Two Old Monsters Chapter 5

Without saying anything, I can only ponder and ponder for a year what you think. ”

“Fu Wangzhi, you dare to dislike me.”

Xie Changan picked up his pants to wear. Suddenly, he thought of something and held back his red eyes. “I slept in the brothel for three days, but I didn’t do anything!”

The more Fu Wangzhi listened, the more painful his chest became. He held Xie Changan in his arms, kissed his tears a little, kissed his trembling eyelashes and said, “Xie Changan, I’m sorry.”

Fu Wangzhi clasped Xie Changan’s waist, stroked the clear texture on people’s waist inch by inch, buried his face in his hair and said, “I like you.”

He never thought that Xie Changan, who seemed heartless and heartless, had been stubbornly waiting for him to say this.

Xie Chang’an remained silent in Fu Wangzhi’s arms. After hesitating for a while, he took off the pants he had just put on.

It’s like nothing happened between them. In fact, it should be like this. If you have something to do, make a noise. If you can’t do it, go on living after the noise. The most taboo is to hold back, hold back and hold back, and sooner or later it will cool the heart.

It’s good to think about Fu An’s life. It’s just that they can’t hold their eyes when they go to the master. This time, even if Fu Wangzhi didn’t find him, Xie Changan would eventually go home and tell Fu Wangzhi that he was wronged.

Recently, the hens are getting fatter and fatter. Xie Changan stares at the hens all day, and his saliva drips. The fox’s tail is almost thrown out. Fu Wangzhi stood beside Xie Changan and looked at the hen’s stomach. Well, it’s laying eggs

Two days later, the hen laid a nest of eggs. Xie Changan ate the chicken and Fu Wangzhi ate the eggs. They were satisfied and refreshed.

Unconsciously, it was the middle of winter. The cold wind was bleak. It was difficult to collect medicinal materials. They were not very short of money, so they took a rest.

But Xie Chang’an didn’t expect that Fu Wangzhi could sometimes sleep for more than two days. He was lazy in everything and looked at people as if there were no eyes. Basically, life is all about eating, sleeping and doing Love Half asleep.

Xie Chang’an thought that Fu Wangzhi was ill and worried. He heard that mortals are fragile and can’t bear a small disaster or disease. So Xie Changan secretly asked the doctor with Fu Wangzhi on his back. The doctor said it was lack of Qi and blood and accumulated internal fire. He worded a pile of medicine for Xie Changan. Xie Changan listened carefully to the thief for fear that Fu Wangzhi might be ill.

Fu Wangzhi is also trying to restrain himself in recent days, but the snake hibernates and its nature is hard to violate. I looked up and saw Xie Chang’an coming back with a pile of medicine. I couldn’t cry or laugh.

On this day, a Taoist with a good reputation came to the city. Pointing to the west of the city, he said that the evil spirit was heavy. Xie Changan was crossing his legs with the shop to eat melon seeds. He heard the noise of pedestrians and said that there was a Taoist. When he was nervous, he chewed the whole melon seeds and covered his mouth with dregs. Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah.

Sure enough, as soon as the moon hook hung on the branch that night, the Taoist came and said to the nearby neighbor, “the night becomes overcast, the evil spirit is the strongest, and they all go straight to the sky.”

Xie Changan’s Fox eared thief spirit knows that things are bad when he hears the noise of people. Vaguely, it seems that someone has set up an array. This posture is to catch demons.

Xie Chang’an said to himself that even your fox grandfather dares to offend ordinary people. If you’re in the wild, you’ll have to cry for your father and mother. Thinking of himself, he kicked his lower leg angrily and woke Fu Wangzhi up.

Later, the voice gradually dissipated, but Xie Changan knew he would not give up.

He was not afraid to fight with the Taoist priest. He was only afraid that the Taoist priest would point at himself and shout evil demons in front of Fu Wangzhi, and he was afraid to see Fu Wangzhi’s eyes.

The Taoist priest decided to visit the family first the next day to ask about the situation, but he didn’t want to happen to be the same. Neither of them was at home and didn’t return all day.

Fu Wangzhi noticed the inner breath when the Taoist entered the city early. In addition, it was particularly strong last night. The bottom of his heart was also very bright.

The Taoist priest closed the door and inquired around. He knew that there were two men living in the yard. Over the years, there had been no strange things or homicide. He had a vague guess in his heart.

Xie Changan wandered around the city for several times. Originally, he wanted to find a place to rest, but when he recalled that at the beginning of his residence, his evil spirit was visible to the naked eye. He was afraid that the pile would lead to trouble again, so he had to walk around and met Fu Wangzhi.

The two men met face to face, and no one said or asked more, so they were busy and went.

That day, Xie Chang’an thought for a day and felt that this was not the way, so he took the initiative to find the Taoist priest, find a small tea shop, turned his head, saw no one around, and secretly said to people, “I’m a demon.”

The Taoist took a sip of tea and nodded calmly. “I know.”

Xie Changan said, “I didn’t hurt anyone.”

The Taoist took another sip of tea and nodded, “I know.”

Xie Chang’an pondered for a moment and rarely said seriously, “I have my own reason to stay in the world. My wife is a mortal. I will go after he has lived this life.”

It was the Taoist’s turn to be surprised. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “mortal?”

Xie Chang’an nodded. “Yes, he is short of Qi and blood recently. He is weak and always sleepy. I have to take care of him.”

The Taoist heart said that it was because he was a snake and he had to hibernate.

The Taoist priest listened to the same story twice a day and didn’t know whether to laugh or not.

“I don’t have the hobby of beating mandarin ducks with a stick. As long as you focus on kindness, I won’t do anything superfluous.” The Taoist priest didn’t break the truth in the end. This fate is interesting, so he will continue to be interesting.

Xie Changan clasped his hands, “then thank you.”

I don’t realize that decades have passed, and I step slowly across the Xiaofeng and waning moon day and night. It’s quiet and good years.

Someone greeted Xie Changan on the street today. Xie Changan was stunned and didn’t recognize it until they said something for most of the day. They didn’t think that this was the cook who cooked on the wedding banquet day. He was so old.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Xie Changan pointed to the cook’s hair and beard. He didn’t react for a while and wondered.

“Young master, it’s been more than 30 years. You can’t refuse to be old.” The cook touched his stubble, and his temples were stained with snow.

“It’s been more than thirty years?” Xie Changan has been struck by thunder for more than 30 years??

No wonder I saw Fu Wangzhi’s white hair a few days ago. Xie Changan was distracted and thought about a lot of things. For a moment, he felt bad.

“It’s the little childe who is so magical that he hasn’t seen half a change for so many years.” The cook raised his eyes and looked kindly at the tall Xie Changan. He thought that childlike looks really existed.

“Cough, cough… No… cough, my bones haven’t been well lately.” Xie Chang’an immediately lowered his head and coughed. His lungs were coming out. He was in a hurry to calculate how old he should be.

“Young master, this… Coughs too badly. Don’t be tuberculosis.”

“No, no, I’m old.” Xie Changan’s prevarication is full of loopholes. If he had to put aside his ingenuity on weekdays, it would never happen. It’s just that he can’t digest it for more than 30 years.

Xie Chang’an walked home with his head depressed. In his heart, he thought that he had got 50, which means that Fu Wangzhi also had 50. It was hard to think about it.

He kicked open the door, pointed to the stool, looked at Fu Wangzhi, and ordered him to “sit down.”

Confused, Fu Wangzhi lifted up his robe and sat on the mahogany chair. Xie Chang’an stretched out his hand to push away Fu Wangzhi’s long hair and looked carefully.

Fu Wangzhi’s head clicked in his heart and hurriedly displayed several strands of white hair with magic power. He was a little uneasy for a moment.

Xie Chang’an looked at it for a while, but he couldn’t look down. He sat opposite Fu Wangzhi and buried his face on the table. Fu Wangzhi looked at Xie Chang’an carefully and silently, with mixed feelings in his heart.

“Fu Wangzhi, why do people have to live, die and die?” Xie Changan raised his head to face Fu Wangzhi’s four eyes. He saw that his eyes were still those deep and cold ink eyes, but there were fine lines in the corners of his eyes.

Fu Wangzhi was silent, which was the last thing he wanted to think about. If Xie Changan left him, he was afraid that he would go down three feet of loess with Xie Changan and enter reincarnation.

While worrying about Fu Wangzhi’s life, Xie Changan conscientiously carried a small bench and sat at the door of his home to observe the old people in the past, aging himself according to the same white hair and wrinkles.

Unknowingly, it was another round of thirty years.

They sat in the yard basking in the sun. The autumn wind passed by, rolled up the fallen leaves in the court, and blew thousands of years old.

Fu Wangzhi is really old. He can’t accompany him up the mountain to collect medicine, nor can he often play the piano with him.

Xie Changan is also old. He doesn’t raise chickens and doesn’t jump up and down all day. Except for his bright eyes, it’s hard to see his youth again.

Xie Chang’an lay on the rocking chair and looked at the blue sky, thinking that if he could improve his cultivation and become a fox fairy and a God, he would not want anything but a life for Fu Wangzhi.

For a long time, Fu Wangzhi suddenly put his hand on Xie Changan’s fingertips, and then two wrinkled hands held tightly together.

The so-called white heads do not leave each other, and the so-called companionship is wasted. I’m afraid it’s the longest romance in this life.

This night, there was a sudden cry from the next door. Uncle Fu and uncle Xie came out wrapped in wool coats. They saw that the cook’s head had passed away. They were breathless quietly, and the body was carried out covered with white cloth.

Lao zhangtou’s wife was out of breath, and her gray hair was scattered everywhere. Holding Lao zhangtou’s body, she almost cried and smoked it.

This sad scene deeply shocked the hearts of the two old monsters.

After returning to the hospital, Xie Changan couldn’t sleep. He got up secretly, stepped on his shoes, sat on the bluestone board in the courtyard, looked at the ground and was distracted. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

After a while, a big bean tear suddenly fell down. Xie Changan wiped it, and another big bean tear fell on the back of his hand. Then it got out of control. Xie Changan didn’t dare to cry. He bit his lips and held back his cry,


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