TTG Chapter 97

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 97: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (40)

An old and hoarse “magic fire” was burning in Wei Xun’s ear. The magic fire dispersed like natural enemies, and the “invisible” forces were isolated, and no models gathered again. There was a road without any “flame blocking” in front of Wei Xun.

It was the cuocha Lama, and it was Wei Xun who felt “strong” in the depths of Xiaolin temple at the beginning.

Unfortunately… Magic fire didn’t eat it.

Wei Xun regretfully looked at the eye demon fire and moved forward along the fire free channel, digesting and integrating the “harvest” just now. To say that the devil’s virtual shadow is a whole roast suckling pig, “Wei Xun just ate” is only a small barbecue at best, “it’s virtual”, and it’s only a little in total.

This evil spirit was completely free from any small splash. However, Wei Xun was concerned that when he swallowed the evil spirit, he hid in the fox cub’s belly and only silently sucked blood. Suddenly, there was a movement of the red ladybug, which stimulated the fox cub to spit it out quickly – unexpectedly, he could only store inanimate things in his belly.

But when Wei Xun finished eating and had time to see it, the little ladybug with big sesame seeds disappeared again, and the fox cub could be brought into his belly again, as if he had just pretended to be a corpse.

Wei Xun communicated with the fox cub and found that the soaked ladybug’s blood had absorbed all the light, but except for the shell, it seemed to be more red, and there was no connection with Wei Xun at all. If there was any movement in the shell, it was only Wei Xun who swallowed the magic Qi.

Does it mean that the key to accepting it lies in the magic Qi, not just in the blood?

Wei Xun then put it into the fox cub’s belly. When thinking about it, in just a few minutes, he had walked through the main hall of Xiaolin temple and reached the “secret hall” embedded in Heishi mountain, which is the most thorough stone cave for Jiang Hongguang’s “speech” and “burning”.

Before, the jiaohei Lama said, “go to the Sutra cave to find the wrong Lama”, and a non fire passage also points here. It must be the Sutra cave in this stone cave.

The magic fire didn’t burn here. It looked like a black shadow of “forgetting”. Shidong “cave Department” gray black “rope nets are covered layer by layer, sticky and dirty, such as giant” cobwebs “. Against the background of this strange cobweb, the “cave” behind it is more like the “nest” of spider essence, not like any serious Sutra hiding cave at all.

Wei Xun took off his gloves and touched the spider silk with his gloves. Sure enough, the gloves were firmly stuck to the spider silk. As the giant cobweb trembled, a rustle came from the dark cave.

The sound came not only from the cave, but also on Wei Xun’s head.

Wei Xun looked up without changing his color, but saw several skeletons hanging upside down from the rock wall above him in the dark. He was close to him in a moment!

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and noticed that “Taupe limbs” were curled under the skeleton. Ordinary people are frightened by creepy skeletons. I’m afraid no modern people have noticed these details. They are not hanging upside down skeletons, but spinning and falling skeletons!

It’s hard to tell which skeleton or skeleton spider is more terrible, especially the skeleton nearest to Wei Xun is twisted and deformed. The upper skeleton is covered with dense black hair, and the exposed bone is covered with mildew like black spots, which looks disgusting and terrible.

It hung and swayed in front of Wei Xun’s “nose”. It was so close that it seemed to touch his “nose”. The audience screamed in the live broadcast room.

But Wei Xun eased his eyes. He took out a new pair of gloves. After wearing them, he gently touched the skull’s chin.

“See you again.”

The fragrance of purified magic honey came from this terrible skeleton spider, which showed that it was on the same road with Wei Xun and saved the Lama by Wei Xun on the edge of Hailuo valley. Although he didn’t know that he had changed his terrible appearance, Wei Xun still didn’t abandon it and treated it gently.

It seems that this is also a test. It can be seen that some scary skeleton spiders no longer stare at Wei Xun. They fall in front of the cave one after another. There are huge gray and black cobwebs with small limbs coiled and gradually disassembled the cobwebs, revealing a department that can just be passed by one person.

Then they left one after another and disappeared in the dark. Only the Lama skeleton spider was still there. It fell on Wei Xun’s shoulder, knocked gently with its limbs, pushed away Wei Xun’s fingers and wanted to touch them, as if to guide him.

This location is really inconvenient.

Wei Xun regretted to stop. Just now he could almost break off the mouth of the skull to see where he fed the purified magic honey. Since the Lama is not a real person, it is not necessary to eat magic honey.

But the cave departments were all open, so Wei Xun had to give up and went into the Sutra cave with the Lama’s skeleton spider on his shoulder.

The Sutra cave is a very wide “stone cave” with a total of three floors. In addition to the “road” for him to pass through, other places are full of “gray cobwebs”. Through the cobwebs, it seems that many strange and disgusting “mummies” are trapped behind the cobwebs.

There are “burnt to black” mummies, bones wrapped in thick slurry “cattle and sheep bones, and even some are completely different from human” bones. The most frightening thing is that these mummies and bones seem to be alive. When Wei Xun passed by, he felt that all four sides were staring at him. His malicious eyes were gloomy and terrible, cooling people’s back neck and giving birth to countless illusions and auditory hallucinations.

In Wei Xun’s eyes, the “illusion” is that this group of delicious dried meat comes to him one by one to say hello and say hello. It’s a pity that every time he appreciates the delicious dried meat, the “Lama skeleton spider” on his shoulder will become heavy – warning him not to indulge in the illusion.

It’s kind of you. If Wei Xun didn’t save the Lama last night, I’m afraid he didn’t have this reminder. But the problem is that Wei Xun doesn’t need to be reminded that these visions are all Pediatrics compared with those when his San value in Western Hunan is reduced. Although these bizarre corpses emit fragrant magic gas, Wei Xun won’t eat these dark dried meat.

Only when passing through these ‘dark dried meat’, the blood Ladybug ‘pretended to be a corpse’ again, and the fox cub vomited out again. “And its reaction this time is greater than last time. Wei Xun can barely feel that it reveals” pure desire.

Do you want to eat magic Qi? Do you want to eat a corpse?

Wei Xun guessed and asked the fox cub to take away the dried corpse when he went away and couldn’t be photographed by the live camera.

As for the bloody ladybug, Wei Xun did not hesitate to suppress it. I’m kidding. He sucked so much blood. He wouldn’t kill him. He’s a worm. How could he feed him a mummy?

Wei Xun was even cruel. “Speed up and walk quickly through the floor full of spider web mummies. The speed was so fast that the “Lama skeleton spider” on his shoulder jumped with joy and knocked on its limbs. If it could speak, it must be boasting in a loud voice that “the devil removing messenger is great” and “it is worthy of being a devil removing messenger!”

When he was approaching the second floor, Wei Xun slowed down slightly. When the fox cub kept up, he went down to the second floor.

The warm yellow candle light brightens the second layer, and there are no dirty cobwebs of gray and black, and no mummies of weird and terrible. The second layer of the Sutra cave is clean and empty, and the surrounding walls are chiseled with sunken holes to place the Sutra. The warm yellow candle light reflects the solemn and solemn fragrance of butter permeates the air, It’s like coming to a serious temple.

In the middle of this floor is the majestic and glorious “golden □ □ throne. The upper” throne “is decorated with sun and moon lotus lion. At the top of the throne sits an elderly Lama in purple and red cassock.

He was very old, but he still sat upright, with white eyebrows and beard. He had originally closed his eyes. When Wei Xun came down, he opened his eyes. His eyes were kind. Rao didn’t know his identity. When he saw him, he instinctively felt that he must be a “master of virtue and high prestige”.

“Demon Messenger, you are here at last.”

The old Lama said gently, looking at Wei Xun, his eyes were full of appreciation and joy. He sighed and said in a dignified but kind voice: “the devil recovers and wreaks havoc in the world. Only the” demon removal messenger “in the prophecy of dunba xinrao Buddha can finally eliminate the devil. I have been waiting for you here for thirty-three years. ”

“Please give me the purified demon human skin and demon body, and I will remove the demon model…”

“Take the liberty to ask.”

Wei Xun suddenly opened the Department and cut off the old Lama’s words. He said politely, “how long have you been like this?”

The old Lama was stunned, tolerant and smiling. He didn’t mind his “offence:” when I sealed Xiaolin temple with meat and body, I was 117 years old. Counting these 33 years, I am 150 years old now. ”

“I asked,” not this. ”

Wei Xun walked over to the golden throne, meditated for a moment and lowered his voice: “do you know how to fry steak wrapped in plastic film?”

Old Lama:?


Wei Xun looked at the “front” old Lama with regret. In his eyes, it was like a “fried” steak wrapped in plastic film. It was clear that the inside was “meat”. The smell was pungent, only a little worse than the ghost of the devil, but the watch was as dull as plastic – if normal people could understand the words, it was that the old Lama’s shell was full of modern power and the body of the Lama, Inside is the devil.

Who can sit on the golden □□ throne as a normal Lama? It’s obviously a Buddha statue that can sit “OK. I’m afraid both the throne and the human body are to suppress the “devil power” inside.

After that, Wei Xun ignored the old Lama and suddenly burst out a “fierce light” in his eyes. Lang said, “wrong Lama, I have passed your” test. It’s time for you to show up. ”

His voice lagged behind for a long time before an old hoarse voice came from the deeper part of the Sutra cave, dignified and solemn: “demon Messenger, your strength and reason are really beyond my expectations. It is related to the recovery of the devil. Please forgive me for my temptation to you.”

“Please come here. I’ll show you my sincerity…”

“Are you sincere… Anything?”

Wei Xun asked, suddenly pointed to “trapped on the golden throne” and grinned at him. “Old Lama:” is he a devil? ”

The cuocha Lama said, “no, he’s just a virtual shadow of the devil who attacked Xiaolin temple in. I cut it off with a modern device and seal it here.”

Wei Xun tried: “I think there is a devil in him, but his watch is a human body…”

Cuocha Lama: “yes, the devil’s power has recovered over the years, and it has been completely trapped by the throne alone. I sealed it in my “meat body.”

“Wrong Lama, you have paid too much for peace.”

Wei Xun clapped his hands, sighed and said kindly, “I can’t bear to see your body tortured by magic… You know, I have some special” exorcism skills. ”

“Can you give him to me?”

* *

“Good Wei Xun!”

Because of the mummy trade, he was so happy that he was on his way to the station. “The bee Taoist was in a happy mood. He opened the live broadcast and looked at it, but he was surprised that he lost his voice directly:

“This is extremely rare.” “his body is soaked with pure modern power, and his inner body is soaked with devil power.” “a centennial corpse, unexpectedly, he met him?!”

“What luck is this!”


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