TTG Chapter 98

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 98: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (41)

Taoist bee’s eyes were full of envy. He stared at the living corpse sitting on the throne of the golden law wheel in the live broadcasting room. The whole person wanted to squeeze directly into the journey.

You know, the bee Taoist tries his best to find all kinds of dried corpses at any cost, and he has several treasures for all kinds of corpses. Whether it’s the ancient frozen corpse in the Antarctic iceberg, the wet corpse in Mawangdui, the mummy Princess of Loulan, the mummy of the Egyptian Pharaoh, or the dried vampire nailed to death by silver nails, he is effective.

But it was the first time he saw a living body. This is what the bee Taoist has been pursuing. It is very possible. It is the key to the advancement of the female bee!

Corpses are the bodies left by dead creatures. Yang Qi is lost, Yin Qi and corpse Qi converge. Although it is a great tonic for creatures that need the amount of negative Qi, Yin also represents slowness and astringency. The older the age, the more the corpses with abnormal phenomena have, the more negative Qi in them.

It is the bee Taoist who has got a secret method to let his bees and insects devour the corpse and obtain the amount of the corpse. With this move, he stood out from the guide of the demon insect department to breed female bees faster and expand the bee colony.

But the secret method also has disadvantages. After all, the female bee is a living creature. Bearing so much Yin Qi will lead to its own variation. Even if it is further advanced, it is probably the “zombie queen bee”, which is infertile and unable to lay eggs and breed.

Therefore, in recent years, the bee Taoist has collected more dried corpses, especially the corpses that are effectively roasted by heat in the desert or simply exposed to the sun, hoping that there is a trace of Yang in the dried corpses. However, this degree is very difficult to grasp.

The Yang Qi is mainly burst and hot, which is inconsistent with the nature of most insects. Even if the bee Taoist feeds the female bee with purified sunflower magic honey, she only absorbs a trace of Yang Qi. Even so, there is a probability that she will become male and mutate into a male peak. Other female bees are completely Yin fed by the Yin Qi of the former corpse eater, and will be burned dry when encountering some Yang Qi.

But he was unwilling to let Taoist bee give up his secret method and make a complete transformation! The butcher tour guide is no better than the pig raising tour guide. While he is the strongest, he can’t have any time to relax. If he shows a slight weakness, he can’t compete for more resources and stand in a better place.

Therefore, Taoist bee has always been looking for a living corpse. No matter what kind of dried corpse, it is not as effective as a living corpse!

The so-called living corpse is a corpse full of yin and still has a little vitality. Vitality dominates hair, which is necessary for plant germination and reproduction. It is more vigorous than Yin Qi, softer and softer than Yang Qi, and is most suitable for organisms that need to reproduce.

But the living corpse is even rarer than the ancient dry corpse frozen in the iceberg. Not all the corpses that can be counted as living corpses, such as those corpse kings in Western Hunan and foreign flying blood sucking demon corpses, are all corpses driven by Yin Qi resentment or demon Qi blood, not living corpses. And no one knows where the corpse will appear.

If you want to find mummies, go to Egypt, go to major glaciers if you want to find glacial crystal corpses, and go to the north and south poles if you want to find ancient frozen corpses.

But where can I find the corpse?

Go to Wei Xun!

Taoist bee excites his waxy yellow face and turns red. He is 80% sure that the head Wei Xun meets is a living corpse! Moreover, it is not the kind of living corpse in which Yin Qi and Yang Qi blend harmoniously to produce Qi, but a more advanced living corpse in which magic Qi and Dharma Qi converge and compete, and the two phases are balanced!

It is a special state between death and life. It is not to say that it is still alive, because the soul of cuocha Lama has left his body, and his flesh and body are occupied by demon forces. But not death, because it was deliberately done by the wrong Lama, trapped the devil with his own body and golden Dharma wheel throne, and the Lama’s soul did not disperse.

“A living corpse, this is definitely a living corpse.”

The bee Taoist speaks to himself, and his eyes can’t be removed from the live screen. His thin, waxy yellow face is jubilant. If you meet an acquaintance, I’m afraid you won’t recognize him as the evil and mean bee Taoist.

“Although Ding Yi is useless, it’s good. He met Wei Xun.”

Taoist bee sighed that even the Pharaoh’s mummy he had just bought for 100000 points had been put in the brain, full of living corpses and Wei Xun. He still felt ashamed and angry at the thought of useless Ding Yi. If not, if not Wei Xun——

“My greatest luck is to meet Wei Xun.”

Leng Jianshu, the bee Taoist, hummed that he planned to kill the man and feed the bees as soon as Ding came back, but now think about it, it’s not impossible for Guo Dingyi to control Wei Xun and bring him back alive.

My greatest luck is that I met Wei Xun before the year-end celebration.

With Taoist bee’s pride, he won’t say this, but he doesn’t think so. He even felt that the hotel had taken care of him, and his years of hard work had finally paid off. Or how could he be so lucky this year.

I heard that he didn’t find C250 and was rejected by the puppet master. It’s easy to see that he can’t go to the year-end celebration.

But he, the bee Taoist, did everything go well, and even the living corpse was found by him?

Seeing that B 49 can’t even win a low-level tour guide C 9, and that no one can find a tour guide C 250, we know that he is exhausted.

And he, the bee Taoist, not only showed signs of progress for the disabled female bee, but also the best tourist Wei Xun rushed to give him a chance.

It’s time for him to take his strength to a higher level and show his skills!

“No, no, let the hair ghost make trouble again.”

Taoist bee thought that what if this dog went crazy and killed Wei Xun?

He must let Ding find a time to kill the eagle flute messenger. He can’t be at ease without B 49’s excrement stirring stick.

“We have to transform the female bee again.”

At present, there is only one bee cocoon left in Ding Yi’s place. He doesn’t let the hatched Baby Bee pass the message, and he poisons the ghost B 49. Most of all, he has to control Wei Xun. He has to study it carefully. He says that it’s impossible for the third female bee to improve the bee cocoon, but now he’s not effective. He’s going to be the stingy bee Taoist.

There are living corpses, the strongest first female bee, and the second female bee suspected to have advanced mutation. What are he afraid of!

The bee Taoist repeatedly rubbed the mobile phone screen, cherished the face of the living corpse on the touch screen, and quickly put the piece out of the pulp. It was not until he returned to his hotel that he gave a little attention to the female bee he left in the honey jar.

“Little darling, how does it fit –”


Taoist bee’s words stopped abruptly. He seemed to be hit by a mysterious thunder in the nine days. There was a vast expanse of white in front of him. There were completely empty honey cans in the vast expanse of white.

The bee Taoist couldn’t believe his eyes. The San value suddenly fell, and countless visions and auditory hallucinations appeared. The purified honey jar was empty and seemed to be empty.

He was almost lost in chaos. He stumbled and nearly fell. I can’t believe that in addition to anger and pain, he also had a little luck and a little ecstasy.

Is it, is it true that the female bee ate all the purified magic honey in a jar of twenty kilograms?!

Taoist bee’s hand trembled slightly. You know, he didn’t dare to think about it all the way, and he never reported hope, but he was actually lucky at the bottom of his heart.

Before he left, he thought, “come on, bee mother.” in his heart, he said, “if you eat more, you will succeed if you raise your injury.” in his heart, he said, “become a mother! Metamother! ”

Now a whole jar of purified magic honey is gone, but the female bee is still alive (although he doesn’t feel any change). Is there, is there anything to be learned——


Like a sesame seed, the sound of the foundation crushed by his fingernails is extremely small, but it makes the bee Taoist’s waxy yellow face pale first and then red again. The harsh buzzing of the foundation resounded through the whole resident space. He rushed to the honey jar like a gust of wind and held the jar in his trembling hand.

Completely alienated, the terrible bee like mouthparts are unable to speak, and the buzzing of crazy wings is deafening.

Female bee, self explosion!

After eating a whole jar of purified magic honey, the female bee exploded under his eyes!

The bee Taoist became a crazy Taoist. He was completely crazy. He swallowed the broken body of the female bee directly, but he completely swallowed it. He didn’t feel anything from the female bee!

When the mother bee died, all the magic bees fought in the civil war, but before they could fight, the bee Taoist priest who changed kept swallowing them all, a clean, scarlet and congested giant eye, crazy and terrible.

Ha ha, female bee, ha ha, honey!

If the female bee died early, or even swallowed the whole purified magic honey without variation, the bee Taoist would not be so angry and crazy as she is today. However, the female bee didn’t have any peace along the way, which made him hope. If the mummy transaction had not been smooth, Wei Xun would not have been happy to find the corpse unexpectedly. He would not feel that everything has been successful recently.

But the moment he returned to the station, the female bee exploded!

Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!

Taoist bee went crazy. If he hadn’t actually reported great hope and the encouragement of Wei Xun’s corpse, he would have to be completely alienated. But crazy, the bee Taoist found something wrong. The female bee eggs at the bottom of the purified honey pot were gone. He left the magic bee colony with hundreds of bee eggs as their food.

It is said that the female bee eggs were eaten by the alienated female bee, and the hundreds of bee eggs were eaten by the magic bee colony.

Then why is his big magic hive gone??

Of course, these bee Taoists still don’t believe that there are thieves in their residence. Let’s not say that the hotel residence is absolutely safe and private. Just say that if there are strong people invading the residence, why doesn’t the other party invade the residence of big tourists and big guides, but sneak into his 18th line small guide instead!

Again, even if there is a person who has mastered the technology of invading the station, and is as stupid and mad as Fagui B 49, and has a deep blood feud with his bee Taoist, the first thing to do in invading the station should be to steal or destroy his purified honey can!

This is his most important title prop. If he can’t purify magic honey without this purified honey jar, he will have to completely withdraw from the competition for the qualification of the celebration at the end of this year.

How can you just steal his hive without bees?

The bee Taoist doesn’t understand. Even if he feels stupid again, he knows that this person is not really mentally retarded. This pot is not on him.

“What the hell is going on?!”

Taoist bee was anxious and angry. After drinking a few kilograms of magic honey, he calmed down and turned over his residence completely. However, he found that except for the strangely disappeared honeycomb, the blood ladybug with the size of sesame seed that he had been buried in the ground was gone.

Taoist bee calmed down instantly. He lifted his alienation, restored his human form, and sat directly in the messy soil with a gloomy and dignified look.

The disappearance of the blood Ladybug gave him a very bad idea.

It can’t be… That did it.

Last year, he was lucky to represent the Eastern District to participate in a warm-up competition for the end of the year celebration in the eastern and western districts, and was selected as the tour guide player in the eastern district. He was lucky to lead a team with the second tour guide to compete with the tourists in the western District. And when the final Icelandic scenic spot, the second guide’s Mo die was injured due to the design of the Western Hotel, the master helped to cure the second guide’s Mo die with magic honey.

At that time, the bee Taoist was deciding to find a backer for himself. Sure enough, he was introduced into the butcher League by the second tour guide.

And it was precisely because he and the second tour guide, Xi’an, seriously injured the big passengers in the warm-up competition. Although they lost the warm-up competition, in the year-end celebration of Xi’an, those big passengers in the West were not fully recovered because of the hidden damage of insect poison.

Their big brigade lost to the returning brigade, leaving the victory of the year-end celebration in the East. The bee Taoist realized that he had his own credit. Otherwise, he knew he was a member of the butcher alliance, but the brigade turned a blind eye and didn’t give him a hand.

Moreover, at that time, the bee Taoist gave the whole magic honey to the second tour guide and saved her core magic insect, so that one of her female bees was injured and could not be cured. This happened under the eyes of audiences all over the world.

The guide to laib 2 not only introduced him to the butcher League, but also asked him to choose a reward for her “competition”.

In fact, the bee Taoist doesn’t want to choose. He is more like asking for a favor from the second tour guide, multiple favors and multiple ways out. Today’s tour may be useful.

But looking at the second tour guide’s attitude of getting rid of the relationship, he only picked the most insignificant one, that is, the blood ladybug with the size of sesame seeds.

In fact, the blood Ladybug was named by the bee Taoist himself. He didn’t know it was a magic bug. But he remembered that he chose the blood ladybug. The second tour guide smiled and looked at him. That look made Taoist bee still remember, and he is still nervous.

Did he choose the best thing by himself??

But he doesn’t know what this is!

The bee Taoist wanted to get through all kinds of ways to return the blood Ladybug to the second guide, but he was not effective at that time. He was just a third-class guide. How could he get in touch with the second guide in private, especially if the other party didn’t want to see him.

At the end of the day, Taoist bee only wanted to collect the blood ladybug, and he was not without ambition. However, Taoist bee could not identify whether the blood Ladybug was a magic bug, and did not try his best to get in touch with it. At the end of the day, even if he was no longer willing, he would not dare to take it lightly.

This is a monster far more effective than him. Maybe he really annoyed the second tour guide at that time, but the other party disdained to argue with him.

At the end of the year, the bee Taoist only buried the blood Ladybug in the soil, and the flowers growing on the soil are fed on the bones, green and luxuriant all year round, and can be used for any bee species to collect honey and make honey.

Now the disappearance of the blood Ladybug makes the bee Taoist suddenly calm and even cold all over. He didn’t dare to think about it or investigate it. He just buried today’s humiliation and unwillingness in his heart, cleaned up the station in silence, watched Wei Xun’s live broadcast and carefully transformed mother bee 3.

“Living corpse, living corpse.”

Taoist bee said to himself, and his eyes flashed an unyielding light: “one day, one day…”

One day he will trample on all those who despise him!

Set a small target and control Wei Xun.

The disappearance of blood ladybug, the disappearance of purified magic honey and the explosion of female bee are all warnings to him. Over the years, relying on the purification of magic honey, he was not afraid of alienation and drifted between the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance. Even though the bee Taoist tries to keep a low profile, there is still some effectiveness in being an enemy of B 49 who likes to make things big at any time.

Whether Wei Xun is an excellent tourist or a reserve tour guide for class X tourists, he will definitely be the focus of major leagues.

Catch Wei Xun, control him and hand him over to the butcher alliance or… Shepherd alliance.

It’s all the ladders that his bee Taoist climbed to the sky!

“The second scenic spot… At the end of the scenic spot, kill the descendant of the eagle flute.”

A breath of depression blocks the bee Taoist’s chest. He must vent his fire and kill his heart!

* *

“When the bee master returns to the station, the female bee explodes.”

When Wei Xun walked into the third floor of the Tibetan cave, the dutiful Xiaocui reported the enemy’s situation. She was a little proud: “the explosion was clean, so no clues were left. Make sure that Taoist bee won’t find his master!”

“Do not underestimate any potential enemy”

Wei Xun calmly said, “I still can’t swallow the blood ladybug, right?”


Xiaocui hesitated for a long time and said, “it’s not impossible to swallow…”

“No, look again”

Wei Xun knew that Xiaocui couldn’t swallow the devil bug. If it was not special, it would be up in the middle level. Wei Xun thinks that the blood ladybug is a loser. Just looking at the butterfly tattoo that has no direction and is unfavorable to his blood, he can see from the halberd in front of him that his level is definitely very high – even the effective female falala beetle.

But the blood Ladybug still seems to be in a special sleepy state and does not fully wake up. It is only occasionally quiet when encountering various mummies. In particular, on the second floor of the Tibetan cave, the reaction is the most intense when encountering the flesh body of the Lama sealed with Demon power——

Although this severity, that is, the blood Ladybug  has  his left forelimb. But Wei Xun knows. He asked the wrong Lama for the flesh, not just to suck the magic gas.

But the wrong Lama’s reaction was a little strange. Instead of refusing Wei Xun, he was silent and asked Wei Xun to go down to the top floor of the Tibetan cave first.

Wei Xun felt wrong when he walked through the corridor from the second floor to the bottom floor. He said that the second floor was solemn and solemn, like the scene in the Buddhist temple. The dense spider silk appeared again on the corridor leading to the bottom.

These cobwebs turned white, but the demon gas attached to them was stronger, more like the devil’s nest than the second layer. Countless unconcerned eyes, watching Wei Xun in the dark, there were countless malicious babbles and whispers.

Even though these dense cobwebs will disperse in front of Wei Xun, compared with before, they are still very close to Wei Xun, and they want to stick to him.

From the bottom of the cave to the bottom of the cave, the cave was completely broken. There were huge snow-white cobwebs everywhere. Even the cave wall was covered with velvet. The original appearance of any stone wall could not be seen. It was like a complete magic spider nest. The road ahead is difficult to walk, and the road is blocked by spider silk that comes from nowhere. Wei Xun is like prey falling into a spider’s web. He is bound and suffocated by the endless web until he dies.

“Come on, come to me…”

The basic sound system of cuocha Lama is in all directions, which is strange and gloomy. The audience in the live studio were all worried about Wei Xun, and the barrage fiercely discussed what he should do to get out of danger.

According to the analysis of some passengers, the dangerous places of the Xiaolin temple’s tourist brigade are repeated one after another. The Lama’s body is found in the second layer of the Tibetan cave. It is very dangerous and rare not to be bewitched by it.

However, due to the effectiveness and many dangers, Wei Xun must be physically and mentally tired. Seeing that he is about to see the real wrong Lama, he may relax his vigilance——

But looking at the Tibetan cave, the Lama’s soul may be polluted by the devil’s power!

Even if the pollution is not complete, it is absolutely dangerous! I’m afraid it’s the soul full of mana of the Bon Lama, a monster that has been entangled with the power of the terrible devil for a hundred years! The devil on the second floor has the body of the Lama and the seal of the golden Dharma wheel throne, but on the third floor, Wei Xun has to face the polluted soul of the Lama!

Isn’t it just an event scenic spot for a difficult journey? Why are there so many pits? It’s so difficult. If you’re not careful, it’s a dead end!

Many audience members who are sensitive in mind are worried and nervous with Wei Xun sympathetically – didn’t you see Wei Xun’s pupil shrink suddenly? He must be very nervous and stunned. He is crazy thinking about solutions!

“Have you eaten all the food?”

Wei Xun swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help asking the fox cub. I’m sorry to get a negative answer from Fox cub, but Wei Xun still doesn’t give up. He pulled out his climbing stick, poked it into the thickest snow-white cobwebs and rolled it up like a roll of marshmallow.

Some people say that men are teenagers until they die – who can resist living in a real-life cotton candy house? Anyway, Wei Xun is not! He just wanted the fox cub to eat the whole hiding hole, but it was a pity not to eat it.

Wei Xun only has to roll a few volumes in person. He is very conscious of stealing cobwebs. He rolls them fast and well without wasting any time. It’s just that these snow-white cobwebs condensed by the materialized demon gas are easy to roll up, but it’s hard to pull them down. Wei Xun thought about it and took out the demon human skin and golden carved head wet corpse of “purification”.

Sure enough, when they were taken out, the hotel prompted that the snow-white cobweb was broken, and Wei Xun immediately took it back into the fox cub’s belly.

[you bravely broke into the burning Xiaolin temple and handed over the purified demon human skin and demon body to cuocha Lama. This should be the end of everything. Who knows that cuocha Lama sealed the devil with his own flesh and body for a hundred years, but his soul was exposed and contaminated by the devil’s power!]

[the contaminated Lama’s soul can’t keep reason and can’t control his madness. In the past, in order to defeat the great chabalaren devil, he did not hesitate to incarnate into a demon shadow, but he almost completely degenerated around the Buddha. He is the only living person who has entered the Tibetan cave in a hundred years. Cuocha Lama will see him as an opportunity to completely eliminate the devil and also as a blood food!]

[the branch line scenic spots have reached the final destination. The strength, courage and will of the combination have been tested. The most important thing to be tested is the luck of the combination. If you encounter a wrong Lama in a rational state, you will get enough clues and reward all the people. 


“Kaka, Kaka… It smells… Delicious…”

The sound of giant insects rubbing their limbs came from Wei Xun’s body, accompanied by a gloomy air conditioner. Wei Xun saw a snow-white sharp limb that was thicker than the human body and stretched out quietly from his back. The tip of the sharp knife poked the devil’s human skin and devil’s body in his hand. With a slight shake, they were frozen into ice debris.

The snow-white limb was not taken back, but was rubbed and outlined on Wei Xun, who was full of greed and hope. The sharp tip was malicious and hung over Wei Xun’s chest and heart. That cold breath haunted Wei Xun’s neck, which made the skin stir up goose bumps.

[no, the soul of cuocha Lama has been polluted and corroded by demons and lost his mind!]

[Wei Xun is in danger!]


Wei Xun took a long breath and narrowed his eyes slightly. Despite the anxious urging of the Lama’s skeleton spider on his shoulder, Wei Xun gently grasped the tip of the snow-white arthropod in the increasingly crazy and out of control whisper of “harmony smells delicious” and “blood food”.


It also smells good, Alaskan snow crab.

Wei Xun gave an attribute to the food of demonizing the Lama. Clearly, the death crisis is close at hand. The demonized Lama is completely different from the charred corpse in front of him, and even defeats the demon ghost. Jidi Weixun’s cold hair stood upright and his heart beat faster, but he preferred the excitement and excitement of walking a tightrope on the abyss of death.

Wei Xun lowered his eyes, covered his twisted and crazy smile, and looked compassionate.

“Lama, let me purify it.”

“Kaka, purification, purification -”

Purifying the devil is the obsession of the wrong Lama. When he heard the word, he seemed to be awake for a moment, but the next second he became crazy again, because Wei Xun pulled out a crystal sharp knife. If you long skillfully followed the bone joints of the snow-white limb, he gouged out the tip of the limb!

The wounded demonized Lama was crazy and had no reason. Eight spiny limbs attacked Wei Xun from his back. At the same time, the snow-white and greasy cobweb covered them from the top and completely covered them under the snow-white cobweb. Wei Xun had no way out!


[he should wake up the wrong Lama’s reason first and then do it]

[no, no matter what, shouldn’t Wei Xun run away quickly?? Why do you all think he can do it?]

[others can escape, but Wei Xun can’t!]

[I’m so anxious. What’s the matter with Wei Xun?! Stupid magic spider cover? It’s all blocked by cobwebs and can’t be seen!]

In fact, Wei Xun threw a miniature crystal throwing knife and cut it off while demonizing the Lama and attracting the audience’s attention. He’s trying to cover up the scene of the battle! At the moment when the cobweb came down, Wei Xun’s horizontal knife blocked the attack of the sharp limb, but the limb force was infinite. The sharp tip directly crushed the crystal narrow knife, and the tip homeopathic scratched Wei Xun’s neck, leaving a trail of blood beside his pulse.

His neck was cool, but Wei Xun smiled. His eyes were dark and bottomless. His hands were covered with insect armor intertwined with dark black and dark green. Two crystal narrow knives suddenly appeared in Wei Xun’s hands. His arms were staggered and narrow knives were crossed, blocking the limbs that had no foundation from the side.


The crystal narrow knife was broken again, and the crystal dust, snow and fog fell and covered the snow-white limbs of the knife, which made its operation slow. I should avoid it. And Wei Xun’s hand was shining, and there were two crystal narrow knives! Like this narrow knife made of the purest crystal of the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower, there are dozens of hundreds of pieces in the fox cub’s belly and dozens of sets of small crystal throwing knives, all of which are ground from crystal leftovers.

The crystal of this zigzag Crystal Tower is the most powerful to restrain demons. If it is an ordinary knife, I’m afraid it will be eroded by the magic gas. Only the crystal narrow knife and the hot knife can cut the demonized limbs as easily as butter. Moreover, the amount of magic in the crystal is pure and mild, and does not have strong destructive power. It is the most perfect way to ensure the integrity of the magic gas under cutting!

When the snow-white arthropod was slow due to crystal dust, Wei Xun’s hand picked up the knife and fell. Two narrow knives and two pieces of crystal light and shadow in his hand cut off a complete arthropod in an instant!


Two consecutive attacks failed, and the demon body was damaged, which made the demonized Lama crazy. The snow-white spider silk was tied to Wei Xun’s hands, feet, waist and limbs like a flexible rope. Because of the battle, he had already changed from his back to the demonized Lama.

The demonized Lama was white, and the body polluted by the devil’s power was a giant magic spider. Only the head was still the Lama’s head, but his face was pale and his eyes were closed.

There was a snow-white sarcoma of pumpkin size on his neck, which almost completely replaced the Lama’s head. Ten evil blood red eyes greedily stared at Wei Xun trapped by the cobweb. The snow-white arthropod stabbed him like a sickle and directly penetrated Wei Xun’s body!

Blood stained red snow-white limbs and red spider silk. This demonized spider has a bad temper. It doesn’t count as directly killing prey, but torture and play! The prey dies in despair, and the soul full of resentment and fear is more delicious to it.

It slowly sucks the tip of the bloody limb into its mouth like a big meal. Its bloody body suddenly expands in a circle, and several dark red lines appear on its snow-white body. The bloody stimulation to the magic spider also stimulated the sleeping cuocha Lama.

Listening to the magic spider unwilling to click, six of the ten blood eyes were unwilling to close, while the Lama’s head reluctantly opened his eyes. The spider web that trapped Wei Xun suddenly loosened, and even several webs of silk bandages blocked the wound on Wei Xun.


The cuocha Lama was hoarse and hard. This move exhausted his most strength. He saw that his face was more pale, unable to support, and his head was shriveled and weak. But the head of the nearby magic spider expanded again, covered with blood lines, and ten eyes suddenly opened, revealing its ferocity. He went back to Wei Xun like a sickle, but his work was slower than before, like the wrong Lama, and then stopped him with the most important consciousness.

This speed was enough for Wei Xun to escape and retreat, but Wei Xun did the opposite. Instead of retreating, he responded. The sharp claw embedded in emerald in dark blocked the attack of the magic spider with his right hand!

“What a pity…”

Wei Xun sighed lightly. He saw that the blood mark on the magic spider was just halfway there, and the depths of his eyes were treacherous and deep. The wrong Lama is dying. We must make a quick decision without further delay.

Seeing that Wei Xun dared to pick up his arthropod empty handed, the magic spider was fierce and immediately tried to split him in half from top to bottom.

But the magic spider suddenly found that he could not control his limbs!

“Is my blood good to drink?”

Wei Xun smiled lightly and wantonly. He easily grabbed the limb of the magic spider and elegantly gouged out the next limb with a crystal narrow knife. Unexpectedly, he bowed his head and put it into his mouth in front of the magic spider, tasted it carefully, and sighed:

“My blood really tastes good.”

Unfortunately, it is not completely delicious.

Wei Xun just deliberately let the magic spider pierce his body and suck blood. By swallowing the ghost of the devil and the evil spirit of the burnt corpse, Wei Xun has more subtle control over his body. Although he is now a human body, not alienating his evil state, just like other demons, Wei Xun’s flesh and blood is full of evil spirit!

The devil, who has been entangled with the soul of the cuocha Lama for a hundred years, has great power. It is divided into two layers, one is imprisoned, the other is hidden in the cave. The remaining level of the devil, which turns into a magic spider, is naturally far lower than Wei Xun who devours the effective demon’s virtual shadow. It sucks Wei Xun’s blood, which is completely equivalent to being bound by itself. It is gradually polluted by Wei Xun’s magic!

For Wei Xun, this kind of pollution is like cooking the delicious ingredients with seasoning, which becomes more palatable and delicious. Unfortunately, the wrong Lama is about to lose his hold.

Magic spider finally found that he couldn’t play. He was so low that he had no IQ, only Ben’s mood. However, no matter how frightened and trembling he was, he couldn’t play at all. He was only “alive” and was broken down by Wei Xun.

With lace like cobwebs, snow-white limbs, translucent ice like flesh, pink blood pollution, and snow-white variegated crystal narrow knife, Wei Xun’s handsome face is reflected. His expression is focused and the corners of his mouth are slightly tilted. With the most elegant works, he enters the most basic cruel dismemberment of the works. Each work is accurate and beautiful, It was a beautiful and grand show without audience.


When Wei Xun skillfully cut off the head of the magic spider, he had completely stripped the magic spider from the cuocha Lama. Wei Xun put away the crystal narrow knife and the whole body of the magic spider. He half knelt down, picked up the soul of the wrong Lama, who was weak enough to disperse, and put pitanka, a Guxin, on him.

Originally, he thought he would be completely swallowed up by the magic spider. He was very worried about the mistake of the evil messenger. When the Lama opened his eyes, he was seeing Wei Xun’s gentle eyes. The glittering crystal debris fell on his face between his hair. It glittered like a diamond, emitting a pure and holy breath.

His eyes were so peaceful and clean without any distractions. At this moment, the cuocha Lama seemed to see the legendary Buddha who came from Wei molongren to expel evil spirits.

“You’re awake.”

“I have successfully exorcised you.”


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