed the back of Wei Xun’s chair. His head had to be next to Wei Xun’s head.

Wei Xun calmed the snow leopard, then pretended to check the situation of the messenger of the eagle flute, and then asked Xiaocui to take a bite.

Just now, some evil spirits and insects on the road were naturally called by Wei Xun. Although there may be some exposed dangers, with Wei Xun’s behavior style, this potential danger will be nipped out in the bud.

Before, he used Xiaojin to suck the blood of the eagle flute, but the control effect was not significant, which may be related to his guide. To be on the safe side, it’s better to poison him directly.

In the car, guard Xun asked Xiaocui to bite the eagle flute messenger again. He sucked the poison of the evil ghost insect, so that the eagle flute messenger’s body would no longer be damaged. After all, it’s not clear what happened to him at present. A guide of the journey runs through all scenic spots. He can’t just lose it.

Second, let Xiaocui parasitize an egg under the skin of the descendant of the eagle flute, but Xiaocui doesn’t have the ability to hatch insects to control him. Only these eggs bred by him are most sensitive to all kinds of energy. What happens to the eagle flute messenger can be known by taking out the insect eggs.

Sure enough, when Wei Xun took out the eggs under the blanket, he saw that the original pure and clean eggs like pearls were covered with black hairs.

“Black hair?”

Wei Xun pondered, does it mean that the descendant of the eagle flute was controlled by the devil? Otherwise, how can black hair grow on this insect egg?

But the black hair is different from some black hair human skin. The black hair on the human skin is capillary and soft, like wisps of mycelium. The black hair on the insect egg is tough and long, and a little thicker, more like 


Maybe not demon possessed. Wei xunzhuang exorcised the devil, took out the gutangka, nine eyed Tianzhu and other objects, and shook them around the face of the eagle flute descendant. He didn’t respond. On the contrary, when the snow leopard roared at him, the faint Eagle flute made people frown, like he wanted to avoid.

Devil, snow leopard, abyss

Wei Xun turned around in his mind and had some ideas in his mind. Because he was taking care of the “herald of the eagle Flute” in the back seat, Fang Yuhang didn’t mention changing the car, and he kept complaining about the driver. Other off-road vehicles have changed drivers at least once. The off-road vehicle drives a horse to gallop on the plateau. The road they take is far away from people and wild animals are very.

Along the way, they have seen a small group of Tibetan wild donkeys and several wild yaks acting alone. They have not seen the shadow of wolves, but they often hear wolves howling. Maybe it’s really because there is a snow leopard in the team. The nearest wild animal, a wild yak as big as a baby elephant, only chased the car for a while and then stopped, which relieved the passengers.

Wei Xun seems calm, but his spirit is always tense. Pay attention to the two cocoons.

Dinggou said that the bee cocoons will hatch in the afternoon. It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon. They can run for another two hours and they can reach Xiaolin temple.

If the bee Taoist wants to do it, he will miss this time.

The two bee cocoons in Ke Weixun’s hand have changed their appearance. They were originally black and red, but they are pearl color. Like sand grains gradually turn into pearls in clam shells, the primary color can no longer be seen.

Theoretically speaking, they are the first two eggs that Xiaocui gave birth to after she was alienated into an insect mother.

That is to say, the two bee cocoons went into Xiaocui’s stomach and wrapped a layer of egg shell after coming out.

This is the strength of the mother worm. He has the power of the mother worm; Strong assimilation  after the eggs of various magic insects are ‘eaten’ by it, they will be born from the eggs of the mother insect. In this way, the hatched devil insect, regardless of any race, will naturally obey the insect mother and serve as his hand in opening up and expanding the territory.

This is also the cunning of the mother worm. If he wants to conceive eggs by himself, it takes a lot of time and energy to lay eggs or hatch eggs. When the mother worm is weak, in case the enemy wants to devour it, the mother worm will be unstoppable.

The females born from the “dry sons” usually lay a territory first, catch enough prey, and then begin to lay their own eggs.

At present, however, Xiaocui is only a falala level female insect. It is easy to assimilate inferior or low-level magic insects, but it is very difficult to assimilate middle-level magic insects, especially for the semi mature insects that do not have eggs, and it is almost impossible to control them.

However, after Xiaocui swallowed the two cocoons, she sent a message to Wei Xun. The magic bee in the cocoon is not a normal medium-level magic insect.

However, the malnourished magic bee will soon die even if it emerges. Moreover, they are born by attaching other bees. It can be said that they are naturally trained as worms and are loyal to their mother.

And their mother, only the ordinary female, but not the female.

They haven’t seen such a good ‘mother’ as Xiaocui!

Because Xiao Cui and Wei Xun must control the two bees, Wei Xun gave him three drops of blood to help him assimilate and control them best. Even the insects beyond the control of the mother insects will be full of favor to the mother insects in a short time when they hatch. At this time, Wei Xun just dropped blood to take it in.

Wei Xun was thinking about whether to pretend to be controlled if he only wanted to control him. After all, he had a big goal in mind and wondered if he could turn back the swarm after leaving the journey.

Just then, the bee pupa in Wei Xun’s hand suddenly trembled – it was about to break the cocoon! Wei Xun’s mind moved. The pearl shell on the surface of the cocoon was hidden and turned red and black. The next moment, he saw the snow leopard roaring. Unexpectedly, he found two poisonous snakes and didn’t know when they entered the SUV.

Ding Gou is cooperating with his play!

“Be careful, Ding is coming!”

Wei Xun sternly reminded him that he did not hesitate to cut the poisonous snake with a knife. He originally intended to fight with the others, but snow leopard was so brave! Seeing that the poisonous snake dared to attack Wei Xun, he rushed angrily and caught the snake in two with one claw. His huge body tilted sideways and almost collapsed the back of the chair, almost stepping on the messenger of the eagle flute.

Don’t step on him!

Wei Xun’s mind moved, and a bee cocoon about to hatch naturally fell and rolled around Wei Xun. While he was concentrating on fighting, he didn’t notice the bee cocoon.

The red and black insect cocoon was broken, and the magic bee in it was about to emerge. Wei Xun’s heart was relaxed. As he expected, the magic bee in the cocoon would be controlled by Xiaocui!

Some poisonous snakes causing riots were swept away by the snow leopard. There was a fishy smell of snake blood in the car. Before Fang Yuhang heard Wei Xun’s voice and almost didn’t hold the wheel. He quickly contacted the people in the front and rear off-road vehicles. Four off-road vehicles were parked on the side of the road. Jiang Hongguang and others were on guard. Feile made them eager to help.

In this chaos, the magic bee tore open the cocoon shell and was about to break out of the cocoon!

Everything is in Wei Xun’s plan!

But the next moment, the change is steep.

I saw that the eagle flute preacher, who had been unconscious all the time, suddenly sat up. No one responded. At the moment he came, he directly rushed at the emerging bee cocoon and swallowed the cocoon and the black bee in the cocoon!


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