Two Old Monsters Chapter 1

Fu Wangzhi is a snake, covered in thick ink, painted with lather pupils and thick bowl mouth. He has lived in the mountain for hundreds of years and is already a demon. Alone, if you are idle clouds and wild cranes, count the stars in the sky at night, watch falling flowers chasing fish and splashing in the water in the day, and you are very carefree. You don’t change your human form, don’t ask the world, and don’t know what year.

In fact, Fu Wangzhi is not an old native. He doesn’t know where he came from, how many people in his family and what clan he belongs to. He only vaguely knew that he had been hurt. He was saved by a kind-hearted old monk and took it into a small temple on the hill.

The name of Wang Zhi was also given by the old monk. The old monk used to say that this snake is kind-hearted, not vengeful, not irritable, not biting, not picky about food, warm and easy to raise. If the only strange thing is that Chang pan sticks his head out of the window of the firewood house and looks inside. The old monk refuses to take him in. He likes to look inside when he has nothing to do.

The old monk went to the firewood house many times. He had nothing but firewood. He didn’t find out what the ink snake was looking at until he died. But he vaguely understood that there was a fate for the snake to get fame.

At the end of his life, the old monk meditated in front of the statue of Buddha. He looked at the statue of Buddha and thought that he had lived in seclusion in bulaoshan for most of his life to practice fasting and chant Buddha. He felt that he had little concern and was considered perfect. Finally, I suddenly looked back and saw the snake at the door. I bent down and gently touched the snake, and slowly said, “all creatures have their own fate in the world, and the fate between you and me is about to end…”

The old monk is too old. He speaks slowly and vaguely, but the snake knows human nature. He knows that the ink snake will understand it in his heart. The old monk continued to say slowly, “look at it, I never know what you are looking at, but this is your fate. No, you will be tired of seeing the mountains and rivers of the old mountain. There are Zen opportunities everywhere in the world. If you want to, go down the mountain and touch the fate.”

The old monk passed away and did good deeds all his life. Fu Wangzhi kept him for a long time.

At that time, Fu Wangzhi was not a demon, only carrying some spirituality cultivated in heaven and earth. When he became a demon and had his own thinking, he never looked at the firewood room again, and even he didn’t want to understand what he had been looking at for years.

After the old monk died, he has been living in the not old mountain. He is a idle demon. Only occasionally, he turns into a human shape to sweep the dust of the temple for the old monk.

May of the 16th year of Hongle, an unusual may, a scarlet may. The snake’s sunny season is overwhelming and unstoppable.

Why is it unusual?

When he was a beast, he didn’t know what shame was, and he didn’t know which corner of the mountain he was looking for a snake Yes. The years of being a demon are not only because they can restrain the animal nature, but also because they really don’t know what to do, they have always been suppressed. He doesn’t want to press this year. The old monk said that everything should go with the flow.

The carp spirit told him that he should go down the mountain. There are endless beauties, jiao’e and marriage stories at the foot of the mountain. He also asked the snake demon to tell him when he came back. The snake demon waved his hand to show that he was too lazy to move, but he suddenly remembered the words of the old monk before his death and his name.

Fu Wangzhi, maybe it’s time to go down the mountain.

In this way, Fu Wangzhi went down the mountain, went around and played in many places, changed his face according to the face of a talented man in the south of the Yangtze River, looked extraordinary, and envied others.

The world was so much fun that he almost forgot that he was coming to pay Matching.

This night, the capital was ablaze with lights, the lights were dotted for ten miles, and the pedestrian traffic was like the tide, which was bustling.

“Hey! Sorry, brother.” A man dressed in black robes and Zhu patterns bumped into his face, grinned and bowed his hands to apologize. Before he could make people see his face clearly, he turned and lifted his legs and left.

“If you don’t ask yourself, you’re stealing.” Fu Wangzhi calmly clasped the man’s wrist bone and looked at the man’s other hand on his back. His black eyes were as deep as a secluded pool.

“You are such a person. Why are you so direct?” The man was not ashamed. He turned his head and raised his eyes to sweep Fu Wangzhi up and down, and returned the money bag to others. The big square forcibly pulled Fu Wangzhi’s hand and gently pressed his shoulder with his fist. He pretended to be an old man and said, “make a friend. I thank Chang’an. Brother has excellent eyesight. Nice to meet you in the Jianghu.”

“Fu Wangzhi.”

“OK, meet again.” Xie Chang’an raised his hand and waved it away with the sound, vaguely shaking green.

Fu Wangzhi looked down at his wrist with his sleeves. Well, it’s very smooth. His snake jade bracelet.

Speaking of Xie Changan.

He’s a fox, a male fox. Looks like a thief, not the traditional Fox’s kind of wrapped beauty, but a handsome man with sharp thorns. When he looked at people at will, he could make people feel that there was a thorn hidden in his head, sharp, shining cold light, with lethality.

Xie Changan is not short of money and sells Color, with magic, when the body of those bits and pieces of coquettish Gas decoration, whatever. But he likes to steal from others. He’s addicted. Because he is a fox.

When they met again, they were in a Qin Lou Chu hall called guiqulaixi. The snake demon finally remembered that his goal was to make friends Match.

Xie Changan leaned back his neck, sipped wine, crossed his legs, hugged left and right, and surrounded a group of warblers in the center of the lobby. He didn’t invite himself. He was very eye-catching. The whole lobby looked at him and the warbler.

But for Fu Wangzhi, the most eye – catching is Xie Changan’s side Feng Milk Fat The ankle of the hip beauty and the jade bracelet with full color and clear color are hanging on the top and shaky.

Seeing this, Fu Wangzhi sat steadily opposite Xie Changan, took a sip of tea calmly, looked up quietly, looked at Xie Changan’s natural and unrestrained drunkenness, and then turned to the snake jade bracelet on the wrist of the beauty.

The bracelet is indeed a bit important. The jade is a precious jade that he personally found in the not old mountain. It’s not big. He thought about the style for a night and polished it for a long time. He can’t say he doesn’t cherish it. He’s going down the mountain to send it to his daughter-in-law by chance.

Thinking of this, Fu Wangzhi couldn’t sit still. He stood up and pointed to the jade on the wrist of the beauty across the table. He said to Xie Chang’an, “this jade bracelet is handed down by the ancestors of the contemptible family. It’s worth thousands of gold. It’s used for getting a wife. I’m afraid it can’t be played by you.”

Xie Changan drank too much wine. While struggling to distinguish what Fu Wangzhi said, he grabbed the beauty’s Willow waist and scratched restlessly Funny, the beauty smiled again and again, raised her legs and leaned forward into Xie Chang’an’s arms.

It doesn’t matter to lean on this one. The feet of the beautiful lotus root are really knocked under the mahogany table. Only a pleasant and crisp sound can be heard.

Xie Changan took great pains to distinguish the meaning of Fu Wangzhi. When he heard a clear sound, he immediately woke up and looked down at the fragmented jade bracelet. He only heard two words from Fu Wangzhi in his ear.


“Ancestral marriage.”

Xie Changan bent down to pick up the jade bracelets one by one, put them on the table and put them back into a circle. His heart is easy to handle. Grandpa fox can restore them to you by moving a finger. The fingertip touched the jade bracelet and suddenly stopped the action.

The world is afraid of demons. Old bald donkeys and Taoist priests are very arrogant these days. Exposing their identity is harmful and has no benefit. What’s more, we can’t frighten the pile of beautiful faces and moons on the side of our body. How can we fix it.

Fu Wangzhi saw that Xie Chang’an picked up the jade bracelet contemptuously and put it together. In an instant, he tightened his eyebrows, and several fingers knocked on the table quickly and painfully, as if there was a deep hatred that could not be solved.

“How are you going to compensate?” Fu Wangzhi endured heartache.

Xie Chang’an touched the money bag and found it worse. He wasted so much today that he didn’t have much money left. He couldn’t spend time to change money on the spot.

“Brother Fu, don’t worry. Ask the procuress to arrange a room for you first and have fun first. Why don’t you enjoy the beauty and wine here? As for the bracelet, after the good night is short, I’ll send it to brother Fu in good condition. There’s nothing to say.” Xie Chang’an’s shrewd eyes turned, holding his mind, hanging a flattering smile, and sincerely treated humanity.

Fu Wangzhi then remembered that he was coming to pay this time Matched, looked at the broken bracelet on the table, and looked at the sincere Xie Chang’an, so he nodded and followed the procuress into the room. By the way, I feel that there are experts in the world. It’s really a skill to repair the jade bracelet well.

Holding back the bad water, Xie Chang’an told the procuress to go down to spring Yaoduoduo makes master Fu happy and happy. He can spend more time with the beauty. He will find a place where no one will change the bracelet tomorrow morning. Hey, perfect!

So Xie Chang’an put the broken Bracelet into his arms and forgot it in the twinkling of an eye.

Fu Wangzhi came to the world for a long time, and it is not clear that Qing Those downstairs made routine, drank tea and then said.

In fact, Xie Changan didn’t come to the world for a long time. They almost stepped into the world of mortals at the same time. However, Xie Changan was addicted to beauty when he came to the world. He had many hearts and eyes. He had a clear way for months.

But unfortunately, the way of heaven is good. Xie Changan, who has drunk too much, went to the wrong door this time.

Hold your stomach full of spring The medicine and Fu Wangzhi in estrus waited for a long time in the room. And because it was the first time that some of Fu Wangzhi’s sons were shy and didn’t light a light, Xie Changan ran into it full of wine.

Fu Wangzhi’s hearing was extremely sharp. He pressed his thin waist on the bed, followed his full stomach impulse, knocked on people’s soft lips, pried open the teeth, and wantonly attacked the city. His tongues entangled with each other Liquid


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