TTG Chapter 93

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 93: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (36)


Although Wei Xun was distracted by the comatose Eagle flute, he didn’t expect that he would swallow the bee cocoon! The parasitic wasp, he swallowed it and emerged. The first person the parasitic wasp came into contact with, was the person who passed the eagle flute.

However, there are two black lines with extremely strong energy and as thin as hair attacking the parasitic wasps in the same room. Those who come are good!

Wei Xun immediately let it hide and let the two black lines fall into the air. It may be that Wei Xun’s three drops of blood and Xiaocui’s three drops of blood helped him assimilate. The emerged parasitic wasps were under his control like other demons alienated by Wei Xun’s blood. You can enjoy the influence of the “natural Concealer” of the magic bug ball.

The two black lines, like piranhas, search the hiding place of parasitic wasps. They are really long. The two thin lines cluster together to occupy most of the space. Although the parasitic wasps are hidden, they are really invisible. If they encounter them, they will still be found.

If there is only one thin line, it is more convenient to hide it.

Wei Xun just moved in his mind, but he didn’t expect that the hidden parasitic wasp seemed to listen to his command. He searched for a black thin line and wandered in front of it. The strange jaws of the parasitic wasp, which were bigger than ordinary magic wasps, suddenly popped out like a javelin and stabbed the middle part of the black filament.

The black filament was about to entangle it immediately. Another black filament came quickly, but the parasitic wasp was faster. I saw its big jaw rotating rapidly, winding all the black filaments around its big jaw like a reel.

Then, when the needle end of the parasitic wasp’s tail shrugged upward, a drop of golden liquid was shot onto his jaw, enveloping the black filaments like amber trapped insects. The black filaments covered by the golden liquid weakened, and the parasitic wasps took the opportunity to retract their jaws into their bodies. The whole wasp once again hid in the flesh and blood of the eagle flute.

A set of actions flows like clouds and water for one second. Another black filament rushed to the air and couldn’t find its trace again.

Parasitic wasps are so fierce!

Wei Xun praised it in his heart, but when he saw that the parasitic wasp caught the hair, he wanted to release bee venom and die with the black filament in his body. Wei Xun moved his mind to stop the parasitic wasp and ordered it to move.

It was easier to avoid the pursuit of only one hair. Soon, the parasitic wasp avoided the attack of one hair and successfully hid itself in the lungs of the eagle flute.

Wei Xun had time to carefully perceive the role of parasitic wasps. After he solved the problem, he only felt that the middle-level parasitic wasps were really powerful!

It can only imperceptibly influence parasitic targets, so that the “subconscious” can listen to the commands of parasitic wasps and be controlled. Moreover, it has paralytic bee venom, which can control the physical condition of parasitic targets.

It has more jaws than ordinary magic bees, but it is specially designed to catch ghost hair.

Specialized in capturing ghost hair?

Wei Xun thought deeply. It seems that the black filament in the human body passed by the eagle flute is “ghost hair”. But looking at the way the parasitic wasps deal with ghost hair, they are so skilled that they seem to be engraved in their DNA. They wait for the opportunity to take them under control, then destroy them, and die with them. In fact, they are completely consistent with the role of the parasitic wasps, as if they were added by some life.

The functions of change, transformation and life. Looking at the ruthlessness of parasitic wasps to destroy ghost hair, Wei Xun was faint in his heart.

I’m afraid the master of the magic bee, the bee Taoist, has a deep hatred with the controller behind the ghost hair.

Wei Xun quickly saw through the key of “one” to control the ghost hair of the eagle flute and the special parasitic wasp.

It’s outside the journey. Both of them want to control Wei Xun, and both of them have a grudge against him?

That’s why the herald of the eagle flute will swallow the bee cocoon and destroy the actions of the bee Taoist. The parasitic wasp has a pair of jaws specially for ghost hair, and even will die together with the pair.

People who can manipulate ghost hair… Wei Xun now knows a B 49, or because they have all brought drunk beauty Xiangxi. After watching the performance of “B 49” and drunk beauty Xiangxi Li, he has a certain understanding of him.

The man behind Ding Yi, the tour guide and the bee Taoist, is a tour guide of class B 50. After drunk in Western Hunan, the 49th ranking of class B decreases and the 50th ranking of class B rises. Will there be a contradiction between them?

Assuming that the controller of ghost hair is B 49, he controls the eagle flute messenger with the intention of approaching Wei Xun. He is absolutely kind-hearted. He should have the same idea as the bee Taoist.

However, after realizing that two second-class tour guides wanted to fight him, Wei Xun looked more relaxed.

In fact, this situation is better than a single ghost or bee Taoist. Now, they are pulling back from each other and throwing a taboo at each other. On the contrary, Wei Xun has more development… And if there is hatred between them, Wei Xun can borrow the information difference to do more love.

For example, parasitic wasps.

When Wei Xun seizes control of the bee, the female bee behind him will certainly react. There is a special link between the wasp and the female wasp. Wei Xun originally intended to order Xiaocui to crush the female wasp’s consciousness through the wasp, so as to prevent exposure of the transfer of control of the parasitic wasp.

But the eagle flute said that there was a ghost hair in the human body. The bee Taoist would first suspect that it was B 49’s hand.

Similarly, if you lose ghost hair, you will think of Taoist bee.

The two of them fight in the air. Wei Xun can be said to be in a visual blind spot, so he can fish in troubled waters.

In that case

Wei Xun always likes to fight big. He is a cautious person.

“Kill female bees with”

Wei Xun pondered for a few seconds and ordered Xiaocui: “for the time being, only the female bee’s control over the parasitic peak will be cut off.”

“Let’s see again.”

Xiaocui had already crushed half of the female bee’s consciousness, but he immediately obeyed Wei Xun’s orders.


* *

“My blood bee, my blood bee! Damn it, B 49, he damn it! ”

At the moment, the bee Taoist’s residence is like a strong wind passing through, and all the beautiful flowers are destroyed and scattered into mud. The bee colony is scuffled together because of his rage, and hundreds of black magic bees in the bee colony are the most ferocious and aggressive.

Each of them is the size of a baby’s fist, but tearing up other bees is to swallow them, as if they were just to vent their violence. After all the common bees were killed, they began to kill each other. A room was full of torn bee corpses falling like rain.

“Damn it, damn it!”

The bee Taoist was very angry and hated. His waxy yellow face turned red with anger. There were several black spots. His eyes grew several times larger. The whole person looked like a strange wasp. He held the alienated bee mother in his hand.

He carefully fed and spent a lot of resources to cultivate the bee mother. Although it is better than the real mother of the devil bug, the devil bee discipline model is strong and the group model is strong. Only the bee mother can control 200 bee colonies.

Although there are thousands of different kinds of bees under the bee Taoist priest, only 600 magic bees can really be used as a mace. With 600 magic bees, he said he was invincible. Among the second-class tour guides, he was famous and broke into the name of a bee Taoist.

If the power of 600 middle-level magic bees can be fully developed, he can sprint to a higher position, at least up to class B 40.

In the final analysis, the bee mother in his hand is the real insect mother. The 600 magic bees are commanded by three bee mothers. They can’t cooperate or even conflict. They give full play to their full strength.

Originally, the bee Taoist wanted to cultivate more bee mothers. First expand the number of magic bees under his hand. But he found that 600 magic bees were the limit of his control. If he added a bee mother and expanded to 800 magic bees, the magic bees would kill each other first.

He has forced Taoist bee to give up his path, but did not give up his ambition. He wants to raise a real insect mother, a real bee queen who can control more than a thousand magic bees, and become a magic bee Taoist bee! Don’t mention that B 49 competes for the ranking. He can pull down every hair of B 49’s damn thing.

But if you want to raise a queen bee, you must first cultivate a queen bee. To this end, the bee Taoist people go all out to look for all kinds of corpses, spare the power of the bee mother, cultivate the bee, let Ding go in and contact with him. Even to control Wei Xun, he consumed a bee mother and let it assimilate the bee.

Whether you get more kinds of corpses through Wei Xun’s journey to northern Tibet, or hand over Wei Xun to the people above after the journey in exchange for benefits, it is absolutely worth it!

But they were all destroyed by the ghost B 49!

Kill the female bee through the connection between the bee and the female bee. It is a good play of B 49 ghost hair!

“B 49, B 49 -”

Bee Taoist was very angry and scolded. He completely forgot that he was No. 49 now. His tone was extremely vicious. It seemed that he wanted to eat meat and chew bones for B 49 in order to relieve his hatred!

Obviously, we are going to succeed, we are going to succeed, but the eagle flute descendant controlled by B 49 swallowed the magic bee cocoon! If the bee Taoist was only 70% sure that the eagle flute preacher was controlled by B 49, and now the bee Taoist is 100% sure, the damn thing is B 49.

Only he would rather hurt the enemy a thousand than lose eight hundred. He wants to fight against him, Taoist bee!

Is swallowing parasitic wasps good for the hawk Piper he controls? Not at all.

But B 49 is the kind of disgusting, saying, “as long as the bee Taoist fails, he will succeed!” How can the bee Taoist hate you when you do it according to your benchmark!

He even suspected that the preacher of Eagle flute was poisoned and unconscious. It was all performed by B 49 on purpose, so that he could go to Wei Xun’s side to spoil his good luck!

The bee Taoist looked sinister and hummed in his mouth holding the bee cocoon. He used a special method to communicate with the female bee. He was stingy with honey and soaked the dying female bee in the honey bottle.

Taoist bee just treated the dead horse as a living horse doctor. In fact, he didn’t report his great wish at all. But what surprised him was that the female bee was really depressed and gradually recovered from dying.

With the improvement of the mother bee, the ferocious magic bees in the camp finally stopped fighting and threw away their complete and broken wings. There were only 100 magic bees left.

It’s both painful and lucky for the bee Taoist. Although the transformed mother insect can’t go any further, at least she can control 200 magic bees. If the female bee dies, 200 magic bees will only kill each other. He has a total of 600 magic bees in his hand, and the direct loss of one third can be regarded as a great loss of vitality!

Although the female bee looks silly and can no longer contact the bee, and her response to the orders of the bee master has slowed down, at least she is still alive.

The mood of the wasp was calm, and he kept the bee in the honeypot.

B 49. No bee killed the female bee, but he showed mercy. The bee Taoist knows that the B 49 ghost is powerful and can connect in series. He can easily find the female bee and kill it in the air.

In their rare battles, B 49 always wanted to kill the female bee of the bee killing Taoist priest. Unfortunately, he had been on guard for a long time and couldn’t let him succeed. But he almost capsized in the gutter.

The bee Taoist is sure that B 49 will definitely keep half of his hands. As soon as the parasitic bee enters the eagle flute and passes through the human body, it will break its contact, which makes the bee Taoist more convinced that it is safe.

It seems that B 49 can’t kill the female bee through the bee, only because he can’t do it.

Is it his limited ability to control the ghost hair of the eagle flute? Or is it because the herald of the eagle flute is really injured and poisoned, and there must be a ghost to continue his life before B 49 can’t spare his hand?

Is the bee dead or is it still passing through the human body?

Anyway, it’s good news for the bee Taoist.

“I still have a bee, but you can let the eagle Piper swallow the bee again.”

The bee Taoist hummed and laughed, his giant eyes like bees gradually became smaller, and the alienation traces on his body gradually disappeared.

“can be urgent.”

He has only one bee left. If he enters the journey, he will only have one chance. Although the bee Taoist feels that if he swallows the parasitic wasp, the eagle piper will feel better, and he must be in a coma and wake up… He should be careful.

What a disgusting excrement stirring stick B 49 is. Taoist bee has a deep understanding. If he still has the strength to swallow his last bee, he will lose a lot!

“Parasitic bee venom in the left and right. I think how long you can live.”

Taoist bee stared at the live screen. The descendant of the eagle flute sneered more and more green and white. He was a little sorry. Parasitic wasps are mainly parasitic, and the poison model is really as strong as the original wasp. If it were replaced by the original bee, I’m afraid the descendant of the eagle flute would have rotted into a pool of black water.

As for whether the parasitic peak is still alive, you can use it to control the eagle flute messenger… The bee Taoist shook his head and thought again. He’s trying to get more mummies, control Wei Xun and get more resources for him. He’s competing for internal friction for him!

What’s more, even if he was willing to think about it, the bee broke off contact as soon as it arrived in B 49, which still frightened the bee Taoist. He can hold his position. He can only be underestimated because of the forces behind him.

Let’s wait for the parasitic bee venom to spread to the whole body, or let him separate from Wei Xun.

It seems that Wei Xun is an adventurous man. He will definitely leave the brigade and explore alone. It’s his chance to go there!

* *

“Ha ha ha, I’m angry with you, I’m angry with you, B 50, I’ll be angry with you!”

Fat ghost B laughed wildly, and the long hair behind his head was automatically untied and danced because of his happy mood.

B 49’s happiness at the moment is better than caring for her hair ten times!

“Think about it. B 50, the cocoon you planned to keep was swallowed by me!”

B 49 hated him. He had to get a telescope and immediately went to see B 50’s waxy yellow face mixed with iron blue. But even if he can’t see it, imagination alone is enough to make him extremely happy!

“It seems that he is changing the bee into a parasitic bee. He wants to parasitize Wei Xun.”

After laughing, he began to think. To say that he sent people to swallow bee cocoons with an eagle flute is actually risky. Rao is that there are two ghost hairs in the body of the eagle flute at the moment, but the eagle flute is a human body after all. I’m afraid it will turn into a pool of black water immediately when it encounters the poison of magic bees.

Even so, he only wanted to frustrate the bee master’s plan, but also wanted to take the opportunity to destroy a female bee!

If Taoist bee understands him, he knows Taoist bee very well. He knows that Taoist bee’s most precious thing is the key to his killer magic bee colony, and he is the three female bees. If you want to transmit information from the journey to the team, the bee must be connected with the female bee.

If you can take this opportunity to destroy a female bee of the bee Taoist and weaken his strength, it will definitely be a loss!

“It’s a pity that the parasitic wasp is powerful, otherwise…  it’s lucky to be transformed into a parasitic wasp,  if so…”

B 49 secretly hates that the bee Taoist knows what, transforms the parasitic bee, only swallows one of his ghost hair, and hides it so that his ghost hair can’t be found.

But it’s good… If the parasite explodes as usual, B 49 won’t have a chance to find the mother bee through the parasite. Now it’s just hidden. As long as the eagle flute is still transmitted to the human body, B 49 will find it out sooner or later. He has to let a female bee fall!

He was cruel in his heart, but B 49 knew that his confrontation with the bee Taoist had consumed a ghost hair in his body, and the eagle flute spread more parasitic bee venom in the human body.

It seems to be his bad friend and the good friend of Taoist bee, but in fact, he doesn’t take much advantage of it. If the herald of Eagle flute really thinks that bee venom is dead, it is difficult for him to find another chance except for the real body invasion journey.

“Be rational and calm. Fortunately, fortunately… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

B 49 laughed again. It was his good luck to laugh at himself. If the eagle flute preacher really dies, he may have to wait for the invasion journey if he wants to control Wei Xun. But now, the hawk Piper is not dead, just because of the existence of parasitic wasps and good control.

However, he didn’t know it. B 49 was well aware of the bee Taoist’s caution. Although he was sure that there was a bee cocoon in Ding Yi’s hand, there must be other bee cocoons in Ding Yi’s hand. But the bee Taoist has only three female bees in total, and Ding Yi will have more than two cocoons left in his hand.

According to the stinginess of the bee master’s fake goods, I’m afraid he will do it soon. It’s estimated that he’ll wait until the eagle flute messenger he controls dies due to poison or another place with Wei Xun.

He wants to keep Wei Xun under control before he goes to school!

As long as Wei Xun can be controlled first, he is confident that he can cope with no matter how many cocoons there are.

“Hateful, annoying…”

The hateful thing is that the herald of the eagle flute is still out of control! Although B 49 wants to admit it, the parasitic peak really knows more about parasitism than his ghost hair. It is clear that the eagle flute says that there are two ghost hair in the human body to deal with the bee, but it still makes it toss less ghost hair. That is to say, the descendant of the Eagle flute is particularly controlled.

Do you want another ghost hair?

B 49 hesitated. He wanted to add another ghost hair. He had three ghost hair consumed by the eagle flute preacher, which was one third of his total ghost hair!

For a satellite, the consumption is so large. Is it worth it? In his heart, if he really invaded the journey, although it was only a minute, it was more than enough to rob Wei Xun.

What is hateful is that there has been no new order from the puppet division. B 49 can only suspend his action and force him to use this means. You know, driving ghost hair across the journey consumes more power, but the strength you can show is less than half of that of regular ghost hair. It’s a waste.

But B 491 kept his anger at the thought of the bee Taoist.

“Taoist bee, Taoist Bee -”

When he made a decision in his heart, B 49 was still happy. He took out a ghost hair and incorporated it into the hair puppet. While moving, he cursed the bee Taoist with the most vicious and obscene language. If it’s his fault, B 491 ghost hair can control Wei Xun and fix him. There’s no need to make a second and a third one.

Moreover, the best car has missed the opportunity to drive with Wei Xun. Now, he is sharing the car. If he wants to do it again, he may have to wait until the evening——

“Tonight I will make him my slave!”

B 49 incorporated the ghost hair into the hair puppet. He laughed heartily and happily:

“Taoist bee, you’ll be trampled on by me!”

* *

‘huh? Another one? ”

Wei Xun was acutely aware that another hair like thing intruded into the body of Yingdi Chuan. The previous one was connected end to end, like fusion and separation, which looked very strange.

“Hurry, look again”

His heart moved with his will. Originally, the eagle flute was transmitted to the human body. There was a restless parasitic wasp No. 1. It immediately calmed down again. Its concealment skills were very climax and was not found by the two hairs.

“Keep going.”

The news of Ding Yi’s sneak attack made people panic. Wei Xun frowned in his heart, but his face was moved and still calm:

“The herald of Yingdi goes to Qin Xinrong’s car. Ding Yi’s main goal is me.”

The eagle flute said that the ghost hair in the human body consumed one, but immediately added another. It can be seen that B 49’s plot is small, which can give him another chance to get in close contact with himself.


Wei Xun patted Qin Xinrong and others on the shoulder one by one. They implanted insect eggs on the skin surface. If the ghost hair moves, the eagle flute says that the parasitic wasps in the human body can block it for a moment, and his insect eggs can find problems first.

After a delay of half an hour, the team continued to move towards Xiaolin temple. Compared with the previous team formation, the previous slight carelessness and relaxation were swept away. Wei Xun changed his car to Ji Hongcai. He has more experience and strong strength. At the moment, he is tense and staring at the road ahead.

The snow leopard only yelled at Wei Xun with his claws and wiped the snake blood. The snow leopard yelled again. He snored at Wei Xun and patted Wei Xun’s legs happily. Without that obstacle, it can go back to the back seat and lie on Wei Xun’s legs.

Wei Xun was distracted. He distracted himself from controlling the parasitic wasps in the human body transmitted by the eagle flute. He found that the wasps were very similar to ordinary magic insects. They had a deeper connection with the mother insects. Xiaocui could transmit his energy to the wasps, and the wasps could transmit things in his body to Xiaocui.

Like the ghost hair trapped by it, it is not only a real hair, but also full of infinite energy and resentment. If you are swallowed by an ordinary demon, I’m afraid you can easily control it and break out.

However, the parasitic wasps specially cultivated by the bee Taoist are the same, or all the magic wasps he cultivated have the function of “grasping hair”, especially the special golden yellow liquid. Once wrapped by it, the ghost hair will be sealed, and even its owner can no longer detect it.

“Send the ghost to me”

Wei Xun ordered that in a few seconds, the golden liquid wrapped ghost hair of the semi solid and semi energy body would be handed over by Feng to Xiao Cui and Xiao Cui to Wei Xun. The golden solid liquid is half the size of a small fingernail, as beautiful as gilt, and inside is a very long black hair curled up into a ball.

However, Wei Xun first noticed the black hair, but all his eyes fell on the solid droplets. Just smelling him, he felt relaxed and happy. After swallowing, the restless Demon power subsided.

What are droplets?

The bee immediately buzzed and replied, “the liquid drop is the mutated magic honey. After dissimilation in its body, it becomes a sharp weapon that can trap ghost hair.

The transformation of magic honey is transmitted by female bees. They are a special mother state. As long as there is magic honey in the female bee, it can transmit the bee.

Because of its extremely close and special connection, the parasitic wasp will destroy itself immediately after controlling the ghost hair and die with it. It was set up by the bee Taoist. The ghost hair has no holes. It can directly kill the female bee through the connection between the bee and the female bee. Therefore, even if it is sealed, the bee should destroy the ghost hair as soon as possible.

Wei Xun stared at the drop of solid honey. If you want to continue to reproduce the insect population and expand the insect population as soon as possible, honey is absolutely of great use.

The connection between the female bee and the bee, magic honey

Wei Xun has a bold idea.

Although Xiaocui assimilated the bee and took control of it, she actually did it very skillfully. As a female falala, whose rank is much higher than that of the female bee, Xiaocui has made a sense that the female bee has no habit except stupidity.

Even if Xiaocui has enough evolutionary space and enough energy, it is possible to control the female bee through bee counter control. However, Wei Xun plans to let it continue to evolve temporarily. Xiaocui wants to evolve again, which depends on Wei Xun’s blood consumption. Wei Xun loses too much blood and his own health will be weakened. He must always keep his best.

And at present, she must control the female bee urgently. On the contrary, she has been fooled by Xiaocui.

Wei Xun asked the fox cub to put away the drops of solid magic honey wrapped in ghost hair, and then issued an order to the bee to continue to ask the mother bee for magic honey.

The bee’s body can only hold one drop of honey at a time, and it is used as a weapon to seal ghost hair. But after every drop of magic honey was asked, Wei Xun asked it to turn to his second mother Xiaocui immediately.

In this way, the bee’s body is empty and can get magic honey from the female bee.

Repeat several times, and soon it will become a secret honey stealing line. Even better, the bee is still hidden in the body of the eagle flute.

“You eat first and come out”

In Xiaocui’s magic insect ball, she is now in her car. There is no private space. Wei Xun is good at what kind of container it is, but the mother’s belly itself is a natural “container”. She can hide more than 10000 eggs in her belly and keep them fresh forever. Now Xiaocui has no eggs in her abdomen and can hold a lot of honey.

“For every 300 drops of honey you eat, you can digest one drop by yourself.”

Wei Xun responded positively to xiaocuidun’s words. Magic honey is a great tonic for him, and it is more suitable for magic insects to take, and the effect can be brought into full play. Although Wei Xun’s blood is good, it has strong effect. Honey is more moist and nourishing. It is more suitable for mother insects to swallow and enhance themselves!

If you eat 300 drops, you can digest one drop by yourself, if you eat 600 drops, you can digest two drops by yourself, then eat 900 drops

Xiaocui is full of energy!

* *

“Haven’t you had enough?”

The bee Taoist looked at the honey jar at random and was surprised to find that the bee mother still ate honey in it. His hands are full of the best magic honey. If he puts it in the hotel for one or two, he can buy 5000 points, and the honey pot is his exclusive prop after he won the title of “beekeeper” of dark blue.

The magic honey purified by the bee pot has amazing energy. Its greatest effect is to restore San value.

It can be said that purified magic honey is the most precious treasure of Taoist bee. Because of it, he can keep low death countdown wantonly in every journey, making San value plummet. It doesn’t matter.

It can be said that even if you join the butcher alliance, the bee Taoist is proud. He can be alienated like those crazy tour guides, but he can come to his senses with him! People like him deserve to go further. Although he is strong but crazy, he will become completely crazy sooner or later.

The bee Taoist is very careful to keep the secret of purifying magic honey. He is extremely valuable for his own purified magic honey. He eats and saves money on weekdays. He drinks one or two purified magic honey mixed with ten kilograms of ordinary magic honey. Only when feeding female bees, 100% purified magic honey is used.

Previously, the bee Taoist had expected that if the female bee ate more purified magic honey, it would be possible to evolve into a queen bee. But the reality disappointed him. At most, the mother bee of purified magic honey can only eat one or two. After eating enough, they will consciously refuse to eat.

The bee Taoist forced the bee to feed, and the result was that the female bee exploded and died. After that, he understood. If you want to go further, only the queen bee, or even the higher queen bee, can do it.

“Always eat, how much do you eat?”

The female bee seems to be less injured, unresponsive, stupid and unresponsive. However, the bee Taoist’s intention is to secretly calculate. I was surprised to find that the female bee had eaten honey one or two times!

He was surprised at first, and then a little happy. The original female bee will slow down after eating enough for one or two days, but I’m afraid it will continue to eat.

Because it is transformed into a parasitic queen and it is a simple female bee, it is limited by species? Or does the magic bee in the nest decrease and it should eat more honey to continue to lay eggs?

Or, or a female bee, is there really any breakthrough?

A bee Taoist’s heart beat faster and said his expectations. He felt it carefully. Although he didn’t find any similarities, the bee Taoist was still looking forward to it. One or two purified magic honey is worth tens of thousands of points. He can save money when he drinks it himself. However, seeing that the female bee eats so happily, he hopes it can eat more while suffering from meat pain.

“Darling, eat more, eat more.”

The bee Taoist watched the female bee closely. It was like watching the king of the stomach eat and sow. He kept cheering it up in his heart. But when the phone rang, the bee Taoist looked bored, looked away from the mother bee, and twisted his face to answer the phone.

“Egypt? mummy? Pharaoh? ”

The bee Taoist is going to go out directly when he sits down and stays. It’s a big deal, but it takes less time for the people on the west side to trade, at least five or six days.

But if it is the mummy of the Pharaoh, he can definitely miss it!

Before leaving, the bee Taoist looked at the honey jar in his eyes and saw that the female bee still ate in it. He could not help but show a tangle in his eyes and finally became loving.

“Little darling, you continue to eat.”

Well, it’s easy for female bees to become edible. It must be a new opportunity. The bee Taoist couldn’t bear to disturb him. He simply left the honey jar and the female bees in his own station. It is the safest place under the shelter of the hotel rules. Even the heavenly king can’t invade his residence and take away his purified magic honey.

Therefore, Taoist bee did not worry and went straight through the door. Before he left, he thought about the mother bee.

That jar of purified magic honey has a full weight of 20 jin and is worth millions of points. After years of accumulation, there are only three cans of purified magic honey with a total weight of nearly 100 Jin, which can be said to be all his possessions.

How much can a female bee eat? One or two? Check. Two liang? Or more, three Liang, five liang?

Is it possible to eat enough for a kilo? If you can really eat a kilo of purified magic honey, it will evolve

The bee Taoist lives in his head and dares to think. In the past, he had a heavy heart for gain and loss. He thought too much, and many things could not be achieved. On the contrary, many people think about it, and it will automatically become it.

You can think, you can think again.

The bee Taoist began to think about Lao Wang’s mummy and deliberately thought about the mother bee.

In his camp, the magic bees did not respond to his departure. They flew around the honey jar and gradually stopped at the edge of the honey jar. There was a dense circle of bees. The magic bee model wanted to get close to the female bee, especially when the female bee was dying and rejuvenated, and the magic bee almost exploded. According to common sense, the female bee should emit a special buzz in response to the magic bees who comfort themselves.

But there is no female bee in the honeypot. It always eats, always eats.

The honey in the purified magic honey jar has been eaten by it for a small layer.

And the female bee continues

* *

Although magic honey makes Wei Xun excited, he thinks Xiaocui can get a few drops. After all, only female bees have honey can pass it on. Female bees may produce honey out of thin air, and their internal reserves must be limited.

If he is a bee Taoist, the precious magic honey must hold his hand, use the redistributive female bee, or put a few drops on the female bee in case of need.

After all, it is often only one drop at a time, and it is useless to store more than one drop in the female bee’s body.

Wei Xun paid more attention to the ghost hair. In the next Xiaolin temple, the fox cub roared and the fierce model was exposed. Since he made a contract with it, Wei Xun had never seen it so angry. It was the kind of extreme hatred and hostility that tore the ghost hair to pieces.

Sure enough, the owner of the ghost hair was the hair ghost B 49 who had drunk meixiangxi and killed the fox fairy Yuhui.

Even though Yu Hui’s seal consciousness is sleeping, only the ignorant fox cub’s remnant soul accompanies Wei Xun, and he instinctively is still full of hostility and resentment towards the things that send ghosts.

“This is for your disposal.”

Wei Xun said that although ghost hair is precious, as long as the eagle flute passes, there are still two in the human body, and as long as the parasitic wasp is alive, it can still be obtained.

For the first time, the fox cub prayed to Wei Xun so solemnly and seriously for something. The fox cub kept his belongings along the way and helped him a lot. Wei Xun has always been stingy with his subordinates and directly allowed him to do so.

In particular, Wei Xun felt that after he came into contact with ghost hair, the momentum of the fox cub’s ghost changed, and it seemed that there were more things to unseal. Wei Xun looks forward to what new changes will happen when the fox cub devours the ghost hair.

The release of the fox cub means that it begins to develop into an adult, which is reflected in Wei Xun. Wei Xun possessed by the fox cub can be stronger, which is mutually beneficial.

“Kobayashi temple is in front of you!”

Ji Hongcai said excitedly, relieved. During the driving of several small cars, he was always on guard. He was worried that Ding Yi would attack again, which would cause great mental and physical exertion. Now that he finally arrived at Kobayashi temple, he was very happy.

“Look, behind the black stone peak in front is Xiaolin temple!”

The two lamas said that Xiaolin temple was built on the mountain wall suspended in the air, “there are no people in the round ten li, the monks practicing in the temple almost have contact with others, should return to nature advocated by Bon religion, and reach great fullness at a higher place”.

Now it is evening, and the sunset is reflected on the black stone peak, which is plated with a layer of golden light. Wei Xun followed Ji Hongcai’s words and looked out of the window to see the style of Blackstone mountain. In his ear, fox cubs chattered excitedly.

The fox cub is very happy. He has never been so excited. Even Wei Xun is not so happy when he absorbs all kinds of delicious food and full Yang!

However, Wei Xun’s incoherent chatter in his ear could not fully express his excitement. The mink slipped away, climbed onto Wei Xun’s shoulder and rubbed Wei Xun’s face to express his excitement. Even it was quite modern, holding Wei Xun’s side face with small claws and kissing him!


When the mink was ready to kiss a few more, a silver shadow came. It came out of the virtual shadow and flew the mink directly to the front window glass.


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