Two Old Monsters Chapter 4

A few days later, out of a guilty conscience at the same time, they really chiseled a big window together. When the house looked brighter, they were relieved at the same time.

Collecting medicine is a common business of the two people. They usually go up the mountain together. It’s not difficult for them. Where there is a snake, where there is a hole, and where the light is weak. Others try hard to find the medicinal materials they can only find for a month, and they can see them in one day.

So fu Wangzhi often carried a piano, and Xie Changan held a jar of wine. Rather than going up the mountain to collect medicine, they enjoyed the wind and moon and talked about love.

Xie Changan threw the loaded bamboo basket and leaned against an old locust tree, holding the wine jar and eating fruit. Fu Wangzhi came to play the piano in his spare time. The sound shook the trees and curbed the clouds. Xie Changan heard the rise, heard the string songs and knew the elegance. He struck the knot and sang loudly. He didn’t realize that it was going to be night.

Ten birds and beasts dare not approach the two old monsters. The old monsters are happy and happy. When they are tired, they pillow the green mountain on the spot and cover it with the sky.

At the end of the night, people are also quiet, with open eyes to enjoy the galaxy.

“Hey, look at those stars. Do they even look like that? Fuck, ha ha!” Xie Changan suddenly pointed to the stars and laughed.

“Huh?” Fu Wangzhi looked down Xie Changan’s trembling hand, not sure which child stars he was referring to.

Xie Chang’an drew a pillar and two balls in the air with his fingertips. Fu looked at it and knew it immediately.

He propped himself up on his elbow, then turned over and pressed on Xie Changan, stood between the top spans, and looked at Xie Changan’s heroic face. “The one in the sky can’t compare with mine.”

Xie Changan raised his arm and hooked the other party’s neck, raised his head and fiercely gnawed on the other party’s lips.

They just dare to do this on the mountain. When they are interested, they are full of filth Language is to make the stars feel ashamed.

Snake wave fox, just nature.

After more than a year, he was not very rich, but he was also very moist. That day, Xie Chang’an began to squat at the door of the chicken shed and stare at the chickens. Fu Wangzhi went up the mountain alone.

The mountain stream is gurgling and the water is clear. Fu looked at one eye and saw the carp essence with golden scales. His heart was really connected with the water vessels all over the world. Unexpectedly, he could see it here


“But I met your marriage?” The carp essence poked its head out of the water and waved its tail.


“Who is it?” The carp essence asked curiously.

“A man on earth.”

“Human…” The carp essence made a circle in place, hesitated for a moment, and then came out of the water and said, “do you know if people are with demons, people will lose their lives?”

Fu Wangzhi was surprised at the bottom of his heart. “How to say?”

“Especially love, demon’s liquid will make him lose his birthday.”

Fu Wangzhi collected his eyes and kept silent. What flashed in front of him was Xie Changan’s bright smile.

So later, the two spent a month sleeping in pure quilt, holding Xie Changan back and pondering with him.

Feelings into the bottleneck? Nothing new?

At night, Fu Wangzhi took off his robe and loosened his black hair. Xie Changan and his back suddenly reached out and twisted Fu Wangzhi’s ass. Fu Wangzhi turned around, rubbed his head, chewed on the door of his brain and said, “don’t make trouble.”

Fu Wangzhi put out the light, opened the quilt and prepared to go to bed. However, he saw Xie Changan sitting upright on the bed and staring at him.

“Why don’t you sleep?”

Xie Changan didn’t say a word, and began to pick up his pants with the man. His legs were long and straight, and he looked dry in his throat. He pressed one of Fu Wang’s handlebars on the bed, raised his knees and pressed Fu Wang Zhi’s crotch, lowering his head and biting people.

Fu Wang had been hard for a long time, but he didn’t do anything.

Xie Changan suddenly sat up, raised his chin and looked at Fu Wangzhi from a distance, with a mocking sneer. Without saying anything, he went to sleep without saying a word.

Fu Wangzhi knows something bad. But he couldn’t explain it. He couldn’t tell people that he was a demon and would harm people.

Xie Changan went out early in the morning, held a pile of stones and turned them into gold, strolled down the street and entered the guiqulaixi building.

In the building, crystal lamps are made, pearls are used as curtains, and the ground chiseled in the center of the lobby is a jade lotus platform. The beauty dances gracefully on the, with red curtains and green smoke. It is a grand occasion of drunkenness and gold.

As soon as the procuress saw that Xie Chang’an, the gold Lord who had not seen him for a long time, came and smiled. She summoned a group of girls to see the romantic childe. For a moment, the door was very lively. Have a place

The beauty secretly looked at Xie Changan behind the crowd. It was pear blossom with rain, crying and wearing makeup. Yi was the pretty beauty who broke the jade bracelet.

Xie Chang’an accidentally saw it, wiped the jade beads off his face and entered the hall.

Until it was dark, Xie Chang’an didn’t return. Fu looked at it and frowned. Thinking of the birds and animals in the mountains, he wrapped a fur coat, so he lit a lamp and went up the mountain to find Xie Chang’an.

It was dark at night. It was a cloudy day. There was no star or moonlight. It was terrible in the mountains. Looking from a distance, it was like a Tao with a big mouth open. His face was ferocious, dormant in the dead silence and darkness, waiting for his prey.

Fu Wangzhi raised his hand, summoned the birds and tigers in the mountains, knocked on the land lord, and went all over the mountain to find Xie Chang’an.

It didn’t work overnight.

The rising sun slowly rises and shines through the mountains inch by inch. Fu Wangzhi pressed panic and forced himself to be calm, hoping that Xie Changan was at home, or squatting in the yard to tease the chickens, or sitting in bed and getting angry with him.

But Xie Changan didn’t go home.

Fu Wangzhi thought for a long time. Xie Chang’an has no property. Where can he go. Finally, she went to the guiqulaixi building, and the procuress insisted that childe Xie had not come for more than a year.

Fu Wangzhi ignored the procuress and went to find one elegant room after another. It was not that he didn’t trust Xie Changan, but that he was really nowhere to find.

Until Fu Wangzhi came to the fujujian, the procuress looked unnatural, smiled and grabbed Fu Wangzhi’s arm. “The girl inside is resting. It’s not appropriate, sir.”

Fu Wangzhi said sorry and pushed the door open. Bypassing the lacquer painting screen, I saw a gold gauze soft curtain hanging beside the aloe wood bed and covered with precious jade ice mat. The house was empty. There was only a red fox, with its tail tip and four feet climbing black, lying on the side of the window to jump down. Turning his head, he saw Fu Wangzhi break through the door, showing a bit of panic. His claws didn’t step firmly, and he almost fell down.

Fu Wangzhi’s eyes are opposite those of the fox. He always feels very intimate, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is where Xie Changan is.

The procuress stood at the door, looked at the empty bed and looked suspicious.

Fu Wangzhi looked all over the house and didn’t see Xie Changan. He had to complain again.

He clubbed in the street. Pedestrians came and went, shouting and Hawking. Occasionally, horses pulled carts by. The world was mediocre. Fu Wangzhi didn’t know what to do. He quickly looked at all the possibilities in his mind and thought that Xie Changan was just a mortal and would have an accident or even die. The heart was like being seized and twisted by a dry claw, shaking with pain.

A snake that has been free for many years is finally trapped in a cage.

Three days later, Xie Changan came out of the building after all. He was full of peach blossom wine. His eyes were a little free. It seemed that he had a heavy heart


Xie Changan was wondering whether he should go home. He ran into Fu Wangzhi at a corner, waiting for him in a flat front color.

Xie Changan was stunned. He subconsciously wanted to run away, but he was caught by one of Fu Wang. He lifted his arm to break free and even injected demon force, but Fu Wangzhi’s palm firmly clamped him, which made him painful and could not earn anything.

Without saying a word, Fu Wangzhi dragged people home.

Xie Changan found that Fu Wangzhi was still wearing the clothes he had worn three days ago. He was cold and even stained with thin frost. Then he didn’t say a word and went back with his head depressed.

After entering the house, Fu Wangzhi’s face was still without waves. After inserting the door, Xie Changan stood in the room and watched his every move. In a moment, he was pushed on the bed by one of Fu Wangzhi. The cold bed board hurt him.

Fu Wangzhi tightly pinched Xie Changan’s cheeks, approached people’s cheeks, and squeezed out from between his teeth word by word. “You’ll feel bad if you don’t publicize sex for a day, won’t you?”

Xie Chang’an pushed Fu Wangzhi away and shouted, “I’d love to.”

Fu Wangzhi suddenly pulled off Xie Chang’an’s trousers. Xie Chang’an was surprised. The wolf kicked his legs to push Fu Wangzhi away. They wrestled on the bed and held their fire.

After a long time, Xie Chang’an still prevailed. Their long-term bed affairs made Fu Wangzhi enter Xie Chang’an without much effort.

Fu Wangzhi manipulated Xie Chang’an. He had never tried so hard. Both of them felt bad. It was more like mutual torture.

“Do you feel good if someone is holding you? Do you also hold others in this way these three days?” Fu Wangzhi forced himself into the depths he had never reached, broke Xie Changan’s face and asked.

Xie Chang’an tightly pursed and didn’t make a sound or gasp. He lowered his head and tried his best to push Fu Wangzhi. As soon as he turned over, Fu Wangzhi’s sex apparatus slipped out, and kicked hard on each other’s chest.

Fu Wangzhi pressed Xie Chang’an and didn’t wait for anyone to struggle. He slapped him on his very warped and round hip. His voice was very loud, and his butt like white and tender steamed bread turned red in an instant

Swollen, Xie Chang’an was stunned and stopped moving. He couldn’t hold a word for a long time, and his eyes gradually turned red.

Fu Wangzhi was also distressed and subconsciously wanted to reach out and rub it.

“Fu Wangzhi and Xie Changan spoke,” I think you are a snake. The blood is cold. I can’t cover it up. ”

Fu Wangzhi froze and hung his hand in the air, looking at Xie Changan.

“I’m just stupid. An old man doesn’t bear grudges when he’s raped by you. He has the thick cheek to run over and ask you if you need a daughter-in-law. He’s happy to be pressed under you every day and work hard to support his family.”

Xie Changan said more and more wronged, and his eyes became more and more red. In his voice, he tried to hold back his crying cavity, and a pair of eyes stared at Fu Wangzhi “but you


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