TTG Chapter 99

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 99: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (42)

What, what

Cuocha Lama opened his eyes slightly, but subconsciously believed Wei Xun’s words. Because he really felt the devil power entangled in his soul and was about to disappear the devil with complete pollution control, cuocha Lama never felt so relaxed.

“Exorcist -”


The right Exorcist!

Wei Xun held the wrong Lama who was going to give a big gift to  and  was so weak that he almost collapsed after stripping the devil’s power. Fortunately, Wei Xun covered  with a pitanka of Guxin in time.

Now it seems that amarajang on the poor Zong mountain gave the pitanka of the ancient Xin people to the cuocha Lama, and asked him to come to Xiaolin temple with purified demon human skin and demon remains. Maybe even if Wei Xun doesn’t have such a clean exorcism, as long as he can put on the Guxin pitanka to the wrong Lama in time, he can temporarily call back his reason for his escape.

However, in that case, the fragile ghost of the wrong Lama pitanka, a Guxin, may be explained here. How can Wei Xun return home with a full load now.

“Lama, I have to leave Xiaolin temple before 4 a.m.”

Wei Xun reminded, “let’s make a long story short.”

It’s just five hours since entering the burning Xiaolin temple. It’s 12 a.m. and Wei Xun has only four hours left.

Cuocha Lama also realized that there was not enough time, so he was no longer polite and took Wei Xun back to the second floor of the Sutra cave.

“A hundred years ago, I saw in my sleep that the water of selinco lake turned blood red, the sky changed color, the earth trembled, and the wolves fled in all directions. It was an alarm sent by the Buddha…”

The main idea of the cuocha Lama was the warning sign of the recovery of demons a hundred years ago, so he went out to eliminate demons. Wei Xun listens to the meaning of “earth tremor is earthquake”. It should be that the earthquake cracked the seal under selinco lake and let the magic gas of chabalaren demon leak out.

However, when the cuocha Lama went out to subdue the devil with a Vajra pestle and scriptures, Xiaolin temple was stolen by the ghost of the devil.

“The devil bewitched the poor Lin Ke who guarded the Sutra cave and asked him to burn the Sutra scroll and utensils in the Sutra cave with a lamp filled with magic fire.”

The old face of cuocha Lama was full of sadness, with vertical and horizontal wrinkles and dark eyes: “Dunji and duopoyuan went out to look for the demon removing Messenger, but before they left, they noticed that poor Linke was different. Dunji subdued poor Linke, and duobo rescued the most precious Scripture. He went out to find me, but…”

♪ shook his head, pointed with his thin finger at the Lama’s skull spider on Wei Xun’s shoulder, which describes the terrible spider closing its limbs and bowing its head to the wrong Lama in piety.

“All the lamas in Xiaolin Temple died defending the temple and fighting with the devil to death, but they became burning ghosts under the devil fire.”

Dunji duobo, the two disciples of cuocha Lama, is the two lamas who are traveling with the brigade. ∫ their death gave strange omens to the wrong Lama who was out at that time. The cunning devil seriously injured him when the Lama’s spirit appeared flaws. However, the cuocha Lama was determined. After serious injury, he still forced the devil back with his own blood and tools, and reluctantly sealed the cracked seal again.

I had a hunch that the Kobayashi temple was in crisis. The wrong Lama dragged his seriously injured body back to the temple, but he was a little late. Xiaolin temple has been burned by magic fire, and the lamas guarding the temple have become burning ghosts. ♪ if you are seriously injured, you can’t suppress the magic fire. You can only seize the virtual shadow of the devil raging in Xiaolin temple and suppress its golden throne and its own flesh. However, the soul gives up reincarnation, but the secret remains and guard in the deepest part of the Sutra cave to hide the Xiaolin Temple burned by the magic fire without affecting the outside world.

“The magic fire can only be quenched by the divine water in the conch of gebala. Once it is allowed to spread, the earth will become scorched earth.”

Just like Heishi mountain and Heishi Gobi around today’s Xiaolin temple, it was once a vibrant grassland. But even if the magic fire is sealed in Xiaolin temple, the leakage of magic gas still affects the earth.

Especially after a hundred years, the soul of cuocha Lama became weaker and weaker, and was polluted by magic gas. No matter what, he completely hid Xiaolin temple. This makes Xiaolin temple, which is burning in the magic fire, reappear in the world after seven o’clock every night.

However, the lack of strength is also a turn for the better. The spirits of the two disciples of the cuocha Lama were demonized under the influence of the magic Qi. Only the obsession is left, but they can walk the world and continue to look for the messenger of removing demons. If Xiaolin temple in the fire had not reappeared, Wei Xun would have no chance to come in and save the wrong Lama who almost lost his mind.

“This is all dunpasin’s arrangement around the Buddha.”

The cuocha Lama said solemnly and looked at his body, which was sealed with demons, and showed his teeth on the Golden Wheel throne on the second floor of the Sutra cave. His expression had not changed at all.

“You are the messenger of removing demons. I’ll give you this body. However, the Golden Wheel throne is connected with the seal of Xiaolin temple, and it has been integrated with its body for a hundred years. If you move without authorization, I’m afraid the seal of Xiaolin temple will be broken, and the evil fire will leak out, which will ruin the lives. ”

“In other words, solve the magic fire first.”

Wei Xunming explained the meaning of cuocha Lama. Now all the “burning ghosts” in Xiaolin temple have been purified by eating. The part of the soul of cuocha Lama polluted by the devil’s power has also been solved. The ghost of the devil who caused trouble in that year has been sealed in the throne and the body of cuocha Lama.

The only solution is the magic fire that has been burning in Xiaolin temple for a hundred years.

“Look at this.”

Wei Xun showed the fossil from Hailuogou to cuocha Lama.

“This is just a sacrifice imitating the gebala conch. There is only water vapor in it, but there is no water condensed into divine water to quench the magic fire.”

The cuocha Lama regretted and then solemnly said: “I came to block the cracked seal at the bottom of selinco lake, but after a hundred years, the seal is unstable, and chabalaren may come to the world at any time. Before this  will summon the lost magic shadow, magic fire. ”

“Now, the demon shadow attached to the devil’s skin has been purified by you. The throne seal here can still be maintained for a period of time. The key lies in the magic fire. Do not let chabalaren summon the magic fire back, otherwise  it will dry the water of the holy lake and cause great disaster…”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Wei Xun misunderstood the Dalai Lama and went further and further. Finally, he interrupted  and raised the conch fossil, full of hints:

“Do you think it looks like a lamp?”

Wrong Lama:?

“You also said that only divine water can quench the magic fire, but the problem is that divine water now we don’t.”

Seeing that the wrong Lama didn’t understand the meaning of , Wei Xun continued to hint: “since this is the case, why don’t we jump out of the idea of ‘watering the magic fire’ and think about it instead – how can we hold the magic fire again?”

“Didn’t the magic fire come in by lights and burn the Sutra cave?”

“Absolutely not!”

Cuocha Lama objected: “magic fire tempts people, burns people’s souls and makes them fall into burning ghosts…”

“I’m not afraid of this.”

Wei Xun comforted and smiled, “you know, I have special magic removal skills.”

Cuocha Lama hesitated: “but there are magic fires scattered by me in Xiaolin temple. Once they gather again to form a magic fire core, the temptation will be far more than now. Poor Lin Ke Buddha is profound, second only to me, but he is still controlled by magic fire — ”

Poor Linke is what the two lamas said, the old Lama guarding the Sutra cave.

“I’m different.”

However, Wei Xun Wen firmly said, “don’t you believe me? I’m a demon removing messenger surrounded by dunpashin, Buddha, Dragon God, dalambahei protector, Mirs, golden winged birds, priests Guxin and sacred animals in the snow field.”

Wei Xun seldom suppresses others by force. It’s really cool. However, it is obvious that the cuocha Lama, even though his soul is weak, is still determined and can be called a stubborn person. Therefore, Wei Xun continued:

“As a demon removing Messenger, if I can’t accept the devil fire, how can I face the great devil chabalaren!”


The cuocha Lama was dumb. In fact, Wei Xun didn’t face chabalaren when he came. All the Lama wanted was to let Wei Xun find the lost Scripture and maintain the seal by the Selin CuO lake.

After all, there are not only demonic envoys under the Buddha’s omen. According to the omen, the demonic envoys appearing this year are weak, just to delay the seal breaking time, so that they can completely seal the devil when the demonic envoys come next year.

However, Wei Xun’s strength is too strong. Cuocha Lama can’t see a weak word from his body.

Moreover, Wei Xun removed the evil gas pollution from  before the complete fall of cuocha Lama, and super purified the charred corpse in Xiaolin temple, so that cuocha Lama’s mind is more accessible, no longer tortured by unwilling, guilt and other emotions, and his mind is more accessible. Although only his soul is left, there are faint signs of approaching great fullness.

On this premise, with the assistance of Wei Xun, perhaps we may not be able to completely seal the devil.

If you seal the devil one year earlier, you can stop the leakage of evil Qi one year earlier and restore peace and tranquility to Tibet.

The cuocha Lama is making a difficult rational choice. According to the Buddha’s omen, he will wait for the demon removal messenger to come next year, and then seal the devil. is to take advantage of now

Cuocha Lama hesitated: “to make the lamp that seals the magic fire, you need pure flawless” crystal… ”

Wei Xun took out a pure flawless crystal as big as a melon: “are you talking about this kind of crystal?”

“No, it’s so big… I mean, yes, yes. But I need the black god stone guarded by evil spirits and insects in the poor mountain… ”

Wei Xun took out a handful of the best quality radiation mine: “are these enough?”

“No, there are so many… I mean, enough. But the most important thing is to use the same source and pure demon force as the guide… ”

Wei Xun took out a snow crab leg. No, it’s a magic spider leg: “look at this –”

“Well, I’ll make the lamp today.”

It seems that this is the omen of the Buddha.

Cuocha Lama an thought: “when you come tomorrow night, you can use the lamp to subdue the magic fire.”

The Ming brigade stayed in Kobayashi temple for a whole day. It was just about time to go to the last scenic spot selinco at noon.

Wei Xun left enough materials for the wrong Lama. After thinking about it, he gave a drop of purified magic honey to the dark place on the third floor of the Sutra cave. After all, the old Lama’s soul is too weak. He has been killed by the devil’s power for a hundred years. Now he has to consume his own power. He has to make lamps for Wei Xun every day – he can’t always let the donkey grind and don’t feed the donkey, right.

Since the soul of the iron stick Lama can eat purified magic honey, it is right that the wrong Lama can also eat it. After feeding a drop of magic honey to the cuocha Lama, he saw that the soul became more and more solid. Guard Xun put down his soul and was sent out of the Xiaolin Temple burned by the fire by the cuocha Lama at exactly 4 a.m.

“Woo woo!”

As soon as Wei Xun appeared in the ruins of Xiaolin temple, a silver leopard shadow rushed over and directly threw it to the ground. The snow leopard must have been guarding the place where Wei Xun’s smell disappeared, so he came here in time as soon as he returned.

Wei Xun saw that he was anxious and nervous, smelling his abdominal wound, and his big claws wanted to remove the spider silk in front of the wound. When he moved, he had to lick and disinfect it. With a lazy smile, Wei Xun picked up the snow leopard’s head and wouldn’t let it scratch the spider’s silk again.

“Put it on, I’m fine.”

Wei Xun, who had just fed the purified magic honey to the wrong Lama, suddenly realized that this was a good opportunity. Taking advantage of the dark night, Wei Xun secretly fed Xuefeng a drop of purified magic honey and jokingly whispered:

“Change it for me.”

In fact, purified magic honey should only have significant works on demons and magic insects. Wei Xun fed a drop to the fox cub, but it tastes great and delicious.

Wei Xun didn’t think about any other changes in the snow leopard eating magic honey. He just let his friends taste the good things.

The snow leopard suddenly stopped. It slowly smacked its mouth, and the gray and blue animal eyes showed a touch of human wisdom and suspicion.


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