Two Old Monsters Chapter 2

Sex Slowly trickling down.

Xie Changan Chong It’s quick to move. After a while, it’s too thick to breathe. I think it’s the beauty of the western regions who is so unrestrained.

Fu Wangzhi slipped his palm into Xie Chang’an’s shirt. Dissatisfied with the beauty’s flat chest, he pinched his fingers and pinched a handful of tenderness Sharp, Xie Changan’s whole body is soft, but he doesn’t think it through.

Until one stands up and burns The hot object hit his leg hard Room. Xie Changan woke up from a drink and was scared alive.

He suddenly straightened up and looked at Fu Wangzhi’s face through the hazy moonlight. He was dignified and had a rare good skin appearance, and his facial features were upright and forbidden Desire, deep dark eyes are drowning deeper desire.

Xie Changan’s blank brain turned rapidly, his lips opened and closed and opened, looked at each other, and his eloquent mouth couldn’t jump a word. Seeing that Fu Wangzhi was going to be strong, he bent his legs, carried his strength, kicked open Fu Wangzhi, bent over to touch his shoes and fled in confusion.

The most striking thing about Xie Changan is that with just one kiss, he has two or two flesh under his crotch, which is so hard that he is painful that he refuses to dissipate his desire.

In fact, Fu Wangzhi also looked at Xie Changan’s face. He thought Xie Changan was a little interesting.

So with almost the same technique, he quietly touched the broken Bracelet in Xie Changan’s arms.

In this way, Xie Chang’an owed him. They’ll see you again.

Xie Changan is not unreasonable. It is said that everyone pays attention to their ancestors and loses Fu Wangzhi’s ancestral jade bracelet. He is really ashamed. However, Fu Wangzhi hesitated to say how to make compensation.

Xie Changan had to wait.

As soon as they come and go, they get familiar.

Two old monsters have just come out of the mountain, and they are both people who like fresh and lively. They often get together to play on earth. They don’t know that each other is a monster who hasn’t been out of the mountain. They should only be lucky to meet a confidant.

This day they went to the street together. They wanted to go into the deep lane to find a good wine shop. It’s fast. But I heard the noisy suona blowing thousands of miles away, accompanied by the rumble of drums.

Out of the same curiosity, they came out of the alley to join the fun.

I saw ten li red makeup, small red sedan chairs in the four directions staggering in front of me, high jujube horses wrapped in red sashes and laboriously pulling the heavy mahogany boxes. People’s faces were all smiling.

Xie Changan’s heart is novel. What ceremony is this?

He couldn’t help squatting down and patting the beggar on the shoulder, raised his finger to the red sedan chair and asked, “what are they doing?”

The beggar glanced at Xie Chang’an. “I haven’t seen such a big man get married!”

Xie Changan was ashamed and a little embarrassed. He stuck his neck and raised his chin. He looked like a small local ruffian. He said he was reasonable. “I’m from the countryside, but I haven’t seen this battle. What’s the matter?”

The beggar glanced at Xie Changan again, muttered a hick disdainfully, and then said, “there are so many battles in marriage in the city. Have a good look!”

Xie Changan glanced at the street and asked, “what do you do when you get married?”

The beggar couldn’t help looking up and down at Xie Chang’an when he heard the speech. His face was unbelievable. “You don’t even get married in the countryside?”

Xie Chang’an talks nonsense, “if it doesn’t end, rural people only eat chicken.”

The beggar set up a model and began to say, “if two people love each other, they will get married. One party will give a bride price and the other party will give wedding makeup. After a red fire, they will enter the bridal chamber. From then on, they will become married, have no doubt about their love, and then grow old.”

It can also be like this. Xie Changan’s heart ooh. Then he asked, “what is the bridal chamber? Is this team going into the cave?”

The beggar squinted with joy and looked funny. “It’s just doing that thing in the house.”

Xie Changan immediately understood and made a long sentence.

Marriage is a good thing.

Xie Changan’s parents died when he was young, and he was ostracized by his people. He grew up pitifully as a fox and was most afraid of silence Lonely.

So Xie Chang’an stood up, cheered his clothes gracefully, and said to Fu, “I’m going to get married.”

Fu looked at the side of his eyes and was not surprised. He didn’t even have any waves. “Marry who?”

“To be discussed.” Xie Chang’an thought to himself that he was rich and handsome, and there were many girls who liked him. When he turned back, he had to choose well. That was the person who planned to live a lifetime.

After drinking small wine and eating, it was nearly dusk and they strolled down the path to eat. It was may, and the iris was in full bloom. Looking into the distance, there was a blue and purple sea.

Xie Changan folded the flowers with his sleeves, held the iris close to Fu Wangzhi, bared his white teeth, smiled and asked, “can this be priced for your bracelet?”

The dusk is dusky and silent, and the Jackdaw cries occasionally. Several lights in the distance, mixed with the moonlight like water, shook Xie Changan’s face. His eyes are bright and sharp, his facial features are as sharp as a knife, and his smile is clear and magnanimous. He has no restraint and goes straight into the bottom of Fu’s heart.

Fu Wangzhi almost lost his mind.


“It’s not worth it.”

Xie Chang’an raised his hand and threw flowers. With a sound of hi yo, he turned to other topics, but he was thinking about losing the bracelet.

That night, the moon was clear and the stars were faint. Familiar dryness. The heat came to Fu Wangzhi’s mind again. He sat at the Chinese table at home, sipping tea and thinking about pressure Fire or go out to pay Match.

If it were the former, it would be inappropriate for now. The fire that has been suppressed for decades will break out sooner or later, contrary to the nature of nature.

As Fu Wangzhi pondered carefully, Xie Changan stepped on the door and rushed in carelessly.

“Brother Fu!” He opened his mouth and shouted kindly. Holding a large cloth bag in his hand, he poured the bag in front of Fu Wangzhi, and the clattering pearly ornaments piled into a hill.

Xie Chang’an leaned back on his neck and the thief’s powerful fingers knocked on the table. The local tyrant looked like a mountain king. “There’s someone you like here?”

Fu Wangzhi picked up a carved silver tin and weighed the price. He looked at Xie Changan and joked, “these are invaluable. Are you anxious to see people get married and steal a batch of dowry for yourself overnight?”

As soon as Xie Changan patted the table, he pointed to Fu Wangzhi’s way, “my Lord is thinking of compensating your ancestral Bracelet!”

“The jewelry used by these charming women is difficult to enter my eyes and is not as good as jade.” Fu Wangzhi put down the carved silver tin and turned his mind to speak.

“Yuruyi, what is it like?”

“You come.” Fu Wangzhi got up and went to the bed. Xie Chang’an was Fu Wangzhi’s baby. Yu Ruyi hid under the bed cushion and moved to follow him.

Xie Chang’an suddenly felt a force behind him. Fu Wangzhi pushed him hard by pressing his palm, making him fall straight on the bed.

He immediately twisted his eyebrows and changed his face. He raised his elbow against Fu Wangzhi’s chest, and asked coldly, “what are you doing!”

Fu Wangzhi gripped Xie Changan’s forearm, pressed it under his body, pressed his waist and attached it to Xie Changan’s ear, saying “I need to mate today.

“Asshole!” Xie Chang’an immediately turned his face, completely missing his usual smiling face.

But Fu Wangzhi has been suppressed for a long time. The eyes sweep Xie Chang’an’s clothes are untidy, and his skin is like white jade in the moonlight, undulating with his chest. The snake is originally lustful, and lust is like a sudden attack on the desolate dry land

However, it is triggered and rises in full swing.

He opened Xie Chang’an’s thin shirt, walked down the river with his palm, felt for the edge of his pants, pulled it away and threw it on the ground, revealing his slender and powerful legs.

Xie Chang’an was angry. He turned his wrists and tightly grabbed Fu Wangzhi’s neck. His fingertips buckled inward. His eyes stared at Fu Wangzhi and said, “you want to die!”

Fu Wangzhi locked his eyebrows and allowed Xie Changan to pinch his neck. It was like two people had a fight, biting his dishonest mouth and licking his sharp teeth and tongue

The tip slides smartly into the depths.

Xie Chang’an was worried. With a fierce look in his eyes, he picked up the porcelain pillow and swung it to Fu Wang’s head with his strength in his hand.

Fu Wangzhi was swung to his side and turned his head. He was half awake in an instant. He looked up at Xie Chang’an’s clear eyes and clearly saw the rolling anger inside.

He thinks he’s crazy.

But he can’t stop.

In silence, he turned over Xie Changan, leaned down to suppress the person, quickly and hard put his fingertips into the tight flesh hole, and put his other hand close to Xie Changan’s evil root.

“Fu Wangzhi…!” Xie Changan repressed his coarse breath, climbed up his body skin rapidly and hugged him tightly.


Fu Wangzhi explored his three fingers and slowly straightened them into his body. His other hand was more and more quickly covering Xie Changan’s hot sex organs.

Xie Changan’s Adam’s apple suddenly slid, his lower abdomen sank, his abdominal muscles tightened tightly, and his breathing was terrible.

Fu Wangzhi touched it down, rubbed and rolled the full bag, fastened Xie Chang’an’s thin and powerful waist with his palm when people were unprepared, pushed his waist and hips, and slammed into the tight and warm

My body.

“Uh…” Xie Chang’an then leaned back on his neck. The neckline was particularly beautiful. The green tendons beat like a drum, and the fine sweat slowly trickled down from above.

Fu Wangzhi’s black eyes became deeper and deeper, and endless desires boiled and shouted. Strong and powerful body locked Xie Changan under his body.

He leaned down, opened his teeth, chewed the bright and convex butterfly bone behind Xie Changan, and bumped his crotch into a deeper hot and humid place.

Xie Changan wolf bit hard at his lower lip, his leg muscles collapsed into strong lines, his thighs trembled faintly, and his crotch sex organs were so hard to stick to his lower abdomen because of excitement.

Joy wrapped them tightly like water. The itchy pleasure climbed up Xie Changan’s whole body inch by inch from the caudal vertebra, which made his eyes red and forced him to get out of control and gasp. He listened outside the window

The bright moon is ashamed.

The shameful sound of patting meat mixed with the sound of water lingered in the bedroom. The wet and sticky intestinal fluid attached to Fu Wangzhi’s thick and hard sex organs. Xie Changan was trembling and struggling to twist his body, but it seemed to cater to him actively. The debauchery of the fox was exposed, drowning him in love and suffocating him. I don’t know how long later, accompanied by a low and repressed roar, Xie Changan finally shot on Fu Wangzhi’s bed. His chest was violently tensioned, and his waist, which was still shaking vigorously for the last second, collapsed in an instant, looking at him


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