TTG Chapter 96

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 96: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (39)

Xiaolin temple was completely burned. It was scorched and lifeless everywhere.

I don’t know whether it is the original landform or the supernatural element. It still maintains the scene after being burned. The debris is not covered by wild plants, which makes it impossible to speculate when it was burned

Wei Xun went to the burned temple, took out the purified demon human skin and the golden carved head wet corpse turned into black charcoal, and put them on the ground. Sure enough, he didn’t get any response.

His current mission of the branch scenic spot is to “hand over the purified demon human skin and demon body to Xiaolin Temple”, but Xiaolin temple is obviously empty. He tried to put the demon human skin and demon body on the ruins of Xiaolin temple, but he didn’t respond.

From this, Wei Xun found out that there were still “people” in Xiaolin temple. Or only the Kobayashi temple after 7 p.m. can be regarded as a real Kobayashi temple.

Otherwise, if Xiaolin Temple accidentally burned up in the past and no one survived, and putting the human skin and body on the earth would not be handed over to Xiaolin temple, Wei Xun would not be able to complete this task.

The second point is that when he communicated with Amara on the poor mountain, she asked Wei Xun to inform cuocha Lama about human skin recovery. That is to say, in Amara’s heart, the cuocha Lama is still alive. Maybe she hasn’t seen the wrong Lama for decades. She didn’t know after the burning of the temple. Living again, the cuocha Lama still “lives” in a special way

Then there are the two lamas.

Wei Xun walked through the ruins of the temple. After confirming that no one was inside, he left here and sat on the rocks by the side of the road, connecting with the known clues.

“Kobayashi temple has been closed for a hundred years. This time, the first reason for opening the temple door is” to be the wrong Lama “. When you know the devil, you will recover and bring disaster to the world. The second is the theft of the Tibetan cave, “Wei Xun preconceived.” the demon recovery in the mouth of the two lamas is understood as the demon human skin he just “purified” and the demon original in selinco lake.

But what if there were signs of demon recovery that year when Xiaolin Temple burned down?

Now think about it, it’s not impossible.

Wei Xun remembered that the Lama was going to jump into Hailuogou with the rock sheep last night. If he hadn’t stopped him, the Lama would have jumped down. And he is the iron stick Lama stationed in the Tibetan cave. The Tibetan cave was stolen

According to the known clues, Wei Xun roughly compiled it.

These two Lamas were the iron stick lamas stationed in the Tibetan cave at that time. The precious scroll of the Tibetan cave was often missing. The iron stick Lama guarded it all night. Finally, he found that it was the devil’s power attached to the old Lama stationed in the Tibetan cave for decades and controlled the old Lama to destroy the precious scroll secretly.

The iron stick Lama killed the past, and the devil’s power was stripped from the old Lama. The matter was reported to the wrong Lama. The cuocha Lama ordered them to go down the mountain to find the demon removing messenger.

But the iron rod Lama didn’t know that a trace of the devil’s power attached to his skin and drove him to jump into the conch ditch and die. And his soul saved the next one for him in a special way. He didn’t know about his death, but he was still driven by obsession. He went out to look for the demon killer, and found the present as soon as he found it.

This is Wei Xun’s conjecture, but there must be more different things in Xiaolin temple at that time and now. The two lamas have no resentment, but have a great spirit. When Wei Xun personally helped the Lama last night, he felt that he was stiff and cold. This is a real body, not just a soul.

Is the soul and body still there?

What’s going on depends on what happens after seven in the evening.

“Guard, you’re here.”

Qin Xinrong finished a search. When he came out to breathe, he saw Wei Xun and said hello.

“Did you find anything?”

“Not yet. The Xiaolin temple was burned thoroughly.”

Qin Xinrong said reluctantly that most of the relics are afraid of fire. Whether it’s the murals, or the funerary objects of Buddha statues, they are completely destroyed by the fire. It’s not easy to find the objects that still keep the relic information.

“The herald of the eagle flute is down there. Are you okay?”

Qin Xinrong stepped on the edge of the black rock and looked down. The sky was overcast and the cold wind blew. It seemed that the broken arm wall burned black by the fire was particularly desolate.

When the two Lamas were not ready, the passengers decided to go up the mountain to Xiaolin temple in advance. However, the mountain road is too steep to walk. They reduce the load alone and only bring the most indispensable items. No one can afford to carry the eagle flute that is still 602#, burning and unconscious——

He is OK if he is a slim girl, but the herald of Eagle flute is a strong man with a 1.9-meter iron tower. For the safety of the eagle flute and the passengers, he had no choice but to stay at the foot of the mountain.

“Reasonably speaking, the guide shouldn’t have had an accident.”

Qin Xinrong said to himself, worried at the bottom of his eyes: “unless he had a problem.”

Most of the guiders have transactions with the hotels and need the help of the brigade to solve the problems. For example, Li Pingping provided qiebai village as a tourist attraction, which also needs tourists to send away the souls she wants to send out.

There are also many guide people with impure purposes, such as Qin Xinrong, who participated in a difficult journey before. On the surface, the guide people inside hope that passengers can help explore the mystery of the deserted village. In fact, as human and animal sacrifices, passengers should sacrifice them at the last scenic spot.

This kind of thing will not be managed by the hotel. It can be regarded as a test for passengers. Therefore, maybe the first-hand passengers will use the guide as the NPC for the task, but the veteran passengers will always guard against it.

Even if the eagle Piper didn’t suddenly get poisoned  burned, they wouldn’t climb the dangerous road of Blackstone mountain behind his back. After he was strangely poisoned  burned, the veteran passengers were more alert to him.

In fact, Feile to Yin Baitao thought it was bad to leave the descendant of the eagle flute below, but the veteran passengers were silent about the vocal cords and didn’t say anything at last.


Wei Xun knew that Qin Xinrong was reminding him that the descendant of Yingdi was unconscious shortly after the appearance of the two lamas. Now he knows that there is a problem in Xiaolin temple. The two lamas are not living people. The veteran tourists think that the descendant of Yingdi has something to do with the burned Xiaolin temple. They are worried about Wei Xun.

There may be a problem between them, but no one knows better than Wei Xun why the eagle flute messenger was unconscious and poisoned. He left the dinggou below. There were also parasitic wasps in the body of Yingdi Chuan. It was to monitor the Yingdi Chuan people parasitized by ghosts.

Wei Xun knows that Qin Xinrong continues to explore the temple after smoking a cigarette, and Wei Xun is also preparing for the evening.

“All eaten?”


Xiaocuijing is full and not tired at all. From last night to now, after half a day’s effort, he finally controls the female bee, and everything he can transfer has been transferred.

“Tell the owner that there are five kilograms of beeswax, 150 eggs of various colors, 20 eggs of magic bees and one egg of female bees!”

The capacity of the parasitoid is too small, and the female bee can transfer less to it. Wei Xun thought about whether she could swallow those adult magic bees alive and transfer them to the parasitic peak to bring them out, but unfortunately neither she nor the parasitic wasp could do it.

In the end, only various eggs can be transferred, as well as some inanimate things that can be bitten and swallowed by female bees, such as beeswax.

According to the information obtained by Xiaocui from the female bee, these 150 colorful bee eggs are the food of the magic bee, which can promote the ferocity of the magic bee and hatch all kinds of mutant bees. Some produce special beeswax, some make honey, and some are aggressive and only sting.

The twenty magic bee eggs were laid by the female bee after swallowing the magic honey.

Xiaocui didn’t think that the bee Taoist would leave. What he thought was that after the female bee ate enough belly capacity, in order to cover up, he would let the female bee lay magic bee eggs. The female bee is limited from the level of “magic honey”, and can’t swallow too much magic honey, but it can also release energy by laying eggs.

The bee Taoist put it into the purified honey pot not only to let the female bee heal itself and replenish energy, but also to let it lay some eggs and replenish the damaged magic bee colony. Among the magic insects, except the mother, it is difficult for other females to lay magic insect eggs. Like a female bee, it needs at least one or two purified magic honey to give birth to a magic bee egg.

But with Xiaocui involved, everything became different. Female insects have too many grades than female bees, and they are born to lay eggs. With him, the female bee only needs to swallow a drop of magic honey to give birth to a magic bee egg.

Originally, Xiaocui wanted to fight because of the poor quantity, but she didn’t expect the bee Taoist to leave halfway. It really hurts Xiaocui. After all, the female bee has already laid 20 magic bee eggs by eating honey. This is 20 drops of purified magic honey!

If he Xiaocui lays eggs and a drop of purified magic honey doesn’t lay a hundred eggs, he has no face to see his master!

Waste is really a waste, but it doesn’t help. These twenty inverses are transformed into purified magic honey. We can only let it eat.

The female bee egg is at the bottom of the purified honey pot. The egg in the special King’s platform is like a grain of rice, but it is golden and beautiful. It must be that the bee Taoist is afraid of the death of the female bee. The female bee egg raised with purified magic honey in advance. Once the female bee dies, it will hatch for occasional needs.

Also eaten by Xiaocui.

These eggs are going to end their journey and hatch and cultivate after they arrive at the station. But in addition to eggs and hives, the female bee also ate a special thing.

Although it’s live broadcast during the day, Wei Xun can’t take out his picture and take a closer look, but he can share his vision with Xiaocui and know what it looks like.

It looks like a drop of solidified blood. It is dark red, bright and charming. It is only a little bigger than Zhima grain. It is round and has seven white spots on the outside.

Let’s call it the Seven Star ladybug. The ladybug was found by the female bee from the deepest soil in the bee master’s residence. It didn’t move. At first glance, Wei Xun thought it was some kind of small gem, but Xiaocui said it was a living creature.

What living creature can afford to be swallowed by the mother insect, passed to the parasitic wasp, and then passed to Xiaocui?

But Xiaocui must have his reason to say so. I’m afraid this live insect has something to do with the bee Taoist. If the bee Taoist finds it here, it won’t be fun. This Weixun book is intended to let Xiaocui swallow ladybugs and increase her strength.

However, Xiaocui can’t eat it and hates the ladybug very much. It’s like the feeling that people want to eat dung beetles.

Wei Xun certainly won’t force Xiaocui to eat, but he is more interested in the ladybug. After thinking about it, Wei Xun gave Xiao cuian a drop of blood and asked him to drop it on the ladybug. Wei Xun planned to forcibly take the blood ladybug, and then quickly hide it in his magic bug ball.

However, as soon as the blood dropped on the ladybug, Wei Xun realized that it had not signed a contract with others, but was still “free”.

This is very strange. How can it have nothing to do with the bee Taoist in the bee Taoist’s residence?

When Wei Xun’s blood dropped on the ladybug, although the blood penetrated, it had no reaction. This is really strange. Even if the blood volume is not enough, it should have a basic response, just like Xiaocui. But the blood Ladybug was really different. Wei Xun tried. He received it in the belly of the fox cub and was surprised to find that it succeeded.

Is it a living thing or a dead thing? Or are living creatures in a state of deep sleep?

But now that he can receive it from the fox cub’s belly, it’s easy to say. Wei Xun directly asked the fox cub to dig out two small crystal bottles, one of which contained a few drops of purified magic honey and put it on the female bee’s follicles. The other filled his blood and soaked the blood ladybug.

Then he gave two drops of purified magic honey, one to Xiao Jin and the other to the three brothers of Mantis to ensure that they were all in the best fighting state. The purified magic honey Wei Xun also soaked two drops in a thermos cup and ate one drop. For nothing else, he was just curious about the taste of honey.

After leaving the crystal container, there was a film outside the magic honey drop, which looked like an orange pulp. Amber honey is wrapped in it. The halo flows. It is very beautiful. There is no smell in the fine smell. The fragrance of magic honey is covered by a film. Only when you eat it in your mouth, the mellow and sweet aroma spreads like a bomb.

Although it is mellow and thick, it is very sweet. It doesn’t hurt the voice. The fragrance can stay in the mouth for a long time. It makes people feel fresh and energetic, and the whole person seems to think more clearly.

Wei Xun wants to see his San value. After swallowing the ghost of the devil, vision and hearing will occasionally appear, and his heart is often surging to vent his tyranny. But after eating this drop of purified magic honey, those thoughts, those visions and sounds, all disappeared.

Purified magic honey is really a good thing!

Wei Xun simply soaked two drops in his mug and fed one drop to the greedy fox Cub with strong curiosity. Wei Xun and his insect pet are as happy as the new year. In fact, he originally wanted to feed Xuefeng a drop – maybe after eating the purified magic honey, it will become a mutant leopard and can be taken out of the brigade.

But unfortunately, Xuefeng didn’t know where he had gone and didn’t appear at Wei Xun’s call. Wei Xun responded to the blood contact with him. After confirming that Xuefeng was safe, he gave it up for the time being, and only talked about it.

However, until 6:30 p.m., the snow leopard still didn’t have a cat.

“The fire should have started from the stone cave near the mountain of Xiaolin temple. That piece was burned most thoroughly.”

Before seven o’clock, all passengers withdrew from the ruins of Xiaolin temple and gathered at a temporary camp built 100 meters away.

“Xiaolin temple is a temple built with Blackstone mountain, and it is made of earth and stone. If it is a natural fire, it should not be burned so thoroughly.”

Jiang Hongguang said that during the day of exploration, most of the passengers had clues to harvest. At the moment, they get together and say what is important and unimportant. On the one hand, they want to communicate and see if there is anything missing. On the other hand, they want to provide Wei Xun with more information.

“The burning is really thorough. My hands are covered with black ash.”

Ji Hongcai Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh, Pooh. Other people’s image is not very good, even the favorite clean Yan Baitao is black and white.

“But in this pile of black ash, I found this.”

Ji Hongcai shows a broken piece of stone. It is half the size of his palm. The back is blackened. The surface of the stone is also mottled. However, through the black ash, he can vaguely see that several stacked circles are carved on the stone. It looks like an egg.

“Your Highness, the side is empty. Don’t get trapped easily…”

“It’s strange that a poisonous spider bit the side hall of exploration. It’s all burned up. What kind of poisonous spider…”

“I found several charred human bones…”

“I found…”

Everyone talked about all his findings. Wei Xun integrated them in his mind and had a general idea.

“It’s so hot. Why do I suddenly feel hot?”

Feilezhi talks to himself and mumbles to open the zipper of the assault jacket. It was cold at night and they had few spare clothes. Even if they were stained with black ash, not many people changed clothes for cleanliness.

But now he took off his stormsuit and pulled the velvet collar, but he still felt hot.

“It’s not an illusion.”

Jiang Hongguang stood up and stared sharply at the direction of the ruins of Xiaolin temple. There was a layer of water mist on his glasses. It was water droplets condensed by a large temperature difference.

“The hot air is from that direction!”

The blazing wind blew from the ruins of Xiaolin temple, rolled up scorched black fly ash and roared across it. Obviously, it is still a scorched ruins. There is no change compared with the day. At the moment, it is hot like a burning stove.

The scene was so weird that everyone realized it was wrong. Feile subconsciously leaned towards Wei Xun, his lips wriggled and wanted to say something. But the words stopped before they were spoken.

“Wei, brother Wei, your eyes –”


Wei Xun glanced and saw Fei Lezhi’s face full of amazement. He stared at him and kowtowed.

“There is fire in your eyes!”

Everyone looked at Wei Xun and saw a raging flame reflected in his eyes. The flame was burning Xiaolin temple!

The ruins of Xiaolin temple in front of Wei Xun are different from those seen by others! As like as two peas in the other, the ruins of Xiaolin temple are similar to those seen in the daytime, but Wei Xun is different. What he saw was a burning temple. The towering flame shone like a red devil in the night sky, and the whole Xiaolin Temple twisted and collapsed in the sea of fire.

There seemed to be a noisy and frightened voice in the temple, but it was all a murmur. I couldn’t hear what was said. More and more noise gathered, and gradually condensed into a sound line, and the burning temple door was knocked open with a bang.

A burnt muddy figure was blackened, with no facial features on his face, his lips burned off, and the scorched figure with pale teeth stumbled out. The fiery Phoenix swept out of the open temple door and sent out the voice mixed with countless panic, fear, despair and hope.

“Go find the demon destroyer!”

Wei Xun lowered his head and looked at the burning black body crawling on the ground. It was very difficult, but he climbed firmly towards him. But under the burning flame, the withered bones gradually lost their strength, gradually stopped, curled up and couldn’t move forward.

This is an unspeakable thriller, and it is a world that only he can see and that other passengers can’t peep into. But Wei Xun walked towards the dark bones, step by step. Before the other party was completely burned, Wei Xun came to him.

“I am the demon messenger.”

Wei xunju asked calmly, “where is the devil?”

“Demon destroyer, demon destroyer…”

Ordinary people would definitely die early if they were burned like this, but the charred and withered figure seemed to be breathing. He grabbed Wei Xun’s ankle with his last strength and left a circle of charred marks on his trouser legs. He was relieved: “this is a magic fire… Come on, go hide the hole and find the wrong job… Lama…”

The voice fell behind, and the fire on its back suddenly burned more warmly. In an instant, it completely swallowed up, leaving only a trace of charred charcoal. The fire, which completely burned to ashes, rushed at Wei Xun. It was totally unreasonable. It was like a flame monster standing up. The flame tongue was ominous dark black, which was obviously not a regular flame.

But Wei Xun stood where he was, and did not dodge. He let the fire devour him – no, he did not devour it successfully. The charred and dead bones in the circle of charcoal marks left by Wei Xun’s wrists flashed a light golden light, but they were separated from the magic fire and did not let them burn on Wei Xun’s wrists.

This must be his protection. After all, this is a difficult journey without unsealing difficulty. Even if there are supernatural events, it will not become absolutely supernatural – this is also the test of the hotel for passengers.

If the passenger doesn’t understand that the devil is the real enemy and the Kobayashi Lama is a helper to him, I’m afraid he will have to suffer enough under the fire if he is afraid and avoids the carbon black and withered bones and doesn’t let it leave this protective carbon ring.

But Wei Xun didn’t avoid the evil fire, but he didn’t feel very hot because of him.

In other words, the heat is unacceptable to ordinary people, but Wei Xun can. Wei Xun thoughtfully took out the small conch fossil obtained from the remains of Hailuogou and found that it still retained light water vapor under the temperature. Holding it in his hand was like an ice paste, which could dispel the unbearable hot dryness.

Sure enough, the Lama of Xiaolin temple is a help to tourists. If Wei Xun failed to stop the Lama and let him fall into Hailuogou last night, I’m afraid the bold and careful people would enter Hailuogou to explore and get this conch fossil.

With the charcoal circle and conch fossils, Wei Xun was no longer afraid of the fire. Under the worried and nervous gaze of other passengers, he walked into the semi open temple door wrapped by the fire.


After Wei Xun entered, the burning temple door was tightly closed.

“The guard disappeared!”

Jiang Hongguang’s people saw Wei Xun walking towards the ruins of Xiaolin temple, and then his shadow disappeared out of thin air! Feile took a step forward subconsciously, but was pushed back by the hot wind. Jiang Hongguang pressed the people back a few steps until the heat was no longer hot enough to stop and point to the front.


Feilezhi and Yin Baitao people looked at it one after another. The next second, they were thrilled. At the place where Wei Xun stopped just now, there was a charcoal black human figure on the ground, as if someone had been completely burned into coke by the flame, and there were no bones left.

“The Kobayashi temple in the guard’s eyes is different. Only he can go in.”

Fang Yuhang said solemnly, “we can’t go in. It’s dangerous inside.”

“Well, isn’t brother Wei…”

If it were a burning temple, wouldn’t Wei Xun be burned into black charcoal if he went in like this?!

“No, the guard can go in. He must have corresponding protection.”

Qin Xinrong said that the veteran tourists looked at each other: “it’s just… It’s estimated that there will be a time limit.”

The Xiaolin temple will change after 7 p.m. and the ruins of Xiaolin temple will be restored during the day. Wei Xun entered the changed Xiaolin temple after 7 p.m. and I’m afraid he had to leave before the morning.

As the experienced tourists expected, Wei Xun sounded the hint of the hotel in his mind after entering Xiaolin temple.

[you have entered the scenic spot of Xiaolin Temple burned by the fire. The exploration time is nine hours. Please find the way to leave before  o’clock in the morning]

When the brigade arrived at Xiaolin temple before, the name of the scenic spot was “Xiaolin temple after the fire burned”. Now the prompt sound of the hotel is “Xiaolin temple in the fire burned”. Only one word is different, but it shows the difference between the two.

Wei Xun is also exploring the ruins of Xiaolin temple in the daytime, but neither the progress of the title of treasure hunter series nor the task progress of this scenic spot has increased.

After he entered the burning Kobayashi temple, the task progress of the scenic spot immediately increased by 5%. Obviously, his scenic spot task can only be completed here.

Xiaolin temple has completely turned into a sea of fire. The raging flames are like a wall of fire burning. People can’t tell where it is. There are flames around Wei Xun, and there are no roads at all.

If ordinary people want to explore the future, they may have to bite the bullet and go straight through the fire. But there is still a flame behind the flame. The magic fire is like a maze. People don’t know whether they are exploring forward or spinning in situ.

But Wei Xun quickly chose a direction, ignoring the black and red magic fire in front of him, and went straight ahead.

It’s easy for him to distinguish the direction – maybe it’s more appropriate for Xiaocui. Wei Xun fed the Lama a drop of purified magic honey last night. After taking Xiaocui into the burning Xiaolin temple, Xiaocui smelled the sweet smell of purified magic honey and showed Wei Xun the way.

Soon Wei Xun crossed the heavy fire wall and went inside the building, which was more dangerous than outside. The roofs, sculptures and walls collapsed when the fire burned. Although Wei Xun is not afraid of the fire, if these broken buildings are pressed on him, he may be injured. In addition, there are many charred and dead bones in the building.

They are like the charred corpse who opened the door for Wei Xun. Their charred teeth are exposed. They crawl on the ground with twisted and frightening flames, leaving charcoal marks, as if they were guiding Wei Xun. Those charcoal marks point in the same direction as Xiaocui’s smell of purified magic honey.

But some charred corpses are pointing at random, and the charcoal marks lead to the opposite direction. Wei Xun observed and found that there were subtle differences between the two kinds of burnt corpses.

The charred corpses who really showed the way were burned by the magic fire all the time. They looked even more frightening. Some of them even fell off their limbs and rolled and struggled on the ground like human sticks. However, they took the initiative to climb to the place where the flame was burning most vigorously when guiding the way, as if they wanted to suppress the flame and pave a way for Wei Xun.

However, the charred corpses that lead the way are relatively complete. The burning magic fire does not burn directly on them, but seems to be separated by a layer. You can’t find it without careful observation.

“Is this the power of the devil?”

Wei Xun thought of what the Lama said last night, “when the devil’s power is attached to a person’s skin, it becomes another person’s skin.” look, these charred corpses pointing the way are lamas polluted by the devil’s power.

Sure enough, the scenic spot after the incident is not simple. Passengers should not only restrain their fear of flames and charred bodies, but also carefully identify the differences of charred bodies and find the right road under the tension of limited time. The comprehensive quality of passengers is tested in many traps. Only calm and courageous passengers can choose the right direction, just like Wei Xun——

[no! Why did Wei Xun follow the fake burnt corpse?!]

The audience in the studio were worried and completely confused. Mingming Wei Xun just said “the power of the devil”, which is obviously to distinguish the true and false burnt corpses. In that case, why did he follow the fake charred corpse??

To tell you the truth, Wei Xun’s live split screen viewing experience is really poor. It’s either dark, sometimes there are one or two voices, and sometimes a strong flashlight blinds people’s eyes. Either there are black and red flames everywhere now, and Wei Xun’s shadow is faint in the flame, which makes the audience doubt the astigmatism from his eyes, or there are ghosting everywhere.

The audience still in the studio are all very tenacious and have excellent eyes. Many people also found the difference between the fire on the burnt corpse and the one who made trouble. For this reason, they were even more puzzled and nervous about Wei Xun’s choice.

[no, the front is full of fake charred corpses!]

Seeing that Wei Xun had followed him, the fake burnt corpse hurriedly climbed forward tremblingly to lead Wei Xun to a dangerous wall that was burning to the ground by a big fire. The burnt corpses of the real lamas climbed to Wei Xun anxiously. Their throats were burned and they were hoarse and unable to speak. They had to hold Wei Xun’s trouser legs and want him to take him to the road.

In addition, the burnt corpse of the Lama blocked the fake burnt corpse controlled by the Demon power with its body, and pressed it like a stack of Arhats. Regardless of the pain of burning the fire, we should also prevent it from being led to death by Wei Xun.

However, the efforts of the Lama Jiao corpses failed. In order to prevent more fake Jiao corpses from getting out of the magic fire and hindering them, Wei Xun led them on the wrong road. The burnt corpses of the Lamas were pressed one by one and could not move. They looked at Wei Xun’s back in despair. They were burned so that their blackened mouths were hoarse and opened, but they could not make any sound. They struggled with all their strength, but they couldn’t get rid of the suppression of fake charred corpses. They could only endure the burning of magic fire… Huh?

A Lama Jiao corpse suppressed by five or six fake Jiao corpses suddenly moved. It struggled to continue to climb to Wei Xun and dragged out a charcoal black trace. It’s not that it suddenly has a strong force, but that the fake charred corpses originally pressed on its back suddenly no longer suppress it!

With Wei Xun away from the live camera, no audience could see that the black magic gas between the fake burnt corpse and the magic fire disappeared. They were no longer controlled by the magic gas, but returned to the usual Lama burnt corpse.


Wei Xun covered his mouth and gave a little burp. The magic gas roasted by the magic fire is full of tempting burning fragrance. It looks crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. It looks like a tender veal roasted properly.

Wei Xun didn’t expect to have such a surprise in this scenic spot. It was different from the tense situation of swallowing the virtual shadow of the devil at that time. At that time, Wei Xun was instinctively affected by the demon swallowing, and the situation was a crisis. He only ate first, and then he was full of running for his life. He didn’t know what the taste of the virtual shadow of the devil was.

There is no comfort in eating barbecue buffet now.

Wei Xun felt that he was surrounded by a group of very active barbecues, and each piece of barbecue, no, was so weak that Wei Xun could eat it as long as he thought. He didn’t have to eat it like a devil’s shadow.

Maybe it’s because it’s not the scene of burning the temple in those years, but the illusion of a cycle of resentment and persistence. The obsession of the lamas, the resentment of the lamas who are attached by the devil’s power, and the deepest flame of Xiaolin temple, which maintains the powerful existence of everything and makes Xiaolin Temple burn the night, repeats itself constantly, and only one demon removal messenger ends everything.

Let Wei Xun, a senior devil Qi tasting master, end everything!

The charred corpses eaten by him are a meal, and then naturally integrate into the group of often charred corpses. Gradually, Chang Jiao corpses seem to have found something. They no longer stop Wei Xun, but half push and half lead more evil Qi to burn corpses. With the cooperation of the three parties, Wei Xun had a good time. In the process, he also took out the pitanka of Guxin to cover.

The audience in the live studio gradually felt something wrong.

[no, I can’t see clearly now. Why do I think the more fake charred corpses gather, the less they actually get?]

[I don’t understand. What’s the algorithm?]

[Wei Xun, this is to purify the magic Qi on the fake burnt corpse! He can think of this!]

[yes, really, shit, I just figured it out. It’s amazing. The scenic spot is really cloudy this time]

[Wei Xun is demonizing the burnt corpse! Absolutely! How did he think of it?!]

[ end!]

[what’s the matter? What’s the matter? Am I the only fool who can’t understand anything]

The barrage immediately explained that the Yin of the scenic spot of Xiaolin temple in the burning was here. Ordinary people can suppress their fear of Jiao corpse and recognize that Jiao corpse of Xiaolin Lama is a helper and the devil is the real enemy. This is a test of their psychological quality.

After entering Xiaolin temple and finding the difference between the two kinds of charred corpses, according to the usual thinking, passengers will also take charred corpses as partners and charred corpses polluted by magic gas as enemies.

He either avoided or killed the enemy, but Wei Xun chose the third way – charred corpses polluted by magic gas. They were all good lamas. They are not polluted voluntarily. The real enemy is not them, but the magic Qi attached to them.

If Wei Xun ignored him and just ran away, seeing that the number of these demonized charred corpses far exceeded the number of charred corpses, I’m afraid it would pose a great threat to him, such as encircling, chasing and intercepting, delaying time. If Wei Xun kills the demonized charred corpses, he may annoy some existence in Xiaolin temple or fail to pass the test——

[you have been recognized by cuocha Lama]

When Wei Xun ate the last breath of evil Qi and his body was full of charred corpses, the hotel prompt suddenly sounded.

[you have obtained the recognition of cuocha Lama (scene)]

[time: during this journey]

[function: you are the true demon removing messenger recognized by him, and you will get 100% help from cuocha Lama in the next journey]

[Note: there is a way to eliminate demons. Only removing demons and protecting innocent people polluted by demons are true compassion.]

Wei Xun saw the burnt corpses of the lamas burned up in the fire and became scorched black outlines. And the omnipresent magic fire seemed to burst with anger, and it burst into flames. The fiery fire rushed at Wei Xun. Even though he was guarded by charcoal circles and conch, Wei Xun still felt the intense heat and aroma.

Just when Wei Xun was ready to move and wanted to open his mouth, the magic fire in front of him exploded!

[demon removing envoy Wei Xun, please come to me]


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