TTG Chapter 94

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 94: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (37)


Ji Hongcai was startled. He wondered why he was attacked. When he looked at it, he found that it was a mink that was hit on the window glass. The sound of hitting the glass was painful to hear. Looking at the ferret, just like the normal ferret, it got up as soon as it turned over, and then swished back to Wei Xun, followed by a series of squeaky and quarrelsome short calls.

I like this mink very much when I watch the guard on weekdays. He can throw it over. Ji Hongcai was very curious, but he couldn’t look back when he was driving, so he raised his voice and asked:

“Is the guard all right?”


Wei Xun grabbed the thing that took away the mink cub, but then he was entangled in his wrist. The long silver Plush tail pulled him back, and then a big hot head was arched into his neck. He was rubbed and kissed by mink cubs. He breathed and spitted out his face. Suddenly, it was hot. It turned out that the snow leopard licked Wei Xun’s cheek with the tip of its tongue.

It had only one tongue, and there was no bone spur at the tip of the tongue. It was wet, soft and hot. Wei Xun avoided it with his side face, but the snow leopard came back again according to the law. Several times, guard Xun was forced to the door beside the window, but he couldn’t retreat. He had no choice but to grasp the snow leopard’s paw. He shook and sighed:

“Xuefeng, you are too jealous.”

Wild animals are also monopolistic and have a strong sense of leadership. Even because they have a sensitive sense of smell, they can smell the smell information of other animals. For example, when Wei Xun meets other stray cats on the road after raising pancakes, he should not touch them, because pancakes will smell the smell of other cats, and then follow them step by step. He has to rub off the smell.

Like the nanny washing and drying clothes and sheets. If you receive them in the cabinet as soon as possible, you will certainly see a cat on the pile of clothes. In particular, he likes to wash his clothes and has to dye it with his own smell.

Wei Xun was a cat with a strong sense of being a “pie” and had never been to Xuefeng before. I saw it before, but now it’s enough for the mink to rub.

When the mink squeaked and whined, Wei Xun looked up and asked to make rules for Xuefeng and correct that it was too independent.

But on second thought, his fate with the snow leopard was just that. During this journey, when the snow leopard pretended to be a poisonous snake to attack, the snow leopard used the poisonous snake to protect him, and Wei Xun’s heart became soft again.

“Oh, forget it.”

Wei Xun stepped back, touched the snow leopard’s head, and then paid attention to most of his body. He pressed over and smelled the movement of his neck and chest. I comforted the fox cub a little and ordered the snow leopard. It was only this trip that the fox cub would stay with him longer. This directly comforted the fox cub

The fox cub was not very angry. Wei Xun was willing to send the ghost to him and let him vent his resentment. The fox cub was happy and grateful. And where would he be angry. It’s just a little fox on his face. He thinks he’s a big little fox. He was caught by an ordinary snow leopard and flew out with his tail. It’s a shame.

The coaxed mink lay on the back of the co pilot’s seat, with a pair of round eyes staring at Wei Xun and snoring and playing coquettish in his arms. He knew that he would separate the snow leopard in a few days, full of prescient superiority.

Watch the master suck you dry!

You’re just good at using Yang Qi tools. I’ll accompany my master around the world in the future.


The snow leopard threw its long tail at random, and the flexible tail tip lifted the back of the co pilot’s seat, which immediately lifted the whole mink. Then he shook his beard, made a contemptuous expression, and then began to lick Wei Xun’s left wrist a little.

Ji Hongcai understood the words of mink cubs, but he also saw that the snow leopard was quite “one mountain can accommodate two tigers” and wanted to dominate Wei Xun’s posture. He thought it was interesting, but he couldn’t worry any more.

At half past six in the evening, they arrived at the foot of Blackstone mountain alone. Because the Blackstone mountain is steep and dangerous, it is easy to climb. The car stops on a windless wasteland at the foot of the mountain. A man sets up a tent here and is ready to rest.

It’s getting late. As Wei Xun is so respected, the “demon removing messenger” must be treated with the most respect. It’s rude to invite someone up the mountain at night. So the two lamas went back to Xiaolin temple to answer their orders, and they would pick up Wei Xun and others up the mountain tomorrow.

The Heishi mountain road is narrower and steeper than the poor Zong mountain. It is extremely difficult to walk. Only those who have lived on the mountain for a long time can walk like walking flat. Even so, they can no longer carry one person on their back. Therefore, the herald of the eagle flute has also been put on hold in the camp until tomorrow.

“This expedition is a mission. It can be a sutra cave.”

Passengers wrapped in blankets surrounded the fire. The altitude of Xiaolin temple is higher. Although we are used to the hypoxia environment on the plateau, we still feel a little uncomfortable after working hard this day.

“The herald of the eagle flute is in a coma. I’m so sure.”

Qin Xinrong said, a little worried in his tone. Tour guide Ding Yi’s book is just a book. There is a guide, the eagle flute Messenger, who can figure out the goal of scenic spot exploration. But now the preacher of Eagle flute is also unconscious and awake. Judging his words only by the Lama’s words, he will be biased.

“Cheer up, the journey is almost halfway.”

Jiang Hongguang noticed that feilezhi was a little listless. He must have been in danger on the way of this day. Ding Yi’s attack affected his mood and said with relief.

“Let’s see tomorrow. We’re going to stay in Xiaolin temple for two days.”

Ji Hongcai said happily and smacked his mouth: “do you know if there are any vegetarian dishes in this temple? Eating compressed biscuits every day will fade out of my mouth.”

The passengers laughed and talked about eating. Before that, because of fatigue and the depression of the road ahead, the negative atmosphere was invisible.

Ji Hongcai and Jiang Hongguang looked at each other with a smile in their eyes, but they implied worry.

Yes, if the eagle flute preacher wakes up these two days, they can only grope forward according to the Lama’s words and complete the task of exploring scenic spots.

I’m afraid Wei Xun will worry about this. After all, he always overfulfils his task. The word “up to” is not mentioned in the people’s dictionary.

Wei Xun looked at the tips of the hotel. He had too much harvest in the ruins of Xiangxiong. Along the way, there were all kinds of dangerous attacks by the bee Taoist and B and 19. As for the tips of the hotel on completing the scenic spot project, Wei Xun didn’t have time to take a closer look. Now he is really good at it.

[di, the first scenic spot project is completed!]

[exploration of northern Tibet — Exploration of the ruins of Xiangxiong kingdom in qiongzongshan, 100% complete]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 1000 points (100% completion, double points reward)]

[you get the fragment of Zhang Xiong’s gold mask]

[you are blessed by ZhangXiong Kingdom]

[ Name: fragments of Xiangxiong gold mask]

[quality: unique]

[function: Mask breath, fuse and enhance other mask items]

[Note: if you wear the fragment of Zhang Xiong’s gold mask, you will have the probability to be recognized as a member of the Zhang Xiong kingdom. Of course, you can also choose to integrate it into other masks, which can turn non gold masks into gold.]


[quality: exclusive for the journey]

[function:  you will get more luck in matters related to the relics and people of ZhangXiong]

[Note: what? After more than 1600 years of destruction, can there still be survivors in the ancient country? Is this luck really useful?]

[you are a well deserved team leader of this brigade. You have been recognized by the hotel and the reward points have increased by 50%]

There is a small piece of gold in Wei Xun’s clothes. He didn’t guard against people. If you see it at will, it’s just that you found a treasure under Wei Xun’s elephant male ruins. This is the hotel Award “fragments of Zhang Xiong’s gold mask”

Indeed, it is more appropriate to say “monocle” than “Mask” because it is only connected to the right eye hole, the upper right part, a support at the bridge of the nose and no other parts.

But its two functions seem interesting, especially when it is associated with the reward of “the protection of the Elephant Kingdom”. If Wei Xun got this mask and protection before exploring the ruins of Zhang Xiong, maybe the evil ghost insects will attack him from the beginning, and those black haired human skins, activated zombies and so on will leave him.

However, the relics and scenic spots of ZhangXiong have passed, and it seems that there are some chicken ribs to get this article related to the kingdom of ZhangXiong, but Wei Xun is like this. Both the descendants of Yingdi and the Tibetans are obviously related to the kingdom of ZhangXiong. Maybe they are the descendants of ZhangXiong.

This is the main task. Wei Xun’s two items are of great use in the next journey.

Then Wei Xun was attracted by the last sentence, “got the recognition of the hotel”, and the reward points increased by 50%.

When Wei Xun was drunk in Western Hunan, he overheard Miao Fangfei chatting with Shi Tao. He said that Miao Fangfei had a hint of [getting recognized by the tour guide, and the reward points increased by 30%] every time the scenic spot was completed. From the objective point of view of the hotel, it should be the hope for close cooperation between the team leader and the tour guide, and between the tour guide and passengers.

However, Wei Xun “lost” Ding Yi, but he also got the evaluation that [you are the team leader worthy of this brigade], and the reward percentage of the hotel’s “recognition” is higher than that of the tour guide’s “recognition”.

The tour guide is easy to understand. The tour guide is an individual and will certainly recognize the tour guide. What aspects should the hotel judge?

Is it to evaluate the number of deaths on the team? But he died before the first scenic spot.

Is it to evaluate the relationship between tour guides and tourists? He had a fight with the guide’s aunt on his first day.

Is it to evaluate the comprehensive completion of passenger tasks? But Jiang Hongguang took the salted fish route on their journey. They were at the bottom in terms of completion, but they only passed.

If it is these data-based standards, but some kind of personal judgment, who will assign the hotel as the standard and recognize it?

The head of the hotel.

When Wei Xun arrived at Zui Meixiang Xili, he asked him to sign a contract with an Xuefeng and reward him with the title of “Empathy”, so that he could have the dual identity of tourist guide * **

Although the thriller disappeared and * * appeared, Wei Xun joked, “are you also my exclusive customer service?” The other party’s attitude was ambiguous and did not refute, but Wei Xun knew in his heart that there was such a thought-provoking, penetrating, powerful, absolutely creepy customer service.

After * * reminded him to protect the passengers, there were words like “the host of the hotel is satisfied with your performance” and “the host of the hotel gives you extra rewards” in the later journey.

This * * must have a special relationship with the host of the hotel… Even he is a member of the host of the hotel.

The hotel may have only one principal.

This is Wei Xun’s guess without any evidence, but he intuitively thinks.

At first, he was the host of the hotel, that is, the “system” of the thriller Hotel, in charge of the thriller Hotel, artificial intelligence and so on, just like in other infinite stream novels. However, after drunk in Western Hunan, Wei Xun thought that. The principal obviously has his own goals and emotional preferences.

Can he be a man?

If the person in charge of the hotel is a person, how powerful is it to become the person in charge of the hotel?

Are you a tourist or guide who has successfully left the thriller hotel? Or is it like an Xuefeng, standing on the top of passengers and the strongest passenger?

The host of the hotel, Maria butterfly fragments, the hotel logo, * *, an Xuefeng, what is the relationship between them.

Wei Xun hides this guess in his heart. When the journey is over, maybe he will try to join the return team. It’s just for the contract. But to solve a puzzle, you have to go to that puzzle before you have a chance.

“Ho! The snow leopard is back! ”

The passengers were discussing how to cook compressed biscuits today. Wei Xun listened while thinking. Suddenly, Ji Hongcai laughed loudly and said that the snow leopard had come back.

 they decided to station and set up tents. Xuefeng circled around his tent, rubbed his smell inside and outside, and quietly left. Wei Xun knew it was hunting, so he didn’t care about it.

Xuefeng’s hunting frequency is higher than that of other snow leopards. The prey he catches is presented to Wei Xun first. Wei Xun decides to eat it before he eats it. The snow leopard is extremely picky. It only eats the best meat on its prey every time. It also needs a lot of meat on the rest of its body every time. It hurts to see Ji Hongcai.

But even if the meat hurts, they can’t share it. After all, most of the recipes of snow leopard are also to protect animals. For example, at the parking meeting at noon today, Xuefeng knew how to do it, and unexpectedly caught a Tibetan antelope.

Is this something that people can eat? This is OK!

They also have a backpack of compressed biscuits and dehydrated vegetables to eat. They are not hungry to the end of the mountain. According to the rules of the hotel, they can eat protected animals.

Now other passengers in the team also know that Xuefeng went out hunting. As soon as he came back from hunting, he laughed and guessed what he had caught this time. Therefore, when Ji Hongcai shouted, “the snow leopard is back”, everyone couldn’t help laughing. Although they were eating biscuits and watching the snow leopard eat fresh meat, the whole camp was full of joy.

“Let me see what I caught this time… Good guy, it looks like a sheep.”

Everyone dared to offend the snow leopard. Ji Hongcai said that he just stood up and had a look. If he dared to approach, he was afraid that he would be misunderstood by the snow leopard as robbing food.

“Little corner, it’s Tibetan antelope, it’s rock sheep… Eh? How can I recognize the sheep? ”

Ji Hongcai wondered, but Wei Xun had already walked past when the snow peak returned. Xuefeng still likes many people. He dragged the sheep to the edge of the camp. After he and Wei Xun went to the tent, he was willing to go forward. Beside his prey, he had sharp animal eyes, which seemed to have the bloody evil spirit of hunting, and his white hair was red with blood.

He licked the fur around his mouth, and the plush leopard’s ears turned to the fire and paid attention to the trend there. However, Wei Xun’s eyes did not move away from him after he got up. His gray blue eyes looked deeper in the dark, very aggressive and deterrent.

The beast protecting the food is the most aggressive, but Wei Xun is still normal after entering the attack range of the snow leopard. The snow leopard proudly guards the prey, moves, looks at the prey, and his eyes fall on Wei Xun. Only when Wei Xun takes the initiative to go over and say a few words in a soft voice can he stand up and rub with Wei Xun.

Then the snow leopard will tear open the belly of the prey and urge Wei Xun to eat first. Obviously, it spent a lot of time hunting and dragged the prey back, but it always guards Wei Xun first, and he won’t eat the rest of the prey until Wei Xun ate it. Jiang Hongguang and others are envious of the relationship between this man and the snow leopard.

“The snow leopard is really good to brother Wei. We can eat the prey when he catches it.”

Ji Hongcai sighed, frowning and continuing to cook his compressed biscuit Zanba porridge, but Fang Yuhang still looked at the direction of the snow leopard and hesitated.

“Hongguang, look at this sheep… It’s like a herdsman raising sheep?”

Tibetans in wenbunan village have grazing sheep. Raising sheep is a kind of black faced white wool Tibetan sheep. Both male and female have horns. The snow-white wool is long and smooth. The quality of wool and mutton is wrong.

Jiang Hongguang pondered: “the wool looks like white…”

In order to hide and avoid natural enemies, wild sheep’s wool is mostly the same color as withered grass and rocks, such as Tibetan antelope and rock sheep. Most white sheep here are domesticated sheep.

Wei Xun also found this problem.

“This is… Tibetan sheep?”

Wei Xun pulled out his knife and fiddled with the sheep corpse. The sheep is fresh and warm. It is big and fluffy with white hair. There are only two deep blood holes in its throat.

The most important thing is that Wei Xun found a sign on the sheep’s ear. Obviously, it is not wild sheep, but Tibetan sheep grazed by Tibetans.

When the snow leopard saw that he ate wild sheep, he changed his prey and went to the herdsman’s sheep pen to catch sheep?

It is true that some snow leopards attack herdsmen’s sheepfolds in winter. There are also news that snow leopards jump into sheepfolds to eat sheep. As a result, they jump back after eating too much. They simply stay in sheepfolds and leave. After eating for more than ten days, they are taken away by the police.

However, there is no human gathering within ten miles of Heishi mountain in Xiaolin temple. Recently, the county has to run for more than half a day to get there. The soil here is poor, and most of them can’t even grow highland barley, black stone, and herdsmen will come to herd sheep.

Snow leopard can run for tens of kilometers, specially go to herdsmen to kill sheep, and then drag sheep for tens of kilometers to bring it back. If time permits, it’s just a snow leopard, and it’s superman. How can it have such a body.

“Snore, snore, snore -”

When Xuefeng saw that Wei Xun didn’t eat, he snored and urged. Wei Xun pressed down his mind and rubbed the snow leopard’s neck. He rubbed the thick hair on the snow leopard’s neck, estimated the snow leopard’s food intake, cut off a sheep’s front leg and a sheep’s back leg, and left the rest to the snow leopard.

The snow leopard’s eyes lit up when Wei Xun was willing to eat his prey. Even if Wei Xun asked others to see his prey, the snow leopard was rarely angry, but rubbed around Wei Xun. The whole snow leopard revealed a happy mood.

Wei Xun knew where the snow leopard was and caught the Tibetan sheep. He stabbed it with a golden mosquito mouthpiece to sense the snow leopard’s psychology through blood contact.

But he found the snow leopard staring at him happily, full of vague emotions such as “he can eat well”, “he is great”, “how much he eats”, “he can eat well” and “great”, so he had to put up with it.

“It’s really Tibetan sheep. It’s strange that there should be herdsmen around here.”

As expected, Jiang Hongguang and others found something different. The two mutton legs were handed over to Ji Hongcai, who claims to be “first-class in roasting mutton legs”. It is rare to see fresh meat. Ji Hongcai tried his best to be fatter and tender. After processing, he retreated, pickled them slightly, sprinkled them with seasoning, and then grilled them on the fire. Thin, chop the front legs, and cook soup with bone, mutton and bone marrow.

Snow leopard is a great hero. It’s best to roast lamb leg or cook Lamb Soup. I’m sure I’ll give it to Wei Xun. But the rest is enough for others to eat two slices of mutton and drink a bowl of hot soup.

In the process of waiting for the sheep to be cooked, everyone discussed around the fire.

“Will it be Kobayashi’s sheep?”

Qin Xinrong said that some temples in Tibet raise sheep for food or money. They raise sheep for blessing. They eat sheep and keep them until they grow old and die.

“Maybe he lost his sheep when grazing?”

Feilezhi suggested: “I saw people say that they met wild wolves when grazing, so they chased the sheep away.”

“There is also a possibility.”

Wei Xun also denied: “keep the label on the sheep’s ear until the Lama comes tomorrow.”


Obviously, it is strange that the Tibetan sheep came here. Behind it, it can involve a special task, but none of the salted fish passengers intend to study it deeply. They are all happy and waiting for the roast sheep. Kobayashi temple has not entered yet, so it’s going to be a branch outside the festival.

What’s more, the poisonous snake attack on the road and the sneak attack by Ding Yi occupied everyone’s nerves. The old tourists were very safe and only planned to take the main scenic spots. Even if chabalaren demons dance on their faces, they will never do other dangerous tasks.

Life is the most important.

After dinner, at ten o’clock in the evening, Jiang Hongguang and Wei Xun discussed a series of chores.

“Don’t worry about the guard. I’ll arrange good people to guard the camp at night.”

Jiang Hongguang said rationally, looked at Wei Xun and said a lot. Jiang Hongguang had long expected that Wei Xun’s character would let go of the suspense on the Tibetan sheep. He will enter Xiaolin temple tomorrow. He will certainly investigate tonight.

Jiang Hongguang is also clear about his positioning. If he has the opportunity to complete various tasks, they will certainly fight. But how did Qin Xinrong, Fang Yuhang and Ji Hongcai come here to heal their wounds? If they can complete the main task safely, they will be successful.

Wei Xun has an extraordinary potential. He will be selected by the brigade team after this journey. Jiang Hongguang has always maintained friendly relations with Wei Xun, and he will have another way to go in the future.

“This is to drive the snake. Take one and put it in the fire. Poisonous snakes will attack the camp this night. ”

Wei Xun likes people who can save him trouble, such as drunk beauty, Miao Fangfei in Xiangxi, and Jiang Hongguang in the journey of exploring secrets in northern Tibet. The other party is relieved. Wei Xun will also be stingy. He can only say that the attack in the afternoon was a performance, and Ding Yi was too worried. Instead, he directly divided the snake driving guide from Ding Yi into two parts to Jiang Hongguang.

“Today, it was just a poisonous snake attacking the car. Ding Yi didn’t show up. Those poisonous snakes are not alive. Ding Yi was seriously injured and he came to attack the camp himself. He has great ability. ”

Even if you drive poisonous snakes to attack the camp, you can keep the camp safe with snake driving.

Compared with Ding Yi, who can attack at any time, Wei Xun pays more attention to the spread of the eagle flute. Although there was a bee in Yingdi Chuan’s body, Wei Xun still ordered Ding Gou to stay with Yingdi Chuan and report any problems immediately.

The man behind dinggou is a bee Taoist who has a grudge against Fagui and XIX. He uses dinggou to watch the eagle flute preacher. With many orders, he will definitely keep it.

“Xuefeng, go.”

Everything was arranged properly, and Wei Xun and the snow leopard disappeared quietly in the dark.

The weather tonight is gloomy and thick clouds cover the moon and stars. It can be called “stretching your fingers”. It’s Wei Xun’s favorite and the audience hates “moving in the dark”. The snow leopard ran ahead to lead the way, and Wei Xun followed closely. They were going to go. It was the snow leopard who hunted Tibetan sheep tonight.

Heishi mountain is surrounded by barren black stone soil, with large gullies. It is as stable as plain hills. There are all kinds of gullies everywhere. If you are careful, you will break your legs and feet. Even the “off-road vehicle” provided by the hotel gets stuck several times when driving, let alone running here with both legs.

However, both snow leopard and Wei Xun are like walking flat. Snow leopard has long been used to living on steep cliffs. Wei Xun is possessed by a fox fairy and influenced by the title of wild soul. When he runs and jumps, his actions are more similar to those of snow leopard and his mastery of body balance is better and better.

In a quarter of an hour, the snow leopard slowed down. He lowered his body and ran again. Instead, he was on alert. Obviously, it’s about to arrive. The distance is far and near. Wei Xun estimated that he was wrong. He set up a tent and went back to the snow leopard hunting. It took a little more than two hours. If the snow leopard wants to bring back its prey, it will be very difficult if it is further away.

But at the moment, the snow leopard’s reaction is more on guard against hostility, as if there are enemies ahead. Wei Xun, like snow leopard, walked slowly. In the dark, he commanded more than 100 evil spirits to sneak into the front to explore the situation through Xiaocui.

In a few seconds, the message came back. Wei Xun looked slightly changed. It turned out that there was a wild yak 100 meters in front of them!

It is extremely dangerous to encounter wild yaks in the wild. They are large and strong, and they can overturn and drive into the off-road vehicle. In particular, solitary cattle are the most dangerous. They are fierce and violent. They will take the initiative to attack any object in front of them. They are fierce and good at fighting and die. Rao Shixue leopard and wolves have to retreat when they encounter wild yaks.

Narrowing his eyes, Wei Xun could vaguely see a huge black shadow in the distant night, moving forward like a hill.

Strange, it’s strange.

It means that there are wild yaks in Heishi mountain. It means that it’s night now, but the lone cow doesn’t find a place to rest, but continues to move forward.

With a thought, Wei Xun asked a small group of evil spirits to follow the wild yak, and the other group continued to explore. And he and the snow leopard were far behind the wild yak.

Xuefeng was a little anxious. He took Wei Xun to leave several times, but Wei Xun was Ken. Snow leopard couldn’t but take him to change his position and was always at the lower air outlet, so that wild yaks couldn’t find their tracks.

After walking for a while, the insects in front sent a message that the wild yak was trapped in a big gully 100 meters ahead. The ravine is deep, like a big crack. The devil’s insect has not yet reached the bottom. It has been found that many wild animal bones are scattered on the rugged stone walls on both sides of the deep ditch.

Beast white bone? Sacrifice?

Wei Xun immediately arrived at the sacrificial ceremony, but at this time, the cold wind blew from behind, and the snow leopard directly blocked Wei Xun in front of him. His body was pressed down and made an aggressive attitude, but the long Plush tail was anxious to knock on Wei Xun’s lower leg, which seemed to urge him. For a moment, Wei Xun reacted and his face changed slightly.

The wind suddenly changed!

Sure enough, the wild yak stopped and looked this way.


Wei Xun’s first reaction was to let the snow leopard run quickly. The distance between them and the wild yak was more than 100 meters. Once the wild yak charged, the distance would be the same as No. He can hide himself by the ball of magic insects, but Xuefeng. Angry wild yak runs like a heavy armored vehicle. The two sharp corners on its head can pierce the intestines of the snow leopard!

But the snow leopard is a human being and will protect itself. It is a wild animal that follows the wild instinct. He is now standing between Wei Xun and wild yaks, urging Wei Xun to flee quickly and he would go down to the ruins to find Wei Xun at the risk of earthquake. He knows that he will never know what to escape first.

Without hesitation, Wei Xun decided to let the devil’s insect poison turn over the wild yak. But just before he gave the order, he found that the wild yak was right.

He was impatient and hoofed. It seemed that he turned to kill Wei Xun and snow leopard, which was very aggressive. But the strange thing is that it didn’t turn around in the end, but continued to walk towards the deep ditch.

What in the deep ditch attracts it so much?

Surprised, Wei Xun pressed the command and continued to track the Wild Yak with the snow leopard. The distance between them was farther. Sure enough, a few seconds later, the wild yak began to run. Its huge body shook and roared when it ran, but it turned to attack Wei Xun, but ran straight to the deep ditch!

For a moment, Wei Xun ran to the wild yak as fast as he could, and the snow leopard didn’t hesitate. But when they ran out for tens of meters, they found that the huge body of wild yak disappeared directly from the face of wild yak!

It jumped into the ditch!

Wei Xun and snow leopard ran to the crack and saw the trace of wild yak. However, Wei Xun clearly saw the evil insect in the ditch. The wild yak jumped into the deep ditch like suicide, hit the mountain wall and rolled down. No matter how thick its skin was, it also prevented him from holding the huge weight from falling, resulting in heavy damage. When it fell to the bottom of the ditch, it had completely fallen into a bloody beef patty.

“You stand back.”

It was Wei Xun who stood at the edge of the deep ditch and looked down. The snow leopard bit his assault suit and twisted his head to drag him back. However, when Wei Xun learned that there were many white bones under the deep ditch and even many wild animals’ fresh bodies through the evil insect, he immediately turned around and hugged the snow leopard and pushed it back. He was afraid that it would jump down like a wild yak.

“Are you the one who caught the Tibetan sheep?”

The evil ghost insect is like Wei Xun’s eyes. There are many bodies of Tibetan sheep under the gully, which is nearly kilometers deep. In addition to animal bones and Millennium rotten cattle and sheep horns. According to Fei Lezhi’s guess, these sheep may have escaped from the group and were lured all the way by the strange deep ditch until they jumped off the cliff to commit suicide.

It’s the same with snow leopard. A Tibetan sheep was stopped by the ditch. Wei Xun was rarely shocked. If the snow leopard and other wild animals were lured to jump down the deep ditch, would he know that his intestines would rot and die?

We must find out the secret of this deep ditch, or he will rest assured that the snow leopard will go out hunting alone!

Thinking about it, a hoof came from behind. The tap sound turned out to be several rock sheep walking slowly. The snow leopard is clearly the natural enemy of the rock sheep, but these rock sheep hide and move on. Their strange state is the same as that of the wild yak.

Wei Xun hugged the snow leopard and dragged it away from the rock sheep. He saw that they went straight forward like ignorance and jumped into the ditch like queuing up. The sheep’s horns were broken and the skin was torn, leaving a little scarlet on the cliff. This scene is terrible and strange.

Suddenly, Wei Xun’s eyes were frozen. He unexpectedly saw that one of these rock sheep was the same person standing in front of him!

It was the tall Lama in purple and red cassock who was with them today!

Can this strange ditch not only lure wild animals to jump off the cliff, but also make people feel in a trance?

Come on, Wei Xun grabbed the Lama. But he found that his whole body was as hard as a zombie, his eyes moved, the general situation was heavy, and Wei Xun was dragged forward by the Lama! Snow leopard got into a dispute for them and rushed to help. It bit the Lama’s leg without leaving a cross flow of blood, but the Lama didn’t respond at all. He was still haunted by the nightmare and went straight ahead!

It’s a way to go on like this. Wei Xunzheng wants to poison the Lama first. Suddenly I heard Xiaocui anxiously say: “master! It’s going to overflow! ”

What? What spills?

Wei Xun only felt that Xiaocui’s body suddenly appeared on his forearm in a hidden state, and then Wei Xun’s fingertips stuck and smelled sweet. The aroma is sweet and greasy but fresh. It gives people a boost and makes their mind clear instantly.

The Lama, who had gone straight ahead like a living dead man, moved again. Wei Xun saw that his skin was tight and convulsed, and his eyelashes trembled. It seemed that he was struggling with what was difficult. And his blue and white face began to lose black hair.

Is this black fur? Or a corpse? But how can a living person become a corpse?

It’s not unusual to send this message tonight. We need more information from the Lama. Wei Xun hesitated again and put the golden sweetness on the tip of his finger on the Lama’s lips – he already knew it was magic honey!

This magic honey can make the Lama feel like being controlled by its fragrance alone. Taking it will certainly have greater effect. Sure enough, I saw that the black hair on the Lama’s face had not grown yet, and suddenly fell off. His blue and white skin was flushed with blood color, stiff and his body softened in an instant. Then the Lama went into a coma directly.

Wei Xun didn’t have time to catch him, because Xiaocui was always anxious and hurried, saying that “it’s going to overflow”, and Wei Xun also felt his fingertips sticky again – his body was hidden. Xiaocui was lying on her forearm and had to leak honey out.

A drop of such precious magic honey to the Lama is an emergency. It can definitely be wasted. Wei Xun immediately squatted down, took out a glass bottle and put it next to Xiaocui by checking the Lama.

This bottle is a small bottle of glucose. The glucose in it was drunk by Weixun, and the bottle is still kept. It can hold 200 ml of liquid.

It’s Xiao Cui who said it was enough!

“Bigger, does the owner have a bigger container!”

Wei Xun was surprised. He didn’t think Xiaocui could swallow much magic honey. He didn’t mention it to him along the way – why is it a 200ml bottle?

No matter what, the more magic honey is, the better. Wei Xun called the snow leopard to block him. He took out his thermos cup and pretended to feed water to the Lama. He leaked it while feeding it. If he cared about the Lama, he put the thermos cup aside——

His thermos cup can hold 650 ml of liquid, more than a kilogram. It should be enough.

“If it’s bigger, does the owner have a bigger container?”

But Xiaocui’s anxious voice was still in her ears, and Wei Xun was unimaginable.

How can the thermos cup be filled?

“How much did you eat back?”

Wei Xun finally asked.

Just listen to Xiaocui hesitate and report the number neatly.

“Twenty Jin!”


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