Two Old Monsters Chapter 3

The line was blurred by the high tide.

Xie Changan’s mind is very confused. He dare not admit that he is very happy.

even to the extent that……

You can do it again.

Fu Wangzhi worked with Xie Changan all night. Originally, he told himself that Xie Changan was a human being. He should be moderately indulgent and have good pity, but he didn’t want to be extremely patient Fuck, full of energy all night.

Xie Changan’s heart is mixed with five flavors. It’s not the same thing whether he complains Fu Wangzhi or not. Who told him to return the thief’s pleasure by himself.

But let’s face it, he’s an old man who’s been pressed repeatedly Fuck, it’s too much!

What’s more, he is a fox spirit who has only lived for hundreds of years. Usually, anyone is polite and is treated as a bed by a mere mortal

Shit, bother!

Xie Changan couldn’t understand what he thought. He didn’t know what to think. He simply played hide and seek with Fu Wangzhi.

Sometimes I see Fu Wangzhi go back and come to the building to find him. A group of Yingyan pull around him. It’s so delicious.

Once he saw the two men in the building enter the room, trembling and hesitating for a long time. He put down the beauty and secretly ran to the corner of the wall to listen to people. Finally, he thought that this man’s work was not as good as Fu’s expectation and not very lasting.

When he regained consciousness and realized what he was thinking, he was so ashamed that he wanted to give himself a big mouth.

That night, Xie Changan squatted in a corner and listened to the sweet words of the two old men all night. He was not tired of it. He felt it in his heart. It was also very good.

Later, Xie Changan missed Fu Wangzhi a little, but that day he swung a pretty head and bled, and pinched a deep bruise on his neck. He didn’t see people very well.

I can only think about waiting for an opportunity. When Fu Wangzhi comes to him, he can stroll down the steps.

As a result, Fu Wangzhi disappeared.

I’m worried about Xie Changan.

That day, Xie Chang’an had a dream. He dreamed of the Fox family and his parents. If countless scenes roared by, the disproportionate sound and image overlapped with each other, bursting and boiling in his brain.

He doesn’t feel it. It’s just cold.

Xie Changan didn’t have the concept of home from childhood. Anyway, their foxes live alone, delimit their own territory and make a living. It doesn’t matter who they have family feelings with.

But he is afraid of loneliness.

Later, a carp spirit told him that the world was the busiest. A demon ran away two days ago.

As soon as he thought about it, he caught three chickens as money and left. He traveled thousands of miles a night and went straight to Kyoto.

Xie Chang’an woke up from his dream. It was just dawn. The first day was full and the morning light was dim.

Where he lived, there were no chickens crowing. He ate all the chickens that dared to crow.

Early in the morning, Fu Wangzhi heard someone knocking on the courtyard door. When he pushed the door, he saw Xie Changan leaning against the doorpost, laughing at him, and then waved his hand to greet him.

Fu looked at Xie Changan’s face in a daze.

Xie Chang’an rubbed his hands, and some people hesitated. “Is your baby Bracelet going to get a wife?”

Fu Wang subconsciously looked up and down Xie Changan and thought that Xie Changan had stolen another circle of dowry. He also stopped a few more eyes on the tight and upturned buttocks, slipped the Adam’s apple, and politely hardened.


“Brother Fu, look at that bracelet. I can’t pay for it.” Xie Changan rolled his eyes and said in a low voice, “I’ll pay you for your daughter-in-law…”

“What?” Fu Wangzhi didn’t hear clearly. I really didn’t hear clearly.

“I’ll fucking compensate you for your daughter-in-law, thief Jun!” Xie Changan put a stem on his neck, held a shoulder, raised his chin and shouted at Fu Wangzhi.

Attracted the attention of aunt who went to the morning market to buy vegetables frequently.

Fu Wangzhi’s face showed a little doubt, his eyes jumped over Xie Changan, looked around, and asked seriously, “where?”

Xie Chang’an was dumb and said in his heart: Fu Wangzhi, you are really good! Turn around and go.

But he saw Fu Wangzhi strangle Xie Chang’an’s strong belt from behind and squeeze it into his arms Meat, turned his head to nibble at the tip of people’s ears and asked, “daughter-in-law, when will you go through the door?”

Xie Changan grinned and bared his white teeth.

The two old monsters moved their hearts at the same time and decided to get married.

No father, no mother, no matchmaker.

Xie Changan did not wear a phoenix crown or a red cap, but the two handsome bridegrooms were angry and dressed in fresh clothes. They walked across the stage and worshipped heaven and earth.

Do not seek glory and wealth, do not ask senior officials to add rank, but ask for love from now on, and white heads will grow old together.

In other words, Fu Wangzhi wanted to give Xie Changan a big battle wedding. He will make a hundred miles of red makeup when others are ten miles away, 50 boxes of bride price when others are five boxes away, and a thousand people when others are 100 people to greet them.

But then I thought that Xie Chang’an had never been married and came from the countryside. I was afraid that he would have pressure in his heart, so I gave it up.

On the wedding day, the excellent bamboo leaf green gold liquid was put on the table. The two CHILDES in red remembered that there were no dishes at home, so they invited the cook to their home. The cook was the only guest in the world and could also be regarded as a witness. The cook was also excited. His first dish was the famous braised carp.

When the snake is tired at night, he puts the jade bracelet on his wrist and returns to the cave. Don’t want Xie Changan didn’t sleep to death. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the jade bracelet staring out his eyes.

In this way, they lived conscientiously, declared adultery at night and slept in the daytime. Until three days later, Xie Changan took the lead in thinking about money.

He wanted to turn a stone into gold, but Fu Wangzhi was not stupid. If he was suspicious, what should he do.

Xie Changan held his head and melon seeds, tightened his eyebrows, and fell into anxiety solemnly.

When Fu Wang woke up, he saw Xie Chang’an sitting on the pear blossom wood chair with his legs crossed. His smart little head didn’t know what he was thinking.

Fu Wangzhi wanted to go and give the prime minister’s care, but when he looked up, he suddenly felt that the situation in the house was wrong. The dark fog hovered on the beam of the house, vaguely, and seemed to accumulate and thicken. The low hair and wilting of several beautiful irises raised in the house were approaching withering.

It’s too evil.

Fu Wangzhi was silent and cool. He thought he had covered up well enough.

So fu Wangzhi also sat down, rubbed the ivory wrench in his hand and fell into meditation.

Two people don’t say a word and don’t think about each other. That is, they sit relatively quietly, have their own thoughts, and read about how to go on.

Xie Changan wants to make money, but he can’t read and has little ability. I don’t want to be an official in the DPRK, and I don’t want to hold my sword to the ends of the world. I just love the noise of the market.

First, I ran to talk eloquently for two days, and people just listened and laughed and didn’t understand the money bag. He went to the restaurant to wash dishes, but he was driven out because he ate two chickens and was arrogant and unwilling to entertain guests.

Finally, Fu Wangzhi spent all his spare money to set up a pharmacy. They were determined to collect medicine to make a living.

From then on, the two people have become poor and shy in their pockets.

Since I can’t afford to hire a cook, Xie Changan didn’t have to eat. Fu Wangzhi’s Yang Qi is more delicious than those dishes, but he has to eat with Fu Wangzhi.

Fu Wangzhi, he has to eat with Xie Changan.

In fact, it is even more difficult to buy vegetables in the market. Most local people grow vegetables by themselves and are self-sufficient. They do not buy or sell them to others.

Xie Chang’an had to buy a pile of rapeseed and pitifully planned to go home to dig soil and grow vegetables. With a bag full of rapeseed, he kicked open the door and looked up to find the miasma all over the beam. He couldn’t help asking, “Fu Wangzhi, did you burn a fire with the head of the house? Did you become a demon?”

Fu Wangzhi’s face suddenly changed, his thin lips closed into a line, and his body stood straight.

Xie Changan suddenly realized something. He stopped talking and looked at Fu Wangzhi. Seeing that the other party was staring at him, he hurried. “The light in our house is dark. I won’t get used to it for a while. I’ll chisel another window tomorrow.”

He immediately pulled Fu Wangzhi into the courtyard to consider growing vegetables. He murmured in his heart that he was evil. Why is his cultivation high?

One of Fu Wang’s ink robes is embroidered with dark patterns of bamboo. A pair of hands that should be lifting pipes and waving hair are fiddling with rapeseed. When they raise their hands and feet, they have an extraordinary atmosphere. Xie Changan squatted on the bluestone slab and greedily outlined Fu Wangzhi’s strong outline with his eyes. Knowing that this person must be non mediocre, he said that Fu Wangzhi was a royal family and he would believe it.

But Xie Changan did not dare to ask. He was afraid that Fu Wangzhi would ask himself where to go to the countryside? How many people in the family? Why did your parents die?

He doesn’t know any country. Except Fu Wangzhi and Qing He didn’t recognize any of the charming girls in the building.

After wandering for a while, Xie Changan suddenly stood up and went forward to discuss with Fu Wangzhi, “how many chickens shall we raise?”

Fu Wangzhi looked at Xie Chang’an suspiciously and asked, “what do you do with raising chickens? Instead, he ate the vegetables secretly.”

Xie Chang’an patted his thigh, “I’m with this town. I don’t dare to borrow their ten courage.”

One of Fu Wang looked at Xie Chang’an’s small appearance and was amused. “What’s the use of your calming down? You have to go with your husband at night. Cloud and rain, which Kung Fu comes from.”

As soon as Xie Changan listened to Fu Wangzhi calling himself a husband, the strength of good face came up again. “Little lady, behave yourself.”

Fu Wangzhi became more and more unhappy. He chewed the brain door according to Xie Changan’s head and melon seeds, and didn’t argue “good.”

Xie Changan also followed Yue and raised his hand to draw a piece of “let’s raise a chicken here and raise a hundred or so.”

Xie Changan is particularly positive about raising chickens. Fu Wangzhi only thinks that when he was a child, he starved and ate fewer chickens in the countryside, and ran to make up for them when he grew up.

The chicken shed was built by Xie Changan himself overnight. The chicken was bought by Xie Changan with his sophisticated eyes. All day long, I didn’t even take medicine. I squatted in front of the chicken shed and stared at the chickens, urging them to eat rice and sleep.

The chickens were so frightened that they couldn’t sleep well. Rice didn’t dare to eat. He shivered in the corner and didn’t want to live.

Finally, Fu Wangzhi picked up the stunned Xie Changan, send someone in for dinner.


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