Transmigrated as the Villain’s Cat Chapter 112

The calendar quietly turned another page, and it was the Qixi Festival of another year.

Fu Xiao obviously didn’t pay attention to these things, or Fu Mingming said dejectedly, “I originally wanted to visit Zening this weekend, but the weekend is Qixi Festival, so you and Zening must go out on a date.”

Fu Xiao, who was looking at the documents in his hand, paused, nodded and said, “Well, don’t go to him.”

It was only then that he realized that he had completely forgotten about it.

This is the first Tanabata for him and Zening.

The relationship between the two of them has only been confirmed for a short period of two months.

This is the first commemorative holiday.

And he almost forgot.

Fu Xiao felt a little guilty. He had a lot of work in the past two months. He hadn’t even had a serious date with Zening.

Zening obediently waited for him to go back after training every day. But he was so lively when he was a little sugar cake, not to mention that he is alone now.

He knew that Zening didn’t want to go out to play, but wanted to accompany him more.

Take some time to play with him this weekend.

Fu Xiao made up his mind secretly, but he was a little worried. It was the first time in his life that he had such a serious date in so many years.

Even if he really doesn’t want to admit it, the generation gap between him and Zening may be slightly bigger.

Fu Xiao hesitated for a while and looked at the cousin who had dyed her hair green, coughed softly, and asked, “Where do young people like to go recently?”

Fu Mingming’s eyes lit up immediately, and he stood up excitedly and said to Fu Xiao, “Cousin, are you asking my opinion?”

“God, you asked me, I’m so happy, blah, blah, let’s see, what fun do we have here. By the way, my fans told me that the playground is good, and the night market—”

Fu Mingming had already picked up the pen excitedly, and he tore off a piece of paper from the notebook beside him while talking, and wrote densely all night.

Looking at Fu Mingming’s splendid appearance, Fu Xiao felt a little bad in his heart.

In the evening, Fu Xiao came home.

Zening wasn’t there in the living room. After looking around for a week, Fu Xiao looked at the housekeeper.

The housekeeper said clearly: “Zening is in the bedroom.”

Fu Xiao pushed open the bedroom door.

The black curtains in the bedroom were drawn, and no light came out, only a bag was vaguely seen arching over the bed.

Fu Xiao walked over and gently lifted the quilt.

Inside was a white long-haired cat sleeping soundly.

Fu Xiao couldn’t help shaking his head. Although he can freely become a human now, Zening still prefers to live in the form of small sugar cakes sometimes.

According to his delusion, a big cake with a slap can be eaten in a few bites, but a cat can eat it for a long time.

The same goes for sleep.

Being a cat is like enlarging the bed tenfold.

Simply awesome.

Even if he was still a teenager before going to bed, there must be a big-faced cat sleeping in his arms the next morning.

It was probably his actions that alarmed Zening.

The cat with its belly turned out on the bed moved its eyelids slightly, opening its jewel-like eyes.

Seeing Fu Xiao, Zening’s eyes brightened, and he twisted his waist and got up from the bed. The white cat quickly jumped onto Fu Xiao, and after rubbing in Fu Xiao’s arms for a long time, he realized that he was still a cat.

Zening embarrassed to get into the toilet with the clothes scattered on the ground in his mouth.

After a while, a sunny boy with red cheeks, black hair and blue eyes came out in a white hoodie and ran towards Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao was bumped into his arms and hugged the boy tenderly.

This habit, neither humans nor cats can change.

On the other hand, Zening got up embarrassed first, got up from Fu Xiao’s arms and said, “It’s so late that you came back today.”

Fu Xiao reached out and wanted to brush the hair off his forehead.

The corner of the boy’s eyes, who had just fallen asleep, was slightly red, and he looked at him with pure and clear eyes.

Fu Xiao’s breathing inevitably stagnated slightly, and his slightly rough fingers remained imperceptibly at the tip of the boy’s eyes for a while, and then he stroked the boy’s messy hair behind his ears.

Zening looked up at Fu Xiao ignorantly.

Fu Xiao’s eyes were as gentle as water: “I’ve finished my business today, so it’s a bit late. But I can take you out to play on the weekend, can I?”

Zening’s eyes lit up and quickly nodded his head: “Go go go.”

For fear that Fu Xiao would go back on it.

Fu Xiao hesitated whether to take out the densely written A4 piece of paper that Fu Mingming had applied with countless patches.

However, Zening thought that Fu Xiao regretted it, gritted his teeth, and swore distressedly, “Take me there. After I finish eating, I will never become a cat and eat again.”

Having a cat and a person is an identity, and most people don’t know that there is a direct benefit that you can eat two meals.

One for a person, another for a cat.

To give up this privilege is simply to cede land and pay indemnity.

Zening’s blue eyes were full of heartache, as if a piece of meat had been separated by someone.

Alas, in order to hang out with Fu Xiao, what else can I do?

However, this is the bottom line!

He will not be humiliating the country any more!

If Fu Xiao still doesn’t agree, it’s over!

Even if it’s not the first time I know about Zening’s amazing show and manipulation.

Fu Xiao was still speechless for a while, he couldn’t help falling into deep thought.

What did he do wrong with the education of Little Sugar Cake?

Seeing that Ze Ning was dying of heartache, he still pretended to be indifferent.

Fu Xiao was silent for a moment and nodded and said, “Okay”

His voice paused, ready to take out the A4 paper and say, “But—”

He hasn’t finished speaking yet.

Zening thought that Fu Xiao was not satisfied.

While he was shocked by Fu Xiao’s shamelessness, he was really reluctant to hang out with him, he gritted his teeth and said, “Why are you doing this, I promise you so many things, are you still not satisfied? Hmph, at most I promise. You, when I go to bed at night—”

“Wait!” Fu Xiao interrupted quickly, he was afraid that he could not explain clearly, and Xiao Tangkuo would have to reluctantly sell himself. Recommended place for us, what do you like?”

Fu Mingming gave too many places.

There’s no end to a day.

Zening’s blue eyes lit up, he took the piece of paper, glanced at it and was pleasantly surprised: “I like the amusement park, the lake is also very good, there are a lot of fish, you can go fishing with Fu Xiao, and so on the fruit forest. Very good, I can pick peaches with Fu Xiao.” The black-haired boy frowned and lay on top of him, thinking about it, apparently also in deep entanglement.

Fu Xiao looked at the lively young man like a beam of light with a warm brow. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised and he said, “It’s fine, but tell me tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, Ze Ning, who had been struggling all night, woke up Fu Xiao, who was sleeping, with a huge dark circle under his eyes, fearing that he would regret it, and quickly said: “I decided to go fishing and go to the playground. .”

Fu Xiao, who had no temper at all, closed his eyes and pressed the black-haired boy into his arms familiarly: “Well, good.”

The black-haired boy yawned and lay in his arms obediently, and said with a little pride in his voice, “That day was the Qixi Festival, right? Did you go out on a date with me on purpose?”

Hee hee, Big Smelly Socks wants to go on a date with him.

Although Big Smelly Socks was embarrassed to say it, he understood.

However, things didn’t go as expected.

On the day of Qixi Festival, the company had an emergency.

Just after putting on the casual clothes, Ze Ning’s eyes flashed with disappointment, but he still pretended to be generous and said to Fu Xiao, “Go first, if we solve it quickly, we can still go fishing in the afternoon.”

Fu Xiao just wanted to say something.

Zening waved his hand indifferently and said, “We still have a long time to do these things in the future.”

There is still a long time left.

Fu Xiao’s eyes moved, he hooked the corner of his lips, and gently placed a kiss on Zening’s forehead.

Zening was bored waiting at home alone.

When it was almost noon, he finally couldn’t hold back and was going to go to a small park near Xingchen to wait for Fu Xiao.

After telling Fu Xiao his location on his mobile phone, Zening walked to a quiet and remote corner of the park.

There was only one stone bench in the corner. The stone bench was very long, and there were four or five people sitting side by side. At the other end of the stone bench was a raccoon cat licking its fur.

Zening was going to rest on the other side of the stone bench.

Who knew that just as he was about to go on, the raccoon cat on the stone bench stood up, hunched his back, and the fried fur was meowing at him.

“Wow!” Zening sat on the stone bench and said in shock, “Why are you so stingy, can’t you just sit down for a while?”

He sniffed it, and it wasn’t the chassis of that raccoon cat at all.

It also rests here. Such a long stone bench is not allowed to sit on.

Too stingy.

Instead, the cat became aggrieved, leaning against the stone bench and meowing.

It makes Zening look like a bully.

With no one around, Zening was unwilling to continue to argue with that cat!

They are all cats, who is afraid of who!

He had never been so unreasonable.

Fortunately, at this time, Fu Xiao finally came.

Ze Ning reluctantly left.

It was already the afternoon when the two of them set off, and the originally planned fishing and amusement park could only go fishing.

The two came to a stream on the outskirts of the city. There were not many people here, but the scenery was very good.

The clear stream flows down the mountain, surrounded by green hills, and the scenery is lush green. Although the weather outside is still a little hot, the mountains and forests are extraordinarily cool.

Fu Xiao set up a fishing rod for himself and Zening in a place where no one was around.

There are BBQ tools and some other food that they brought on the side.

The two were sitting by the stream, and as soon as they sat down, Zening said with confidence: “Fu Xiao, we catch more fish than anyone else, okay? The one who loses has to promise to win one thing! ”

Fu Xiao looked at Zening with a smile in his eyes and said, “Are you sure? You can’t be fooled if you lose.”

Zening had a bad premonition in his heart, but he was too confident, so he said without thinking, “Sure, I won’t be fooling you.”

The two sank the hook at the same time, and after a while, there was a fish on Fu Xiao’s side that bit the bait, one, two, three.

Fu Xiao caught more and more fish.

And Zening didn’t move, he couldn’t help but secretly put Fu Xiao aside.

Zenin couldn’t help but get anxious.

Why is Fu Xiao so powerful?

He doesn’t want to lose!

He looked at the small fish swimming along the edge of the stream at his feet, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

He threw the fishing rod to the side, looked at no one around, and walked to a remote corner. After a while, he saw a white fluffy cat walking out of the grass.

Little Sugar Cake walked to Fu Xiao’s side and looked at Fu Xiao with a guilty conscience.

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows and looked at the little sugar cake.

The small candy cake, the righteous meow meow meow—

What’s wrong, he didn’t break the rules.

Fu Xiao waved his hand, indicating that Little Sugar Cake is free.

The little sugar cake breathed a sigh of relief, almond eyes stared at the small fish swimming by the stream, stood on the stone by the river, carefully stretched out his claws into the air, his fluffy tail was raised high to maintain balance, and then suddenly left With a slap of his claws, and a scoop of his right claws, he quickly and accurately picked up a small fish.

The white cat proudly passed by Fu Xiao with the fish in its mouth.

Fu Xiao sighed and took off the other fish from the hook.

I don’t know how many fish in the garden fish pond have been devastated by the skill of catching fish by hand.

Little Sugar Cake didn’t know how many small fish he caught, and he didn’t pay attention to the fish bucket behind them.

There is probably no Fu Xiaoduo.

Who knows, at the end of the game, he actually had a few more runs than Fu Xiao.

He looked at Fu Xiao’s bucket in disbelief, then looked at his surprise and said, “Did I really win?”

He clearly remembered that there were not so few fish in Fu Xiao’s bucket. Did he remember it wrong?

Fu Xiao’s dark eyes looked at him and nodded with a smile: “You won.”

Zenin jumped up happily.

After catching the fish, the two started to cook the small fish.

Although the two of them were together, it was basically Fu Xiao roasting, Zening eating, and he helped hand over a few bottles of seasoning.

While Fu Xiao was grilling the fish, he saw that Zening had lifted the thorns of the grilled fish and put the fish aside. He asked casually, “What’s wrong?”

Zening picked the thorns seriously, and said without raising his head: “Choose the fish and I will wait to eat with you.”

Fu Xiao turned the grilled fish for a while, then smiled, “Okay.”

When the two of them got tired of playing, they slumped on a large flat rock by the stream.

Zening rested on Fu Xiao’s lap and slowly closed his eyes.

The trivial sunlight in the forest shone on Zening’s face, and the man who slept soundly seemed to have a sweet dream, with a sweet smile hanging on the corner of his mouth and silently reciting the word Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao couldn’t help reaching out and touched the boy’s eyebrows.

He wished his boy could be so happy and happy forever.

Although there are still many difficulties to overcome ahead, Mr. Fu, who has not yet known about this matter, Zening’s identity and future, and many other things are still waiting for him to do.

That was enough for him at the moment.

He finally saw the greatest tenderness of fate to him.

Still water is deep, time is good, nothing like this.

The author has something to say: Mom, I can’t have a sweet wife.

But my cub must have


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