TTG Chapter 95

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 95: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (38)

what? Twenty pounds?

Xiaocui stole 20 jin of magic honey??

Wei Xun was a little confused, but he couldn’t think more at this time. Wei Xun first asked Xiaocui to fill the thermos cup to relieve her temporary urgency, and then she called the mink out. Pretending to be a mink sneaking away, in fact, let it be below, and then let the remnant soul of the fox cub open his mouth through the medium of the mink cub.

Swallowing and tearing ghost hair, fox cubs do have some changes. As usual, although it can hold things in its abdomen, it can only follow Wei Xun’s orders to collect things from the outside world or take out things in its abdomen.

But now its abdominal space has expanded by a third. Not to mention, the fox cub can also use its own strength to grind the objects in its abdomen – for example, empty the huge white crystal block two desktop sizes and use it to contain honey.

There are too many purified magic honey of 20 kg, and it’s best to preserve it with pure utensils according to Xiaocui’s meaning. This purified magic honey is very strange. The penetration is very strong, so it will overflow from Xiaocui’s body. If you use some inappropriate containers, I’m afraid you won’t have a long chance to leak out again.

Wei Xun thought of hollowing out the crystal as a container for the time being.

“Lama, Lama.”

He squatted down, picked up the upper body of the unconscious Lama, and called out anxiously – let mink cub and Xiaocui Trade honey in the shadow between the Lama and him. Of course, although Wei Xun was concerned about magic honey, he was really checking the situation of the Lama.

But when Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the Lama’s face, he was surprised, not to mention the dense hemp and black hair on the Lama’s face, his blue and white face and dull look. He is breathing steadily, his face is red and black, like a layer of coke. When Wei Xun was feeding honey to the Lama just now, his fingers touched the Lama’s skin and left charcoal like black marks on his hands.

The Lama has no problem except that he is covered with black and gray. For example, Wei Xun didn’t see the frightening appearance of the Lama when he changed. He didn’t think he was still under the control of some force just now.

Is the effect of a drop of purified magic honey so good?

Suddenly, under the call of Wei Xun, the Lama’s eyelids trembled and he really woke up.

“You wake up!”

I, what am I doing.

The Lama opened his eyes in a daze and felt that there was still a wonderful sweetness in his mouth. He smacked his mouth subconsciously and woke up consciously. Before, the Yin evil forest cold in the body was dissipated and eliminated by a warm current. Only the chest is still cold

Yes, he’s under control!

The Lama was shocked and his mind returned in an instant. Subconsciously, he grabbed the arm of others, just as the person near him grabbed a driftwood, and said hoarsely in his near voice: “don’t worry about me, come on, go and report the wrong Lama -”

Wait, his voice seems, seems, not so hoarse? How does it feel like it’s very popular?

“You saved me!”

The Lama finally noticed that the man in front of him was a noble demon removing envoy! He found himself lying in the arms of the demon removing envoy. It was really impolite.

The conditioned reflex of the Lama wanted to sit up, but he found that his body was also full of strength. The cold chest was not that the power of the devil’s curse was still there, but that his cassock was all wet and dripping.

“You almost jumped down the deep ditch with the rock sheep just now.”

Wei Xun said with concern that he ignored the slightly confused expression of the Lama when he found that he was covered with water – although this was caused by filling xiaocuiteng’s thermos with honey and pouring out the water in the thermos by feeding water to the Lama.

The Lama also knew that his wet body had something to do with Wei Xun, but——

“Thank you, demon removing envoy!”

It must be the demon removing envoy who used some secret method to wake him up from chaos! Most of the legendary secrets are bloody. Even if he lacks one or two organs, it’s normal. Now he’s just wet. Immediately, he made the Lama convinced Wei Xun and told him everything that happened tonight.

“Someone’s skin monster attacked the Sutra cave?”

Wei Xun frowned and the Lama said solemnly:

“Yes, the devil’s power is attached to people and becomes another skin of people. The Sutra cave has been stolen many times in recent days. It must be the devil! ”

As for him, he is one of the iron stick lamas who protect the temple. He is the person who guards the Sutra cave. The devil’s power comes and goes without a trace. He is best at confusing people’s hearts and making them invisible. But this time the Lama realized.

“It must be today that I am in the same car with the demon removing envoy, and I am infected with your majesty…”

The iron stick Lama is short and shrewd, and plays Wei Xun seriously. Besides, tonight, under the protection of Wei Xun, he found that the devil’s power was attached to the old Lama stationed in the scripture cave for dozens of years. He found that he was secretly destroying precious scriptures. Naturally, he couldn’t ignore it.

It’s too late to call people. The iron rod Lama killed Yu with the iron rod. Although he stripped the devil’s power from the old Lama, it was attached to the iron rod Lama instead. With the slightest soberness, the iron staff Lama left Xiaolin temple without knowing anything.

At this time, two old wolves with scorched fur came over and quietly came to them. The iron rod Lama immediately pulled out the iron rod to sweep the wolf’s head. But he was stopped by Wei Xun:

“Wait, you see, they lose consciousness. They want to commit suicide in the ditch in front of them, not attack people.”

However, the two old wolves did not respond to the actions of the iron stick Lama, and still went straight forward numbly. The iron stick Lama backed away, and Wei Xun also wanted to push towards him to give way to the old wolf’s route, but the snow leopard didn’t want to.

It only lowers the body, and the roar of deterrence in the throat is full of hostility and vigilance. These two wild wolves are a territory invasion to it, which is completely different from the quality of the rock sheep and wild yak just now. It is no wonder that the snow leopard gave way to the first two wolves and faced the two wolves.

Although it is said that a snow leopard can attack three wolves at the same time, Wei Xun is afraid that something wrong with them will affect the snow leopard again. But before he started, the two old wolves suddenly woke up. They were the snow leopards in front of them. Without hesitation, they immediately turned and ran away, which surprised Wei Xun.

The Lama took it for granted: “the snow mountain holy beast has an excellent relationship with the white wolf king. He doesn’t want to see its people confused by conch.”

The iron stick Lama pointed to the deep ditch, but Wei Xun didn’t let the iron stick Lama get close to it again – if he was bewitched again when he approached, wouldn’t it be a waste of magic honey!

“This is gebala God Luogou.”

The iron stick Lama said solemnly, “it is the reflection of the recovery of Demon power and the place to suppress demon Qi.”

The gebala shenluogou mentioned by the iron stick Lama is completely different from the natural scenic spot shenluogou. He said that gebala is a God who is both right and evil and protects the earth and snow mountains in northern Tibet.

He has a god snail in his hand. When the devil is about to recover and his strength is becoming stronger, he will use the God snail to call blood and meat offerings, such as those rock sheep and sheep who automatically jump off the cliff, take the initiative to jump off the cliff and sacrifice with their blood and flesh to offset the pollution of the devil to the earth.

It’s just that gebala is both right and evil. On weekdays, he will also enjoy the sacrifice of flesh and blood and lure wild animals to jump off the cliff. Therefore, within a ten mile radius of Heishi mountain, there are no people and few wild animals except Xiaolin temple, which is not only the reason for the barren land and poor vegetation.

Wei Xun thought of the dense ox horn and sheep horn at the bottom of the ditch. It was obvious that it was not a beast jumping into the ditch recently, but it had been there since ancient times. Perhaps in the eyes of the professor, this is some kind of wave in Heishishan mountain, which disturbs the cognition of wild animals, so that they are still flat outside and in front, so that they will go forward without stopping and look like active suicide.

“Gebala God Luogou will attract wolves. I’m afraid the devil has a deep influence on the earth.”

The iron stick Lama said anxiously that no matter how greedy for blood and meat, gebala only ate deer, sheep, cattle and other sacrifices. He would never sacrifice to the descendants of the white wolf king. Only when the devil is about to recover and offset its impact on the earth will he need high-energy sacrifices, such as those two old wolves.

Like people.

“The influence of the devil on the earth is silent, which can only be seen in the Luogou of gebala God. Just tell the wrong Lama right away! ”

The iron staff Lama could not hide his anxiety. He looked at Wei Xun with a straight face: “you are an evil removing envoy. You must not go up the mountain at this time…”

“No, be careful on your way.”

Wei Xun breaks the road. Fox cubs and Xiaocui have quietly completed the transfer of magic honey. There is no need for the iron staff Lama to cover her. Moreover, the iron stick Lama said that he was “a demon removing envoy and could not go up the mountain at this time”. I’m afraid it also had the impact of the hotel’s itinerary.

According to the itinerary, they will officially “visit” Xiaolin temple tomorrow. How can they enter the scenic spot in the middle of the night.

The iron staff Lama didn’t care what to say. He left quickly. He didn’t have any worry about leaving Wei Xun beside the bewitching Shenluo ditch. In addition to demons, Wei Xun was omnipotent. Didn’t he see that he was always followed by the lonely and arrogant snow mountain holy beast. Gebala God Luogou will not confuse him.

When the iron staff Lama left, it was Fang Weixun. When other people’s shadow completely disappeared into the darkness, Wei Xun turned around and didn’t go back to the station.

“Xuefeng, stay away from me and don’t follow.”

Wei Xun wants to explore the gebala God Luogou. Dinggou hasn’t been here, which means the difficulty here hasn’t been unsealed. There are not many supernatural influences that will attract a steady stream of wild animals to jump into the ditch and commit suicide. I’m afraid there’s something under the Shenluo ditch.

At the same time, the evil spirits and insects who went down to the bottom of the ditch first lost their direction. They circled back and forth in one place and couldn’t continue to probe down again, which made Wei Xun curious.

But Wei Xun didn’t really believe the Lama. He said that Xuefeng was a holy beast of snow mountain and was not affected by anything. If there is something disturbing the beast’s mind at the bottom of the ditch, the snow peak may be above and far away from it. You don’t have to go down.

Under Wei Xun’s repeated emphasis and even serious orders, snow leopard was finally unwilling to find a hidden stone crack to lie down, but when Wei Xun left, he still grabbed his clothes and didn’t want him to leave.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come up in a minute.”

“Let the mink accompany you first.”

Wei Xun put the mink in front of the snow leopard and asked him to stare at the snow peak – if he had any sign of jumping off the cliff, he would put a drop of honey in his mouth.

The mink and the snow leopard looked at each other, big and small.


The mink brawled and blew up a ball of hair, like a fried white ball.

In its squeak, the snow leopard slowly bared its teeth.


The mink swished away, but actually hid in another hidden stone crack. Wei Xun was relieved and went to gebala Shenluo ditch. On the way, he put nine eye beads on his wrist and held a pitangka from Guxin in his hand, but as he expected, until Wei Xun came to the edge of shenluogou cliff, the two items didn’t react at all.

Not demon related.

Although the cliff is almost 90 degrees, it is far less than the vertical underground cave swallowed by evil spirits for generations. Without the help of spider silk climbing rope, Wei Xun, with fox cubs attached and still full of Yang, stepped on all kinds of stone cracks on the cliff and jumped down from the stone cracks, which was very easy.

On the way down, Wei Xun even distracted himself from asking Xiaocui what happened tonight.

How did he get back 20 jin of purified magic honey???

“The man soaked the female bee in the honey jar”

“Purifying magic honey has a lot of energy. He should want to promote the female bee, but I think it’s in vain.”

“The promotion of the mother worm is not just pure energy. At least it needs the power of the top and the top.”

Wei Xun raised her eyebrows and felt Xiaocui’s flattery and compliment hidden in her words. However, Xiaocui carefully said the next moment:

“Master, here are 33 drops of magic honey…”

Wei Xun promised Xiaocui that he would give him one drop of magic honey for every 300 drops he got. This drop is calculated according to the abdominal volume of the daughter bee, about one gram.

Jie  Xiaocui got back  20 jin of magic honey!

One catty is 500 grams, and 20 catties is 10 kilograms, which means that Xiaocui can get 33 drops of magic honey.

“Take whatever you promise.”

Wei Xun said casually that although Xiaocui took so much magic honey, it did exceed his expectation, but Wei Xun would not go back on his promise.

“Thank you, master. It’s very kind of you!”

Xiaocui was very happy. She cheered and said, “I’ll just use three drops now. Can the owner save the remaining 30 drops for me?”


Wei Xun said that Xiaocui was the smartest one under his command at present, and was very measured. But he said that his IQ and EQ had far exceeded that of insects. He said that another intelligent creature had never done it at all.

In this way, compared with ordinary female bees, Xiaocui is much better than them.

When she was happy, Xiaocui became worried and said, “master, the mother bee heard that the bee Master said she would use the daughter bee to control you and let you capture the corpse resources. However, she also planned to wait for you to go on a journey and sell you to someone high.”

Naturally, the bee Taoist wouldn’t be wary of his own female bee. He vented his anger because of the trouble caused by “ghost B” and “19”. Those words were just heard by the dementia female bee.

Including the gratitude and resentment between Yixiang 19 and the bee Taoist, and the ghost hair of Yixiang 19, all of which were reported to Weixun by Xiaocui.

Now, the bee Taoist goes out.

Listening to Xiao Cui’s words, Wei Xun pondered for a moment. This tour guide room is the law of the jungle, intriguing and deceiving. Wei Xun already knows. That b60. If Wei Xun had not had many adventures and got Xiaocui, he could not control the female bee and steal honey through Zifeng.

Since Taoist bee is not good at coming, Wei Xun will not stay. The most mentally retarded person is to allow the enemy to develop and become stronger and deal with himself in turn.

Now all the 20 jin purified magic honey in the honey pot has been smuggled by Xiaocui. The female bee is useless. If Wei Xun is more greedy, he can let Xiaocui control the female bee and show some signs of the female insect. Maybe the bee Taoist will soak it in other magic honey cans.

But Wei Xun knows the truth that greed is bound to fail. If you are good, you can stop it.

“How far do you control the mother worm?”

Wei Xun said, “can you control it to escape without being found?”

“No, master, they are now in a closed space and can’t leave.”

Enclosed space?

After listening to Xiaocui’s description, Wei Xun thought that if the magic bee and the female bee are really in the hotel, no one can take them away except the bee Taoist.

In that case, we can only kill the female bee and let the more than 100 magic bees who follow it die.

But Wei Xun thought briefly and suddenly said:

“Is it only magic honey that a female bee can transmit, or can it be transferred within the capacity of a child bee’s belly?”

Xiaocui was stunned, but she quickly said, “as long as it is within the capacity of the bee’s belly, it can be transferred!”

“Then let it all move”

Wei Xun said faintly that Xiaocui obeyed the order, and soon the transportation route from the mother bee to the parasitic sub peak, and then from the parasitic sub peak to Xiaocui moved again.

Wei Xun also went to the bottom of Hailuo ditch. Unlike Heishi mountain, which is more than 1000 meters above sea level, Hailuo ditch is more than 1000 meters deep, and the bottom of the ditch is about 3000 meters above sea level. Wei Xun obviously felt that his breathing was much smoother, and the surrounding temperature increased slightly. There are many such deep gullies and canyons in Tibet. Usually, they are full of lush vegetation, the environment is milder than that on the plateau, and there are all kinds of wild animals.

However, the bottom of gebala conch ditch is different. Although it is as wide as a canyon, it is desolate and quiet. Except for the scattered black stones, various cattle and sheep horns and bones, there is no sign of biological survival.

Wei Xun first went to see where the evil spirits lost their direction and turned around. It is found that there is a stone crack that goes to the inner depression of the rock wall, and outside is an outward extending stone surface, like a naturally generated stone platform. There are many small bones on this platform, but they are like the remains of lizards, snakes and other creatures, rather than large creatures such as cattle and sheep.

It seems that the angle of this stone platform is good, and the falling wild animals will not fall on it. But the thing that attracts animals to jump off the cliff should also be here, otherwise it won’t attract snakes and lizards.

Standing on the stone platform, Wei Xun still had no special feeling. The inward concave crack is narrow and deep enough to hold only one arm. But Wei Xun couldn’t stretch out his arm like a fool until he knew what was in it.

He summoned Mantis Three.

Mantis No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 were all affected by the ghost of the devil before, and became “psychedelic auxiliary”. Only Mantis No. 3 was fed with snow leopard hair by Wei Xun, and returned to its original attack type.

However, shortly after the mantis III entered the stone crack, it fought with other creatures. The stone gap is too narrow and Mantis No. 3 is too strong. You can’t turn around inside. You can only retreat when you meet the enemy.

But even if a normal animal is fierce, it can’t be a demon worm. Under the dimensionality reduction attack, the battle will end soon. The sound of rustling came from the stone crack. Mantis 3 first pushed out the body of a palm sized black scorpion with two legs, and then pushed out a large centipede with a green, red and black shell.

Most importantly, it is like a dung beetle rolling a dung ball. It uses two legs to roll out a large, conical gray object with a nail cap. Wei Xun took a closer look and found that it was a tiny strange conch fossil.

Geologists have found many fossils of ancient marine organisms on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, such as Nautilus, trilobites, centurites, etc. Therefore, it is speculated that the Qinghai Tibet Plateau was an ocean a long time ago, and it gradually became a high mountain due to crustal movement.

Therefore, it is normal to find conch fossils on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

But what is not normal is that Wei Xun’s title of “archaeological expert” directly marked the sentence “conch” when he saw the conch.

“It is said that once the conch of gebala is pulled out, the curse will appear, and the devil sea will set off huge waves to devour the earth and drown the world under the water.”

Damnation? Devil sea? Drown the world under water?

Wei Xun doesn’t believe that any curse will drown the world, and the conch has been cursed by Mantis No. 3. It’s too late to think about any curse.

It’s just that “archaeologists” will give a hint that there is a relic in the stone crack. Without doing anything, Wei Xun simply asked Mantis No. 3 to transport all the things in the stone crack out. However, he found a small black stone statue in it. The relic is six round gold pieces with large fingernails stacked together, or a gold plate.

With the tips given by archaeological experts one after another, Wei Xun understood.

It turned out that the small conch fossil in his hand was not “the conch of gebala” at all, but an imitation of the sacrificial supplies. The real gebala conch was in the devil sea, with a large head. It was said that it was the key used by the Buddha to block the missing seal of the devil.

The legendary “devil’s sea that devours the world” is selinco. The third scenic spot of their trip is the devil’s Lake in Tibetan, which means Weiguang Yingfu. However, local herdsmen generally call it “devil’s sea, devouring the sea”.

Selinco is a salt water lake. If livestock drink it, they will get sick and people can’t drink it. But the reason why it is called “the devil” is that the lake has been expanding.

In 1976  the lake surface area of selinco lake was square kilometers, but in 2009  its lake surface area was square kilometers to  square kilometers, swallowing many pastures and grasslands and forcing herdsmen to move*

They all call this lake “the greedy devil Lake” and “swallowing the sea of the world”, and the place of this lake is expanding and swallowing. It is precisely because the devil is sealed at the bottom of the lake. Even if the gebala conch blocks the lack of seal, the devil’s power still leaks out and devours the land.

As for the statues, conches and gold plates here, they were in the period of the ZhangXiong Dynasty. There were still fertile soil here. Many Tibetans gathered and lived here. People or livestock often fall into the gully. I came to see the Lama’s book described by de Gaowang at that time and said that this is the conch ditch of God gebala. Gebala likes blood and meat offerings, so many accidents can happen.

In recent years, they set up a small sacrificial platform in the crack of Hailuogou. Instead of sacrificing gebala with blood and flesh, they gradually moved away the nearby Tibetans, and the feeling of falling people gradually disappeared.

Wei Xun looked at the small black stone statue. Its front looked normal, but on its back there was a layer of grayish red meat film, which was covered with black hair. This may be the impact of the recovery of demons as said by the Lama.

However, Wei Xun did not observe any resentment, that is, there was nothing related to supernatural demons here. He received this thing into the fox cub’s belly, then he searched in the conch ditch of gebala, and didn’t return to the station until dawn.

“The wolf cried all night last night!”

Ji Hongcai was terrified. Last night Wei Xun went out alone for adventure. In fact, most of the people who stayed at the station stayed awake all night. Originally, it was to guard against Ding Yi’s sneak attack, but Ding Yi didn’t come this night, but the wolves howled all night.

“I know that everything is a ghost crying wolf howling.”

Feile has big black circles under her eyes. Obviously, she hasn’t had a good rest this day.

“This is not normal.”

Jiang Hongguang thought: “the wolves are howling, or competing for the position of wolf king, or a large number of members are killed. The wolves want to vent their revenge.”

There is a big wolf pack in northern Tibet. Bon believers, snow leopards, white wolf king and white antelope are God’s men. They are the most holy. However, they will not kill more wolves, so the wolves will multiply and grow stronger.

“It’s not safe anyway. Go to Xiaolin temple.”

Yin Baitao said, “the descendant of the eagle flute has a high fever, and the injury is not well.”

“High fever? When? ”

Wei Xun frowned, but in fact he was worried. It was the earliest thing he knew that the descendant of Yingdi had a high fever. To be exact, Wei Xun “asked” him to have the high fever. Last night, when he was still exploring Hailuo Valley, the wasps parasitic on the eagle flute came to the human body. The eagle flute messenger woke up, and the ghost in his body was active and seemed to be ready to move.

At that time, Yin Baitao and Qin Xinrong were in the tent of the descendant of the eagle flute. Wei Xun couldn’t get back in time in Hailuogou, so he simply asked the parasitic wasps to release some bee venom to make the descendant of the eagle flute have a high fever.

Burn more, and he won’t have time to do anything else.

But the eagle flute preacher’s physical quality is much better than ordinary people, perhaps because he is the guide. Neither Fagui B  19 nor the bee Taoist dare to really kill him or make him have any problems. For example, if he is really ill, ghost hair will replenish his energy – there are too many problems with the eagle flute Messenger, which has attracted the attention of the hotel.

Naturally, the bee Taoist talked to himself before he left. He satirized that he had to spend his own energy to heal him.

Wei Xun is not worried about the herald of the eagle flute. He pays attention to the scenic spot task this time.

The items that were too heavy and would not be used for the time being were put on the car by them. Everyone was light and simple. That is, it was not easy to climb Heishi mountain like this. Moreover, strangely, no one came to Xiaolin temple, which just said that someone would be sent to pick them up yesterday.

Wei Xun briefly discussed what happened last night with the old tourists who wanted experience, such as Jiang Hongguang, and decided to go to Xiaolin temple without waiting for someone from Xiaolin temple.

“Listen to what the guard said, I have a bit of an ominous feeling.”

When they climbed halfway up the mountain, they found a place to take shelter from the wind. Jiang hongguangning explained:

“Maybe there will be variations in the scenic spots.”

Feile was puzzled: “what is the variation of the parts?”

“But when the two lamas found wenbunan village and said that the Sutra Pavilion had been stolen, I had a bad feeling.”

Qin Xinrong said bitterly and explained to feilezhi and other newcomers what is called “piece” variation.

The variation of “parts” means that some parts are walking on the scenic spot. For example, their scenic spot is a black necked Crane nature reserve, but before entering the scenic spot, the guide said, “the birds are not in the right state recently,” “the birds are flying in shock,” “black necked cranes have been sold on the black market recently,” and so on.

Then their scenic spots may add a word “piece”, which will become “poaching in the black necked Crane nature reserve”

This change makes the scenic spot change qualitatively within the difficulty it should have. For example, the original task of the scenic spot of the black necked Crane nature reserve may be to take care of the black necked Crane and solve the black necked Crane. However, if it turns into “poaching” and “fighting”, it will become “fighting”. Only when the prisoner is brought to justice can it be successful.

Their second scenic spot, according to the journey itself, should be an adventure, just like the first scenic spot, the ruins of the Xiangxiong kingdom.

It’s hard to say once there is a variation of parts.

The mountain road was difficult to walk, and no one led the way. When they arrived at Xiaolin temple, it was already 12:00 noon, more than half an hour before the hotel reservation.

But everyone stood at the mountain, facing the direction of Xiaolin temple, but no one went.

“This, this is Xiaolin temple?”

Ji Hongcai lost his voice, Jiang Hongguang was serious, and Fei Lezhi and others couldn’t believe it.

It is clear that the front is not the imaginary temple, but a piece of charred ruins burned by the fire!

[di, all staff arrive at Xiaolin Temple burned by the fire, and ask the brigade leader Wei Xun to read out the notes for relic tour]

The prompt sound of the hotel sounded in everyone’s mind to prove that they were not under illusion. This is the second scenic spot Xiaolin temple!

At the same time that the prompt of the hotel sounded, Wei Xun had a few more words in his mind, which was the attention item of the scenic spot. Compared with other passengers who were on alert and couldn’t believe it, Wei Xun looked thoughtfully at a broken wall blackened by fire.

It’s impossible to burn a building made of earth and stone just by natural fire, and it won’t burn in these two days. It should be some time.

The question is, are the two lamas who came to them alive or dead.

Wei Xun thought that last night, the black ash on the Lama’s face in front of Hailuogou was so similar to the burnt charcoal.

“Brother Wei, how did you get back?”

“Our scenic spot this time is the Xiaolin Temple burned by the fire.”

Wei Xun is full of interest, eager and curious in his tone. He always likes changeable, novel and changeable things. This flying tone is in sharp contrast to the expression of fear, worry or uneasiness of other passengers.

But he strangely calmed the panic at the bottom of everyone’s heart, as if watching Wei Xun was always full of infinite desire for exploration and knowledge. He felt that the journey was not as terrible as expected.

“You can explore at will during the day, but you must retreat 100 meters away from the ruins of Xiaolin temple before 7 p.m., otherwise there will be danger.”

“The goal of this exploration is to find clues about the fire in Xiaolin temple within two days – any clues can be found.”


Listening to Wei Xun’s words, Ji Hongcai and his colleagues were immediately relieved. The veteran passengers relaxed and showed joy. Only Fei le was at a loss:

“No, what about the two lamas? Was the temple burned last night? Why didn’t we hear anything? Do you want to save the Lama? ”

“No, it’s not burned recently.”

Yan Baitao, who observed carefully, said seriously. She stroked the charred wall debris and stained it with black ash: “it’s cold.”

“If it was burned last night, a building of this size cannot be burned clean in one night.”

Xu Yang clenched the traction rope and lowered his voice: “the burned wall will certainly have residual temperature. It can’t be cold so fast.”

Feilezhi was confused: “then, Lama, how did they return?”

“It has nothing to do with us.”

Jiang Hong said, “the Lama didn’t come to us.”

“Fortunately, what we met was a partial scenic spot.”

Qin Xinrong is relaxed and gives new people popular science. The difficulty of this scenic spot is still only at the difficulty level, not involving supernatural beings. Of course, it’s only before 7 p.m.

Before 7 p.m., they should explore in the debris. Nothing will change until 7 p.m.

“Those two lamas… May not be living people, and the scenic spots may contain supernatural elements.”

Jiang Hongguang looked at Wei Xun: “Captain, you should be careful.”

This kind of scenic spots can not be entered at will. There are two kinds of shared and non shared scenic spots. The sharing class is that a passenger completes the task and triggers the “integration”, and then the whole scenic spot will change, and the passengers in the brigade have to complete the mutated scenic spot.

Do not share. This means that the tourist meets the requirements of the tourist or completes the task. Only he can participate in the scenic spots of the tourist package, and other tourists still go to the normal scenic spots.

Just like Wei Xun, when he explored a large number of ZhangXiong relics, I’m afraid he reached a certain index. Only when the Xiangxiong relics ended, would the Lama of Xiaolin Temple take the initiative to come to the door and give Wei Xun such a long list of titles.

The main idea is that only he can participate in this scenic spot.

Next, from Jiang Hongguang and others, Wei Xun explained that most of the information related to the scenic spots in the scenic spots. For example, the scenic spots in the “package” will not necessarily become difficult. Sometimes it will even be simple, all by luck, depending on the direction that the tourists are good at.

But in any case, the scenic spots that complete the “piece” can get five times the reward.

After a short rest, we quickly explored the ruins of Xiaolin temple. Wei Xun also walked on the ruins, but he was roughly remembering the structure of Xiaolin temple. At the same time, he was combing the clues he got at present.

What the two living lamas said is not necessarily false, but the theft of the Sutra cave, the recovery of the devil, the attachment of human skin, etc. did not happen now, but the burning of the temple.


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